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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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afternoon, joe? >> reporter: jessica and ukee, mourners remembered grace as a sweet, 14 year-old girl, who loved butterflies, and people say she was a young lady whod system failed. >> rose huntsinger is held up by rod nose and cousin, they are the biological parents. they prayed outside ahead of the community memorial service >> give this family strength. >> reporter: more than 100 people came to pay their respects at new life church in glenside, many of them never met grace. >> i don't see how anyone could hurt her. she was so cheerful. she lit up everybody's day. >> reporter: story of what happened to the 14 year-old girl has gripped the community police alleged in july grace was rape, tortured, drugged, left for dead and eventually strangled by her adoptive mother's boyfriend jake sullivan. allegations laid out also accused sarah parker, grace adoptive mother of going along
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with it. the grace's body was dis membered and then dumped in luzerne county. >> it is a tragedy and what this woman is going through right the now none of you can even imagine. >> reporter: grace was taken from her biological parents when she was three, process over seen by berks county children and youth. the exact details are shrouded in secrecy because of private thecy laws. >> she was a lovable little girl. i had three years with my daughter. >> reporter: and we will see both sullivan and sarah packer back in court, later this week when the commonwealth is expected for the first time to reveal some of the evidence that it will make, against this adopted mother and her boyfriend. reporting live from glenside gentlemen holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. a synagogue in philadelphia's somerton section wants answers tonight after a string of vandalism incidents is targeting one of
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their worship sites. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in northeast philadelphia with more on this, david. >> reporter: philadelphia police are very much aware that this issue and jewish leaders with the local synagogue are concerned, because what you see behind me has happened more than once recently. philadelphia police detective are investigating, after someone sprayed this graffiti on the side of this jewish worship site in northeast philadelphia. >> it was a wrong thing to to, not the night thing to do. not the proper thing to do. >> reporter: rabbi simon isaac son of the congregation met us at this cleansing site, down the road from the main synagogue. >> this is special jerusalem stone that we imported for this place, which is a sanctity place with pools of water. >> reporter: isaacson said he believes this cities targeted because it is a jewish worship site. >> person who did this is not
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randomly choose this place but specifically chose this place. >> reporter: solomon called remarkings anti sematic but they are having a hard time to find out who did it because their surveillance cameras were vandalized christmas day, here, synagogue officials it is >> reporter: rabbi pollack is also with the synagogue and says that the incident is just worrying and upsetting. latest vandalism to hit the congregation. leaders say someone stole synagogue menorah and then return it. detectives with the philadelphia police department tell "eyewitness news" that inner not investigating this incident as a hate crime, as they cannot make out, exactly what is written on the stone wall. >> discrimination is wrong, whether it is against jewish people, or non-jewish people, any kind of discrimination is wrong. now, somebody threw rocks, through several glass windows, at a synagogue in the tacony area that happened earlier this year, a couple weeks ago to be exact. authorities are not saying if
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that incident is related to this incident, behind me, but if you have any information, give philadelphia police a call. reporting live tonight in somerton i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. a camden man shot by police during an alleged domestic violence incident has died, 38 year-old jose fernandes ventura died from his injuries at cooper university hospital yesterday. he was shot by camden county police in the 2700 block of federal street, and office's arrived on the scene and they saw the suspect point a gun at a woman and his infant. it was a sunny start to king day but we are tracking rain on the way now. meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck to tell you more about that, kate >> reporter: cloud have rolled in and they are thickening as we go through overnight hours after a sunny start, blue skies this morning, now some wet weather. now problem is temperatures are dropping, as well, when we combine, temperatures near freezing, with falling rain, you will get threat for ice. it is never a good combination a few spots may have to deal
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with that during the morning commute tomorrow. here's a look at storm scan three that shows our next system moving in. warm front draped across pennsylvania, mostly not reaching the ground, it could be light spotty showers overnight the tonight but really main event comes in tomorrow, light rain in the morning, you can see back there across the midwest over portions of illinois and indiana and rain will intensify tomorrow midday in the afternoon. temperatures in the 30's right now but as we go through overnight it will drop below freezing and that means a few spots may start off tomorrow morning with this, a little bit of pink in allentown, reading, lehigh valley, poconos, places like that as rain begins to fall, temperatures near freezing we will watch for potential for some ice, coming up we will tell but freezing rain advisory for our area and time out steady rain tomorrow, plus nice little warm up on the way , lot to talk about so stay tune, now back to you. kate, thank you. thousands of volunteers across our area, across the country spent this martin luther king junior day giving back in the name of the civil rights icon. "eyewitness news" inside pack
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girard college armory in north philadelphia for oldest, largest, king day of of service in the nation. volunteers stood shoulder to shoulder with family, friends, strangers with one goal in mind, keeping doctor king's leg ace a live through citizen action. >> we were actually involved in doing things that they normally don't do on a regular basis but they are doing it now. >> we're writing letters to military families, to their children, we're giving them books, and we're making dresses for our children of africa. >> a record 145,000 volunteers , and fanatic were expected to participate in the greater philadelphia service events, this year. well, these cats and dogs benefited on this king day of service, penn vet offered a vaccination clinic for 200 pets today, free wellness event was by appointment only and attended intended for certain group of pet owners. >> martin luther king day is all about giving back to the community and we are trying to serve, parts of the community that might not have regular access to veterinary services
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so everybody here thinks that is really important. pen vet vet also offered low cost micro chipping for pets as well. wilmington delaware dozens marched for peace in honor of doctor king carrying signs with positive message, participants called for an end to gun violence. parade ended with a community celebration, and be ready church, organizers say that the program there was focused on connecting wilmington's urban youth to new opportunities. president-elect trump met with the son of the doctor martin luther king junior, martin luther king the third said he had a quote very constructive meeting with the president-elect, king president-elect recent claim that congressman john lewis a civil rights icon was all talk king said focus was to improve voter participation and to stress the need for bringing america together again. as we prepare for the inauguration of the president-elect trump some politicians are refusing to attend. congressman dwight evans who represents pennsylvania's second district is among them.
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he told "eyewitness news" why he has made that decision. >> the president's electric is threatening to take away health care from my constituents and i'm truly concerned about that. secondly in terms of the hacking hacking i think that should be taken serious, it should be investigated by democrats and republicans. last but not least his attack on congressman john lewis, who is one of my heroes, john lewis is all about action. >> congressman pat meehan and pennsylvania senator bob casey and delaware senator chris coons air monk local politician whose will attend inauguration. we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for inauguration of the president trump, i'll be reporting from the nation's capitol thursday and friday, when we're not on tv you can get very latest at cbs authorities are investigating a fatal accident at a steel plant in bucks county. industrial accident occurred around noon time at samuel grossi and sons this bensalem. investigators say a 57
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year-old employee was found dead. name of the man has not been released. authorities are investigating a fatal single car crash in burlington county that has happened this morning chopper three over i295 north near mile marker 50, in florence township. authorities say that around 9:00 o'clock this morning a man driving a mercury sedan went off a road and into the woods. the driver was eject from the car, there is no word on the identity of that driver. well, less than a day a waste from changes in how beer is bought in pennsylvania, when we come back new regulations that are going into effect what it means for businesses and buyers. the scramble that sent shivers down the spines of cowboys fans, and put shines on the faces of eagles nation. some of the best reactions to dallas's loss to the packers, yes, don. >> people still talking bit. sixers game wrapping up just minutes ago we will show you a dunk by joel embiid, plus phillies adding some pop to their line up find out who may
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be starring on the club starting opening day later in sports.
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we know eagles fans had a tough season. we know that. even though the bird were out not playing yesterday there were plenty to cheer about about philly faithful. >> go that the right. thirteen-three cowboys hosted green bay packers in the nfc
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divisional round and everything eagles fans hoped for, scramble, throw by aaron rodgers led to a game winning field goal, as time expired. as the packers, knocked the cowboys out of the playoffs, for the 34 -31 win. and while cowboys nation was crushed, eagles fans were very happy and dallas misery and plenty took to twitter, to share their thoughts about the cowboys season ending. check this out mike trout, angels all-star and millville native tweeted after the game how bout them cowboys with plenty of exclamations point. emmanuel ocho put this photo on his feed, a sketch of the packers quarterback aaron rodgers with the tweet wanted this man was last seen ending the hopes and dreams of all cowboys fans. and, sixers stud rocky joel embiid didn't offer reaction after the game but he did not make it a secret who he was rooting for. he tweeted game time go pack go. that will make philly fans
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love him more. no celebrity reaction here this one was just making round on twitter. check out this fan in a dez bryant jersey, you would think he would be devastating watching the game winning field goal but he rips off cowboys jersey and then he got a packers one on underneath. sports director don bell will have much more on the end of the cowboys season, coming up in sports. new regulations are going into effect for pennsylvania beer retailers. state law that is official tomorrow, will allow beer distributors, to sell any quantity, including 32-ounce bottles and six packs. the state's 1200 distributors will be selling cases and kegs and that has changed a few years ago to allow 12 packs. new law lets bars start selling beer at 9:00 a.m. sun take without requiring they also serve food. in other beer news, cape may brewing company will soon be pouring a new ale, the semi
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centennial ale, mouthful, honoring 175th anniversary of villanova university. company says that the brew, is a classic pale ale brew, brought with a sampling of german malt, freshman at villanova back in 2001. >> just walked in, can i have a sip please. >> yes. >> because it is a bit of the mouth tool. >> yes, it is. >> i know, right. >> yes. >> kate has her forecast and got some stuff, moving in certain spots. >> little bit of ice in the north and western suburbs. we will talk about that. also a thighs warm up on the way. >> nice. >> not a lot of sun to go with the warm up but get 55 degrees in january. you want some sun to go with it but we have rain in the forecast. with that said it is in the snow but folks i know want snow. it is winter. this is cloudy, glummy, rainy stuff torch of the rest of the week. we have one day that looks nice. lets look outside, we will start off on storm scan three
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showing a large storm system. this is a very classic comma shape that comma that large scale storm that is what it means and picking up, the eastern half of the country, produce ago this ice storm we have talk about earlier over, portions of nebraska, kansas and oklahoma saw it this weekend. you can see ice moving up into wisconsin, minnesota, even michigan as well as warm air override the cold air that is at the surface. rainfalls and freezes on contact. we are seeing that. not much getting in tonight but as this rain, the actual system, front moves in, as we get into tomorrow it will lead to icing threats for north and western suburbs. timing it out 11:00 o'clock maybe a stray syringe will. if we see even a sure can bring a little bit of ice to the area. watch out anytime overnight especially in the north and western suburbs. the here's 8:00 a.m. soggy morning commute, light rain in the city, light rain freezing on untreated surfaces in the north and western suburbs. that continues until 10:00.
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then warms up that it is just all rain but steady rain on and off through the afternoon. see steady downpours working between four and 5:00 he clock afternoon commute will be impact as well, then your wednesday morning commute will be impact as well with some showers starting to roll through. we have decent shot at a few round of rain this week here. lehigh valley, poconos freezingtories will, light sleet tomorrow morning, temperatures at or below freezing. any untreat the road will be slippery. we have a freezing rain advisory for that area there 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. after we get this system out we will see rain early wednesday and then mostly cloudy, hield highs back this is 50's. thursday, that is outdoor jog wraps if you want to get outside temperatures in the 50 's. sun will be shining. here's good news look at our polar air up in the poles but just not dropping south. this takes us out to january 23rd, in the really seeing any big impact, and out break of that arctic air that we tend to see this time of the year. this is traditionally our coldest time of the year and
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we are not getting the cold that we normally see in january and even possibly toward february. overnight 36 mostly cloudy, sure late, watch for a few slick spots north and west tomorrow morning. tomorrow period of rain, foggy , chilly, 45 degrees. in the a very nice day to look at. glummy, gray day with rain on and off, wednesday start to look rain and then mostly cloudy but mile 594. thursday, 52, that is your nice day. friday and weekend more clouds then sunshine but we will see temperatures in the lower 50's , so we will start getting used to this. it will be hard to go back to what winter is supposed to feel like because this is more like early how much, late february kind of weather. >> that cold air can stay up there. >> all locked up for now. >> do you like that. >> thanks kate the. >> don's up next with sports. >> you say you watch cowboys game yesterday. >> i did, yeah, yeah. i did. >> it is good to revel in someone else pain, i don't know. we will show you play that
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ruin dallas entire season plus joel embiid heavily featured in the sixers plans today as they take on milwaukee highlights up next in sports.
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all right. don's kicking off sports here, with a tradition of sorts. >> yeah, yeah, it is a tradition. it is something they always loved to to in the nba and why not. the nba featured on mlk day sixers visiting milwaukee, game finishing about 20 minutes ago. second quarter guillen i antetokounmpo going to the hole. i the sixers still up by three third quarter sixers down by three. joel em pied, get up and throw it down. big fella. he had 22 points and 12 boards he is balling. the informed quarter sixers up by two, dario saric, 17 points for him, the sixers, beating the bucks, 113-104. >> i lake help they win games. if you are an opponent, your go to die. set on hall visiting villanova top ranked team, wildcats
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looking for their forty-seventh straight win on campus. that would be a school record, and highlights at 11:00. phillies are reportedly close to signing former toronto outfielder michael saunders, to a one year deal worth 9 million which team option for 2018. last season, he batted .253 with 24 home runs. phillies pitchers and catchers report on february the 14th. and then, there were four, on sunday, sunday coming up patriots will host steelers in the afc title game. you can see that right here on cbs-3. packers will visit atlanta and nfc championship game. green bay, taking a cowboys soul, yesterday. aaron rodgers rolling out, looking, got a man, take a look at this catch along the side line. we wish we had guys that could make plays like that. 36-yard connection. now mason crosby from 51 yards out, it is good. the packers win, 34-31, ruining a record breaking season, for the dallas cowboys
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rodgers talk about that ridiculous pass, it was 36 yards. >> we just moved pocket the a little bit there and had devon ty clearing out, cookie and cobby coming from the back side. i took my back side inside to randall thought about throwing it to him and that allowed cook to get on the back side of the defender and he made a great catch. >> the catch. >> i know. >> i mean right there. >> yesy love aaron's body language, like is he go to go make it. >> please, please, lease. >> dallas, okay, sorry cowboy fans. >> heartfelt. >> a rebater it. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight, director of the cia calls donald trump's view of russia dangerous. trump fires back that america 's spy agency could not to worse. with an obama carry peel
6:26 pm
imminent we will look at those whose lives depend on it. and ice storm plaques millions of americans we will look at where it is headed and the smithsonian's new african-american museum, becomes the toughest ticket in washington. those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first a sight for sore eyes but by the time beach season rolls around you may need to bring some extra cash to certain south jersey locations. >> the shore towns that will charge more for those beach tags when we come
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it will cost you more to visit new jersey beach these summer at two. >> "eyewitness news" confirmed avalon has decided to increase the price of it beach tags by a dollar. seasonal price will go from 22 to $23. stone harbor will reportedly raise its prices by a dollar as well. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", an end of an era after 146 years the great shows on earth is coming to an end, why the ceo of wrinkling brothers and barnum and bailey circus says it is time to close the tents. >> there insuring here's scott pelley. take care family. we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: on martin luther king day, king's son meets the president-elect. >> he said that he is going the represent americans. he said that over and over again. >> pelley: and his daughter vows... >> if god can do it during my dad yeah's time, god can do it during this time. he can triumph over a trump. >> pelley: also tonight, a deadly ice storm knocks out power in the heartland. >> transformers are blowing. the trees are popping. >> they just sounded like explosions. >> hands up, hands up! >> pelley: an innocent black motorist sues for false arrest after a confrontation with police. >> okay. why am i being handcuffed? >> pelley: and in the winter of 2017, the hottest ticket in town. >>


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