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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight, kim kardashian nearly crushed by paparazzi. >> did you get your jewelry back, kim? >> her first trip overseas since the paris robbery as new details surface. >> and her sister khloe's revenge body secrets. after all those fad diets, what really works? >> there's so many people that are thin and they're hungry. >> then new outrage over the casting of a white actor to play michael jackson. >> i thought it was disturbing. >> as the jackson family speaks out, what would michael have thought? >> i'm proud to be a black american. >> plus -- ♪ we will rock you >> everything you need to know about the new freddie mercury movie. can the look alike star sing like the queen front man? now nor january 12th, 2017, this
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is "entertainment tonight." kim kardashian just left the country for the first time since she was robbed in paris three months ago. >> she couldn't even get out of l.a.x. without being grilled about the suspects in that multimillion dollar jewelry heist. >> that's kim, head down, ignoring the crush of paparazzi making her way into l.a.x. with the help of two body guards and scott disick by her side. >> looking gorgeous as always, kim. >> dressed down in a track suit. this is a much different look than her travel style of last year. and check out the simple band on her ring finger taking place of the 20 carat diamond from kanye. the lip ring she has been sporting since december still in play. kim told snapchat followers those massive sunglasses were so she could get laser treatment during her flight. >> i got my laser goggles. do a laser treatment. these are perfect for laser treatment. >> kim's 16-hour flight to dubai
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marks her first trip abroad since being robbed at gun top point in paris in october. her first public appearance, a source close to kim tells us she has been eager to get back to work. kim and her makeup artists will teach a master makeup class in dubai. the $1600 vip seats are already sold out. regular tickets start at $500. >> this is so cool. look out for the elephant. >> kim is yet to comment on any of the developments in her robbery investigation. today, according to paris reports, investigators officially charged four people in the robbery including a 63-year-old man they say entered kim's hotel room. another man helped sell her stolen jewelry and third man who allegedly provided information that helped robbers gain access to kim. tonight, 10 of 17 people originally brought in forr questioning remain in police custody. more backlash over joseph fines plays michael jackson in a new british tv series.
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michael's daughter unleash her fury. now others are voicing their displeasure. paris set off a flurry of angry tweets beginning with quote i'm so incredibly offended it honestly makes me want to vomit. >> it is not in any way malicious. it is actually endearing. >> joseph fiennes says he is an m.j. fan. but paris calls his portrayal shameful and she's not alone. >> michael jackson backlash. >> i thought it was disturbing just seeing that. >> it's weird. >> paris tweeted nearly half a dozen times expressing her disgust for comedy anthology saying, quote, it angers me to see how obviously intentional it insulting, not just towards my father but my godmother liz as well. >> liz taylor. >> liz, elizabeth taylor, is played by stockard channing in this re-enactment of a road trip she, michael and marlon brando allegedly took to escape new york after 9/11.
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when reached for comment replied --brother marlon taj jackson fired off this tweet, no words could express the blatant disrespect. >> the more i looked at michael, the more i fell in love with him. he was probably closer to my color than his original color. >> jackson's daughter noted her dad, quote, made a point to express his pride in his roots. he would never have wanted this. it is a subject jackson once touched on with oprah. >> why would i want a white child to play me? i'm a black american. i'm proud to be a black american. i have a lot of pride and dignity. >> today t.j. jackson weighed in and he echoed paris in an exclusive statement to the "insider." he said the portrayal of his & uncle is a disgusting mockery. >> we'll leave it there. ben affleck is ruthless, but he was quite the gentleman last night at the movie's london remere. check out ben's shifbal russ
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move wrapping a jacket around sienna last night. "live by night" co-star, in her gown was no match for the chilly 50-degree weather. kulgding up to her publicist to get warm. ben and sienna clearly get along, even sharing secrets on the red carpet. >> i trusted him. i never felt like. >> we do what we want to do. and go where we want to go. >> ben wrote directed and stars in the movie about a boston cop's son. but directing himself in the steamy love scenes with sienna, well -- >> i just said what's the most flattering sexual aspect of myself and i try to put that in the movie. and you know what? i had to cut it out. it was just disgusting. i looked like a sick polar bear. >> oh come on. another premiere as neil patrick harz hits the red carpet in new york city looking like neil patrick harz. but in lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events he's almost unrecognizable.
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>> hello, children. >> i'm always intrigued by interesting content. you know, and an interesting challenge and a new weird skill set to take on. >> neil plays count olaf who attempts to steal an inheritance to orphaned children by wearing elaborate disguises. >> why do you hate us? >> because it's fun. >> with hours of make-up all day long. >> pooing at your face, literally nine hours of someone between takes just -- >> neil told us he actually wore a different cologne for each one. >> you know what this is? >> looks like a list. >> wrong. it's a list. >> olaf smells very much leather and burnt, fire, smoke. >> i hear these rr handsome. >> halvensham was doused in old spice. and a real physical transformation character wise. and i got to be a total blundering horrible idiot. >> but would he bring count olaf
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>> i like to do things with tongue firmly planted in my at least with the kids. that way if i'm being reprimandy or being serious, i can still give them a wink and let them & know i'm upset but not going to destroy them. >> by the way, lemony snicket starts the 13th. pow perfect is that? >> that's like a tongue twister. >> i could barely get it out. up next is selena gomez feuding with a victoria's secret angel? accusing the singer of breaking the girl code. then did drake just cement his romance with j. lo with a $100,000 gift? ♪ my love don't cost a thing >> plus -- ♪ ♪ oh baby >> everything you need to know about the new freddie mercury movie. we're with the actor
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♪ i can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> well, you said it, now everybody's buzzing about it. selena gomez caught hanging all over the weeknd. here taps problem. he used to date one of her bffs. kicking off tonight, did selena break the girl code? bella hadid unfollowed selena gomez. yeah, the timing is interesting since yesterday we told you selena and bella's ex, the weeknd, were sotted kissing while on a dinner date. then sharing a car back to selena's place. p7♪ the two ladies have mutual friends and even hung out in london back in 2015. seems like bella's beef is only with selena, though. the model still follows the weeknd.
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the 26-year-old musician says in new gq that marriage freaks him out, but, quote, i'm the kind of guy that would have kids before getting married. next, are drake and j.lo heating up? us weekly is reporting that drake gave j. lo a tiffany's necklace worth $100,000. ♪ my love don't cost a thing >> we're told the pair is also working together on new music together. and finally -- whoa, joe jonas. the singer just posted steamy shots of him in his underwear on instagram. ♪ one thing he hasn't posted, any pics of his rumored girlfriend, "game of thrones" star sophie turner even though she has. you posted a picture of joe jonas on instagram. people call it instagram official. is it official? how are you guys? >> i don't know if it is official. it is a cool photo. he was on a boat. i thought, that's a nice photo, so i posted it. >> still ahead --
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>> i was always chubby and just you kind of just own it. >> before her new body transformation for tv show debuts, khloe kardashian tells us how she lost 40 pounds. >> then, taylor swift's fitness fashion. if you want to recreate this look, your credit card will get a workout. we will tell you the jaw-dropping price tag. plus -- ♪ we will rock you >> we're with the look alike star of the new freddie mercury movie. but can he sing like the queen fronn man? and my absolute favorite ssar from the golden globe red carpet will be right here on the "e.t." stage. sunny from lion. >> "e.t." is next. >> closed captioning provided by --
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taylor swift takes fitness to a whole new level in tonight's "e.t." fashion fix. the gym in style. like yesterday when she did a class at west hollywood fitness studio body by simone where she likely knocked out moves like these. but it's not what she did as much as what she wore that caught our attention. the 27-year-old showed off long legs in geometric print adidas. by stella mccartney leggens. they set her back 85 bucks. pairing them with a gray top, cream color nike sneakers and rose-tinted jacket. but our favorite, the gucci signature purse, retailing for over $2,000. that would be our gym bag of choice too if our estimated net
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worth was $250 mill. but since i'm not, i'm just going to keep my good old gym bag. one of the trainers at body by simone is whipping people into shape on khloe kardashian's new show, revenge body. cameron mathison sat down with khloe to talk about how she transformed her own figure. so i asked is khloe out for revenge? >> where did you get our revenge body to get back at? >> i was always chubby. i could have just owned itt no i'm just big boned. this is who i am. i would be told by stylists, i don't style people your size. my revenge is not towards one person. ii's more for everyone who was so cruel to me and really shunned me. >> call this the before and after payback for years of being called the fat kardashian sister. khloe lost 40 pounds, thanks to a year of 5:00 a.m. workouts. time to spill secrets in rapid
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fire about workout things. you tell me if you tried it, if it worked, if not. i'll start with a waist trainnr. >> tried it. i think it works. >> skinny tea cleanse. >> try ied it. it works, but you go to the bathroom a lot. >> detox body wraps. >> i think i've tried it. it suctions you and it's cold, right? >> i like that you're not 100% sure. >> i'm like, okay, sure, i like trying things. we're girls, it's fun. >> how about this one? butt enhancement cream? >> no. i don't think i'd need it. >> top five things that you did to get your revenge body. >> i drank three to four liters a day. when i cut out dairy i lost 11 pounds in less than two weeks. it was the hardest thing i've ever done. i really do believe jump roping is one of the best cardio things ever. if you could do 20 things that's
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over 11000 calories. it's crazy. i cut out all sodas and juices. >> khloe fronts eight episodes of the kick butt lose weight tra transformation show but it is sending the wrong message? >> do you have to be thin and beautiful to be happy? >> no, not at all. i don't believe that a weight defines you. i don't weigh myself because i don't care at all what number i am. i think, to be happy, that comes from within. i think there's so many miserable people that are thin and they're hungry. >> now, of course, khloe is dating cleveland cavaliers cutie tristan thompson who she calls pretty awesome. when asked if there were kids in her future, khloe said, i hope so, god willing. ♪ we are the champions ♪ my friends >> it really is hard to believe it's been more than 25 years since queen's legendary lead
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singer freddie mercury passed away. his incredible life story is finally headed to the big screen and we spoke to the man who will take on this daunting role. ♪ we will we will rock you >> will you be doing fred remercury? is that true? >> i'm playing freddie mercury. how about that? ♪ are you ready for this >> rami malek who played a supersecurity hacker now has the challenge of playing mercury, the flashy front man for queen with a four octave range. >> will you sing? >> will i sing? i will sing a little bit. >> his mr. robot co-star. >> we share dressing rooms. it will blow everybody away. >> he has sung on camera before on his fox sitcom the war at home. producing the music will be
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surviving bandmates brian may and roger taylor. directed by xmen franchise producer brian slater it is scheduled to start shooting this year. it's called "boeheim man comedian sacha baron cohen was set to play mercury but dropped out because of creative differences. >> they wanted to make a move be the band and i wanted to make it more about freddie. >> british actor ben wishoff was mentioned but then dropped out because of scheduling problems. ♪ another one bites the dust >> the focus of the film is said to be the band's formative years and back in 1982, freddie told us they weren't easy. >> i don't want anybody to make it easy for me. because i'm a survivor. ♪ and mistakes ♪ i've made a few >> i cannot wait to see this.
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i hope we get to come on the set and check you out. >> no pressure. >> no, i'm stoked, too. one of the most iconic bands ever. and just to be a part of that, that's huge. ♪ because we are the champions ♪ of the world >> you know, he's actually rocked the freddie mercury mustache already. jimmy kimmel surprised him and he played right along. tomorrow things getting a little sexy here at "e.t." >> everything you need to know about fifty shades darker. "e.t." is unmasking all of the sexy secrets. >> you should blow my mindd >> i know. >> the love scenes, the steamy sound track. and kim basinger's seductive new role. >> you think you're the first woman? >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> do not move because coming up the biggest star in the world,
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sunny, from "lion" is right here. i'm so geeked up. >> we'll be right back.
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sunny pawar, who is the 8-year-old who literally stole everyone's heart including my own in the movie "lion." it's the real life story of a little boy who ends up on a train a thousand miles from home. i just loved this kid. sunny, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> how did you like the golden globes? [ speaking foreign language ] sunny is speaking in his native language hindi. his translator is hereeas well. you have become close with defb, haven't you? is they like a brother? >> yeah. >> what is your favorite thing about dev. >> he's just like me, like a little child. he keeps tossing me up in the air. my favorite part is that i get to teach him hindi. >> we'll take you back for a second to your moment on that golden globes stage with dev. watch this. >> my other saw it and i spoke
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to her and she was like, i'm extremely proud of you, son. >> did you have a favorite star out there? i know matt damon was right in front. >> the thing is that i don't watch any american movies because i watch wwe, john cena, undertaker, the rock, they are my american heroes. >> the undertaker and the rock? >> yeah. >> that's cool. nicole kidman plays your adopted mom in the movie. what was it like working with nicole? >> it was a lot of fun working with nicole and we played a lot of cricket together to bond. >> there is one scene in the movie where you are dying for a dessert. watch this. >> i got a little surprise for you. >> sunny. >> you're welcome. >> wow.
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these are good. >> they're excellent. >> uh-oh. sunny, you eat those. thank you for coming here. we're so glad you came here. will you do me a favor? will you say to everybody out there, thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks for watching. >> thanks for watch. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> i love it. bye, everybody. take care. god, these are good.
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(crowd cheering) david wade: april 15, 2013. terror hits the boston marathon. (loud rumble) (crowd screaming)
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this is delta 984. we got multiple explosions. we need help down here! wade: and in the days to follow, the world comes to know the meaning of boston strong. now, the story of survival, hope, and courage. tonight, we will show you the painstaking effort to honor those forever affected by the bombings. mark wahlberg: the truth matters in a situation like this. wade: and we will meet the real-life heroes who put their lives on the line to bring the bombers to justice. two people took many days and weeks to plan out hate. but love responded in an instant. wade: this is "the making of patriotsday." they are the events that touched so many lives here in boston. so, making a movie that was true to what happened and to the spirit of the city was a personal mission for everyone involved. good evening, i'm lisa hughes.


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