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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". huge crowd descends on the nation's capitol for the women's march on washington. the streets so packed that the crowd couldn't actually march down the street. similar rallies taking place all around the world including right here in philadelphia. a day for women to voice their concerns about the new administration. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. waves of anti trauma marchers rolled that was hundreds of towns and cities coast to coast with one clear message, a half a million people gathered at the biggest demonstration in washington, d.c. many wore pink hats and held up signs with creative slogans supporting women' issues. as they filled the streets in our nation's capitol. speakers and entertainers got the crowd fired up. >> trump and his handlers have found a fox for every chicken coop in washington and a twitter finger must not become a trig finger. >> we want the best for all
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americans, no hate, no bigotry, no muslim registry. >> reporter justin uto of kyw news radio went to washington and talked to local women who say they are taking a stand against president trump and his agenda. >> reporter: on saturday morning more than 500 people from the philadelphia area hopped on charter buses and made their way to d.c. for the woman' mars on washington they heard speeches for entertained by musical perform performances and took to the streets to raise their concerns. >> i'd like people to know we're not done fighting and this wasn't the death sentence much this was this is a moment wake up call and we need to get our butts in gear. >> reporter: a lot of folks from the delaware valley more than 150-mile pilgrim garage to the nation's capitol is a small journey for an opportunity to stand in solidarity with so many
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like minded americans. >> when they come to d.c. and surround beside hundreds of thousands of like minded people they feel stronger together in group. >> reporter: many of the philadelphians who made the trek to d.c. for the march say this journey is all about making sure their voices are heard as they try to create a better future for their nieces, daughters and all young women across the country. it's estimated that more than 15,000 pennsylvanians attend the rally and march. >> we are marching for their future. we're marching for the fact that they matter and that they have futures that should be just as great as anyone else's. >> reporter: justin, kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness new news". tens of thousands flocked to eakins oval for the women's march on philadelphia. the protesters made their way all along the ben franklin parkway and reporter sherri greg from kyw news radio was there. >> reporter: the signs were as diverse as the women men and children who flocked to ben franklin parkway. but their message was loud and clear. >> hey, hey, h oh, h oval,
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misogyny has got to go. >> we're here for women's rights for rights for all americans, right? >> the event started with march that began at logan square. ♪ >> reporter: and ended at eakins oval. ♪ >> reporter: then a three-hour rally with music -- ♪ >> reporter: dancing. ♪ report let's settle the score right now. >> reporter: and passionate speakers. >> we shall not lose hope and we shall not be afraid. we have to fight. >> now more than ever it's important we protect the rights women have gained while we fight for the rights that women deserve. >> we have to show what it reallreally means to make ameria great again. report roar this extraordinary gathering of like minded people is a brain child of a group of ordinary women isn't i decided to get involved because i honestly didn't think that people could sit on the side lines any longer. >> reporter: emily cooper
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morris came up with the idea for women's march on philadelphia. their goal send a message to america's newly inaugurated president who promised to give the country back to the people. >> these people on ben franklin parkway were all a part of your constituency. it is your job to listen to our voices and to represent us as our president. >> reporter: organizers say they received more than 40,000 space book rsvp' force this event while we don't have an official count as of yet, i think it's safe to say they hit their mark. at eakins oval cherry greg kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news". women's marches organized in all 50 states today. so many people turn out here in chicago the organizers canceled their plans to march through the city's downtown. people still filled out into that area. estimated 250,000 people hit the streets peacefully. chanting and waving signs. protesting president donald trump.
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women's marches went global as well. this was the scene across the pond in london. thousands marched for about 2 miles through the british capitol like here in, here carried signs and criticized president obama -- president trump. president trump didn't waste any time getting to work today taking his first official work relate lated trip. on his first full day in office president donald trump toured cia head quarter langly virgin virginia. he often cliff criticize sized the us intelligence community but raised it on saturday. >> i love you. i respect you. there's nobody i respect more. you'll do a fantastic job and we'll start winning again and you're going to be leading the charge. >> reporter: earlier this month, president trump questioned the intelligence community's conclusion russia interfered with the us presidential election. but now he denies being upset and blame the media. >> they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the
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intelligence community. i just want to let you know the reason you're number one stop is exactly the opposite. >> reporter: white house press secretary also criticized the media at the first news conference held inside the briefing room. >> there's been lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. and i'm here to tell you it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable as well. the american people deserve better. >> sean spicer lash out over reports about how many people attended the inauguration. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentional framed in way to minimize the enormous support that gathered on the national mall. >> spicer did not answer any questions or offer comment about the hundreds of thousands of people in town for the women's march on washington. most of them to protest president trump. nielsen does estimate 31 million viewers watched tru trump's inauguration that's more than barack obama's second inauguration but short of his first which was viewed by
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37.8 million. the marchers meantime in philadelphia didn't have to worry about rain today at least. but about to get very wet and very windy. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking the rain and the wind that's heading our way. lauren what is it looking like. >> very wet and windy with the potential for january thunderstorms but right now it is very foggy across the area a dense fog advisory in effect for the entire delaware valley overnight tonight until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. check out these visibles down a to mile or less at many of our reports sites. .80 of mile visibility in philadelphia. down near quarter mile visible in trenton that will persist through the overnight. areas of dense fog near zero visibility at times in many areas. we will see a chance of showers developing mainly to the south of the city so definitely want to use extra caution if you're hitting the rotor ways late tonight or early tomorrow morning. storm scan3 pretty quiet right now we have this area precipitation will likely
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continue to move off to the north and east. so best chance of rain overnight tonight will be for portions of delaware, south jersey and along the coastline as well. but everyone will have a chance of rain as we head tomorrow night and into monday with this very powerful storm is that. likely to bring one to 3-inches of heavy rainfall across the area and potentially wind gusts to 60 miles per hour we'll talk more about the storm system want to expect on monday coming up in your full forecast in just a f few. >> all right, lauren, thanks, see you soon. police meantime are investigate a deadly stabbing in southwest philadelphia. helping who they're looking for at this point in connection with this disturbing crime. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandra hoff is the life at police headquarters. she's got the latest. alex. >> reporter: natasha, this victim a 70-year-old woman was four her faith, her great conversations and the love she had for her family. 7900 block of caesar place is typically quite and was especially so this night.
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disrupted only by moments of astonishment of those who live here. >> i cannot believe that. report roar police say this is where 70-year-old female was found with multiple stab wounds just after 5:30 p.m. medic pronounced her dead inside of her homeless than an hour later. the southwest philadelphia neighborhood is filled with long-time residents like victor jackson. who lives just a few doors down from the victim known as as miss jerry. >> she, um, established a very nice home here for herself. she raised her children. >> reporter: investigators are now looking for a suspect who they believe is a 29-year-old relative much the victim. >> current events, she was always a good conversational lift for that and we always lo looked forward to always looked forward to speak wig her. >> reporter: tonight the conversations on the street were instead about her. a hard-working woman excited about upcoming plans to travel. a possible motive has not been made public and a murder weapon
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has not yet been returned. >> now what still remains unclear is who made that initial 911 phone call. mows say that 29-year-old suspect and relative was last seen exiting the area on foot wearing a hoodie an dark colored skull cap. reporting live from police headquarters, alexandra loff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thanks very much. now the search is on for gunman wanted in home invasion in chestnut hill. it happened on chestnut avenue at 4:30 this morning. police say the suspect forced male victim to stay in bedroom and took the female victim into another room and sexually assaulted her the suspect left the scene in the victim's 2017 hyundai elantra. anyone with information is asked to contact police right away. also, a car crashed into a wall at rittenhouse square park tonight. "eyewitness news" at 18th and walnut about 10:00 o'clock. police tell us no one was injured luckily. a tow truck was viewed you used to removed the damaged car and
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the cause of this accident is still under investigation at this hour. a very messy cleanup earned a iowa in mayfair this weekend. a trash truck spilled paint all over the 3400 block of englewood street today. authorities are not sure if the truck belonged to the city or a contractor. now the streets department says the paint spill will be fully cleaned up by tomorrow. listening for signs of live still ahead we'll take you to italy the scene of last week's deadly avalanche. several survivors were rescued today but they're still searching for others plus terrifying storms rip through parts of the us. where torrential rains washed away cabins and cars. lauren? >> powerful storm system will impact the delaware valley as we head into tomorrow night and monday. i'll talk about the details and where we have a high wind watch in effect in your full forecast
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>> talk about a close call. watch as a bus narrowly escapes a landslide.
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this happened in china. the driver of the bus saw the landslide and sped up just in the nick of time just missing the wall of rocks and mud. luckily no one was injured. also tonight some three days after a snowy avalanche slammed into resort hotel nine more people have been found alive in the mountains of italy. so far 11 survivors have been found in the wreckage. four people were killed. 20 others are still missing. the hotel was buried in snow on wednesday following a series of earthquake. now four people were killed in homes flattened after tornado struck hattiesburg mississippi overnight. the storm ripped trees from their roots and even knocked down power lines all over the place. the campus of william carrie university was heavily damage. rescuers are still searching for possible victims in the rubble. in california more than 20 people escaped after flood wept swept cabins and vehicles down a coastal canyons. about 150 miles northwest of los
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angeles. the storm toppled trees. the rains delayed the post presidential vacation barack obama and his family. wild weather all over the country actually. >> yes. >> all over the world really. we'll get some ourselves. >> we'll have wild weather sta starting tomorrow night and through the day on monday. monday morning commute will be rough one. dealing with potential of heavy rain and strong gusty winds. winds are calm right now but it is allowing the fog to settle n life look at center city philadelphia. you cannot see that skyline because of those greatly reduced visibilities we'll contend with throughout the overnight period noon early tomorrow morning. temperatures right now though we're on -- temperatures 45 degrees above our average high for the day. so it's mild by january standards. 43 in allentown. 45 degrees right now in ac. winds calm across the area and again that is allowing that fog to settle in, but enjoy the calm winds while we have them because conversely as we head into tomorrow night and monday dealing with rain some heavy at
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times a few january thunderstorms possible winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour in the city and surrounding counties up into the lehigh valley but we do have a high wind watch in effect for cape may atlantic county southeast burlington counties. this is 2:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on monday. we could see wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour along the coast that's where we'll see the most significant impacts from this storm system. heavy rain of one to 3-inches because of these strong winds will lik likely see downed treen the areas along the coast. out power outages possible. get the nash lights ready and potential for minor coat al flooding. strongest winds will likely arrive into late monday morning and around midday. where we have the potential to see wind gusts at 50 to 60 miles an hour along the coast still very strong wind gusts along the i-95 corridor and stretching up into the lehigh valley as well. as we head into the second half of our monday, especially by
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monday evening, those winds will be dropping off dramatically. storstorm scan3 showing us definitely socked with cloud cover and watching this area of precipitation the remnants of severe storms that rolled through the southeast earlier this evening. now just dealing with light to moderate rainfall already star starting to work into delmarva and southern delaware. future weather will show us that the leading edge of that precipitation will likely move its way in to portions of south jersey and along the coast overnight tonight. may not make it northward as far as center city philadelphia. but not ruling out the chance of a passing shower late tonight early tomorrow morning. scattered showers breaking out especially as we head into tomorrow afternoon. you can see the coverage there as we head into late day. light intensity as we head into monday, we are going to deal with pockets of very heavy rainfall. monday morning at 7:00 a.m. that rain returning then do you notice the yellows, oranges and reds indicating that heavier intensity rainfall around the midday continuing into the afternoon and then by monday evening the rain wrapping up the winds wrapping up as well so
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much improved conditions but the first half of monday is going to be a tough go. overnight tonight that dense fog and areas of rain off to the south dropping back to 44 degrees. a mild day tomorrow. but it's not going to be a nice day. clouds around still areas of fog scattered showers then becoming breezy late, windy by sunday night and continuing into monday. monday is our most active day 48 degrees that high temperature few lingering showers into tuesday morning. otherwise conditions quiting down and we get a nice day after the storm system moves out on wednesday. 55 degrees with some sunshine. but then it's january. so, yeah, cold temperatures are in the extended forecast looks like we drop off significantly as we head into the start of next weekend. >> okay. dusting off the rain boots. thank you very much. appreciate it. leslie has sports highlights. >> the flyers they're hoping to get back on the winning track. villanova takes care of providence much jay wright still not happy with his team's performance. we'll hear from him. >> the sixers look to win their fourth in a row.
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i have news o
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sixers down south. >> hopefully to keep up the role they've been on in atlanta taking on the hawks. bat between two hot teams. sixers and at lap at a both won eight out of 10 knowledge joel embiid in the lineup he was given the night off to rest. team president brine cole angelo said ben simmons will have final test on monday to see where he is the recovery process. we may geto see joel and ben on the court soon. sixers owner checking out the action. first quarter sixers with the lead and check out nick. very saussy. the only bright spot fort sixe sixers. no joel in the lineup. hawks pounde pounded the sixers. dwight howard with the rebound and easy basket. paul mill sap scoring 22 points 10 boards the sixers three game winning streak came to an 110-93
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the final. the flyers back in act after six day break hosting the devils. after winning 10 in a row the orange and black now lost 11 out of 14. and now are out of the play off spot. michael got the goal in start for the flyers. first peer the flyers down goal. big fight in front of the devils goal. knock his eighth goal to tie up the game. second period the flyers down two men. new jersey making them pay. nice passing. slap slot beats the goalie. flyers trailing two-one at this point. under a minute left in the second. miles woods skates in and scores the first of his two goals for the game and the flyers lose for the 12th time in 15 games four-one the final. top ranked villanova taking on providence down is the center. the friars came to south philadelphia and beat villanova in overtime. villanova with 14-point lead. brunson kicking it over to wide open kris jenkins nails the
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three. cats up by 17 and rolling. later on villanova forces a turnover. slamming home two of his 15 points. nova with 19-point lead at this point. josh hart led the cats with 25 points. 10 for 16 from the floor. villanova shot 51% and beat the prayers by 10. but jay wright still thinks his team can play better. >> we lost this game last year. this game. you know about the same time of year. they were playing well. and they were playing welcoming into this game. so, um, we're good, we're good, but we just -- we need to get better. >> palestra a the series battle between st. joe's and penn. quakers with the ball matt howard drives to the hoop make the basket is foul. he led with 19 points and the hawks responded. kimball gets the three. he led st. joe's with 23 points. beat penn 78-71. eagles news now. the birds reportedly about to sign mike grow as the receiver's
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coach. replace greg lewis who was let go earlier in the month he was the rams receivers and pass game quarter coordinator. tomorrow you can see the afc championship game two franchises looking to advance to the super bowl. pittsburgh versus new england land. connect off at 6:00 40 right here on cbs3. going to be a good one. >> should be a good game. thank you so much, leslie. appreciate that. on the run group of ordinary people turn into fugitives for a chance at a quarter million dollars. coming up a preview of newest cbs show.
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♪ welcome back everyone. thrilling new series dee abuse right here on cbs tomorrow night called hunted. it real will be really good. 18 ordinary people turn no fugitives on the run. if they last 28 days, then they'll get $250,000. that's if they can cover their tracks enough from the 23 of the world's top investigators hunting them down. one of those top trackers from lancaster county.
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victoria woodill met up with jermaine finger for little friendly conversation but it quickly turned into a challenge. >> do you think that you can hunt me down? >> i think i can handle that. >> we'll see jermaine. >> oh, boy. sounds like a challenge to me. so just how good is jermaine when he's put on the spot? will tori be able to cover her tracks and outsmart the pro? it's a cliffhanger. you'll see after the preview and the premier. >> hunt pre mirrors tomorrow night following the nflafc championship game all on cbs3
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built for business. feel line frenzy in fishtown this weekend. pennsylvania spca is hosting adoption event for cat lovers looking to apartment do new feel
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line friend. all add dull adoption fees are half off and fishtown feline frenzy ends tomorrow. >> it's going to be a little rainy. got to get a little cat umbrel umbrella. >> oh, my gosh. >> as we head -- [ laughter ] >> showers tomorrow 53 degrees. sunday night the winds start to pick up and monday will be tough go especially along the coast. strong wind gusts and heavy rain likely. >> all right. that's going to do it for us tonight. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. >> you guys made me laugh. ♪
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