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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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news" this morning. today the trump era begins in just a few hours, donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united state. and security is tight. >> we are going to make america great again. greater than ever before. >> donald trump's message to the nation goes back to the core of his campaign. make america great again. hear what else he had to say on the eve of this historic inauguration. >> and protests are already underway, and some are expected to grow to massive numbers on this inauguration day. we're live as more demonstrators head to the capitol. tgif everyone. today is friday, january 20th, inauguration day, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. lauren and meisha are keeping an eye on things, good morning, you guys. >> how did it get here? already? i feel like i've been in this whirlwinds tunnel, saying tgif
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to everyone. just me? >> i haven't had coffee in 14 days, so going a little crazy. speaking of inauguration day, we have a loft protests going onto start the day and tomorrow. so we will talk about that in the world of traffic coming up in a little bit. >> we might be protesting the weather today. >> awe. >> i like it. >> we had really nice start to the day yesterday. some sunshine, mild conditions. but we have rain on the way this morning. chillier conditions, feeling damp out there, as well. 33 degrees your current temperature in philadelphia. we're in the to's in the lehigh valley. same case in interior part of new jersey. 30 degrees, sub freezing right now in ac. temperature change over the last 24 hours, you're going to feel that as soon as you step outside. you will need the extra layer this morning, down about 12 degrees, in philadelphia. and double digits, at many of our reporting sites. storm scan3 showing us right now some high level cloud cover. north of the city, more dense cloud cover off to the south and west, and we will continue to build in over the next several hours. and then building in as we
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head into midday and the afternoon, it will be the precipitation shield, off to the south and west with the next storm system, so be sure to pack along that umbrella for the 9:00 hour, mostly cloudy, chilly at 38 degrees. by the noon hour, we are in the low 40's, with the rain arriving in many areas. and then, likely steady rain, right to -- light to moderate, middle 40's. rain today, another more powerful storm system will approach late day sunday into monday and give us very soggy and very windy day, i'll have more details on this other storm system coming up in just couple every minute, meisha. >> all right, lauren, thank you so much. like it or not the rain is coming. but not for morning commute. this is good thing. waking up on friday morning, no rain in site. good morning, everyone, tgif by the way. schuylkill at the boulevard headlight moving in the eastbound direction. what we are looking as pushing in the eastbound direction, looking zero g good. levels are clearly starting to build. westbound side, what you are working, westbound side actually all right. eastbound side coming into the city that i got my eye on
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little bit. ninety-five at cottman, push in the southbound direction, actually not looking bad. and i got to tell you normally doesn't on a friday. friday, tend to heat up, i would say, pushing deeper into the 6:00 and the 7:00 hour. actually looking like typical friday morning, which is not bad. then market frankford line because every equipment problems at 69th street. i would say overall, make sure to check the schedules on line. talking little bit about the protest. starting today at noon, center city, city hall, independence mall, affected little bit. also 1:00 p.m. rally at temple university. student you will be walking right down broad street. so heads up for those every in you and around broad street. right around noon-ish. also, tomorrow, so we've got the women's march on philadelphia. that's what they're calling it 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 on the ben franklin parkway. rod closures, parking restrictions, talking a lot about that coming up in the next 15 minute, jim, jan, back over to you. >> in hours, the
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45th president of the united states. >> this is live look at the us capitol building where the is her moanly take place at noon today. a lot of people from the delaware valley are in washington, too. and as "eyewitness news" anchor judge cad een there with a preview of today's inauguration. >> good morning, from washington, d.c., where today the united states will inch august rate its 45th president, donald j trump. mr. trump and his family arrived here in the nation's capitol yesterday. and they went through many events, all in anticipation of the events today. when the inauguration will take place. also, here in washington, d.c., a lot of people from the delaware valley. >> ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> thursday night's concert and fireworks led to a celebration for president-elect donald trump, and his supporters. >> i promise you that i will work so hard, we're going to get it turned around, we're going to bring our jobs back, we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer.
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>> many had traveled to the nation's capitol for the inauguration, we caught up with people from the delaware valley who made the trip, from bucks county. >> we're just here to see history in the making, here to just experience this first-hand, you know, see president trump and our office. and we thought it would be important to just see the important moment in history. >> he and his mother both supported trump in the election. they say they're looking forward to seeing him govern. >> i think if we really respect each other, love each other, and listen, to both sides, i think that people will grow to love him and really grow to see that he is going to evolve into a wonderful president. >> the president-elect and his family arrived in washington, around noon on thursday, mr. trump laid wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. he also spoke at a congressional leadership luncheon, members of his new administration. >> we have by far the highest iq of any -- >> all of this leads to up
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friday's oath of office. formalin august ration festivities. that is something joyce and larry shea of media told us, they're excited to witness. >> it is called the united state of america. we should all be united behind who ever the president; and the country and the new president. >> we have to have positive people and hope for the future. because we're the usa. >> a lot of people very interested, what president-elect trump will say in his inaugural address today. it is said to focus on the role of government, and every day americans. we will bring it to you live throughout the day, in washington, jessica dean, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meantime, president-elect trump will take office without any of his cabinet nominees confirmed. after today's ceremonies, senate democrats say they will allow votes to mathis as defense secretary, general john kelly as homeland security secretary. democrats say, at the want to have a full rigorous debate on the president's elect
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remaining nominees, republicans accuse the democrats of grand standing. >> several people will be protesting the inauguration right here in philadelphia. while many others are taking their message to washington. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at 30th street station where trains will be pack with people traveling to dc. trang, good morning. >> well, good morning, jan, jim, just popped in there for the 6:05 train to dc. he saw lot of trump supporters in line, but earlier this morning, many demonstrators chose to head down to the nation's capitol by bus. >> all bundled up, dozen every people boarded buses in the middle of the night to head to dc to make their opposition to president-elect donald trump known on his inauguration day. >> we just want to show that we are listening, that we're paying attention, than we won't let him get away with a lot of the things that he promise that he wanted to do. >> i'm just here to kind of stand up for equal rights for
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all people and basic democracy, basic human decency. >> hundreds unable to make the trip to the nation's capitol plan to protest locally. peaceful protests around the city already began thursday and are set to kickback up again at noon. as donald trump takes the oath of office. chief inspector joe sullivan says the city isn't specking any major issues, so that his offices are prepared to deal with the demonstrations. >> we will minimize the dis cup sean. -- disruption. there will be some disruption. that's the price we pay to live in a free society. >> protesters say they hope to send a message not only to the president-elect, but to their fellow citizens. >> it is important to show people in this time that so many people are anxious, so many people are worried about what is coming that, you know, we have the power, you know, the government doesn't have the power.
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>> and police are expecting more people demonstrations later today, but they still urge people to try to avoid center city as well as broad street this afternoon, and to also take public transportation. but for now, liver from 30th street station, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, jan, back to you. >> all right, tran, thank you. meanwhile, stay with live coverage of the inch august rags, jessica dean will have live report from the nation's capitol later today on "eyewitness news". >> this is the last morning president obama will wake up as commander in chief and it will be a very busy day. around 9:40 a.m. the obama's will welcome the trump's to the white house hosting tea and coffee reception. will head to the capitol at 10:30, and president-elect trump will be sworn in right around 11:45. after that, the obama's head to joint base andrews, whereby then former president obama will deliver remarks, the first family arrives in palm springs, california, around 7:00 tonight. first lady michelle obama tweeted her thanks to the american public.
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she shared this photo of her and president obama and wrote. ment being your first lady has been the honor of a lifetime. from the bomb bottom of my heart, thank you. the tweet is signed mo, indicating first lady did it herself. vice president joe biden will take the train home to delaware after the inauguration. the biden's will be the guests of honor at welcome home rally at 2:30 this afternoon. that's at the taste center -- chase center in wilmington. >> no one was injured after a fire destroys a pizzeria in philadelphia's juniata section. firefighters were called to wyoming pizza on wyoming and whitaker avenues about 2:30. you can see water being blasted inside the building. we're told the fire also destroyed apartment above the pizzeria. >> reputed drug kingpin known as el chapo is in high security jail cell in new york right now fewer hours ahead of his appearance in a federal courtroom. guzman extradited to the u.s. from mexico last night. indictment accuses el chapo from overseeing drug
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trafficking operation, that made billions in profit that were sent back to mexico. if convicted, guzman faces life in prison. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning: very close encounter with florida's most fierce preditor. see what happens when one couple spoke, got little too close to this gator. >> and george h.w. bush will not be attending donald trump's inauguration. we have an update on the former president's health. that's coming up. >> ♪ change ♪ >> ♪ >> change ♪ >> meanwhile, live look of the white house, changes today, as president obama moves out. donald trump moves in. moving crews only have about five hours to get everything ready for the new first family. inauguration coverage continues. stay with us, everyone. >> ♪ changes ♪
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>> you know one couple that won't be at the inauguration due to health reasons. >> former george rw bush and his wife barbara reportedly doing much better after being in the hospital earlier this week. we got an update overnight from a spokesperson, who says, both 41st president and mrs. bush are on an upswing. mr. bush is in intensive care for treatment of pneumonia. the former first lady is undergoing treatment for wrong kite. >> secretary of state, john kerry, took his dog to work on his last day on the job. he brought his three year old yellow lab fin with him to the last state department briefing. gorgeous dog. sat down neglect to secretary of state. >> i want to bring a dog into the news room. eventually that's my goal for 2017. >> we can make it happen.
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>> i bring my dog in on weekends sometimes, she helps us anchor. >> hey. >> she gives me forecasts jokes, runs model data. very helpful. >> very good. >> excellent forecaster. this morning, the forecast is going to be for some rain moving in by midday. getting live look at center city philadelphia. no rain coming down right now, fast forward about six hours, and we likely will have some rain building in across center city philadelphia. temperature right now, 33 degrees, with calm winds, and for those headed to the inauguration, it is going to be a mild one, with temperatures right around 50 degrees. at around noontime, cloudy conditions, though, and rain likely arriving by midday in the dc area. it is going to be on the warmer side of inauguration days, at that time, around noontime. the coldest and the warmest both in history by ronald reagan, in 1985, he had the colds he is inauguration had to be moved indoors, it was 7 degrees, with windchill down to 20 below, but he also has the warmest to that in 1981,
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temperature of 55 degrees, so it will be near that day, and mostly cloudy conditions back in the early 80s, but for us today, 46 degrees, increase in clouds, with the rain developing, steady rain likely throughout the afternoon hours, then, tonight, the stray shower possible, clouds around, areas of fog only falling back to 41 degrees. storm scan3, showing us, the cloud deck starting to increase, area of rainfall quickly working it way off to the north and east. future wet letter show us it will be building in, as we head into the midday hours. moving off to the north and east, throughout the afternoon, likely, that rain at least the falling rain will be clearing out by the commute. we have to deal with the residual effect in the way of slick roadways, essentially some ponding as well. and then mild, dry, meisha, to kick off the weekends, 55 degrees tomorrow. >> not bad, lauren, 55, we will take that, and the morning commute. nice thing is dry roadways, so good morning. tgif. all right, looking at 95, we are starting to build levels here. we can expect it now that we push into the 6:00 hour. still traveling at posted speeds, that's the good news,
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so headed out any time soon, just know that you will be sharing the road way with these guys it, looking okay, starting to builds little bit. heads up here. fire department activity whitemarsh, maple drive, for those every in you and around that neighborhood. and also, market frankford eastbound line, ten minute delays, equipment problems, 69th street. just make sure to check those schedule on line because this isn't the only thing we've talk about on mass transit. we have a lot more to talk about coming up in a little bit. first a quick break stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> from the trentonian, new study by the new jersey department of community affairs shows that hamilton township could save nearly $3 million if it consolidated its fire service, currently the township divide into nine fire district, each is governed by five elected commissioners, and all 45 of those commissioners collect taxpayer funded salaries. on the cover of the bucks county courier times now, in less than a month the key federal reports on controversial 1 billion-dollar proposal expected now bucks county communities, such as new hope, newtown township and lower makefield, appear to be in the path of a possible, if
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unlikely, alternative route for the pipeline. >> and from the america cure i financial concerns for the north swimming club in pottstown, facing financial pressure from fuse members and higher costs, they started a go fund me campaign to offset costs, their goal to raise $20,000. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, a pair of teammates from strawberry mansion high school will be honored at half time of tonight's sixers game. >> take a look at this, this is nadiris and nadira, they have more in common their their first names, both star players on the field hockey and lacrosse teams, and both face life challenges. one died and one mother struggle with severe lupus. they're also catching the eye of college recruiter. >> good for them. coming up a little later, meisha takes us on another dream drive. >> yeah. and see ya later alligator. wait until you see what happens when one couple both
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tips at the shore, got little too close to a gator. we will be right back.
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>> rain is on the way for today, and more rain returns, in your weekend watch forecast, but at least we kick things off on dry note on saturday, temperatures running well above average on the
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order of about 15 degrees, we middle 50's, low 50's at the shore, mild day sunday, as well, poconos running well above average middle 40's. we start things off dry sunday across the delaware valley. rain will be building in across the area as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, and we will talk more about that late weekends storm system and your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, lauren. close call for missouri couple visiting florida when gator jumps right onto their boat. >> scary stuff. kyle and his wife emerald were on vacation in the sunshine state. they say the winds blew their boat up to the bang there. as their tour guide was about to push off, right, there l ate gator left onto their boat, got stuck before splashing into the water. wow. take a look at. that will all happened while taylor was streaming the event on facebook live. >> my sister was watching it live.
6:26 am
and she said that she thought she was watching the end. >> i thought i was going to get to see the end of my brother, like excited, obviously joking. >> my goodness. thankfully no one was hurt, although they were startled for few seconds, the couple says they can now laugh about that frightening experience. >> i'm telling you, they move fast. >> look at him. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", our coverage of the inauguration continues. >> donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united state, and just a few hours, now, we are live in the nation's capitol where the stage is set to make history. trang? >> reporter: and he'll be met by hundreds of demonstrators from the philadelphia region who are traveling to dc to protest. i'll tell you their message for the new president. >> and trang, we have some nice dry roadways this morning, we do have fire department activity, and delays on mass transit. plus, well, i'm tell when you we come right back. cbs-3
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>> good morning, it is now 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> we're going to make america great. >> for all of our people. everybody. >> president-elect waking up in washington this morning on day that few people ever thought would come. >> there will be interruptions. >> hundreds expected to protest in center city this inauguration day, while other are on their way to dc for the historic event. >> many people from our area already in d.c. are on their way as we speak to protest the inauguration. >> flames tear through pizza
6:31 am
shop in philadelphia's juniata park section over night. there is no word of injuries. >> you see on tv on facebook but never experience it. >> woman giving birth in a unusual place. >> everyone came together, and pulled it out. bad is not the word. >> good humor with adorable baby. today is inauguration day, donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. >> cbs news correspondent weijia jiang jones us live from the us capitol this morning with a preview. weijia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan, jim. it is already a very busy morning here at the capitol. and, in fact, see crews behind me putting the final touches on the stage, where president-elect donald trump will be sworn in. he has a busy schedule this morning, that will unfold, with military precision. he makes his way to the
6:32 am
capitol. >> donald trump capped his final night as president-elect at black tie dinner washington. joking about rain, in the forecast. >> if it really pours, that's okay. because people will realize it is my real hair. and that's okay. >> and, predicting a second term. >> four years from now we will win because we did so well. >> earlier, mr. trump joined thousands at a concert at the lincoln memorial, where he previwed the central theme of his inauguration address. >> we're going to make america great for all recall our people, everybody. >> his transition team says he's aiming for compact theme lasting less than 20 minutes. >> when a president has a clear message for the country they don't need to go on andres it up in a style that isn't their own. >> mr. trump would deliver that address after packed morning including traditional church service and coffee with the obama's at the white
6:33 am
house. the two families then travel by motorcade to the capitol. >> while officials say there is no specific or credible threat against the event, 31,000 law enforcement officers, along with 5,000 national guards men, will be on the ground, in the air, and patrolling rivers. >> they're also gearing up for massive anti-trump demonstrations like this one held in downtown dc last night. >> go through so many extraordinary measures to make sure that they give lgb community. so i need to be here and fight against that rhetoric. >> the soon to be president will take part in a shortened inaugural parade before attending ceremonial balls, this evening. >> along with traditional lincoln bible, president-elect trump will also be using a childhood bible during his swearing in ceremony, all wait to go see if his oath will be 35 or 39 words, because, totally to up him whether to
6:34 am
add the words so help me god. live the at the us capitol, jim, jan, back to you. >> weijia, thank you. >> we will have much more on inauguration day in just a moment. first we want a first check on our forecast. >> lawyer send tracking a chance of rain. hi, lauren! >> hey, guys, yes. not feeling as nice as it was yesterday morning. yesterday, it felt mild. pleasant this morning. chillier. you are going to feel the moisture in the air, feeling damp, temperatures are much cooler on the order of about 10 degrees in many locations we start off on friday morning. checking in live on the neighborhood network, you can see being some of the numbers in the upper 20's, low 30's, cinnaminson, 31 degrees, at 29 degrees right now in medford lakes. we do have rain on the way, cloud deck starting to increase from the southwest to the northeast across the delaware valley. and that rain, in association with this area of low pressure, is inning closer and closer, and we are expecting periods of rain today. clouds to start. then rain arriving in many areas by midday. likely some steady rain this afternoon with some more
6:35 am
pocket, and could slow down the commute later today. rain will be tapering off likely by the time of the commute. we will have to deal with the residual impact. not going to be deluge rainfall totals will be abundant, could pick up about a .10 to quarter of an inch through the rain event today. it will make for slick roadways later today. if you are headed skiing this weekend, up into the poconos, snow boarding, you don't care about little rain today. and there are 20 trails open at jack frost big boulder, 15 trails open, 37 in camelback. base looking good, camelback base up to 36 to 48 inches at blue mountain, base 24 to 36 inches. when it comes to skiing, meisha, you know, it is all about that base. >> oh, it is all about that base, about that base. all right, thank you so much, lauren. good morning, everyone, tgif to you. what are we looking at right now? dry roadways. clearly you can see by the camera shot, something going on out there. we have an accident route 30 bypass eastbound past route 340. that left lane is compromised.
6:36 am
it is predominantly moved over to the far left shoulder. it is blocking some of that left lane as well. and that is going to slow you down, you can just see snail crawl right around that. so heads up for those of in you and around the area, out there now, might wack to at any time on couple every extra minutes, maybe 15, 20, 25 minute, depending what you get out there. i'll let you know as soon as that clears, right now that will force a tap on the brakes if nothing else fire department activity in whitemarsh, butler pike, heads up around that neighborhood. make note of t and also, mass transit, market frankford eastbound line, 20 minute delays due to equipment problems. and some trains express from second street to arrott station, delays, make sure to check the schedules on line. this is not the first and only problem we've been seeing out there this morning. what i want to pull your attention, happening around noon today in center city. city hall, independence mall, protests, starting, this will affect you moving around lunch hour. 1:00 p.m. rally at temple
6:37 am
university. student will be marching directly down broad street. that will affect some of you around broad, as well. then, tomorrow, we have the women's march in philadelphia. also, slowing the inauguration on the ben franklin parkway. they are gathering around 7:00 a.m. to march start at 10:00 a.m. bus detours, through 6:00 parking restrictions between five a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and i'll be tweet that information out to you, as well, jim, jan, back to you. >> thanks, meisha. some folks will take to the street to protest today right here in philadelphia. other are headed to the nation's capitol as president-elect trump takes the oath of office. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at 30th street station with more on what's in store foreign august ration day. trang, good morning. >> good morning, jan, jim. saw so many tracked pains headed taught dc, many full of trump supporters on the flip side many of the demonstrators decided to travel to the nation's capitol by bus. take a look at this video we shot very early this morning, we caught up with some of
6:38 am
these folks, boarding buss in center city around 2:00 a.m. this morning, the group stands to protest president-elect donald trump's inauguration, then return here to the city, by about 9:00 p.m. tonight. this group one of several who left philadelphia very, very early this morning, to make sure their opinions on our new president are heard. >> we have the power, you know, the government doesn't have the power, and that we can hold the government accountable for what they do. specially in light of the inauguration, the appointments, the cabinet appointment, and just general feeling that the country will be run by a group of billionaires. >> little demonstrations are expected to kick off around noon, and continue throughout the day. police are urging people to try to avoid center city as well as broad street around temple university. for now, liver from 30th street station, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, jan, back to you.
6:39 am
>> trang, thank if you. several actors going to new york city mayor for anti-trump rally near central park last night. they expressed their concerns about the president-elect's plans, actors at the protest included robert deniro, alec baldwin, and rosey perez. they urge people to call their representatives in congress to make sure that our new president is held accountable. >> well, the women's march on washington is expecting 200,000 people to join together in protest tomorrow. the demonstrators will march the street of washington, d.c. sister mars are scheduled for the same time here in philadelphia, and then dozens of other cities nationwide. >> developing right now, in italy, officials say they've located five survivors following the devastating avalanch there. rescue helicopt verse just been called in to search for the victims, the avalanch slammed into the ski resort in central italy wednesday evening following a series of earthquakes, as many as 30 people are feared burried,. >> that's really good news, at least they found some survivors. up next, meisha takes us on
6:40 am
dream drive to a place many people have driven by for years, but have never really seen. >> what are your favorites? there are so many. >> i know, so many crazy quirky things. >> yes. >> you know how i love quirky. all from one family. they were animal lovers and collectors. we will show it to you next. >> plus, remember this video of all of those red skiddles scattered across the highway? well, it turns out, jim, those skid was not headed to the candy store. >> you're kidding? >> yesment next, the story behind where they were really headed. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> lauren dancing in the weather center. here is live picture of the white house on this inauguration day, donald trump will be using two bibles when he takes the presidential oath. we will tell you what's behind the symbolism on both of these
6:41 am
bibles, coming up next. beautiful shot. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> lots going on down in d.c. welcome back to/witness news on this inauguration day. today when donald trump takes the oath, he'll be taking a page out every history. >> mr. trump will place his hand on two bibles, one his mother gave him in 1955, the other, the same one used by abraham lincoln, back in 1861. here's a look at this historic book, trump says he's hum tonight place a bible on -- to place his hands on a bible with such special history. the only other president to use lincoln's bible, trump predecessor, barack obama. >> learn something new every day. there will be very special guest at today's presidential
6:45 am
inauguration. >> this south jersey man has seen it all before. ninety-one year old b harold smick has seen 19 straight presidential inaugurations, mr. smick saw hirst first, when franklin d. roosevelt was inaugurated for thirds term. he said he voted for hillary clinton this time around but will be therefore donald trump. >> i think he's different. he certainly has quite, quite a character, and i pray that he'll do a good job. >> well, mr. smick has collection of signatures from every president from george washington to barack obama. he said he's looking forward to adding the signature from donald trump. >> quite the collection. >> exactly. lauren, what can we expect? i know we hear rain, rain, rain. meisha is moaning. waist going on? >> yes, rain, rain by mid week next week you'll say reign go away. we've had enough of you. weather watch ers are up early with us this morning, and reporting their current conditions, and it is a chillier start to the day on this friday morning. than what we had yesterday morning. a lot of our weather watch err
6:46 am
temperatures down in the upper 20's, mid 20's, low 30's, but a loft us sub freezing right now, we head down to delaware, wilmington right now, just above freezing at 33 degrees at least a's house reporting mostly cloudy conditions and she says chilly, cloud think morning, pack your umbrella for later today, happy friday everyone. she has owned in on the forecast because we will see rain moving in across the delaware valley as we led into the afternoon hours. we head over into jersey, little chillier, 25 degrees at john's house, mostly cloudy conditions in tabernacle right now, he says good morning, cold outside, half moon shining. only few stars, and no wind. winds will be relatively light throughout the day today. but, conversely, as we head into sunday night, monday, next round of rain after today. those winds are really going to be whipping. we check in with one more temperature, 24 degrees, north and west of the city, in perkasie. john's house, he is reporting partly cloudy conditions. he says, waiting on the rain. wishing it was snow. i don't know if everyone
6:47 am
shares that sentiment. john, you know i like a little snow. but no snow in the forecast for the delaware valley at least for the next seven days, but quite a bit of precipitation in the form every rainfall. storm scan3, showing us, the cloud deck increasing. precipitation shield still off to the south and west, starting to see this area filling in, ahead of the leading edge, we could see some showers starting to build in by the late morning hours. but, expecting periods of steady rain as we head throughout the afternoon, cool, damp, temperature of 46 degrees. as we head into tonight, could see lingering shower, possible, low temperatures, not cooling off too much. cloud around, areas of fog, only dropping back to 41 degrees. future weather showing us, as we head through the day today, rain will be moving in, especially during the afternoon hours, tapering off by the commute. as we head into tonight, clouds still around, we have dry saturday, but, clouds still persisting through the start of the weekends, then that rain arrives into sunday, late saturday night, early sunday, expect on the coast, will be contend withing strong storm system, her rain
6:48 am
possible one, 2 inches, gusty winds, meisha, up to 50 miles per hour, some coastal flooding possible. so monday looks like a rough start to next week. >> yes, sure does. all right, laura, thank you so much. right in the moment right now, it is better than what lauren was just describing monday, but for our friday morning, do have a problem out there. schuylkill eastbound at montgomery. see it is pulled all the way off to the right. but that will start to slow you down just little bit. heads up on that again, that's schuylkill eastbound montgomery. the accident by the way route 30 bypass eastbound past route 340. that's still out there, as well. but for now, heads up on the schuylkill. tapping on the brakes as you drive by. plus two, more accident, whitehall road at germantown pike, main street at schuylkill avenue. heads up on that for those every you, will start to slow you down more into the 7:00 hour if you are not moved out of the way right now, just to sound the alarm, you know it is out there. take a look at this, you guys, look at that, keep the helicopt. jfk boulevard bridges to be rehabilitated over 21st, 22nd, 23rd, so this start monday.
6:49 am
between 20th street and schuylkill avenue. take a look at this, monday through friday, eastbound lanes closed westbound reduced to one lane, 9:00 a.m. to three each day. eastbound lanes will stay closed, stay closed, through august. of course, i'll be tweeting that information out as well. look at them. look at this. cbs, still going. happy friday everyone, jan, jim, back to you. >> so is delerious. >> now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie, nora, gale, joining us from the capitol this morning with the preview. the gang is all here. good morning, guys. >> good morning, jim, jan here on the national mall with special coverage of the inauguration of donald j trump, live coverage of every event from when the president-elect leaves the house. >> plus special guests kelly ann conway, kevin mccarthy, senate minority leader chuck schumer, cory booker, lindsay gram. >> also sit down with
6:50 am
president-elect's son err took talk about his dad's work ethics, use of social media, and keeping the businesses separate, he says, they can do. that will lots going on today. we've got it all covered. see you at 7:00. >> thanks, guys, we look looking forward to it. >> well in the cbs-3 health watch this morning, the number of fathers taking leave from work has sky rocketed. >> researchers at ohio state university found that number has more than tripled in the past decade. meantime the number of women taking maternity lever has not changed. the study also finds the number of fathers taking leave is still much lower than mother. >> also, new concerns, health concerns for children with asthma. researchers at the university of southern california say kids who have asthma are about 50% more likely to become obese. but they add that if a child uses end hail ers when they have asthma attacks, it can counter the chances of developing obesity. >> well, jim, remember our story the other day about all of the skiddles across the rodeway inn wisconsin. >> i love that story. we have update for you.
6:51 am
the skid was not going to a grocery store. >> what? >> get this. the skiddles candies were going to supplement cattle feed. turns out the human beings aren't the only ones who like the candy. expert tell us skiddles can be part of a could you's diet, but only in small and the. >> when you talk about feeding candy, it is something that can help maybe supplement a small portion of the diet. it can be a cheaper source every feed for that animal. but does have to be done on a given very carefully. >> same with me. well, farmers say that in moderation, skiddles can provide a cow with extra energy. we need little dishes of it here. >> but only the red ones, apparently. >> we need to talk about that later. >> this week's dream drive story takes us to a spot that calls itself a hidden gem. >> meisha now joins us. there are stuff for animals lovers here and history buffs. >> yes, there is. so think about this. animals lovers and history buffs, a place philadelphians have been driving by for years.
6:52 am
but many have never stepped foot inside. now you're about to. look at this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> for generations it has been the place to be after a big snowstorm, to sled. but have you ever wondered what is inside that big house? >> like the wizard wizard of oz sitting up on top of the hill. >> the museum that's tucked away in a italian style mansion. one i can't wait to see. >> welcome to ryerrs museum and library. first built in 1859 by tycoon joseph ryers. site manager. >> victorians, in general, love collecting things, object. >> there are so many. >> i know. there are so many crazy quirky things here. take a look what's in this case. this sea turtle, my favorite animal, you have this, i think they're cute, too, and then
6:53 am
the pup err fish. judge robert ryers willed the house, land, collection, at the museum. >> for the people forever. that's what we've been doing since 1910. >> the collection got so large, the sit had i to build an addition in the 1920's. alyssa used to come here as a child. >> because it was quiet. we could roam around it. looks just the same. >> that is old ray. he was the ryers favorite horse. >> oh,. >> oh, they had their dogs, plenty of rabbits, cat. >> there is even a little pet cemetery with tiny headstones. >> another room filled with artifacts, the ryers family collected on trips around the worlds. >> that, i would love him to guard my condo. we have ivory. we have hindu objects. we have budist objects. >> that that, right when i walked in this room, i of course was drawn to the buda.
6:54 am
>> this buda here date back to the 11th or 12th century. he's from japan. >> unbelievable. >> just had to rub the buda belly. and there is neighborhood lending library. >> we have children's books, we have adult books. as you can see, we still have a card catalogue. >> i'm kind of amazed, that there is so much here. >> lovely collection. and it is fascinating time warp. so way back in the day you used to take the calling cards? >> i think i'm leave my cbs business card. see ya later. >> oh, isn't he cute? one of those magestic places do you have check out every time go there. i assure you, you'll always see and learn something new. what about that library in anselm tear? >> i think that's great. you have to touch things, don't you? >> i have to touch things. >> you always are touching things. >> just fast. i apologize, just did it
6:55 am
really fast. >> and she gave you the side eye. >> thank you, meisha. >> we love you. we will be right back in a
6:56 am
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6:59 am
>> donald trump will take the oath of office today becoming the nation's 45th president. but first, mike pence will be sworn in as vice president, all happens shortly before noon. >> busloads of protesters left philadelphia for washington, d.c. earlier this morning other plan to protest at center city and independence mall at noon. >> welcome home rally this afternoon at the chase center in wilmington. and that's three to go. >> last check on weather. >> all right it, will rain today. pack along that umbrella rain throughout the afternoon could be steady at times. headed into the upcoming weekends, mild, ten to 15 degrees above average. rain returns sunday night, monday, looks gross. >> thanks, lawyer glenn just gross. >> today is special day on the calendar, i know you have it mark on your calendar, not talking about the presidential inauguration. >> today is also national penguin awareness day. they're dressed for the occasion, called macaroni pen wins because of their streaks on their head t bridges international focus.
7:00 am
i got my captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is inauguration day, friday, january 20th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning" from the national mall in washington. this is a historic day for america. the nation makes a peaceful transition of power from barack obama to donald trump, and we'll bring you every moment live. a patriotic display of grandeur kicked off the presidential inaugural last night. hundreds of thousands of people are expected here for this morning's swearing in. >> so what do we expect for the next four years. our guests include kel ya an conway, eric


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