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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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quickly as they come through. lets go out to the traffic camera at route 42 freeway near 295 in bellmawr, new jersey. one squall went through this region. you can see snow on the ground there came down very fast, furious for a bit. now they are dealing with sun glare on the road out there. so quick hitting squalls but they can come up on you very rapidly and bring near white out conditions. good news these squalls really feed off sunshine. it is the same process as in the summer with afternoon showers and storms. once sun goes down, squalls will fizzle. they are already doing so. over burlington county, into atlantic count and this one in cape may county, that is cutting visibility on the atlantic city the eye expressway and down through garden state arc way as well. let's zoom in on this first one here travel, on 206, town through cab knack california shamong we are seeing heavier snow and white out conditions and along the garden state parkway from ocean city through sea isle city and 7- mile will we will see slow
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downs as this squall dumping snow fast and furious. i want to show you this time lapse, starting at 3:00. the sunnies shining. watch how quickly squall comes n barely see buildings. snow is falling. the just like that the sun out once again. dangerous travel conditions on the road, bursts of snow. they are very fast moving. reduced visibility, gusty wind and road can get briefly slick , so use caution out there these are dying as sun goes town but we may have another chance to see a few tomorrow. i will break that down and timing coming up, ukee and jessica. president trump is defending his executive order that bans people traveling to the u.s., there seven muslim majority countries even as his predecessor released a statement, this afternoon president obama says he is fun ly disagrees with the discrimination that targets people based on their religion >> president trump's actions are coming under attack there thousands of protesters around the nation as well. as some lawmakers. large crowds are out this force again monday protesting
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president trump's executive order restricting travel to the u.s. from majority muslim countries. >> trump does not want people like me in the you had. >> any comment on the protest, mr. president. >> reporter: monday morning the president ignored questions, about the demonstrations. >> he defended his actions on twitter saying quote only 109 people on 325,000 were detain and held for questioning. others though they ever made it to the u.s. government officials say that at least 348 people were denied boarding planes over the weekend. the white house says it the is working on a 90 day review of the vetting process for immigrant but needed to to something now before the review is complete. >> the president is not going to wait. he with ill headache sure he toss everything in his power help he can to protect the home land and its people. >> reporter: an cop toll hill lawmakers both spoke out. >> the fact is that president trump is protecting america, by strengthening our vetting procedures. >> not one terrorist attack, has been perpretrated on u.s.
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soil, by a refugee from one of these countries. not one. >> reporter: washington state 's attorney general announced he is suing the government claiming natalie travel ban violates the constitution, and 14 other states, and the district of columbia also say they will file suit. >> well, lets take a more in department tenth look at the travel ban. to be clear trump's order bars citizens from these nations you are going to see in red. that is iraq, syria, iran, libya, somalia, sudan and yemen. there entering the u.s. for next 90 days. trump administration ace that these seven countries are part of the ban that was designated by the reeve just administration, as posing a threat to national security under the current visa ram. part of the president's statements yesterday said that this is not about religion but terror and keeping the country safe. now taking a look at this map, and the blue items here. it is notable natalie list of banned country toss in the include nations where the 9/11 hijacker came from.
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that is saudi arabia, egypt, united arab emirates and lebanon. the thirdly there has been talk on social media about countries that to business with trump's former companies and how they are affect. president trump resigned there all of his business holdings, they are run by his sons but you see these nations, in green here, and the ban does not include muslim majority countries where the trump organization does business, and that includes, egypt, saudi arabia, turkey and united arab emirates. some are not only upset the with this travel ban but are upset with the way that it was rolled out. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us on the villanova university campus with more on that, joe, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. ville know of law professor who rush to the trent lines of debate on at day night at philadelphia international airport, she says, what she witnessed was chaotic and confusing, and late this afternoon senator casey now joining the battle once again, asking for a review of what
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went down at philly international. >> it is a outrageous policy. >> reporter: caitlin barry was within of the toss even or shore lawyers who rushed to philadelphia international the at day night. she and her legal collogues were pressed to interpret president trump's executive order on immigration. >> it wases mass chaos on the the part of the administration as to how they were supposed to be interpreting and enforc ing this action. >> reporter: bar would i not identify her clients but tells cbs-3 that they are members of the family who were returning to the you had, on saturday. upon landing at philadelphia international, she said that they were detained by home land security department, and spent the night at the delaware county prison. she said that some members of the family were u.s. citizen. >> primary tea manned initially was to be able to access our client, to be able to actually talk to them and we were denied that access. >> reporter: in the crowd at airport that turned out to protest the executive order on saturday, was philadelphia's mayor jim kenney, democratic
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senator bob casey, dressed in a tuxedo rushed from the academy ball in center city each blasted the administration for how the late the friday afternoon travel ban was unrolled. on monday republican senator patrick toomey released a statement writing he agreed, with enhanced vetting of those entering the united states, but said in part, quote, unfortunately the initial executive order was flawed, it it was too broad and poorly explained, and this apparently resulted in denying entry to the you had, for lawful permanent residents and others who should have been allowed immediate entry. now, for its part the trump administration defended its action on immigration, and for the vetting process, and it also clarified those who had cause to legally enter the united states, would be un affected. now coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we have reaction from pennsylvania governor tom wolf and we are also monitoring some remarks, expected on the united states, on the senate floor we will
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bring that to you in about an hour. reporting live on the villanova campus i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump's immigration ban has people donating millions of dollars to the aclu, the american civil liberties union, it says it received more than 24 million-dollar, this weekend, that is about six times as much money as it the gets from on line donations over the course of the the year. president trump temporary travel ban has spark backlash all around the world, and petition to block the president from a planned state visit in britain later this year has received more than a million signatures, and it now goes up for debate in parliament, there. leaders of the three major opposition parties have called for that state visit to be cancelled. >> it is racist. it is divisive. and it is interesting but it doesn't cover countries that he has business interests in that probably corrupt as well. >> iraq's parliament approved measure today, banning americans from entering that country.
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it is unclear what effect this could have on u.s. military operations and their efforts to retake mosul from isis. stay with cbs-3 as we continue to follow development of the travel ban we will keep you up to date and get latest anytime on cbs president says he will tell nation tomorrow night who he has chosen to fill supreme court seat left vacant since the death of the antonin scalia last february. cbs news that one of the top contenders is pennsylvania federal appeals court judge thomas hardi man, the the 51 year-old is seen as a solid conservative and serves on the same court as president trump 's sister. also are william pryor and near gosuch. the announcement is set for 8:00 p.m. small businesses were focus of the new executive order signed by the president today. the white house says action will ease burden businesses faced while complying with federal regulations. small business owners earned ised the president as he signed the order. the members of the group says that they were pleased with the attention that the
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president offered them. >> nobody is listening to the small business. donald trump is first person, who put his money where his mouth is, stepped up, and is doing something, incredible for small businesses. >> the new order will require government agencies to cut two existing regulations for every new rule that is introduced. president george hw bush is out of the hospital after being treated for pneumonia. nine two-year old was struggling to breathe when he was admitted january 14th. he spent several days in intensive care, the forty-first president is now resting at the his houston home. his wife, barbara bush was admitted to the same hot and treated for bronchitis. john neuman school in bryn mawr delaware county will remain closed through thursday after an explosion overnight. the blast blew out a window sending debris on the school ground. archdiocese of philadelphia says natalie explosion, happened in the boiler room, and chopper three was overhead this morning as fire fighters moved through the first floor of the catholic grade school
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and it happened just hour before the school opened for business today, no word yet, rather on what cause that had explosion. well, shooting that happened in broad daylight is under investigation in north philadelphia, chopper three over 25th and lehigh officers found a 21 year-old man shot in the leg, in a barber shop just after 11:00 o'clock this morning but they say he wasn't shot, there. the victim told police natalie shooting happened several blocks away and he ran, to that location. he was taken to temple hospital, in stable condition. in west philadelphia, the search continues for the driver, wanted in a deadly hit and run. forty-eight year-old catherine brown was killed friday night as she crossed the street near 57th and girard. eyewitnesses say a white minivan hit her and then just kept going. young child is also, recovering at children's hospital after being hit. a bensalem boy hurt the in the atv crash last week that killed his friend remains hospitalized in critical condition. police say natalie boy slammed in the car near jason drive
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friday night, 13 year-old gianni forte died, investigators say he was not wearing a helmet at the time. police have not released the name of the second boy. and coming up on "eyewitness news", a bishop attacked and it was recorded inside a new jersey church, hear an eyewitness describe this scene. are you thinking of filing your taxes soon? three on your side jim donovan has information you need before you turn over your most sensitive information? how to find a trust worthy tax preparer. a young girl checks an unusual request off her bucket list, find out who steps up to being everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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be suspicious if your tax rar er doesn't ask for receipts if your preparer doesn't ask enough questions about deductions and credits, that could be a warning sign that something is wrong. also, never sign a blank tax return. since tax time is also prime season for identity theft, never give your personal information over the phone or on line, unless you started the conversation, and can confirm the identity of your tax professional or an irs employee. some common examples of identity theft from tax returns includes finding out that more than one tax return was filed using the same social security number. or record indicate you received wages or other income from an employer that you didn't work for. irs individual states and tax industry have enacted new safe guard to combat tax-related identity theft. if you think you may be victim of the tax scam i have posted what steps to take on cbs and i will share that information on facebook and twit eras well.
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reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. more than $2 billion worth of tomatoes are sold every year in the u.s. but, quantity doesn't always mean quality. >> now scientists are trying to create tomatoes that taste as good, as the ones from the garden. researchers from the university of florida have been working on tasty tomato for more than two decade now. they have determined what determines flavor. >> we go back and we say this one has great flavor, this one has high yield. let's cross the two together, and let's pick out the babies that have the really high yield, and the great flavor. >> scientists insist it is not genetic modification, it is a natural breeding process and they he say the tasty tomatoes could be on store shelves in about three years. >> my grand mom used to make delicious tomatoes and roast them. >> you have to have that hot sun on them, in the summer, getting them warm off the vine >> we used to sprinkle some
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salt on them. >> yes. >> in the meantime we will be waiting for those. >> yes, we're in january. >> we've got a way to go but almost february. that is good news. >> and those squalls. >> things are getting interest s over the next few days. few chances of snow in the forecast ape noticeable cool down as well. start off with today, we've had pretty nasty brief but intense snow squals today. take a look at a photo sent by "eyewitness news" viewer jeff, who caught a snow squall going through his neighborhood in the brandywine hundred section of wilmington. squalls like this have been popping up all over the region this afternoon. call soon he how low visibility is there. viewer video from karena wall deck she captured a squall off her deck in boothwyn delaware county. you can see how quickly everything turns right, quick half inch on the ground and be out within 15 to 20 minutes or even less and then viewer viewer valerie carr sent thus video in the pilgrim garden section of drexel hill.
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valerie reports natalie snow came in covered your cars and moved out quickly, revealing a beautiful, sun. that is what we saw here in philadelphia i posted a photo the owe on facebook of the squall moving through the city , it was all gray, low visibility outside and then now, it is currently outside our weather window here in center city. sunnies shining. the beautiful finish to the afternoon. current temperature 32 degrees with the wind it feels like 26 with that said no more snow squals for us at least here in the city at least for now. you can see they are winding down but we have a few we're watching. couple moving through chester county, new castle county delaware and one over burlington county. a third just moving off the coast, down the shore, so you cane in central burlington county right the now around wood land country lake estates you can see intense snow falling moving through and moving out. right along garden state parkway right through ocean city some slow downs there and intense squall pushing into delaware and this could slow things down on i-95 as it moves right over i-95 within the next 20 minutes or so, and
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that is going to reduce visibility for anyone who is out there, on the roads, for the evening commute. so if you are waiting for someone to come home expect that this could impact the blue route, impact i-95 as well. this is all clearing out, though once the sun goes down. we will expect quiet weather outside tonight. it wasn't that quiet last night, last night and this morning mainly it stayed suppressed to the shore points but look at these totals, north cape may with 3.8 inches of snow, wildwood crest 2.3 inches. newark delaware 1 inch of snow , just a trace in atlantic city in medford and a little bit of no snow, and philadelphia points on north. we may get another shot tomorrow. this next shot of snow may miss us to the north, this time and we will stay in the the northern corridor in the center. thirty-three in allentown. thirty-two in philadelphia 32 in millville. let's time this out. watch how squals die down through the rest of tonight, 8:00 o'clock maybe one little stray band of snow showers, moving through the lehigh valley. these really fizzled out. it is dry overnight. but then tomorrow night the in time for the morning commute from allentown, bethlehem,
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nazareth, easton, up towards the poconos there will be light snow falling. that will lift to the north. you can see on and off throughout the day scattered snow showers, possibly some rain showers, around philadelphia, some of those might be white rain where it looks like snow but doesn't stick because temperatures are in the 40's. they are light, they are spotty and they will be out quickly but if you are in the the northern lehigh valley or poconos, tomorrow's light snow , it could lead to possibly an inch or two on the ground, poconos getting worst of it. by 8:00 a.m. precipitation arrives, looking at one to 3 inches of accumulation there in the sit we are talking scattered light rain or snow showers, little to no accumulation expected. february begins on a nice note , wednesday at 46 with some sun but then groundhog day, colder, blustery, 39 degrees and i'll tell you what i'm not sure what punxsutawney phil will say but more winter will be on the way , it will get cold and we have another chance of snow, possibly, for super bowl sunday this weekend. we will talk about that next half an hour.
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>> come on, phil. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. search is on for missing animal from the national zoo, we will details in our next hall half an hour. unusual video what are these people doing and why they say it might help you, don. interesting, i have no idea. birds of another feather, why these people are cheering for atlanta falcons just days present the super bowl, that is up
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. international community and local universities is now dealing with the effects of president trump's travel bans. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 today the way school officials are handling that and how they are also looking to the future. don bell joins us now with sports and a lot have of folks getting held i for the big game. >> you are talking about the super bowl, and the it is not too far away. new england and the atlanta,
5:25 pm
super bowles list than a week away. people are gearing up for parties. one local school is already celebrate nothing falcons quarterback matt ryan's honor. the gym at saint philip and james in exton was full of love and support for matt ryan they held a pep rail for their most fame as you alumni playing in the super bowl for the first time in sunday. matt's parents were there and reality is starting to set in. >> there is no bigger game then, you know, what he is about to play in on sunday. that realization really set in it is just massive. >> it is a big deal. this is a big tiehl. we got all excited. we never really, really, matt always had as preparations that this would happen to him. his father and i, not so much. >> in his year book here, when they asked what his dreams were it was to be an nfl layer >> reporter: even when ryan was here in grade school he had one trait that all quarterbacks must have. >> we played a lot of football
5:26 pm
and had a lot of football recess. you never know if they are that young if they are that good but i did know he would be a leader. >> reporter: matt's parents can't wait for the game even though it will be hard for mom to watch. >> i'm nervous. i have a hard time watching. i usually have my head in my, hands, you know, head down and tell me it goodies or bad. good, you can watch. >> yes, pretty good seats to check out the when she toss take her hand off her face. >> you have to feel it, so acutely as a parent. >> he bought 58 tickets by the way, for his family and friend >> so proud. >> great game. >> coming up in our next half an hour why doctors say it is never too late to exercise your brain, the benefits and how you can to it, in 15 minutes. in new jersey a bishop is attacked during a special has for a local hero, parishioners
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tribe the chaos up next. heavy rains erode a cliff, leading to an apartment building in danger of collapse the find out what was inside and that have them even more worried. those stories and much more after a
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disturbing video from a newark, new jersey church a bishop is recovering after being punched in the face, while celebrating mass. one hundred parishioners written side cathedral and witness that had horrific ordeal, news continues at 5:30 hi everyone i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. investigators are still trying to determine motive for the bizarre attack that happened during a has celebrating baseball player and legend roberto clemente a hero this is neighborhood. bishop cruz leads prayer saturday afternoon inside newark's sacred heart cathedral when a hand trusted in white with the matching hat meanders toward alter and swings at the bishop punching him this is mouth and knocking him to the ground before he is tackled by police. >> it was very shocking,
5:31 pm
horrific moment. >> reporter: mark was at mass saturday and remembers watching the man step out of the hid will pew where he had been sitting alone. >> former alter boy a lot of people thought he might be part of the has but, i might self thought it was odd, right off the gate, and then when he walk up and hit the hand this is face, bishop cruz in the face, people were shocked. some people ducked. others screamed. >> reporter: the church was filled with officers who immediately took the man in custody, a spokesmen for archdiocese of newark says that we certainly were advised and saddened by it, and thankful that things were not worse then they turned out to be. now they say the bizarre attack has not deterred him from the cathedral but bringing him closer. >> i'm going in right now. i will say hail hail mary for bishop cruz, he deserves it. >> reporter: archdiocese of newark says bishop cruz does not want to go on camera but assures everyone he is doing okay. he got stitches and even spoke to the community at sunday's,
5:32 pm
on and he believes, in this community. authorities are investigating a deadly shoot ago quebec city mosque as act of terrorism. one person arrested we have learned that man has been charged with six counts of murder. six people were killed, more than a dozen are now in the hospital. eyewitnesses say two men dressed in black, started shooting last night during prayer services at quebec islamic cultural center. canada's prime minister justin trudeau. >> innocent targeted for practicing their faith. make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. we will get to the bottom of this. so, senseless violence has no place, in canadian society. >> reporter: police say 39 others inside that mosque were not injured. man accused of a deadly mass shooting at fort lauderdale airport appeared in federal court. the esteban santiago was
5:33 pm
arraigned on 22 charges in the january 6th shooting. the 26 year-old is expected to plead not guilty. police say five people were killed, six others injured when santiago opened fire in the airport's baggage claim area. if convicted, he could be sentenced to life in the federal prison or death. officials are searching for a female bobcat that escape from the national zoo in washington. ali a tax preparer 25-pound bobcat was last seen around 7:30 when zoo keepers called bobcat for their morning feeding around 10:30. she's to where to be found. zoo says bobcats are not known to be aggressive to humans. >> would i treat her the same way would i treat a stray dog, you wouldn't approach a stay dog, and she's the same thing. she's not a threat also this you become a threat to her. >> reporter: officials believe ali got freed because there was a hole in the section of the fence that surround the bobcat exhibit. crews demolished a apartment building on the california coast today after
5:34 pm
the building it was sitting on started to erode. and, seen from the pacifica, kalas crews began their their work. and, it collapsed in the ocean and it contained, hazardous materials, that would be a threat to publish health, if it is collapsed. >> we didn't feel like we had to hurry and rush, to demolition anymore quickly then we already were. especially since we have been somewhat lucky in natalie storms this season have not produced, the flooding we have seen, before and not pro tuesdayed the kind of impact on our coastline that we had saw last year. >> reporter: officials are closely monitoring the the coastline for further eroding, as more heavy rain moves through the state. a small rocket is catching the attention of residents in phoenix, arizona today. this 50-foot rocket the is world's smalles satellite launch vehicle, the rocket the will be displayed at aerospace arizona 2017 event, at state capitol, the rocket is meant to symbolize the importance of the aerospace industry, and in
5:35 pm
the state. a 16 year-old leukemia patient got to cross off an inn usual bucket list item thanks to her local police department. >> after a bit of training at the ohio police department, alyssa elkins was able to use a stun gun on someone and her uncle, a state trooper, stepped up, as a volunteer. >> i am never doing this again i had the experience. >> i didn't know it was going to be that painful really. >> it made her bucket list when her leukemia returned and decided not the to undergo further treatment. when you think of really, really smart people, who do you see. >> group of children were asked that question and their answers are providing insight in the impact of gender stereotypes. nicole brewer is here, early with a story you will see it in at the 11:00. this is an interesting one. >> yes, about six hours early.
5:36 pm
>> yes. >> i'll see you again at 11:00 s new research was really interesting because it revealed age at which girls may begin to observe society's perception or his perceptions, some might argue about brilliance. sum things up they associated it with men. folks we spoke to on the street, weren't all that surprised. >> what society tides you. >> based on who you see in power, who you see running businesses, and to use that feminist word patriarchy. >> tonight i sit down with the study's co-authors to discuss findings and what it means for women later in life. i'll take a look at what contributes to these ideas and why some say we may need to evaluate how raising our children specifically our daughters. what starts, to seep into those brains when they are so little. >> in this particular study it shows, where that turning point is. >> see you tonight at 11:00.
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it is not only what you eat but when? coming up a new study talks about planning out your meals to help you loose weight. we will tell what you doctors say is the best time line for your food, we will do that in less than ten minutes. this might be the strangest video of the the day but what the adults are doing and what they say it is good for, kate. it is never too early to think about next weekend but even though it is monday, lets talk about the first weekend of february, things could get interesting around here because we have very cold air pushing in sunshine saturday but will be frigid with temperatures barely above freezing and then, moves by to the south on sunday bringing threat for some snow and rain, still a bit too early to talk about complete impact when we
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well, star bucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years, in response to donald trump's travel ban in a letter tome please ceo harold schultz say this will apply to stores worldwide, company will focus on hiring immigrants who served with u.s. troops, interpreters and support personnel. star bucks has stores in 75 countries and employs 238,000 people. you may soon, be able to order your favorite star bucks drink just by using your voice , star bucks is testing a voice ordering system through its iphone app but that is not all, company partnered with amazon voice platform alexa to offer ordering on demand. that started to take. by the way, you can get your news headlines from frustrates,n alexa, as well. >> by the way. >> if you have alexa, we're there too. >> yes. >> it is so nice because you are running late you can just, put it in there.
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a new study finds even in the 70's and beyond, simple activities can help stop mental decline. that study found benefits from computer use, making crafts or playing games like chess or bridge. but go to the movies and socializing also found to be helpful. all of it is here to combat mild cognitive impairment that can increase risk of alzheimer's and other types have of dementia. on the healthwatch we know what we eat can affect our heart health but now new report find when we eat could also play an important role. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details on new research. >> that is right what, when, it all matters. this thinks more proof that starting your day with breakfast has several important health benefits, and then, putting small meals that taper off later it gets, that can help you live longer.
5:46 pm
>> elainea alonzo makes time for breakfast after years of skipping it. >> i always thought i was not hungry, and now i realize how much energy this gives me. >> reporter: new scientific statement from the american heart association says that eating shore of your calories earlier in the day may help keep the heart healthy. >> people who consume breakfast on a regular basis have lower risk of cardiovascular disease. >> reporter: studies show eating earlier when your body can metal ice food may lower risk factors like obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. spreading your calories across more smaller meals benefits the heart. >> consume a balanced diet, obviously but if this can be ton in the context of more frequent meals, during the waking hours, not too close to bedtime and earlier in the the day that is ideal. >> reporter: that should start with a healthy breakfast. >> if you don't ritualized something it is really easy to
5:47 pm
fall away. >> reporter: but studies show about 20 to 30 percent of the adults in the you had skip breakfast. researchers say it is important to plan meals, including first thing this is morning, and to avoid eating because of stress, being bored on fatigue. while breakfast is important, late night snacking is no, no. >> i will say when i get breakfast i can tell differency love breakfast. >> you need energy. >> that is it. >> to stephanie told us about a new crib made out of cardboard designed to lower infant mortality rates and thousand the state of new jersey is providing every mother with a box and supplies worth $150. inside box is a firm mattress, fitted sheet and a clean un colletteerd environment doctors recommend for safe sleep. >> not one parent received one of my baby boxes without receiving copious education. >> to receive a box parents watch a short series of videos and take on line quiz. every year 3500 babies in the
5:48 pm
u.s. die in sleep-related accidents. now babies like to be swaddled, it turns out, there are adults who might also like this but they call it adult wrapping. >> it is like swaddling a baby but for adults. this is offered in tokyo. patients take turns tying each other up in a large cloth from head to toe while in the cross legged position. they sway from side to side, or lay gently on their backs to loosen muscles and bones. this is very popular with new mom. take me a week to get out of that position. >> pull your arm down, ukee, pull it down. >> there is no way. >> to each their own and do what makes you feel, you know, centered and good and healthy. >> i'm getting claustrophobic too looking at that. >> i don't know about that for me, or for me. >> not me. >> maybe kate wants to do that >> my babies like to be swaddled tight. i would be straight jacketed
5:49 pm
all the time. >> it calms them. >> they love it. >> as grown ups, no thank you. we have been tracking snow squals all day to day. there are a couple of there but they are starting to settle down. we are feeling more cold active wintry pattern. >> i went out with my talk this morning, one minute i was with them next minute they were gone. snow squall came up. >> amazing how quickly the sun comes out, and that is what we have been seeing all evening and we are still seeing out there right now. problem is during rush hour when it moves over a very crowded roadway we will get slow downs. we will go out to center city what a beautiful shot from our you this camera at parkway central library showing sunset that looks beautiful out there with the colors in the the sky usually, i'll tell you what we can tell we are getting closer to february shall march, for a long time, at this time of the day 5:45 we could not show you these cameras because it was pitch dark and new we are seeing light, this is sky out
5:50 pm
there at this time of the night. that is promising time, and, and you can tell us whether the shadow is visible or not. it looks like winter does have a few more twists up its sleeve. lets check out with the weather watchers this evening, a lot of them send nothing photos of the snow squals that impacted their areas today. we will start from this one with wayne hunter, it is a vibrant looking bird. look at this blue jay. colors are amazing. blue jay hanging on in the wings. love to see. that phil sent this 1367:89:30 . it was snowing. near white out here in chestnut hill and you can barelye stop sign. then by 4:00 o'clock, 4:15 clear as a bell, that is how quickly they can move in and move out, greg mccoy also sent in this shot, snow flurries, huge puffy flakes just past 2:00 p.m. in delaware at big fat heavy flakes coming down, you cannot see more than a foot or two in front of the face and then clears out almost as quickly as it moved
5:51 pm
in. lynn showing snow lingering in our area as well, light dusting on the deck there. so all of our weather watchers reporting at least precipitation out there this afternoon, not many people got a ton of accumulation but hard to escape the precipitation today. thirty-two in chesterfield, new jersey, checking in with ed connor sitting at 31 in northern delaware with greg mccoy in marshallton and greg says snow showers, momentarily white out conditions and huge puffy flakes. we may have a few more of those to tiehl with tomorrow. here's what we are seeing on storm scan three right now just a few scattered snow squals, again they are fizzling but notice they are just like blobs of snow, very quick moving, cells here basically. this is same pattern we will see in the summertime when we get heating of the day with thunderstorm just popping up and right now, if this were july it would be pouring on wilmington, instead it is pouring snow on wilmington and very, very slow conditions, on i-95 through northern delaware right now you can see dark purple, it is snowing at a good clip, that will slow you
5:52 pm
down on i-95, 495, heading in to portions of south jersey. another squall further north this one impacting my hometown of teen inningsville spring city south coventry, right down toward te area tredyffrin , radnor, main line will see this and right along schuylkill as well as turnpike and turnpike, up towards kim berton and exton as well we will see slow downs as that as this system moves through. this is looking mess think evening, and next system back to the west over great lakes that will come in tomorrow with the chance for some rain and snow. the these squals dumped a quick inch in the few spots through the day to take and that has given us 5.2 inches so far this winter. we are below average through today's date and through last year, by a good clip as well. tomorrow's scattered rain, snow showers light in intensity, scattered in coverage, little to no accumulation, low impact snow, wind and icing. could impact your commute if one moves through and then colder air dives in just in
5:53 pm
time for starting off the month of february. as we head to to your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, it the is mild on wednesday but then watch how that temperature drops a frigid start tour first weekend of even if and then sunday, well, 38 degrees and chance for snow that is our next chance we will keep you posted on that but does turn wintry over the next several days, guys, back to you. well, north philadelphia elementary school was latest stop on the wolf administration's schools that teach tour. >> pennsylvania's education secretary pedro riveria visited students and teachers at logan elementary this morning. he discussed education policy with add minute traitors and got feedback with challenging faces schools across the state schools that teach tour began in 2015. still ahead tonight, screen actors guild did not disappoint. >> night where actors honor each other and on this night they honored diversity, big winners and big messages when
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
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it is award season and denzel, violet davis and force that is hidden figures all big winners last night. >> fun to watch. screen actors guild award did not disappoint last night. insiders louis aguirre joins us from los angeles with all a of the winners. >> to, it did not, it was night for actors to honor their own and it was clear that diversity was hollywood's biggest winner. >> i really was advised and unprepared to be honest with you. >> denzel washington. >> i have been at this a long time so i prepare myself for rejection, early and early. >> reporter: it was a vice win which sent his real life and on screen wife's into raw his ter i cans. >> one last thing, two, viola davis. >> viola took home saga ward statue and it was testament to
5:58 pm
the inn clues sift of the voters that of the 15 award presented five were given to the people of color and diverse including orange is the new black and hidden figures. >> hidden figures, no more. >> reporter: our media insider los angeles daily news senior editor anita bennet explains how this years films are finding mass appeal at box office and will trigger more diverse films to be made. >> this is not the just about, the african-american community , you have lion, about a boy in indian, moon light is about the lbg thetq community and hidden figures just surpassed 100 million-dollar at the box office this weekend. there is an audience for these films. the these are quality films. >> reporter: we will have so much more on this story tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. get your hollywood news tonight and every weekend at 7:30 on the insider right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 tragedy on roosevelt boulevard, two sisters hit and killed as they
5:59 pm
tried to cross the busy road, and tonight, the charges that driver now faces. as the trump administration defend the travel ban, opponents continue to voice their concerns, tonight, the way local students, and faculty are being affected by restriction. >> reporter: from sunny, snowy fast moving storms sweep through region and some spots enough to cover tree limbs and lawns. more could be on the way, katie. that is right, jessica we have another round of snow showers for parts of the area tomorrow, and we're not even done with the squals tonight, i'll take to you a live look at storm scan three and tell us what lies ahead as we move into tuesday right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. and here's is what happening at a teenager and her younger sister struck and killed on roosevelt boulevard. tonight, a driver is behind bars, in connection, with the tragic crash. and tonight that man is facing several charges, hello
6:00 pm
everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with the more of the scene of the accident, greg. >> reporter: yes, sir cars, tonight we have learned that one of the sisters killed, a mother of two young children herself really a tragedy that unfolded here on roosevelt boulevard over the weekend. police say a 48 year-old man was speeding town the boulevard. he struck and killed those two sisters and he was driving drunk. forty-eight year-old kenneth rushe in custody and now, charged with hitting and killing two sisters as they walked across roosevelt boulevard saturday night. police identified the two girls, ten year-old lorray braxton and her 19 year-old sister kimberly phillips both crossing the boulevard about 15 minutes before midnight saturday when investigators say ruch who was driving drunk tried beating a light that was


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