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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 11, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EST

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donovan does every day. >> it is too much. >> cbs this morning is next, ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, january 11th, 201. welcome to cbs this morning. president-elect has intelligence that russia has damaging and personal information about him. his senior adviser is in studio. president obama warns about threats to our democracy during an emotional farewell address and he offers the challenge to republicans trying to dismantle his affordable care act. plus, the flooding emergency forces thousands out of their homes overnight in california. blizzard conditions shut down a major interstate. mudslides and avenue larchs leave a trail of destruction. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your
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world in 90 seconds. >> if this report were true and if there was some cooperation or conclusion between his campaign, it would be unprecedented in american history. president-elect trump dismisses reports of compromising information. >> guess what hasn't happened? nobody has sources. they're all unnamed. and most importantly, the fbi is trying to confirm it so nothing has been confirmed. it has been the honor of my life to serve. >> president obama delivering a farewell address to the nation. >> yes, we can. yes, we did. >> western states reeling some extreme winter weather. a new storm soaked norman, california. >> it's worse than it's ever been. >> convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof sentenced to death. >> never offered an apology. >> al demado, accused of trying to start a rebellion against the crew. >> stand up for what's right and
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walk out with me. >> dozens gathered at a vigil in orlando to remember a police officer gunned down in the line of duty. a massive manhunt is still under way. senator jeff sessions faces first day of confirmation hearings. >> all that on the gold coast, a group of tourists have been rescued from a roller coaster. >> returning to south carolina to a hero's welcome. >> xwokt to figure out who was going to win the game because i was watching "the big bang theory." >> for the first time since the election, donald trump will host had a news conference. >> finally! finally! donald trump is going to give a new conference, or as he calls it, tweeting out of the mouth. >> top intelligence officials like the fbi and cia have presented evidence that russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about donald trump. >> apparently the russian report on trump contains everything we
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already know. in great detail. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to cbs this morning. president obama faces questions about a new and potentially explosive issue when he holds a news conference in a few hours. sources confirm to cbs news that president obama and mr. obama received preliminary details of an alleged russian effort to compromise the president-elect. confidential documents may contain damaging information about his business and personal life. none of the details are confirmed to be true. >> the president-elect immediately tweeted in all caps that the story is, quote, fake news, a total political witch-hunt. a spokesperson called the claims utter nonsense. what do we know? >> good morning. multiple government and
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intelligence officials tell cbs news that an appendix to the classified intelligence report on russia's efforts to affect the election contain details of uncompromising information that russia has gathered on president-elect donald trump. the officials tell cbs news the information came from a former british intelligent officer and was eventually turned over to u.s. intelligence as well as other government officials last year. u.s. intelligence is in the process of corroborating the details of what the russians may have, but the officials tell cbs news that the former british investigator and his network are credible. cbs news has not confirmed what generated the intelligence that he passed along, but because this information is so sensitive, the appendix was not part of the classified report that was disribted to a wider group of people last week. a source tells cbs news it was part of the most classified version of the report. now, that version would only have been presented to the
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preside president, the president-elect and the goc of eight, which is comprised of the top democrat and republicans in the house and senate and the chair and ranking members of the house and senate intelligence committees. gayle, sources have told cbs news that trump was not verbally briefed on this information last week. >> a lot to guy guest there. thank you. there's a 35-page report that was released on line by buzzfeed yesterday that detailed officially damaging and personal financial details by president-elect trump. during a past business trip to rushing ya. cbs news kont confirm the authenticity of the documents, so we're not going to report any of those details. but congress is asking questions about why the russians may know about president-elect trump. the issue was raised at the nominee hearing for jeff sessions and it may come up again when secretary of state nominee rex tillerson testifies at his confirmation hearing later this morning. nancy is on capitol hill where top intelligence officials testified again yesterday to a
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senate committee. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. and i can tell you, gayle, this is a topic that has lawmakers talking quietly among each other for months trying to figure out if these were just rumors or something more. they had a chance to press top intelligence officials about the matter yesterday, but they didn't get far. >> we're not going to talk about that. >> at yesterday's senate intelligence hearing, fbi director james comey was asked repeatedly for details, but didn't share them. >> did you answer senator widen's question that there is an investigation under way as to connections between either the political campaigns and the russians? >> i didn't say one way or another. >> you didn't say that -- >> that was my intelligence, at least. >> congress has been trying to get more information out of comey since october. when then democratic leader harry reid sent him this letter. it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between donald trump, his top advisers and the russian government. the newly retired reid told cbs
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news, my intelligence did not come from intelligence officials. i met with some investigators. and the information they gave me appeared to be very reliable. >> do you swear -- >> the subject also came up at the confirmation hearing for alabama senator jeff sessions who, as attorney general, would be the nation's top law enforcement officer. >> do you know about this or know what compromising personal and financial information the russians claim to have? >> allegations made about candidates all the time and they've been made about president-elect trump lots of times. most of them or virtually all of them have been proven to be exaggerated or untrue. >> delaware democrat chris can kuntz said the potential implications are huge. >> if this was true that russians had some type of information on trump and his campaign, that would be unprecedented in american
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history. >> it is in this highly charged environment that mr. trump picked for secretary of state will undergo his contermation hearing this morning. and according to his prepared testimony, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson will say, quote, we must be clear eyed about our relationship with russia. russia today poses a danger, but it is not unpredictable in advancing its own interests. tillerson is likely to get a lot of questions about his position on russia and mr. trump's. charlie. >> thanks, nancy. kellyanne conway, counsel to president-elect trump.. can you tell us all the agencies that delivered to the president and to the president-elect, did he see the appendix, did he read it and has he reacted to it? >> i can't comment on that because it's an intelligence briefing and i myself have a top secret that is pending, so i was not part of that. i will tell you if you're
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referring to a two page appendix that people are talking about in the media that was somehow meant to tip him off in a 30-page unsubstantiated report from the internet, which knot. >> a report from the intelligence community, i would say that's not even fake news, it's just fake. >> so you are saying that everything that is in that appendix is wrong and a fake? >> no. what i'm saying is that 35-page report has clearly come from the internet. it's rife with misspellings, uncooperate rated and unsubstantiated. and i was very heartened last night to see journalists, even those who were against donald trump pushing back on the publishing of this type of information when we can't confirm to the american people that it's actually intelligence information. we know people were chasing these rumors for months and couldn't come up with any verification. do you know innocent people were dragged through the mud in this 35-page nonreport report last night? one of my colleagues, someone at
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the trump cooperation said he was in prague. he's never been to prague. >> president-elect trump saying he never read this had addendum to the report? >> he has not said that. what i am saying is we're talking about that this morning because in addition, you have some news sources going over i think really violating basic journalistic standards. >> agreed. >> thank you. thank you for agreeing and thanks to cbs for agreeing, frankly. going ahead .releasing 35 pages of something that reads like a grade b spy novel. >> these are two different things. did he read the report that was given to him? >> i can't comment on that. the fact that it was classified and he had an intelligence briefing where -- >> you can't comment on whether he read it or not? >> he reads anything that's given to him. i can tell you that. >> therefore, he had read it, if he reads anything that's given to him, then he read it. >> charlie, let's not confuse the viewers today that anything
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in this 35 pages that is meant to refer to the two-page addendum that -- >> that's a very important point. >> so much is lost in our sound bite ridden society where people are -- they're not talking about facts and figures in this report. they're talking about rumors and unsubstantiated information that we have been able to debunk at the basic level. >> he is having his news conference today, kellyanne. >> and he can be asked about this. >> he tweeted last night, fake news, a total political witch-hunt. will he address this today? >> he will. he will dress this today and i expect members in the media will ask follow-up questions about it. but, you know, the timing here, here we are announcing his first press conference as president-elect. the russian hacking issue is fading out of view in the news. why? because the smoking gun that was promised that somehow there was a nexus between that and the -- >> but you have acknowledged that it's been around for a while and people have tried to call up and confirm it.
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>> and were unable to. >> can we confirm one more thing? senator kuntz said if there's cooperation between senator sessions and the russians, it would be a bombshell. can you say nobody in the campaign had any involvement with the russians before and after and during the campaign? >> yes, i can. i was talking to people in michigan, not people in moscow. that's how we won this election. i don't like a united states senator saying something like that. it would be a bombshell and it would be investigated. it's dangerous rhetoric particularly in a time when responsible outlets were chasing it and came up empty handed and decided not to pursue it. harry reid made an intimation to this report on october 30th and it didn't go anywhere because people couldn't verify it. >> and it's suggested that this dossier could be used to blackmail mr. trump.
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>> not if anything in there is not true. that's why last night those of us who were with the president-elect discussing this, he made the decision to tweet out fake news political witch-hunt. i would go further to say it's not just fake news, it's just fake. >> so whether he's read it or not, you have seen it and it's all untrue. >> i've seen the 35 pages -- >> and the russian intelligence doesn't have anything that might be possibly used as leverage against the president-elect. you have seen it and your saying the stuff that is being talked about is not true, never happened. >> the "it" i have seen was a 35-page report whose editor immediately took to twitter to say well, it's unsubstantiated, unverified, but maybe we should put it out there, anyway. >> but anybody on the trump team that has seen this and read it item by item -- >> is this the two pages, the append appendix.? those who have received it as part of the intelligence briefing have read it. i was not one of those people.
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but the 35 pages should not in any way shape or form be confused with the two pages that did come from the intelligence community. 35 pages came from the internet where we see a lot of junk day by day. >> thank you, kellyanne. >> thank you. former acting director and deputy director of the cia is with us. john dickerson is also at the table. pike, let me begin with you. what is your understanding about what president-elect trump was briefed? >> so it sounds like he received a two-page document that had outlined allegations of informationing the russians may have on the president-elect that could be compromising. and that two-page document was a synopsis of the 35-page document that was published on buzzfeed.
7:15 am
that's my understanding. >> and when you read the pages on buzzfeed, what did you make of that dossier? >> so my reaction was i felt like i was back at cia reading raw intelligence reports. information from a large number of sources. some of that information rings true, some of it doesn't, much of it is contradictory. and because you don't have an understanding of who the sources are and how the sources acquired this information, when you read the whole thing, you really can't come to any bottom line about exactly what's true and what's not true here. >> but my -- there's reference to a former mi-6 operative. you would not former british intelligence operatives, i would assume. is this person -- do you know him or is he credible? >> so, charlie, i don't know him. it's the -- >> but you know people who know him. >> these memos are written as a
7:16 am
professional intelligence officer would write-up a report from a source. so they appear to be written by an intelligence officer. but, again, i don't know if he's credible. and most important, we don't know who the sources are and how the sources got the information. >> but, mike, is it common for the president or the president-elect to be briefed on something that has not been verified? is that common? >> so it is not common. it is uncommon. but in this situation, with material that is potentially so politically explosive, i could see a reason why you would give both the president and the president-elect a heads up that it's out there and that you're investigating it. >> but wouldn't you do everything within your power to find out whether it was true or not? >> you sure would and that would mofl the cia and the fbi. >> john, we're going to have the first press conference by president-elect trump in about six months. this was larmgly supposed to be
7:17 am
about how he was going divest from his business empire. how do you think he will ham this today? >> i think probably deny it all and move on. >> what's the most important question, though? >> on this question, highly critical and in context here, there's an ongoing battle between the president-elect and the intelligence agencies. and some people in washington see the release of this and the leaking of this information as a kind of -- if you know that background of the fight between the two, it's a part of that t spat. but donald trump has been highly critical of the intelligence agencies, all of them, with respect to the information they produced regarding russian meddling. did he find any of it credible? >> so far, he seems to be dismissing it because it's on the internet and you can't really believe what you see on the internet. >> two different things, of course. the 35-page thing, dismissed it on the internet. that's absolutely right. and there are standards to be maintained, both in the press and the intelligence agencies. all of this needs to be
7:18 am
investigated and apparently is being investigated by the intelligence agencies. just being on the internet is not reason enough to repiece it which is a standard that donald trump himself did not follow repeatedly during the campaign. anything that was on the internet or that he came up with he put out there. >> mike, do you assume that the intelligence agency that met with the president would have some judgment as to whether some of this was credible because they're worried about the possibility that the russians may have something on the president-elect? >> so much more work would need to be done. charlie, i don't know how muches has already been done. the fbi could be investigating did these campaign officials actually -- were they in russia when these documents say they were in russia? the intelligence community should be sitting down and getting a much better understanding of the sources and how they acquire the information. so i don't know where they are in that process. but once you do all that, you could get to a point where you could make a judgment about what's accurate here and what's mott. i will say, charlie, that the
7:19 am
actions described by russian intelligence and how they operate against americans who visit russia, moscow, st. petersburg are absolutely right. audio surveillance, video surveillance, so this is how they operate. >> this story is not going away, is it, john? >> no. in part because you have republicans who are no fans of russia and vladimir putin. >> and are uncomfortable with the president-elect's relationship in terms of what he says. >> and why he seems to on be so comfortable with vladimir putin. >> thank you so much. we'll see you at the press conference. >> no, he'll be here with us. >> cbs news will bring you live coverage of president-elect trump's press conference. it begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern. president obama challenges republicans who want
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a new winter storm hits, damaging mudslides and heavy snow. >> ahead, how extreme weather is shutting down major highways and forcing thousands out of their home. >> this is krshs testimony testimony. ♪ ♪ ♪ [beeping] ♪ the 2017 rav4 with toyota safety sense, standard. toyota. let's go places.
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. philadelphia police are after two arm men that robbed a pizza delivery man earl this morning in cobbs creek. hold up happened at 2:30 in the 6100 block of irving street and in addition to $100 cash police say robbers got away with two handguns. lets check the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger. we're tracking a warm up. >> we are. the temperatures are still just cold enough, in a couple of suburbs that i want to you watch out for icing out there. we have been hearing traffic instant tents, meisha will have shore but look at your current temperature. sun just came up. it is really at its coldest right the thousand but allentown, mount pocono, lancaster, all close enough to freezing that it could still be icy out there. so i say give it until nine or
7:27 am
ten and we should be tine but until that point expect there could be slick spots out there but we are warming up as you said, substantially 50 later today and 60 tomorrow, meisha. >> that is what we are seeing in chester county, montgomery county, over ten accidents per county. we will get to that in a second. accident northeast extension northbound before mid county toll plaza pulled off to that left lane, not slowing you town too much just a heads up on it. this is what i was just explaining, multiple accidents reported in chester county, montgomery county route 30 bypass between route ten and 340, ten or shore in each county, rahel. >> busy meisha, thank you. next update 7:55. up next this morning senate investigation accused a classified ad web site of prostitution and
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president obama gave his farewell speech. it is the obama speech that republicans have been looking forward to. obama said while he was preparing this speech, he said, i'm thinking about this as a chance to say thank you for an amazing journey, which sounds like someone has been watching " "the bachelor" to me, but the farewell speech is a tradition started by george washington. his speech was largely written by alexander hamilton, which means in today's terms it would be almost impossible to get tickets for. >> still impossible to get tickets. >> something like $5,000. >> i saw that. i saw that. it's a good play, though. >> no, i'm talking about last night to go to -- >> oh, i thought you were talking about hamilton. and you're right, they were
7:31 am
scalping those, too. >> oh, really? >> yeah. it was a good speech, they say. coming up in this half hour, president obama's call to action. how he used his emotional farewell address to urge americans to get more involved in democracy. plus, his tearful and emotional salute to the first lady. also the extreme weather in california with blizzards and flooding rain, storms and forced thousands to evacuate. the avalanche that blew open the front door of one family's home. look at that. my goodness. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. political reports on confi confirmation hearings continue today. they announced jeff sessions would remove himself from any investigation involving hillary clinton. >> with regard to secretary clinton and some of the comments i made, i do believe that that could place my objectivity in question.
7:32 am
i've given that thought. i believe the proper thing for me to do would be to recuse myself from my questions involving those kind of investigations. >> sessions is expected to easily win confirmation in the republican-controlled senate. >> "the washington post" reports on robert kennedy jr. saying donald trump asked him to lead a new commission on vaccines. kennedy is a vocal supporter of the theory that vaccines cause autism. that theory has been widely discredited several times. mr. trump would like to create a commission on autism, but no final decision has been made. . the post courier of south carolina reports dylann roof was sentenced to death for the charleston church massacre. the self-described white supremeisist killed nine
7:33 am
african-americans. walmart plans more layoffs. nearly 1,000 corporate jobs are expected to be cut later this month. they're going to shift a focus to e-commerce. president obama is back this the white house after delivering his much anticipated good-bye address. the president spoke last night to a courthouse of 18,000 people in his hometown of chicago. he warned about threats to our democracy and urged all americans to have faith in the country. dean reynolds is in chicago where he listened to the president's plea. good morning. >> good morning. well, last night in his farewell address, the president urged americans to stay involved in the democratic process and he emphasized the importance of a smooth and peaceful transition to his successor. in his farewell message -- >> i can't do that. >> president obama said it's every citizen's responsibility to be guardians of america's
7:34 am
democracy. >> democracy can buckle. when it gives in to fear. that's why i reject discrimination against muslim americans. who are just as patriotic as we are. >> his remarks on income inequality seem to reflect on the themes of the last election. >> if every economic mission is framed as a struggle between a hard working white middle class and an undeserving minority, then workers of all shades are going to be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves. >> the president offered a challenge to republicans trying to dismantle the affordable care act. >> if anyone can put together a plan that is demonstratively better, i will publicly support it. >> after two terms in the spotlight, mr. obama issued a
7:35 am
tearful tribute to his daughters and the first lady. >> michelle levon robinson, girl of the south side, you made the white house a place that belongs to everybody. malia and sasha, of all that i have done in my life, i am most proud to be your dad. >> last night, the nation's 44th president closed with a promise. >> my fellow americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you. i won't stop. i am asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours. yes, we can. yes, we did. yes, we can. thank you. god bless you. >> now, there was a brief flurry of interest last night as to the whereabouts of the president's
7:36 am
15-year-old daughter, sasha, who did not make the trip to chicago. it turns out that school obligations prevented her from making the trip here. nora. >> yeah. thank you. i bet she was still watching at home from the white house. >> just think about that, what we heard from the chief of staff of the president, a president who is up at 3:00 studying. >> listen, a big exam. hope she gets an a today. come on, sasha, we want you to get an a. what a message that sends, though, that her parents said, no, you have to sit and study. >> or she said it. >> you're right. >> the president talking about the importance of democracy and questioning and a peaceful transition of power. >> his tribute to michelle obama was very touching, very, very touching. very lovely. >> dean, thank you so much for that report. thousands of people in flood ravaged california are being encourage
7:37 am
encouraged to evacuate. the river is still rising in gurnville. meanwhi meanwhile, blizzard condition bs shut off interstate 80 shutting off the town of truckee near the nevada border. this report was just filed from his cell phone. >> good morning. it's not just interstate 80 that's closed. bridges have shut down another major highway connecting reno to lake tahoe. the problem here is snow. in other parts of the state, it's rain. and officials say the worst might still be the to come. the russian river in guerneville, california, is rising and it isn't expected to crest until later today. officials say it will reach the 40 foot range, eight feet above flood level. some 3,000 people in sonoma county are under evacuation orders. >> our biggest concern is possible traes come down, power outages. >> police ordered people out of
7:38 am
the downtown area of san anselmo, telling people to evacuate or move to higher floors. a mudslide pushed a tree into a house in the town of fairfax, california, trapping four people, including two children. >> these trees came down and mudslides and smashed the car port and pushed all the mud out and the car port is buried. you can't even see that it was there. >> mudslides created dangerous conditions on the roads across santa cruz county, closing one highay completely and at higher, colder elevations, the snow is making driver dangerous or impossible. this is interstate 80, the usually busy highway over the mountains between california and nevada with blizzard conditions and zero visibility, it's closed to everything but emergency vehicles and essential services. >> a controlled avalanche was intended to relieve pressure on a mountainside, but it had this out of control result. >> today's avalanche ran fast
7:39 am
and hard, hit us, blew the front door open and went up and over our house. meanwhile, the rain and snow added 33 billion gallons of water to lake tahoe and it's not over yet. farther north, unusually heavy snow falling at the rate of an inch an hour forced a ground b stop at portland airport. overnight here in truckee and across the mountains, there have been widespread power outages as the snow continues to fall and is not expected to stop until sometime late tonight and there's no word on when the major highway out of here might reopen. gayle. >> all right, john, thank you. iphone comes through again. thanks a lot. one of the world's large ft classified ad websites has shut down its adult section after a scathing investigation. why law enforcement may have lost a critical tool to go after child sex traffickers. you're watching conditio"cbs th morning." we'll be right back. i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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one of the world's largest classified ad websites is being accused of knowingly facilitating prostitution and
7:44 am
child sex trafficking. backpage is the name of the place. this week, it shut down its adult section after a senate report accused the website of editing ads to, quote, conceal the underlying nature of the transaction. backpage now calls itself a victim of censorship. jan has more on thp the. >> backpage makes its money from users who pay the site to advertise a range of services. but the senate report not only accuses backpage of teaching users to use clean ads but say they failed to report underage activity. >> after consultation with counsel, i decline to answer your question. >> during a senate hearing tuesday, backpage executives pled the fifth after a scathing report taking aim at the website. >> the 53 pages of document alleged that by late 2010, backpage altered up to 80% of
7:45 am
its ads before posting them online by deleting words, phrases and images indicative of criminality, including child sex trafficking. >> it was clear they were trying to clean up these ads. >> claire was on the senate committee conducting the investigation. >> we found the e-mails where they were saying take out words like cheerleader, daddy's girl, amber alert. >> according to the national center for missing and exploited child, backpage is the subject of 73% of the child trafficking tips that they receive. >> it was one of the most painful experiences i've ever had in her life. >> kimiki and her daughter will appear in a documentary "i am jane doe." she found her missing teenage daughter's pictures on backpage. >> she's still very much broken. she was trafficked for nine months. she was raped, she was
7:46 am
physically abused. >> pride says she unsuccessfully sued backpage, which according to the senate report claims it's a mere host of content created by others. >> not only were they changing content, they were coaching their customers on how to write the ads so that they could avoid being labeled as a child sex trafficker. >> this is just so misdirected to a resource that's really helping law enforcement, helping the children directly. >> dr. lois lee is the founder of children of the night, a group fighting child sex trafficking. she supports backpage which she says has become a tool for law enforcement looking for child sex predators. >> they can call backpage and get the name of the person running the ad. >> backpage has doe noted close to $1 million to her organization. and in a statement the site
7:47 am
called the senate investigation an attack on its first amendment rights. it also says censoring the site will do nothing to change the problem of human trafficking. nora. jan, thank you. glad this issue of human trafficking is getting the attention it deserves. a former senator is thrown off a long delayed flight. ahead, the reported outburst to rally passengers against the plane's crew.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
his departure from ft. lauderdale back more than six hours. the pilot then asked ten passengers to move for better weight distribution. that's when demado reportedly spoke out against the crew who called in law enforcement. >> i don't understand this protest. if they ask you to move for weight distribution, it's for safety. where do you want me to sit? outgoing u.n. ambassador samantha power is here. we'll talk with her after the break. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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7:57 am
testing. testing president. >> test tim. and 60, and is it is where we top off tomorrow, meisha, couple die decrease can make. thank you so much. we will talk about that in this chester county montgomery county, but first accident boulevard southbound at fox sleet blocking two left left lanes. this is happy wednesday we're talking about chester county and montgomery county, over ten accidents in each county right now, 30 bypass between ten and route 3040, multiple accidents, reported, and take it easy out there, jim. thanks, meisha. next update 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning u.s. news and world reports reveals best jobs of 2017, i'm jim don
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ guess what? it's wednesday, january 11th, 2017.. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including claims that russia has compromising information on president-elect trump. we report on mr. trump's spont response to that ahead of his news conference that's coming up later today. but first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. >> sources confirmed that mr. trump and president obama receive details of an alleged russian effort to compromise the president-elect. >> an appendix contained unverified information on donald trump. >> this is a topic that had lawmakers trying to figure out if these were rumors or something more. >> can you say that nobody from
8:01 am
the trump campaign had any involvement with the russians? >> yes, i can. s as campaign manager when i took over in august, i was talking to people in michigan, not people in moscow. >> when you read the pages on buzzfeed, what did you make of that? >> when you read the whole thing, you really can't come to any bottom line about exactly what's true and what's not true. >> the president urged americans to stay involved in the democratic process. and he emphasized the importance of a smooth and peaceful transition. >> you can tell that -- you can tell that i'm a lame duck because nobody is following instructions. everybody have a seat. this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance.
8:02 am
president-elect donald trump will face questions about a new and potentially explosive issue when he holds the news conference in a few hours. sources confirmed to cbs news that mr. trump and president obama received details of an b alleged russian effort to compromise the president-elect. they were given those details during recent intelligence briefings. confidential documents may contain damaging information about mr. trump's businesses and his personal life. none of the details are confirmed to be true. >> the president-elect has already responded this morning on twitter saying, quote, russia has never tried to use leverage over me. i have nothing to do with russia, no deals, no loans, no nothing! major garrett is here with what the president-elect's team says he was told about these allegations. major, very interesting and good morning. good morning to everyone. multiple trump transition sources tell cbs news the president-elect was never directly briefed by intelligence officials about the appendix
8:03 am
dealing with those unsubstantiated connections to russia. the information may have been attached to the report on russian hacking, but that does not necessarily mean it was discussed with mr. trump directly. now, according to officials, the information in the report itself originated from a former british intelligence officer and was turned over to u.s. intelligence and government officials last year. now, u.s. intelligence is in the process of attempting to verify the underlying details. the officials tell cbs news that the former british investigator and his network are credible sources of this kind of information. now, cbs news has not confirmed what generated the intelligence this former british intelligence agent passed along. this disclosure will, if possible, raise even further the profile of the president-elect's press conference scheduled later there morning. questions about this report will compete against those dealing with mr. trump's domestic agenda, his planned separation from his businesses, cab b net confirmations just to name a few of the likely topics.
8:04 am
now, mr. trump's last press conference, i well remember it, was held 168 days ago on the camping trail in florida. that is when he said this about russia's alleged hacking of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> that comment kicked off firestorm and these disclosures demonstrate, if nothing else, the story of russia and mr. trump has not and will not go away. nora. >> all right, major, we'll see you there at the press conference. thank you so much. cbs news will have live coverage of the president-elect's press conference. you can watch beginning at 11:00 eastern, 10:00 central right here on cbs. >> the obama administration claims moscow continues to launch cyber attacks. i asked the secretary of state
8:05 am
yesterday about whether russia is still hacking american targets. where is it today? >> we take it seriously. are they continuing to do it? >> they are continuing to do it in places, yes. >> do we assume we do it to them? >> they assume that we do and they think we do, but not the same kind of thing, no. >> what's different? >> well, there is a lot of cyber back and forth in the world probing certain governmental entities, etcetera. that's quite different from, i think, and understanding defenses in order to be able to protect yoursef and so forth. i think that invading the premises of cyberspace of the national party committees is -- >> beyond the pale. way beyond. >> and kerry said he believes the selective leaking of john podesta was particularly
8:06 am
malicious. he declined to say whether president obama has completed his promised retaliation against russia. >> ambassador samantha power has been the u.n. representative to the united nations since 2014. she has forcefully denounced cred actions of bashar al assad. on january 20th, she will leave office with the rest of the obama administration. she will likely be succeed ed b nikki haley. ambassador powers joins us for an interview this morning. good to see pup. >> good to be back. >> let's start with russia. new reports today of more meddling by the russians in the political campaign. what can you tell us about that? >> i can't speak to any of the reports that have broken overnight or the intelligence briefings. >> i understand that. but what do you think about it? >> what i can say is what i see every day at the u.n., which is that the rules that need to bind
8:07 am
countries so that we live in a more stable world don't bind russia. they flout them. they flout them by invading their neighbors, they flout them by chitting horrible atrocities in syria and they have flauted them by interfering in our election. >> what do you think putin's goal is? >> i think one can speculate about respect and pride and lost glory and so forth. but i think what's important for us and the rest of the world is actions. he doesn't seem to be for any new world order. he just seems to be about the one that has brought down the united states and the american people and the broader international xunt for deck ade. >> russia has been facing some harsh sanctions. >> what he might say, if he were here, is that those sanctions are an account of why he's doing this or that. although nothing he says is credible, just as his denials with regard to our election is not credible.
8:08 am
but the cause and effect goes in the other direction. our sanctions came as a result of his decision to lop off part of of a neighbor. they come as a result of support for a regime that is using chemical weapons against its people, etcetera. >> the new secretary general is antonio baterras and you know him well. he says that the rules based international order is under great threat. what does he mean? >> well, i think just some of what i've described, that we have had a set of rules that you don't invade a neighbor, you don't cross international boarders without meeting a tough -- >> no respect? >>s as an example. if you go to war, and some people go to war, you have to play by a certain set of rules. you don't systemically target civilians, you don't use chemical weapons, you don't use barrel bombs. all of those norms are being subjected to challenge by president putin and others. and it is incumbent on those of us, again, who have helped build that international order, you
8:09 am
might have to make some adjustmen adjustments. the world is more polar, but it's in our interest to have rules -- and some argue they feel america is retreating. they feel president putin saw an opportunity and a vacuum and he moved into it, whether it was syria or anywhere else. >> i mean, i think what -- look at ebola, look at dismantling iran's nuclear program, look at mobilizing the stiffest sanctions in two decades on north korea in response to their nuclear proliferation. on issue after issue, we lead. in the event we were not going to lead, we will see -- the issue is briefed and everybody looks to me and says, what's the united states going to do about it? and it's incumbent on us to leverage what we do to get other countries to step up. >> what do you think will be the consequences of the fact that you did not veto a resolution of the u.n. security council? >> you're referring to the --
8:10 am
>> on the israeli sentiments. >> i think -- i would hope the consequence is that all the parties on the ground who have not been engaged in talks on a two-state solution for some time get motivated to come back to the table. i mean, that was a resolution that enshrineded in it opposition not only to settlements, but also to violence and incieinsightmeneni. we are trying to push thats process along, specifically secretary kerry giving body and soul to that. right now, there are no talks. there is only movement in the wrong direction away from a two-state solution. and there's no way for two people to live the in peace and security if that process does not -- >> some think it's too late for a two-state solution. well, if you keep saying that over and over again, it will become too late and what's the alternative for the people who live in the region? it will become insecure. >> nine days and counting until donald trump moves into the white house. how are you feeling and what's
8:11 am
your next chapter? >> my next chapt ser lots of little league and concentrated attention on my two little children. that's my first protocol. look, i think that our emphasis these last days has been to try to ensure the most stable and most auspicious transition possible. i've been in touch with governor haley, feel good about the team she's inheriting. 90% of the people who work with me stay on. i inherited them from president bush. so, you know, they're at a civil service and foreign service level, there's a huge amount of continuity in our foreign policy. i just hope, again, that we learned day in, day out over the last eight years and over the last decades which is if america leads, the world takes notice. when america steps back and isn't engaging in international institutions we either get stuck holding the bag or security is jeopardized. so there's a lot to learn and i hope that we can listen to each
8:12 am
other again because that's something that seems to have been lost a bit. with mr. all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. what is the best job to have n 2017? i don't say u.n. ambassador on that list. ahead, u.s. news and world report will reveal its list
8:13 am
he smokes, he skis, jude law plays a new pope in the new hbo series, "the pope." ahead more about the character vatican for the show.d the -
8:14 am
8:15 am
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first on "cbs this morning," the list of best jobs of 2017. careers are ranked by several factors including salary, job growth and work-life balance. number five is an orthodontist. fourth is a sta activity yash opinion third, physician assistant. number two is a nurse practitioner. and the best job of 2017 is a dentist. brian kelly is the editor and chief of "u.s. news and world report." it must be the drilling that
8:18 am
makes dentists the number one job. >> what is it? >> digging around in people's mouths, i'm like -- true, i know. it wouldn't be my preference, but first, i think it's the time off. we look at the work-life balance. you can make your own schedule. you can take wednesdays off or whatever you need to do. it's structured that way. stress and work-life balance are huge factors that we consider. when we poll people, they say they care about that. not everybody. some people want to jump into a high stress job such as tv anchors. but not everybody.wants to do that. and if you can make a decent salary, security, dentists aren't going away. >> everybody wants good teeth. >> and we can't offshore that to china. >> statisticians. >> statisticians are -- could be data analysts. you guys probably have a boat load of they will. we do. every company needs them to crush the numbers, marketing, to
8:19 am
understand sales, things related to politics, health care. everybody has a statistical debate to it. somebody has to figure out how to work with those numbers. that job has skyrocketed in the last few years in terms of popularity. >> physicians assistant. >> health care in general is a total growth industry. people are getting older. they need more care. so if you look at our best list, there are jobs in the health care field all over, occupational therapist. all of these different kind of things. and things like mental health, which was not an issue, a big job because of a lot of the insurance wouldn't cover it. but obama care has changed that. so psychologists, social workers, child family workers, that is a big growth area, too. >> surprised to see photographers on the list, the people that make the maps in an age where everything is on the internet and the digital. >> you think the guys drawing the dragons and the sea and
8:20 am
columbus on a ship. but what's on your phone? maps. gps and maps are everywhere and growing. >> they come out of engineering? >> usually they'll have some kind of a computer engineering background, you know, it's not like an artist. there's an art aspect to it, but definitely so much of this many these jobs have a technical backbone, which is if you need the s.t.e.m. skills, you need the math. >> we've got a lot to look at that. brian kelly, thank you. >> you can get it as u.s. news and world report. it's all there. a scare for roller coaster riders in australia. next, the riders left dangling in the mid summer sup. that ain't fun. you're watching cbs testimony the testimony. we'll be right back. our search h our teams of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
8:21 am
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8:24 am
some thrill seekers in australia were left dangling when their roller coaster stalled right in the middle of the ride. 20 people were suspended high above the ground for more than an hour. the amusement park was able to get most of them down so they're okay. chier fighters had to rescue some people with a cherry picker. stay on the ground, people. stay on the ground. >> doesn't stop them. a young pope defies the vatican's hierarchy. jude law lays the fictional pontiff. he's in our green room to share
8:25 am
why his character is so different from the current poe. >> the good morning, i'm rahel solomon a cool bus ran off a road and hit a tree this morning this new castle county chopper three over delran drive and winter drive just within an hour, three adults and one child were taken to christiana hospital with minor injuries, and no other vehicles were involve in the accident, still unclear if weather played a role in this crash. speaking of weather lets get over to katie fehlinger. katie, those roads were wet this morning. >> they were we had a solid batch of soaking rain that held through ever night but we had that left over rain, puddles on the road, it is still retreating but we still are despite seeing clear skies still finding a few spots where we are just cold enough, that it is going to become slick out there will allentown , reading, lancaster, mount pocono, ones that stand out like a sore thumb.
8:26 am
meisha has a string of accidents that she has to tell us about because of the they are freezing conditions. the just were the sun came up those temperatures were hovering close you have this to the freezing mark, that is why it happened. the it will continue to warm up from here, i say until at least minimum 9:00ah until 10:00 a.m. when we should start to see warmth take over. that is helpful. so 60 tomorrow, in between that they we have to worry about an additional showers tonight, just rain showers, and mainly starting at six or seven or 8:00 this evening and then with us until early morning hours, meisha. >> all of those accidents we have been talking about they are still coming in chester county, montgomery county, we will talk about this accident here in new jersey 295 northbound off ramp to mount holy, willingboro ramp is block, outside of the streetlight down there. be careful there. this is what i'm talking about with chester county montgomery county route 30 bypass between route ten and 340 multiple accidents, there was a time they are both chester and montgomery county both had over ten accidents in each area let look at how slow on
8:27 am
the schuylkill and boulevard, folks moving in the west and eastbound side take it easy out there. rahel, back over to you. our next update 8:55. ahead on cbs this morning, actor eyed law is in studio 57 i'm
8:28 am
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enjoy that conga line. sir, please join our conga line. please, please join the conga line! please, get in here. we need a conga line! >> ole, ole, ole, ole! >> that is the one and only billy wagner. there is only one with jaid james corden. he's trying to capitalize on cordon's car pool karaoke craze with a new curbsides conga segment. you see that guy that goes, though, i'm kind of late. just join the line. >> he's great. >> he likes to have fun. i like him very, very much. >> it's all spontaneous.
8:31 am
>> he's a very nice guy, very talented. thank you, billy. welcome back to "cbs this mornin morning". coming up in this half hour, there's a new pope on tv and he is no angel, this guy. jude law stars as an american or fan who rises to lead the catholic church in a new hbo series. he's here to share why he wanted to role even before he saw the script. >> oh, yeah. he's very different. right now, it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" remembers legendary journalist claire holingworth. she broke the news the about the start of world war ii in europe. she died tuesday. in 1939, holingworth witnessed nazi tanks on the german border mobilizing to invade poland. claire holingworth was 105. >> first of all, huge props to "the washington post" for putting her on the front page of the paper. i did not know who she was and she clearly is a legend and a
8:32 am
pioneer. the last graph in this article says she was defined by an unquenchable wonderlust. >> and people should know her. >> she lived to be 105. >> don't want to do that if you're drooling in a corner, but good for her. usa today reports on a new national park established on our underground railroad, heart tar tubman. it's also where very cared for formerly enslaved people. the park commemorates her later years when she was an activist for women's voting rights. the "boston globe" reports on the plight of the bumble bee. the bee, once thrived from maine to the midwest, its population has plummeted 87% since the late 90s. fish and wildlife service blames several factors, including loss of habitat, pest diseases and
8:33 am
it's a buzzy story right now on the internet. actor jude law became known to global audiences for his oscar nominated performance in the talented mr. ripley. i love that movie. since then, he's received even more recognition for movies like "cold mountain," "the holiday," and "sherlock holmes." he plays the 13th fictional american pontiff. in this interview, the cardinal asks about the pope's long awaited first homily. >> i am sorry to say we can only delay for so long. tomorrow would be ideal. this is the most pressing issue. >> the most pressing issue is my need for a cup of american coffee. would you make me one, your eminence. >> certainly. >> i didn't ask him. i asked you.
8:34 am
>> it will be a pleasure and an honor for me to bring you coffee, your highness. >> that's what they do. they go get coffee, those cardinals. good morning, jude law. i've already watched three episodes and i'm so mad at you because i don't want to get hooked on another searry he, but this is good. really good. in the show, you play -- they described him as a pope who is not loved or loveable. this guy got issues. >> yeah, he has issues. i think -- i hope that as the show unravels, he becomes loveable. he's certainly intriguing. >> yes, yes, yes. >> but, you know, preparing for the part, i was concerned more -- how did does one play a pope? where do you start working or researching how to play a pope. and palo, the wonderful director, pointed me always back to playing the man, lenny velardo. and really the heart of the
8:35 am
piece are his issues. >> we've got two stories going on there. >> two parts, almost. i always felt that on the one hand, i'm playing lenny, the or fan who is trying to come to terms with his sense of never being loved and on the other hand, he's pope pias xiii and how he channels those issues into leading the catholic. >> there's a great book will robert harris called conclave, which is about the selection of a pope and that whole time. how does he get to be pope? >> that's the big mystery at the beginning of the series. it starts and the conclave has just elected him. it's the morning, he wakes up and he is the pope. no one can quite work out -- you go through all of the people politics behind the scenes and all the carpals are trying to work out who voted for this guy? >> american, yeah. >> not quite what he promises. or indeed what he's got up his sleeve.
8:36 am
so really, the first few episodes are people trying to work out who is there and indeed what his ames are and what he promises to -- where he promises to lead the catholic church. >> is he a religious man? >> is the pope -- that's a very good question. that's a very good question. he's devout. >> he does shady things. >> he does. it's the political game in the vatican. and that's the other intrigue that i think palo was curious to point the camera at. but it's a good question, is he a religious man. he's a man of faith and he's a man of dog ma, but his had devotion to religion is questionable at times. >> and that's one of the fascinating things because he smokes, he schemes, right? he has people spy on one another. it's that vatican intrigue. and yet he is very conservative, right, in his belief. >> well, i think he's best described as contradictory and it's why he has such a wonderful
8:37 am
part to play. the one thing that i can say is that he doesn't lie. so his contradictions always come from the same place. the smoking, we learned that pope benedict was a smoker. >> really? >> and that's why the smoking was included, yeah. >> so was he to this day? >> i don't know. apparently he just enjoyed a cigarette after mass. i don't know. >> he's like in his 80s, too. >> yeah. quite. >> you hpt even read the script and you said i want to do this role. >> i love this director. i've seen his oscar winning work on "the great beauty" and i've gone back and watched a lot of his other films. i was very excited to work with him. his visual language is absolutely beautiful and he was clear to me from the get-go that he really wanted to make a ten-hour film as opposed to a piece of episodic television. >> but we think of jude law movie star. now it's jude law tv star. how do you feel about that?
8:38 am
>> well, it's an interesting time where in a way it's more about content than meadul. i think when the director, like palo, is coming and offering you a role like this and an opportunity to play character, it was very interesting. it meant i was unusual. i felt suddenly i was hard wired to tell stories over two hours. and so to be able to really focus on detail, to really -- to mine relationships over a longer period is a wonderful experience. >> can we ask you about sher lom lock holmes. will you do another one, another movie sthp. >> since the last one, we have done nothing but sit and talk and plan and plot, but he's always busy saving the world as "ironman." so i had to get another job. but we hope. there is certainly intention. >> they're so much fun to make. >> can we talk to you about town and country? we're aware that you're on the
8:39 am
list along with charlie rose. >> well i'm in good company, then. >> so i'm hoping unlike charlie rose -- >> i'm in a long-term relationship.'re on the list, attractive and famous, cons, popes, no matter their age or selabit. feel free to share a bit about yours. >> so was i. you're surprised? >> who is number one? >> i'm not saying that, jude. we're just talking about you and charlie right now. >> all right. sorry. who is above us? >> i'm not saying. but i thought it was a compliment to you both, actually. it's not a bad list to be on. >> no, i suppose not. >> but you're in a long time relationship. >> yes. >> okay. ham let, a character you know. will you go back and play shakespeare? >> yes, i hope to. i'm going back to lopped to do a
8:40 am
play with a wonderful director who brought a view from the bridge and the crucible and lazarus here. i'm doing with play with him in europe next which is based on this object session, the film object session. but shakespeare, yes. i always see shakespeare roles according to one of age. i thought i had to play ham let before i did 40. i played ham let after that. to me the next are benedict and macbeth. >> right now, you're the pope. >> i hope to enjoy it. >> congratulations. we will. the young pope, i should tell you, premiers on hbo this sunday, january 15th.
8:41 am
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scotch roouls whiskey is new and we have nor on what the scotch association thinks about the new blend. >> it may be just before 9:00 where you are but it's just after noon here in the uk, and that's perfectly acceptable to order scotch whiskey.
8:45 am
koch is a billion dollar a year industry here in the uk. many of the brands are centuries old. but now, new commerce, thank you, are mixing up this ancient recipe. >> whiskey is the life of man. "whiskey from an old tin can ♪ >> it's amber tones and smokey. ♪ have seduced for centuries. ♪ and i'll drink whiskey all day long ♪ >> and given birth to one of the uk's most lucrative industries. in the rolling hills of scotland, making scotch whiskey is a work of art. the grains are mashed. fermented, then distilled. and finally, aged in wooden casks. the bold tasting scotch inside is bottled and sold. it's a 500-year-old spirit protected by law. and drinking it can pass a lot of rules. just watch master distiller
8:46 am
richard parterson's online tutorial. >> this is the way you hold it, not this way. definitely not warming it this way. but if i ever see you nosing it like this, i'll kill you. >> but in a small london loft, whiskey blender john glacerb is dropping the pretense and adding a new range of flavors. >> you know, a lot of people think scotch whiskey is high handed. they think there are rules. you have to drink it a certain way. >> it is scary. >> it's frightening. there's so many different scotch whiskeys and how do i choose? so it is intimidating and we try to break all that down. >> his blends are to whiskey what craft beer res to lager. >> it's more in tune with the taste of the day, we think. >> whisper whiskey it's being dubbed, mellower and lighter for the millennial tallette. the production process borrows from tradition. buy single malts from scottish
8:47 am
distilleries. like blenders of the past, he then mixes them them. but he goes one step further, maturing the blend again in specially crafted casks that add more flavor. >> when you're tasting, when you're assessing, some people might roll around. >> you can taste the vanilla. >> it's a technique that won the ex pat international praise and scottish scorn. >> we've had some run ins with the authorities in the industry because we like to do things differently as a business. >> his innovate casks led had to one of his whiskeys being banned by the scotch-whiskey association, the industry's old guard. the association's rosemary gallagher laid down the law. >> has to mature for years in casks and that makes sure that people know exactly what they're getting. so we're trying to encourage it within those guys lines. >> innovation, gallagher admits, is needed.
8:48 am
a japanese whiskey was ranked number one in 2013. this year, scotch is back on the list, but with a lighter, caramel-vanilla blend. these whisper whiskeys are even welcomed in cocktails. once openly frowned upon by scotch purists. >> if you're just doing things the way you always have, eventually, you're going to kind of fall behind. >> john glazer hopes his more customized blends are part of the equation. >> we can try to blend up whatever you want, but why don't you do it? turn the responsibility over to you. >> let's do a c"cbs this mornin" scotch whiskey. i'm thinking for charlie it's going to be smokey. maybe for nora let's do floral. and for gayle, let's do spicy. >> how smokey do you want it to be? >> i want it to be a balance of all three. >> that's a smokey must. that's charlie. >> next we'll do the smiessy
8:49 am
one. >> emphasis on spicy. >> the floral for nora. >> there you go. >> okay. all right. >> the moment of truth. >> the moment of truth. cheers to "cbs this morning." >> cheers. cheers. >> and i am sure you're all wonder whag this customized whiskey tastes like, so we took it upon ourselves to send you your very own bottle. cheers. >> jonathan, let me ask you this. is whiskey good at 8:47 on the east coast and 1:47 o in london? >> after lunch. >> it tastes delicious. >> and how many have you had? >> this is why i pretend my ioc doesn't work. what did you guys say? >> thank you, mr. smokey. >> thank you. miss floral. we'll be right back.
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. police are investigating to see if icy road conditions may have contributed to a school bus accident earlier this morning in new castle county. chopper three over the crash which happen just before 7:00 in delran drive and windsor drive. three adults and within child suffered minor injuries when the bus hit a tree. no other vehicles were involve in the accident. thousand lets turn to katie for look at today's weather. >> it was a little deceiving, jim because we are generally expecting this warming trend. it is underway but right before the sun came up those temperatures were hovering and so marginal in our outlining counties like at kutztown area middle will school for example it could still be slick. even though we are coming up at 9:00 in the morning would i give it until 10:00 o'clock,
8:56 am
these temperatures are climb, which is good, but, we still need a little bit of time before we can bank on it not being, you know, a concern, that we were going to have to deal with ice. another round of rain that comes around it this at latest seven to 8:00 o'clock but really as early as 6:00 from southwest to northeast. delaware sees it first but there will be pockets of steady rain. the just rain this time. there may be as much as a quarter inch out of it. now it comes with a really lovely trade off in that we climb to 60 tomorrow. notice the breeze, but, 60 is a really nice price to pay, if it means we have to deal with some freezing conditions, certainly through colder this weekend, meisha. >> i can tell from you what we saw earlier looking a lot better but we still to have some problems. one that we have right here right the thousand is causing backups as you can see mlk out drive at sweet briar drive. also updating on chester county, montgomery county but construction boulevard northbound between broad and ninth street that right lane block until will 3:00 p.m. this is backup toward that area you will slow down there.
8:57 am
chester county and montgomery county for those, route zero bypass between route ten and 340 we had multiple accidents there, good news these are now starting to clear out, give yourself some extra time, jim, over to you. that is "eyewitness news" for now, join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. headache it the
8:58 am
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