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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the whole thing is broadcast live on television we will let you know had we know so far. also breaking news this morning tragedy in it thely an avalanche buried a hotel in the the central part of the country and what caused avalanche and dr. rescuers are having a hard time reaching the hotel. and, more new names, battling flames in delaware and how many people were forc ed from their homes, we will tell you thursday january m jim done ran. i'm rahel solomon. lets check weather and traffic with lauren casey and meisha, good morning, lauren. >> welcome. >> yes, it is a gateway to our weekend are you excited for friday. >> you know it is true, i know you are laughing. >> looking outside right now
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the road are looking really nice, looking really comfortable. please stay that way. lauren, will it stay dry. >> rain day on tuesday, cloudy yesterday, we will see on sunshine. >> we're due for that. >> pack your shade we will need those hitting the roads after sunrise later this morning. temperatures right now also in the too chilly, 45 degrees, our current temperature is actually above our average high temperature for the day at this early hour in philadelphia, winds fairly calm west northwest at 6 miles an hour. chillier down the shore at 39 degrees and not doing too bad for january morning in the poconos, 34 degrees with the feels like temperature at 28. storm scan three is showing us patchy cloud around the area but generally quiet conditions we will get a taste of some sunshine today after a couple of cloudy taste for 9:00 o'clock hour bright and mild 44 degrees by noon hour we are up to 50. high temperatures will be climbing well above average for today as we head this is
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afternoon hours, very pleasant to get outside for a stroll. 54 degrees, by the 3:00 o'clock hour even eyeing that sunshine after we had pair of very cloudy taste. >> look at that. all sunshine. i'm loving that, lauren. first thick i want to talk about is hey we will have sound today especially on a thursday, friday, sat the day. let's be on owes. that is what we want to see. we are looking at a mess, we have construction out there, not so fun to start with construction but good news we have no accidents out there. the basically only construction. so lets first turn your tension to new jersey, 295 southbound ramp to 42 is closed until 5:00. also take a look 295 north between 41 and 168, one and two lanes are blocked that is also block until 5:00. take a look at this new jersey turnpike southbound burlington mount who willty lanes block that will linger until 6:00 so head up for those in that neck of the the wood. we have got delaware construction as well 495 north bound ramp to 15 or du pont highway will be closed until 6:00, lingering out there and we have more construction to
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talk about, yeah, when i come back in 15 minutes. rahel and jim, back over to you. breaking news overseas high rise fire in tehran causing a building to collapse . the collapse was broadcast on eye rain an state tv a short time ago and we have learn that 35 people were killed. police block off streets around the 17 story building which was among the first high rises build in the capitol, downtown, and we will will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. also breaking news this morning in central it thely as many as 30 people remain missing after an avalanche buried a three story mountain hotel in abruzzo. many people feared dead. avalanche began after earthquake. police and rescuers are using skis to reach those in a remote hotel. back in our area overnight , and overnight police chase end with a crash in southwest philadelphia. the it began in upper darby
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early this morning and ended at 58th and angora. upper darby police say to one was hurt the but they are not saying what prompted the chase neighborhood woken by fire in the the new castle county delaware. this was the scene shortly after, midnight on the court in new castle. two alarm fire spread to four town homes and took 45 minutes to get under control. eight people are now out the of their homes, one person was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation. well, two more president-elect trump's cabinet picks will appear on capitol hill for confirmation hearings. former texas governor and presidential candidate, rick perry, testifies before the energy and natural services committee, perry's trump nominee for energy secretary. wall street investor and entrepreneur and hollywood producer steven moon chin is the the treasury secretary and meets the finance committee to take. former georgia governor sunny purdue is trump's choice for agricultural secretary. seventy year-old purdue is a
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business owner and veterinarian and first republican elect georgia governor since the aftermath of the civil war. purdue would be the first southerner to lead the agriculture department in more than two decades. well, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, jessica dean is in the nation's capitol, look fog her live reports today and tomorrow and help not on the air fine us on line at cbs and on the cbs local app. today, 300 local students will rally in center sit/the eve of the inauguration. will they will begin at city hall and march down ben franklin parkway demanding passage of the equal rights amendment guarantying women equal rights. sixteen year-old organizers explained what inspired her to lead this protest. >> it is based on alice paul, who planned a similar launch, the day before wood row wilson 's inauguration this 1913. >> and now that march begins at noon and end at eakins oval where several people are slated to speak. spokesmen for former
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president george hw bush says doctors are happy with how procedure went to clear former president's airway. nine two-year old has been in a houston hospital since sat the day for respiratory issues yesterday, he went into an intensive care to address a problem stemming from pneumonia. ninety-one year-old former first lady barbara bush went to the same hospital yesterday for fatigue and coughing. a family spokesmen says that mrs. bush's problems are not acute. this morning some people in fishtown still do not have water service, that is more than a week after a big sinkhole opened up in the neighborhood. take a look viewer sent thus video of crews working through the night. aside there being without water viewer tells us that the the noise has been a big inconvenient yens. crews will return today to continue repairs and will probably also be back on friday. that is a sinkhole that opened up on january 8th in the 2300 block of boston street that swallowed two cars and disrupted gas services as well happening today a court hearing in center city will formerly charge the drexel university student accused of
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recklessly operating a drone. police say 20 year-old joseph rosily was flying thinks drone well above legal limit during a protest in center sit the any november. device came close to police and even news helicopters. rosily is facing a slew of charges including reckless endangerment and aggravated assault. police are hoping footage will help them catch amen behind a terrifying robbery in manayunk. authorities say man entered re mix designer consignment 459300 main street around 6:00 . held up the cashier and a customer at gunpoint. he then, tied them up and then turned off the lights, then two more men walked into steel cash and merchandise. >> the three perpetrators, all they they were wearing gloves, so you you cannot get fingerprints, they were not wearing masks, covering their face, so northwest detectives is processing the scene, getting copies, of any recordings in the area. >> now the suspects got the away with $10,000 in items and
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$200 in cash. they are thought the to have escaped in a silver car going north on main street. over into camden county, new jersey where police are investigating a brazen robbery surveillance caught the suspect entering liquor store on the 1,000 block of kaine avenue around 1:00 o'clock on monday. after an altercation with the cashier the man can be seen jumping the counter. he got the away with cash, cigarettes, if you recognize this man call the police. girl scouts are celebrat ing 100 delicious years of cookie sales and get your boxes beginning today. 2017 girl scouts cookie program kicks off this morning with the celebration, and party, inside a philadelphia's 30th the street station and you may have your favorite, but this year, smores flavor is added to the cookie line up girl scouts cookie program is designed to teach young girls about business and entrepreneur ship. they can purchase cookies through march 12th. local doggies a hero after he saved his family from the burning home. >> fire broke out early yesterday morning in the 1400
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block of north alden street the in north philadelphia. his family slept, jack, a two-year old shepherd/pit bull mix knew something was wrong and alerted his family. >> he said that jack was licking their face, and wokes was barking and licking until they got up, once they realized what was going on they grabbed everyone, grabbed jack and ran out of the house. >> as far as i'm concerned jack's a hero. >> family of nine escaped the flames unharmed, jackies at red paw relief an organization that will take care of him until his family can get back on their feet. well, car crash, end with a suv in the middle of the delaware school office. >> take a look students and teachers at a elementary school will fine this mess after that crash, we will tell you where this all happened. and calabresees for more rain this morning why people in san francisco are doing a repair just a weeks after doing and dealing with severe
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welcome back a bakery is offering a cake for inauguration parties and it has a lot of people talking. the bakery in prospect park is selling a hat shaped cake with donald trump's campaign slogan on it, make america great again. some on facebook say they love the the dessert but others say they have had their last cake there there. they have been on the cutting edge of what is hot no matter what the controversy. >> we keep saying it is not a political statement, if hillary won i would have came up with, did my research and came up with something creative. >> and taubb's make america great again sells for seven dollars, comes in red, white, blue and pink. some delaware students will arrive at school this morning to find a mess after this, take a look, picture show aftermath of the crash at wake forest central elementary school. thirty lease say an suv driver went off a nearby road and slammed in the school office, nobody was in school at the time, driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and police are trying to figure out what caused a crash.
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california flood victims are bracing for more rain as storms hit the bay area. san francisco homeowners were still ringing out and repairing damage done by last weeks flooding and now sand bagging their homes to prepare for rising water. the last week's flood is blamed in part on a 70-foot break in a levee in the creek. the break forced many to leave their homes and now homeowners fear more rain could cause new evacuations. time is 4:43. >> lauren has another check of the the forecast. it is a little early for you. >> it is a little early for me i'm normally an evening girl, a night out but i just stayed up all night, you know me. and, and 45 degrees, temperatures pretty tolerable this morning, wind from the northwest at 6 miles an hour, little wind chill impact feeling more like 42 degrees and temperatures on a january morning fairly mild, a little cooler, with temperatures in
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the upper 30's right now, 42 degrees in the the lehigh valley and starting off at 45 in wilmington getting a closer look in palmyra, 44 degrees right now. forty-three in doylestown and we are at 39 degrees in quakertown, storm scan three showing us very quiet conditions, snow well off to the north and east, couple clouds town to the south and west but today will be a nice, quiet, calm down day, and we will have patchy cloud around and throughout the day but we should get the a healthy dose of sunshine. 54 degrees our high, so running more than 10 degrees above our average and as we head into tonight, above average but still will be on the chilly side falling back in the 30's. 36 degrees under a mainly clear sky or sunset at 5:05. future weather shows us we have patchy cloud moving in and out of the area but good bit of sunshine as we head in the evening hours clearing out completely. overnight the tonight no issues but need umbrella again as we head into tomorrow with rain moving through with the area, pretty light, maybe more
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moderate pockets and namely touring afternoon hours we are drying out as we head in the evening but we can still see showers impact your friday evening commute but hey it is a try we can deal with rain. the as we head in the upcoming weekend temperatures still mild, running well above average, meisha at 55 degrees on saturday to kick off the weekend. >> we love it the when you bring sunshine on a thursday. thank you for that. good morning everyone. it looks like we will have a beautiful day, on tap and so far our roadways are looking darn good as well. we will take a look at ben franklin bridge that is always a nice shot in the morning because, peaceful, and beautiful. take a look, moving in the westbound treks, couple cars out there, roadways, nice and dry that is for a change, and it sound like it will not stay that way for too long. enjoy today. i want to call your attention to our maps here because we have construction here this morning. one of the places is in new jersey, 295 southbound ramp to 295 to 42 is now reopen.
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295 north between 41 and route 168, two lanes block. that will linger for next 15 minutes. i will let you know when that clears. we have construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound , burlington mount holly two right lanes are block, this will linger a little bit longer until 6:00 a.m. that will slow you town maybe right around 6:00, and we will see what happens to take, on a thursday n delaware 495 north a ramp to 23, du pont highway is closed. that will linger as well. we have more construction this delaware, for those in and around that area route 141 southbound at route 13, that right lane is blocked, that will be blocked until 3:00 p.m. and that will hold until tomorrow. so heads up for both, morning and p.m., commutes, i suppose that will, maybe alter it the a bit. also we have more construction on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, this one between delaware river bridge and bensalem right lane blocked there but overall we have a really good day on tap, sunshine, dry roadways in, rain, so that will help us out
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and that is one of the first days all week where i can say today should be and hopefully, fingers crossed it will be a good commute and hopefully tomorrow is same thing but on a thursday focusing on today that is what we want to see, rahel and jim, back over to you. coming up, we have today's business game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free,
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the time is now 4:49 time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. head up for iphone users about a system that can freeze their phone. >> reporter: if you get a text from a certain emoji is it can freeze your phone, you tube channel everything apple pro says that a white flag emoji, digital o and rainbow can confuse ios10. person who gets the text doesn't even have to open it, the phone will freeze as soon as the text comes in, apple has not commented, and, don't get any eye tease, do not send
4:50 am
to it me, jim and rahel. >> i could barely see them let alone send them to people. >> that is why we never respond. >> yes. >> jill, i understand lyft's ceo has a plan to make traffic disappear, over the next five years what is this all about. >> reporter: all right. logan green outlined that plan in a op-ed and said government should classify specific streets and highway as smart lanes and then charge drivers during peak travel time that way the roads would be able to guarantee that people can drive at 45 to 50 miles an hour, and then, he said government should create a free option forecaster that have at least three people in them, jim and rahel. >> like hov lanes. >> that is crazy. >> kind of like and h-ov lane but you have to pay, you could pay to go on the roads, but like i said you could travel but use more space. >> okay, i vote that one down.
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no, i would rather sit in traffic. thanks, jill, we will check in with you next half an hour. we have a nice day on tap today but there is rain in the forecast. >> lauren, when exactly can we expect that. >> well, into the day, rain will arrive tomorrow we will break down timing on that and several more rainy days are in the forecast and i'll let you know what to expect in your full forecast in at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning.
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so delicious, it should have another name. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. 4:53 early on a thursday morning we have a nice day in store pass along sunglasses and leave umbrella at home, we have had several rainy day so far this month but today we will be dry and feature good amount of sunshine and we are off to a mild start, certainly unseasonable in philadelphia, 45 degrees with a west northwesterly wind only around 6 miles an hour so not too much wind chill impact.
4:54 am
we are at 39 degrees right the now down shore and mild start in the poconos at 34 degrees. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, high pressure in control, patchy cloud, we have cloud off to the south and west that could stream throughout the day to day but they will not pro tuesday any of this precipitation but check out our days with measurable precipitation so far this who, in philadelphia, we have had first week where we had almost consistently rainfall coming down for first week, of january and after this dry rainfall we have pick up some much needed rainfall, and nearing on 2 inches and rain will return to the forecast as we head into the day tomorrow but in our hour by hour forecast for today, meisha, sunshine 9:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock, 1:00 o'clock and temperatures running ten to 15 degrees above average topping in the middle 50's. feeling nice. >> instant mood lifter. we see that on a thursday and makes us so excited for the weekend. thanks so much for. that something that makes me excited and i'm sure as well,
4:55 am
kind of like a geek like me but looking at this map, take a look, all green. we can expect it at 5:00 o'clock in the morning because, all of the try roadways out there and plenty of sunshine. other than the sun glare we should not be dealing with much out there. this is what he we see all morning long. we are looking good. sensors are to go exactly what they should showing what they should and we are hoping in the six and 7:00 he clock it the stays like. that just a reminder, schuylkill river, wall repairs and mlk inbound closed between sweet briar drive and art museum between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. running you through tomorrow. i will confirm when that opens up but just heads up overnight construction. plus this construction in new jersey 295 southbound ramp to 42 is now reopened but this 1295 northbound between 42 and 168, one and two lanes block until 5:00 a.m. that will be out there for next ten minutes or so. i will let you no he whether that clears. construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound a lot of construction but shouldn't
4:56 am
give you too many hiccups thinks clearing around five or 6:00 a.m. burlington mount who willty right lanes blocked until 6:00 i will let you know when that clears as well. jim and rahel. back to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" latest on the deadly fire and building collapse in iran. plus we are following lateness italy where dozens of missing after an avalanche covers a three story hotel in snow. we will tell but matthew mcconaughey's latest film gold , we will be back. stay with us
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have been kill. more breaking news overseas dozens of people are missing after an avalanche involves a three story hotel in italy. reports say that people are trapped inside, we are following the latest, plus this. final preparations are underway for president-elect donald trump's inauguration i'm kenneth craig in washington with the look at what to expect, coming up. well to day is thursday january 19th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. busy morning of breaking news but first lauren and meisha is keeping an eye on things this morning. >> busy in the the news department but in the weather department all is quiet after a rainy day on tuesday, we had clouds, could not shake those yesterday to day we will see actual sunshine. we are off to a mild january start 45 degrees in philadelphia. we're above right now our average high temperature for the day, 39 in allentown, 41 in reading, we are at 40 in wildwood and checking out temperatures across the region they are chilly but not un seasonable, upper 30's in
5:00 am
pittsburgh, 37 in state college. so no cold arctic air up wind that we have to prepare for and really we won't have to prepare for it looks like as we head in the end of the january as well, it looks like we will close out the month, well above average, our temperature outlook for much of the northeast taking us into january 25th into the 31st, likely temperatures both lows and highs running above average. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions just patchy clouds moving through the area , we will see mostly sunny conditions today, nice light wind, temperatures running ten to 15 degrees above our average topping off in the middle 50's in philadelphia, and surrounding counties and as we head into tonight, meisha, chilly but still running above average. >> love seeing that above average. those are two keyword, thanks very much for that, and bringing sunshine, for us, good morning, everyone, happy gate the way to the weekend. what are we looking at this morning? when we look at live camera shot they are looking good. nice try roadway. lets talk about


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