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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 25, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. we have some good news we are in for a sunny, milder day , jim. >> okay. >> nice change after days of dealing with that nor'easter. live look at center sit friday our camera atop parkway central library. katie's here to tell us how long this sunny stretch will
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last. hopefully long but probably not. good morning i'm rahel solomon i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> reporter: barricades are up around center city loews hotel , all eyes are on the venue behind me where trump will meet with republicans tomorrow. demonstrations erupted in several cities yesterday after the president signed executive orders advancing the controversial dakota and keystone pipeline. a stunning fall from grace , what powerful congressman today chaka fattah will report to prison where he will serve ten years sentence for racketeering. a violent carjacking in southwest philadelphia, police say a man was shot for his silver pontiac, victim is in stable condition. let these kid say these word. >> a heated debate over a high school musical. parents, students from cherry
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hill east make a passion that it plea to allow musical rag time, to hit the stage, without censorship. and a dramatic horse rescue in florida, horse slipped and fell in the 7-foot ditch while riding with his owner. the horse was not hurt. horse reportedly fell after getting spooked by a passing car. >> glad the horse is okay and hopefully owner is okay as well. >> yes. >> katie, you are outside on the sky deck where we have not seen you in a couple days. >> turf say thank you to the the producers to not put the me out in the wind that was blowing. and rain. i very much appreciate that. trust me. you know i do. what we will find here through next 24 hours is just nice weather for a change. what is this we have not seen that in a while. we will see sunshine. we will above average. good day to get outside. still a little breezy or a lot breezy depending where you are , out in storm scan three you can see residual cloud,
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beginning to thin out and high pressure will take the lead for one day here and we will expect to see sunshine throughout the take. it looks like a good one. make the plan to get outside. we are this is lower 40's up and down i-95 down in the the 30's across trenton for example and 40's are a running theme through southern new jersey. the it is what key finding across the board here at the shoreline, pretty consistent as well. flirting with or just shy of the 40-degree mark in these locations but finding the wind treks, change. that is key here. remember we had that coastal flooding concern yesterday. wind was still generally on shore. thousand it is off shore. even they it is still breezy, it will basically help push tides away. that is helpful when it comes to tidal flooding but with that said with the sunshine today good excuse to get outside, why not, low to mid 50's at the shore and here in philadelphia and it does not last long. so, as we see another cold front approach, yes, couple flurries in this forecast for later in the week and chill sets in despite return of sun
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for weekend, much more on pattern change a little later on, meisha. >> sound good, thanks, katie. happy wednesday, to you. so we are looking outside at boulevard. take a look, this is at northbound side, past the schuylkill pushing in the northbound side here it looks like they are completely stop. we have an accident right here blocking just that right lane, and now in order to probably clean that up or maneuver what they are maneuvering out there they are having to block all lanes. backups right now on the boulevard are actually pretty significant as we push in the northbound side. the good news southbound side you are unaffect, however, right around this s curve you can see they are slowing down and taking a look what is going on here. you height get a gaper delay more vehicles that come down pushing southbound. then on the schuylkill around city avenue at boulevard we are okay. it is northbound side of the boulevard past schuylkill we are looking at right now and you are completely stop. i will let you though when we start moving again. reminder of the delaware river bridge is closed you have to use these three alternates. if you are just waking up with
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us take a look at that fracture they have found in the beams which is why delaware river bridge is closed, pretty substantial, scary stuff, good thing we have alternates for you, rahel , back over to you. controversy continues this cherry hill after school board ruled to remove n word from the school musical, many in the community have pushed back >> large crowds filled a school board meeting to discuss issue, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live this cherry hill with the story, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jim and rahel. controversy surround rag time which explores issue of race this class this is early 20th century. community members are at odds over whether keeping racial slurs in the lay is necessary, to tell the story. >> i am cast as one of the characters who uses the n word i don't say it happily but i know i have to. word matter. word matter. the n word matters. the k word matters. we need to hear these word to not the let history repeat itself.
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>> reporter: dozens of students, alumni and community members packed cherry hill school board meeting tuesday night the to protest board's decision to sense or cherry hill high school musical this year. they and 1200 others, who signed the petition to reverse the petition said removing this word from rag time a broadway musical is an attempt to sanitized history and alter artistic integrity of the work >> please reconsider, let the these kid say these word that run the normal and then healths later off that stage to realize how lucky they are to be where they are and to be able to ago establish things, these characters and real life people of this time only dreamed of, thank you. >> applause. >> reporter: or community members, including the leadership of the camden county east naacp chapter agree with the board's decision saying they are willing to sacrifice art to never hear that painful slur ever again. >> i and we don't need to be refreshed on what racism is by the unfeathered use of this
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word, and like phrase this is a high school play or hughes california. >> reporter: school board took to action last night but say discussions will continue, and thousand even if they try to replace this one word in this play they need permission of the licensing company, and that is likely not to happen and if so, the show will not go on. but for now we are live from cherry hill east high school i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jim and rahel, back to you. >> emotions still very raw for those students. police are warning the public about the fake letter going around in the pennsauken area and ask for donations to the special education department at camden catholic high school in cherry hill but police say it is a scam. if you get letter do not the give any money and do contact the authorities. 5:37. in business news this morning a high tech bag that snows how much you have had to drink. >> scratching my head on that one. target may change how you pay at their stores. money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the insuring stock exchange with
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more, hena, good morning. how were the numbers yesterday >> reporter: good morning rahel and jim. well, mining, energy company and financial stocks led big gains. nasdaq hit a hall time high. the nasdaq added 48 points. and the the federal debt is projected to grow about $10 trillion, over the next ten years, the non-partisan congressional budget office says deficit is expected to shrink this year and next before starting to increase. controlling federal debt was top come pain issue for president trump while at the same time promised to slash taxes and increase spending. target is on the same page as apple pay, big box retailer says it plans to launch its own mobile payment services this year. the customers will be able to pay for items using an app on their smart phone, wal-mart also began its own payment system in 2015. so, they are introducing a back, frito lay is offering, the limited addition party safe bag in time for this
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years super bowl. the it is equipped with the sensor that detects small traces of, alcohol on a person 's breath and if it toss detect alcohol it is a little light that turns on and goes red and shows you the steering wheel. >> technology these days. >> okay. >> yes, wish there was one that told me when i was eating too much. well, this tweet gives us an idea of his agenda when he visits department of home land security today. president tweeting last night big day planned on national security tomorrow among many other authentication we will build the wall. well, during his vice witt home land security president trump is expected to begin to roll roll out order on and president trump will be in philadelphia tomorrow, barricade have gone up, outside loews hotel for center city. republican retreat at the a hotel, set to begin today. road closures will be in effect during president trump 's visit to philadelphia the 13th from chestnut to market will be closed starting
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thursday morning. market street from 11th to june fur and 12th from chestnut to arch will also be closed off, road closures are expected to last most of the the day tomorrow. and the president is also responding to chicago's rising trend of violence. he tweeted quote if chicago does not fix a horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings up 24 percent from 2016, i will send in the feds. chicago police superintendent says natalie department is quote, more than willing to work with the federal government. and reference jesse jackson responded to the president's tweet with this statement, he says quote, we need a plan, not a threat, we need jobs, not jails, #, chicago. well, good news for residents of flint, michigan their water no longer exceeds federally accepted levels for lead. officials still want resident to use filtered water for now. flint must replace thousands of lead water pipes city wide, 13 current and former current and state and local officials face charges against use of
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untreated water from the flint river in 2014. well, coming up next the academy award nominations are out and we will look at diversity in the nominees. also ahead a risky surgery at a new york hospital hear from the doctor who is separating these conn join twins. and a job offer for president obama the post that one company is hoping catches the former commander in chief, attention, we will be right back stay with us
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after two years with no oscar nominated artist was color the academy has nominated six black actors. viola davis and denzel washington and octavia spencer spencer will make history as first black actress to be nominated again after winning an oscar. congratulations. fans eight episode season is expected to begin filming for netflix this spring. the series will will feature a new set of experts. reboot the show was ten years after the bravo original went off the another. queer eye from the straight guy won a em any 2004. founders of the world star has died at 43. officials say that lee q, died there a form of cardiovascular disease yesterday. he starred in 2005 was very pop land a featured rap videos , celebrity videos and sports highlights.
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mtv will air series titled, four star tr. well, game, cars against humanity wants president obama to be its new ceo. check out this advertisement, the company posted to the chicago section of the craigs list. it is looking for a ceo with quote, experience hunting, terrorist master mind and he does have that experience and a passing comprehensive health care reform, he i guess he has that experience. they want someone with the minimum of eight years as president, i guess he also has that experience. the company has not yet heard back from president obama. i would assume he is probably, and meets the criteria. >> have you ever played that game. >> interesting. >> have you played. >> you learn a lot about your friend when you play that game >> our floor director says we have played it together, and we learn a lot about each other. >> yes, all craziness. >> slated during a break here. >> okay. >> sure, katie. >> yes.
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>> yes. >> you have got to play it sometimes. as a completely different story here, completely, we're learning a lot from the eyewitness weather watchers here, too. we have a lot of folks up and adam reporting this morning. the as i make my way over to the touch screen we will show you this pretty camera shot. this is from our very own rooftop here overlooking spring garden and broad street here in center city philadelphia traffic is quiet, moving along swimmingly right now but we are expecting sunshine today so you'll want to have your sunglasses for a change as opposed to the umbrella trade out weather accessories for a change. looking at area temperatures we are already in the lower 40 's. well, take a look back in time here pictures that came in from yesterday, ed connor sent this one in for us. yesterday afternoon, rahel allude todd this, we saw a little bit of sunshine, ever so slightly brighter as we have had a break in the action phil sent in a waving old glory from the wind that continues here yesterday thankfully at this point that
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continues to diminish as well and we will see if that wind taper with time rest of the day. yesterday skies for the most part this one coming from here , it is still very gray. we are still finding, cloud at this hour but for the most part we are going to clear things out, see sunshine, end up with the milder day and light wind as well. so mid 30's, lower 40's generally what we are finding as we switch gears we will look at doppler estimates from the storm itself that brought that gray sky and wind in the first lays, and estimation especially just off shore pretty intense here upward of three to 4 inches, is he just off of ocean county. we will see very well detine edge, where the heaviest rain came through but we did generally end up with a solid one to two plus inches of rain as we had anticipated. where is storm now pulling away in atlanta, canada problem. still finding a mixed variety of snow, ice, rain up that way but we are clearing out. fifty-three in the sunshine, great excuse to get outside.
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tomorrow technically should still be mild but we will see cold air start to move in here , win picks up, we do feel chilly and stuck in the lower 40's where we should be for the weekend, meisha. >> we are getting some sun, good news and roadways right now are looking nice and dry, so i think you no he what that means for you. your commute so far this morning is looking great. new we are looking at boulevard for a particular reason. we were just seeing this accident now pulled off to the shoulder here. pushing in the north bound side of the boulevard past schuylkill where we had an accident, blocking all lanes, you cab see now, it has been since cleared. northbound side i'm in the worried about you unless something else comes up. north bounties looking okay. southbound side we are starting to pick up ever so slightly pushing towards that schuylkill and jumping on the schuylkill at boulevard and city avenue we are looking like this we are picking up a little bit overall but really this morning's commute because of the unshine and dry roadways we will have, this will really help. the first time we can say i'm this is worried about this morning's commute.
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i do want to remind you delaware river bridge is closed. we are using burlington writes toll, trenton morrisville, scudder falls bridge. calling your attention to trenton morrisville for those that take that i want to call your attention to the construction. as you take that alternate this might affect you route one north and sound between trenton morrisville bridge and perry street that left lane will be block until friday. in the million will of the rush around seven or 8:00 this will slow you down, a little will bit, jim and rahel, back over to you. those new high tech baby monitors may in the be all that beneficial. monitors that keep track of a baby's heart rate and oxygen levels have no proven benefits according to a new study. pediatric experts say natalie the high tech monitors can have the opposite effect, causing parents to be alarmed, and lead to unnecessary hospital admissions. well, conjoined twin girls are living life separately after under going successful surgery in new york. >> this is an incredible story the girls from the dominican republic were joined at the lower back and it took 21
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hours and more than 50 medical professionals at the maria ferrari children's hospital to separate the girls. first time complex surgery like their was completed at the hospital. >> it was a tremendous effort on the an an incredible number of people, nursing staff, particularly in the operating room was phenomenal with regards to organizing, orchestrating and creating an opportunity for a smooth, really seem less operative intervention that lasted over 21 hours. >> how about this the surgeons say the most risky part was separating the twins shared spinal cord. they shared a spinal cord. they said both girls can make a complete recovery. check out these beautiful babies despite their difference in color these are twin girls, been to the same mother. the twins were born last april , to a white mother and black father. phenomenon is very rare but occurs in fraternal twins who start as separate fertilized
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eggs. >> beautiful babies from babies all around. up next search for missing zoo animals, we will tell you where a red panda has gotten loose. also ahead find out unique way a brewery is trying to prevent drinking and driving, we will be right
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tampa bar is doing its part to fight drinking and driving. >> doing it by offering a free round to people who reeve their cars around overnight. the manager says part of his morning on sat take leaving envelopes on the car windshields and inside of those envelopes are a note thanking the driver for not trying drunk. >> we do not know why you left your car here but it is because you had too much fun we want to thank you for choosing not to drive. please accept this as our thank you for making good choices. >> the workers came up with the idea several years ago a incentive to curb drunk driving. manager says drivers think they are this trouble when they see envelopes but they get very excited when they realize they are being rewarded. >> sound like a good eye tea. >> yes. and zoo keepers in norfolk virginia are searching for a missing red panda. >> little fellow was seen last on monday. red pandas are much smaller and commonplace panda. this panda named sunny wasn't around when happened letters showed up yesterday morning. they are warning neighbors to notify them if they see him
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but not to approach him. >> the panda is probably scared himself. i mean he is around, this is all new to him. i'm sure from the zoo. he is probably scared. we don't know how he would react. >> it is horrible. hopefully they will fine the poor fell a. they are hand cameras to search for him. he might be on the ground somewhere. welsh hopefully. where does a panda go. >> those are so cute. well, stray talk chases down a dog catcher, in search of a home. and find one. >> take a look, this is scarlet, after hurricane matthew which i believe was in the fall of 2016, animal control officers in charlotte north carolina were picking up hundreds of dogs that became loose in the flooding. while they were doing that charlotte started chasing the truck after officers check her to headache sure she was okay she jumped in the truck, and tried searching for her family but they had no luck. new she has a you this home and a new job with the cities animal control officers. >> some animals information
5:56 am
booths at community outreach events. >> look at that. >> so cute. >> char lieutenant will be training for next few weeks before she starts her you this job, and help with educating the public. >> sometimes you have to chase those jobs. >> you have to go for what you want, i'm with you, charlotte, woman that knows what she wants. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" they are having a whale of the time at this zoo in china, how these two whales are using new tricks to send visitors a message. criminals are using high tech tactics to steel cars and there is nothing that you can do bit. i'll she you how they are pulling off the unstoppable break ins, that is coming up
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former long time philadelphia congressman chaka fattah goes to prison. when he will surrender and how long he will be behind bars. we will begin working on a physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. >> president trump is making good on that campaign promise and today he will make the first step. we are live as he prepares to come to philadelphia a tomorrow. looking live at center sit friday our new parkway camera get ready to say hello,
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sunshine. the katie says sun returns today, but at a price. wow. >> wow. >> i do. >> today is wednesday, january . i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> hello. >> good morning. >> happy wednesday, roads are looking good. they are looking really nice, try. this is first time all week i can say, thank goodness, get the in your car and drive. it is looking good. hopefully it the stays that way all take. >> it will, in fact. we don't have something that is looming on the horizon. except for some showers later tonight. >> yes. >> okay. >> last couple of taste. >> exactly. >> after out of the rain that we had this terms of the rainfall amounts and then wind , that was worst in my opinion. yeah. it is looking better, granted, still breezy. we had a thin veil of cloud overhead but skies are clearing, and we will end up with a milder take. we're already at 43 degrees at philly international. the wind is easing up at mount pocono where it has been


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