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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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i, donald john trump to solemnly swear. >> a new president, sworn in, a new era for america. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> yeah. >> donald j trump took office at noon today becoming the nation's forty-fifth president telling the president he is the president for each and every american. >> i will fight for you, with every breath in my body, and i will never, ever, let you down hear these word, you will never be ignored ever again. >> in his address to the nation he reiterated his campaign promise and now his administration, mission. >> we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy
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again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together, we will make america great again. >> making america great again, it is promised from day one and now on day one of his administration, we will watch as that promise takes shape. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from washington d.c. where all of the pomp and circumstance happened today, and now the inaugural parade has wrapped up, so now focus is on all of the celebrations and galas, the president and first lady are expect to attend three galas tonight, two of those are at the convention center, a third to solute the troops will be held at the national building museum. now, all of this happening on a day that is history in the making, a lot of people here to witness this and earlier today a nation came together
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for that peaceful transfer of power. >> i don't old john trump do solemnly swear. >> reporter: at noon surrounded by his family, donald trump put his hand on abraham lincoln's bible and took the presidential oath of office administered by chief justice john roberts. after a 21 gun solute the new president delivered his that you go rally with address. >> from this day forward a new vision will governor land, from this day forward, it is going to be only america first >> reporter: hundreds of thousands oz have people, didn't let the drizzly weather to keep them there watching history in the making. >> we wanted to get a feel for the entire process, good, bad, we saw both side of everything >> i'm very found that we have got our kent -- proud that we have our country back again. >> reporter: president trump signed executives order, by that time he said good bye to the outing command inner chief
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at the reviewing the troops, president trump and first lady headed to pennsylvania avenue for the inaugural parade, first family walk route several times and then took their seats in the reviewing stand outside of the white house. and as everybody moves from capitol hill, to take part in the other festivity of the day , the senate went back to work confirming the first of trump's nominees for his cabinet retired general james mattis and defense secretary. that was business taken care of today right after that oath of office was taken. saw all throughout the take that mr. trump's tamly was by his side, his five children, his wife melania, the new first lady. they started out their day with the prayer service at saint john's church, every president has attended a pray er service there since it opened this 1816. and also at the inauguration was donald trump's formal rival the woman he beat to become president hillary
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clinton. she was there with her husband president bill clinton. they attended together. she also tweeted out i'm here to honor our democracy, and it is enduring values. i will never stop believing in our country and its future a long with the the clinton where is other former first families including president george w. bush and his wife, laura and president carter and his wife roselynn. president bush's father president george hw bush, has been sick and hospitalized and was not able to attend. in the meantime, the now former first family of former president, barack obama and former first lady michelle obama left in what they were calling marine executive, it was no longer marine one because he was in longer the acting president and he went over to joint force andrews to thank supporters there. >> this has been a privilege of my life, and i know i speak for michelle as well, and we
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look forward to continuing this journal which all of you, and i cannot wait to see what you do next. i promise i will be right there with you. >> reporter: but before that he and michelle owe bam air taking a little vacation out to palm springs, california where they headed off after thanking all of those supporters. the as all this was happening there were protests, some of them violent here in the nation's capitol throughout the day and they have continued, as the hours have gone by. things got violent a few blocks from where the actual inauguration was happening, people used pepper spray stun grenade to restore order and all washington police say 217 people were arrested today, and six officers, suffered minor injuries. and you probably saw this at one point demonstrators set fire to a limousine, it is unclear if anybody was inside that limousine at the time, they also set fire to make america great again hat, of course, trump's signature hats and trash cans, and law
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enforcement worked to push protesters away from all of the rally with that is were from all of the inauguration events that were happening. now the protest that were happening here were not isolate todd just washington d.c., they were happening also around the country, including, in philadelphia, and "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has been following developments back in philadelphia for us and joins us live from independent mall, alex, how are things tonight. >> reporter: well, we do have some good news, jessica. over past two hours 200 protesters have left just as peacefully as they had gathered. on the lawn in front of the independent hall, more than a dozen groups demonstrated together, as they advocated on behalf of minority communities several additional groups of protesters took to the streets near city hall raising their voices and concerns, over trump's presidency. while, passionate protester, around philadelphia, shared no resemblance to the out offhanded protests scenes coming out of d.c.
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participants credit organizations, and realistic goals. >> it is not about, you know, i mean who won the election. you are not going to shut down inauguration. you will not short of an asteroid hit the hand will be president so we have to get organized and we have to move forward. >> reporter: of course, there are celebrations taking place in the region as well, the union league is hosting a very large gala, that is taking place as we speak. reporting live from independent mall,al sand that half for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, alex, we will continue to see you throughout the night. thanks so much for that update in the meantime as i told you the focus now has shifted to the galas of the evening, we will bring you that, as it happens, tonight on "eyewitness news" at ten and 11:00 o'clock. ukee, in the meantime now back to you. >> jessica, thanks very much. we will see you later. as you mentioned jessica two people missing from the inaugural festivities president george hw bush and his wife barbara, after health setbacks we are told they are doing much better. according to a family
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spokesmen both are on the upswing, mr. bush remains in intensive care for treatment of pneumonia, and doctors removed his breathing tube and we're told he is breathing well on his own. former first lady is under going treatment for bronchitis delaware valley welcomes home our vice-president, joe biden. >> my character, my values, my view of the world and it all comes from this state and all have of you. >> coming up after a short break an emotional vice-president biden, came home the way he has done for decade, by train, and our natasha brown was on board with him for the trip home. it is always the big talker on inauguration day what will the first lady wear? we will take a closer look at mrs. trump's designer outfits that is getting a lot of attention, kate is this. and we have got the rain moving out of the area right now still tracking a few showers tonight and also watch for some fog but a stronger storm is on the way and ill
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will's tell if you heavy rain will impact your weekend plans right now you are looking live, a live picture of the stage, set for the liberty ball, the first of the inaugural galas, we will keep an eye on this, and show you when the new first family arrives, be right back.
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delaware's favorite sonnies back home after eight years. vice-president joe biden and his wife doctor jill biden were honored with a hometown hero's welcome. our natasha brown was on the train with the biden as as they came home to a special, celebration, in wilmington. >> hi, guys. riding amtrak. >> reporter: shortly after inauguration of president trump, former vice-president joe biden return to a all too familiar place, union station, boarding the train back home to wilmington delaware. we caught up with them on board. >> what advice would you give president trump. >> i don't give advice to presidents. i learned to do that private the liz. >> reporter: after serving the last eight years as vice-president with the obama administration and 36 years as a u.s. senator representing delaware he has logged 8,000 round trips on amtrak. >> ladies and gentlemen, now that we are arriving the at joseph r biden junior station. >> reporter: it is fitting he received a hero's welcome after rolling in the wilmington train station that
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bears his name. from there, hundreds went into greet biden and his wife jill at the chase center in wilmington. the pride of delaware's joe biden moved him to tears as he addressed the crowd. >> paraphrase, james joyce and i know i'm always quoting irish poets but joyce said and i will paraphrase it, when i die, when i die delaware will be written on my heart. >> i am more grateful then ever for joe biden. i am more grateful then ever for a man has conduct himself with integrity, dignity, humility, and open heart for all of our people. >> just an outpouring of
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emotion from all of the folks here for their, you know, native son so to speak. >> we know former vice-president joe biden will be working with his alma matter the university of delaware and we also know his plans for this weekend are simple for now, he plans to hang out with his grand kid he says and just enjoy being home in wilmington, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> welcome home to the both of you. tonight the big celebrations begin, lets go back to jessica in washington tc. jessica, any insight on what to expect from the inaugural gala. >> that is what everybody is looking to tonight, that is where all of the attention turns as to all of the galas. the we will give you a live look in the liberty gala one of the three being held tonight and we are expecting to see president trump and the first lady have that traditional first dance that we are used to seeing. we're told they are not at that gala just yet but we will continue to keep an eye on that and bring it the to you at 10:00 o'clock and 11:00 o'clock as well. now when it comes to
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inaugurations day is there often a lot of talk about the fashion choices especially for the first lady, and michelle obama was very famous for clothing that she would wear and statement that would be behind it. she was often times making a subtle statement by what she chose to wear or what designer she chose to wear there was attention to what melania trump might wear. when we emerge we figure out what it was, it was by ralph lauren and you will remember pale blue, it was a structured cashmere jacket and mock turtle neck dress with suede gloves all in in that matching sky blue color. that is what we saw her this throughout the day. meantime white house counselor kelly ann conway who managed donald trump's campaign her outfit got attention and a lot of people talking. she arrived in the red, white and blue jacket situated with double row of cat faced buttons. it is a $3,600 wool a-line coat by gucci, she wore a red
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hat, matching handbag and gloves and a lot of people talking about that because she had it on when she was interviewed by morning show this morning and throughout the day, and it stood out but ukee, always on this night there is that sat tore qualification part that everybody looks at and wants to know who is wearing what and, of course, tonight at the gala, people eyes will be back on the president and first laidy that is for sure, jessica. what a first lady chooses can make a statement and change life of the designer from the elegance of both, jackie kennedy to michelle obama. looking back, in 2013 mrs. n by jason wu, wu was her choice for her first inaugural night in 2009. oscar delaurenta was label for laura bush in 2005, michael faircloth, director in 2001. hillary clinton sparkled in oscar delaurenta in 197. in 193 she chose designer sarah phillips, barbara bush danced the night away in
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arnold sku zi, and jane, designed nancy reagan's, 1985 gown just as he did in 1981. >> how about that. >> i'm counting on you, jessica dean because i have no clue. any guesses or rumors about melania's inaugural gown for the gala. >> if i had to guess would i think ralph lar even owe lauren has been a fair guess. she has gone to him today but in years past and so that would not be a surprise. i will say though that there is a wonderful exhibit at the smithsonian museum that has all of the first lady's inaugural gowns, michelle obama's are there but they go all the way back and fun filth tore look at inauguration and kind of the more whimsical side of it. the more fun side of it. but back to what you were saying about mrs. obama she certainly lifted up so many designers and really whatever she would wear, would then sellout and it made a big
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difference. people waiting to see if that happens with mrs. trump. >> well, no doubt, camera will be rolling and flashing tonight. jessica, stand by we will get back in a little bit. no wetter place to get a bit of a history lesson then in the cade will of liberty right here in philadelphia. >> it is always important to have differences because things can be work out, always compromise. >> vittoria woodill gets advice from one of our found ing fathers about taking the reigns of a sometimes divided america, we will be right back.
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it does not look like a whole lot of sun in our future in fact it the might be wednesday before we see any real appreciable sunshine but good news is, the rain is moving out. here's a quick look at storm scan three with our roof campaign not a whole lot going on right now, little bit of fog developing right now but
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really overnight that the fog will increase, across the area is to storm scan three is showing a system off the coast with scattered sprinkles but most steady this afternoon, now moving away, and we have brief high pressure, starting to wedge in for the start of the weekend which is going to help temperatures, rise a bit and also, we will see, dry conditions, for your saturday but then another storm, a stronger one approaches, for sunday night into monday. forty-two right now in philadelphia, 40 in allentown, 42 in millville. we have stayed in the lower 40 's all day with the rain moving through but temperatures will hold steady, overnight and then rise, tomorrow, the problem, look at temperatures rising, lots of fog. visibility near zero tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. that will continue through early saturday morning before slowly rising in the afternoon , and, and, and low visibility. sunday into monday this next storm approaches and look how much rain, especially for portions of south jersey, we all could see one to 2 inches,
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gusty wind, 45 miles an hour, possibly even near city but greatest impact, late sunday and especially machine will be at the coast where wind could gust to 50 miles an hour. we will see minor coastal flooding. very chon snowstorm set up for us but no snow with this one this will be a rain maker. rain ending tonight, mostly cloudy overnight, tomorrow morning, fog, could be dense in spots and cloudy, mild at 55. you're witness weather seven day forecast, we are in the mid 50's as we head through weekend and monday that is when we have the rain and wind , finally, could see some sunshine peak through the cloud wednesday and then starts to turn cooler again, by the end of the next week, ukee. >> still ahead on this special addition of "eyewitness news" inauguration day brings back many memories for our founding fathers, tori woodill met up with previous presidents, you see at historical sites around philadelphia, to talk about the inauguration day, the presidency, and the future. be right
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earlier donald trump was sworn in as forty-fifth president of the united states while it was a, joyous day for many, more than 60 house democrats, decided to skip, the inauguration. as our vittoria woodill find out from two past presidents, this isn't the first time that this has happened. >> reporter: this in 1801 the american people witnessed ceremony of power, being transferred for the first time , between two parties. right here, in philadelphia. it was between our second and third president, mr. john adams and mr. thomas jefferson >> the problem with the rebellion in the western portions of the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: giving us a peak in the history books, loud john adams and thomas jefferson a historic philadelphia ink to share that on inauguration day when adams , a president, others considered to be a federallist had to pass baton of power to jefferson, the first head of the democratic republican party, it was a tough pill to swallow for one side.
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>> day mr. jefferson was inaugurated, i did not attend. >> oh, stop ity caught early stage in the morning out of washington district of columbia and headed toward massachusetts. >> wow. bold, mr. adams. >> yes, it was. >> reporter: for several years jefferson and difficult not the write to each other and it wasn't until about 1812 when, doctor rush a good friend of both of us encouraged us to write each other in which we did. our differences were put aside , and our friendship renewed. >> reporter: known to be friend who often disagreed. >> no, yes. >> no. >> yes. >> my goodness absolutely not the. >> guys, men. >> thomas jefferson's presidency would prove that differences, those strong, were necessary. >> it is important to have differences because things can be worked out. >> political process such as a democracy you have to be able to compromise but idea mr. adams could step back from power and allow me to take power for the country, really i think it is an extraordinary thing in this modern democracy that we have here in the
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united states. >> and after our chatty asked each president to name a good quality about the the other person. adams spoke about jefferson's tremendous writing skills, which we all could have gather from the declaration of the independent. while jefferson spoke of adams ability to argue a point to death. a very interesting day in old city today. >> very interesting they look great. >> don't they. >> how bit. >> thanks very much. still so much happening in our nation's capitol tonight lets go back to jessica for a preview of what we will see on "eyewitness news" later tonight, jessica. >> ukee, tonight we will go inside of the three galas that are happening, we will see president and mrs. trump's traditional dance together, we will also update you on the protests that have broken out here in washington d.c., some violence, we will wrap it autopsy you will up, get the very latest at ten and 11:00 and we will bring it the to you live from our nation's capitol. we will see you then. >> jessica, thanks very much. we will see you later tonight on "eyewitness news" at ten on the cw philly and at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. that is it for this very
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special addition of "eyewitness news", up next, change and challenge: a cbs news special, on the inauguration of president donald j trump. be well family we will see you tonight, take care.
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♪ ♪ >> i donald john trump, do solemnly swear... from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. >> will he be an agent of change? >> it's unfair what's happened to the people of our country. and we're going to change it. >> what i am hoping to see from trump is rebuilding america. >> if his presidency is successful, i think he will redefine the republican party. >> he wants to lead washington, but he also wants to blow up the way business is done in washington. >> can he break through washington gridlock? >> he often says to me, "i want the government to run better, more like a business." i think if he's partially successful at that, that he will ha


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