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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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especially meaningful to me to be here in front of you to say thank you and to tell you that i truly feel that need to thank you. ( cheers ) because-- in all honesty, we all know that none of us, especially me, wouldn't be standing up here if it weren't for you tonight. so thank you, and give them hell, betty sue. ( cheers and applause ) >> joel: all right, everyone, we have two hours left. i'm kidding. hit the confetti. thank you, everyone. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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at 11:00, treated like trash. the lucky break that saved this dog's life after abandoned in a
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trash bag. >> eagles suck and they have for a long time >> chris christie bashed the birds you have to think what he really said about eagles fan >> the thief targeted one of the areas most well-known shopping districts leading to terrifying moments for a worker and customer >> i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. >> authorities say the suspects got away with thousands of dollars in merchandise. >> the frightening store robbery hoped on the 4300 block of main street where alexandria hoff is live with the latest on the investigation. alex? >> reporter: well, ukee and jess, the two people were not under but they were understandably shaken. >> we're not used to this. >> reporter: this was not the time nor the place where anyone expected a robbery of this kind. >> the 4300 block of main street between 5:30 and 6:00 is a busy
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thoroughfare for not only vehicles but pedestrian and foot traffic. >> reporter: police combeded through the consignment shop. according to police, a man entered the store with a silver handgun and ordered the female cashier into a dressing room and a male customer into the back of the building. tying both of them up. >> then the perpetrator shut the lights off to the store and two other perpetrators entered the store. >> reporter: the tori was able to get away with more than $10,000 worth of merchandise and $200 cash >> we're told that the three perpetrators, although wearing gloves, so we can't get fingerprint, they were not wearing masks covering their faces. >> reporter: police say they believe interior and exterior surveillance cameras caught the whole thing. long time resident patty beal said in such a close-knit
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business community, incidents like this affect all >> there's a lot more transient in the neighborhood. and real life comes to home. >> reporter: on top of that surveillance footage, police are also following reports of the men taking off in a silver vehicle. last spotted traveling north on main street. reporting live in manayunk, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. now take a look at this scene left behind after that suv plowed into a school in felton delaware. state police sent us these pictures of the suv after it went off the road and slammed into lake forest central elementary school tonight. the school was empty and the driver is being treated for nonlife-threatening emergencies. why the vehicle left the road yet to be determined. the search is on for the person behind a heart less crime in lawncrest. someone dumped this dog on the 800 block of pratt street. a good samaritan found dog and took her to the city shelter.
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the spca is taking care of her tonight as they look for the person who threw her out with the trash. george hw bush remains in intensive care tonight. doctors are treating the 92-year-old for pneumonia in houston. just this past saturday, the 41 it's president was treated for shortness of breath. barbara is also in the hospital. doctors are keeping her for observation after she experienced fatigue and coughing. mrs. bush is 91. donald trump's inauguration as the 45th president of the united states is now just two days away. and last minute preparations are underway, including work on the president-elect's inaugural address, and filling his cabinet. >> donald trump was back in dc wednesday to honor vice president elect pence and his cabinet nominees. trump takes office friday but so far, lawmakers have forwarded only one of his cabinet nominees to the full senate for approval. >> this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires.
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>> reporter: senator john mccaine says he's not decided about mr. trump's pick for secretary of state. former exxon mobile rex tillerson. >> i'm very concerned about someone who took a friendship award from vladimir putin who is a butcher and what he actually, what vladimir putin is, he's a kgb aircraft. he wants to restore the russian empire >> trump is finessing his speech. the address will focus on economic growth and defeating terrorism. it's expected to run about 25 minutes. >> i think the american people are going to go see a president inaugurated this friday who is going to keep the promise he made election night. the president of all of the people of this country. >> reporter: a new cbs3 news poll said mr. trump may have work to do. only 32% of those polled have a favorable opinion of the president-elect. the lowest rating since the question was asked in 1981.
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300 local students will stage a protest on the eve of the inauguration tomorrow. they will march along the ben franklin parkway to for the passage of the equal rights amendments. "eyewitness news" spoke to the 16-year-old organizer. >> it's based on on alice paul who she had a similar march in 1913 >> it begins at city hall at noon and will end. . selling a hat shaped cake with president-elect campaign slogan written on it. some on facebook say they love the dessert, others say they've had their last cake from there. employees say they've been on the cutting edge of what's hot no matter the controversy >> we keep saying it's not a political statement. in hillary won i would have came up with something creative. >> reporter: trump make america great again cake sells for $7,
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it comes in red, white, blue and pink >> be sure to stay for complete coverage of the inauguration of president donald trump. i'll be reporting live from washington, dc and friday we'll have extensive coverage on line at new jersey governor chris christie says he turned down several jobs in the trump administration because his wife refused to move to washington. speaking on a new york radio station, christie also said that the president-elect did not offer him a job that he thought was exciting enough to leave the governorship and his family. two of christie's four children live at home and are in high school. christie is in the final full year his second and last term as governor. the feud between the governor christie and eagles fans goes back a little while >> the governor ads fuel to the fire today, sister station a radio station in new york, wfan where the governor called out eagles fans. >> the eagles do suck and they sucked for a long time. and their fans are generally
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angry awful people. >> the governor went on talk about what he says is the hostility he's taken for being a cowboys fan, that hostility was evident in philadelphia in 2014. christie celebrated as the cowboys coasted to a crushing defeat of the eagles at the linc. the governor sitting right next to cowboy's owner jerry jones. eagles fans we talked to today say no love lost. >> maybe he's describing the job that he's done in his own role for new jersey. leave the eagles alone. they're going to do just fine >> it's disgraceful. a person in his position as governor of a state of new jersey should have more forethought and speak >> we reached out to jim kenney for his response earlier he replied saying quote, it's not fun anymore, i feel too bad for the guy. president obama stepped behind the microphone for the final news conference of his
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presidency. the president said he's confident about what the future holds. >> it is true that behind closed doors i curse more than i do. and sometimes i get midnight. and frustrated like everybody else. but at my core, i think we're going to be ok. >> the president also defended his decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning >> federal authorities are investigating threats made at jewish community centers. the >> cc was evacuated after someone called in a bomb threat. that turned out to be a hoax but it's the second threat. 28 centers in 17 states all received threats. the fbi said it's investigating along with the justice department's civil rights division. tickets for the ringling brothers bar numb and bailey circus are hot all of a sudden >> the circus is folding its tent for good. nicole brewer is here with more. >> over the weekend, ukee and
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jess we learned ringling brothers was calling it quits because of dwindling ticket sales, that's certainly not the case for its final show, which is sold out. >> welcome to the greatest show on earth. >> after 146 years, the iconic ringling brothers circus will bring down the big top for the last time. >> terrible thing because i grew up with the circus >> i get why it's a tradition, but i can understand why sometimes you have to evolve >> it's 100 and whatever years too late >> may 21st is the final curtain call sold out at new york's cold see yum. they're being offered up to 2000, one last peak. an unsustainable business >> from an entertainment standpoint there's so many other
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places >> there's so much competition >> others point to costly court battles with animal rights i activities. >> definitely has to do with people becoming more knowledgeable in animal rights >> but they will go to the zoo and see them >> people for the ethical treatment of animals celebrated the closure on social media while issuing a warning to other animal exhibit ors saying sea world is next >> i think it could happen if they won't learn to adapt >> it's not just about entertainment, it's about education. >> the ringling brothers circus will roll through philly for the last time february 16th through the 20th and tickets here are still available. you can see mixed reaction. >> that's right. >> some folks sad to see it go >> it will be sold here here too, i'm sure: thanks >> a local family says they're alive thanks their dog. >> jack all the recognition he gets and you know, a nice big steak dinner >> he really is man's best
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friend. how the pet saved his owner's lives in the middle of the night >> a major milestone in philadelphia. the huge number of people who visited some of the city's iconic lands mark >> temperatures much warmer than normal. we're in the 40's and the sun finally returns tomorrow, we're tracking rain as we head toward the weekend. i'll tell when you we'll need to grab the umbrella. the people's choice awards was tonight on cbs3, if there's one place people have to make a choice it's here in
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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south philly has the dog to than mying, for thank to thank, a 2-year-old pit bull shepherd mix sprang into action. the family of four adults and five children oh got out alive >> they said jack was licking their face and was barking and licking until they got up. once they realized what was going on they grabbed everyone, grabbed jack and ran out. >> as far as i'm concerned, jack is a hero. >> jack is now at red paul relief an organization that will take care of him until they can move back. 2016 was a year for the
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history books on independence mall. independence national historical park said more than 5 million people visited the independence hall and liberty last year, that's the fourth highest at the park. the national park service thanks it's centennial celebration and extended hours helped boost the number the visits. >> the best in tv, movie and music are honored at the people's choice award >> your choice for favorite comedic actor is, kevin hart >> phillily own won the people choice award for favorite actor, we put all of the winners on our website you'll hear some of those winners in just a minute. but among the nominees, what did philadelphians choose >> vittoria woodill checked out how philly's choice compared
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>> nominations going to among others, steve ten colbert and funny guys and galls of big bank theory. it's an award show where all the winners were chosen by you, so i thought where is there one place in philly where you always have to choose? the cheesesteak intersection, but could philly predict the people's choice in so many categories >> lot of categories. sci fi fantasy tv actress >> you're into that >> favorite country group? no. >> reporter: let's try a few, first category is, favorite movie actor, kevin hart, robert downy junior, ryan reynolds, tom hanks, will smith, two philly guys >> robert downing junior >> will smith. >> who doesn't want will smith >> tom hanks >> why tom hanks >> i seen about half of the movie you've fallen asleep but you feel tom hanks is going to wipe the category
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>> i would say so >> you're feeling 100%? will smith is in the same category >> i know but i'd rather have tom hanks >> she's a woman who knows what she wants. and with that, i'll have it with >> are you familiar with the people's choice rewards? anna kendricks, jennifer lawrence, mar go robbie, melissa mccarthy, scarlet johansson >> i think i'm going to go for jennifer lawrence >> mar go >> scarlet >> some people say i look like her >> for favorite movie, your choices are, captain america civil war. dead pool, finding dory, suicide squad or a sue topia >> captain america >> what would you say >> nothing on that list. >> the philly is tough. but you know they did get some
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of those winners correct. like robert downy junior won for best actor in an action movie, tom hanks in a drama and of course, kevin hart in a comedy. nobody got the favorite movie right. finding dory was the winner for that and big actress melissa mccarthy, big bank theory, amazing tonight and philly didn't do so bad. >> i like that young lady >> yeah? >> i heard it one time, so >> maybe not. >> thanks. first of grammy performers was just announced and john legend will hit the stage on music's biggest nights. others include kerry under wood, keith urban and metal ca. more will be announced. you can only see the grammys hosted by james gordon on february 12th right here on cbs3. kate joins us with a full look at your forecast. there wasn't a day no one knew
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what the date was, might be a little confusing if you watched this forecast and say when was this? >> did i just sleep through two months? feels more like march 18th. really warm weather for this time of year. unusually warm. temperatures are about ten to 15 degrees above average through the next seven days. here's a look at what's going on. take you out to the roof cam, quiet for the moment. no problems. sky cam 3, no problems on stormscan 3, we got the rain plaguing us the past couple days moved out and skies are clearing. we got high pressure in control. the clouds are even diminishing here, and we'll keep it quiet through the day tomorrow. but it will be kind of up and down. temperature-wise we'll stay above average but each day we go from nice day to rain chance, nice day to rain chance back and forth all through next week, this is the next system going to impact us. also impact the inauguration on friday. looks like rain is going to get into dc just about the time of
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that ceremony. and it will impact your afternoon commute friday here in philadelphia. temperatures right now well above average. we're sitting at 45 in philly, 44 in reading. 39 in millville and 42 in allentown, keep in mind these temperatures are still above what the daytime high gets to on january 18th, well above normal. future weather shows just a few clouds hanging around possibly early tomorrow morning, very quickly we clear them out. here's 1:00, full sun, great day do maybe grab lunch outside if you have to walk a couple of blocks to get to your favorite lunch spot the weather will cooperate i will feel like a spring day, not quite as warm as last week, 67, we will take it thursdays have been good to us lately. future weather showing a couple of clouds drifting in on friday and by midday friday around noon, that's when that first line of showers gets in. this particular model does have a little bit of a dry spell right around dc from noon to 1:00. don't plan on it. i think if you are headed down
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towards the nation capitol it could get wet. by 2:00 p.m., rain overspreading the entire area, it will intensify for the evening rush. here's the good news percentage out of here. and you got dry conditions, wet p.m. drive friday, rain returns sunday evening, monday ands tuesday will feature rain, but the constant temperatures well above average of 40. we're not even close, the cold air is locked up across portions of northern canada, jet stream billows to the north and this will stay with us through at least next wednesday or thursday. overnight mainly cloudy, not too cold. 37 your low. tomorrow lots of sun, morning clouds mostly sunny in the afternoon, feeling like march, the high 54, friday, a little sun in the morning, watch for that afternoon and evening rain, 49 degrees there. saturday looks great. 55 degrees with a mix of clouds and sunshine, rain returns sunday into monday. in the middle of next week we're
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in the mid 50's with sun, this is ridiculous warmth. >> march madness in january. how about that? kind of awesome >> don is up next in sports >> talking about baseball. the formula for a winning season we'll hear from pete mackanin and welcome to the block party, sixers looking for their first win over toronto in four years,
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we know the sixers are hot, we're wondering if they can compete with the elite. they host toronto, the rafters
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aren't exactly the knicks. joel embiid jo jo. they were chanting trust the process. i love anchor participation. next possession. jo jo again, this time for three at 26 points and nine boards. the defense was smouldering hot for the sixers, dario contesting the shot. it's no good, jared, falling up get it out. look at the sixers bench. they love it. excitement in south philly. crunch time. larry now going -- phillies own rejected the sixers with the 94-89 victory. snapped a 14-game losing stream to toronto first win against them in four years to the day. temple visiting cincinnati. slithering in the lane gets to right there of its 25. poor fran dunphy had to watch
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that go away. up by six and the bear cats taking over temple losing 81-74. 27 days less than a month, that's all the time left between pictures and catchers reporting, it seems like forever that the phillies finished final game with a 5-2 win over the mets. it's a young team building towards the future but manager pete mackanin is raising the bar. >> i think they expect to be better and i know that based on what i saw last year, knowing the character of the players we have, they're going to work hard to show that improvement and i'm looking forward to them, looking forward to big ears for some of them >> larry anderson can now say they traded me for hall of famer. the houston astros sent anderson to the boston red sox in 1994, jess bag well and pud rodriguez
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voted into the hall of fame regional high school in new jersey honored for their undefeated football season. they won new jersey's group four state championship back in december and finished the season 12 and 0. it was the school's second straight title and fourth overall. speaking of football you can watch the afc championship game right here on sunday. the nfl today starts at 6:00 p.m. then the steelers and the patriots. the patriots again, kickoff at 6:40. >> let's go pittsburgh. >> right here. honoring some
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called county is honoring dr. martin luther king, juniorier >> the beverage metal ceremony was held at the boathouse in pennsauken. 11 county residents were recognized for their unselfish contributions to improving the neighborhood. kate? here's your latest weekend watch and as we head toward the weekend as we said in the seven-day, temperatures above average. break it down region by region. the poconos seeing temperatures in the 40's. saturday 45, sunday 41 in the city and down the shore, 50's
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both days saturday looks like a little bit of a nicer day to get outside more chances at sunshine, more clouds
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