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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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plus the models we can only dream about. and some live look outside for your morning commute. don't go anywhere. it is the stuff you don't want to miss. >> today is friday, january 27, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. you just saw meisha out there at the auto show. first, let's check in with katie if our forecast. >> just continue turned into katie? >> it is magic, seeing it after all. >> talking about late -- >> allegedly. >> i have an excuse from our 5:00 a.m. producer, vince, he promised me woe give me one. sign it. >> let's look outside, guys, so it is definitely a little chilly outside. hint of breeze out there, some lake enhanced snow coming through, sorry, just dropped the clicker. i'm shire you heard. that will don't you love live television? so looking at storm scan,
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certainly clouds out, there even stray snow shower up near the mountains, won't expect to see any of this actually stick or accumulate. look at the area temperatures around the region, low four's up and down i95 right now, that's still pretty mild, but you can see how some of the colder air is beginning to work its way into mount pocono, 39 the tell newer both lancaster and reading into the upper three's from ac back over to dover. looking at some of the outlying suburbs, consistency here, flirting with or slightly above the 40 degrees mark in most locations, so as this chilly air starts to work its way in, you're not going to see as much after rebound on the mom terrace would you expect, right? so certainly cooler day by comparison, but keep in mind, 48 degrees is still far above normal. normal high right around 40, so doing pretty well with that high. but again the winds is going to continue to be a running theme for us, there will as we mention be a snow shower up around the poconos, but perhaps ever so slightly reduces visibility, traveling say up towards i85, but more than anything we expect mix of sun and clouds around the
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region as a whole. still will continue to settle in in the days ahead coming up we will let you know exactly how much colder it gets. meanwhile meisha out at the pa convention center looks like you plan to coordinate with the car behind you. you're outfit looks amaze being, my friend. >> i asked what's the number one selling car? they said a red one. i said you got t i'm going to wear some red today. good morning, everyone, we are coming to you live from the 116th annual philly auto show. i have to tell you, i've been a kid in a candy store all morning long, and it doesn't matter if you are a gear heart or not. if you drive a vehicle this is the place you want to be. i have to say, look at this jeep, number one, it but to know the jeep, suv, the number one selling products at the auto show. pretty cool. but before we get into this, we will bring you outside. got to let you know what's going on in your morning commute. so far so good. looking okay. we do have accident in pottstown. we have a downed pole here.
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charlotte street at maugers mill road, those of you commuting, patco starting new schedule starting tomorrow saturday and all regional rails are starting a new schedule on sunday. so heads up. make sure to check the schedules on line. plus that construction, talking about this all morning long, coatesville. it is still out there, guys. route 30 bypass westbound, between route 340, and reese ville road. left lane still blocked. and we have so much more to talk about here at the philly auto show, whether we come back in the next ten to 15 minutes. i'm telling you don't go anywhere or else. guys, back to you. >> oh, that's an order. we're staying put, meisha, thank you. well, in news this morning, police continue to investigate a shooting on the 500 block of east 23rd street in chester. "eyewitness news" arrived at the scene to find bullet holes in a house, and evidence markers nearby. we were told there were no injuries. >> well, the republican retreat will come to close in philadelphia today. protesters will be back out on the streets. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside the loews hotel where president trump was met with a big crowd
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yesterday afternoon. morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jan, jim, demonstrators want to send one last message to republican lawmakers who will leave her from the loews hotel and board buses and head over to 30th street station where they will head to washington. this will be the third straight day in a row of protests, here in the city. vandals spray painted three police cars parked at 13th and arch. at the wawa on the corner every broad and walnut, officers confiscate add sign that was thrown at them. just two concerning incidents after day of peaceful demonstrations thursday. overall, police estimate some 3,000 protesters took to the streets, while the republican congressional caucus went on inside the loews hotel. few braved the crowd to show their support to our new president, who addressed republican lawmakers attending the retreat around 1:00 p.m. >> this is ridiculous. you know, guy hasn't been president for a week. give him a chance. he is going to start moving
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things. i guess people don't like him. >> many gathered spoke out against republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act without a viable alternative, and other proposed cuts. >> he is talking about getting red rid of the aca. i depends on that as an independent self-employed artist for my healthcare. he is also talking about getting rid of the national endowment for the arts, which is going to hurt my employment. >> i am a person. i am a cancer survivor. i have pre-existing condition. i'm not on fire. i'm not a building. i'm person. and i think it is real important for our law makers to realize her dealing with people's lives. and they don't seem to care. report now police reported no arrest and just one civil citation from yesterday's demonstrations, meanwhile, the protest scheduled for today, is set to kick off at 11:00 a.m. outside of 30th street station. but for now, live in center city, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, jan, back to you. >> thank, thanks so much. president trump's comments while in philadelphia led to
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controversy. >> so here's what the president said about the city's crime rate at yesterday's republican retreat. >> just look at the 30 largest cities in the last year alone the murder rate is increased by an estimated 14%. here in philadelphia, the murder rate has been steady, let me just, terribly increased. and then you look at chicago, what is going on in chicago? that is why we will continue to stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. >> now, here is some crime numbers from the philadelphia police department's website. through january 25th of this year, 27 people have been murdered. now that's 37% increase in homicides compared to this time last year. now, in 2016, philadelphia had 277 murders, that was down by three, when the previous year. the philadelphia inquirer reports that crime in the city an is at its lowest level in
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decades. well, philadelphia mayor jim kenney is weighing in on president trump's comment, in a statement saying, in part, our homicides are, in fact, slowly declining, and while we are not satisfied with even our current numbers we are handicapped by republican refusal to enact any kind of common sense gun control and by their obsession with turning our police officers into ice agents. >> president trump will have his first meeting with foreign leaders today as he welcomes british prime minister, theresa may, to the white house. now, the visit comes a day after the president of mexico cancels his plans to visit president trump next week. roxanna with the latest from new york. >> reporter: president trump is vowing to keep his signature campaign promises, and defending his plans to restrict immigration to muslim countries. >> some people have come in with evil intentions, and, you know, most haven't, i guess. but we can't take chances. >> in a interview with fox news, the president also talked about builds ago wall on the southern border.
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>> look, the wall is unless. it is not just politics. >> comments comma mid escalating tensions between the u isn't and mexico over the woman. yesterday president scrapped plans to visit mr. trump next week. outraged that the president's insistance that mexico reimburse us for t sean spicer suggested the us might impose a heavy tax on mexican imports to raise the monday. >> i $50 billion, that's 20% of imports, by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall. just through that mechanism alone. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham tweeted any policy proposal which drives up costs of corona, tequila, margarita, an is big time bad idea. mucho sad. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> week into donald trump's presidency, and still no word on who will be on the first lady's staff. melania press secretary, communications direct on and chief of staff positions are still waiting to be filled.
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the first laidly split her time between new york and washington while their son, baron, finishes out the school year. >> well the engineer involved in a deadly train cash in port richmond is suing amtrak for more than $50,000. brandon bostian was in charge every speeding train when it derailed in may of 2015 killing eight people and injuring more than 200 other. bostian says amtrak did not address reports that people were throwing projectiles at trains. he claims something hit his train leaving him disoriented or unconscious. now federal investigators say bostian was distracted by reports that something hit another train, but his train was not hit. another amtrak engineer involved in a deadly crash near chester tested positive for marijuana after the crash. that amtrak train killed two maintenance workers whether it slammed into their back hoe last april. investigators say, the maintenance crew failed to follow safety procedures, and that amtrak left work go on without detailed safety plan.
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the engineer no longer works for amtrak. new jersey state police continue investigating the source of a dumbbell that smashed through a drivers windshield, killing him, they tweeted an update that red quote detectives have not discovered any evidence that indicates that this was a deliberate act. investigation continues. seventy-five year old jack carlo headed down the new jersey turnpike in salem county january the ninth whether the 50 pounds weight hit him in the head. he died tuesday night. decarlo's wife who was pass inning nerve that car suffered minor injuries. welcoming up: flames tear through county fairgrounds in the midwest, and the loss is historic. coming up we will tell you what burned down that can never be replaced. >> plus watch as this car is possible dollars four store frist a parking garage. why officials say there was no point in trying to save the car. >> and another crime, see what these teens did while bragging about it on facebook, that's
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coming up. >> ♪ >> meisha live at the philly auto show this morning, seeing some cool cars, and has your traffic updates coming up. >> ♪
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♪ >> huge fire. >> this was scene last night as flames torched through the fairgrounds in indianna. it is unclear right now how the fire started, but officials do say it does look extremely dangerous. and suspicious, the fire destroyed wooden grand stands that were close to the oldest of their kind in the state. fortunately, there are no reports of any injuries. >> entire hotel plunges into a
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swollen roofer. it happened wednesday after ten straight hours of rain. the 3-story building stood along the river edge, and evacuated earlier, fortunately, there are no injuries. and check this one out. this was the scene in new zealand. this truck was tossed four stories, during the demolition of this parking garage. construction workers had to tear down the garage after it was badly damaged, from an earthquake in november. there were nine cars still inside when at the tore it down. all of the owners were out of luck. fortunately, it was nothing they do do. >> something about watching a building fall. everybody loves those, those implosions you see. >> fascinating, right? >> yes. >> poof. >> we see so much construction going up. >> i was going to say. >> rarely see it going the other way. >> empty parking lot, they'll build a tower on it. >> sign of progress. >> if you say so. >> yes, the ever changing skyline, you know the ever changing weather pattern for us, too, right? february, do you believe it, right around the corner, already got the first days of february in our sites in the seven day.
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give you a preview of what the month will look like, well, this is a winter rebound actually begins. we come from the coldest time of the winter let alone the year and hard to see that get pulled away. warmer air starts to move in. higher sun angle, all every these starts to help. so by the month end up to 47 degrees. typical snowiest month, average snow we see shy of 9 inches, and of course who could forget groundhog day, comes next week, if tounges town i phil sees his shadow it is six more weeks every winter. it is legends. stick with us for the actual story whatever will happen for the rest of the winter. for now the storm scan showing signs of life across western pa. snow showers flying out there. poconos will likely see couple of flies as well. future winds speeds, not terribly harsh, but persistent. take a look. we will keep you into the teens through the rest of today, anywhere from 15 to 20-mile per hour sustained winds speeds, maybe gusts higher up to 30. see little bit every easing up later tonight.
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but it picks right back up again tomorrow. so noticeably breezy period for us out there. forty-eight the expected high though. that's at least above average. colder, yesterday, dropping down to 30 later tonight under partly cloudy sky. and that will be some of the coldest air we've had in up kel of days a the least. we continue the slow decline over the next couple every days here, by monday, 38 degrees with clouds. overhead. but that will be the chilliest of the pack. meisha? we send it on over to you. >> you know, katie, who doesn't love a brand new vehicle? you know what? even if you're not in the market looking, everybody lovers them. what we're looking at right now, guys, take a look at this beauty. 2018 at last, not even out yet for purchase. beautiful suv. by the way, this is the first volkswagon of its kinds to have three rose. follow me down here. if you could just take a peak at this, families out there, looking to be new option for
6:17 am
suv offer truck there is will be an awesome, awesome option for you, with like i said, the first vokes weighing on with three rose. i don't know about you but i love the volkswagon vehicle. we will be looking at these all morning long, and i have to tell you there are over 700 models here, at the 2017 philly auto show. you guys have to come. it opens tomorrow to the public. and it is beautiful. but, first, we also have to go outside, let you know what your morning commute looks like. right now looking at the schuylkill, boulevard, taillights moving in the westbound direction. looking okay there. but we do do have downed tree, forest avenue, intersection, right now, it is blocked. so heads up for those every in you and around that area. and then also, that accident, pottstown, with downed pole. that is still out there. charlottes street, at maugers mill vote. that might slow you down just little bit. a lot more coming up from the auto show. first we take a quick break, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back. don't go anywhere.
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>> bucks county, want bucks county police didn't to mandate they take narcan, but newtown borough holding up its goal. pleaded to allow their offers tears carry the life saving
6:21 am
drugs, mulling over his request. >> from the news journal, delaware general assembly has torpedo pay increases for some of the states highest ranking government officials, including, the governor, lieutenant governor, cabinet secretary, judges, and lawmakers themselves. in the boyertown area times, pottstown roller derby rock star's league recently held a winter conditioning session, advance the 2017 season, which is expected to begin next month. if you're interested, league practices ringing rock roller rink. >> lays up your skates. >> got to sign up? >> absolutely. sounds like fun. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware val. >> i why can't i picture you doing roller blading? >> because i'm not very good at any of that. >> boom, right to the side. >> into the wall i go. >> still ahead, the councilman who got sworn in as a superhero. >> and are you running late for work. >> always. >> what are you going to tell your boss? >> i don't know. we will have some of the best and worse excuses coming up.
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>> quiet with sunshine, and will feel like january for a change. >> breaking about the cars he's stolen on facebook live, this thief, and now police are on his tail. this facebook live video shows
6:25 am
georgia teen suspected of stealing two porche suv's and showing off his hall. wasn't the only moment the teen was caught on camera. surveillance video from delivery man shows the moment the teen and accomplice timed their theft of the. >> the driver was at the location, however, he didn't realize what was going on. >> well after making their first get away, police say the teens came back for the second car. the driver was occupied elsewhere, when the teen was able to steel the keys to the stolen car's from inside the delivery cab. >> a san jose california city council member says he hopes to channel the ideas of one of his heroes as he takes office. take a look at this. councilman, long time comic book fan, and carried a captain american shield for yesterday's oath of office. i saw this on line, i thought it was photo shopped to be honest. he said he wanted to bring a moment of levity to the proceedings, student councilman dispute claims he belittled the office. >> i don't think it was un dignified. i mean, this is captain
6:26 am
america shield. it stands for something. it stands for democracy, for equal justice, for fair play, it is not like a wore a batman mask into the chambers. and i degraded the proceedings somehow. >> so new councilman says he takes his new position seriously, but says there is also room for little fun in any job. i think we know a little bit. >> i think he's going to use the shields to deflect comments that people throw at him all the time. exactly. coming up in the next half hour of eye within news, president trump has some busy days ahead. find out what he's doing this weekend that involves russian president vladmeere putin. >> and new report about the drinking water in new jersey's schools of the we will tell you what was found in the water, and whether it is safe. meisha? >> reporter: you guys, our friday morning commute is actually looking okay for the most part, but we do have a down tree, an overturned vehicle, plus we're here all morning long, at the 4017 auto show. we have so much coming up. don't go anywhere. first we want to take a break. stay right where you are.
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. it is now 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> i'm not afraid to speak frankly to the president of the united states. >> the president has a big day ahead of him as he sits down with british prime minister theresa may at the white house. >> this will be president trump's first meeting with foreign leader since becoming president. what do you say? >> now there is will be the third day of protests here in philadelphia. demonstrators want to send one final message it republican lawmakers, who will leave here from the loews hotel. >> hey, you guys recognize this vehicle?
6:31 am
i will give you one word. de lawyer yan, we're going back to the future. wait a second. we're going into the future here at the philly auto show. >> the six remembers celebrating the chinese new year, which arrives tonight at midnight. >> this rebounds ... sixers >> good news, flyers win against the mapleleafs two-one,. >> good job fly guys. i wonder if katie is out there on the skydeck, i know it will be a windy one today. >> thankfully not the harsh kind of winds we saw with the coastal storm system earlier in the week. but gentlemen, still pretty breezy, seeing the gusts peak anywhere from 25 to 30 miles per hour, that will be very consistent throughout the day. and it is all in the wake of the front that crossed through yesterday. so at the moment, storm scan, relatively quiet. i want to zoom it out just one time, give you sense what's happening to the west here. back into central and western
6:32 am
pa we go, lake effect snow, lake erie, ontario for that matter up in up-state new york those areas will see something significant in the way of snowfall. here, i don't think you see much more than couple of snow showers at worse up in the poconos, so with that said, let's give up at jack frost, big boulder, you have anywhere from 20 or 15 trails open, but really nice base, several scenes worth of fresh powder, at least powder period across the region, camelback up to 48 inches, again couple feet in blue mountain as women. ski season continues on here. with chill in the air. but not necessarily a lot of fresh nature made powder to come along with it, here in philadelphia, after all, actually already 42 degrees, and remember, the normal high is right around 40. so still even despite the wind picking up even despite cold front passage, above average here today. it isn't as warm as yesterday, how much, we do still expect to hit the upper 40's, but windy cooler day, by comparison, although for the most part you're still expect
6:33 am
to go see some sunshine. meisha, i send it on over to you. >> all right, katie. well, look, i just happen to stumble upon, just happen to, brand new ford mustang. take a look at this guy. you want to talk about motors, gear hearts, take a look at this, hey, how about those that love the blue mustang? little something for everyone at the 2017 philly auto show, you guys, this is something that like i said is for everyone. you got to come down. but before we talk more about the bees knees, we have to go outside and tell you what's going on in the wormed of travel. right now we do have overturned vehicle, morning and town and bounding town, pulled offer to the cheryl. little gaper delay around the area. also live look outside of the boulevard, push in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, looking okay, maybe heating up just little bit. once you jump on to the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction, city avenue, that's one of those areas that you start to slow down little bit, as well. now, we do have an accident in pottstown, that's still out
6:34 am
there. involving a downed pole. charlotte street at maugers road. over all the morning commute this beautiful friday actually looking pretty good. we will be coming back to the auto show say in the next 15 minutes, don't go anywhere, guys, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. it will be busy weekend for president trump. beginning with meeting with britain's prime minister theresa may. now, she plans on giving the new president some advice on global affairs. here's correspondent annie rose with more on what's in store for the president. >> more busy day days ahead for president donald trump. friday maces feed ya alongside theresa may. she signals friendliness toward trump but directly addressed areas of disagreement, like nato. >> the deal with the threat to the modern world, we need to reveal confidence in the institutions upon which we all rely. >> and russia. >> with president putin, my advice is to engage but be aware. >> speaking of the russian president, while house announced trump will speak
6:35 am
with putin saturday for the first time since taking offers. the obama administration accused the kremlin every interfering in the 2016 presidential election, obama brought sanctions annex sold russian diplomats in retaliation. not clear what trump will do next the president expected to sign executive order looking into voter fraud. trump has continually claimed without basis that millions voted illegally in the presidential election. senator cory booker blasted trump's fixation. >> 's liar, repeatedly so, in pushing propaganda that has agenda that's not in concert with honor, or with the facts. >> the white house says the president believes this, vaguely siting studies and evidence, but voting officials around the country say no such thing happened. andy rose, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> ♪ >> more protests are expected today after the president was met with thousands of
6:36 am
protesters marching through the street of center city yesterday. don't on strikes cents remained relatively peaceful, how much, three police vehicles were vandalized and sign appeared to be thrown from the crowd, and then confiscated. police tell us no arrests cents were made. >> well, president trump takes executive action on immigration, former secretary of state, madeline albright, is ready to takings on her own. albright says she is ready to register as muslim if the president suspends immigration to the u.s. from certain muslim countries. she is not revealing how she will do, that but yesterday albright tweeted i was raised catholic, became episcopalian, found out later my family was jewish. i stand ready to register as muslim and hashtag solidarity. >> meantime protesters greeted new jersey governor chris christie where he talks with student at trenton central high school. community and teacher representatives are not happy with christy's proposed changes, the school funded formula. they would cut aid to urban school district in favor of giving every school district in the state the same amount
6:37 am
of aid for student. new jersey education officials say that 21 school district have reported elevated levels of lead in drinking water, the education department announced the findings at hearing with state lawmakers yesterday. officials did not say which districts this affect, put aside, for lead ted g, and skoots must finish the testing by july. >> time of the week when i tell but dangerous products that may put your family at risk. this week's "3 on your side" week -- recall round up. >> first up, big tech recall gets even bigger. expanding the recall of batteries used in notebook computers due to fire and burn hazard. here's what you need to know. 101,000 lithium ion batteries being recalled, sold with hp, hp pro book, hp end see, as well as compact and compact pre sario. no books, the batteries involved in the recall have a
6:38 am
number of different bar codes. hp will provide replacements, for free, foray expected customersment next up, 8900 children scooters are being recalled, they pose fall hazard. here are the details. the recall involves pulls safe, knuckle that joins the wheel to the axle can break. scoot remembers sold in october and november, exclusively at target. take the scooter away from small children and contact pulse performance products for a full refunds. >> finally 800 trek bikes being recalled, the front brake caliber can come into contact with a broken spoke, posing a fall hazard, it has happened ten times so far. one rider suffered a broken vertebrae. here's what to look out for, the recall involves 2,015, 16 and 17 model year track, 720 disabilities bikes. they were sold at bike stores nationwide from november of 2014 through this past october. return the bikes to a trek retailer for free inspection and free replacement wheel.
6:39 am
>> now we will be posting links with information on all of the recalls on just click on consumer or check out my facebook and twitter page. i will be posting information there, as well. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, right now busloads of people from our area an are on that way to washington dc to take part in the march for life live with what they had to say about the pro-life rally. >> plus oprah winfrey remembering mary tyler moore, what she says about the tv legend and how she inspired oprah in her career. >> late for work? you're not alone. i'm jamie yuccas in new york, the best and worse excuses coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and meisha is live at the philly auto show this morning, she has your traffic and a look at some of the luxury cars, coming up next.
6:40 am
>> where is shy? she drove off with one every them? oh, no. >> ♪
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>> thousands every people from the archdioces of philadelphia are expect in the washington dc today. >> participating in the annual march for life, prefers pro-life message. had a hear top trump advisor kellyanne conway among those slate today speak today. >> right now "kyw news radio" mike demarked owe clowns us -- joins us live. >> morning. more than 3,000 people are boarding buses, from throughout the philadelphia archdioces, including, two buses that just left caring 107 seminarians here at saint charles borromeo cemetery in wynnewood. this march on washington has been held every year, since the supreme court 1973 roe v. wade decision legalizing abortions, but participant say this year there is a sense of imminent change, with president trump in the white house here seminarian john
6:44 am
howard. >> it is very important to be, very important to awful us at the church, all of us as human beings, because it is a great witness, one, to show the world that we do care about women, we care about every life, and the rest will go down there, the biggest demonstration in d.c. just it is a beautiful site to seement and if you watch today, looks how peaceful it is. there is no division, there is no harsh words, you know, gusanos but love down there. and it is a beautiful thing to see. >> and jim, president trump has already bands us funding for foreign group that pace for abortions, signals he plans to nominate pro justice to u.s. supreme court. today's marchers believe they have political momentum on their side. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> well look closely at this picture. a ten year old surfer catches a wave in australia, justin paying attention, under the
6:45 am
watchful eye after shark. the boy's father was taking pictures of him out on the water when the frightening figure appears to scrape the surface. >> wasn't until dad looked late their he realized how close his son came to danger there. shark experts say the boy newerly surfed right into 8-foot long great white. and this is why i only go in knee-deep to the ocean, you guys, dow not trust it. >> frightening. >> katie, that could be justin drabick. >> no! >> i like him, i don't want him to be -- i don't want a shark to get justin, no. not allowed. i'll punch him in the head. well, them are fighting words. all right, let's take a look at the eyewitness weather watchers. they're up and adam, reporting for us, a lot of consistent temperatures region wide here. a lot of low 40's, a loft upper's just to the northwest of that, well, sort of go around, take a look at a couple of these, 43 degrees from dolores, clouds out in newark, but did say it is
6:46 am
quite windy. 11-mile per hour winds speed. sustained out of the northwest right now. so it is chilly wind. i can a test to that just having been out on the skydeck. cross over the river, take it off to the northeast, peter is reporting at this point in lawrenceville again also low 40's, some clouds, important to keep in mind, late january, 42 degrees, to start things off. really not that bad. we have one more to toss to, 37, a lot chillier by comparison out near the shore, this is egg harbor township, reporting at 37 degrees. he's more clear skies than anything, but did he say that he is starting to notice the winds pick up, as women. with that said, as i switch gears here, take you out to one of the shore towns, it looks like we have pretty light waves language up on the ocean, i don't see any surfers nor sharks out here that's good, outside margate city. but you know we are expecting even up in the poconos maybe couple of snowflakes to fly. so while pretty clear at the shore, most of eastern new jersey and also southern delaware, yes, some of these showers are making their way in toward harrisburg, likely
6:47 am
survive in the form of few snowflakes up in the pocono mountains as women. now overall looking at pretty quiet pattern here, but you will notice that breeze, 50, 06 plus mile per hour gust monday, absolutely not. but today, right through tomorrow, we could even still find some gusts that peak as high as 30 miles per hour. so through the day today, through the day saturday, it is just a persistent wind flow. generally out of the west-northwest, over the next couple every days. looking at the seven day very quickly, it is a slow decline. but a decline nonetheless. although we would expect that this time of year. at best on monday, chilliest day of the pack here, 38 degrees, with some cloud cover. meisha, we send it on out to you. >> katie, it is friday. and there is no where else you would rather be but the 2017 philly auto show. bev we talk about, you don't want to miss, we will do live look outside. see what your commute is looking like, disable vehicle all cleared. ninety-five, northbound direction at girard point bridge, partially blocking right lane now since cleared. overturned vehicle, pa
6:48 am
turnpike eastbound, to morgantown, downingtown, pulled off to the shoulder. probably not going to slow you down a little, not too much right now, but as soon as we hit the 7:00 hour it absolutely could. accident in pottstown still out there involving downed pole. charlotte street maugers ville road. heads up. been out there all morning long, it is still out there. plus we have an accident, upper ridge road, route 63, or main street. the intersection right now is blocked, but overall, i got to say for congestion levels on a friday actually looking a-okay. so it is all further a do, we have to get to the main topic at hand, right? plus bring in my main man, david. how are you, honey? oh, my gosh. so david, we just love him right now. you are the chairman of this event. and i have to say already, i know it opened to the public tomorrow. but this is, i'm blown away already. so let's talk a little bit first, before we talk about this butte toy my right. let's first buck this event. >> first of all we will have a quarter million philadelphians here this week. >> yes. >> and we will raise upward after million dollars for charity this week, plus half
6:49 am
million dollars tonight at the black tie. so charity event. philly event. come it your convention center. enjoy what i think, i really believe; premiere auto show in the country. >> so something right to my right is almost taking my breath away. so let's talk about what's new here this year. >> immediately right here, the ferrari, the arrow, these four cars here represent $4 million right here. >> okay. let's just say that again. wrap me around here. $4 million, what you are looking at right now, and what's special about these vehicles? what makes them stand out? >> some of these cars have only driven 250 miles, most powerful cars ever made. arrow in the back, that's 273 miles per hour. the lowest one here does 196. so these are the most powerful cars ever built. but around us, over $50 million worth of cars. the biggest exotic car selection we've ever had. this show is about consume remembers interested in cars,
6:50 am
everything you will buy in 2017 here, but it is about entertainment, too, so $50 million worth of exotic cars here. >> what do you think it is about exotic cars? clearly we know hollywood flavor, everyone wants to see them. but there is a need for speed in our culture. so let's talk about there is you kind of rolled over t but did i hear that right? 273 miles per hour? >> need for speed. don't cheat yourself. there are cars here, 700 cars, many of them will get you close to 200 miles an hour, and you can buy them. these cars, you can buy them if you have a million dollars. but there are cars all through here, 700 cars, some of them get 119 miles per hour gallon. some 273 miles per hour. whatever it is, you will find what moves you that the our philadelphia auto show this year. >> why don't we pool our money together and try to just take one? >> well you know i have a little toy. i have a viewer. we had it in the show last year. than does like 170-6789 so i'm afraid to go over 50 miles an hour in it.
6:51 am
so i get it. the need for speed is a american thing. you will see all of the power, all of the electric, you'll see everything you want it see her at the philly show. >> guys i got to say david said i could drive. i'll let you guys go back to the studio, i get to drive this thing around the floor. so 273 miles, we got this covered in here. we got it. >> back to you, jim, love you, budd. >> i hey, meisha, don't let her in those cars if you know what's good for you. if you want it visit the auto show for yourself, we have more information of course on our website log on to well, this week, some of the most powerful women in television say they were touched by the passing of mary tyler moore. among those moved by the woman, the actress, and the trailblazer, is oprah winfrey. oprah says moore was inspiration to an entire generation of women, oprah talks with suzanne marquez of our sister station kcbs in l.a. >> before mary there was no
6:52 am
symbol of a woman making it on her own. the and the wonderful thing about that show is it was about mary, very slim, very full of life. very rarely was it about mary trying to find a man, with every other show, involving women, was about either finding a manor freeing a man in some way. >> great role model indeed. oprah says she was also inspired to take control of her own production company because of the way mary tyler moore handled her business. >> mary tyler moore will certainly be missed. well, everyone is guilty of it at one time or another. we've all showed up late for work. >> don't feel bad. new study shows almost 30% of workers are late at least once a month. so, if you need a good excuse, jamie yuccas is here with some of the best. >> excuse me, are you late for work. >> yes. >> how late are you. >> like 20 minutes. >> hi, are you late for work. >> ya. >> how late are you? >> really late. >> almost 20% of people finds themselves late for work, at least once a week.
6:53 am
>> a new career builder. com study found nearly 50% blame traffic. >> when you are late, what is your excuse? >> the subway. >> in new york we heard that excuse again and again. >> if i'm late it is because of the trains, trains are packed. >> more than 30% say they're late, because they overslept, and about a quarter of people blame bad weather. >> other, blame poor planning. >> i went to work thinking we were off today, actually at different place. >> that's your excuse. >> yes, but i real he i have to go. >> sometimes the excuses can get outrageous. managers, like my pet turtle needed to vets the exotic animal clinic. my mother-in-law wouldn't stop talking. and i had to watch a soccer game that was being played in europe. about a third of bosses say it is okay to be late every once in a while. >> e-mail sometimes if i'm really late. >> what's too too late? >> probably 20 minute. >> survey found more than half of employers expect their
6:54 am
employees to be on time every day. and four in ten have fired someone for being late. jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> "eyewitness news", different standard if you come in at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. i feel like -- >> we're on at 4:30 regardless what happens. if you're running late, you better get here and i will tell you yesterday i got pulled over by a police officer. i thought it was because i was speeding, but it was the flow of traffic. it turned out i had a dim headlight, which he thought was actually out. >> katie was pulled out because she was dim. i don't understand that. >> right? >> and not true at all. >> we will be right back for three to go.
6:55 am
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>> before you hit the road here is three to go. president trump is hosting prime minister from britain theresa may at the white house today. she hoping to bring the president closer to the political main stream. >> people of wlphia for the march for live in washington, dc, vice president mike pence heads the list of speakers. >> national chocolate cake day. >> from a philadelphia cook book author, in 1847, and that's three to go. >> checking weather. >> today will be chillier day, still above average, however, we do have lake enhanced snow
6:59 am
showers, working your way across central pa, might see couple of flakes in the poconos, but otherwise just some sun for the rest of us. also notice the breeze, the scene for the next few days. >> the lunar new year is shear, celebrations in china include thrilling dragon dance. folk artist mold on iron around, the ceremony, dozens of dancers bring the dragon to life. the effect makes fireworks in every direction as the dragon dances. lunar new year celebrations continue tonight, day one of the new year tomorrow. >> sure is beautiful. >> i don't put fire products near this hair with all of that gel and spray. i would go up in flames. next cbs this morning, kellyanne conway talks about president trump's first week in office. >> we leave with you live picture from the philadelphia auto show. thank you, meisha, for all of your live reporting. isn't she always the center of the party? she is awesome. thank you. the show opens tomorrow. have a great day. >> see if the car parks.
7:00 am
>> bring us back some captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, january 27th, 2017. welcome to thks. president trump plans to meet with british prime minister theresa may. it will be his first meeting. the president of mexico canceled his meeting after the battle over who will pay for the border wall intensifies. we ask kellyanne conway about the president's first week. mylan says the price is one reason it rose nearly 500%. only on "cbs this morning" heather bresch's first intervi


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