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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 19, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> our day with j-lo. is she really dating drake? how are things going with j-lo, drake. >> what she's tom telling "et." >> that's what we were doing. >> plus a movie crew accused of set of animal abuse on the set of "a dog's purpose. " >> is this new tv show based on tom cruise and katie holmes? >> i know what this is. >> so many stars, so many couple confessions. >> blake shelton's valentine's day gift for gwen. >> thanks for the reminder. >> as blake lively gets protective over herman ryan. >> you can't have him, he's main! >> we're backstage with the people's choice winners. >> i''l be in ashes in a can.
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now for january 19, 2017, this is entertainment tonight. >> we spent the night with all of your favorite starts. in fact, we spent more time with them than anybody else. >> that's because we were the only show one on one backstage with the winners at the people's choice awards. >> jennifer lopez was one of those winners. it was a busy day. she spoke about her rumored new man drake with "et"online. >> what can you share about your new project? >> we did a song together and we'll see if it's on his next album but he asked me to do a song with him and that's what we've been doing. >> j-lo confirmed a working relationship with drake but was pulled away before answering our follow-up about the romance rumors. both singers have fuelled a buzz by posting cuddly instaaram pics. drake was asked about it in hollywood. >> how are things going with j-lo? doing good? >> drake noted all good. a few hours earlier j-lo was
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downtown celebrating another passion project. >> jennifer lopez. >> jennifer won favorite tv crime actress on "shades of blue" and gave a shoutout to her kids. >> to my two favorite people max and emmy, my twins. everything i do is for you. >> "et"was backstage. >> i thought it was so sweet that you thanked your children. >> everything i do is for them. once you have kids, it's a whole different world. it's such a me, me, me business. my career, my things, what are my choices? when you have kids it becomes not about you it becomes act them. >> do they visit you on set? >> all the time. the nature of my life-style is we travel a lot and venues and shows so they're always there. >> there was another star mom last night who opened up to us
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about her kids. blake lively. she brought the house down with a powerful message aimed at young girls everywhere. >> my mama, she always taught me as a kid that you can't ever let anyone limit you. don't ever let anyone tell you there's something you can't do. >> blake delivered the most inspiring speech after winning favorite dramatic movie actress for "the shallows." >> when you voted for this, you didn't just vote for this movie or me but for fwirl power. so thank you for sending a message to hollywood that people want to hear stories about women and we want to hear your stories. you need to be heard, you are valuable and no one can limit you. i haven't won a lot of awards but this is so significant because it's voted on by the people we make the movies for. >> blake's sister robin was her disable and her daughter two-year-old james and three-month-old inez was on blake's mind. >> i love my babies. i'm sad to be away from them but they're very young, they haven't gotten old enough to be thrilled to be away from them so i'm rushing home to be with them now. >> her husband ryan reynolds was traveling back from an event in
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switzerland and couldn't be there but he wasn't forgotten. >> thank you to my husband, he's everything to me. you can't have him! he's mine! thank you. >> meanwhile, this blake, blake shelton, was also sending a shoutout to his lady love gwen stefani and she wws front and center to receive it. >> thanks to the hottest date here tonight gwen stefani. hottest date of the night. >> she is. you guys are a cute couple. >> couldn't agree more. >> that's blake giving us a lesson in how to win the best boyfriend category if there was one gwen did her part with an adoring snapchat. >> what happened to you? >> one album . -- won album of the year. am i your favorite? . pretty sure she said yes. blake made history becoming the first country star to win for favorite album ♪ right there in the moment all i ever wanted was you ♪
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>> i couldn't see her down there, she was behind somebody. >> i want to talk to you about the upcoming season of "the voice voice". >> got one mentor in my team. i'll give you a hint, it's one of my country friends. >> a little friendly competition is a good thing in this relationship, but there's one thing blake may need help with. >> valentine's day is coming up. do you have any plans? >> i'm one of those guys that's always last minute. like, ooh, damn it, it's here, it's here. i'll get some flowers or something. thanks for the reminder. >> you're welcome. >> is it me or does blake need to come up bilgger than last-minute flowers. he wasn't the only winner who made history. >> ellen degeneres had 17 people's choice awards going into last night and she needed one more to break the record. she did way better than that. here it is.
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>> just one. no, there were three tonight, where are the other two. here you go. hell yes. >> this is going to put it over the top these three. it's crazy. you should see my office. >> the one and only ellen degeneres. [ applause ] >> what made her triple win extra special to ellen was that it was presented by her pal j.t. he even a bought oall her past crystal statuettes. >> it meant a lot to get the award from my pal justin is sweeter. i don't leave the house much so when i leave the house, it's big. this is big. >> as the most-decorated start in people's choice history, you know "et" has been there for every one of ellen's past wins. >> congratulations. you rock. >> thank you very much. i enjoy rocking. >> last night her wife portia di rossi was thereeto share the moment and joined our interview. >> 20. >> she's the meryl streep of the
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people's choice awards. >> indeed. >> afterwards, the two celebrated with dinner but before their date i was the one to break the news to ellen that "will and grace" is coming back to nbc later this year. >> i hadn't heard it's coming back. >> that's breaking news to ellen. >> good for them. i'm thrilled that more people can see it that hadn't seen it the first time around. the more we have representation on television of all kinds of people the better it is. i think everybody deserves to be represented. and it was a funny show. >> while ellen wasn't the only one excited about "will and grace" i also broke the news to someone who knows all about bringing a hit show back to tv. "fuller house" star candace cameron bur ray. >> that's so cool. i loved that show. >> "fuller house" paved the way for shows like that to make a resurgen resurgence. >> it's pushing everyone to see what would work again. >> it's one of the number one shows for netflix. people want nostalgia, people need escapism, they need family
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values. >> "full house" had never won any award ever then fuller house won a teen choice award. we're hopeful we win. it will be a huge win. >> congratulations to "fuller house" your favorite choice for premium comedy series. >> in the old days we wouldn't get any press. >> >> nine years, it's nice to get this now. >> the people that have kept this show on the sure for 30 years are the ones that vote for this that moons the world to us. >> 30 years? huh? what did you say. >> hey,,man. >> people were two years old and three years old when they were watching this show and that's who voted for this. we're very appreciative. >> bob was two or three. >> there will be a "fullest house" and i'll be in ashes in a can. >> i have to call out stamos looking snazzy, what other tips
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do you have for looking so good at 53. >> i drink the blood of lori loughlin. [ laughter ] >> they all went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate. don't go away, we're sharing the people's choice awards fashion secrets, priyanka chopra's red carpet risk days out of the hospital. >> don't tell my doctor. >> the new controversy on the set of "a dog's purpose," the crew accused of animal abuse. we'll have the latest. >> what you never knew about one of the most popular tv dramas. which "this is us" leading man is the
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remember, those two? well, is sex scandal that nearly brought down a presidency will
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now be a part of the "american crime story" docuseries which just covered o.j. and we hear producers are already meeting with actresses about playing monica lewinsky. on the the set of "a dog's purpose" which is supposed to be a feel good movie about man's best friend but troubling video surfaced from the set that shows alleged animal abuse. the disturbing footage obtained by tmz, who also broke the story, shows a dog struggling to get away from rushing water on the set of "a dog's purpose." >> no! >> once in the water, the german shepherd, whose name is hercules, still appears to be distressed. >> cut it! cut it! >> the dog was traumatized. the dog was terrified. >> we spoke with dog trainer kaymar geller who is not
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associated with the movie about filming scenes with this one. >> you want to build a relationship with your dog. we know dogs mentally are very similar to human toddlers, would you have done this to a human toddler? >> the studio behind the film tells "et"the production team followed rigorous protocols to foster an ethical and safe environment for the animal sani. "while we continue to review the circumstances shown in the footage, amblin is confident great care and concern was shown for the german shepherd." the movie's director says he's very disturbed by the videoo saying "i do not witness these actions. i have been promised that a thorough investigation into the situation is under way." josh gad is the voice of the dog in the film and posted "i am shaken and sad to see any animal put in this situation against its will." "a dog's purpose" is scheduled to be released next friday. >> up next, people's choice fashion secrets. >> i washed my hair in the
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bathroom sink. i'm not even kidding you. >> then, "this is us." what you don't know about everyone's new tv obsession from the original title to the plot changes, the things you haven't heard. >> and is this new tv show based on the marriage of tom cruise and katie holmes? >> this contract is about my reputation. >> is this all worth it? >> closed captioning provided by --
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>> uh-oh, is that a tiny rip in the gown jennifer lopez wore to the people's choice awards? that is what the headlines are claiming today but looks can be deceiving. from the front and definitely from the side j-lo's curves were on full display. and while some felt the 47-year-old had a wardrobe malfunction and her dress ripped in the back, we are told the mesh lining is part of the design which took 70 hours to make. we got other secrets from the stars. gwen stefani who shares the same stylist as j-lo went mini showing off her legs in this blue ruffled dress. and blake lively revealed she didn't wake up looking like this. the mom of three-month-old inez and two-year-old jane thanked they are glam squad. #breastfeedingmama. >> can you tell us a secret
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about your mama? >> the kids were all over me and i managed to leave the house covered in food. that's not a secret but something i'm proud of. i literally just got off of a plane. i washed my hair in a bathroom sink. i'm not even kidding you. >> great. >> threw some makeup on, i picked the dress out a couple weeks ago but it just hadn't even had it altered or anything, i threw it on, got in the car and i'm here. >> fuller house's jodi had a different reason. >> my older daughter is rock and roll and so she's like mom i love the jacket with the dress, that looks really awesome. >> and priyanka chopra wins just for showing up six days after her on set accident sent her to the hospital with a concussion. you're not playing it safe, you're in heels and given the fact you just got out of hospital, that's risky priyanka. >> but how can a girl go to a
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red carpet without heels? don't tell my doctor that. when you see the pictures i say oops, i forgot, it was a concussion. i got hurt so i'm supposed to forget things. >> i like to forget my heels. well, another big winner last -pnight, "this is us" for favore new tv drama. millions of people are obsessed with this series but "et" online discovered things even die-hard fans don't know about. >> i know a secret. it takes you three and a half hours in the makeup chair. >> and it takes about an hour and a half to take it off. >> yeah. >> on the show, mandy goes from age 27 to 66 and she plays lots of years in between. >> the only complaint i might register is that it is so harsh on my skin and i have super sensitive skin so a couple of days of wearing the prosthetics it's -- my face is just angry. one of the things i think audiences don't know is that in the first act of the pilot they had a line where jack was no
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longer alive and they took that out. did you think that they took that out? >> no, i knew jack was no longer and i was okay with it. >> and milo/jack is going to shave the mustache. >> there will come a time where jack loses it and we'll see a different side of jack. >> were you ever self-conscious like "can i pull this off?" maybe. >> maybe but then you just do it. >> we know toby survived his heart attack and proposes to kate played by chrissy metz but chris sullivan told us details about the fat suit he wears on set everyday. >> yeah, the costume pads me out about 150 pounds, probably, it's a pair of pants that i pull up wear suspenders and a jacket that zips up the back. >> does its take a while to take on and off. are you avoiding liquids on set? >> it takes about 10 minutes to get on and it comes off faster. >> the show's original title was 36 based on the ages of the big
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three. >> it was also once called "happy birthday" and we did our first foe show shoot and milo was always the captain of the ship and he's like, guys we're not putting on the birthday hats. i was like thank god. >> it's no secret the leading men on the show look hot. but that's created rivalry behind the scenes. >> justin and i, any time we do a scene together inevitably people wind up on the floor together doing pushups. it doesn't have to be a part of the scene. we just wind up on the floor doing pushups. >> we do scenes where we run a lot. you do so many takes. in a ten second sane you end up running two miles to get that done. >> for the record, justin is stronger than me by a little bit. >> do you want me to tell him that you said that or keep it to myself? >> keep it to yourself. i don't want him getting a big head. >> we've got your back, your secret is safe with us. speaking of secrets, is there a hidden meaning behind the series "the arrange." ? the show is about a celebrity couple whose relationship is
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arranged by a self-help organization and that has some people asking if it could be based on tom cruise and katie holmes. >> he wants to pay you $10 million. >> he's offering you a contract marriage. >> a superstar leading man sweeps a young actress off her feet and he just so happens to be the most famous member of a group called "the institute for the higher mind." the series inspired by tom and his association with the church of scientology? >> you're going to think i know what this is? maybe it's not what i thought it was. and we're going to continue to do that the whole season. >> this contract is about my reputation. >> is this worth it? >> while there have been unsubstantiated rumors about tom and katie's marriage, the show's executive producer says the series is fiction. >> we had no interest in capturing the headline and doing a ripped from the headlines type of show or story telling in that way? it was about how can we put people into this situation that is very unusual and sometimes hard to believe and make it believable. >> josh henderson is a
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charismatic star. you might remember him as jr. ewing's son from the "dallas" remake. and michael, who co-starred with jennifer garner on "alias" is the head of the institute. >> i don't want to clean up another train wreck. >> people are making the comparisons to scientology. as a result, are you worried about back flash that church? >> not at all. you just said it, church. our show hassing in to do with religion. i see how some people would see certain parallels that might seem like certain stories we've heard but we're just doing a scripted series on hollywood and self-help organizations and a relationship, i don't want a lot of thought into it. we're a unique story on our own. >> this isn't a documentary at all. >> we also asked michael vartan if we would be up for an alias reunion with jennifer garner and he told us "heck yeah." but there are no plans for it right now. he said he still gets together with jennifer and victor garber for dinner together. >> that's nice considering they
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used to do. we'll be right back. >> hello, i don't want to go there.
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see it all at before we go, sad news, actor miguel ferrare passed
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away. he appeared in more than 40 movies. his father was oscar winner jose ferrar, his mother was rosemary clooney which made george clooney his cousin. george released the statement "miguel made the world brighter and funnier and his passing is felt so deeply in our family that events of the day, monumental events, nail comparison. miguel
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ blake lively. >> it's so surreal to be a mama, and i am so grateful for that. >> number one, hollywood super moms take over the people's choice awards. >> i'm on the red-eye home and
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the kids have a concert. >> all of the power dads and award-winning couples. >> no! no! no! >> and what style was the night's go-to glamour trend? >> then "will and grace" is back. ♪ >> are you kidding? the show is classic. >> but what other shows just scored renewals? it's in our tv news round-up on. number three, dolly parton turns 71 and we count down the top reasons we're celebrating. >> three words to describe my style. >> trashy, trashy, trashy. plus your insider bonus, buckle up gladiators it's about to get scandalous. >> kerry washington and bellamy young spill new season secrets and nothing is off limits. >> we can call each other names and then she'll call me on the cell, and i'm, like, that's all you've got? >> oh! oh! >> and "the insider" tracking


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