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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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well, starting to day congressional republicans, descend on the loews hotel on market street for a retreat. impact it will have if you drive through center city. new this morning a man is shot and carjack, while trying to visit his girlfriend how he is doing right now and the car police are looking for. words are powerful, and words are impact full, and words do matter. >> a local high school's lay is attracting a lot of attention this morning. we will tell you about the one word that is creating controversy. well, to take is wednesday, january 25th, good morning, i'm jim done ran. i'm rahel solomon. all that and plus a trip back in time but first your forecast with katie and check of the roads with meisha, good
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morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy hump day. we're pushing out toward our friday. the road are looking good, feeling dryer then earlier this week. that is the thing we're finally getting some sun today >> wow. >> i know. >> can i get the a halleluiah. >> halleluiah. >> yes, finally that nor'easter is gone, leaving, we still have a hint of the breeze left over there it but skies are clearing, we will see sunshine, and it will be a good day. on top of all of that i expect it will be milder then last couple of days too. sunnies part of that but more than anything else, we're just allowing some warmth to build in here. high pressure in place right now for at least one take. there is another coal front that waits in the the wings so even eye this while you have it. that would be my advice. we're already above average, normal high about 40, 42 at philly international and wilmington. forty-two in millville. dropping off a few more degrees before the sun does rise but regardless we finally
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dried out so we don't to have talk about coastal flooding, wintry weather, anymore showers, still a hint of wind out there but look at the this we will take it. milder take with sunshine, yes , sound awesome, 40 degrees in the the mountains here to take, everybody expect to go see sunshine and all the way in the the low to mid 50's, in terms of the expectations for take time highs, well above average here, meisha. >> yes, so nice to see those 50's to take and sun, such a mood lifter, thank you, good morning. it is still dark and early but we will see sun later. but first we have to get through morning construction what we are seeing right now with construction at route one oxford valley both directions. southbound and northbound, exiting at oxford valley reenter oxford valley. head up there. ill will's let you know when that clears. this is where we have that ban , road hazard a sinkhole, thinks brooke road, closed between argyle road and shell field road, you will to have use this all the that it carmel avenue and willow grove
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avenue is your best bet. it is a smaller part. i don't want to say side street but it won't affect much of you and big remine are delaware river bridge is close and you will to have use these alternates and they get busy in the 5:00 o'clock hour, jim, back over to you. new this morning man is in stable condition after he is shot and car yak in southwest philadelphia. three-year old victim tells police he pulled up in front of the girl friend's home this is 1800 block of south 56th street. a man shot him in the leg and stole his leg. pontiac g6. police say incident have been caught on tape. >> is there school right across the street. we did find exterior cameras, at the school, and so southwest detectives is on location, processing, the crime scene, and we will contact the school, in the morning, and see if they can get a copy of those recordings >> police say shooter tired about seven times, stray bullets hit two park cars, and fortunately, no one was inside
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of those cars the at the time. police say an argument led to a shooting overnight the in west philadelphia authorities tell us that 23 year-old victim was walking near forty-sixth and girard just after 1:00 when he exchanged word with another man. that is when shots were fired, hitting the victim once in the lower back. he managed to run to a gas station for help, and he is now listed in stable condition so far no arrests have been made. long time pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah is set to start his ten year prison term today in western pennsylvania. fattah is appealing his conviction on racketeering charges. jury found the 60 year-old fattah, one million-dollar campaign loan and used government and non-of the fund to repay it. fattah is serving five-year sentence in michigan on unrelated fraud charges. barricade are up outside l oews hotel in center city. >> republicans are expect to the georgia there are today and tomorrow president trump will be in philadelphia to speak. before he arrives the president visits department of home land security today where he will begin rolling out
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executive actions, aimed at building a wall, on the u.s./ mexico border. here's cbs correspondent roxana saberi. >> reporter: president trump capped another busy day this washington hinting at is that the security plans in a tweet saying in part along many other things, we will build the wall. the the president will make good on campaign promises today, by signing executive actions design to tighten border security, and enable the construction of a wall along u.s./mexico border. in the coming days, mr. trump will reportedly unveil his plan to limit immigration from countries with ties to terrorism. yesterday, the president signed a series of memoranda, advancing the construction of the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. >> we'll if we can get that pipeline built, a lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs. >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators across the country responded by taking to the street, including this gathering in front of the white house. protesters and environmentalist say they are
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gearing up for a fight. >> we're not going back to the 1950's where we steam rolled interests of native american communities or steam role the environment. >> reporter: despite criticism from lawmakers on both side president trump is not backing off his belief that millions of illegal voters cost him the popular vote. >> can you maintain that belief based on study and evident people. >> i am begging the president share with us the information that you have with this or please stop saying it. >> reporter: at so, that represents state's lex officials tells cbs news that so far they have not aware of any evidence to support the president's claim. roxana saberi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". road closures begin tomorrow, 13th from chestnut to market will be closed, along with market street, from 11th to juniper, and 12th from chestnut to arch. road closures are expect to last, most of the day tomorrow in other news a fire fighter was injured working to put out a carrasquillo year
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fire on the new jersey turnpike, tuesday night. chopper three was over the scene as crews worked to gain control. all but one of the southbound lanes of the turnpike and robbinsville near mile post 52 were closed until flames could be put out. there is no word on how seriously that fire fighter was injury. no one else was hurt in the fire. officialness new jersey will discuss a state plan to discuss plans to cut jobs from the atlantic city fire department. new jersey fire safety commission will sit down with representatives of the professional fire fighters association of new jersey at ten this morning. that will happen in middlesex county fire academy. fire department could lose more than 40 percent of item please, and this is just one part of the state's recent take over of the financially strapped atlantic city. a philadelphia sheriff's lieutenant injured on the job is now suing the firm that manages the criminal justice center, and two elevator companies. paul, owens went home tuesday. owens was badly injured inside one of the elevators at criminal justice center last august. the lawsuit alleged natalie
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elevators were dangerous defective and there was a fail will another to inspect them. months later the incident is still a concern for those who work in the building. >> as far as i'm concerned, those elevators are not safe enough for my deputies to go through that door. >> the city tells "eyewitness news" it is working on continuing improvements to the elevators in that building. contentious debate continues in cherry hill east high school over the use of the n word, in a school musical. the district officials decided last week to remove the n word from the school's production of rag time, a show about racism and classism in the 20th century america. 1200 students signed a petition asking to reverse this decision. parents, students, and alumni filled a cherry hill school board meeting last night to voice their opinions on the issue. >> we don't need to be refreshed on what racism is, by the unfeathered use of this word and like phraseness a
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high school play or musical. >> by not providing a full integrity of the piece you are sacrificing the capability these word have to shape and change the future by embracing harshness and reality of the past. >> to remove even one word the district needs permission from the musical's licensesser, if they don't get the it then the show will not go on and set to be staged in march. franklin institute museum begins a new season of science after hours. >> wow. >> applause. >> pretty cool last night's theme was a science speak easy so takes you back in time to the roaring 20's. they have learned science behind gambling, bootlegging and propaganda. the event happens every month and lets guests 21 and over enjoy the museum exhibit after it the is closed to the general public. well, coming up crews to the north have a clean up underway after a big oil spill >> it is ugly. it is really greasy, smelly. >> amount of oil that spilled
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and the big question crews will to have answer to take. robbery turns deadly in feltonville, two crews police say they have that may help catch the gun man when we come jimmy dean delights frittatas.
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a robbery and shooting in feltonville had left one man dead. shots rang out on the 500 block of west loray street. "eyewitness news" tells police following gunfire two men began going through the victim 's pockets. the three three-year old was rush to the hospital where he later died. police found an id at the keen but that did not belong to the victim and surveillance cameras are hoping to lead them to the the suspect. philadelphia police officer is spending five years on probation after pleading guilt friday stealing the from the worker he hired to report on his rots. investigators say michael winkler pushed a worker down during a argument last year. winkler then took $38 from him , winkler pleaded guilty to theft and disorderly conduct and he was fired last july
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after 17 years on the job. today officials in the canadian province of the saskatchewan will excavate the site of the crude oil spill in order to pinpoint source of the leak. more than 50,000 gallons of oil, was spilled on the indigenous land of the ocean man first nation, now it is unclear how long pipeline had been leaking but area resident discovered the spill said the smell has been bothering him for ten days. >> the smell is definitely over here. so i walk in there and big puddle of oil. it is not the just a little leak but it gets terrible, real fast. >> officials say leak was contained to the area where it was discovered, however, it is too early to tell, how or even if the spill will impact the surrounding environment. well, time is 4:43. >> katie's here with another check of the forecast and katie and jim, do i believe correct me if i'm wrong i saw the sun yesterday. >> i think you did. >> i think i have too. >> yes, i got numerous tweet
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from his people saying what is this thing shining in the sky. i don't understand. i'm confused. it has been so dreary. we are all making yolks about it the because it has been a long time since we have had a fully sun you day. is there still cloud cover but that is going to continue to thin throughout the rest of the morning and breeze still out there will to the same as we look live here overlooking hain street from hotel bethlehem in the lehigh valley , things are nice and quiet. you can see lights off this is distance over the mountains, nice, quiet tranquil beginning to the day, just breezy. it is cool. grab the jacket on the way out the door but this is first time you don't need umbrella in a while. forty-two is current temperature. we will factor in a marylandes breeze out of the northwest, made you feel like here this philadelphia 36 degrees. factor that in. it is still heavy winter coat weather at its finest but for a change we will need sunglasses so you can to a switch out the door here. current wind speed, still breezy, up in mount pocono at
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this hour. the wind flow is out of the northwest so it is that colder wind flow, coming from a colder place, and that does mean it will feel a tad colder anytime win blows. the it will ease up with time. we will look at storm scan three and something pretty well defined circulation where the satellite coverage here out over the opened waters of the atlantic but still finding heavy snow, ice, rain toward atlantic, canada we are wiping our hands clean of this guy and we will end up with high pressure for a take, already though, yes, new storm beginning to brew. this will come through as a cold front passage with very limited moisture in our area. we will get one really awesome take before we begin to see things go downhill. technically mild are but won't feel that way because we have to factor this is breeze and fact colder air working its way in. we are this is back to the mid to lower 40's for friday and weekend, although, it is chillier, meisha i expect sunshine. that is some good news good that is good news, katie, thanks very much. good morning, everybody.
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before the sun comes up we have to deal with the morning. that is what we are looking at right now. we have construction. route one oxford valley both directions are closed, it looks like it might be opening sometime soon, if not already but if it is still out there by the way we have to exit oxford valley and reenter but i think it the is clearing right now. then head up, rehabilitation of the yfk boulevard bridge over 21st, 22nd and 23rd. road closed between schuylkill avenue and 20th street and that will linger out there through test, yes, you are read ago this correctly. your alternate will be market or walnut. this sound like it will go in stage. heads up, i will tweet this information out to you as well speaking of bridges delaware river bridge is closed between burlington bristol, trenton morrisville and scudder falls bridge. the these are your alternates and they heat up fairly quickly. we also have this construction that will probably, um, it will slow you down taking this trenton morrisville bridge trying to avoid delaware river bridge closure.
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route one northbound and southbound between trent or morrisville bridge and perry street left lane block until friday. that will slow you down this morning. jim and rahel, back over to you. well, we have a scam, to warn but this morning. >> how they are using a name have the local high school to try to trick you into handing over your money. >> that is in the right. >> not at
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4:49. police are warning people in our area about a fake letter intended to conn people out of their money. letter has been making their round in the pennsauken area they canned for donations for special education department at camden catholic high school in cherry hill but police say it is not legitimate. if you get letter police ask that you legality them know and do the not provide any money. time is 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, henna. a new study shows more education can lead to higher
4:50 am
pay. most educated states by wallet hub. a what did the study found. >> reporter: record picked on you most educated state, massachusetts came in number one. new jersey came in at number ten. delaware at 17. and pennsylvania came in at 28 west virginia, came in at number 50. now, the scores are based on education level as well as the quality, and equality of education. well, at least we are in the top half, that is good thing to though. >> yes. >> but in new jersey, ten. >> so, we're balancing out there. >> yes. >> popular george orwell classic i understand is making a huge come back. what is that all about. >> reporter: i will order this book. the trump advisors comment about alternative facts is making 1984 a best seller again. kelly ann conway was deeven if ing false hoods about the size of the inauguration crowd over the weekend while george orwell 1949 novel envisioned
4:51 am
the world controlled by double speak, well, it is number two on amazon's best selling books list as of last night. >> very interesting; hena. >> no comment, hena, we will check in with you next hour. >> reporter: yes. well, a new committee is trying to get more of philadelphians to take part in jury duty. >> surprising percentage of people just ignore those letters no the jim donovan. he would never do such a thing and three things committee is considering. hi there, katie. >> well, guys we are looking ahead, finally to some thighs weather for a change, how long does it the last? sunshine, mild conditions, and it cannot last forever and it doesn't i'll let you know how licensing in the seven take right after the
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brand new, sky cam three shot overlooking center city
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we overlook cathedral basilica here, it looks like traffic is pretty light here off of logan square. good time to head out hitting the road in this area but i'm expecting a very pleasant day of of weather, as well, can't last forever, nothing ever toss in the world of weather, that is why i still have a job but, we are going to see a very nice day today before things start to nose dive again. today storm scan nice and quiet. we have a to cloud. we have a hint of the breeze. all of which will scatter and diminish. we are at the 42 degrees in philadelphia. atlantic city at 39 with decent wind as well as mount pocono, 25 miles an hour, that is the exception. mostly in the teens with that wind flow but regardless that wind can he diminish, sunshines, we will hit 53 today and then see a nose drive this week as cold front crosses through with showers as early as tonight, meisha. >> so nice to see that sun on a wednesday, mid week, over the hump. looking outside it is still dark, we are looking nice and
4:55 am
dry, heading outside we will be in great company, looking at i-95 south at cottman. it gives you an eye tea how things are starting to shape up for the morning. so slow right now. fairly typical. then a reminder delaware river bridge closed we will use these three alternates. look at this picture, this is the fractured beam that they have found and that is why the bridge was in fact closed. that is i pretty hefty fracture so hence good thing we have alternates and these will be that. trenton morrisville we do have construction on route one both directions between trenton morrisville bridge and perry street. left lane block until will friday. that will slow you down for those using that alternate. jim and rahel, back over to you. heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. the juror participation initiative commit thee is trying to find ways to increase jury duty participation. that is after officials say 42 s don't respond to jury summons.
4:56 am
i was a jury foreman on mine. they may consider increasing juror pay. like. that free transportation. like. that stiffer penalties. okay. paul robeson house in west philadelphia is getting a second chance thanks to a new exhibit. a project done during the recent mlk take of service is delivering results at it i's prison system. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. >> like that. >> like it, check it off. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live in center city gets ready to host republicans, g.o.p. retreat begins today. >> also this morning new jersey nate and council to the president kelly ann conway now has secret service protection, she's opening up about threats that she has received. we will tell you about new job philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is taking on when we come back at top of the hour, stay with us. what does a steak lover eat when they're not eating steak?
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the city is getting ready for president trump's visit tomorrow. we are live with the closures and what to expect for the congressional republicans retreat, that is beginning today. a man is shot being carjack we will have a description of the suspect plus tell you where victim was going when it happen. and enjoy it while it last katie says today will be much milder then yesterday, and a lot more sunny too. but it is not going to last. all good things must come to an even. it is wednesday, january 25th i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets get a look at katie and meisha with a little will bit of good news. >> all bad things have to come to an end too. >> that is right.
5:00 am
>> silver lining. >> glassies half full. >> it is so nice to see that sun. wake up and i'm excited for today knowing natalie sun will be out there. >> yes. >> we know what we're saying. >> good morning, roads are looking nice and good, dry, we have a sinkhole but that is, more side street and we have a lot to talk about in the world of bridges. let's just go back to the sunshine. >> i'm down for that. >> we have a nice day coming up here. we will get the to that sinkhole. >> yes. >> and, lets walk out the door here on storm scan three we have cloud breaking. we will eventually see worst of the breeze taper off as well. speaking of lets look at these gusts. we are only finding gusts reporting where they are measurable. we are at 21 miles an hour in trenton. flirting with 40 in hunt pocono. still wind any carbon, monroe county but any winter weather advisory and these have licensing went out of effect. we have a clear map at that regard at this point. map itself will clear out, overhead with our satellite as well as


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