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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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overnight. >> and f.b.i. director james comey now facing internal investigation into how his agency and the justice department handled hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> officer down. >> a trooper in arizona is ambushed, from the side of the road, when two passersby stop to save the day. suspect who ambushed the trooper is dead. >> a special surprise honor for vice president joe biden. president obama best tried the nation's highest honor, the presidential medal of freedom on him yesterday. >> i don't de is her of this but i know in the president's heart. >> you take my money when i'm in need. yes, she trifle friends indeed. oh, she's a gold digger. way over town, that addition on me. >> what? >> if you ain't know punk, holler. we want a prenup, we want a prenup, ya. >> and kanye west lyrics
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inspired soap opera on the late late show with james corden last night. always funny stuff. you know what's fun, katie there is weather that we've been having. but i guess it can't last forever. >> certainly can't. these weather changes are very doctors take we will experience the next couple of days, too, jan, ends up up at 67 degrees, talk about over cheering yesterday, 27 degrees above what's typical for january 12th today, well, we're seeing a transition take place. but it is still, i will say this, very mild. when you walk out the door. the breeze beginning to pick up, you see we had couple every sprinkles in the last few hours, that's the cold front still rolling it way you there the region, left with lingering clouds at this point. look at these temperatures, still at six in atlantic city. sort of whoever between 59, six of zero, six is degrees in the last hour and a half or so. right now mid 50's, low 50's up and down i95, see how it is turning told nerve mount pocono. reading, lancaster, now in the 40's. so the chill beginning to invade. it will come with a breeze.
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that said, it also comes with sunshine. that's helpful. but, you're going to really notice it is a windy, and also changing forecast throughout the rest of the day. sending the kids offer to the school bus, you know, again, still feels pretty balmy in the mid 40's, upper 40's, even 50's in some spots. as we level off to the mid 40's through the rest of the afternoon heavier coat is going to become an important feature of your weather accessories that you walk out the door with here today. now by tomorrow, enough cold will have set philadelphia that, yep, the rumors are true. snow and sleet return to the forecast. just how much, when is the timing, we will have the answers on that for you, that's a little later in the broadcast. meisha? >> all right, sounds good. katie, i'm just so glad on a friday morning for all every thaws we will see the sunshine today. we all need that come friday. good morning, everyone, tgif. to you. ninety-five south at cottman, looking in the southbound dredge, looking good, quiet, judges as i would want it to look around 5:30 in the morning pushing towards the 6:00 hour. every course you know it will
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heat up little later but on a friday what we want it see. looking good, there boulevard heating up as you push in the southbound direction, then once we jump on to the schuylkill, right around city avenue i would say, kind of looking the same. so actually looking okay, there heating up maybe little bit. schuylkill eastbound pushing into the city. zero all still fine. then looking at this water main break yesterday. it is still out there. foulk road closed between wilson road, lone acre road, route 202 is your best bet. and also take a look at this, city buses and trolleys running modified schedule monday for nlk day. so heads up. make sure to check the schedules on line. also, downed wires in hatboro, montgomery avenue blocked between york road and penn street. you will have to use this alternate. monument avenue, probably your best bet, another heads up on that. then just dealing with some construction. good news this morning, we haven't had any accidents. this is one of the construction points, turnpike eastbound between valley hill and norristown. two left lanes blocked there. some more construction for you still out there. route nine closed at tilt on road n have probably be
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lifting right around 6:00 a.m. until then we have to use this alternate, garden state parkway or shore road, probably going to be the best bet. then looking at the wide rightful, jan, seeing all green, so that's looking good on this friday. >> good news, thank you meisha. members of one. northeast oldest synogogues taking stands against recent act of vandalism. rocks smashed several windows of temple menorrah in talcony friday. talcony's town watch meeting last night, synogogue members discussed what to do about these potentially hate filled acts. it was the second time in under two month that a rock was thrown at the window. >> this type of activity is not welcome in our community. >> i know that several of us are concerned that the political situation, and things that are going on in our country right now, make us concerned that woe may have been targeted, because this re i can us institution, and this institution in particular. >> now anonymous donor from florida is offering $10,000
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for the capture and conviction of the person who broke the windows. >> well, inauguration day just seven days away now. president-elect donald trump and his cabinet nominees continue to face questions about russia. and at confirmation hearings yesterday in washington, d.c., trump's pick to lead the pentagon and cia both agreed the us must be ready to confront russian threats. both retired general, james mathis, struck harsher tone than the president-elect. >> and us golf sources say fbi director james comey did speak with the president-elect last week about unverified reports that russia had compromising information on him. comey is now facing an internal investigation in into how his agency and the justice department handled hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. clinton cleared -- comey cleared clinton of wrong-doing last summer, but then reopened the case, 12 days before election day. well, the time is now 5:35. in business news this morning, more jobs, and a new gaming
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console coming this spring. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. morning, jill. good morning, jan, investors waiting for the big banks to report their earnings, before the opening bell today. yesterday the dow fell 63 points, the nasdaq fell 16. the japanese airbag maker is expected to plead guilty to criminal wrong-doing. and pay a billion dollars throughout the justice department investigation. that is according to the wall street journal. fall i airbags behind massive recall of over a million vehicles. amazon says it will create a hundred thousand more full-time jobs in the u.s. over the next 18 months. many of those will be at its fulfillment centers texas, california and florida. and nintendo finally showed off its new gaming console. it goes on sale march 3rd. will cost about $300 here in the u.s. both home and portable device,
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pretty easy to play on the go. jan? >> all right, thank you so much. more on the presidential transition, now, for the first time in half century, young boy could soon be living in the white house. but, a transition not to be taken lightly, as tight security measures are already being put into place. kenneth craig has more on how the move will affect the president-elect youngest child, barron trump p. >> barron trump p is used to standing in his fate's shadow, but in his new life the ten year old will have his own spotlight, as well as new group of companions. secret service agent who will trail him all the way to his classroom door. >> i wonder how difficult it is to grow up with all of those agents surrounding you all the time. >> you know, it is really hard to imagine. there to can be a little unnerving, you know, especially for a younger child. >> author ronald kessler was at donald trump's new years
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eve party, and considers the president-elect a friend. he's written extensively about the fbi, the secret service, and protecting the first family. when it comes to the children, the job isn't always easy. >> barbara bush, gave the agent a hard time. amy carter was also very difficult agent. hillary clinton clinton model first child. >> says barren will have three, four agents, with him, whenever he's in public. that includes to and from his $47,000 a year press school in new york city. where he plans to finish fourth grade before moving to the white house. >> anita mcbride the chief of staff to laura bush, and believes baron will find plenty of perks at his dad's new home. >> there is a small bowling alley, if you like to do that. you know, there is tennis court, and right now with the obama's, there is a basketball court, and pool there. >> the trump presidency will bring change to all corners of america, but perhaps no where more profoundly, than to
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trump's youngest child. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and up next, some of hollywood's biggest stars are coming to philly. we'll tell but a new movie filming here, pat? >> good morning, jan, how are you? just waking up from a quick nap here at the philly home show. getting ready for all of the festivities that will begin today, and we will be doing a make it or take it, coming up next, downing that here at the philly home show. see you in a i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down.
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i have to tell you, philadelphia is getting ready to get a taste of hollywood. phillies own kevin hart will start filming his newest movie right here in his hometown next month. the movie is called the untouchables. it also stars nicole kidman, and brian crampton. the film based on french comedy that looks at the relationship between a wealthy pair paraplegic, and unemployed man with criminal record who is hired to help him. and, if you are excited about that one, you are definitely going to be excited about these next two movies. one of them stars ben afleck, and the other jamie foxx. kevin frazier takes us behind live by nights and sleepless. >> this week ben afleck does triple duty, gangster drama, live by night, and jamie foxx
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is a father racing against time to save his son from criminals, sleepless. >> son, i love you, but there are some things i can't explain. >> jamie foxx stars in undercover cop who must rescue his son, after he's kidnapped by a gang of criminals, on dealing with corrupt officers in his own department. >> this city crawling with dirty crops. >> michelle monahan also co-stars as an investigator facing off with fox in some of their fighting, got a little too real. >> i chipped his teeth. and he just -- oh,. >> this saul, this is all, i take these off at night. chipped them. oh, snap. you know? >> oh, keep going, keep going. >> i signed up, just like in the war. i went away a soldier. i came home -- >> live by night, ben afleck write, directs, and stars, as boston gangster in the 192's, struggling with guilt from criminal action. the film also stars bang,
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chris, and as director afleck appreciated their work in his movie. >> my favorite part just all of the actors work they put n i understand and appreciate how hard they work, and how many of themselves they committed oh, just gave it their all t made me really want to make a great movie for them. >> breaking the rules meant nothing. you had to be strong enough to make your own. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> all right, looks like some good movies. what about this weekend? good weekend for movies? >> i would say yes, absolutely, really great ones obviously coming out, still in the theatres, we have little bit of snow and sleet to con ten with and the chill in the air. so it will be real good excuse to cozy up in the theater nice big bucket of extra buttered popcorn. >> butter and salt. what do you say? sound good to me. so it is a date. all right, looking out there, first, i want to take to you wide school on storm scan, the storm that does get here tomorrow, jan, actually still in the works. you can actually see snow or icing currently building across portions of southern
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and missouri into oklahoma, as well as that kansas. so, this is going to be a pretty big system for that area. but it is as far as we're concerned, relatively weak, here locally. so, you know, we are at the moment at least going to start to see the coal air settle in. that's what sets the stage eventually. of course ending up with snow and sleet. looking at the winter alerts that we've got posted across the central portion of the planes specifically, nothing here locally, even though this is eventually the storm that impact us, actually got multiple ice storm warnings, almost entirely encompasses the state of missouri, western illinois included kansas obviously and good portion of oklahoma so, going to be pretty big system for those folks. for us, definitely not as much of a concern. take you back here though, we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, a sense what they are finding out there, quite a bit of warmth in place right now. take you all the way out here to mother end, where it is 47 degrees coming in from helen dave thinks morning, got pretty clear sky, wind picking up, at the moment, about
5:46 am
8 miles per hour, you mention the moon, it is looking beautiful with that nice clear sky. it is a waning one, another mild morning to go along with it, but, ya, that's changing, so with again, eventually some snow, sleet on the way. we will check in on that in a second. let me take to you another one closer to the city where 53, 53 degrees right now, that's value that's going to be changing, and and he knows it, also with some sound advice, take the coat with you this morning, because you will be needing it later on today. and let me, oops, very tight zoom, i didn't mean to do. let me take to you one more here. fifty-six this hour. coming it from sandra. out in burlington, where again, clear sky, but meant sean this roller coaster we continue to find ourselves on. where is this coming from? again, cold front, warmfront, all of these front, just messing with the pattern. and we are expecting the future feels-like to really be noticeable with breeze picking up in time. so over the next fewer hours, take a look, as the darker shades of blue and even purple begins to take over the future feels like maps, by the time probably out on the skydeck, eyewitness neutral at noon it, will feel more like the low
5:47 am
four's, again mid 50's right now, come early evening, feeling more like 20's, 30's, so this will be transition that continues into the overnight. in fact, more like single digits, of, or 20's at best into the overnight. yes, cold air setting the stage. for coating to inch max of light snow and sleet, looks like it wouldn't start until at least lunchtime. and the further north you go, you may not even see one flake of snow. meisha? >> good to know about this weekend. thank you so much. looking outside, the good news about this morning's commute, which i haven't talk about this in a couple of days, we've got dry roadways there is will help us out, give us relief on a friday, all kind of over it on a friday. we want to get to the weekend. we want a nice commutement looks like so far that's being actually what we're seeing so far. if i had woody would knock on t blue route mid count what i we are looking at looking great. delaware county nine # a north, four a two, maybe heating up just little bit. overall, still looking great. still looking at the water main break, actually talking about yesterday, foulk road
5:48 am
still closed between wilson road and lone acre road. plus heads up on this, mass transit city buses and trolleys running modified schedule monday for mlk day. check the schedules on line. downed wires, in hatboro, montgomery avenue blocked right now between york road and penn. pennsylvania street, so be sure to use this altzheimer that the of the i'll let you know when this clears. for now that's what do you have do. dealing with construction this morning. hey i would take construction any day of the week over accidents. by the way not one accident this morning. we are looking really good. pa turnpike eastbound between valley hill and force road, two left lanes block, route 90 at tilt on road closed around the next ten to 15 minute hopefully. i'll let you know when that clears. garden state parkway or shore road your alternate and best bet. overall looking good. >> thank you, meisha. looking to tackle some project around the house? if you need a little advice, or inspiration, when it comes to those home improvement, you might want to head over to the philly home show.
5:49 am
that show kicks off today, at the pennsylvania convention center, that's where we find "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen, at last check, was lounging on a couch. but we need to put to you work, pat, how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm doing welling. time to go to work. for all of do you it yourselfers, philly home show absolutely the place to be. not your mother home show where you just walk around and have brooms or anything, it is hands on here, at the convention center. solo gets hands on today. we are standing inside this cool room which is put together by denise. hi, denise. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm doing well. what is this? it is pretty cool. >> this is a roomy designed for the home show. i design one every year. this year, we were given chess. >> okay? >> then we were given the theme of designing for the senses. so we had to think about all five senses when we were designing the room and have something that you could experience. >> okay? >> i love it. so we've got the couch. this thing, i think, i don't know why i am in love with this so much. looks like -- >> because you're smart, when
5:50 am
it is turned off, it is a mirror. when it is turned on it is a fireplace. >> can you see the fireplace back there? you can actually feel it little bit heating up. >> it is heat, as women, that's part of the feeling of the room. >> got to love it. my wife, huge into hc tv, probably jealous of me right now. so, this is a shed that you guys put together? >> yes. >> let's get little hands on. you have your own blog, painted home. you're good with this sort of thing? >> i think i am. >> i'm not very good with this. >> you will be by the end of the show. >> let's do it, show me what you have here? >> okay. all right, so, one of the -- we do the make and take, which is an area of the show wherever hour on the hour there is a different craft, different person doing a craft. one of the crafts we'll teach during the home show thousand create chalk board art. >> love it. >> i can lou you see a lot of it around, people think oh, it is such great fun but i can't write like that. >> that's not your handwriting there? >> no, there is attributing to it, so you will make one. so we take, start with a blank canvas. then i want you to take this paint brush. you know how to paint? >> i am not that good at
5:51 am
painting but we will give it a shot. >> slap a coat of paint on there. so just using, either use black paint or you can use chalk board paint. >> okay. >> you know chalk board paint? >> absolutely. >> all right. so, good. letting you off the hook there. i made you one already, already dry. >> so sweet. >> so we have one. so once it dries, just going to be a solid black. then you can go on line, and printout free printable. so we a valentine theme. so here's the trick. you're going to turn it over. you will take chalk, and you're going to rub the back with chalk. it is like old-fashioned, remember? >> oh,. >> like ditto, whatever that paper was called that was something like that? then you place it on top where ever you want it, then, here, you will do this, you will take something sharp, just takes around the letters. >> okay? >> you got that? >> trace. >> trace the letters, you can just do one letter. >> all right? >> and then through the magic every television. >> through the magic of television, guys. >> you lift this up.
5:52 am
tada. there is your h. >> it is there. >> right in the. >> the h made it. >> then you're going to take paint pens, total trick, you don't need to use paint and paint brush. that's what makes it little messy. >> got you. >> if you use a paint pen, then draw right, just follow? >> that's how it is done, everyone. that's how it is done. >> in the end. you will have something that looks totally professional, and something for valentine day. >> denise, you're awesome. >> your wife will love you. >> she will love me. i'll finish this, and bring it home. she will love me so much. don't you think snow. >> i think so. your wife is home taking notes herself. i have to say i need that cheat sheet. because my handwriting is terrible. so it, would not look professional at all. good advice there, thank you, pat. up next on "eyewitness news": speaker of the house paul ryan responds to this moment from last week, when a congressman's son stabbed during a swearing in. we'll be right back.
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5:56 am
>> oh! >> oh, that is hysterical. she looks like she a good sport. erika o'donnell was jog whg a reporter approached her to ask about exercising, but then, as you can see, she misunderstood a request to spell her first and last name. as you can see, everyone had a good laugh. i love the confuses when i ask for the spelling, that one i have not got glenn she is very literal, obviously. >> cute. >> house speaker paul ryan shows he's up on one of the latest fads in the country. take a look. >> i actually do know what a dab is. okay? just for the records. it is this, you know? i do. society most amusing thing, what, a week ago, when we swore people in, this congressman's son, we were doing the pose, he was doing
5:57 am
it, he wasn't doing a dab, look like he was sneezing, going like this. >> so it was the teenage son of kansas republican representative roger marshall who was trying to prevent that sneeze, you see him right there. too funny. >> still ahead in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you know him from the celebrity news show the insider. but did you know michael is also a comedian? he's bringing his act to philly. and we will chat with him about it ahead on "eyewitness news". stay with
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>> violent night in philadelphia. two people dead after multiple shootings. why police say the weather may have had something to do with the overnight gun violence. >> president-elect trump's cabinet picks, speak about russia's meddling in the u.s. election, and internal investigation into how the fbi handles hillary clinton's private e-mail server. i'm hena daniels in new york, more, in just one week before inauguration day. and, looking live outside now at mild end to the work week, but winter gets ready to return for the weekends. katie is ahead to tell us about some snow that's on the way. >> well, i sure hope


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