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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00, the plot thickens. tonight new information surrounding the strained relationship of this popular reality television couple. >> a local synagogue vandalized twice within a matter of weeks. the leader of the temple is calling it a hate crime. >> but first a frightening and freak accident on the new jersey turnpike. police are trying to figure out where the weight came from. i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. tonight we are hearing from that victim's family. david spunt is live outside the hospital where the 75-year-old man is being treated. david? >> reporter: jessica, it is quite a story of just look at the windshield of
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the suv. you can see the imprint of a dumbbell. a 50-pound dumbbell to be exact. authorities say it fell on decarlo's suv and hit him in the head as he was driving south on the new jersey turnpike. he and his wife were on their way to south carolina for vacation. she suffered minor injuries. >> shocked. couldn't believe >> we don't know if somebody intentionally did it. it's a freak thing. it's a shame. >> reporter: a new jersey state police source says it's very possible that someone threw the weight off an overpass and they're investigating that angle. but throwing a 50-pound weight isn't aven easy task. this is similar dumbbell. we spoke to a fitness expert in
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philadelphia who says a 50-pound weight wouldn't just fall off a vehicle in the wind. >> it wouldn't have just been little kids pranking. it would have had to have been a pretty strong teenager. >> reporter: or a strong adult. look at this overpast fence. he says it's amazing the 75-year-old survived the impact alone. if you have information give them a call. the family gave me an update tonight said jack is resting comfortably behind me. they want to thank everybody who helped out especially those who got him to a hospital immediately. reporting live tonight in delaware county, i'm david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> police are investigating a slew of bomb threats targeting
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jewish community centers all across the country authorities are unsure if the threats are linked. meantime a local synagogue is targeted by vandals two times in as many months. the damage left behind goes far beyond what money can repair. natasha brown is live where the president of that synagogue believes this is a hate crime. natasha? >> reporter: jessica, that's exactly right. many members of the synagogue do believe that these were hate crimes that they've been dealing with. this latest incident left behind $2,000 worth of damage and a lot of rattled nerves. >> december 2nd i was walking
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along the aisle by the window and a rock came through the window. and if i was two steps further along the aisle it would have hit me. >> reporter: malcolm barely escaped the last act of vandalism, fast forward. >> i was walking by the same 50i8 and i looked down on the ground and there was a big rock about the size of a baseball sitting on the ground with glass all over it. we have stained glass windows and i turned around and i saw more. >> this time six windows were vattered by rocks. in both cases the vandal struck around 7:30 p.m. just before services were to get under way. malcolm is the president of the synagogue and he believes these were hate crimes. >> we believe it's a hate crime because it happens right before the service begins. and we have no idea who's doing this, whether it's adults or kids. >> reporter: he says the antidefamation league is also
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involved and believes these were hate crimes. >> the board of directors are very hot about the situation. there are members of the synagogue for 40, 50 years, and it's like their home is being invaded. >> reporter: the vandalism, along with the threat at jewish community centers across the country has him very concerned. >> i think it's a horrible thing that's happening. >> reporter: adler tells us they will be installing a security system here at the temple. also cameras as well. meantime he says they have been getting a lot of support from folks all around the country. an anonymous donor in florida has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. we're live in tacony tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> we are hearing tonight for the former in-laws of raffle yell rob. a former professor was convicted
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in 2006. he bluj ond his wife to death with ace metal bar as she wrapped christmas he can't simply go back into society unfettered while the memory of my sister fades away. >> every great reason to other victims of domestic violence. there is another delay in the murder trial of a new jersey father. he is accused of killing his three-year-old son bren done then reporting the boy missing in october 2015. today his trial was supposed to get underway but creato's attorney told the court he's waiting for a report from an expert witness. a judge rescheduled the trial
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for april 10th. >> authorities in florida continue their search for a suspect accused of shooting and killing a police officer. master sergeant deborah clayton a wife and mother of two died after being shot outside of a walmart in orlando this morning. the alleged gunman was wanted in the 2016 murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. investigators say a sheriff's deputy also died in a crash while searching for lloyd. a $60,000 reward is offered for information leading to lloyd's arrest. >> the suspect in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting appeared in court today. 26-year-old esteban santiago was told he could face the death penalty. he answered yes or no questions and answered the judge that he understands the charges against him. he has been in custody since friday zbl president-elect donald trump named his only son-in-law as a white house
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senior adviser. that move comes the day before the first senate confirmation hearings get under way. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump named his son-in-law as a senior white house advisor. he will focus on trade deals and the middle east. but mr. trump wouldn't offer more details. kushner will resign as ceo of kushner trump visz sor kelly anne conway says it does not apply to kushner. >> it came about to stop family members from serving on the cabinet but the president does have
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staff. >> some democrats want the aggressive pace to slow down. >> there is no real chance to vet these nominees. >> reporter: senate republican leader says there will be no change to the schedule. kushner will not take a salary in his new role. >> the family of 8-year-old gianna powell the little girl killed found a way to honor the officers who helped her through the tragedy. a picture on the front and on the back and inscription that
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reads "you will always be my hero." officers have established an unbreakable bond with the family. >> since that day they have been by me and my children's side since that day. up until today. so i just felt as though we should do something special for them. because they have done a lot for us. >> whatever i could do to help them, i'm there. i'm always a phone call away. >> her 12-year-old brother was with her at the time of the hit and run accident. he was also injured. the captain of the 19th district made sure he and his father made it to a sixers game for the very first time. a water main break leads to a huge sinkhole in philadelphia. >> some homes remain without water and without power tonight and it could stay that way for several more days. yesterday morning a 6-inch water main broke.
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that's when the sinkhole opened up swallowing two cars. crews pulled the cars out of the mess but the fix is expected to take some time. officials are working to pinpoint exactly what caused the main to break and the sinkhole to open up but they do not think it had anything to do with the temperatures. tonight an important health alert why hundreds of local children may need to get revaccinated. >> also tonight at 11:00, a new development in the separation of a popular tv reality company. and why this month more than any could be especially bad for marriages. >> and it's another bitterly cold font temperatures in the single digits right now. we've got a winter weather advisory. i'll tell you which areas are under the advisory, who could see ice and a big warm-up on the way when we could approach 60. >> plus a thin blue line painted on area roads to show support for police, why the feds say those lines could pose a safety risk. >> and work out fewer days but
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but according to divorce attorneys january is also a popular month to file for divorce. >> january, january. >> it's all very common sense and practical. tied in with emotion and money. >> richard specializes at family law at a litigation firm serving philadelphia and new jersey. he says there are three main reasons "x" marks the spot beginning with the holidays. >> ruin the holidays for the children, ruin the poll days for the family people get their bonuses and they have that money to get an apartment, to pay an attorney. >> if you're a man and you get divorced you're going to be broke anyway. >> so how can you do your part to avoid the doom and gloom? >> just communication give and
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take. >> know who you're maerg, no you love them. >> find the good in the relationship. find the good in the person. >> reporter: and don't be tempted by the garden of. >> that click online that's setting up that profile is enough to tear down everything that's been build up. >> and here in pennsylvania being unfaithful could affect your divorce proceedings, believe it or not. even though it's a no-fault state, he says the act of cheating could be a good argument in court for not paying your cheating ex that spousal support. >> hopefully a lot to consider for everyone out there. >> you should have your own show. >> that was a lot to cover. >> dr. brewer. >> everyone else out there. >> thanks nicole. >> new details continue to emerge in the october armed robbery of reality tv star kim
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kardashian west. french police are questioning 17 people including her limo driver in connection with the heist. she was in paris back in october when armed robbers allegedly forced their way into her apartment, tied her up and locked her in the bathroom. they ultimately made off with $10 million worth of jewelry. the suspects can be held up for four days before police must press charges or release them. >> this past october we brought you a story about towns across new jersey painting blue lines on the roads to show support for law enforcement. now federal officials are pushing back against the practice calling it a violation of the manual on uniform traffic control devices. officials go on to say blue paint should only be used for designated shand i capped parking spaces. it's unclear if there will be penalties for keeping the blue lines. a warning from the new jersey department of health around 900 children who participated in the vaccines for children program in ocean county may need to be rekaks --
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revaccinated. the vaccinations may not have been properly refrigerated that could make them less effective. children who were vaccinated between november 2014 and july 2016 will be notified by the health department. >> many people say they just don't have the time to exercise during the week. but new research shows working out only on the weekends is still beneficial. guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week. ideally that activity is spread out. but this new study suggests jamming your exercise into one or two days can still make you healthier. experts stress any activity is better than no activity. >> that's true. >> just move around a little bit. >> i'm planning on going outside hopefully on wednesday. >> i was going to say wait for those temperatures. >> there's still a lot of ice
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outside. we haven't been above freezing since friday morning. we're not going above freezing until about noon tomorrow. later this week everything melts, we are good to go. but some spots may actually pick up some more ice before the warm air comes in. that says warm air moves in tomorrow but temperatures at the surface will stay cold as that warmer air starts to move in overhead, a little rainfall falls on a frozen surface it creates ice and there are a couple of spots in our region that may have to watch for that tomorrow. this is one of those spots the poconos. they are taking fum -- full advantage of the very cold temps making snow. the snow is flying. lots of fresh powder for the slopes and they'll need it later this week because you may not be able to make snow with temperatures going about 20 degrees above average in spots by thursday and friday. quick time lapse video from today, i9 was a pretty nice looking day. it was cold you can see the snow not really melting at all today.
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temperatures stayed well below freezing so any snow on the ground is going to stick around. at least through tonight and into much of tomorrow. we may start to see some melting tomorrow as temperatures at least get above freezing but it's later this week as the warmer air comes in as the snow will melt, the ice will dissipate as well and we'll have some nice days to look forward to. here's our next system moving in from the west producing some snow from ohio and michigan. most of those snow showers will stay away from us but temperatures will start to rise. feels like 10 at the airport, feels like 8 in wilmington and it feels like 5 right now in dover. that snow pack not really helping things. tomorrow afternoon we have temperatures in the 30s, precip mainly stays away. it's late tomorrow night that we'll be watching rain move in from the west and this could freeze on contact for the first couple of hours in the far north and west suburbs. we're in the 40s overnight so
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most of us just seeing plain old rain overnight wednesday into thursday morning but we do have small ice amounts that's why this winter weather advisory has been posted. later in the week a big pattern change a jet stream swings to the north. 10 to 20 degrees above average in fact from today's high of 28 to thursday's high of 59, that's more than 30 degrees. a huge roller coaster swing over the next three days. overnight partly cloudy, bitterly cold still 19 degrees, tomorrow mostly cloudy, most of us are dry through the day. overnight rain, temps rise though. we're back to the 50s by wednesday. more showers wednesday night then near 60 thursday and friday. the weekend is a little cooler with a chance of rain maybe some snow. but 60 is a possibility. i'm sitting here thinking about what it's felt like the last couple of days and it seems so impossible. >> bring it on. >> don is up next with sports.
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>> we are talking some football. from classy to trashy hear what the new york giants allegedly did after their playoff loss. plus the eagles fire one of their coaches. fiivend out who's paying the
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mention the team's wide receivers. the group was one of the worst in the nfl. maybe that's why the team fired greg louis. to be fair he didn't have a whole lot to work with. but the guys didn't seem to improve either. no word on louis's replacement. the eagles are trying to work on another area of concern.
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they signed michigan white back in >> i would rather be number one than three. but there's a locality of challenges to it too. just trying to get better. >> that's happened to him once before. and how about this, bama trying to do it again. the crimson tide looking for
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their fourth title in six years. can you say >> the stick skills are gone, my hands are gone, my feet are gone and my endurance is gone. i know i can skate but at 61 those things are expected. >> i'm sure some guys said hey what do you say we play out at one end and not do full ice so you could tell they were a little bit tired. when you don't do it for so long and it's really hard and when you're laughing the whole time you don't really catch your breath. >> big blue turned bitter after their blow-out loss in green bay. the new york post is reporting that the giants trashed their jumbo plain on their flight back to newark airport last night. one of the witnesses say workers replaced countless first class
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seat, the giants are calling
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tiki barber running hambone!a barber shop?t hut! yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? >> a penguin is making history. >> the female hatched in december and is the first hatchling since last year. she has already grown over a pound and later this month the public will have the opportunity
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to name the new blue chick in an online vote. kate? >> it's that time. time for our weekend watch and as we head into the weekend we're not talking about temperatures near 60 like we will be for the end of the workweek but it will be a little above average. temperatures in the 40s, we'll see cloud cover around through the weekend time frame and there will be the chance for rain possibly even mixing with a little bit of snow. we'll have to see where those temperatures
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>> for kate, dop and all of us
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here. >> the late show is next. >> have a good night family and sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> this summer, see the movie white people at the golden globes were talking about. >> you're not listening to me. i'm trying to explain it to you the best way i know how... a fence does not go into space! >> hidden fences. can i have everyone's attention for a moment? thank you. they're going to be asking us questions about our work. i think that's pretty reasonable, giving that we're taking a fence and shooting it into space and that's never been done before. >> based on the true story of people who think all movies about black people are the same movie. starring black actors, black actresses, kevin costner, and introducing... a fence.


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