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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 24, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EST

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trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. the storm also causing problems in the city and the suburbs. >> a live look at storm scan 3 shows the nor'easter still churning off the coast. we are not out of the woods just
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yet. wind and rain are still a concern as we head into the overnight. good evening everyone, i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we have live coverage of this winter nor'easter. we head down to the shore first. greg argos is live in ocean city. that's an area that's getting hit pretty hard. >> reporter: it is, jessica. but the good news right now, at least in the past hour, the flooding here locally has subsided. this area, this roadway just an hour ago, the water covered the entire thing. you can see at least right now the middle part of this roadway is cleared. great news right now. but despite this very heavy wind that is still blowing throughout the this area, also throughout cape may county, no widespread power outages. avalon monday afternoon, winds whipping, rain pouring. after sun fell not much change down the shore. wildwood soaking wet. localized flooding making some roads technically passable but
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not recommended. in ocean city widespread power outages no where to be found but more flooding easily spotted throughout town and most people avoiding the nor'easter by staying indoors. keyword, most. we caught you walking down the street with your surfboard. what in the world were you doing. >> i wanted to surf because it's pretty high. >> reporter: even though he's just 14, cody has experienced a storm or two. >> reporter: you were going to surf in the street? >> yeah. i was going to paddle out but i usually do it every storm when there's high tides. it's pretty wild. it's pretty gnarly. >> i try to warm up by the fire. >> reporter: good news by cody right there. as you could tell right now here in ocean city there is some pretty heavy gusting winds but
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the rain is not falling, that is great news. regardless emergency offeringses here in the county say they're going to continue to watch this nor'easter. if there are widespread power outages, there is the possibility of opening up shelters because of the cold temperatures in this area. they don't want people without power for an extended period of time. for now we're live here in ocean city. i'm greg argos, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right, greg. thanks so much. there are already a handful of delays for tomorrow because of this storm the ocean city school district, wildwood public schools and preschool program, barnegat township school drikt, and the brigantine school district will all open two hours late so make note of that. meteorologist lauren casey is live in brigantine tonight and we can see the weather there is even affecting the camera. >> reporter: yeah it's still pretty brutal out here. the good news is the flood waters have largely receded but
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the sea is still angry down the seawall here in brigantine. we're still dealing with light rain but the winds are unrelenting. a powerful nor'easter battered the new jersey shore today bringing wind gusts of more than 60 miles an hour. 20 foot waves crashed against a sea wall in atlantic city where numerous streets were submerged. in brigantine rough surf high winds have continued well into the evening. a wind advisory remains in effect until midnight tonight. >> reporter: and it was out here this same beach about four months ago on vacation and i think i prefer the conditions back then just a little bit better. >> i would say probably so, lauren. get dry and some rest tonight. you guys have been out there all day long and just the conditions have deteriorated once again. we saw lauren around 6:00 and
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the rain had tapered off for a bit. we had a little bit of a break in the action outside. now we're seeing everything start to fill back in. the storm saying i'm not quite done with your area just yet. much of delaware extreme south jersey you can see the rain filling back in in the city and we're now seeing some of the cold air wrapping in behind the storm. we're seeing snow and sleet especially in our far north and west suburbs. we may see some sleet mixing in as temperatures will drop into the mid 30s with some colder temperatures in the upper atmosphere. rain has redeveloped over the city of philadelphia from atlantic city up through toms river right through the lehigh valley and you can see the snow and sleet impacting the poconos right now. future weather shows a mixed bag of wintry weather everything from steady rain to sleet to snow depending where you are, and that continues through tonight. rain will lighten up. we're not seeing the precipitation quite as heavy as we did yesterday but notice here
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3:00 a.m. some sleet mixing in even across the northwest suburbs. that will continue into tuesday morning and showers may hang on here through much of the day tuesday especially along the coast as the back edge of the system continues to impact the area. it's very slow to depart the northeast. wind gusts right now still quite strong. still under a wind advisory down the shore gusting to 51 miles per hour in atlantic city and our peak wind gusts did top 60 miles per hour in cape may and tuckerton. so not out of the woods just yet. i'll have much more on the storm coming up. yukee back over to you. >> see you in a bit. thank you. strong winds aided in the falling of this tree right on a home in delaware county. as you can see it caused quite a bit of damage. our natasha brown is in south philly right now where one man's car was nearly crushed by a tree. natasha, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, yukee. take a look behind me. this is what happened. daylight is going to shed a little more light on that
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person's car but this tree came crashing down just about 7:00 tonight, toppled on to a couple of cars here along this block. more than a hundred customers last power at that point and that's one of the areas throughout this region that saw damage from this nasty nor'easter. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> reporter: kate has heard the sound before but the sight of a toppled tree in a neighborhood is always jarring. >> this is the fourth or fifth tree in about sech or eight years on this block. because they're all ancient maples from when this neighborhood was developed and part of the attraction of this block is how beautiful our old canopy of trees was. >> this huge tree missed homes along the block in south philadelphia but joe hurley's car seemed to take the brunt of the crash. >> it dented the hood and cracked the front windshield. it could have have been a lot
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worst. >> reporter: this is just one area that saw damage. no one was hurt in south philadelphia, across the city people say high winds brought a sign down on a 59-year-old man pinning him between cars. he died at the scene. >> i can't believe the guy got killed with that. i can't believe it. >> reporter: in berlin, new jersey, massive trees were no match for mother nature as scattered damage could be seen throughout the state. in center city a portion of a mural collapsed due to strong winds that gripped the region. we can tell you at this hour the power has since been restored to this block. meantime crews well get to work at day break trying to remove this huge tree from the block. and of course from those cars that were affected as well. we're live here in south philly tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> downed power lines in cherry hill could impact the morning
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commute. the pole snapped this afternoon. we just checked and officials tell us the westbound side of the road is expected to be closed through the morning. they hope to reopen the eastbound side later tonight. before you head out the door tomorrow, be sure to watch eyewitness news this morning for the latest on the storm including an up-to-the-minute forecast, school delays and traffic conditions. our team starts at 4:30 a.m. >> a police-involved shooting is under investigation tonight in wilmington delaware. police were called to a home for an armed man behaving erratically. investigators say when officers tried to approach the man he became disturbed an officer fired their gun fatally shooting the man. no officers were hurt. president trump launches his first full week in the white house by signing executive orders and holding a series of meets. the president signed an executive order withdrawing the u.s. from the trans-pacific partnership trade deals.
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he also signed two additional executive orders, one instituting a federal hiring freeze except for the military. the other reinstates the so-called mexico city policy, that's a ban on federal funds to international groups that perform abortions or lobby to legalize or promote abortions. we heard today from the president's press secretary sean speise who vowed to tell the truth after admonishing the media over the weekend for what he called false reporting. >> i'm going to tell you the facts as i know them and if we make a mistake i'll do our best to correct it. but i think as i mentioned the other day, it is a 2-way street. there are many mistakes that the media makes all the time. >> the president also held several meetings today. he met with ceos and business leaders this morning that was followed by a meeting with union leaders and then a meeting with congressional leaders. president trump's pick to lead the cia was sworn in tonight. earlier today the senate confirmed mike pompeo.
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he graduated first in his class from west point and he served in the army before beginning a legal career and being elected to the house in 2011. meantime the senate committee has advanced the nomination of rex tillerson for secretary of state. and president trump is expected to be in philadelphia thursday to take part in a gop congressional retreat. that will be held at the loews hotel on market street from wednesday to friday. >> gay bars and two lgbtq to undergo training. designed to combat racism in the community. the philadelphia commission on human relations released a report today detailing decades of racism and discrimination in the city's gayborhood bars. >> people often feel unwelcome
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in gayborhood spaces. >> the commission is now mandating that bars, the mazon irkts center, and philadelphia fight under go training andy fers guy their staff. we use social media as a way to connect but how much are we actually listening to the other person. >> straight ahead tonight at 11:00, surprising new research on how social media is used. nicole brewer tells us why it might be making us more narrow minded. >> also a member of "saturday night live" in hot water. >> a series of tornadoes leaves behind a path of destruction in the south the community dealing with a double dose of devastation. >> and kate is closely tracking the nor'easter that's bringing our region high winds and heavy rain. what you can expect in the mornin
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when the storm finally moves out and what comes next. her forecast is coming up in less than 4 minutes. at least 20 people are dead and dozens more hurt after powerful tornadoes touched down in the southeast. those twisters shredded homes and wiped out entire neighborhoods. one of the tornadoes hit albany georgia where people are trying to recover after another tornado hit three weeks ago. >> president gorge h.w. bush is out of intensive care and could be released from the hospital this week. his wife barbara has been discharged from the hospital. the couple released this photo earlier today to thank supporters. the 92-year-old was struggles to breathe when he was admitted to the hospital on january 14th suffering from pneumonia. mrs. bush was admitted to the same hospital and treated for
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bronchitis. over the weekend there were no shortage of opinions being shared on social media. >> many opinions. but on the surface we think of facebook, twitter and other networking services as helping to connect us but are they doing the exact opposite? >> nicole brewer is here with some new research. >> social media has the potential to open our eyes and expand our viewpoint, but one study suggests it could be helping to keep the blinders on while creating our very own social media bubble. these days a quick scroll through social media and you'll likely find. >> politics. >> lots of memes. >> a lot of politics, events. like pictures. >> there's not a lot of positive things on social media anymore. >> perhaps that's why so many are driven to block the very content that causes them aggravation, even unfollow friends with opposing views. >> i think people have a hard time having a civil conversation
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about where they differ. >> a new study suggests that social media actually makes us more narrow minded, allowing us to selectively view content that corresponds with our beliefs. >> in sociology we talk about this principle called whom offly. >> facebook's algorithm which filters content based on likes and interactions contributes to the phenomenon. >> if you're only in that echo chamber and seeing information from other folks who think like you you're missing a whole perspective. >> my entire feed was voting one way so i was pretty surprised by the election results. >> the study also found the so-called echo chambers continue the spread of fake news. so what can we do, in addition to holding social media companies accountable, we need to ask more questions and consider our sources. >> not so quick to share, not quick to make a judgment. >> when all else fails, spend some time offline. >> i think it's good to have a
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social media fast. >> it lets you come back into a reality. >> i feel like my day isn't made unless i don't get angry off something i use in the internet. >> slakttivism. it actually does promote political activism and can help with turnout at events like friday's inauguration and the women's march this past weekend. he thinks it is still an incredible tool. it's how are we processing it and how are we engaging it. >> and how open are we. >> spend time offline and reboot. >> thanks, nicole. >> a writer for "saturday night live" has reportedly been suspended indefinitely over a back lash for a tweet over president trump's son barron. more than 38,000 people signed a petition calling for her to be fired and today she apologized.
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she tweeted i sincerely apologize for the tweets. i deeply regret my actions and offensive words. it was inexcusable and i'm sorry. >> kate bilo joins us with our forecast. i'm getting ready for the broadcast tonight and the rain was pounding on my window pane. >> it went away for a couple of hours. >> it sure did. >> it's back. >> and now it's back in. and it looks like it may not really loosen its grip on us completely until tomorrow night. even down the shore some lingering showers through tomorrow night. it may clear out tomorrow afternoon a little bit here in the city. tomorrow is nothing like today, just lingering showers, still some breezy conditions today certainly the worst of it but this system will be very slow to depart the northeast and we will still be feeling some impacts from the back edge of it tomorrow. here's a look at what happened today. we'll take you out to a time lapse. this is what the shore looked like all day with the battering waves, the rain, you can see the sand blowing around and the strong gusty winds out there and you can watch the tide come up.
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this was late afternoon we saw the tide come up and notice in margate the beach almost completely eroded here as the tide comes right up to the conta camera. high tide happened already we're headed towards low tide which is good news, but early tomorrow morning, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. we are going to see another high tide and with this system dominating the general flow across the north eastern united states we will continue to see the risk for coastal flooding there. we've got to watch for snow. we've had reports of freedsing rain and ice in the poconos, we're starting to see snow mixing in. the rain has redeveloped over the city of philadelphia and our north and west suburbs could see a mix with a little bit of sleet overnight. this system is not done with us yet. it's got a few more tricks up its sleeve. all coastal communities right through 11:00 tomorrow morning, that's when the next high tide will come to an end. 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. you'll start
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to see it recede, surge up to about 4 feet generally hit the peaks an hour or two after the high tide cycle so by 11:00 we should start to see it recede around the future high tide cycles not going to be impacted quite as much. the peak wind gusts from today, 51 miles per hour at the airport, 54 miles per hour at the atlantic city airport, 53 in wilmington. still under a wind advisory only for the shore right now and it expires at midnight but that is an indication that winds could still gust to 50 miles per hour and even overnight when the advisories expire, we'll see gusts. headed through the west of tonight, even our north and west suburbs could see mix with sleet, 2-4 inches of sleet and snow accumulations in the highest elevations of the poconos and notice tomorrow we're around the back edge of this low still dealing with showers especially in new jersey. that's at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon before it finally clears out. wednesday much nicer. finally some sun and this next
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front comes through thursday and that is going to drastically knock down the temperatures. speaking of which it's cold enough in the poconos. there's your winter weather advisory until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. overnight still some rain and wind. rain could be heavy in spots, 38 degrees is our low. tomorrow rain mainly in the morning but especially in new jersey that rain could continue on and off throughout the afternoon. wednesday is mother nature doing us a solid. 55 degrees with sunshine. mother nature is like we know you guys need this here's a little something for you. >> it's colder over the weekend but seasonable and sunny. >> good looking. >> don is up next with sports. >> rare eagles news guys. darren sproels is headed south. he's going to orlando. and also joe l is injured. he's going to miss some time and what his coach is trying to do to account for the los
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>> a knee injury. they host the clippers tomorrow and travel to milwaukee on wednesday. joe at practice today and keeping it comfy with slippers on. friday night he landed awkwardly on a couple of occasions. the team is calling his injury a left knee bruise. the bad news comes after he was made eastern conference player of the week. >> it definitely hurts the team. how can we spin it any other way. it hurts the team. but like anything, you know, you're going to look at neurons and jaleel. this is fantastic for those two. and it could prove some things that rasean sees daylight. >> they're headed to orlando. eagles center jay son kelsey and darren sproles will play in the pro bowl. to replace a pair of atlanta
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falcons who would be playing in the super bowl. and that's where you'll see former penn charter standout matt ryan. he makes is super bowl debut on february 5th against the patriots. we spoke to his old high school coach. >> he's very humble. it's really not about him. he's really a team player. everything you see on tv is what you get. he hasn't changed, it's not affected him whatsoever. >> villanova at practice today, the wild cats visiting mar ket tomorrow. they expect mar ket's best punch in the rematch. >> it has forced us to have a level of concentration that i don't know if you could manufacture yourself. every time we play somebody we can see they're at another level so i think our guys are used to
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that now so they prepare knowing that that's coming. >> it's hard winning a championship and coming back. >> a lot of props man. >> thanks, don. up next a familiar f
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the prime time emmy awards are on cbs this year and stephen colbert will be the host. >> it's the first time he will host a major award show. he is a nine-time emmy winner himself. nominations will be announced in july. and you can watch them on september 17th here on cbs3. kate? >> after today's stormy weather, the weekend watch is a little more of a bright spot temperatures more seasonable for january.
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