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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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6:00 o'clock straight up. here's is what happening. top republicans are in town members of the g.o.p. arrived in philadelphia a head of the president's visit tomorrow security is tight, with president trump expected here tomorrow morning. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with what we can expect from the g.o.p. retreat, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. we can expect two very different scenes, outside one of the roadblocks and you can see right here behind me some protesters, but inside lawmakers will be advertise cussing everything from immigration to health care reform. it is not exactly the g.o.p. convention but wednesday morning under heavy armed guard most of our country's republican leadership arrived at loews hotel in market street for 2017 congress of the tomorrow, g.o.p. retreat. >> it is right at the beginning of the term like this so we can get on the same
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age with respect to the agenda for, you know, the coming congress. >> reporter: u.s. congressman patrick meehan says this is a busy few days made all of the shore special by president trump's thursday appearance. >> it is a unique opportunity, first time since i have been attending these, that we will also have the president in attendance. >> reporter: that agenda includes talk of the repealing and replacing the affordable care act. >> the ac a is a broken program and there has been clear articulating, that hobbies going to be left out in the side. >> reporter: strengthening of the u.s. mexican borders. >> there is methods to be able to secure a border without thinking that you have to build the great wall of china. >> reporter: although distributing federal fund from sanctuary cities places like philadelphia where illegal arrested are not reported to federal officials. >> it is most important thing we want to to is make sure dangerous people are not returned to the streets, when there is some kind of a
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interest in getting to them. >> reporter: the president, wednesday afternoon, signing an executive order, which could strip funding for sanctuary cities. it appears mayor kenney is ready to battle g.o.p. in an attempt to defend cities policies. >> there are methods that we have our congressional foulke, we have courts, we have lots of protections. this is not a dictatorship but this is a democracy. as far as i know it is. and we will take a veil of every opportunity that we have to protect our citizens. >> reporter: really a lot of up in the eras to whether or not philadelphia will continue to receive federal funding after that executive order. the meanwhile president trump is expect here in town tomorrow, to heat with the g.o.p. for a noon lunchon followed by a 2:00 p.m. joint session with vice-president pence. we are hive from center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". many road closures will be in effect around the loews hotel when president is in town. the 13th street from chestnut
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to market will be closed starting tomorrow morning. market street from the 11th to juniper, and 12th from chestnut to arch will also be closed. the road closures are expected to last through end of the day on thursday. >> if you take septa, expect some changes for presidential visit. market frankford line trains and city trolleys will not stop at 13th street station. it will be closed tomorrow, instead, septa riders can hop on at 11th or 15th street. and for a full list of the services adjustments just go to our web site at cbs philly .com. president trump is taking action on his biggest campaign promises, today the department of home land security, the president signed an executive order to begin building a wall around the u.s. boarder with mexico. as a result, the mexican president is now considering, canceling his trip to the u.s. next week. president trump also took executive action to restrict immigration, there countries that harbor terrorists. >> we're in the hid will of a
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crisis on our southern border. beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders. >> the president, also announced today he wants to launch a massive investigation into voter fraud. the association of state officials which runs u.s. elections, told cbs news we are not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by president trump keep it right here on cbs-3 for everything that you need to though about the first 100 days of the trump presidency, scott pelley will have much more for you tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. a broken water main could be behind the formation of this giant sinkhole this is glenside neighborhood of the cheltenham township. crater opened up around 4:00 this morning on the 700 block of brooke road. it swallowed up sidewalks, front yard, and a large tree. no one was hurt but one home had to be evacuated and another nearby was already vacant. rights were able to save a
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truck, teetering dangerously close to the edge. the as you might imagine neighbors were stunned. >> probably been going on for a while and ground just came out from underneath it. >> reporter: water service is slowly being restored for a handful of homes in the area, aqua pennsylvania is asking residents to boil the water, or use bottled water, until further notice. to put this big mess in perspective just look at the left side of your screen, it is a google street view image of what brooke road looked like before the earth caved in , shot on the right is what it looks like, right now tonight. we have just learned natalie driver injured earlier this month when a dumbbell, smashed through the windshield of his suv has died. authorities say jack decarlo passed away last night. seven five-year old was driving along new jersey turnpike in salem county january 9th, when that 50- pound dumbbell hit him in the head. his wife, was in the passenger seat suffered minor injuries. police are still trying to
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figure out where the dumbbell came there. tonight we know the identity of the suspect in the home invasion and sexual assault in chestnut hill. twenty-nine year-old james bradley is facing charges for instance dent saturday morning on east chestnut hill avenue. police say that bradley who had a gun injured the home and went to the bedroom. they say he told a husband to stay in bed while he sexually assaulted his wife. female victim was able to get control of the gun, she tried to shoot bradley but the gun would not fire. couple's car has been recovered. police say bradley used that car to flee the scene. former pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah is spending his first night of the ten year sentence in prison tonight. this is photo of a cell where fattah will be spending his time at prison in northwestern pennsylvania. he was convicted on racketeering charges related to a campaign loan. actor wesley snipes served three years sentence on tax charges in that same prison and was released in 2013.
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anti defamation league is creating an award for law enforcement in the memory of former delaware attorney general beau biden. the adl beau biden shield award will honor law enforcement from the delaware valley who have combated hate groups, extremism, terrorism and promoted civil rights. officials say biden was a champion for most vulnerable. first award will be presented march 29th, the son of the former vice-president, joe biden, died of cancer in 2015. city of chester welcomes eight new police officers. "eyewitness news" at the chester city hall for swearing in ceremony. new officers are recent graduates of the philadelphia police academy. two patrolman were also promoted today. they are now detectives with the chester city police tenth. well, police departments across the nation are having a tough time getting new recruits and philadelphia is no exception. >> last syringe philadelphia police loosened its hiring requirements and there is optimism that the change will soon bear fruit. >> cherri gregg from our
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sister station kyw news radio has an up kate. >> police department is hiring >> reporter: sergeant robert ryan and his crew of recruiters are hoping to get the word out, philadelphia pd will accept applications beginning january 30th, to february 24th. >> the excitement around the police department has been increased tremendously. so we are excited about that. >> reporter: 2012, department began requiring new recruits to have 60 college credits, and former commissioner charles ramsey believed raising standard would attract better officers. but last syringe commissioner richard ross nicked the requirement and raised minimum age there 19 to two two -- 22. >> ryan says department gets 5,000 applicants a year and predicts an increase of 20 percent. >> you will find out that you will find some good police officers. >> reporter: guardian civic league criticized college credit requirement for years arguing it scared away black and brown recruits, but now they are hoping that changes.
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>> i know quite a few people a lied now that they don't have to worry about 60 credits. >> reporter: it is unclear if more recruits will result in more diverse qualified officers, as applicants must pass physical, written and other testing. >> we are hopeful because we have gotten more people to apply. >> reporter: in the meantime brian and his unit the are using social media and join philly to let all communities know that they want you. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and as we continue, taking their fight to philadelphia, when we come right back supporters from the affordable care act bring their message and their bus to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, what they want president trump to know. get your motor running, gearing up for philadelphia auto show, the kick off and what you can expect this year, kate is this. it has been a beautiful day to day but this next front approaching rapidly from the the west and the wind is going to pick up again, i'll tell you how windy it will get and
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when cold air moves back in the region, done ton. winning is contagious, right now, sixers have the fever. their hatch up in milwaukee and what experts are saying about their suddenly solid lay later in
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back on eyewitness news and remembering a legend mary tyler moore has died at the age of 8o she gain fame in the 60's on the dick van dike show , moore followed up that success in her role as marry richard minneapolis television news producer on the mary tyler moore show. she won seven emmys and was nominated for an oscar. moore, who the battled diabetes for many years, passed away in the company of her friend and husband, in
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connecticut. advocates fight to go preserve the affordable care act gathered in philadelphia today urging the new president and congressional republicans to keep americans covered. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on their campaign. >> reporter: campaign rolled in philly today, on his first day in office president trump signed an executive order rolling back ac a restrictions , the question is what will replace it. how will americans get their health insurance. well, people supporting the ac a launched a bus tour which made a pit stop in philadelphia today. supporters of the affordable care act are traveling around the country on a bus, their campaign called, save my care. >> 5.5 million pennsylvanians, let me put that in perspective that is almost half of the population of pennsylvania are protected by preexisting conditions, clauses in the affordable care act. >> reporter: president trump vowed to repeal the affordable care act saying it ties costly but administration and fellow republicans have not provided any details on a lee placement
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>> it could be detrimental to the health of our tam list and our children in pennsylvania. >> reporter: pediatrician kate wallace treats children with disabilities who rely on coverage from the ac a. >> they don't have a voice so i'm here to be their voice to take. >> my condition is life threatening. >> reporter: thirty-one year-old sanders has a heart condition, instead of her relying on emergency rooms she said with the ac a regular doctor visits have kept her healthy, her children have a variety of health problems. >> how would you take care of you and your family without the affordable care act? >> i got to choose between food, sometimes or a bill, so without affordable care act i don't know where we would be. >> reporter: now without roving any specifics president trump has indicated that everyone should have access to affordable health care coverage, and that includes those with preexisting conditions. we will be hearing lots more about this, in the the weeks and months to come, for sure. >> thanks, stephanie. once vacant lot in philadelphia's west powellton
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section has been given new life thanks to the peoples' mergecy certainty. >> 4050 apartments held its gland opening today, this apartment building is designed for low income artists, the three story building has 21, two, and three bedroom units. peoples' mergecy center has been built in the the area for more than 25 years. kate willow joins us with our forecast. i want what we had today for another month, can you hook us up. >> no. >> that might be a tall order, in january. >> yeah. >> wait until march, april and maybe we will get a stretch like this but today was a rare bird as far as janice -- january, is concern. i didn't hear people complaining. >> not at all. >> people were rejoycing, talking about what a beautiful day it was and certainly almost feels and a rebater it more when it comes on the heels of the stretch of cloudy , glummy, gray and rainy days and we have had a lot of those in january, but things are looking up at least sunshine wise, it will get colder around here though. here's a look outside starting
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off on new parkway camera, parkway central library looking live toward center city, logan circle, nice night to be out and about. temperatures above average over much of the region tonight. city looking all lit up this evening. you can see from another perspective as we switch over to our neighborhood network camera, this one from across the river at palmyra cove nature park where it is currently 48 degrees. keep in mind normal high this time of the year is just 40. so we are well above the average even under the cover of the darkness. storm scan three shows again our next front heading our way right about here. the showers, just moving into portions of central pennsylvania and thinks part of the larger system. bringing a little snow to the great lakes here tonight, and colder air will wrap in behind this system and it will be a progressive cool down as we head in the weekend. it will in the just drop like the rock but temperatures will drop a few degrees each day with the coldest day in the forecast being monday, of next week. temperatures right now though, nothing cold about it. it is near 50 in philadelphia, 51 in lancaster. forty-five this wildwood.
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even poconos above freezing tonight. you can see it in stays dry just a few increasing cloud, as we head through overnight hours. tomorrow morning though there may be a few showers around for morning commute. here's what 6a a.m. looks like the scattered showers, off to the west a few down the shore as well. seven or 8:00 a.m. a few showers around the city. this could slow you down a little bit, glummy start to the take but whole day does not the look gray. by afternoon sun peaks out and even though it will start to turn blustery it will be bright through the afternoon but wind do pick up as well what to expect for your thursday? showers, for the morning commute, and then cloud will break for sun in the afternoon but wind pick up as soon as sun comes out, wind gusting to over 30 miles an hour, and while wind are pretty quiet tonight tomorrow we will start toe that wind switch by the afternoon an wind coming out of the west/northwest and that colder air moves in with gusts again over the 30 miles per hour mark. overnight increasing cloud, stray shower, tomorrow cloud and morning shower, and giving way to sunshine it will be breezy but still mild at 56 degrees and that is
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tomorrow's mid 50's, not feeling quite as nice as today as mid 50's. today not a lot of wind and lots of sunshine, tomorrow more transition day. friday, 46, cooler, some sun, maybe even a stray flurry in the morning, and then we can enis sunny, but chilly, lower 40's, that is still a degree or two above average, coldest day is monday when we don't need to pass 30 but it looks like we are back to the 40's. really nice stretch of weather >> very nice, thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> guys, tail of two teams, sixers are hot while the flyers they are not. we have an update, on both of them coming your way next in
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we have a team in philadelphia, that is kind of hot right now. >> yes, that is right. >> we keep talking about them. that is fun. i like that.
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change of pace there what we have even in the past. mlk day brett the brown called it their finest team win. the sixers beating the bucks in milwaukee. they make a return trip there tonight, highlights at 11:00. now less than 24 hours ago , they took down the clippers in south philadelphia it was another, team win, nerlens had 19 points, rashaad holmes chipped in with a season high 18 off bench. it is clear the excitement is now electrifying this city. >> what they have right new clearly they are playing with some chemistry, they are laying together, you know, they are understanding each other, where they are on the court and, of course, they have excellence with joel embiid and making a big difference. nice to see them win without embiid from the standpoint of showing how these guys even without him are developing. it is impressive what they are doing right thousand. >> while sixers are trying to stay hot, flyers are skating on thin ice. they have lost 12 out of their last 16. tonight they visit rangers. this is a team, at ra, yesterday, the fly guys, have lost five straight to new york to make hatters worse they
6:24 pm
have not won at garden since november of 2015. head coach dave hakstol break ing down hatch up. >> i heene they are laying extremely well, obviously. you know, their goaltender has been outstanding here over the past stretch for them, and their team is laying well. so, you know, beyond that i don't think i would worry too much about their team. i think we have to worry shore about our team good when clock hit triple zero fans storm the court. they were jumping, high five ing, snap chatting, facebook living, wildcats, they were to go in of that. top rang villanova upset by marquette last night in milwaukee. cats blowing a double digit, second half lead, it was golden eagles first win over a number one, since 2003. on unday, villanova looking to get back on track. they take on 12th ranked virginia at the wells fargo center. bad news for fastest hand this is world jamaican sprint
6:25 pm
er usain bolt must give back within of the nine gold medals he won back in the 2008 games as part of the four by 100-meter relay team. olympic officials say bolt's teammate carter tested positive for band stimulant. when they retested them from the olympic games in beijing. >> we're going back. >> yes. >> you got to hold on to that. >> give it back. >> give it to me back. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica. great to be with you in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. president trump signs orders to build a wall and limit immigration while some mayors pledged to provide sanctuary to immigrants. the president said today that torture is effective in the the war on terror, mr. trump, asked today for an investigation into massive voter fraud, which even his own lawyers say they ever
6:26 pm
happened. and for decade she delighted audiences, we will remember tonight why we loved her more and more. we will have those stories just ahead on the cws evening news.
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philadelphia auto show
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starts this saturday. philadelphia mayor jim kenney made a session entrance to kick it off. >> mayor kenney drove in the convention center in a customized jeep wrangler unlimited. more than 700 vehicles will be on display. nine day show directly benefits the city. >> for every 2017 philadelphia auto show ticket purchased, two dollars will be donated to the auto tiehlers caring for kid foundtation, through the foundtation's driving away cold program over 265,000 brand new winter coats have been distributed to under privileged children in the philadelphia area. >> the mayor says natalie show also provides, 30,000 union labor hours, and it runs through ten the fifth. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here's scott the pelley. take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: shutting the door. >> beginning today the united states of america gets back control of its borders. >> pelley: the president orders a wall on the mexican border and cuts off funding to cities that harbor illegal immigrants. also tonight, the president says torture works. >> well, i think this would be a step backward, and i'm not alone in thinking that. >> pelley: the president threatens federal action to stop violence in chicago. >> i think he's talking about federal troops, but we don't really need that in chicago. >> pelley: and she turned the world on with her smile. >> this is our associate producer, mary richards. walter:kite. >> nice to meet you. >> pelley:


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