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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. and good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from washington d.c., you can see capitol right behind me, that is where the big moment will happen, tomorrow, the oath of office when donald trump will be the forty-fifth president of the united states. trump and his family arrived here in the nation's capitol around noon time today and there has been a lot going on here. we want to fill you in on that and also too some of the people from our area we talk to who made the trip to watch history in person. a somber moment to mark beginning of the trump presidency, president-elect donald trump laid a wreath at tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery, on the eve of his inauguration earl willer he spoke at congressional leadership lunch attended by many administration picks. >> we have by far the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled. >> reporter: mr. trump is
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still working on his inaugural address but it will focus on the rolls have of government and every day americans. >> it will be a very personal, sincere statement about his vision for the country. >> reporter: many people from the delaware valley are in washington to see inauguration ceremony and will line parade route to welcome the first family to their new home. the joyce and larry shay from media are excited about the future of the country, it is called united states of america so we should all be united behind whoever the president is and hope for the best for the country and the new president. >> we have to have positive people and hope for the future because we're the united states. >> reporter: president-elect and his family are attending a welcome concert, toby teeth and three doors down air monk the performers. >> ♪ >> now, thousands of people from our area are also, heading down here for saturday , they want to exercise their first amendment
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right to protest, the inauguration of president donald trump. they will be coming town for the women's march on washington and it will be happening, that day after the inauguration, and they estimate the two hundred thousand people will protest in d.c., a march volunteered from the new jersey chapter tells us that the response has been overwhelming. >> i have been contacted by 15 or 20 people in the last two days who would like to be on our bus but we don't have any room and now people are car pooling and trying to find ways to get down there. i think it speaks to the power of the message of people wanting to stand together for the rights for all people. >> reporter: now sister marches are scheduled for same time, in every state and more than 50 countries. so it is certainly interesting times that we are living through, right now, a lot happening, right here in the heart of our democracy in washington d.c., we're certainly going to be here for all of it and bring it all to you firsthand so you can see
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it all for yourself. coming up in a little bit in ten minutes or so we will talk with a woman from our area, who is part of the trump transition team and will give us insight into what is going on with them and what to look for tomorrow, ukee in a little bit. >> we will be with you throughout. thanks very much. we will check back with jessica and stay with "eyewitness news" for her report from the nation's capitol tonight and tomorrow throughout the day. on "eyewitness news" of cbs-3. in other news parents are outraged over revolutions that one philadelphia high school used a doctor without verified medical credentials for student physicals. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us from district headquarters in spring garden with the disturbing details, joe, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. the sources from the philadelphia school district confirmed that they learned late last year a doctor renita bay was in their word a phony. she appeared to be a doctor, on paper, and in person, and then tonight it is not known
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how many students she may have examined at washington high. parents at washington high school in northeast philadelphia are furious, they recently learned a woman identified through school district documents and this student physically valuation form as doctor renitabey was no doctor. >> the physicals that they had by the doctor at school was a phony doctor. >> reporter: washington high mom asked to remain anonymous fearing retaliation for seeking out. cbs-3 obtained e-mails sent by the district last spring, confirming that a there bey would be providing physicals. this parent said her children were examined, by renita bay at the high school in june, each physical cost $20. >> you trust the athletic department and they didn't do their due diligence to protect my child. >> reporter: cbs-3 dug in and made alarming find. it turns out that the medical id number that she allegedly used on this form does not even exist according to the state department spokeswoman.
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this mother said she was shocked to learn her kids had to be reevaluated when in december, it was discovered bay and in her word was a fraud. this e-mail followed where district confirms all of bay's physicals had to be done over. nobody was at bay's west philadelphia home and messages left for her were not returned >> very angry but very scared, thank god that the children were hurt. >> reporter: other parents were also stunned. >> you have to have clearances to volunteer for your kids and everything, you cannot let that slide and have that happened. >> reporter: fill cool district did in the respond to any of our specific questions. spokesmen did release a statement reading in party quote the school district of philadelphia works closely with the athlete health organization every year to make sure that thousands of students get proper physicals. well, district also tells me as a result of this new protocols, and procedures will be in place to make sure that
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something like this never happens again. reporting live outside the school district i'm joe holden cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. delaware valley green building council is working on formation of is what call the philadelphia 2030 district. it is a private sector to reduce energy use, water consumption and transportation -related emissions from buildings by 50 . that is by 2030. >> right new we are in the the process of committing folks to vehicles and individual building level and we have already signed up 7.5 million square feet of building says in the city to meet these goals. >> according to the philadelphia office of sustain ability buildings are the single greatest source of carbon pollution in philadelphia, responsible for 60 percent of city wide carbon emissions. two girls from the north philadelphia high school will be honored during half time at tomorrow's sixers game, and as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells you the young ladies have
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overcome life's challenges in a very non-traditional way. >> reporter: these 26 more in common then just their name >> when i started playing it just felt familiar to me. i like running up and down the field. >> reporter: both girls are star players on the field hockey and lacrosse teams here , at strawberry mansion high school. but it is not their status on the field but the personal challenges that the fields helped them overcome that makes these ladies stand out. >> i didn't eat for a while, i was losing weight. >> reporter: her matter died of cancer and grief left her suicidal and flynn's mother struggled with severe lupus for year. >> my mom didn't feel like they had anybody. >> reporter: playing on the field has brought brighter days. >> i just remember the first take meeting them and then the first practice. >> reporter: coach jasmine smith and her icon sports crew started the mansion team with 28 girls last year, this white house champion of change teaches the sports, as well as life lessons. >> i want you not just to be
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successful in these sports but i want you to be successful in life. >> reporter: smith drove the girls to games when no buses were provided, and now they are catching the eye of recruiters, in sorts, out of reach, to hose girls of color. >> i'm just really proud of these girls. >> reporter: on friday like icon girls before this them they will get qued owes from the sixers at half time for their triumph. >> it is overwhelming because i never expected anything like this to happen to me. >> reporter: an opportunity created on the field. >> exciting. >> who knew. >> something new that we didn't have, before. >> next up, college, and then the world in, strawberry mansion, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep on keeping on, ladies when we come back our coverage from the nation's capitol continues, jessica. that is right, ukee we will talk to renee ashore more part of the trump transition team and republican party of pennsylvania and about what we
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can expect tomorrow, kate? and speaking of what to expect tomorrow, can we expect some of this rain to get into d.c. in time for the inauguration? we will have the forecast and of course forecast here at home, looking for rain this weekend, don. we are hours away from finding out if joel embiid is an nba all-star game starter, we will hear from the red hot sixers later in sports.
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when i traveled around to every place thaw can imagine, state after state after state,
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speech after speech and we had 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people, it was never an empty seat just like tonight. we didn't even know if anybody has ever come tonight. it was the same way, and we all knew that last month of the campaign, i think a lot of us knew, the first week of the campaign but that last month of the campaign we knew that something special was happening. i can only tell you this, the polls started to go up, up, up but they didn't want to give us credit because they forgot about a lot of us. on the campaign i called it, the forgotten man and the forgotten woman.
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well, you are not forgotten anymore. that, i can tell you. not forgotten anymore. so, i want to thank migrate family, my incredible wife medical an use. they have been so supportive. it wasn't easy for them. but they have been so supportive. i want to thank you most importantly and i promise you that i will work so hard we're going to get it turned around. we will bring our jobs back. we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. we're going to build up our great military. we will build it up. we're going go to strengthen our borders. we're going to do things that
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haven't been done for our country for many, many, decades. it is going to change. i promise you it is going to change. so, i'll see you i don't care frankly if it is going to be beautiful or if it is going to rain like crazy, it headaches no difference to me. i have a feeling it will be beautiful. but i will see you tomorrow and i'm going to be cheering you on. you will cheer me on but i will be cheering you on because what we have done is so special. all over the world they are talking about it. all over the world. i love you folks. we're going to work together. we are going to make america great again and i'll add,
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greater than ever before. thank you very much. enjoy, the fire works. thank you, everybody. thank you. >> the welcome celebration and concert continues tonight, in washington d.c., as donald j trump is just hours away from being sworn in as the forty-fifth president of these united states. jessica continues our live coverage now of this historic event from washington d.c., jessica. >> good evening, i'm joined by renee amoore, deputy chairman of the pennsylvania republican party, she's also a member of the trump transition team. hi there renee. when we talk in cleveland at republican convention, you were helps tenth still on this nominee trum up but now part of the transition team. tell us how you got here and what you expect for tomorrow. >> what happened jessica i was for bush, i really like jeb bush, i helped his brother. i was with jeb bush but he
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didn't do well at all. i had an opportunity to have a meeting with trump, and it went very, very well. it was with black leaders, ministers. they said renee you are running the heating. i said what. he came in with information, insight, solutions and it was magnificent. i said can do you this when you are on television so people necessity who you really are is this he said i'll never forget you. he didn't. now i'm on the transition team >> what can you expect in terms of the the transition. we know they are trying to get nominees confirmed and we have talk about the 100 days how critical they are. do you think they are primed for success after the oath of office is taken. >> we have been working very hard getting our stuff together. we're on hhs, health and human services, information, insights with the secretary that will come in and do a fine job because he understands the system. we are ready to go. >> tom price had difficult questions thrown at him. >> he did, i wouldn't want to be in his position but he came through it all and will be fine. >> what do you expect tomorrow for trum top say, what do you
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think we will hear from him a lot of people, that is thumb one. number two where we are and where we want to go and how we will get there. he will start to do it already bringing jobs in the country, having other folks bringing their jobs back from different places in the world. he is ready to to whatever he said he would do and make those promises. he is even talking about the wall. we will wait and see. he will do a good job. >> always nice to sees you. >> you as well. >> our coverage will continue, we will continue to talk to people who are here from our area we will bring you very latest tonight at ten and 11:00 o'clock. >> we will see you then, thanks very much. tell ren may we say hid. here in philadelphia in the studio mr. trump didn't seem to worried about the rain but just keep an eye to the sky. >> i hope optimism pays off but it does look like it will get wet and certainly here in philadelphia as well. we have rain moving in quickly from the south. that being said there are breaks in the rain and hopefully one hits just in time for everyone to be outside tomorrow. the lets look at what is going
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on right now, storm scan three is showing that system and it has a decent batch of moisture witt, moving through once it the gets here tomorrow. it looks like an afternoon event. it clears out. we will see we have i batch over portions of kentucky and tennessee and lifting to the north and east and will arrive in d.c. by late morning or early afternoon. it will be a close call. temperatures right now 46 in philadelphia. thirty-nine in millville. forty-three in allentown and trenton. forty-five in atlantic city, nice mild night but timing wet weather you can see cloud stream in overnight. tomorrow morning looks okay. there may be a few breaks of blue skies early but 8:00 a.m. that first batch of showers lifting through, by 2:00 o'clock when rain begins to intensify. it is spotty present that. we may getaway with a few showers in d.c. by 2:00 light rain here in philadelphia, steady, from about 3:00 o'clock right through until 5:00, not a huge long event or anything like that,
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but we will see rain moving through here and in d.c. as well. so mostly cloudy, mild for your friday, inauguration temperature 49 degrees, rain will be arriving at that time so plan for at least a few scattered showers outside, and here in philadelphia it is a cloudy start rain arrives by midday but steady is late afternoon between three and 5:00 p.m. leading to a slow afternoon commute on your friday but it is warm enough so we are not expecting any ice, treeing rain also this you are in the highest elevations of the poconos where temperatures will be close to the freezing mark. it does turn milder again in the weekend. the jet stream well off to the north. tomorrow is in the mid 40's. saturday we will jump back to the mid 50's, probably one of the warmest days of this mild stretch, sunday same story we will keep it mild but then monday this buckling of the lines here this is a system that will be moving up the coast on monday into tuesday. now monday we can expect wind, rain, keeping us cool but then still any real cold weigh lock autopsy cross canada and we will not even tap in seasonal
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cold until wraps next weekend, at earliest. so for tonight, 35 degrees is your low, mainly cloudy but quiet. for tomorrow cloudy with rain, mainly through the afternoon high of 44 degrees. look at you're witness weather seven day shows mild stretch continues. tomorrow with the cloud and rain not that farrah above average temperatures inhibited a bit 4594 but saturday clouds, maybe a few breaks of sun and after today's clouds ruined the sun party and not too optimistic about sun on saturday but nice day to get outside, rain returns sunday afternoon and rain, win on monday, and luck that i one is not snow because that will be a significant system and then we are back to 50's and we will clear it out in the middle of next week but by next week even it looks like it will be more like winter around here. >> we will get there. we will get there slowly but surely. >> don bell joins us for sports and waiting for votes to be tabulated. >> i can't wait for tonight. sixers could have an all-star starter on their hand we will hear from the process, and how
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good are sixers? head coach brett brown with the answer coming up next in
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tonight in a few hours we will find out if joel embiid made the nba all-star team as a starter. sixers haven't had a all-star since jrue holiday inn 2012. tans believe in joe joe and right now they trust the process. >> trust the process. trust the process. yeah. >> yeah, last night, the sixers beating raptors for the first time in four years. during that game you can hear games chanting trust the ross zest, trust the process. >> embiid had ten straight games of at least 20 points, first sixer to to that since allen iverson in 2006.
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embiid loving that crowd last night. >> it is amazing. we have trust the process chants. i tiehl like they are to go us and trust is and trust the ross zest. tans have been great. >> i don't know if that is trade hashing, probably should go in, you know. but sixers won seven out of nine. they are playing great team basketball. they host trailblazers tomorrow night and brett brown says this is the best he has seen this team. >> we're playing with a spirit , we're playing with a defensive mind set and there is a belief within each other among the team that is the best it has been since i have been here. >> so there is a running joke about nba how they they ever called traveling? last night russell westbrook took literally five steps,
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before even thinking to dribble the ball. where are they. they had to call that. they are just tying look at that to that just happen, one, two, three, four, five. >> then he describeled the ball. >> yes, take a suitcase for next time, traveling. >> my goodness. >> i have never seen that. >> never seen that. >> that was hilarious. >> thanks, don. >> when we come back a sneak peak what is coming up tonight on
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it is taste with tori tonight at 11:00. vittoria woodill discovers a new tish pizza frita, meet the family who invented it and learn why one member said she hit the piss jackpot, that is a lot of pizza tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. celebration continues in washington as the nation gets ready to witness inauguration of the donald trump as forty-fifth president of the united states. lets go back to jessica live from washington with the final thoughts, jessica? >> ukee, fire works just wrapped up behind us here after the concert we heard president-elect talking earlier in the broadcast and now all eyes turn to tomorrow, and the oath have of office and a new president for these united states of herc. of course, peaceful transfer of power a hallmark of hearn
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democracy. so a lot of people watching this very, very closely people from our area here to watch history unfold. we will bring you some of their stories and thoughts tonight at ten and 11:00 o'clock. we are also going to be with you throughout the entire day tomorrow, to be with you to watch all this unfold, ukee. thanks, very much, many thanks to you and crew looking forward to your reports, tonight as you said and throughout the day testimony right here on "eyewitness news". thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station wpsgcw philly. we will be right back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight women in washington. jericka duncan catches up with woman ready to support the president-elect and protest him. from washington d.c., here now is scott pelley. take care family we will all see you later tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs glp mr. trump comes to washington, ready to take the reigns of power, the next commander in chief salutes the nation's military heroes and the capitol tunes up for the inauguration. also tonight, rick perry's change of heart about the agency that once slipped his mind. >> i regret recommending its elimination. >> pelley: an avalanche in italy and the frantic search for survivors. and women head to washington to celebrate-- >> yay, we did it! >> pelley: and to protest. >> i to, because if i'm not doing, some i'm going crazy. thiss


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