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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 16, 2017 12:05am-1:06am EST

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know about the new freddie mercury movie. and the look alike star singing like the front man. >> and then think you seen it all for cher, think again, new music, new movie, why she is revving up her career as age 70. >> i never expected her to live this long. >> who is more gangster, ben affleck or -- >> toddlers. now this is entertainment tonight. >> final a a break in the case of kim kardashian's armed robbery. >> three months ago she was held at gun point in paris and there was speculation it was an inside job. here's the latest after several were taken into custody. >> making her way into the lax
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with the help of two body guards and scott by her side. >> looking gorgeous as usual. >> dressed down in a suit is much different look from her travel style last year and look at the simple band on her ring finger taken place from the stolen 20 carat diamond kanye. the massive sun glasses to get laser treatment during flight. her 16-hour flight to dubai marks her first trip aboard since being robbed at gun point in october and also her first public appearance. a source close says she's eager to get back to work. she later made her way through the lobby in dubai. the trip was originally set last october. she was supposed to deliver with her make up artist but reschedule of after the traumatic robbery at gun point. fans stood in hours where vip
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tickets sold for more than $1600. she has yet to comment on the robbery investigation. late this week investigators officially charged several people in the robbery. investigators got a break worthy of an episode of csi. >> -- they found tiny traces of dna and they also found dna on one of the plastic ties used to tie up kim kardashian in the bathroom as the robbers got to work in the apartment. it was that dna that led them to a major criminal who already know the police and already involved in armed robberies. >> the raids included this home in the french country side in the paris apartment.
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>> they told us they found some weapons and a large amount of cash but no word yet on the jewelry. >> meanwhile in the latest promo for her reality show kim broke down in tears as she recounted the robbery. >> they were going to shoot me in the back. there's no way out that's the thing about it. >> a source close to the reality star told us that quote, kim is deeply relieved to know this horrible ordeal will all come to an end soon. >> what we're asking now what's next for kim. she's expected to do a follow up interview, don't know if she will go to paris or it they're coming to her. >> if i'm kim i'm saying come to me. now latest on the world cup, the secret ren dlondon details. >> took away to see the northern lights. first went there in 2011.
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made a pledge he would always go back and when he did would take someone special with him. >> looks like things are getting serious for these two and our royal watcher says harry may pop the question. >> some of harry's close friends are seriously thinking there could be an engagement at some point later this year. they are planning to take a skiing holiday and he is to take megan as his guest in jamaican. >> while they're a happy couple there's legal trouble for robin thicke who's ex's accusing him of abuse, the allegations in 30 page court document claim robin
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hit julian in the face. a quote that he punches him so hard if they are in a public place dad will take him to the bathroom. the alleged affects on the six-year-old who is into music like his dad, authorities at the grade school said he developed a stutter and one time cried so uncontrollable it took 10 to 15 minutes to calm him down. >> he is all mommies. looks like all mommy except the hair. >> becoming a mother expands your heart because you have something that takes precedence and priority over you. >> despite the shocking claim, the judge denied the request that robin have limited and supervised visits. >> he said she has anger
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because, quote, i and her family wouldn't permit her and her family to attend the funeral of my father. >> a source close said anyone who knows robin knows julian is the light of his life. he would never hurt julian. he's not a bad guy. and issues for flibl flop couple, he is asking for spousal support from his wife and request he not pay her a dime. a source close to christina come out firing telling us it's all a joke. they share everything. so it's laughable. tarik's rep says he's not choosing to respond. our sorurce says the show flip r flop business as usually, they continue to film together but
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live separately and date other people. other stars we're moving on, check out hollywood's newest couple selena gomez and the weekend. >> selena couldn't keep her hands to herself after a three hour private dinner in san thea monica. it's been two months since the split with bella who were together for two and half year then after this she followed selena on instagram. uh-oh. >> plenty of celebs out promoting their new series including bachelor nick he is not even the biggest star it's one of his controversial
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contendance. >> my heart is gold but my [ bleep ] is platinum. >> i'm the hot left stripping down. >> stirring up drama. >> i will punch her in the face. >> and turning up the heat. 24-year-old is unapologetic in her efforts to winning his heart. >> i just need to kiss him already. >> while she's already been called villain she doesn't seem to mind. says that viewers should keep an open mind. >> i think her portrayal is accurate. >> he really likes a woman who can own it and be brash and be bold and isn't afraid to make mistakes and own who she is. and karin fits that bill, he's attracted to that type of woman. >> there's another fan in host harris. >> i see her as life goals.
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she's my spirit animal. i love and adore her. i want to be karin. i want to run a multi-million dollar company. i want a nanny. want to be fed cucumbers. what part of her life is horrible. >> coming up. >> don't be an uproar. >> i'm cheering up right now. >> then red carpet confessionals. >> i can't believe that. >> and mr. robot star asked freddie mercury his new film
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the finally revealed character toby, yes he's alive. kevin was all over the cast at the golden globes. >> i would totally marry you if that's something you're down with. i'll mary the hell out of you. >> toby survived his heart attack. his suspense was tough. by the way didn't use a stunt double for his fall. in fact did it in two takes and the show's nearly 10 million fans may be surprised he was the fat suit to the sweet boyfriend. >> could you imagine what happens tuesday if toby dies around the world. >> there would be an uproar. i know that. i didn't write it. >> we're living in a two-bedroom with triplets. >> i'm going to figure something out. you like it right. >> good work. >> even though the cast didn't win a golden globe they say there's big things to come. >> i understand the show has
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actually prepared you for father hood. >> that and my nieces and nephews absolutely have. all i'm trying to accomplish with jack is to be a good father and good husband. >> everybody cried. >> we cried too. oh, my gosh we cried reading the script. we cry while we're shooting. it's not lost on us either. i cry when i watch the episode. there's so much you don't see. >> it's okay to cry, there's a tear in your eye. guys, let's hug. >> well no golden globe for them but will see sterling brown at the sag award with two nominations. >> up next, best golden globe, ryan versus ryan sealed with a kiss. >> there was a kiss between ryan and andrew garfield. >> they did. >> plus the fashion everyone's still talking about. >> wearing a bit of a
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♪ welcome back everyone. award season is in full swing. next week it's people's choice awards on cbs. following week oscar nominations. everyone looksing forward to that and the golden globes this last weekend. this is the time of the year. >> yeah and i had a great time at the golden globes and we love bringing you biggest moments including the ryan showdown at the globe. here's "e.t." take in case you missed it. >> everybody's making such to do about the ryan against the ryans. the good looking ryans up against each other. >> i'm a big, huge, massive ryan stalker fan. >> i'm just happy we're both in the same room for once so people can see we're different people. i'll take it as a win. >> i'm the one running around in
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the big red body he's the one playing piano and beautifully. >> and the golden globe goes to ryan gossling. >> this season the the first time i've been mistaken for ryan reynolds it's getting out of hand. >> ryan gossling won the globe but ryan reynolds got a good consulation prize from ryan's ex. >> they kissed each other. >> they did? >> congrats to them. >> and the golden globe goes to "la-la land". >> musical made history winning seven golden globes more than any ever. emma stone and gossling who dedicated his win to his partner ava mendez. >> while a was singing and
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dancing my lady was raising our daughter, and helping her brother fight cancer. >> it was a star-studded opening number one of our favorite moments from last sunday's show. jimmy's spectacular five-minute musical number included 17 star cameos and staged by "la-la land" choreographiechoreographi. meryl streep took on the president-elect. >> when we bully others we all lose. >> donald trump calling meryl streep over raided came eight hours later. >> and my friend, the dear departed princess laya said to me once, take your broken heart, make it into art. >> carrie's brother tweeted
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thanks and also grateful half sister jolie. >> i was proud and sad and feeling the same as everybody else is. >> next a sad moment to one of the night's best surprises. brad pitt. he got big cheers as he introduced his best drama winning film "moonlight"p, hollywood is team brad in his split to angelina. >> i think he needs a little love. everyone does. >> angelina jolie wasn't at the show neither was jennifer anniston. >> delayed the show an hour so i could get back and watch with the kids. >> something she missed at home. star collision. >> i love you so much. >> you look incredible. >> is your husband here too?
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>> oh, i'm sorry, we're having like a private conversation on "e.t.." >> mom gushing about maternity leave. >> i heard about the baby. >> i hope you guys are at the same table. >> i think they will separate us. you can see why. >> you guys need to be on each other's shows. >> celebs waiting in the wings made our "e.t." platform star central. >> are it is unbelievable. >> come on up. >> one of the best award show moments ever. >> i lost my mind. >> here's the question. -- >> he wanted you to streak? >> i think i got you boys figured. >> go say hi to your co-star,
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you guys have a i massive bromance going on is that true. >> i think i have a massive bromance. he was wearing my favorite slippers. >> we got the secret of the shoes and got the ladies to dish on the secrets of their dresses. >> you put on the dress before the make up. >> i almost slept in it it's that comfortable. >> i'm wearing a bit of a butt lift. >> can i check it out. oh, girlfriend it is padded back there. >> yeah. >> it looks good though. >> how about this, you with your glam squad. >> it takes a village, you guys, nails, hair, make up, wardrobe, the whole thing. >> tell me a secret about that dress. >> it's very heavy and everything is very strategically placed. >> best dress go to blake lively
12:27 am
too 300 hours to make that versace. and that dress show. sophia ver sophia vergara. >> how many hours did it take you to get ready. >> 15. >> first thing you will do when you take it off. >> take my feet up and order a border. >> bianca looked amazing but days later rushed to the hospital due to accident. flipped and fell during a stunt and suffered a concussion. abc down plays the accident calling it a minor incident and didn't want to comment further until they had more information.
12:28 am
she was examined by a doctor, released and home resting comfortably. >> on the way ben affleck bro-squad. >> i don't know what i would do without those guys. >> his night out with matt damon after little brother ae's golde globe win. >> plus the white actor playing michael jackson. >> i'm as shocked as you might be. >> closed captioning provided by -- me to reach my goals. i use what's already ine
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wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. if you're just joining us this week's top five story, five, prince harry has another secret rendevu to slip away without being photographed. but she did post this pick on her instagram page. >> close friends are seriously thinking there could be an engagement some point later this
12:32 am
year. >> number 4, httv flip or flop couple. he wants to prevent his eststranged wife from getting spousal support, a source says they share everything so it's laughable. number three, michael jackson, backlash. >> i'm a white middle class guy from london. i'm as shocked as you might be. >> outrage over these images of joseph fiennes depicting the king of pop much more straight ahead. >> now number two, arrest in kim kardashian case this week officials charged several toohey peop officials charged several people
12:33 am
in the armed heist and kim is deeply relieved it will come to an end soon. >> and number one story, robin thicke ex, accusing him of abusing their son, becoming concerned about drinking and drug use and forms of punishment to discipline julian who is their son who turns seven in april. >> the singer has met with l.a. frnt county department of children of family services and has been no harm to julian. robin said in his response in part that she has anger towards me because i or my family wouldn't permit her or her family to attend the funeral of my father. >> and this week, white
12:34 am
portrayal of michael jackson. >> i'm a white middle class guy from london. as shocked as you might be. >> twitter lit up with this trailer. with comments like joseph fiennes just ruined his career. >> he knew he was in for it. >> he definitely had a pigmentation issue so was probably closer to my color than his original color. it's not in 2any way malicious. this is a light tongue-in-cheek look at michael and his buddies. >> his buddies elizabeth taylor and marlon brandon, set out to reenact a hotly disputed story
12:35 am
about a road trip they took to new york following 9/11. >> jump in the car and went on a road trip and it's off the wall. the interaction between the three of them is funny. >> paris jackson wasn't laughing, quote, i'm so incredibly offended, it honestly wants me to vomit. this followed by another tweet, it angers me to see how intentional it was for them to be this insulting not just towards my father but my godmother liz as well. jose >> i don't know what to say about all this. >> now to ben after lifleck who, directed and starred in the
12:36 am
movie, he opened up about the people he relies on in his life. including his good buddy, his old buddy matt damon. >> matt has come out to support you what's it mean to sister thhave that long standing bond. >> i can't tell you what i would without those guys. >> that sweet moment talking about his guy squad is the first reason we love ben. the 44-year-old has no problem giving props to his little brother's golden globe actor win. >> he said you never give him advice why is that. >> this time i reached out and he said nothing. >> he doesn't need any advice. he's one of the smartest guys i know. he doesn't need me to help him. >> his co-producer leo snuck
12:37 am
into the film of the gangster fill. he has this cheesy move. >> you have a go-to move. here we go. you got to do the finger pose. >>. >> the tough guys can have fun and the moms aren't so tough when it comes to the twins. >> you said your twins are like gangsters. >> total gangsters. these kids are up at night and the other one is like i don't wanna, they both start yelling and when they start fighting they look like two lads in a pub fighting over the wrong girl, like vicious, you guys are only two, this is horrible. >> twins in their terrible twos, pretty gangster. and single mom of marlow dealt
12:38 am
with this. >> -- >> as far dad of three, ben, well he just has eleven-year-old girl problems. >> i became an expert on the tweens, we go to taylor swift concerts and that's my life. >> the most gangster thing about ben affleck, he's 6'5" and a beast. pretty g. you wouldn't want to mess with him in a dark alley. he's just cool and great and wicked smart. >> told us she had a live by night moment at the golden glove, found herself in a huddle with brad pitt, ben affleck and john hand so many men so little time that's what you're thinking. >> i'm thinking i'm jealous. there was another eye-catching
12:39 am
guy at the globe. justin timberlake didn't win original song but jessica beale there for support. >> another date night for you guys. >> we've had so many date nights we don't know what to do with ourselves we're like screw date night it's too much. >> jessica starred and produced in "the book of love" he disappeared to let her take the spot light. >> i think having a partner who is doing something that you're excited about, like for me his music and everything he does it's amazing to see somebody doing what they love. it's simple as that really. >> see that. that's where my lips are going to be. >> in the film jessica is married to jason and after his tragic death, in the movie, your
12:40 am
character is very inspiring and inspiring to jason's character, how are you inspiring for your husband yuft justin. >> basically boss him around all the time. do this. fix that. make that. get the garbage out. wake up. don't two to sleep. stay awakawake. >> he says yes honey. >> i don't know i hope i'm inspiring him. >> someone who is also inspiring, two-year-old sire us what did he think of mom and dad leaving for the premier. >> he's like okay, i'm playing trains, you can leave me alone now. i'm like bye. >> still ahead what ever happened with punky-brewster. >> i don't know. >> where is the 80s star with her kids. >> plus khloe kardashian secrets
12:41 am
from her new show "revenge body" and cher and scarlett johansson their new movie roles and is sc
12:42 am
♪ maybe the world is blind ♪ >> i love that theme song, you remember punky brewster, it's been more than 30 years since she became one of tv's biggest
12:43 am
stars, today life is different. >> being a mom is her biggest priority. let me tell you this. she's totally outnumbered. >> this is my mini me. >> what do you want the to be growing up. >> punky brewster. >> makes total sense when your mom was the punky brewster, soliel in 1984 is when we first seen her is now mom to four kids of her own. >> i finally showed my kids and my two-year-old was calling me punky brewster everywhere we went and people thought i was riding with toys calling my punky. >> she is a full time mom today and single handily taking on the renovation of the family's 4,000 square foot home.
12:44 am
>> john malkovich used to live here and he imported many pieces from morrocco. so i'm going to show you the kitchen that has been a huge labor of love and taken me many, many months and years to work on. >> that's not the only transformation in her life. after the birth of baby four, the 5'1", 40-year-old dropped 26 pounds in seven months. check out the nutrisystem spokes person now. >> every time you have another child it gets a little bit harder. i'm not walking out in a crop top after giving birth jagger is my little punky, looks like punky every day, ask when they can bring the show back so she could do it. >> soliel in development for a
12:45 am
new show so i think a punky reboot might be in the world. >> i would be the happiest person in the world. i love punky brewster. maybe that's why she's looking all that weight to look great for it. you look very, very good. you know who else looks good, khloe kardashian, the new single star has really transformed her shape, some might call it a revenge body but i say she looks darn good. that seems to be the name of her weight loss tv show. >> i was always chubby or big boned just who i am. my revenge is not towards one person but more for everyone who was so cruel to me and really n kirk hinriched me
12:46 am
shunned me. >> khloe lost 40 pounds top five things, drank three to four leetsers of water. cut out dairy lost 11 pounds in less than two weeks, was the hardest thing. i believe jump roping is best cardio. if you do 20 minutes it's over 1,000 calories. crazy. white star is goch is good to c and i cut out also juices. >> is the transformation show sending the wrong message. >> do you need to be thin and beautiful to be happy? >> no, not at all. i don't believe that a weight defines. i don't weigh myself because i don't care at all what number i am. >> now i just have to say my
12:47 am
girl is one of the trainers on this show and she is #body gold for real so i know she's whipping folk into shape. still to come how scarlett johansson kept fit fighting in skin tight late e. >> it's flesh color and flattering. >> and cher prepping for a major 2017. details on her first tv movie role in two decades. >> something that is really, really important to me. >> which start of ncis los angeles has written a children's per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand.
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and it's great to help others get back on their feet. ask your doctor about lyrica and learn about our $25 copay offer at ♪ boots are made for walking ♪ and that's just what they're do ♪ >> listen she's on tune. >> she's real good. >> i wanted to join in that's scarlett johansson channelling her inner nancy sinatra. this is what happened on trip. >> we aren't used to hearing her sing that often she told me there's something she does a lot of as a mom as a m. >> i sing a lot all day. probably to her annoyance and sometimes she doesn't want to hear it, it's like no, no, not
12:51 am
that one. like i'm a juke box. next. yeah. >> right now she's into frozen which lives on and on and on. >> shocker. >> she is really good at let it go. she's got a good ear. >> so she sings along with you. >> yeah and i have absolutely in my mind i am like sounding exactly like her, not at all. >> do you guys have great holidays with rose. >> yeah. >> is she taking it all in, getting it. >> yeah she's two so you could give her a box of tic-tacs and it will blow her mind. >> it gets harder. >> yeah. >> maybe next time you could design me better. >> next up ghost playing cyborg counter terror. >> doesn't seem like long since we've been on set.
12:52 am
>> it wasn't. >> it seems like a quick turn around. >> it ask, now you're making me nervous. >> he and in a skin tight leotard. >> it's flesh colored, very flattering. >> you think of the guys with all the padding but not you, it's all out there. >> not me, man, bring it chris evans, bring it. >> you keep doing thestaying in incredible shape. how do you do it. >> it's hard work and discipline, you know, you stay in good shape yourself, it's a lifestyle, i start in the gym in the morning and fight my way through the day. >> oh, whatever you're doing it's working. i asked if she watched the golden globes she told me she was busy, busy doing what, well making mac and cheese or making short cake that's her world and she loves it.
12:53 am
>> i get it but i need to know how the mac cheese is. >> i didn't ask. >> i need to know these things. well singer cher is also about go, go, go, starering in her first moving in 20 years and at 70 has no plans to slow down. >> at this point in a lot of people's careers, they're winding down, you're winding back up, why? >> because i like what i do. you know. and i never knew that there would be a sell by gate. >> so at age 70 starring in m e movie named "flynn" is also executive producer. this won't be the first time cher has tackled real life issues on film. earned first oscar for 1983 "silk wood" where she and meryl streep worked in a contaminated factory and still has those
12:54 am
fashions for causes the. >> i'm older than dirt. >> you're not, how do you feel. >> the other day i totally forget. like i said oh, my god i'm 60 and then i went, i never expected to live this long. >> before her new movie she's returning to the stage with a residency called classic cher that launches next month and moves on to the d.c. area in march. >> you try to go, do i still want to do this, now e and the one thing i know is i still like to sing. so much. i love to sing. >> now let's move on to another big movie in the works. freddie mercury movie. >> looking forward to this. >> me too. >> one of which the legendary actor to play the frontman. ♪ we will, we will, rock you ♪ >> will you be doing freddie
12:55 am
mercury, is that true. >> i'm playing freddie mercury, how about that. >> ronny maleck who played a robot playing a cyber security hacker now has the challenge to play front man for queen with a fou fou four-octave range. >> will you sing? >> i will sing a little bit, why not. >> his co-star, christian slater. >> to hear him singing is going to blow everybody away. >> he has song on camera before. in "the war at home" producing the music will be surviving band mates brian may and roger tailor. and directed by franchise producer brian slinger and slated to start later this year the film is called bohemian
12:56 am
rhapsody. >> basically they wanted to make a movie about the band and i wanted to make it kind of more about freddie. >> q in recent bond moves was then mentioned but dropped out. the to band's formative years were never easy freddie told us in 1992. >> i don't want anyone to make it easy for me. because i'm a survivor. i'll be better for it. >> and bad mistakes i've made a few. ♪ >> i can a not wait to see this. i hope we get to come on the set and check you out. >> no pressure. >> i'm so stoked. one of the most iconic bands ever, just to be part of that, huge. ♪ because we are the champions,
12:57 am
of the world ♪ ♪ >> and how about this, he's already rocking the freddie mercury mustache sur priprised y kimmel with it.
12:58 am
birthdays this weekend, jason bateman is 48 -- look at your final choices which start of ncis los angeles has written a children's book.
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-- >> monday on "e.t." >> we have a sexy scene. been rehearsing that for ten years. >> monday on "e.t." >> we're almost out of time. this weekend, but for all of the late breaking news go to our web set eton >> the group clean bandit is climbing the charts on hot dance song chart with more than 170 million views. >> enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody. >> bye-bye. ♪
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and in a garage, and now he's one of the wealthiest house flippers in america. let's hear what he has to say. >> imagine that i used to call this home. it looked a little bit different, but it wasn't a converted garage. this was literally, move over the lawn mower, move over the weed eater. we put a rug out right here. we put a bed. the tv was right over here, and we put the clothes down. made a little closet in the corner. this right here is when and where i decided to change my life. some of you watching this tv commercial right now need a change. whether you are poor the way i was so poor, or whether you're middle-class, just trying to make ends meet, or if you're a little bit wealthier and go, "you know what, i need to go to that next level," real estate can help you get there. if you know how to go out there and do it in a methodical, step-by-step manner, then my system can go and show you how to do this. >> we've been using armando's


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