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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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borings. >> life is winning, again in america. >> reporter: vice-president pence became first vp ever to speak at the event. >> we will not rest, this will we restore a culture of life, in america for ourselves and our procedures earth. >> reporter: this year protesters have their eye on the vacant seat on the supreme court. president trump has promised to nominate the a judge who is an opponent of abortion rights >> i'm exited to see. i'm hoping he is pro lifer to overturn roe v. wade and borings in our lifetime. >> reporter: protesters came from the other side too promised to go fight for borings rights. >> abortion is a safe, legal medical roar, that is guarantied for all folks who need it. >> kelly ann conway told hatchers natalie the white house is on their side. >> allow me to headache it the very clear, we hear you. we see you. we respect. >> reporter: president trump says he will announce his
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choice for supreme court seat next week. many people from our area took the bus trip to washington for the how much for life, "eyewitness news" caught up with seminarians before they left saint charles seminar any wynnewood earlier this morning. supporters say that march is an important cause for hugh map rights. >> it is a great way to one, show world that we to care about women. we care about every life, and for us to go town there it is the biggest demonstration in d.c. it the is a beautiful sight to see. >> the philadelphia archdiocese said that it expected thousands of local catholics to attend this years how much. this morning president donald trump took to twit tore share his thoughts, he tweeted march for life is so important to all of you marching, you have high full sort. the president has just wrapped up an event at the defense tenth where he signed two executive order, one is aimed at rebuilding the military, other teams with limiting the flow of refugees, into the u.s., and the vetting process. the it was also a ceremonial
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swearing in of defense secretary math the mathis. all that followed a meeting earlier with the british prime minister and a tone call with mexico's president. here's cbs news correspondent weijia jiang. >> how the relationship... >> reporter: british trump and teresa may pledged to work together on strengthening trade alliances touring a joint news conference at the white house today the you had renews our deep bond with britain, military, financial, cultural and political. >> reporter: may comes as britaines were also with fighting islamic extreme many is, future of nato and its exit from the european union. >> i'm convinced that a trade deal between u.s./uk is in the natalie interest of both countries. >> reporter: tomorrow both president trump and is scheduled to have his first phone conversation with russian president vladamire putin since taking office and the intelligent community's conclusion that russia tried to interfere with the u.s. election results.
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there is also, speculation that mr. trump is considering lifting sanctions against russia. >> as far as the sanctions very early to be talking about that. >> reporter: one day after mexican president enrique pena ileto scheduled a meeting at the white house, president trump said they had a friendly conversation on friday. >> we will negotiate our trade teams and we will renegotiate other aspects of our relationship with mexico. >> reporter: white house officials say a tax on mexican imports ranging from five to 20 percent is just one of the options to get mexico to pay for a wall along the border. weijia jiang for cbs news, the the white house. president enter the oval office with low job approval ratings, cord to go a you this quinnipiac university poll 36 percent of americans approve of his handling of the job after first week, 44 percent say they difficulties a roof. the republican congressional retreat wrapped up in center city to day and demonstrators gathered to give attendees a send off.
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several other people gathered at 30th street station to protest republican parliament ary measures but they didn't appear discouraged when plans change instead of taking train back to washington lawmakers return by bus. organizers say it didn't matter they will continue their work for the next four years. >> we're not going back, in terms of the civil rights, we're not going back this terms of the immigrant rights. as far as is what happening right now what is so exciting people are meeting each other, they are forming organizations and setting up systems as a four long years ahead of us and we are not going anywhere. >> reporter: protest occurred through the entirety of the g.o.p. retreat, almost 3,000 people took to the streets yesterday, to voice their concerns, regarding repeal of the affordable care act. new u.s. ambassador nicki hail a arrived at united nations for first time saying there will be a new way natalie u.s. does business. the former south carolina governor says goal of the trump administration is to show strength, speak out and defend its allies. countries who oppose america,
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she said we will take names. haley spoke to the media before meeting with the u.n. secretary general antonio. bergen county prosecutor's office says it will not pursue charge is a begins governor christie in the bridge gate case that decision stems from a criminal complaint that was filed begins the governor by a former teaneck fire fighter. two of the christie's former aids were convicted in federal court back in november, and he is denied any wrongdoing. city officials hit the brakes on the manayunk bike race, the pro cycling event is cancelled for this year and city says even after extensive fund raising efforts, agents could not find enough sponsors to cover one million-dollar cost to host the race. but, there is hope natalie philadelphia tradition could return next year, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our al sandra hoff will explain what else is taking a hit over the loss of that race if you have plans this weekend a chillies in store, meteorologist lauren casey in for kate tonight she's tracking some changing
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temperatures and lauren, i can feel the change out there today. >> a big change, we have talked in the middle 50's, yesterday today our current tell door in our live neighborhood network 38 degrees. i think that is noticeable but a nice pretty sunset scene here, palmyra cove nature park overlooking center city philadelphia, some low clouds, and sunset not until 5:15. as we hit this time next month sunnies setting close to 6:00. that is good news. bad news is winter has return to the delaware valley. we saw flurries to day. those flurries are winding down but still expect scattered snow showers in the the poconos over the next couple of hours, otherwise, quiet overnight the tonight and chilly, we are at 41 degrees in philadelphia, 37 in the lehigh valley, already 20's in the poconos and then, of course, we have whipping wind on top of that wind speed right the now at 15, 20, 23 miles an hour, with those higher gusts, really add to go that chilly element, gusting to 31 miles an her right now in philadelphia, we will keep those gusty winds into the first part of the evening, gusts will start to weigh in
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the second half but still breezy so bee 11:00 o'clock hour it will be feeling like 20's in and around philadelphia, and we do have a seasonal, chilly weekend in store and we will have our coldest day in two weeks time and let you know when to expect that and if we have any snow in sight, february, climate wise are our snowy month in philadelphia i know you guys are excited about that. we will have have details coming up. >> see you soon, thank you. twenty-one year-old snow border has died in an accident at cam he will will back ski resort in the poconos. resort officials say strouds berg mass want on a black diamond trail known as the hum when he was involve in the accident at 7:00 o'clock last night. mountain ski patrol responded and aid ministered first aid but victim died to his injuries. he was not wearing a helmet. authorities have lifted a boil advisory for residents affected by a massive sinkhole that opened up in cheltenham township. the earth gave way wednesday morning, crews were able to save a white truck that was sitting dangerously close to the edge of the sinkhole, and right now the work continues
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to fill the hole and get things back to normal. center city takes center stage tonight as filming gets underway for a untouchables the movie featuring philly's own kevin heart, brian cranston and nicole kidman. >> while tonight is first night, of film rolling, preparations has been in the works for weeks right here in our own backyard. sawing, sanding, building, crews have been hard at work creating the set for untouch ables. >> it is based on a french film called the untouchable which told the true story of a quadriplegic man injured in an accident and relationship he had with his care giver. >> reporter: producer jason bloomenthal says that this lumber filled room will be dramatically transformed for the film. >> our set is a multi million-dollar penthouse set in manhattan. >> reporter: but it is not in new york it is at sun center studios in aston delaware county. >> we want to be a major provider of economic develop
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ment in pennsylvania. >> reporter: jeff rockwitt says since 2011 his studio has been involved in several hollywood productions including after with will smith, the visit, and that's not all. >> we have had harrison ford here in paranoia, we have had richard gear here in the benefactor, we have had sylvester stallone here last year with creed. >> reporter: while it might be exciting to see stars like nicole kidman, kevin hart and brian cranston filming in and around philadelphia, pennsylvania state representative, steven barare says it the goodies business for the state. >> the film industry has become vital to pennsylvania and also the philadelphia and delaware county region. these are jobs that benefit delaware county, pennsylvania, and surrounding area. >> reporter: the hope is that the philadelphia area can continue to provide a backdrop for many more films. >> first time in philadelphia, so far it has been amazing, our crew is amazing, city is amazing and i can't wait to come back. >> fun. >> quick heads up, production
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will be filming on jfk boulevard and market street between 15th and 20th street. >> those streets are expect to remain closed from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m., tomorrow. >> and if you are hoping to catch hart, cranston or kidman we are told that they will not be part of tonight's filming, but they are coming. >> keep them in mind. >> that is right. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 she said that she was fired for not wearing high heels. now a british woman is taking her fight all the way to the top, the the the change that she wants to make across the pond. facebook steps up their efforts to way the social media cities increasing security to keep unwanted guests off your camera. books and bikes the way books in the classroom is helping these kid become
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authorities are using drones in south after africa to keep swimmers safe from sharks. it is one of the main habitats of the freight white shark. >> if is there a threat warnings sirens will blair and flags will go up indicating swimmers and surfers should get out immediately. authorities are using those drones to study the behavior of sharks. a considered to go a new british government study women are told by their employers to wear high heels, make up, and even to wear revealing clothes
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>> when one woman was fired because she was not wearing high heels, she decided to fight back. the jonathan vigliotti is in london with more. >> i could not believe it. >> reporter: some like sarah jessica parker on sex and the city. >> and your shoes. >> reporter: see heels as a code of arms. >> no. police report report others call them their achilles heel. what would hen wear on their feet is personal, but nickla thorpe said she was ordered to put heels on her first day of work. >> my manager said wow, you can't wear those. >> reporter: in the uk it is against the law to require woman to wear heels but some companies exploit a dress code law that makes filing a complaint, costly, and time consuming. >> the law need to change. >> reporter: fed up thorpe filed a petition to have the issue debated in parliament. >> the petition led to a parliamentary report, hundreds of women contributed, saying that they were required to dye their hair, wear revealing outfits and rhea play make up. we spoke with susan scafidi a
5:15 pm
professor at fordham law and asked if such mandates are legal in the u.s. in general, yes but in new york you can only tell a woman to wear heels if you also tell the men to wear heels as well. >> it is objectifying and i don't understand why these male/female employers are so attached this almost like mad men era. of men looks like men and women looking like women. >> reporter: parliament has debated a number of topics in the past including whether or not the to ban donald trump but never before has they discussed dress code this dress code controversy will be debated in march. jonathan vigliotti for cbs news, london. queen elizabeth has made her first official appearance of the year after suffering from a bad cold over the holidays. the 90 year-old monarch, visited a art and culture expedition in the city of nor witch. the queen was surrounded by men dressed in traditional clothes as she entered the
5:16 pm
university. prince harry is reaching out to home less youth through exercise. he warmed up with a group of home less teens in north london yesterday before heading out for a 20 minute jog. this is all in collaboration with the running charity, a organization that uses sports to develop life skills for young people. back in the u.s. a san jose, california city council member says he hopes to channel the ideals of one of its heroes, as he takes office >> councilman lon dep is a long time fan and carried a captain america shield for yesterday's oath of office ceremony. he wanted to bring leavety to the proceedings. new councilman disputed claims that he bee litled the office. >> some think it was undignified. this is captain america shield it stand for something. it stand for democracy, equal justice, fair play, it is not like i wore a batman mask in the chambers and idea graded the proceedings somehow. >> new councilman says he takes his new position seriously but says there is
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also a room for a little fun in any job. well, lauren casey in for kate today and lauren, we have much cool ever temperatures it the feels like. i know sunnies gone too so that makes a difference. we have win as well. we are nearing february. february is a good news/bad news month. >> okay. >> well, my eyes playing tricks did i see snow flurries >> yes, they were playing tricks on you. >> no, there were some flurries, today, confirmed, metrologically, ukee your eyes are okay. we had flurries across the area but as we head in the evening hours, those flurries are going to start to wayne, but as we head into next month the good news/bad news month. good news temperatures start to rebound, prespring average temperatures, moving on up, we will start off with a average high temperature of philadelphia at 41 degrees. end of the the month with average highs in the upper 40 's. the that is nice. but, it is also our most snowy month on average, in philadelphia, with nearly 9 inches of snow, again, that is on average and climate wise
5:18 pm
the groundhog could bring good news or bad news. if he sees his shadow on the second it means six more weeks of winter, no shadow, early spring. that is what we're hoping forehead nothing to february 2nd but yes, ukee, you did see flurries to day. storm scan three confirming. that seeing flurries moving across the area but over last 30 minutes as we are losing the sunshine and heating of the day those flurries coming to an end as part of the lake effect snow machine bringing snow showers off to our west and a few flakes did sneak their way in the delaware valley. temperatures, yes, winter has return after a pair of mild days we are at 37 degrees in the lehigh valley. twenty's in the poconos. forty's in fail and south jersey and that temperature change you will definitely notice it over last 24 hours. we're about five to 10 degrees cooler then this time yesterday and then we're dealing with those whipping wind on top of. that really pushing town the feels like temperature feeling more like freezing mark in philadelphia, sub freezing in some locations on the i-95 corridor and feeling like teens right now in the poconos and unfortunately for this evening the windy weather is going to stay with us. the wind west at 15 miles an
5:19 pm
hour, with some higher gusts, overnight tonight, not quite as gusty but still breezy, some cold wind chills and as we head in the day tomorrow, another blustery daze in store to kick off the weekend. so wind will be active but precipitation, will not be active. we do not have any major storm system up wind. we have an area of low pressure that will start to swing in but won't start to impact us until we head into the day on monday, not a strong system but could bring us a few scattered snow showers as we head into the start of the workweek but for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy , down to 32 degrees. those wind chills town in the 20's. for our day tomorrow sometimes the sunshine but generally partly sunny, blustery a high temperature of 44 degrees and across the region tomorrow there will be a chilly one, blustery one a few flurries in the poconos, more clouds a high of 31. down the shore gusty wind but mostly sunny conditions and high temperatures in the middle 40's which is right around average. we have a seasonal and that means a chilly weekend in store. high temperature of 43 degrees
5:20 pm
on sunday, possibility of light snow showers on monday, but you'll definitely note that is winter chill, a high of only 38 degrees will be our coldest day in fail in two weeks time we're still in the 40's as we head into mid week next week and then we will fall back in the 30's once again as we approached groundhog day. >> you say i'm good. >> i'm good. >> your eyes are good. >> yes. >> all right. >> thanks, lauren. >> they say a penny saved is a penny earn, when we come back one man was putting them to good use when was not cashing in at the bank, the bill he paid with all of those coins in line. lame reason for being late , new study shows top excuses people make and track how often employees are tardy, leslie. well, ukee, sixers taking on the rockets tonight, but the big story, joel embiid, snubbed. he will not be an all-star. how are the fans reacting to the news? we will have h
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hundred million-dollar in unclaimed, cash, some of that money could be yours and you probably do not even know it. where the money comes from and i am is many steps to take to collect it, it is coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. sixers hosting rockets tonight at wells fargo center but the big story is joel embiid not making the all-star team. >> he will be won the rest of his career. i don't doubt that. leslie van arsdal joins us from the wells fargo center. leslie, i understand not too happy the process got overlooked. >> no, they are not happy, at all. if he lays tonight this will be his first game back, since being snubbed as a all-star. he has pneumonia out a few games, and, if he plays tonight, well, he will be making a statement to those coach that he is didn't vote to him. well worth wait for fans, took him two years to get healthy, and he has missed a few games. he is averaging 19.8 points, 7.9 rebound and we spoke with fans who said he absolutely should have made that all-star
5:25 pm
list. >> yeah, he should have made it. that is my man. he is best on the sixers right now. no offense to ben simmons but best thing right now. >> man, crazy. i think he deserved it. look at how he is leading the team. >> as you might imagine this was definitely a hot topic at sports radio 94 wip, unhappy fans calling in and voicing their opinions. host ohio decamera says it is good thing that fans are finding a way to get excited about the sixers. >> we have a guy in town to will rally around. >> yes. >> stan in pottstown wasn't calling the last number of years to fight the fight for h ollis thompson, you know, for tony wroten, i want to call wip, i want to talk about tony wroten, okay. i want to talk about, pick your guy. so listen, and that is cool, that is awesome. >> yes, it is.
5:26 pm
>> now right now joel is listed as questionable for tonight's game, we know he will be a game time decision but how is he taking the news? we will hear from him and his teammate coming up at 6:00. ukee and jessica because to you. >> i kind of like tony wroten. >> thanks, leslie, a rebater it. coming up next half an hour cycling in the classroom in when we come back health benefits go beyond dropping pound, the reason these bikes are showing up in schools and the positive effects that they have on students. plus philadelphia's mayor has promised to fight for cities sanctuary status, but how are other cities responding to pressure from the
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mayor kenney and other big city mayors are crunching the numbers as they clash with president trump over sanctuary cities. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. sanctuary cities are rally withing a begins president
5:30 pm
trump's new executive order that targets undocumented immigrants. >> miami dade mayor say he is complying because he does not want to risk losing millions in federal fund. under mounting pressure from the trump administration, miami dade county which is the largest in florida, add just ted its detention policy of illegal immigrant to comply with order from washington. if the federal government wants us to hold an individual , immigration, you know he, illegal immigrant we will hold them for federal government. difficult not want to risk millions of dollars natalie federal government gives to miami dade county every year. >> reporter: president trump signed the executive order wednesday and threat tones cut federal funding to sit that is don't comply in detaining people who are here illegally, after being arrested for unrelated crimes. >> sanctuary cities is a lays where people can be safe. >> reporter: on wednesday philadelphia mayor jim kenney and democratic mayors in the largest cities vowed to fight the trump administration. >> we will take a veil of every opportunity we have to protect our citizens.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: resisting president trump's policy could be a costly decision, city record show 455 million-dollar in federal grants, budgeted for philadelphia, in 2017. that includes a 118 million-dollar for human services, 22 million-dollar for fire fighters, and, 17 million-dollar for police. >> the you had congressman want to vote to take money from police and fire fighters it will be up to them to explain to the constituents. >> reporter: when all that money at the risk he has this plans to change the cities sanctuary cities designation. >> i will not speculation on what will or will not happen. we have congressional folks. we have lots of protections. this is not a particular tait or ship. this is a democracy. >> reporter: national board of patrol council union representing border patrol employees has raised president trump's executive order. meantime, the philadelphia chapter of the care, a civil rights muslim advocacy group is denouncing president trump 's executive order on immigration. to take leaders held a news
5:32 pm
conference in center city. >> targeting refugees, building walls, banning visas for immigrants from certain countries, will do nothing to keep us safer. it will only make us more of a target because we are going to be playing into the the narrative of extreme is and terrorist who want to create a tea tried betweentive rent states and cultures. >> reporter: he says that it will work tirelessly to resist president trump's policies. fifty years ago today a fire, broke out inside of the apollo one command module during routine count down simulation in cape canaveral florida, that killed three crew members inside. today nasa honored lives of the three astronauts with the tribute exhibit. exhibit showcases the clothing , tools, models used by the men. bob, director of kennedy space center says without gus grissom and roger white enchafe i the space program would not be where it was to take. >> despite at polo one fire we made it to the moon because of
5:33 pm
the apollo one fire. it was because of this crew in what happened, that many more crews were kept safe, that we were able to actually get to the moon. >> the exhibit is located at nasa's kennedy space center, only a few miles away from the abandoned launch pad where the fire took place. in space today the international space stationary leased a transit vehicle. vehicle from the japan aerospace exploration agency is a resupply ship, before it begins reentering into the earth as atmosphere next week. the ship will orbit the eartha cyst continuing with science experiments. pennsylvania senator bob casey held a round table in philadelphia in support of the piece of legislation, aimed at those battling breast cancer. senator casey is, in support of the lymphedema treatment act that will provide medicare coverage of lymphedema compression treatment items. that is swelling and fluid retention in the body that can develop following surgeries, when lymph nodes are removed like a lump or mastectomy.
5:34 pm
>> those who are on medicare don't have the supplies covered under medicare. so we have to pay out of pocket. the sleeves that i have to wear, cost $1,002. and then it has to be relayed, which is really unaffordable. >> another topic of conversation today was insuring the protection of preexisting conditions coverage, if the affordable care act is repealed. now using exercise to help students, with disabilities. health reporter stephanie stahl is in the einstein health care science center to show you more about the real results from a virtual exer size. >> reporter: new scientific study says adding something called cyber cycling, to a child's school routine has significant benefits, for kid, with complex behavioral problems. fourteen year-old jerry andrews and 13 year-old ronald
5:35 pm
ray attend therapeutic day school for children with behavioral and emotional disabilities. >> he has high functioning form of autism and sometimes that can come with behaviors that he has a hard time controlling. >> reporter: both boys participated in a study that found aerobic exercise on stationary bikes improved how children with behavior disorder act in class. >> there was a 70 percent drop in destructive behaviors in the classroom, and impulsive behaviors, blurting out opposites, emotional challenge s like temper outburst in the classroom. >> reporter: stationary bikes are hooked up to computers so students can play games keeping kid like this little boy engaged. >> i biked 2 miles, i would have done 50 minutes. >> reporter: jerry's mom says benefits of cyber cycling last even after the school day end. >> i would see a difference in the the day that he had gym because he seems to be more settled. >> reporter: researchers say ten to 15 minutes of exercise are needed to see results. >> researchers say natalie
5:36 pm
biggest results on the days that the students were on the bikes, but they also saw, overall improvement during the entire course of the study. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a new study says that many children in america are drinking, their calories, throughout the day. now the centers for disease control and prevention say sugary beverages like box juices, sports drinks and some canned soda add 30 grams have of sugar to a child's diet. researchers say one-third of kid are drinking at least two of those drinks per day and that is 50 times the recommended amount of sugar. facebook is making it a lot tougher for unauthorized users to gain access to your account. you can now lock down your log in with an actual security key , that plugs in the u.s. b drive on your computers and all you have to toys register device and tab it to log in. the tech company says natalie security key is a new layer to headache accounts more secure. police have a warning to the public about a new scam, it is someone calling you
5:37 pm
asking can you hear me? hang up. if you respond yes, scammers can then record your voice and they use it to authority unwanted charge toes a phone or utility bill on a credit card. fraud will use your yes response to sign you up for products thaw never asked for. if you deny they play back your verbal response and threaten to take legal action if you do not pay. as we continue tonight, do you ever find yourself late for work? it turns out you are not alone >> new study shows natalie top reasons for tardiness and most lame excuses use, lauren? we are in the weekend and it will be a seasonably chilly one with high temperatures in the the low to mid 40's for the city, south jersey and down the shore, 30's for poconos, not a ton of sunshine we will see breaks of sun behind but generally partly sunny conditions, could see a few flurries in the city especially west of the city as we head into our saturday, as we head into sunday less wind but we will start off with
5:38 pm
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the closing chain wet seal is shutting down. >> teen clothing company is closing all of the stores up laying off it workers. the company says it was unable to raise enough funds to find a buyer to stay opened. the chain has 171 stores this 42 states. american apparel, llc and limited stores have also notified employees that they would lose their jobs in connection with the bankruptcy filing. well, if you are late for work sometimes, you are not alone, new study find almost 30 percent of workers do not
5:42 pm
make to it their job on time at least once a month and that , of course, means excuses >> new career study found nearly 30 percent blame traffic, more than 30 percent say they are late because they over slept, a quarter blamed bad weather. others blamed poor planning. >> i went to work, thinking that we were in office today but we are in a different place. >> that is your excuse. >> yes. >> but i really have to go. >> there you go. sometimes excuses can get outrageous. manager shared these like my pet turtle needed to visit the exotic animal clinic. my mother-in-law wouldn't stop talking. i had to watch a soccer game that was being played in europe. >> oh, that is just not right. >> why not just say i over slept. >> exactly. >> sometimes traffic does get better of people we know that living in philadelphia. >> when we come back, expression of the penny saved is a penny earned comes in handy for a texas hand, we will explain on the other s
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a man in north texas shock by a massive toll road, decided to take a different approach to handling his debt. >> kenneth fisher received a bill for $200 with charges dating back to 2015. frustrate blood think huge bill north texas toll authority received payment in pennies. >> yes. >> quick math there. >> 17,474 of them. the toll authority release aid statement saying fisher should have contacted them when he did not receive a bill. well, philadelphia international auto show kicked off tomorrow at pennsylvania convention center. >> this year an addition to all of the great rides for adults there are great rides for kid too. vittoria woodill is live with more on all of that, hi there, tori.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: hi, you gee. plenty of advertise play. i'm standing in an adult play ground, if you will. this is camp jeep. let's just say this is where four wheeling get real. i got a chance to take high ride around the track, and yes , there are things for kidd os as well. lets take a look. it is time to catch major thrills at camp jeep. interactive four wheeling display that shows off the jeeps on and impressive off road capabilities. >> we have a couple things out here that hey headache your life a little bit more extreme , okay. >> reporter: course feels extreme. >> a little bit but it is four wheeling. you know, let's have fun. >> lets he get crazy. >> let's get thoughts. >> i could in the resist. >> i took this thrill ride with mike getz, philadelphia auto show director. >> ready. >> ready. >> are you ready, hike. >> i am this is reverse potholes, think you have a come potholes in the city but we will go back and forth here a little will bit.
5:48 pm
>> a little bit of rock and role. >> wow. >> are you all right back there. >> i'm all right. >> not everything in the four wheel drive world is up and over. so we will go up, over an inside to side here. >> and down the back. >> yes, this is vertical traveling. >> 30 degrees down the hill is continue thereafter a few more obstacles we took stairs back to the start. >> four wheeling inn doors just got real. >> this is kind have of stuff you see only at auto show. >> it really is, 700 square feet is almost 12 football field, so lengthy of room to to camp jeep but every manufacturer in here classics, exotic. >> we have a camp jeep here. there is kiddy camp jeep where kid can drive their own jeeps. >> can big kid drive their own jeeps. >> i wanted a spider man helmet good we will take this as a arting gift. >> all right? i was hoping they give me a
5:49 pm
jeep as parting gift. i'm still working on it. in the meantime there is still so much more to see. is there i black tie gala tonight, and let's just say that i never thought that i would get to relive one of my favorite movies, here, at the auto show, you'll know what i mean a little bit later on in the 6:00 o'clock hour but ukee and jessica, prepare for a re inact. of one of me favorite movies. >> um-hmm. >> i mean, do we have to, we just can't wait. we will all be here. >> we will keep guessing on that. >> keep you in sussens. >> all right, will do. lauren joins us now with our forecast on this friday. >> friday. >> yes. >> looking ahead toward the weekend. auto show good event, it will be a little chilly. seasonal but chilly especially after last couple taste we have spent up in the 50's, but chill feels extra chilly. getting a live look at sky scan three jack toes big boulder people taking advantage of the chillier ready and snowfall in the
5:50 pm
scene of the poconos and we have skiers, snow borders, shredding the slopes, is that what people say. ukee, do you though? we will say that. sund cool, right. chilly evening. we have blustery conditions that will stick around through the night tonight and day tomorrow. we will check in with our weather watchers. they are reporting temperatures, temperatures generally in the upper 30's and lower 40's. watch on the delaware where it is 40 at cbs-3 weather watcher walter's house reporting mostly cloudy conditions and he says a little windy but still a nice day for a walk in the park. i like positive perspective and to you like today, walter you'll like thomas much because we will have very similar conditions. let's head thort and west of the city, we will head up to eileen's house this gilbertsville she has 38 degrees, she saw some sunshine today on this january day but also some flurries, and nice change after the dreariness. we did have that cold front dropping through yesterday morning brought us sprinkles and now bringing us those
5:51 pm
colder conditions. we will head down the shore and check with one more weather watcher, 41 degrees at james house in ocean city, new jersey. he has mostly cloudy conditions. he has had cold wind blowing the at the shore gusting to 32 e wind will stay with us through the day tomorrow but yeah we are about 10 degrees colder then our high temperatures yesterday on the back side of that cold front. topped at 44 in philadelphia. but that is closer to average. we should be in the lower 40's as far as seasonal averages. forty-two the high in allentown. we will top at 45 in atlantic city. we had a winter feeling and look in many locations as well with some flower that is came on through on the i-95 corridor points to the north and west and scattered snow in and around the poconos that could put down a light accumulation in the higher elevations but overnight tonight otherwise partly cloudy conditions, breezy down to 32 degrees and for the take tomorrow blustery once again, partly sunny times of sunshine if you we will see low cloud
5:52 pm
again. forty-four the high temperature. very similar conditions to today, for tomorrow and chilly , pattern will stick around we will see tome of cold air entrenched across the northeast including the delaware val that i sticks around into hon. sticks around into tuesday. as we head into next week we will get a subtle improvement as we head into wednesday but temperatures will be right around average. for the day tomorrow we will top off at 44 degrees, more sunshine but still gusty wind, more cloud cover up toward poconos and maybe a few flurries and scattered snow showers a high of 31 degrees. in your seven day forecast you will notice seasonal temperatures, but nothing below average. monday our coldest day in two weeks time a high of only 38. scattered snow showers around but not seeking anything in the way of accumulation. as we head into wednesday, 44 degrees but we are cold for that groundhog as he pops his head out on thursday, ukee and jessica. still ahead tonight taylor turning head. >> we are getting an inside
5:53 pm
look at taylor swift's new video with zane when
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a quick program note for all of our fans of the young and the restless. since today's episode was interrupted by a special report, you cane the complete episode at 2:35 a.m., right here on cbs-3. record that. berks county's own taylor swift and former one direction member z ahn malik get 50 shades darker their steamy new video has folks talking to day >> insider's louis aguirre has us talking from new york. >> oh, yeah, it is a hot one. we will take you behind the scenes of taylor and zane's 50
5:57 pm
debut. >> i have have known zane a long time. his voice is one of those that is really rare. i think he is really special, wonderful, and it is really amaze to go get to work together. >> reporter: taylor and zane sexy music video for i don't want to live for ever is already number one on itunes and filmed in london's iconic renaissance hotel. >> the video would be kind of never be in the same shot, i think now, looking back it might have seemed like we shot the video like in two different locations. >> reporter: but swift says a last minute decision to to to the midnight shoot put the pop stars together. >> i'm happy thousand. it came at a weird moment but fun, and it ended up being one of my favorite shots of the
5:58 pm
individual ohio. >> to celebrate. >> we will have so much more on the story tonight on the insider ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> all right, louie, thanks. get your hollywood wood news tonight and every week night on the insider right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a funding fight over schools. >> school district officials meet with state law makers in a battle over state aid, aim cleve bryan, coming up why some parents say the state is not being fair, and they are getting crushed with property taxes. also, pressing the brakes, on a philadelphia tradition, were the city pulled the plug on the philadelphia international cycling classic, and the impact that decision will have on more than just cycling. and also, a local high school's musical caught in the middle of the sistership debate, what the district just decided to do about some racial slurs, in that show. and winter chill has
5:59 pm
return to the delaware valley, i will let you know how long it last, when to expect the coldest day and when we could see a few flakes in your forecast, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right not . the inability to fund schools is unacceptable. >> new at 6:00 tonight a funding fight eruptness new jersey schools, and why some districts say they are being shortchanged, and the row postal that could leave other districts struggling to educate their children. good evening, i'm jessica dean i'm ukee washington. tech cade's old debate new jersey lawmakers are again reconsidering how state will fun schools. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in woolwich township where school officials and taxpayers sounded off today, cleve. >> reporter: good evening, jessica and ukee. some districts like here in kings way say that the state funding formula isn't fair and that their taxpayers get slammed with local property
6:00 pm
taxes. there are other districts that say any changes could leave them crippled struggling to pay for education. all that made for very passionate testimony today at a hearing. >> as a parent i'm beyond frustrated. >> reporter: fighting to get the best education possible for perfect kid kings way parent jennifer, let new jersey lawmakers know she's mad that the state is shortchanging their school district 11 million-dollar. >> they are funding us at 43 percent. there are districts being funded of upward of 250 percent. our taxes increased over 258 percent in a decade. >> reporter: state officials say there are two main problems with school fund nothing new jersey. not putting enough money in the budget for state aid each year and not updating how the state dishes out fund. >> growing school districts like kings way are losing money per student while shrinking districts and ones that received extra money when the current formula was adopt ed in 2008 are exceeding their allotment. >> in a ability to fund school is unacceptable in new jersey


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