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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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jim: miller stuffed. only a gain of one. phil: well, they have to go a little hurry-up, which they're going to try. jim: not that much of a hurry. not as much as they should. osweiler trying to get away but can't. last the former first-rounder malcolm brown who wrapped hold of the leg and didn't let go. phil: malcolm brown over the right tackle. chris harris just goes inside, goes right back him. known for his run-stopping ability. jim: that's the patriots' third
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sack of the game and it sets back texans nine yards. look how much the patriots have dropped back protect the first down line. all the way up at the 35. osweiler goes underneath. hopkins, and he's stopped about six yard shy of the first. phil: yeah, you said it. you see that around the league a lot. everybody drops down to the first-down marker. make you make the first down, make the tackle. jim: more so than they used to. there's lechler, who came out of the same draft as a guy named tom brady back in 2000 and husband actually drafted a round ahead of him. lechler in the fifth, brady in the sixth. scooping it up, edelman. tiptoes out at the 35.
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well, novak brought it down a one-possession game but then the pick and the lewis touchdown brought it back to 15.
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jim: brady under center, starting the series from the 33. with blount. taking it out for four. how about a little next gen action for us, pil? phil: next-gen stats in the first half. clowney lined up inside 31% of the time. outside, but here in the second half we haven't seen that near as much. why? because of the hurry-up offense is one reason by patriots. jim: what a move by edelman. moore wraps him up near the 50. 13 yards on the reverse. phil: martellus bennett, number 88 leading the way. get two blocks, really. jim: and that's the longest running play for the patriots tonight. phil: it's been tough. they're having a hard time
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blocking that defensive front when it comes to the run. big guys there. romeo crennel said we can't pull tom brady. maybe we can fool the offensive linemen, which they've done. jim: ball is out incomplete. moore on the coverage of edelman. phil: boy, we've seen quite a few of these throws tonight. tom brady throwing them high, dropping them right in the bucket. i mean, a couple of times, jim, they've had the perfect coverage on. in other words, the exact defense you'd want in to be playing when pass is thrown and they still complete it with throws like that. jim: a reverse the other way.
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amendola into the secondary. and tom brady threw a block. that now is a 15-yard run. phil: they're going to take advantage a situation like thi+ where they know defense is going to be playing all out, gambling. tom brady, a little double reverse. gets out front, goes down and gets a block on kareem jackson. they know defense is going to be overaggressive so they're going to take advantage of that. they've run two reverses. jim: how often do you see teams run reverses three plays apart? lewis. he was close to breaking one before jackson ends it after nine. phil: what's the phrase we also hear when we do a patriots game? expect -- jim: the unexpected. phil: expect the unexpected, that's right.
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jim: second and 1. lewis, backspins, pictures down. let's go to the sideline with tracy. tracy: jim, the texans have been playing much of this drive without benardrick mckinney. he seems to be hurt on the sideline. no official word from the texans. they're also without their starting defensive end reader who is dealing with cramps and alfred blue in the locker room being evaluated for a concussion. jim: and now add heath to those who have injury concerns and even more concerning is bennett is holding his left knee. watch bennett, 88. phil: oh. he just -- jim: uh-oh. gave way when he was trying to pivot. phil: like he misstepped. i thought he got shaken up on reverse, first one. ooh! elmo likes songs! puzzles! me love puzzles.
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paths aren't what they used to be... roads nowhere to be found.... ♪ and it's exactly what you're looking for. ♪ ♪ jim: boy, the bennett injury is not pretty to look at but then he got to his feet and actually jogged to the sideline to a huge
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ovation. first down, patriots. brady looking end zone and lewis in double coverage. phil: pretty interesting, though. a look at martellus bennett. jim: watch 88 here. phil: watch his left leg. extends it. jim: that is something that we'll have to watch. he's still got the helmet on but he's backed up by matt ledgele. the only other tight end on the roster. two catches on the season. second and 10. brady rolls out and get hit again as he throws it again. in fact, he's shoved all the way three or four yards into the texans' sideline. was mercilus who gave him a shove.
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there's bill o'brien, his former quarterback coach and then one year in 2011 his offensive coordinator. he stepped out of the way and bennett, believe it or not, is back after one missed snap. phil: yeah, it's hard to believe. jim: third and 10. lewis. runs it outside and then the ball is on ground. looked like the patriots were there to recover it. huge recovery in this sense, a field goal here makes it a three-score game. phil: that's three times dion lewis has fumbled football. jim: that was tooney who recovered it, the left guard. bouye stripped and it there's tooney, the rookie from north carolina state. so a 42-yard gostkowski field
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goal attempt coming up. he's made 16 straight in the postseason, as you see here. back it up an extra yard. make it 43 yards, with a time-out called by belichick from the sideline first. phil: i'm a pretty good lip radioeder. jim: yeah, i am too. don't tell me what he said, though. i thought he was saying something also about the spot. i'm not swhure that would be about but anyway, they're back in position here. it's a 43-yard attempt.
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gostkowski. has to wait it out for a little while and he drills it. puts new england up 34-16. phil: yeah, puts them up three scores. jim: belichick was saying right, no time-out there. you guys didn't take that time-out. we're hearing from jay feely was the issue is he didn't feel like they'd reset the play clock a the running play by lewis so he got the official's attention and looked like he got some confirmation they weren't going to be charged with that time-out. phil: big field goal takes all hope really away from the houston texans here. jim: yeah. phil: the game, of course, is not over but you have to say at least the fight and their competitive level was better than it was back here in week
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three, that's for sure and they couldn't take advantage of the opportunity. jim: there's heath going on. he was injured on the same play that bennett hyperextended the knee but missed only a snap. phil: george godsey talking to brock osweiler what they're going to do here. have to go to hurry-up. and brock osweiler kind of a mixed bag here, no question. off to a good start but missed a couple of throws here that led to interceptions. jim: gostkowski boots this one deep. not returnable. there's tom savage, who had been given the job in december. didn't last very long before he took a hit.
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phil: he suffered that concussion. against the tennessee titans. i think if this game, the interceptions by brock osweiler had happened in the first half we would have seen tom savage tonight. jim: he only went deep really once in this game and it should have been a touchdown. phil: couch turned the game around. that's all texans talked about, how it's so hard to get a big play down the field against this defense. they had one opportunity and didn't take advantage of it. jim: it sails on him and it's out of reach for mumphery. chris long playing in his first postseason game ever.
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phil: how about that? chris long, number 5, hits him. hits him from behind. here comes long, gets the hit. chris long has really been a good role model. plays so hard. playing some different position. been in the league and had so much success and all the other guys looking at him going man, that's the second pick of the draft and still how hard he works. jim: fuller has four. phil: they play so many different guys on offense and defense. guys like chris long. getting near the end of their career. they come up here and want to have success. as bill belichick says hey, if you want a chance to play, come up here. if you show it on practice field and work hard enough, they're going give you a chance. no doubt about that. jim: his dad howey won a super
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bowl in his third year in the league with the raiders. third and 5. osweiler. trying find a man. that's fiedorowicz to the new england 42. pickup of 17. phil: good job by fiedorowicz. really made a nice move to get away from patrick chung. jim: inside five minutes now. and 18 points down. grimes able to make a move on hightower, get near a first. the texans, 9-7 for the third straight year.
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winning division. certainly got bottled up late in the year with indianapolis and particularly tennessee. jim: osweiler able to get out of a jam. looking around with a flag down. and van noy stands his ground. phil: could be holding. referee: holding, number 74 offense. 10-yard penalty. still first down. jim: yeah, they've gotten him twice tonight on that. phil: chris clark against rob ninkovich. rob ninkovich, seems like he's been doing this for about 15 yards -- years. he's a great example. if you do the right things and
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work hard you can get on the field. he was just a practice player. belichick said they gave him a few snaps to reward him for all his hard work on special teams and in practice. and now for how many years he's been the starting outside linebacker-defensive end for the patriots. jim: first and 20. dumping it off to grimes. blockers ahead. he's able to get about 15 of it back. duane brown with a good block. phil: really good job. su'a-filo once again outside getting the good block. jim: second and 5. texans need to operate with a little more urgency.
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in the middle and intercepted. it's harmon this time. interception number three of the second half. phil: well, tried to take a chance. you're down three scores, you have to try to force the football in there. fiedorowicz is going to go down the middle. overthrow leads to an interception. a little double move. not fooled once again, though. patrick clung was all over route. you know, you talk about you want them to go fast. hard to goo fast against the patriots' defense because they line up and do so many things on the defensive side. that was griffin on fiedorowicz. jim: well, texan fans are saying
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we've seen this movie this season. this has what has caused a lot of unrest down in houston. phil: yes, it has and it will continue to. it's like a recurring them in the playoffs for them. it was last year against kansas city. a tough ending here tonight for brock osweiler and the way they wanted to play. keep it simple, not take chances. they got turnovers but a couple of misthrows turned game around. jim: and when they went to the locker room at halftime they had momentum, even though they were trailing. second half a replay of some of the down times on year as blount breaks one. finally tripped up by moore. they'll be able to run this down to the two-minute warning unless houston wants to stop it.
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18-yard run by blount. phil: a terrific block by the left guard tooney, the rookie. blount cuts it back and gets a little frustration out of himself there. getting a good run finally. jim: two minutes left. you're watching nfl on cbs. areu doing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. ♪ ♪ ♪
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jim: coming up, "the subway postgame show." j.b. and the team, tony, bart, boomer, coach cowher. highlights and analysis be from this game and the earlier game today and there's vince wilfork in what very possibly could be his last game. he's been hinting at retirement. he -- we met with him last night. sure kind of sound like it to me. this was before the game. 11 years here. he'd always come out and kiss
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robert kraft, the patriots' owner before the game once and then after mira kraft passed away, he would kiss him twice. pablo: a lot of good years he had up here, of course. jim: yes, he did. two super bowl titles. phil: really just a great effort by the patriots here in the second half. houston couldn't sustain that effort we saw from them from the first half. it will be a tough off-season you know, he was so positive last night. off to a good start and you know in this league, you can't miss some throws and a couple of missed throws. had a big drop, too, by fuller. jim: and then his coach coming back to his home area. raised on outskirts of boston. five years he served as an assistant here. there have been all these stories on the surface at end of the year that he may not be back
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next year, even though robert mcnair has refuted that. he says there's no chance i'm firing him. he'll be back next year. again, winning season every year but their season ends tonight in the divisional round and the patriots are on their way to a sixth straight a.f.c. championship game. "the subway postgame show" again, straight ahead. and bill belichick and what his team has done this year. 14-2 and now setting the record, advancing to a conference championship game more times consecutively than anyone ever. to think what they were able to do this year. didn't have brady the first four weeks. a team that's way under the salary cap but they just continue to march on like they have for years. they will be hosting next sunday
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night the a.f.c. championship game. they'll be hosting either pittsburgh or kansas city. it's a 6:00 eastern time start next sunday night. what a night for dion lewis. caught the game's first touchdown. a few minutes later after a texans field goal, he returned a kick 98 yards for the patriots' first-ever kickoff return touchdown in the postseason and later ran one in the second half. wilfork with matt tricia sharing a moment. "the subway postgame show" is coming up. patriot advance.
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>> "the subway postgame show", served fresh by subway restaurants. james: and hello, everyone. welcome back inside studio 43 and the "the subway postgame show." i'm james brown alongside four guys who are much wilder awake than i am. we'd like to let you know, you can also catch us online. watch "the subway postgame show" at cbs take a look at the a.f.c. playoff side now with new england having gotten it done
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tonight. boomer: depending on who wins tomorrow night, they'll visit new england at gillette stadium. i can just hear bill belichick and tom brady both echoing the same sentiment after the game. we didn't play well. not a good performance and they still scored 31 points. james: there was one guy who had a pretty strong game. moments ago our tracy wolfson caught up with him. that would be the patriots' dion lewis. tracy: deion, you're the first player in postseason history to have a receiving touchdown, a rushing touchdown and a kick return for a type. what does it say about trust that tom brady and this team has in you? >> they trusted mae lot today. i was able to make some plays but i have to clean up tom things. the fumbles. i'll get it fixed. tracy: for you to have this opportunity, after watching from
11:32 pm
home last year recovering from the knee injury, what does that mean? >> means a lot, just being out here able to help my team win. we have to keep getting better and hopefully next week we can come out strong and i can play a little bit better than today. tracy: you're on to the a.f.c. championship. how does that sound? >> sounds good. enjoy win tonight. figure out who we play tomorrow and get right to work. bill: one word for lewis, speed. this offense is going -- defense is going to be going against a much tougher offense next week, there whether it's pittsburgh or kansas city. bart: guys are going a lot sharper next week. st always tough when you get the bye, you come out flat and don't have that rhythm. i think they'll be a much better ian: newton week. i don't expect brady to struggle
11:33 pm
twice. tony: tom brady, look for him to have an outstanding game next week. this was uncharacteristic for him. two picks in this game. i always look at the guys, especially the hall of famers, when they don't play well, the next week, it's usually lights out. james: your old team, the falcons looked awfully good. now they do what? tony: take on the winner of dallas-green bay game. matt ryan looked fantastic. boomer: if green bay wins that game, it will be in atlanta. if dallas wins they then have to go to dallas. it was an m.v.p. performance by matt ryan today. he and shanahan with like this and they were all over seattle. i think it's a recountering them -- recurring theme coming into the playoffs. the teams who won last week now have much tougher competition. brock osweiler still has a long, long way to go.
11:34 pm
new england did not play a great game but still put up 34 points and agree, i think next week brady will be a heck of a lot sharper than he was tonight. bart: atlanta got physically hurt by seattle first and then they responded. they're the frontrunner in the n.f.c. to me. bill: ezekiel elliott tomorrow and big pressure on that defensive front. no one can extend a play like aaron rodgers. he's been on a magical ride. will it continue one more week? james: the home teams are 6-0, getting it done. a reminder, join us tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 eastern for ncaa basketball. that's tony's action as well here on cbs featuring a big ten matchup between michigan state and ohio state and next sunday, the nfl today presented by southwest airlines comes your way at a special time. 6:00 p.m. eastern as we get you set for the a.f.c. championship
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game. tom brady and the patriots will host the winner of tomorrow's matchup with a trip to the a.f.c. championship on the line. thank you for staying awake. i'm asleep. good night, we'll see you next week. sunquestionable master of the menu. so to perfect the perfect, we made the subway steak a cg just $6 for a limited time. we take lean steak - now triumphantly free of artificial preservatives and flavors... and we cover it with a heavenly blanket of cheese.... yes, cheese! feeling spicy? try it with chipotle southwest sauce. the subway steak & cheese footlong. now just. six. dollars.


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