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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 19, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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pittsburgh, 37 in state college. so no cold arctic air up wind that we have to prepare for and really we won't have to prepare for it looks like as we head in the end of the january as well, it looks like we will close out the month, well above average, our temperature outlook for much of the northeast taking us into january 25th into the 31st, likely temperatures both lows and highs running above average. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions just patchy clouds moving through the area , we will see mostly sunny conditions today, nice light wind, temperatures running ten to 15 degrees above our average topping off in the middle 50's in philadelphia, and surrounding counties and as we head into tonight, meisha, chilly but still running above average. >> love seeing that above average. those are two keyword, thanks very much for that, and bringing sunshine, for us, good morning, everyone, happy gate the way to the weekend. what are we looking at this morning? when we look at live camera shot they are looking good. nice try roadway. lets talk about construction
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because we have quite a bit the out there this morning. the first, delaware construction 495 north to route one du pont highway will be closed and linger out there for next hour or so. and another point of construction this delaware four is southbound at route 13 right lane blocked until around 3:00 p.m. and that will linger until tomorrow, just a heads up on that and also some construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound at mount holly two right lanes blocked, until 6:00 and maybe even more construction to talk about in new jersey when we come back in zero to 15 minutes, back over to you, rahel and jim. breaking news, right the now, new information on this huge fire and building collapse in take ran. iran state run tv reports 30 fire fighters were killed in the blaze, it happened during a live report on iranian state television. seven story structure was one of the first high rises to the built in the capitol of iran. this video just in showing efforts to fight fire before the building collapsed. you can see huge crowd of onlookers, gathering, to watch
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fire fighters. we learned that 30 fire fighters have been killed battling this blaze. also breaking news out of central it thely 30 people missing and many feared dead after an avalanche buried a three story mountain hotel in abruzzo. mountain rescue crews battled to reach the hotel, many used alpine skis to trek through the snow this was provided by first responders, you can see ski lodge is nearly buried to the roof, u.s. geological survey says at least three large earthquake struck that area, just prior to the avalanche. back here frightening moments for two people inside a manayunk consignment shop. >> they were tied up, terrorized during a armed robbery. "eyewitness news" reporter tran do is live with the very latest on the investigation, trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. those two people inside at the time were not hurt, and many other people in this neighborhood are understandably shaken. this is as police continue to search for the men responsible
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shock and disbelief after a brazen armed robbery up scale consignment store, on main street in manayunk. >> it is not the way that it used to be. we didn't have these issues before. >> reporter: around 6:00 p.m. wednesday police say a man with the gun entered the store and forced 39 two-year old female cashier and six five-year old male customer into dressing rooms. he then found them with ties. all this going on during a typically lively time on main street. >> between 5:30 and 6:00 o'clock it is a very busy thoroughfare for not only vehicles but also, pedestrian foot traffic because there is numerous bars and clubs and restaurants and retail. >> reporter: chief inspector scott small says robber then turned off lights and two other men entered the store. trio made off with $200 cash and around $10,000 worth of merchandise. >> they stole several fur coats, other jackets, some pocketbooks and some boots.
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>> reporter: long time resident patty beal said she is saddened but not advised. >> unfortunately there is a lot more transients in the neighborhood and real life comes home. >> reporter: investigators say robbers were in the wearing any masks, and that surveillance cameras inside of the store captured the whole thing on camera. there are surveillance cameras outside of the store, police say men got away, in a silver car. live, in main street manayunk i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fire rips through a row of town homes in new castle county delaware this was the scene after midnight in new castle. the two alarm fire damaged town homes. it took 45 minutes to get under control. eight people are new out of their houses. one person was treated at the scene foreshock inhalation. president-elect trump officially begins his transition to command inner chief, with two big events in
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washington today. correspondent kenneth craig tells us that mr. trump and vice-president elect mike pence have a busy day on inauguration eve. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump took his private jet to washington for a final time last night, attending a preinauguration dinner honoring vice-president elect mike pence. >> the president-elect and i are ready to go to work and really advance the kind of policies that to bureau his phrase will make america great again. >> reporter: mr. trump's inauguration address will focus on defining what that slogan means. he is expected to focus on two broad goals, growing the economy and reducing fears about terrorism. and what is being billed as a non-partisan populous speech. >> it will be really tough for donald trum top convince the people who didn't support him to then somehow, start to back him, he will continue to be someone who is brash, someone who doesn't care about political correctness.
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>> reporter: mr. trump will deliver preinauguration remarks today during acorn earth at lincoln memorial, where 1 million people are expect here tomorrow. also on hand, nearly 30,000 law enforcement officials to keep them safe. including thousands of officers from across the country, gearing up for massive protests. >> just looking forward to being part of it and representing our city. >> reporter: this group of lb gt activist already began demonstrating last night, holding a rally near d.c. home of the vice-president elect. >> mike pence may be overturning our right to harry >> reporter: more than 60 thousands democrats will now not attend the inauguration in protest. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the inauguration of president donald trump. our own jessica dean will have live reports from washington d.c. today and tomorrow, we will have extensive coverage on line, at cbs meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie said
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he turned down several jobs in the trump administration because his wife did not the want to move to washington. christie told new york radio station that the they did offer him a job he thought was exciting enough to leave governorship and his family but christie's four children are in high school and live at home. he is in his final year as term as governor. president obama's stepped behind the hike phone for final news conference of his presidency. >> the president is confident about what the future holds. >> it is true, behind closed doors i curse more than i do and sometimes i get mad, and frustrated just like everybody else does but at my core i think we're going to be okay. >> the president also defended his decision to commute sentence of chelsea manning. well, president obama reads zero constituent letters a day. one of the letters he read and spotted to came from stephan johnson. he sent the president a thank you note when he wases in high school, calling him an inspiration, the president's
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response, inspired him even more. you can hear johnson's story and story of the office of the presidential correspondence coming up after "eyewitness news" on cbs this morning. george hw bush and first lady barbara bush remain in the hospital. nine two-year old former president went the two hospital on saturday for respiratory issues. yesterday he went in intensive care to address a problem stemming from pneumonia, first lady barbara bush now 91 went the two same hospital yesterday for fatigue and coughing. the a family spokesmen says that the the first lady's problems are in the serious. the man accused of killing an orlando police officer is expected to appear in front of the judge later today. forty-one year-old markeith lloyd ace accused of shooting lieutenant deborah clayton in a wal-mart parking lot last week. meantime florida officials say president-elect donald trump has reach out to clayton's house want. their conversation was described as brief, touching and private conversation between two husbands. lloyd is accused in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. closer to home, 20
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year-old drexel student joseph rose liz will appear the in the center city courtroom today, rosily ace cues of recklessly operating a drone above a protest back in november. police tell us that the device was flying well above legal limit and nearly hit windshield of a helicopter flying in the area. the rosily is fasting a slew of charges including reckless endangerment and aggravated assault. well, talk about ruffled feathers, new jersey governor chris christie's comments about eagles fans, creating quite a stir, hear them for yourself coming up next. also ahead terrifying moments in texas this morning we are hearing from the bus driver rescued from flooding, and plus this. going once, going twice, sold. >> chances you are could have bought this pennsylvania mall wait until you hear how much it sold for at auction.
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speaking of gold we will hear from matthew mcconaughey about his new movie gold and as jim mentioned, all right, all right, all right, all right. >> we will be right back.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive
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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. dangerous amounts of rain in houston texas leaving drivers stranded on flooded roadways. >> this is video of the dramatic rescue of the good samaritan, this is carlos, who made his way through 4 feet have of flood what the tore rescue a stranded bus driver. driver can be seen climbing out of the bus window and car toyed safety. >> i cannot leave this bus, the water makes you think like the busies moving, so i said i was going backwards. he kept saying come on, get out, get out. >> wow. >> after rescuing the driver incredibly he went back to rescue a passenger. >> i'm telling thaw water is deceiving on roadways, lauren, we say it, don't drive-in standing water because you never know how keep it the is
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and how quickly it will rise. >> that expression turnaround, don't drawn. >> national weather service, advocates turn around, don't drawn because it takes 6 inches of what the tore move your vehicle, lot less than people would think. big huge car but water is powerful, fluid but as we look at center city philadelphia this morning, quiet conditions nice, dry, 45 degrees. it is a mild start. wind northwest at 5 miles an hour. just a tiny bit of the wind chill impact, feeling more like 43. we are chillier in the lehigh valley, 39 degrees right now, in the poconos 33 degrees, mild start for january morning for you, and 40 in millville and starting off at 45 this dover. here are our nice, quiet conditions, closest precipitation well off to our north and east, and we are seeing some patchy cloud moving on in and we will see patchy clouds throughout the day today but featuring a good amount of sunshine but so far, we have seen some snow this season, we know that, our seasonal average is 22 and a half inches, last year we
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surpassed that with 27 and a half inches, so far this winter, 5.2 but we still have, february to get the through and on average, we will see our snowfall in the year and, and, for today, mostly sunny and nice day in store 54 degrees, sunrise at 7:19 this morning and as we head into tonight, chilly but still running above average. 36 degrees. the wind not too bad only around fifth 5 miles an hour under that mainly clear sky and we have high pressure in control that will give us though quiet conditions, for the day-to-day but an area of low pressure quickly returns as we head into the day tomorrow, so quiet, for your friday, and morning commute, but conversely as we head into the evening hours, we will start to see some rain, developing with this area of low pressure approach, and it will exit as we head in the upcoming weekend. we will have a dry start with high pressure settling back in , but it will quickly move out, once again and we will see another storm system arrive as we head into late day sunday with some rain, developing, by the evening hours and then some of that
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rain sunday evening, could be a little will heavier at times but for upcoming weekend feeling very nice, our average high temperature, should have us in the lower 40's, meisha, this weekend we will be in the low to mid 50's. >> yeah, look at that weekend, yes. lauren, it makes me so happy, you come on a thursday, end of the workweek we are all tired and it is just all sunshine, it is just, yes. >> we are so happy. boulevard moving in the southbound direction you guys looking good. roads are nice and dry. take the boulevard southbound just before the schuylkill this is what we are looking at we have more couple more vehicles on the roadways now then 30 minutes ago but this is what we're looking at. we are looking nice. then when we look the a the schuylkill eastbound at spring garden this is what you are looking at the in center city moving in the eastbound direction, maybe starting to build up a little bit but thinks all average. moving in the westbound direction we're looking good there too. so again, you are waking up to nice, dry, roadways, for a change, plus we will have sun, and so get happy, put on some great music in your car, this
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is a look the at vine. it is not closed so construction moving in the the westbound and eastbound side. we are looking g the traffic levels are really light the right now. i'm happen bye that as well. the then we have got some construction this delaware 495 northbound ramp to route 13 or du pont highway is closed until right around 6:00 a.m. more construction to talk about when we come back in a little bit, rahel and jim, back over to you. from the philadelphia inquirer a north philadelphia funeral direction or found with three decomposing bodies in her garage has been sentence to todd three months in prison followed by 20 months of house arrest. janet the powell-daily is also barred from ever working for any mortuary business or services. and burlington county times, faith based mount holly non-profit is propose to go build housing for homeless on son set road in burlington township. they want to build 60 june to it provide temporary and permanent housing on two and a half acre site. they purchase the property
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which will be a partner in the project development. from the times herald, tax collectors in royersford and spring city are up in arms over resolution proposed dramatically cuts their pay. while on paper it looks lick they are getting a raise in reality they say there are fewer bills to collect than in past years meaning their pale will be cut. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. big night for sixers and up next pat's here with sports >> less than a month sixers have become must watch, came down to the wire, against the second best team in the east last night, could embiid and company hold on? we have got the amazing finish up
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patrick's here with sports and some excitement for the sixers last night. >> yes, it has become exciting to watch this team. the get on board, stay up late , jim. joel embiid would never play, they say tar ohio saric would never come from europe, breath the breath brown wasn't a
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great coach. the hot streak is for all of the people who told them they would never amount to nothing. sixers/raptors fantastic finish. off off the feed, from sergio rodriguez, he throws down two. next possession, joe, joe, does not hesitate, he drills the triple from the top. he finished with 26 points, and nine board. and the defense, came up huge, late. specifically saric, he alters the attempt from norman powell right there. and then he flat out rejects jared sellinger, wells fargo center goes insane. embiid loves it. under 30 left, kyle lowery drives but joe says no and embiid doing it all, sixers win again, it is true, 94-89 is the final, they have won seven of nine, the process will continue, against portland tomorrow night. college hoops temple visiting number 20 cincinnati, austin with the steel and the
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euros finished with 25 on the night but all slipped away for fran dunphy's squad. bear cats taking over the in the second half, kevin johnson nails the three. temple has a road loss 81-74. heart breaker for penn state nittany lions. james blackman of indiana sprints to the three-point line and drains, the winner, and penn state losing 78-75. valley in the so happy, freshman tony car from roman catholic had a career best 24 for the nittany lions. they play purdue saturday. huge names from my childhood were on the baseball hall of fame ballot but of those stars just three got in cooperstown yesterday. first base man jeff bagwell, tim raines and pudge rodriguez will be in hall of fame in july. would you believe it is less than a month until phillies pitchers and catchers report from clearwater. >> wow. >> after a few under radar moves this off season including the signing of the all-star michael saunders,
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manager pete mackanin is eager to see if they can continue to build what looks like a bright the future. >> i expect them to get better i think they expect to be better. i know based on, what i saw last year, knowing the character of the layers, that we have they will work hard to show that improvement, and i'm looking forward to them, and looking forward to big years from some of them. while appearing on a new york radio station to stick up for his dallas cowboys, new jersey governor, chris christie, took shots at philadelphia. yeah. he called out eagles fans yesterday on our sister station wfan in new york. >> the eagles do suck and they have sucked for a long time. >> they do grain their fans are generally, angry, awful people. >> governor also talked about the so-called hostility he felt as a cowboys fans that was evident in fail back in december of 2014, and christie celebrated as cowboys crushed eagles at the link while sitting right next to cowboys
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owner jerry jones. i'm thinking his approval rating has fallen even further in philadelphia then it has in new jersey. >> maybe he is describing, the job that he has done in his own role, for new jersey. leave the eag also loan. eagles will do just fine. >> i think that is disgraceful i think that a person in his position, that is governor of the state of new jersey, should have more fore thought and more respect. >> we have reached out to mayor jim kenney for his response and kenney says and i quote, it is not fun anymore, i feel too bad for the guy. why do we have to be angry and miserable people why can't we just be passionate people. >> he is an upsets cowboys fans, they lost, we took great pride in that. >> we did. >> yes. >> the reference to all of the people that said i would never amount to nothing, was that a reference. >> you caught that. >> i like that. >> did you get it. >> no.
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>> well done, pat. >> thank you. >> i will be sending the governor my eagles suit. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will tell you why pat co is apologizing to the riders. >> interesting. jan? >> and a busy day ahead along ben franklin parkway as 300 students march from city hall here to eakins oval i'm jan carabao reporting live coming up what they are demanding a day before president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. and then a messy mystery on one highway, as authorities try to figure out left thousands of skittles, yes, skittles the candy on the road , here's how they may be helping drivers though, lauren and it is thursday, we are so close to that weekend and all eyes focused on that and as we head in the upcoming weekend expecting mild conditions, all across the delaware val which high temperatures topping in the 50 's, mid 508's as we head into saturday so lower 50's as we head into sunday in the city, mid 50's down short to kick off the weekend, we are
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watching chance for some rain redeveloping for second half of the weekend, and there could be heavy rain at times and we will talk about that in your full forecast coming up after
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it feels more like march than january. we are in for a pleasant thursday. lauren's here with a decent
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chance of showers but may not be so pleasant. good morning i'm rahel solomon i'm jim donovan. lauren and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to necessity to start your day in our morning minute. breaking news overseas search for survivors after one of iran's oldest high rise buildings, collapsed following a huge fire. and in central italy an avalanche buried a three story ski lodge. rescuers continue to dig through snow and at least 22 guests and several staff members remain missing. and we're not used to that >> tied up and terrorized, armed robbers targeted a high end consignment shop in manayunk getting a way with thousands of have dollars worth of merchandise. former president george hw bush and his wife barbara remain hospitalized in houston the former president is battling pneumonia, former first lady is in the hospital as a


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