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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11 >> there are those piles that will soon be spread anne highways across the area. snow may be falling by the time many wake up in the morning, stormscan 3 is tracking the snow set to arrive overnight. a weather weather advisory will soon go in effect. i'm joe holden, natasha is off tonight. the snow could make the morning commute slippery in some spots. meteorologist lawrence casey is in the cbs weather center with how much snow we could get and when. lauren? >> the biggest impact from the system is going to be the timing, we will see likely falling snow for portions of the area during monday morning and stormscan 3 showing us already some returns but a lot of this not yet makes its way put but probably seeing few flakes in delaware, salem and delaware county and new jersey. a lot of moisture not yet
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hitting the surface. more wind up south and west. this will be a jersey shore delaware event and that's where we do have the weather weather advisory. philadelphia county not included in the advisory and what to expect overnight tonight and through our monday morning, periods of snowfall again mainly delaware and south jersey expecting one to three inches of accumulation. that will yield a slippery monday morning commute, plan for extra time and the storm impacts snowfall low to moderate impact as far as accumulation in these areas and the advisory areas not worried about winds, winds will stay on the lighter side, not worrying about icing but the timing of this event with the falling snow and a bit of accumulating right around commute time, that is going to be the highest impact. we'll talk more about accumulation and if we'll see snow in center city coming up in your full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. in our other top stories
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thousands of demonstrators descended on philadelphia international airport protesting president trump's ban on franklin seven muslim nations. there were also so many protesters, demonstrations spilled on to streets in highways surrounding the airport. we watched this line of protesters march toward the terminal after gathering outside the airport property. as you can imagine, all of this created a significant grid lock around the outside of the airport. this was the view from chopper 3 as traffic on roads and ramps barely crawling, chaos earlier in the day and tonight, the situation at philadelphia international airport is calmer. our coverage begins with reporter anita o been monitoring the situation. tell us what is the latest. >> reporter: much different scene here right now as opposed just a few hours ago when we saw thousands of protesters gathered
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outside terminal a at the for awhile. many upset, angry and saddened by this executive order. >> a massive crowd of protesters lined the exit of terminal a is the philadelphia international airport on sunday to rally against president trump's executive order on immigration. >> i guess that was my initial reaction. >> reporter: the executive order signed by trump at 4:42 friday indefinitely suspends the syrian refuge program and bans the entry of from the seven majority countries and for the next 120 days. >> we never imagined this >> beyond anger, some felt pronouned sadness >> i am feeling, we're just like, we're not welcome here anymore. that's what i feel. i don't feel safe anymore.
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>> reporter: a year ghafl, martini fled the syrian war and moved to oakland new jersey with her two sons >> what i know about america is this the land of freedom, the land of liberty and this is where everyone has it's chance to be someone special. that's why chose this country. >> reporter: her husband and other family members remain in syria with the executive order in place, it's unclear if they will ever be reunited. >> maybe never. >> reporter: her presence carried a simple message, one of gratitude and hope. >> i just wanted to come and say thank you. i think that humanity can do anything. >> today, president trump released a statement that says, in part america is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion those fleeing oppression but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. he also reiterated this is not a quote muslim ban, not a religious ban but this is about quote terror and protecting our own country. that's the latest here from the
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philadelphia international airport. i'm anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you for that live report pennsylvania governor tom wolf earlier was in philadelphia met with a local family affected by the president's executive action, we told you last night about legal immigrants from syria who arrived at the philadelphia international airport yesterday only to be sent right back. governor wolf stood side by side with the family as they shared their story >> we lived bay the rules our life. i was saddened and heart broken because they have to sent back to the war zone. >> governor wolf pointed out the family has been living in allentown decades. he added even the relatives served in the united states military. the trump administration tonight is trying to clear up confusion about the travel ban. in fact, the department of homeland security is already made changes to those guidelines. >> as more travelers being held in limbo at airports nationwide were released the department of
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homeland security revised its guidelines concerns permanent u.s. residents from the seven countries whose citizens are banned from entering the u.s. under president trump's executive order. those travelers will now be allowed to enter the u.s. barring any information that flags them as a possible security threat. federal judges stepped in to block parts of the order after people with valid visas are detained. >> it will only serve to bold and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. >> reporter: tens of thousands protested across the nation from columbus ohio to portland oregon to manhattan where about 10,000 i believe demonstrated >> this is a symbol of what it means to be american >> the order is not ban against muslims and is only temporary until more secure vetting policies are implemented >> immediate steps and pulling the band-aid off is to do further vetting for people traveling in and out of those
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countries. >> top republicans including john mccaine said the executive order was not vetted enough before being issued. >> reporter: senate and house democrats plan to hold a news conference tomorrow night to voice occupation. the seven countries part of this ban were designated by the previous administration as posing a threat to national security under the current visa program. uber finally pushing back against president trump's travel ban after taking on social media for its initial response the ride sharing service upset some users by temporarily cancelling surge pricing for rides to new york's jfk airport instead of boycotting along with the new york taxi drivers, #delete uber started trending with people sharing photos with them cancelling accounts. ceo said uber would compensate drivers for lost earnings if
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they're unable to work because of the ban. star bucks said it will hire 10,000 refugees overthe next five years in response to the executive order. howard schultz said this will apply to stores world wide and will focus on hiring immigrants who have served with u.s. troops as interpreters and support personnel. of course, stay with cbs3 as we continue to follow developments on the travel ban, you can get the latest at developing news at delta airlines grounds domestic flights because of automation issues. a spokesman says the airline is facing a systems outage but flights already in the air are unaffected. the outage resulted in some cancellation, international flights are not subject to the grounding if you're catching a flight check the airport website. philadelphia police arrested man in a fatal hit-and-run of two sisters, police say a
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19-year-old and her 10-year-old sister were crossing roosevelt boulevard around 11:30 last night when they were struck. investigators say the driver was speeding and trying to beat a red light. police have arrested and charged 48-year-old kenneth brook with vehicular homicide dui and involuntary manslaughter. family and friends remembered 13-year-old gee yani forte killed in an atv crash in bensalem friday. they were riding on bensalem boulevard when police say they slammed into a car near jason drive. investigators say forte was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. his grandmother told "eyewitness news" children should not be riding atvs on streets. >> the street in bensalem is, is not lit. a lot of the roads in bensalem aren't lit. and people don't see them. we don't see these kids. i just, if it was safe somebody else's life, please don't be riding on the streets with these
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atvs. >> police say the surviving rider was wearing a helmet and is in the hospital with critical injuries. police arrest a man in bucks county they believe is part of a predator sex ring. kenneth fenske was picked up friday one of five accused of sexually abusing a young man. it happened when the boy was nine in the disturbing details in arrest papers that allege the man dressed up as animals and took turn sexually abusing the victim. >> he was repeatedly abused over at least a seven to eight-year period by a group of criminals who cared only about their gratification. they cared nothing about this young boy >> investigation is crossed state lines and officials believe there could be more victims. a u.s. service member is killed during an attack. that target al-qaeda leaders in yemen coming up the roles both
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the obama and trump administrations played in this risky raid. tracking snow for monday morning commute. i'll let you know where we'll see the highest accumulations and if we have any sunny days in our future coming up in our full forecast. how princess william and harry hope to honor their mother 20 years after her death, watching "eyewitness
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. senators sat down with people who have concerns with how a new administration could affect civil rights. earlier in center city, democrat senators corey booker and robert casey sat down with the lgbtq community they talked about the potential impact of president trump's proposed policies and brainstorm ways to defend lgbtq
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rights. mobs of the elite navy sale unit carried out a risky in yemen one american did not make on it alive. jonathan vigliottity has more. >> reporter: the high stakes and risky raid was planned during the obama administration, u.s. officials say a team carried out the surprise attack just before dawn. their target was the headquarters for al-qaeda's branch in yemen believed to contain vital intelligence that was there add ground option. when the team arrived they were confronted by fears gunfire. one u.s. serviceman was killed, three others injured. at least 14 suspected jihadist were also killed. a helicopter had to be abandoned and destroyed after making a crash landing. it was the first counter terrorism approved by trump since the taking office. in a statement released he said
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his quote deepist thoughts were with the family of the fallen service member. nearly 20 years after the death of princess diana her sons honoring her with a knitting tribute. princess william and harry requested a statue of their mother be erected on the ground of kensington palace. work is expected to begin soon, princess diana died in august of 1997 in a car crash in paris. hollywood's best were honored tonight. denzel washington took the best actor reward for his role in fences. the broadway played turned motion picture. best actress went to emma stone for her role in la la land and the top award outstanding performance went to hidden figures. of course congratulations and the award show turned political. several actors ashton kutcher
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took the opportunity to slam president trump's ban on immigrants traveling to the u.s. split holding on at number one for second straight weekend at the box office. >> the thriller grossed 26.3 million. a 34% drop from its first weekend. let us add our ukee washington has a small role. opened to 18.4 million. rounding out the top five, hidden figures resident evil, and la la land. how about it? so, precursor possibly to the award shows coming up. all doing well tonight. >> yes. absolutely. good movie weather this weekend. >> right into monday. >> right into monday. cold temperatures going to stick with us and some snow is going
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to stick as we head into monday morning. see what i did there? that's expertise right there. high temperatures today, seasonally chilly, 44 around average high in philadelphia topped in the low 40's in the lehigh valley only made to it 39 degrees in reading today, 31 in mount pocono. we toped in the low to mid 40's down the shofrment we do have low clouds in place as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. west wind around six miles an hour having an impact on the feels like temperature, temperatures they are chilly down to 20 degrees already in mount pocono. we're sub freezing in allentown, 30 in millville, we definitely have the cold air in place to support some snow that is going to be developing overnight tonight. areas of snow mainly south and east of the city will bottom out at 29 and that snow south and east early monday morning and times of actual sunshine tomorrow afternoon still going to be a very cold day with a high temperature only at 36. stormscan 3 showing us light snow trying to move into the area again. a lot of this moisture not
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reaching the surface but i think we're seeing darker returns and the purple colors likely seeing flurries coming down on the i95 corridor moving through parts of new castle delaware. association with little clipper system that will quickly move on through but snowfall in new jersey and the shore and delaware where we have the weather weather advisory in effect overnight until midday. philadelphia county not included in that advisory. we're going to see the round of snow do you to the clipper system known for bringing snow but not for significant snowfalls. moisture is limited we will see some snow developing overnight and that will be mainly south of philadelphia. future weather will show us as we head into overnight band of snow moving in after midnight uniform in nature, this particular model bringing the northern periphery up to center city philadelphia. i think we could see light snow tomorrow morning, northwest suburbs lehigh valley, poconos,
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although, you do see we could see a time of heavy snowfall right in the monday morning commute that is mainly going to be for southern new jersey shore and parts of delaware as we head into the second half of morning snow continuing to move eastbound and then by midday the system is out of here completely this particular model bringing flurries in on the northwesterly flow but we will see a nice amount sunshine, forecast snowfall map in that advisory area expecting one to three inches of snowfall by midday tomorrow. likely to see the higher events right around the immediate coast line, maybe a coating in philadelphia, again, that is going to be dependant upon how far northward that snow sarge makes it. early tomorrow, a secondary system dropping in as we head to tuesday, going to bring another chance of light snow transitioning over to light rain at this point. accumulations look minimal, we'll have to stay tune to the evolving forecast as we look ahead towards tuesday but we
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could see slick spots but definitely going to have slick spots down the shore tomorrow morning with the morning snow, a high only of 39. cold day in the poconos, no snowfall for you just partly sunny conditions. tuesday, we'll have times of light rain and snow, 41 high temperature, february begins we're up to 44 degrees. not great but better then back down to the 30's for high temperatures by thursday, but a nice sunny day as long as you have the layers on, groundhog and looks like we're going to have a cold start as we start off next weekend. >> he's going to see his shadow >> possibly. i don't know. >> credentials are in question. >> they're in question, sorry, phil >> lesley. >> what's going on in the world of sports, wildcats in virginia
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battle of the ballgames. one nail biter. the other one >> it has been over a month since the sixers lost back-to-back. no joel embiid. he was given the night off to rest. third quarter, tj mcconnell. sixers able to erase a ten point half time deficit tying up the game then the bulls pulled what. jimmy butler with the steel. scored 28 points i say the bulls beat the sixers 121-108. nhl all star, within a
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simmonds, scored three goals two of them in the semi finals and the game winner, championship game. named the game mvp. and only the second flyer to win that award. as the metropolitan division beat the pacific. the flyers will take on the hurricanes tuesday. >> college football. villanova and virginia at the center. game tied. 59, josh hart drives. no good. but daunte with the tip right before the buzzer. villanova overcame a 13 point deficit to beat virginia 61-59. coming up in the sports zone is the process working for the sixers? after three years of losing, starting to look like a real nba team. going to respective the second half of the season for the flyers when 94 wip jody camry joins me in a few minutes >> the sixers really no raising
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of the cats tonight. >> we're i'm going to count on that. >> searching for the cats >> we're going to figure out what's going to go on. why phones are ringing off the hook in several south jersey
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jewish federation of
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southern new jersey is celebrating is the sunday before the super bowl by raising money for those in need. the 38th annual super sunday phonethon is reaching out to donors in camden, burlington and gloucester counties. last year over $1 million was raised. benefiting jewish communities. lauren casey is back with a last check on your work week forecast. a little snow in there
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white tiger caused panic in
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italy after escaping from a traveling circus forcing residents to take refuge. he was captured by local police and returned to the circus. talking about, there's your cat there. we found him. >> he wanted food. >> raise him up. >> everybody is good. >> how are we looking >> weather weather advisory in effect for south jersey the shore delaware until midday tomorrow. going to go see light snow in these areas, we'll make for a slippery morning commute. could see few flakes flying in center city philly. otherwise sunshine breaks out not going to help us temperatures 36 degrees the high. up to middle 40's as we kick off a february and then getting cold by week's end, ushering in sunshine with chilly weather. >> thank you very much. that's "eyewitness news" thank you for joining us, we're always
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on at now we'll hand things over to the cbs3 sports zone. have a great night. ♪ ♪ hyundai sports zone on cbs3. after losing to mar kety on tuesday, villanova try twoing breed down the afternoon taking on 12th rank virginia and the sixers in the windy city facing off against the bulls with no joel embiid or jahlil okafor. we're going to talk sixers with 95 wip jody


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