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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tragic crash. and tonight that man is facing several charges, hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with the more of the scene of the accident, greg. >> reporter: yes, sir cars, tonight we have learned that one of the sisters killed, a mother of two young children herself really a tragedy that unfolded here on roosevelt boulevard over the weekend. police say a 48 year-old man was speeding town the boulevard. he struck and killed those two sisters and he was driving drunk. forty-eight year-old kenneth rushe in custody and now, charged with hitting and killing two sisters as they walked across roosevelt boulevard saturday night. police identified the two girls, ten year-old lorray braxton and her 19 year-old sister kimberly phillips both crossing the boulevard about 15 minutes before midnight saturday when investigators say ruch who was driving drunk tried beating a light that was changing and ended up hitting
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the two girls. phillips whose life was severed in the crash died at the scene. her younger sister rushed to st. christopher's hospital for children but she tied less than a hour after the crash. police say after ruch struck two young women with his black jeep he kept driving southbound finally pulling off and stopping on van kirk street. he is charged with two counts each of homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and manslaughter. now tonight family of these two sisters asking for help, creating a go fund he page to help pay for funeral senses. if you'd like to help we have posted a lincoln our web site at cbs live from the oxford circle section of the philadelphia, air go for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump says he will announce his supreme court pick tomorrow night. according to sources federal appeals court judge neil go such, william pryor and thomas hardiman from pennsylvania are front run
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tours fill the seat of the late justice antonin scalia. meantime president trump's administration is defending, his executive order, that bans people from traveling to the u.s. from seven muslim majority countries. >> his focus on securing on borders and our home land was obviously a major part of what the president campaigned on and he is doing exactly what the american people, exactly what he told the american people that he would do. the president will always put the safety and prosperity of our country first and foremost >> fifteen states and district of columbia say they are filing legal challenging the to the travel bans. or upset with the way this ban was rolled out saying it led to confusion. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden and anita oh have been looking in the ban even further. lets begin with joe holden live on the villanova university campus, joe. >> reporter: we have been monitoring reaction from the united states senate floor where battle ground right now is on this executive order. in the meantime, there is a
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lot of opinions on something that has rather proven to be very divisive. legal experts are fiercely debating president trump's executive order on travel, there are sharp opinions. those in favor of the fortifying the country's borders verse concerns natalie civil rights of thousands are suffering a major setback. >> i cannot say i'm surprised by this given level of fear monkering we have been witness es and assault on immigrant rights that have been taken place. >> reporter: caitlin barry was part of the fleet of lawyers at philadelphia international saturday night trying to free perfect clients detained by home land security and held at delaware county prison. by sunday all of those taken into custody had been released but a cloud of confusion, lingering effects of the the trump administration's executive order has left much uncertainty 72 hours after it was imposed. cbs-3 was with pennsylvania governor tom wolf earlier and he says state's attorney jennies challenging the executive action along with more than a dozen other top
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prosecutors. >> this is not who we are. people believe their country to come to the united states to escape oppression not to come and find it. >> reporter: some leading members of the republican party have also denounced parts of the presidential travel plan, senator patrick toomey called order flawed, too broad, and poorly explained. other republicans within the hour, took to the senate floor to purpose back on protests on the order. >> this is not a muslim ban, it is a tell rare i pause of movement for seven countries, which president trump did not pick from thin air. >> well, president trump has clarify this executive order to say that those entering the united states legally will be unaffect by this. however, whether that is reaching the ground, senator robert casey wants an investigation starting at philadelphia international. we're live on villanova's campus tonight i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right joe, thanks very much. another piece of this story local college faculty and
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students are wondering if the ban will affect them or their families. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in university city with this part of the story, anita. >> reporter: good evening, jessica, here at university of pennsylvania cool officials tell he it is is in the yet clear how many if any students air affect by this executive order but across our region and the country, universities and colleges are grabbling with the potential effects of these abruptly announced changes may have on students scholars and staff. >> huge crisis and it will go against exactly what we believe in as americans. >> reporter: drexel student, anis is clear, he does not support president donald trump 's executive order on immigration which halts all refugee entry into the united states, for the next 120 days and indefinite thely suspend syrian refugee ram. it also blocks entry of citizens from seven muslim majority countries for the next 90 take. >> we don't believe in blatant injustice zest that aring ago begins basic human who are
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also and values. >> reporter: over weekend higher ups at many universities scrambled to contact any scholars or faculties that may ab affect by changes to immigration policy. >> a couple of them reached out to us with some concern about whether or not they will be permitted to enter the united states and tried to begin a program in the fall. >> reporter: martin miller is interim assistant vice-president of the temple university's office of international affairs. he says seven students from the seven countries named in the executive order have been admitted to the university for the upcoming year, but may not be able to attend. others who were already in the states feels trapped by executive order. >> i have a lot of syrian friend that fled that fled the crisis in syria but are 100 percent staying here for next four years for fear of not being let back in. >> reporter: he says policy unfairly targets his religious beliefs. >> for donald trum top say this isn't a muslim ban when they are muslim majority countries i think that is just not right. >> reporter: officials at drexel, temple, and penn state tell me that there are currently no students that
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they know of traveling in the seven countries mentioned, in this executive order. they are iran, iraq, libya, some some sudan, another use and yemen. meantime over the weekend president trump did release a statement that said this executive order is not about religious beliefs but rather about quote terror and protecting our country. we're live from university city, anita oh for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. stay with cbs-3 as we continue to follow developments on this travel ban, we will of course keep you updated on tr and anytime you can check latest at cbs philly to the come. non-profit organization that put together last week's congressional g.o.p. retreat in philadelphia is now investigating how a woman new jersey into that gathering with fake credentials. in an e-mail to lawmakers the congressional institute said would hand gained access by impersonating the wife of the g.o.p. lawmakers on thursday. that was the aim take that president trump and vice-president pence made appearances. the institute said that this was all, this all became
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revealed to them when investigating how audio of the event was ultimately leak to the media. canadian authorities released one person for deadly shooting of a mosque and authorities are on alert here. six people were killed and more than dozen are in the hospital this quebec city. eyewitness say two men dressed in black started shooting last night during prayers at quebec islamic cultural center. can inadequacies's prime minister is calling the shooting an act of terrorism. as a result philadelphia police are increasing security around local whose accounts. >> anytime we see something like this happen around the world or just something that happens here in the united states, we would definitely always beef up security and look at those type of location that is could be potential targets. >> president trump called canadian rhyme minister trudeau to offer condolences. we are dealing with snow squals in part of our area this afternoon. check out this time lapse we have captured from our cbs-3 roof camera. early afternoon sun made way
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for cloud, snow sweeping quickly through the area and just like that about a hour later or so, it was all clear, once again. meteorologist kate bilo has been watching it all. that snow is out now but more could be on the way. >> on more could be on the the way for sure. you saw with joe we have snow still falling in parts of the area we can see a time lapse from leadership academy in philadelphia showing the same thing. the sun out, everything looks good and then quickly this squall hits near white out conditions and gone as quickly as it moves in. storm scan three does show a few spots, picking up snow this evening. the one just moving in portions of salem county new jersey. you can see over 40 here, south penns grove down toward pilesgrove york town we are seeing snow and portions of the main line, joe in villanova seeing snow. back toward tredyffrin, wayne, schuylkill, upper providence and right down through radnor, bala cynwyd and roseglenn as well, portions of the the thorn part of the it i are picking up another part of the snow as well this will slow you down.
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they are bursts of snow. the fast moving. they almost act like afternoon thunderstorms in the the thunderstorm. they are driven by heating of the day. now natalie sun has gone town these will fizzle as well. if you find yourself in one reduced visibility, gusty wind and drop a half inch to and inch of snow rapidly leading to slick road, use caution if side one of these squals this evening. we may have another chance of a few tomorrow i'll track timing on that with the full forecast, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. a school building shook and then shut down. when we come back the source have have the blast that blew out windows of this delaware county school and where it happens. it is still hottest ticket of the town? reason pennsylvania's most famous groundhog is drawing a comparison to football's biggest game, don. bad news for the process joel embiid is set to miss more time, what games the big man will miss and why, sixers update coming your way in sports.
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john neuman school in bryn mawr delaware county will remain closed through thursday after an explosion, overnight. the blast blew out a window, setting debris on the school ground. archdiocese of philadelphia says natalie explosion happened this side the boiler room. chopper three was overhead
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this morning as fire fighters moved through the first floor of the catholic grade school and it happen just hours before the school opened for the day n word on what caused that explosion. well, philadelphia police need public's help identifying a burglary suspect who targeted a popular olde city restaurant. suspect was seen on surveillance video last monday entering an unlock rear door of the pharmacya restaurant on south third street. once inside he went straight to the bar taking keys and several bottles of liquor. if you recognize that hand, call the police. soon we will hear there one special groundhog about just how much winter we should expect. it turns out seeing phil in person is expensive. we're talking super bowl expensive. >> got that right. hotel web site tr iv ago, looked at average hotel rates and they are found they are shore expensive in houston for super bowl. it cost $450 for one night state in punxsutawney compared to $340 for a room in houston.
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day after groundhog day prices tropical by more than $300. you know, phil's great but i will stick with kate. kate will give us good solid information. >> yes. >> and that is why i'm a bigger fan of gus, the second most famous ground hog because you can win money? wonder where that bed and breakfast, wonder if they have any availability. >> that is right. >> i'm sure they to. >> that is right. >> same clock radio. >> well, we have lots of snow squals throughout the day and we have some snow this morning , mainly down the shore , this system this morning was suppressed didn't see much of anything from philadelphia than on north but down the shore a few sots pick up 2 inches of snow, still see snow on the boardwalk there combination of the snow we saw this morning and snow squall that went through there a couple hours ago. you can see white on the boardwalk it is covered out there you will leave footprints taking a walk on the boardwalk this evening. storm scan one does show a few scattered snow squals, they
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are dying now but we will continue to do so now natalie sun has gone down. they don't have general toy work with the heating of the day, sun beating down and that is what they like to feed on. we are still seeing a few. this one impacting the city and this is moving through here within the next half an hour or so. if you are in center city, northeast philadelphia, expect to see other round moving go through radnor area bala cynwyd, wayne in king of prussia and a we have another squall in salem, cumberland counties and that is possibly impacting the shore also this it the ties before it gets there. if you are in one of these areas they come up quickly and they can dump half inch to an inch of snow. then we have to watch this next little clipper swinging through the take tomorrow doesn't have a ton witt, but best chance for any accumulating snow will stay in the poconos but pick up stray rain or snow showers or a squall here in philadelphia. squall totals from today these dropped a quick inch, elverson , newtown square, broomall, malvern with .8 inches.
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gilbertsville picking up .3 inches. temperatures dropping as well and colder air starts to work its way in. twenty-nine in reading. thirty-two in philadelphia just 27 degrees in millville. so what to expect this evening snow squals will diminish. overnight, cloud, variable cloudy this is, it will be cold, not the a bad night but tomorrow light rain, snow showers with perhaps a littal accumulating snow in the poconos and lehigh valley. here's what that looks like. squall line down overnight by nine or 10:00 they are out of here. tomorrow morning we will start with light but accumulating snow from the lehigh valley and poconos, an inch to lehigh valley. one to three in the poconos that stays north of philadelphia in the afternoon we will see a trent coming through with scattered showers , possibly rain showers and snow showers, around the city. here at 6:00 p.m. we could be dealing with another shower or squall for tomorrow afternoon 's commute. what to expect for your tuesday? scattered rain, snow showers, again, scattered in coverage. they are light in intensity. little to no accumulation is expect but could see snow
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falling even if it doesn't stick. cold enough aloft that it the may fall as snow but melt when it hits ground surface. we will will see cold air over eastern canada that will continue batches of cold air southward turning progressively colder starting february and then by sunday a system tracking to the south of us could tap in that cold and bring us late day or overnight snow sunday night into monies specially. overnight variable cloudiness, chilly. tomorrow scattered light rain, they showers we will see sun through first half of the the take though high of 41. eyewitness weather seven day forecast february begins on the pleasant night mild and breezy on wednesday, colder, windy foreground hog day thursday and at 39 degrees it is cold out there in punxsutawney. hopefully we will get news that it will be an early syringe but it will not feel like it heading in the weekend the the sat take's high 33. your chance of snow comes late in the day on sunday a day when people will be heading out to parties, and watch the game so that could get interesting. we will keep you posted.
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>> thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> early hoops. >> early hoops. >> yes. >> process gets time out, injury update on embiid, plus, the award keep on coming. wayne simmonds with the mvp of the all-star game and more love from the nhl we are talking fly guys next in
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sixers hosting sacramento kings, rescheduled game for wet floor snafu back in november. joel embiid out of the line up because of the bone bruce, may miss three games. jahlil okafor is in the line up and he has his own they issue. demarcus cousins never has issues. he is a baller. all-star getting it done right there with the bucket. later on more cousins. backing down, ill sofa, and
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right thousand, they are in the first quarter, very earl any this game, but kings are on top, 14-five. the unofficial second half of the season starts right now flyers are back on the ice after the all-star weekend festivities in l.a. orange and black, won three in a row but they are locked in the race for playoffs. right now they will hold second wild card spot in the east with 32 games to play. >> they got everybody ready for this final two plus month here and we're in position where we really control our own fate here at the end of the season so i think the guys will have a real strong task ahead of us and we are prepared for it. great season just got better for forward wayne simmonds. yesterday he won all-star game mvp award, today he was name first start star for his play last week when flyers shut out rangers and beat mapel leafs and tomorrow orange and black visiting carolina. all right. college hoops thousand ranking
6:25 pm
s are out, villanova is rang fourth in the ap poll, last week they lost at hard death, but bounced back with a two-point win over 12th ranked virginia, the cats play providence wednesday night. new england patriots landing in houston today, tom brady and bill belichick going for their fifth super bowl title. >> so amazing. >> yes. >> shaking my head? the paths are favored by three over atlanta. that is a ring for one, two, three, four, embarrassment of richest. >> yes. >> thanks, man. >> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica. great to be with you in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news" tonight, president trump's travel ban causes a backlash across the country and around the world. we will hear from both sides. also muslims have been gunned down in an act of
6:26 pm
terror at a canadian mosque, at least six are dead. mr. trump has made his choice for the supreme court. those stories just ahead on the cbs opening news. >> but first a real life wild goose chase, maybe the goose was doing the chasing. >> where this wild scene played out.
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few people have quite the thrill when they find themselves on a real life wild goose chase. >> the car was traveling, along highway 12 when the goose, start flying beside it. it is going pretty has. >> um-hmm. >> passengers. >> wow. >> they seemed to enjoy it. >> i like hand motions there, up and down but that is amazing how rare you get to be that close to the flying goose i'm worried about the driver there. >> yeah, yeah, i don't know. >> oh, my. >> pretty wild. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight dan crawford on who president trump will pick as his nominee to the supreme court, more on the likely candidate, from new york here now is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: all is going well. that's the appraisal president trump tweeted today after his immigration ban met protests around the nation and the world. and as the white house changed the rules on the fly. also tonight, opponents fight the ban in court and congress. >> it was not well thought out. it was not properly considered. >> pelley: but the president has his supporters. >> keeping our country safe and lawful. >> pelley: and a family caught in the net. >> look at her. does she need to be better? >> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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