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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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well, demonstrators dance on the the treats of center city just outside loews hotel where president trump is set to meet g.o.p. leaders to day. next we will have more on the tea tores and security measures now in place. meanwhile tough talk from mexico's president, after president trump signs an executive order to build a wall along u.s./mexico border. crews have been battling a monster three alarm fire overnight big city where thinks unfolding and, reason why no one was inside when that fire started. today is wednesday, january 26th, good morning, i'm jim done ran. i'm jan carabao. katie's here with the forecast and road closures in center city today it is a great day for meisha today buy our new real time traffic system.
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>> i love it. let's put it up there. isn't about me but viewer. this will help you so much. everything looks so will cool. you guys will love it. the first up lets talk about those road closures we will get into that. couple accidents out there plus we have construction. >> at least right now it is try. that hey change. traffic and weather can also be your new system works hand a hand then they already do too. good day to day pew it. looking at storm scan we have showers on the horizon here currently working their way through central pennsylvania. pretty light at the moment. the this is courtesy of the the frontal passage that will be taking lays, so this is sort of the one of the taste that depend on the hour what you will find out there you may have some showers, you may have a breeze, sun behind but you will have warmth. looking at temperature change in the the last 24 hours, it is interesting, you can tell where cold air is beginning to move in 5 degrees colder then this same time yesterday in allentown but 10 degrees mild inner wildwood, atlantic city and dover. there is a transition that has
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been underway and as it relates to the thermometer readings we are still flirting with 50. in atlantic city at the this hour. pair of four's in philadelphia , very calm independent, generally speaking this will be changing with time today as this cold front crosses through. so even though temperatures may not have caught up to it cool air is starting to move in here but i'm succeeding in between two and 5:00 o'clock a temperature to read 56 degrees , today, and as cloud break for some sunshine we are still looking ahead, to a decent morning. >> that is good i'll take it because i know is what coming and what we were left with last week. that is good news. we're talking about this moment ago, if you missed it we are debuting our blank new real time traffic system. you guys will love it. why? because it will benefit you. we will see things so much more clearly and a lot of really cool features but first let's bring you this full screen of route one south at action forward valley where we have construction. southbound lanes are blocked and has been cleared. we are looking good. talking about our new real
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time traffic graphic, take a look at this, i love it, i can put map pack but pull up three cameras simultaneously for you what do we have here schuylkill, moving in the the eastbound direction at montgomery what we are looking at there. blue route headlights moving in the southbound treks at baltimore pike and i-95, approaching girard. i-95 will be a good indication what we are working with in terms of the congestion levels and we are looking okay right the now. we have an accident take a look in pottstown, this is route 100 pottstown pike, at harp farm road, one lane opened there will that slow you down? no. but if it lingers out there it really will. we have another accident in mercer county, new jersey clean up from an earlier accident route one at carnegie center all southbound lanes are block, two north bound lanes are block. your alternate princeton pike or route 206 is your best bet and then we have closures coming up because trump will be in town. we will talk about that in the next ten to 15 minutes. jim and jan back over to you. police are preparing for huge crowd of protesters today ahead of the president trump's visit to philadelphia.
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>> president trump is attending the annual g.o.p. retreat. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live, with more on what you can expect if you are traveling in that area today, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jan , kim. people can expect lots of congestion around the loews hotel today, take a look here police are setting up getting ready for road closures at 6:00 a.m. it is best to avoid this area if at all possible. not only will president donald trump will be here but british rhyme minister teresa may and likely thousands of protesters out on the streets. protests kicked off last night on the first day of the republican congressional caucus, this is video from an opposition dance party organized by member of the lb gt community. it happened on market street outside of the hotel rooms of hundreds of republican lawmakers in town for this annual policy retreat.
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now with president trump in town today demonstrations are expect throughout the day, and police commissioner richard ross says his officers are well prepared. >> people have a general idea have of how we deploy in terms of the bike officers and foot patrols and you'll see a number of both out there and again, we will there been to make sure people are safe to protect the dignitaries, the people walking about center city as well as the protesters and very hopeful that people demonstrating will do so peace fully. >> reporter: meanwhile in addition to those road closures secret service is limiting pedestrian traffic here around the loews hotel, look at this map here, 111200 blocks have of mark streit, 12th street between chestnut and filbert as well as 13th street between chestnut and market those will be all closed to pedestrian traffic beginning at 6:00 a.m. today. meanwhile president trump is expect to address the group here today, at noon, during a lunchtime speech. but for now we are live in
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center city i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. in other news president of mexico says his country will not pay for a wall along u.s./ mexico border. president trump signed an executive order to begin building the wall and he continues to suggest that mexico will pay for it. in response, mexican president enrique penanieto says mexico does not believe in walls. top mexican officials are meeting with president trump. many u.s. mayors say they will defy president trump's executive order to defund sanctuary cities. undocumented immigrants arrested for non-violent crimes are not reported to federal authorities. there are about 300 of these cities nationwide, including new york, los angeles, chicago and philadelphia. mayor jim kenney says he is ready to defend the cities immigrants there are methods that we have congressional folks, we have the courts, we have lots of protections. this is not a dictatorship,
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this is a democracy. as far as i know it is. and we will take up every opportunity we have to protect our citizens. >> reporter: president trump has not the specified what type of federal fund he would pull back from those sanctuary cities. president trump is tweet ing he is ready to announce his choice to fill vacant seat on the supreme court. the president said he will reveal his selection a week from today. president trump has said his supreme court pick will be pro life, signaling he may want his next nominee to overturn roe v. wade. the president says if that happens abortion laws would go back to the states. meantime new this morning flames ravaged a home this montgomery county, several fire departments responded to the 600 block of orland mill road in orland around 1:00. when fire fighters arrived everyone inside including a dog had already made it out safely. officials tell us the rear of the home took on heavy damage, no word what sparked the tire. police say an argument led to gunfire in the fernrock
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section leaving one man in very critical condition. officers arrived at the scene after hearing gunshots coming from the 1300 block of west chew avenue just before 7:30 last night. they found a 34 year-old victim shot in the chest. eyewitnesses say a man fired a shot from inside of the black dodge at point blank range. if you have any information, please contact the police. and police believe this man robbed a wawa in springfield township, delaware county. the man walk in the wawa on stafford avenue on 1:30 in the morning on tuesday. while the clerk was making a sandwich suspect began throwing cartons in the pillowcase. when the clerk confronted him he pulled out a box cutter. fortunately the clerk was not hurt. ninety-six year-old woman remains in critical condition after he was mauled by two pit bulls. police say it happened just before 4:00 on 5800 block of brush road in germantown. officers found the victim with dog by the to her head, face, and arms. police say woman's husband
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used a broom to force dogs away and eyewitness tells cbs-3 what happened. >> she was laying on the ground. one dog was biting on her arm, the other one was biting on the other side of her arm and then they dragged her and one started to bite her in her head and other one started to bite her in her face. >> dogs are now in the custody of police. a boil water advisory is in effect after a large sinkhole opened up in glenside area of montgomery county. this is a live picture of that massive hole, it formed between those two homes on the 700 block of brooke road early yesterday morning. that road is now closed between argyle and chillfield role until further notice. no one was injured but one home had to be evacuated. crews continued clean up efforts. large tree had to be removed from the home and that white truck you see in the background that came dangerously close to falling in as well. hundreds of volunteers are spending morning the streets of philadelphia, learning more
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about the people who live there. this was the scene after 3:00 this morning as volunteers gathered at the synagogue before getting started. during the festivities, groups determined the need in every zip code throughout the city. volunteers survey each person from three to 9:00 a.m. learning about the history and what kind of assistance they may need. results helped city and state determine what kind of funding will help end homelessness in our air contract. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he is cancer free, the 68 year-old was diagnosed with prostate capser last year after a routine checkup. wolf got the clean bill of health from his doctor last week and managed to keep a busy schedule while he received cancer treatment. well, coming up building under construction burns down in washington state. >> take a look, crews have been on the scene all night long getting this three alarm fire under control. main concern, while fighting that fire. philadelphia's mayor signs new rules changing how towing companies can take your car
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away if you are illegally parked. what has to happen first, before they can tow your car. tune in tonight for a cbs news special honoring the late mary tyler moore who died yesterday. gayle king will host hour long special, mary tyler moore love is all around and airs at 9:00 o
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an excellent source of protein to help power through your morning. jimmy dean delights frittatas. here's good news towing companies can no longer take your car in fill before law enforcement tickets you. it is against the law. philadelphia mayor jim kenney sign legislation earlier in the week to crackdown on predatory towing practices, he says that he is working to make sure that those who are towed are treated fairly. >> nothing worse then losing your car and having to spend $600 to get it out and having it held in a remote area with plexiglas and bashed wire. it is untenable. we are looking at perhaps some company to oversee all of them
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>> now natalie law doesn't let illegal parkers off the hook, philadelphia police will even force law february 1st making sure participating agencies such as p pa, university police and september air looking out for tickettable offences. fire fighters in washington state of been working overnight to get a massive building fire under control there. here's a three alarm blaze in linwood 16 miles north of seattle. as you can see parts of the building began collapsing. it was a new apartment complex undercover trucks so it was vacant when fire broke out. crews are trying to make sure natalie fire doesn't spread to neighboring buildings, officials have not the yet released a suspected cause of the fire. well, time is 4:44. >> katie's here with another check of the forecast, katie, yesterday felt great the but all good things must come to an end. >> i know. >> how much longer will this mild wet ther stick around. >> it is with us through to take but there is a transition taking place, so yeah, i think yesterday even though today very likely end up being milder, is actually going to
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be nicer of the two day because we didn't to have deal with this, the showers starting to work their way in to central pennsylvania they are heading our way. we will get in on them in the next couple hours. all part of the much larger system. by comparison to the coastal storm we dealt with earlier in the week this is nothing, it is pretty weak system, all things considered. it knock temperatures back? absolutely. we will get a dose have reality later in the forecast but we don't to have deal with much more than a couple showers. future weather comes in. you will see this start to blossom here more as we head into the height of the typical morning rush. i would say up to the northwestern suburbs, lightes of showers. not a huge deal but town near the shore points, kent, sussex county you may have a steady batch of rain out there through the tail end of the typical morning rush. it is starting to clear out. i would say by the time those rose cloud ours go in effect around loews hotel this is long gone. maybe damp sidewalks but coming back from lunch and we will see sunshine. now we will let this play,
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clear, clear, clear, clear all the way through friday and right in the weekend too. the chill, however does begin to set in because with the clear skies overnight your temperatures can begin to drop off. from now, expect at least a shower closer to the the shore there might be straight up rain for a short time this morning and then cloud break, high of 56, not happy. 33 tonight, it the is certainly colder. we are well in the 40's at this hour. even some flirting with 50. the it will feel chillier by comparison. we are going to get that dose have reality as early as this weekend. we will not break out of the 30's come monday. quiet forecast, meisha. >> it looks that way. the katie, thanks very much. we are happy in the traffic tenth because we are rolling out our real time traffic system, brand new and it is all for you. it looks better. it will give you everything in real time. look at this beautiful shot of center city. i want to call your attention to this information right the here. republican congressional caucus and presidential visit is coming to philadelphia today. we know that. what is closed. look at these, it will go
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between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. starting before 8:00 a.m. it will get busy. thirteenth street from chestnut to market. market from 11th and juniper and 12th from chestnut to arch i will tweet this information out as well. this will slow you down especially in the 8:00 o'clock hour as our main hour rolls in the 8:00 o'clock hour. take a look at this parking pedestrian restrictions starting at 6:00 a.m. demonstrations are scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. but additional demonstrations as well so just a head up. we are looking at our real time traffic slow, take a look we are showing throwing but green that is what we should be seeing. still dark out still early on this thursday morning. we are looking darn good. take a look market frank forward line has an adjusted schedule, no service through 13th. several bus detours. make sure to check those schedules on line, jim and jan , back over to you. welshing coming up chipotle is giving away coupon s for free chips and quack. >> good breakfast food, right. >> bring it in. >> we will tell you thousand
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get your hand on one of those coupons in this morning's money watch
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time for a check on business news. >> hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange, chip pot thely is coming up with a way to boost weak sales, what is that all about. >> hi dan, good morning. usually quacamole costs extra but chipotle wants to give ate way, running a promotion, play a video game called and you'll receive a mobile coupon for quack and chips. restaurant chain wants to lure back more customers after slumping sales and taking a hit ape profits from the rising cost of its ingredients >> i do love quack. >> i have to play a game? why can't they just give us the coupon. i will still go there. not again, lithium ion battery causing another problem there is a recall going on is this. >> reporter: yeah, we have been hearing this a lot. this time hewlett packard they are expanding a lap top recall
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defective lithium i on batteries may over heat posing a fire hazard just like those samsung batteries. the it effects 142,000 notebook computers, made between march 2013, and act of 2016. >> i'm just so very concerned about that. >> i'm still stuck on the quacamole, still behind on the quack holy. i'm hungry, hena. we will check in next hour. well, get ready for a wintry reality check. >> katie, when can we expect those temperatures to drop. >> not to day but by later tonight we will feel that bottom get pulled out there underneath the and it looks like a stretch of it again, reality here, like january, guys, you shouldn't be in the 50's and we won't be later in the forecast, just how chilly in the full forecast right after
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welcome back as we take a look outside at parkway central library we have nice clear skies out there basically, we're still tracking a frontal passage today so i like to call these days, days of transition, and while we may start off dry we will not end that way for rest of the morning drive. you can see green over my shoulder here, there is wet weather that waits in the wings but not like what we saw early in the week so we will see rain and we will see some wind picking up here with time don't trust this radar just yet we are seeing moisture build, doesn't necessarily mean you have got showers hitting the ground in chester county or new castle county but that will change with time i say probably about 7:00 o'clock or so give or take the showers start to move in. perfect timing for that morning drive but cloud do break for sun, later this afternoon and i would say around lunch we are in the clear regional wide. wind start to pick up at that
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point. we're talking about gusts to 30 miles an hour but noticeable for sure. one of these taste is not like the other. today really mile, monies cold in, between that you have got a dose of reality lower 40's generally especially this weekend but the sun will come back for us here, and it looks like we have no major storms in sight the at the moment, meisha. >> happy to say 56. i know we will get that drizzle. >> take it while we have it. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> good morning, happy thursday, busy thursday on tap for us, even in the the travel department. take a look we have three different points of construction. i don't know if you noticed but this is brand new real time traffic system i'm showing you which is awesome. it will really benefit us. lets take a look at this, first one, 676 southbound at route 42, left lane blocked. 295 northbound off ramp to route 168. that will lift around 5:00 a.m. i will confirm as soon as it does so. route 42 northbound off ramp to 295 northbound that will be
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closed until around 5:00 a.m. lots of construction. also, we have a delaware memorial or excuse me delaware river turnpike bridge is also closed what we have been talking about all week long. take a look reason why i'm calling this to your attention again, a just in case you are justin in and these alternates get extremely busy as we push in the 6:00 o'clock hour some times earlier. your alternate burlington bristol, trenton morrisville and scudder falls bridge. they get very busy in terms of the, backing up where you might the to have give yourself an extra 45 minutes to an hour. jim and jan, back over to you. thanks, meisha. as meisha mentioned earlier coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", detours and protests we are live with everything you need to know ahead of the president trump's visit to philadelphia today. also new details what life was like for grace packer , local teen, allegedly murdered by her foster mother. find out what governor chris christie has to say about his lieutenant governor 's gubernatorial run, we are back at the top of the hour. stay
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protesters are waiting in center city where president will make his first official visit. we are live with what to second, plus this. >> we are going to get the bad once out. >> president trump moves forward to plans to build a wall with the boarder with mexico, we have a reaction from their government. i think we all need some kleenex. >> lots of people needed kleenex, i was among them remembering mary tyler moore, we will show you how entertainment world is mourning her loss to take is
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thursday, january 26th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. it is a very busy morning. the lets get started with traffic and weather with meisha and katie. >> i'm so excited, i love toys , so we have a brand new real time traffic system that i'm playing with over there but what i love even more is that it benefits you, because everything is in real time and it looks so cool. we can zoom into center city with 3-d graphic. i will save that for another coffee take chat. but it will be busy because traffic is coming into town, lot of road closures. how is the weather. >> right the now, not bad. later this morning, sorry. it is a collective sigh, come on. remember, i'm messenger, all right. here's what is going on. we are not talking about heavy rain or win speed. here's a beautiful shot of the crystal clear view overlooking center city loews hotel is back there, 43 degrees is our current temperature. feels like 43 for a change. west


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