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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and an elderly woman is stabbed to death inside of her southwest philadelphia home and police think that they necessity who did it. and they stood up, counted and were heard, from washington to philadelphia, marchers send a message to president trump. and a crack closes a connection between two turnpikes and new is there word repairs will take longer than expected. and it is sunday january 22nd, good morning i'm rahel solomon. let's start off with a check of weather with meteorologist justin drabick in the eyewitness weather center and it is foggy out there. >> kind of the repeat of yesterday. we have a dense fog advisory in effect and will stay dreary for 72 hours. the it will go downhill late tonight, tomorrow, wind driven
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rain and strong storms and system will impact us. >> good to know. >> rough next 24 hearst but for the most part we will be dry through at least half of the take today, exception down at the shore seeing some rain, but bulk should hold off until late tonight and will be around through the damon. the let check out the fog right now. tough to see buildings as fog as worse then yesterday morning. reduced visibility in center city. current air temperature is 45. it is mild. no freezing fog to deal with as january thaw theme, continues once again, for next several days. dense fog advisories for the area with the exception extreme southern eastern new jersey and central and other than delaware to this goes until 10:00 o'clock this morning. the current visibility, .3 of a mile in philadelphia, allentown, trenton, at the shore visibility up, 5 miles from millville and atlantic city airport to to some rain. we have light shower activity far south jersey, and go down to dover, delaware southward we are seeing rain this should
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last another hour or so. thinks a weak disturbance moving off shore and we will stay dry through rest of the morning and then later this afternoon another round of showers starts to develop. the to temperatures in the low to mid 40's in the region. some 30's in the mountains at this hour. the forecast up to 51 to take, morning fog, late the in the day, some showers and then late tonight, machine get ready for that steady rain. it will be a win driven rain. we are talking about wind advisory, poor travel, we will break down that storm in a few forecast in a few minutes. back to you. manhunt is underway for a killer after a 70 year-old woman is stabbed inside of her southwest philadelphia home. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at police headquarters with more on the investigation, cherri, good morning, what do you know. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. we know that police found that 70 year-old victim with multiple stab wound in her home and they believe a rel i have is responsible and now they are looking on the for victim's 29 year-old son.
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take a lot the video we have from the scene saturday night, that is the 7900 block of caesar's place a quiet block in the eastwick section of the city where many residents live there, stayed there for years but it is on than block where police found victim inside have her home just after 6:00 p.m. she was pronounced dead at the scene, no weapon was found. police have not yet identify the victim by name but neighbor victor jackson affectionate thely referred to her as mrs. jerry. he says she was a great conversation, and was very well like. >> she was my neighbor. very hard working. she establish a very nice home here for herself. she raised her children here in her home and i just can't believe it. i just can't believe it. >> reporter: a lot of shock
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from neighbors there. police believe a relative is responsible, for this stabbing , and the assailant in this case was described as short, in height, and was last seen leaving the area in a blood hoodie with dark sleeves and blue jeans, again, police are looking for victim's 29 year-old grandson for questioning, in this case. live at police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, cherri. new this morning a crash involving a car the in the philadelphia police suv send both drivers to the hospital. the collision happened at 57th street and girard avenue just after midnight. the officer is in stable condition at presbyterian hospital. the other driver has been treated and released. police are investigating the cause and say they may have have a possible dui. overnight philadelphia police are investigating a break in at the this jewelry store in lawncrest. they were called to the 5500 block of whether it the kerr avenue just before 2:00 this morning. owner is on vacation so police cannot verify exactly what was
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taken but, as we can see in this video some jewelry spilled out on the sidewalk outside of the store, at the this point, there are no suspects. prosecutors have charged jewelers road business owner, with using his storefront to buy himself stolen goods. investigators say, that he was part of the corrupt organization that burglarized 15 high end residents around the area he and four other suspects are accused of stealing 1.5 million-dollar worth of expensive watches, jewelry, money and purses. take a look at the this a car crashed in the wall in rittenhouse square park this happened around ten at 18th and walnut. no one was hurt. tow truck did remove a damaged car. the cause of the accident is under investigation. well, waves have of marchers rolled through, hundreds of towns and cities including philadelphia with one clear message. half million people gathered at biggest demonstration in washington d.c., many wore pink hats as we can sianni held up signs with creative slogans supporting women's
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issues as they filled the streets of the nation's capitol. entertainers got the crowd fired up. >> trump and his handlers have found a fox for every chicken coupe in washington and a twit ter finger must not become a trigger finger. >> we want the best for all americans. no hate, no bigotry, no muslim registry. >> justin udo of kyw news radio went to washington and talk to local women who say they are taking a stand against president trump and his agenda. >> reporter: at day morning more than 500 people from the philadelphia area hopped on chart are buses and made their way to d.c. for women's march on washington where they heard speeches, music and took to the streets to voice their concerns. >> we have been working around the clock to mobilize pennsylvanians and help give them the courage to get her in addition to the means. >> i would like people to know we're not done fighting and this wasn't a death sentence,
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this was okay, this is a moment, wake up call and we need to get our butts in gear. >> reporter: folks from the delaware rally say more than 150-mile pilgrimage is a small journey for an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the other like minded americans. >> when they come to d.c. and they are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of like minded people, they feel stronger together. >> reporter: many philadelphians who made their trip to the march said this journey is about making sure their voices are heard as they create a better future fourths es, daughters and all young woman across the country the it is estimated 15,000 pennsylvanians attended the rally and march. >> we are marching for their future. we are marching for the fact that they the matter and they have futures that should be just as great as anyone else's >> reporter: justin u do for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". women's march on philadelphia saw 50,000 people , that is more than double it is expected attendance. people of all ages descended
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on the parkway. they marched from logan square to eakins oval. a three hour rally started that featured music, dancing and passionate speakers. "eyewitness news" spoke with some of them. >> we should remain hopeful people are sad and afraid. i don't think we should be. >> the the message is we have to show what it means to make america great again. the message today is that if we keep showing division, we went heel. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney also spoke at march and tweet ed this picture from the scene with the caption women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. and the marches were in the just in philadelphia and washington take a look in chicago, so many people turned out, that organizers had to cancel their plans to march through downtown so people still spilled out in the area. 250,000 people hit the streets , and peacefully chanting and waving signs protesting president trump. out west in oakland, california more than 60,000 women gathered at madison square park, they were all
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marches in san jose and san francisco. and not just here in the states women marches went global in london thousands marched for 2 miles through british capitol. here in the u.s. people carried signs criticizing president trump. the marches, prompted this tweet from former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton to all of the little girls watching never doubt you are valuable and powerful and tea serving of every chance and opportunity in the world. and president trump has scheduled his first meeting with a foreign leader british prime minister teresa may. the new president got to work on saturday his first full day on the job. the as we gentleman jiang reports the president's first other of business was to visit the cia. >> reporter: on his first full day in office president donald trump toured cia headquarters in langley, virginia. the president has often criticized u.s. intelligence community but praised it on saturday. >> i love you, i respect you, and there is nobody i respect
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more. you will do a fab has particular job. we will start winning again and you will be leading the charge. >> reporter: earlier this month president trump questioned the intelligence community's conclusion, russia interfered with the u.s. presidential election but now, he denied being upset and blames the media. >> they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community and i just want to let you know, you are my number one stop, it is exactly the opposite. >> reporter: white house press secretary criticized media at first news conference held inside of the briefing room. >> there has been a lot of talk in the media about the the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. i'm here to tell you it goes two ways. we will hold press accountable as well. the american people tea serve and as -- deserve better. >> reporter: sean spicer lashed out about how many people attended the inauguration. >> photographs of the proceedings were intentionally framed in the way to hundred
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myself enormous support that had gathered on the national mall. >> reporter: spicer to not answer any questions, or offer any comments about the hundreds of thousands of people in town for would machine's march on washington most of them to protest president trump. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in other news, investigators believe an electrical fire killed two propertiers in a chester re house. police identified victim as 49 year-old steven demby and 35 year-old sherman demby. it started in a kitchen on friday, and investigators say it was an accident. officials say their mother discovered the fire but could not make it upstairs because the flames were so intense. so she left and called 911. turn bike bridge will remain closed for two weeks while engineers, have plans to fix the bridge fracture. officials say crack was discovered friday, construction work is now underway to stabilize the bridge while engineers assess damage and develop a more permanent plan to fix the problem.
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turnpike authorities say closing the bridge is necessary to ensure safety of its customers. philadelphia streets department says it will finish cleaning up a paint spill in mayfair today. eyewitnesses say a trash truck spilled things all other the 3400 block have of anglewood street. authorities are not sure if the truck belongs to the city or a contractor. is there much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" encouraging signs after more people are found alive after an avalanche buried an italian resort. and first responders, rushed to a river in california, after a man is found holding on to a tree, justin. good sunday morning everyone waking up to dense fog once again and we are tracking rain and wind on the way for start of the workweek we will time it the out in eyewitness
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three days after a snow i avalanche slams in the the resort hotel, nine more people were found alive in the mountains of italy. so far is 11 survivors have been found in the wreckage, four people kill, 20 others are still missing, the help tell is buried in snow on wednesday following a series of earthquakes. and, staying in italy bus carrying hungarian school students from the skiing trip slammed in the barrier that caught fire. sixteen people were killed, 39 people survived, some are seriously hurt. no word what caused the crash. clean up is underway after a deadly tornado flattened homes in mississippi. the storm killed four people early saturday and ripped trees from the roots and knocked down power lines. campus of the william carry
6:16 am
university was also heavily damage. rescuers are still searching for possible victims. and it was a dramatic rescue yesterday afternoon, out in california, after a man is stranded in the middle of the san diego river. rescuers said they found him clinging to a tree and quickly pulled him to safety. officials are not the sure how he became stranded. man has not been identified but we are told he is doing crust fine. it is crazy to see rushing the waters like that. >> they have had a lot of storms, over last several weeks. we will see a strong storm here in the mid-atlantic. it is a strong storm. wind driven rain, system coming at us, a little bit nasty to kick off the workweek >> too bad. >> it is mild though. >> that is true. >> really nice. >> it could be a whole lot worse. the it will be cool will by end of the week. we will talk about that in a little bit. the in the meantime it is mild , moist, we have had fog, more dense then yesterday here in center city. visibility less than a half mile. dense fog advisory continues for much of the area, until
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10:00 o'clock this morning. we have a little bit the of rain right now this isn't the main storm system that will impact us tomorrow, so, a little batch of energy coming into our south, east, clipping far coastal new jersey, maybe as far north as parts of the northern cumberland county and then dover, delaware on southward, little will area of rain moving off shore in the next hour, then we are left with the areas of fog, mist around for next few hours, and then, afternoon should start off dry as well but eventually as we start to see more moisture to the south, this is main energy that will impact us machine in the mid at plant being and really intensifies able to pull the gulf of mexico moisture and atlantic ocean moisture. rain picks up later on tonight , and like i said wind driven rain, it is expected through first half of the day on monday. temperatures mild, really didn't drop from yesterday with the cloud, mist around, 45 in philadelphia and wilmington, 37 the coldest spot in the poconos, this hour , so we will stay above freezing, for most of this, next 24 hours, across the
6:18 am
region, mid 40's right now at the coast we have a wind coming off the ocean and it will pick up, so especially at the coast, we will talk about some strong wind developing late tonight and for monday. the here's the reason. the is there storm i'm talking about well to the south and west, through the afternoon but it starts to raza cross the southern mid-atlantic and energize once it moves in by late morning and tomorrow afternoon. we will see a lot of moisture over us, interior snow for central and western pennsylvania, into upstate new york but we have a lot of wind energy off the ocean. so gusty wind, pockets of heavy rain at times throughout much on the day on monday and then that storm system pulling off in the new england region late monday night and tuesday and then we will dry out on the back side of the system. here's what to expect, late tonight, mainly after midnight we will start to see that heavier rain develop, total rainfall amounts through monday night, one maybe up to 2 inches in some locations, sustained wind, 15 to 30 miles an hour, gusting to near 50. these are for inland locations , it will be even more windy at the shore and high wind warning will go in effect overnight the tonight
6:19 am
through monday for coastal new jersey and wind advisory from philadelphia and parts of the surrounding suburbs in new jersey and delaware today, monday and heads up, coastal flood advisory with the potential for minor tidal flooding around times of high tide. both morning and monday night too, with that strong, on shore wind, so here's what to expect at the shore heavier rain, possibly up to 3 inches of rain for coastal areas before the system is out of here with the the high wind warning we have we could have gusts to near 60 miles an hour , down some trees, take out power outages and threat for minor coastal flooding. let's talk about the wind. not much today. the these are gusts up to 10 miles an hour but we will get to midnight tonight and we will see that win, crank nothing off the ocean and then gusting to 40, 50, close to 60 e morning hours, and especially south of the city into the afternoon on monday, and then wind start to relax, late monday night. so for today, some morning fog and mist, a few showers coming in during the afternoon, steady rain should hold off until late tonight, mainly after midnight, turns windy, low temperature of 44 degrees
6:20 am
and then tomorrow, wind driven rain, high temperatures only stuck in the mid 40's, couple of morning showers possible, tuesday, upper 40's and then back in the the 55 on wednesday, that will feel real good with the sunshine, by the end of the week it looks like we will see typical late january temperatures returning in our forecast, rahel, back to you. another couple of dreary days, we have to get through that. >> yes. >> thank you. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning pizza with a twist, vittoria woodill introduces you to the family who is taking pizza out of the friar instead of the oven and learn why one member said she hit the pizza jackpot , we will be right mom,on my car insurance of money by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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well, pizza can come in many forms, around round, square, stuffed, wood fired or bake. but our vittoria woodill shows us a spot taking pizza out of the oven and friar, yes, fried pizza on the menu in this taste with tori. >> reporter: it was a tool moon when i took a trip to fishtown, because everyone was how long, about the eats. the. >> this is how you eat. >> man dues a pizzeria is happy spot, filled with family , friend and pizza coming from the hearts of the wood burning oven. the it came about by the fires of roof. >> pizza has been a love affair for you, and actually, started with the love, of your life, for you. >> is that right. >> yes. >> reporter: the owners met years ago crossing pass by the
6:24 am
other pizza shop in rittenhouse. >> we just hit it off. because he was a pizza manny thought i hit the jackpot. then i certainly did because his family is so much love and joy. >> reporter: family cab can be found all earn including ernesto's 90 year-old father where he learn pizza making from him using a wood fired of men their backyard of italy. similar to the one that stands in the kitchen, giving his pizza's cyst sicilian influence but then the reason we are here, the pizza fis a. >> we have saferry which has the sauce and moths rel a the dessert one has canola cream and nute-la. >> moving his fingers on the dough like keys on a piano. >> and there we go. >> it it is then fried out to the table quicker than eyes can see p pizza. >> there you go.
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>> oh, my goodness. are you ready. >> oh, my lord. >> now for the sweet contact knoll i cream and nutela pizza fisa. >> it is like falling in love all over again. i can't express how i feel. i'm so happy. you know when you are really, really happy. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". who is hungry now, yum. welshing in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" philadelphians march in solidarity with others throughout the country, making their voices heard all the way to washington. and it is pope francis ready to pass judgment on president trump? find out what he is saying about the new chief executive. hold on to your hat there is a wind advisory for tomorrow but how long will it last? justin drabick's eyewitness weather forecast coming up
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it is, sunday, january between the second, good morning i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather. the it is very foggy behind you, it is even hard to see
6:29 am
you. >> it is worse then yesterday f anybody was out identify dealing with visibility even lower here around the city. majority of the region is under fog advisory lasting through at least late morning but don't expect to see sunshine probably not this will middle of the week. we are talking about a good storm system. we have nothing what we have to deal with tomorrow. tomorrow is a wind driven rain pretty nasty for morning commute. we have a dense fog advisory through 10:00 o'clock this morning, visibility less than a quarter mile. just use caution, again late morning early afternoon fog should dissipate but then we will see showers rolling in here probably by the afternoon but heavy stuff and rain should hold off until later tonight. half mile visibility at airport in philadelphia, .3 in trenton, shore is okay right now, visibility up to 6 miles and atlantic city. reason is we have rain, and system coming through, clipping far southern, new jersey and delaware off shore in the next hour or an hour. light rain there, rest of the morning should stay dry,
6:30 am
little bit of mist and fog to deal with. temperatures still on the mild side. we have a january thaw going on, lower to mid 40's for most locations. the there is not a big change in the temperatures today. we may get up to 50 degrees for philadelphia and shore, 40 's in the poconos. couple showers possible, later this afternoon but it is, mainly after midnight, through the day monday we will see steady rain developing, increasing win, wind advisory that goes into effect so slow travel expected for tomorrow, and then we will talk about improvement in the eyewitness weather forecast when i she you seven day in a few more minutes. back to you. improvement would be nice, thank you. fatal stabbing leaves a 70 year-old woman dead and for you lease say they necessity hot suspect is. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live with the very latest at police headquarters, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. police believe that a relative of the 70 year-old victim is responsible for her death, and
6:31 am
now, the hunt is on for the woman's 29 year-old grandson, and lets take a look at the video that we have from the 7900 block of caesars place in southwest philadelphia, taken last night, that is where they found the 70 year-old woman with multiple stab wound all over her body. they searched the home for a weapon but nothing has yet been recovered. now police say a short man wearing a blue hoodie with dark sleeves and blue jeans was seen leaving the area last night, just after 6:00 p.m. authorities have not the yet identified the motive in this case and have not yet released name of the victim but neighbors say they you this her well. they affectionate liz referred to her as miss jerry a long time hard working resident who raised her children on this block and always had a good word for folks like victor johnson who lives close by. >> things happened for current events, she was always a good conversationlist and we always looked forward to speaking
6:32 am
with her. i cannot believe that. i just hope that they catch the person who was responsible for this. >> reporter: no arrests have have been made in this case and again police are on the search for the 29 year-old grandson, of the victim, if you have any information, on his whereabouts or any information about this case, please contact the police. live at police headquarters cherri gregg for kyw news raid go for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" hundreds of thousands announced across the country as president trump and his agenda. largest gathering women's march on washington and jamie ukiss was there. >> reporter: sea of protesters in pink hats and signs with creative slogans supporting women's issues, filled streets in the nation's capitol. >> what is most important message today. >> i think it is love trumps hate, i think it is we are
6:33 am
better unified then we are divided. >> reporter: others used the opportunity to criticize president donald trump a day after he was sworn into office >> i think it is bringing awareness, that hey, remember trump you just said that you care about everybody, and that all of our rights are important, so, now put your money where your mouth is. >> reporter: huge crowd also turned out in other cities like atlanta, boston and new york. the march in chicago was cancelled by organizers when crowds swelled from their original projections of 22,000 , to more than 150,000 participants. here in washington d.c. organizers have requested a permit for 200,000, and the in the end, many say, close to a half million people, showed up to march. speakers and entertainers got the crowd fired up before their march down constitution avenue. >> we want the best, for all americans, no hate, no bigotry , no muslim registry.
6:34 am
>> reporter: hillary clinton tweeted her report support, thanks for standing, speaking marching for our values, important as every truly believe we are always stronger together. in washington jamie ukiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime, 50,000 people came out for women's march on philadelphia, that is more than double its expected attendance. men, women young and old took part in the march along ben franklin parkway yesterday. started at logan square and ended at eakins oval where a three hour rally was held. co organizer of the march explained what drove her to action. >> it took eight years but it sunk this that change can happen when ordinary people do get involved and the rhetoric, actions used during the election by president trump just cannot be normalized and cannot be accepted as normal behavior. >> cooper morse started the organize philly women rallies to help coordinate the march. president trump will meet the with his first foreign
6:35 am
leader this week teresa may, will be in washington on friday. yesterday president visited headquarters of the central intelligence agency in virginia. he spoke to cia have staff in front of the wall memorializ ing fallen officers. the president promised to give the intelligence community just his fullback being. he hinted at loosening rules on torture put in place on president obama in the fight of ice is. >> we have been fighting these wars for longer then any wars we have ever for the. we have not used the real abilities that we have. we have been restrained. we have to get rid of ice is. >> president trump pick for cia director mike pompeo is awaiting senate confirmation. earlier president and first family attended the prayer service. pope francis says he will wait to see what president does before forming his opinion in an interview with the spanish newspaper leader of the catholic church says he doesn't like asking people early. asking about pop list style
6:36 am
political leaders emerging pope warned against seeking a savior in times of crisis. philadelphia police continue their search for a gunman in connection with the home invasion in chestnut hill this happened chestnut avenue early saturday morning. the suspect forced a male victim to stay in his bedroom and took a female victim into another room and sexually assaulted her. investigators said suspect drove off in the victim's 2017 high unday. if you have any information, call the philadelphia police. philadelphia police are also looking for a man caught on camera assaulting a transgendered woman near city hall on friday. investigators say suspect struck the victim while shouting homophobic and trans phobic slurs. the victim was walking with two friend on the the 1300 block of filbert street. if you can identify that suspect police want to hear from you. we have more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" mississippi seeks federal help after a deadly tornado see that damage that mother nature left behind. and cheating fate how a
6:37 am
bus driver narrowly escaped being buried in a landslide. and, you have got an umbrella? if you do keep it handy for a day maybe two, justin drabick has the forecast in just a few minutes.
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mississippi plans to ask president trump for a federal disaster declaration have of a deadly tornado. search is underway for survivors. the twister killed four people and injured 20 others. wendy gilette shows us some of the damage. >> reporter: tornado that hit hat isberg mississippi flipped this home upside down, toppled another, and ripped down power lines. other houses are missing roofs this one now has steps leading to a structure that no longer exists. fire and church were not immune from the damage. devastation is so widespread dozens of fire fighters and police officers across the state of been dispatched to help with search efforts. students at william kerry university's hatisberg campus were inside their dorms when the storm hit and they must begin the process of replacing what was lost. >> we have to come together, it the is a the lieutenant of i don't know and why. >> reporter: students were evacuated and campus was shut down. thousands in the area were left without power as crews
6:41 am
worked to repair a couple hundred down utility poles, but threats of more possible severe weather in the forecast wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and a close call in china as a bus narrowly escapes a landslide, driver of the bus saw landslide and sped up just missing the wall of roxanne mud and amazingly no one was hurt. former first lady barbara bush could leave the hospital later today. the she's recovering from bronchitis. bush family spokesmen says her husband former president george hw bush is likely to remain in intensive care for a few more days. former president who is 92 is least covering from breathing difficulties from pneumonia, he he has been in a houston methodist hospital for a week. technology is luring a new generation of fans to a old hobby, bird watching, seeing a resurgence. as three on your side jim donovan showing us smart phone apps is gaining in popularity especially among young people. >> reporter: fourteen year-old desi seabirth can identified
6:42 am
dozens of bird species just by listening. >> i'm hearing an acorn wood pecker right the now. >> reporter: his fascination began after building a bird feeder for cubs scout project. >> filled it up with seed, put the it in my backyard and bird came. >> reporter: he since discovered he is no the the alone. >> we have a birder's club, weaver 20 kid, from ages of six to 18 years old. >> reporter: bird watching now commonly called birding is one of the fastest growing hobbies among young people in the u.s. thanks in large part to technology if we hear a call will we can play it on the phone and say is this the bird we heard. >> reporter: phone phone apps make it easier to record and share bird sightings and identified different species in the the wild by sight or sound. as hobby has gone high tech, more young people have come on board. >> when i cast a kid, birding i never met anyone else my age now we see lots of kid out there with their parents, even by themselves. >> this is kind of like a
6:43 am
video game. you look for something new and try to find things and it the is, kind of like a game and i think that exciting the mind of young people. >> reporter: it the is excitement amateur audubon say is only growing as young fans flocked to join them. now apps like audubon, bird guy, ibird and bird snap are free but there are others that you have to pay for including bird song id which arouse you to record a bird singing and can help identify it. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> sort of looks cool. justin, probably not the best few days to do bird watching because it is really foggy. >> and dreary. we will not see sunshine probably not until wednesday. so things go downhill a little bit over the next 24 hours, and tomorrow will be a rough, especially in the morning hours. you can see it is calm as far as wind go. tomorrow is a different story. we have foggy conditions. live look on main street right now and that is what we are dealing with probably through at least mid to late morning and then steady rain in here
6:44 am
throughout the overnight hours the visability right now, up to .3 of a mile here in will allentown as well as trenton, .8 in philadelphia. some improvement there as far as city goes. the then we will go to south jersey right now and things are good shape as far as visibility goes and we are also dealing with some rainfall, across extreme, southern new jersey, and, that should move off shore, in a hour or so, and then we will deal with more showers later on tonight. that is what is happening. we will go to the visability in the forecast here and you can see right the now things are on the low side for much of the region under that, tense fog advisory. then we will go through time by late morning, early afternoon visability start to improve. we will get over a couple of miles here in the afternoon, so, traveling, afternoon will be much better then the next few hours. little batch of rain moving through south jersey, right the now also into delaware. steady showers well to the south, but there is a lot of energy down here that the storm system that will energize moving up in the mid-atlantic. this will turn in the coastal storm overnight early monday
6:45 am
morning. wind will really kick up for coastal areas even inland, spots. we could have gusts up to 50 miles an hour in a win driven rain, pretty nasty for your monday. temperatures mild, low to mid 40's. not much change. we will get up to 50 degrees. not the best day for skiing. it is dreary, mist we will be dealing with and then tomorrow , you do not want to hit slopes in the rain. almost opened to 100 percent capacity up to a 40-inch base. jack frost, big boulder. forty-eight this much base for camelback. blue mountain has 37 out of 39 trails opened today. the lets talk about this upcoming storm. still the main system is well to the south but it is gathering that gulf of mexico moisture as it tracks to the east/northeast. it will publishing up atlantic moisture a lot of wind that develops early on monday morning. this storm still to the south by the early morning hours on monday. we will see pockets of heavy rain throughout the morning and early afternoon. and then go a few hundred miles inland central pennsylvania we will be dealing with steadier snow, possibly a little treeing rain potentially and in the poconos with this system.
6:46 am
so heavy rain, strong wind gusts. wind advisory will go in effect for monday. let's time things out. not much happening today. just cloudy skies, fog, mist, maybe a couple of showers get in here during the afternoon especially to the the south but the main event is really after midnight. check it out, steadier shores start to break out the by tomorrow morning's commute and then pockets of heavier rain at times, and through much of the afternoon, and, slight improvement by the evening and we can see snow out the to the central mountains of pennsylvania here and maybe a little bit of frozen precipitation up in the poconos later monday night. so wind advisory for philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, tomorrow, sustained wind up to 30 miles an hour, gust continue to 50, could, leave some down trees and branches and possibly power outages. we will get to the coast, it will be even more windy. possibly 60 miles an hour. rain, lots of it, steady rain, one to 2 inches on have rainfall across the region before this system is out of here very early on tuesday morning. today morning fog, mist, couple showers possible this afternoon, 51 for the high temperature, turns windy late
6:47 am
tonight, periods of rain, mainly after midnight with a low of 44 and then wind driven rain on monday, pretty raw, mid 40's, couple of showers possible, early tuesday in the upper 40's, wednesday, that is pick of the week, rahel, 55 and the sun, and then we are back to typical late january temperatures by end of the week and next weekend. >> couple days to enjoy. >> thanks, justin. 6:47. lets check on the roads with amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center to see if this a.m. fog is affecting the roads, good morning, amanda. >> good morning, rahel. we don't have many surprising incident but we are dealing with some very thick fog out there this morning. this is actually a look the at the vine. there is not much you can see here or any are else, for that matter right now. the so slow down when you head out this morning. surprise leg not many activity incidents. several bridges operating with reduced speed restrictions as well. be aware of that when you head out this morning. the delaware river turnpike bridge in bucks county is closed in both directions, they have been working on then all weekend. unfortunate liz reopening is still to be determined.
6:48 am
your best alternate there are on burlington bristol bridge, to kobe palmyra and i-95. norristown high speed passengers be aware for changes between township line road and 69th street transportation center. we will to have board from the northbound side until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow due to construction. at the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. well, if you have not been to the philadelphia home show this year, today is your last chance. home show runs from 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night the at pennsylvania convention certainty on north broad street. it the features over 300 exhibiters and today you can see presentations about how to detox and declutter your home and work place, tickets are being offered through the show 's twitter page. good day to stay inside with this kind of weather. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning can sixers win four in a row. find out if they can keep the streaking next um in "eyewitness sports". and marching to the beat of a different drum, a new work out you have to sees, and well, hear, to believe when "eyewitness news" continues.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
sixers in atlanta between two hot teams, sixers and atlanta, both won eight out the of ten, no joel embiid in the line up given off to rest. brian colangelo says ben simmons will have a final test on monday to see where he is in the recovering process. we may get to see joe joe and ben on the court real soon. sixers owner josh harris sitting next to brian colangelo watching the action. sixers with the lead.
6:52 am
check out the nick stauskus, very soft but that was about the only bright spot for sixers. no joel in the line up. hawks pounded the sixers. howard with the rebound. easy score. howard with 13 points and 15 rebound. paul millssap scoring 22 points, ten boards as sixers three game winning streak came to an end 110-93 the final. no rest for flyers tonight , in brooklyn, last night they returned back to action after six day break but time off did not do them any good against the devils. michael neuvirth got the start in goal, didn't make it through whole game, first period flyers down a goal, big scrum in front of the net, travis conn net any knocks in the puck. they tied the game but then the flyers down two men, new jersey making them pay. kyle palmeri, slap shot beats neuvirth, flyers trailing two- one. under a minute left in the second flyers called on a line change, miles wood skates in and scores first of his two
6:53 am
goals in the game. the flyers lose for the 12th time in 15 games, four-one the final. to college hoops, top ranked villanova taking on providence down at the center. last year friars came to south philadelphia and a beat villanova in overtime. picking up action in the second half villanova with the 14-point lead, jalen brownson kicks it off to chris jenkins. the cats up by 17. later villanova forced a turn over michael bridge's head of the pack. able to slam home two of his 15 points, and nova with a 19-point lead. josh hart led cats with 25 points, ten for 16 from the floor, villanova shot 51 percent and beat the friars by ten but jay wright thinks his team can play better. >> we lost this game last year , this game, and it was about the same time of the year, they were playing well and they were playing welcoming into this game, so, we're good, we're good but we just, we just need to get better. >> at the place palestra a city series battle between st.
6:54 am
joes and pen p matt howard drives to the hoop and makes the powered. howard led penn with 19 points the hawks, respond, lemar campbell with the three pointer. led st. joes with 23 points to beat penn 78-71. from eagles news, bird reportedly about to sign micro as wide receivers coach relay ing greg lewis let go earlier in the year. crow was rams receivers and pass game coordinator and spent three years as bears receiver coach. tonight you can see afc champion ship game, two of the most storied franchises looking to advance to the super bowl, pittsburgh verse new england. coverage starts at 6:00 with the nfl to daze and kick off at 6:40 right here on cbs-3. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great the day. john boneham, keith moon and quest love all world famous drummers but what if you could rock out just lick them while getting in shape. our pat gallen gives it a shot
6:55 am
>> it is january we are looking for new fun ways to get in shape. philly dance fitness they have it. it is called, pound. >> here we go, go. >> here we go. >> it is a, drumming inspired work out, so, use weighted drum sticks, lots of lower body, core, strength, it has got card yes but more strength focused and rocking out while we work out. >> reporter: deborah is not joking a high intensity work out that hits everything. >> lift, lift, lift, lift. >> one, two. >> reporter: layla olson is instructor and said it is a full body burn but you do not even realize. >> way we use the sticks to distract us from the strength, kind of helps us get through more reps and get deeper in to squats, lunges. so it feels like this to me is a full body work out. >> reporter: she was not joking. it focuses on the core and legs but still so busy hitting sticks that you barely even
6:56 am
notice. >> ♪ >> reporter: once you stop focusing on keeping with the the beat and figure out patterns it gets inn tense. pat gallen, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". that looks like fun too. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 but here's what we have the at 7:00 a jewel willry store heist unfold overnight, store that was hit and why store owner may have no idea what happened. severe weather caused mayhem in the desert we will take you to phoenix where crew s rescued some people from rising water. the here's a live look outside we may have severe weather of our own in the forecast,
6:57 am
meteorologist justin drabick is tracking it and tells us when to expect it coming up.
6:58 am
where does it come from? was it my refusal to accept that an nfl official was a man's job?
6:59 am
was it to show my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be? if i don't believe in myself who will? it does start on the inside. your best starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside. a zero seven year-old would haines found stabbed several times in southwest
7:00 am
philadelphia. the person police say may be responsible. overnight crash leaves a police suv smashed and send two people including an officer to the hospital, why police say may have played a role in the crash. and, get ready for rain, there are storms in the forecast, meteorologist justin drabick will tell us when to expect the strong weather. today is sunday january between the second, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. the let's send it right over to justin. >> this is nothing this morning, fog we can take it compared to what we are dealing with tomorrow. >> that is saying a lot. >> it is just nasty, it is outside through the morning and afternoon on monday, so the at least things are somewhat quiet this morning, temperatures on the mild side, no wintry precipitation for us , just steady rain but this morning we are focusing on the fog. we have dense fog advisory through 10:00 o'clock for majority of the region right now low visibility. we are getting down to a half mile or less than half hyle at me


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