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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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aclu of pennsylvania filed that lawsuit here in center city right behind me at federal courthouse this morning. they are saying that the president's executive order is unconstitutional, because it violates equal protection, based honorary lincoln and actual national origin. >> we understand... >> reporter: these two families don't know each other but they share a incredibly similar story from philadelphia international airport saturday morning. >> 8:57 my husband was in route. >> he said don't bother, they are being sent home. it was very hard. >> reporter: both families loved ones banned from entering the u.s. after landing in philadelphia last week this is just hours after president trump's executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly muslim countries. >> i'm very angry. i'm difficulties a interest 30 ed. >> reporter: asali2 brothers in laws, wife's and children sent back to syria even after
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waiting 13 years for a visa but federal lawsuit filed tuesday morning by aclu in philadelphia could reyou night the family. >> it is our hope that the assistance of the u.s. attorneys office here in philadelphia, with the department of justice in washington that we will be able to reach agreement. >> reporter: all of the while sisters, were thrilled to see their mother, approved of a six month travel visa and planning to spend the time between the university of delaware and michigan technical institute where the two sisters are ph.d. candidates. their mom though sent back to iran. >> she's shock. the she's really shock from the whole experience. >> reporter: not before customs and border protection agents searched their bags and allowed airline work tore deliver the girls this gift, identical gold necklacees for their upcoming birthdays. >> it is a comfort and reminder of the add screens we went through at the same time. we want to be handed to us by our mom. >> reporter: ukee and jessica
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the federal lawsuits filed this morning only apply to the asali family the family traveling from syria, they were going to come here and then go on to allentown. two girls you heard there the two sisters they are actually from iran, lawsuit has not yet been filed in their name but that is expect to happen, in the next few taste. we're live here in center city , i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". greg, thank you. dozens of students at st. joes university marched across campus earl tore take in support the of the immigrants affect by the president's travel ban. organizers say natalie demonstration confirms the school's community message of inclusion for all people. >> i do believe in community values of love, acceptance, tolerance, and that is what we're here to show. we stand with everyone and we're trying to give resources so everyone knows they are welcomed here. >> march wrapped up with several students speakers and rendition of the civil rights anthem we shall overcome. president trump's travel ban is shaking up leadership
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in the just advertise tenth. now that attention is trickling down to lawmakers as they deciding whether to confirm the president's pick for attorney general. republican senators say they need to move quickly to confirm attorney attorney general nominee jeff sessions. >> this country without an attorney general we saw last night, was a major problem. >> reporter: monday night president trump fired acting head of the department of justice sally yates after, executive order temporarily banning travel of citizens of seven mostly muslim countries. white house, says she bee straight department obvious advertise. the yates questioned whether the president's executive order was lawful. >> that statement said that what a independent attorney general should do. that statement took a steel spine to stand up and say no. >> reporter: secretary of home land security, say a temporary ban is important. >> we are developing what additional vetting, extreme
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vetting might look like. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan defended the measure >> there is throwing wrong with taking a pause and making sure we have the proper vet ting standards in place, so that we to not have a problem like trans had with paris. >> reporter: some hearn tip mates warn terrorist are expected to use the travel ban , as a propaganda tool to promote radical islam. the president's travel ban allows for some exceptions, 900 refugees who were already on their way to the u.s. when order went in effect will still aloud to enter the country. betsy devos is one step closer to becoming new head of the department of education. president trump's nominee was approved by senate commit thee today despite efforts by senate democrats to halt proceedings. vote came a hid allegation that is devos may have copied quotes during her confirmation hearing n word on when the full senate will vote on her confirmation. at senate finances committee democrats boycotted a vote on steve mnuchin's nomination for treasury secretary. they boycotted a vote on
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congressman tom price nomination for health and human services secretary. both cases the democrats cited ethics concerns. republicans, slammed the boycott. and elaine chao is nation 's new secretary of transportation, today the senate voted 93-six to confirm her nomination. chah's husband mitch mcconnell voted present. she will be task to invest $1 trillion to improve highways, rail services and other infrastructure projects is there we are a few hours away from president trump revealing his selection, for the supreme court, and you will see it live here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at the white house where that big announcement will be made, dave? >> reporter: president trump will make that announce. at 8:02 in the east room of the white house behind me. there are three candidates a correspondence to go sources in the legal community but no matter who president trump picks tonight, that person will have long lasting impacts on the american public, even
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for decade, after president trump leaves office. president trump originally planned to make the announcement on thursday, but moved it up to tonight in a prime time address to the nation. sources have told cbs news natalie top three contenders are judge neil gorsuch from colorado, william pryor from alabama and judge thomas hardiman from pennsylvania. they are federal judges. during his campaign candidate trump put out a list of two toss even judges he would consider nominated to the supreme court. the here's what the president said at the white house just yesterday. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected and i think you will be very impressed with this person. it will be 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night at the white house, from the white house. >> reporter: all three candidates said to be conservative judges, from the federal bench, all around the country alabama colorado and pennsylvania, and pittsburgh. that announcement coming up tonight at 8:00. first at 6:00 i will go into a
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little bit of history with judge thomas hardiman, the judge from pennsylvania, what does he stand for? what are his positions i'll talk bay connection he has with a prominent trump family member. that is coming up tonight live at 6:00 o'clock. live from the white house, i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you then, thank you. cbs news will have live coverage of the president trump's choice for supreme court, again, airing tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. school bus full of children had to be evacuated in gloucester county today after smoke started coming from the bus, chopper three over the scene just around 12:45 on i295 southbound near exit number 18. the driver pulled the bus over when he noticed smoke coming from the engine. fortunate thely all of the students were able to get off of the bus and no one was hurt a nine two-year old woman is dead after being pulled from a fire in bucks county. fire started in a home in the 2200 block of byberry road in bensalem. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tells us why it was such a tough battle will for
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fire fighters. >> i just could not believe it , end to end, pretty much as far as you can see. >> reporter: around 5:30 tuesday morning neighbor michael cavelow watched as smoke and flames burst out of the home in the 2200 block of byberry road. >> i will tell you between trees here it does not look good at all. it is a mess over there. >> reporter: fire fighters rescued nine two-year old julia petchucky trapped on the bedroom on the first floor and later died at temple university hospital. man inside was able to escape the fire on his own but remains in critical condition at the same hospital. fire fighters say a massive amount of belongings inside the home complicated rescue efforts. you can still see piles, and piles of debris outside of the home. >> the house was a hording house, lot of combustible materials, boxes, storage, floor to ceiling, they are moving boxes, trash bags just to get where fire is. >> reporter: battalion chief robert says at one on it he pulled his fire fighters out of the home because of the
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dangerous amounts of deprice. >> hording is a more and more of the problem. it is dangerous to go inside. >> reporter: it noise yet clear how the fire started. this bensalem, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities are investigating a cause of the the fire at a six story condo building in olde city. fire fighters called that scene around 5:00 between second and front, and market streets. the fire started on the fifth floor and reached two alarms, we have talked with one woman who went door to door to wake others up as her boyfriend tried in vein to fight the fire. >> there is fireballs coming down, and small extinguisher, tried to put it out and take me out of the apartment to put some of the fire out because it was running down into our apartment. >> fire commissioner says that there was one minor injury, four people were displaced. another fire, forced at least seven people from their homes in philadelphia's nicetown section. this is scene on the 1700 block of st. paul street around 8:30 this morning.
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victims are now in the care of the red cross we know that fire damaged at least two homes. no word on a cause. as we close out another month february is getting off to a frigid start more cold weather heading our way. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking temperatures, kate. >> jessica, to take has been a very chilly day we have been in and out of snow all will day licensing and northern suburbs as a clipper moves across the great lakes and portions of the north east. good news is most of the snow is missing us to the north and it looks like rest of the night will be dry. any precipitation you see here over western pennsylvania, likely will miss us again to the north but in the northern lehigh valley or poconos, a few snow showers could still drift across the area later this evening and even into early tomorrow morning before we clear it out all together. in the meantime we have cleared out authentic. we are seeing a few breaks of sunshine just in time for sunset tonight, cold today, milder tomorrow and then temperatures will really take a hit as we head toward weekend. temperatures right the now a cool 21 in mount pocono, 31
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allentown, 40 in philadelphia, to the the south where we have seen more sun today it is milder at 48 this dover and 4 degrees, in millville. so what to expect as we move forward, again we do expect temperatures to drop by the end of the week but tomorrow's actually not the a bad day. stray rain or snow shower this evening to the the north, partly cloudy, cold overnight and then for your wednesday, cloud, and some sun to start the month of february tomorrow , it will be a breezy day, temperature wise not too bad but again we will plumet, bottom falls out by week end and we are tracking chance for snow i'll tell you when coming up with the full forecast, ukee and jessica. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" west minister dog show is expanding, we will show you the three new breeds, in this years competition. also ahead a brutal attack on broad street caught on camera, we will have a live report at 5:30 on why police decided to release this video weeks after the crime. experts say traffic deaths are on the rise and they think they know why, jim donovan explains and tells you how our area stacks up when it comes
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to traffic safety, plus this. ♪ >> choir members singing around the clock, all for a good cause, why they want their voices heard in our next
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well, a willingboro women is facing murder charges tonight the this is death of her husband. police say that 42 year old woman beat the her husband to death with the fire extinguisher hitting help him in the head several times. it happened on hancock lane. tensely is behind bars, victim 74 year-old douglass tensely was pronounced dead at the scene. delaware state police are investigating an industrial accident after a contractor fell to his death at a power plant in sussex county. it happened at nrg indian river power plant just after 8:00 a.m. today. authorities say natalie man fell from the roof of the plant, and died, his name has not been released. beginning next month the historic hotel du pont in wilmington will have new owners. the contact seen i pollen group will operate the hotel and keep it's a meant.
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217 room hoped this downtown wilmington in 1913. its guests have included u.s. presidents, religious leaders, musicians and professional athletes. well, historic business minister kennel club dog show is welcoming three new breed this year that includes the american hairlester user, described as inquisitive and spongy, the pumy known for whimsical expression is considered the cute one in the bunch and the flugy is an athletic dog known for hunting giselles, more than 200 breeds will compete the for best in show beginning february the 13th. >> it hunts giselles. >> you know what. >> i'm learning so much. >> it looks like a giselle. >> very long, yes, he is. >> check it the out. let's get tickets. let's go. >> i love the pups. kate joins us now with our forecast. >> to take was a pretty seasonal day temperature wise for end of january but we were in and out of these snow showers, we had grabble, snow
5:17 pm
pellets. >> grabble. >> yes, a lot of people were asking is what difference between sleet and grabble. grab emmys super cold water droplets on the snowflake so it feels like a softball of snow. sleet feels like an icy pellet >> okay. >> there you go. >> how about that. >> there will be a quiz in the morning.bout that. >> yes, what is grabble. we have some of that today. that is all done with and it looks like a pretty quiet stretch of weather as we head through end of the week and into the start of the weekend but it is going to get the progressively colder each day. tomorrow is warmest day of the forecast period. here's a look outside we will start off on our beautiful library camera from the parkway central library looking toward franklin institute and toward the sky and beyond and not much sunset to see out there tonight unfortunately. we did see a to breaks in the cloud cover and i was hopeful we would see some sun and beautiful sunset out there. sometimes cloudy days get the sun to break through at last minute but it looks overcast for sunset to tonight on sky scan three. storm scan three toss show
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snow showers, still rotating from portions of michigan down through western pennsylvania, new york state, and southern new england as well. generally light snow with this , kind of the clipper system toss not i have whole lot with it. the most of this staying off to the north but again in the the lehigh valley, poconos, is there a chance of some snow in western pennsylvania could drift closer just a few snow showers into anticipation here this evening or tonight. rest of us, is looking pretty quiet for now. live look outside as we look from the other side of the river toward the city. you can see that overcast sky not a whole lot of sunset to see here. thirty-six in palmyra at palmyra cove nature park. future weather, again just a chance for stray snow showers here's a 7:00 p.m. mount pocono, allentown, bethlehem, berks county, possibly a stray snow shower but this is out of here quickly. by 9:00 o'clock we will start to see skies clear and tomorrow we will start with sunshine. now notice clouds to try to creep back in. i don't think tomorrow is a full day of sun, breaks of sun through the clouds, more clouds then sun, we will say and cannot rule out a stray sprinkle as cool air moves in.
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it will be a breezy day. the thursday lots of sunshine, and you will feel that wind start to pick up. you can see for tomorrow wind pick up overnight, you can see wind ten to 15 miles an hour tomorrow morning, same tomorrow afternoon. then on thursday watch what happens. we will see win treks start to switch, it is northwesterly wind, 15 to 20 with gusts possibly to 25, a blustery thursday, and with the wind out of the northwest it will start to feel colder, through the end of the week and into the upcoming weekend. what to expect for the rest of the week? we will see sun each day, it does turn progressively colder after we hit our high point tomorrow. the wind are strongest specially thursday but generally dry conditions through the end of the week and weekend. it has been an overcast january though so far, only two days that can be called sunny. we have had partly cloudy days and mostly cloudy days but hopefully we will add at least well, probably not to take, did the in the really count as sunny so hopefully february turns out brighter for us. it looks like it will start off on a nice note. partly cloudy, breezy,
5:20 pm
tomorrow cloud, sun, breezy at 48 degrees. you're witness weather three day forecast on wednesday, 48, not too bad to start february. thursday 43 we'll more sunshine. we are racking up sunny days into february but notice friday is only 36 degrees, overnight the lows in the 20's , weekend is even colder and if you have plans for the weekend, it may be a little snow. >> you are checking out groundhog. >> i'm trying to see what phil is doing. >> i am so used to his beady eyes good one day of the year, it is his spotlight. >> that is right. >> thanks, kate. he is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. >> so why is tom brady crying? his revelation and hollywood trend of sensitive dad, don. from crying to wines, lebron james verse charles barkley. it gets personal next in
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philadelphia coming up on iron witness news at 6:00 historical significance of this tent and where you can see it right here in our area. don joins us now and these are two athletes that we talk about, actually, a fair amount of time. >> all the time. >> and it is interesting dynamic. >> they are not loving on each other right now good not the at all. >> we will see what happens here. it got personal, major beef between members of the basketball royalty king james verse sir charles. lebron james reportedly asked his team, cleveland cavilers to add another play maker to the roster former sixer charles barkley was very critical. here's chuck who now works as basketball analyst for tnt. >> inappropriate, winey, all of the above. the cleveland cavilers, they have given them everything he want, they have highest payroll in nba history, he wanted jr smith, they paid him
5:25 pm
they brought in kyle korver. he is the best player in the world. does he want all of the good players. he don't want to compete. >> yikes. >> so lebron heard charles loud and clear and his response was louder. here's what the king had to say. he is a hater. what makes what he says credible because he is on tv. i'm not going to let him disrespect my legacy like that i'm in the the one who threw somebody through a window. i never spit on a kid. i never had unpaid debt in las vegas. i never said i'm not a role model. i never showed up to all-star weekend on sunday because i was in vegas all weekend partying. all i have done my entire career is represent the nba the right way. fourteen years, never got the in trouble, respected the game print that. >> wow. >> lebron has three championship rings, charles has zero and right now they have one big feud. >> that is huge. >> yikes. >> everybody back away.
5:26 pm
>> yes. >> yikes. >> when charles speaks, folks listen. >> lebron listen. he heard him. >> yes, he did. >> and responded. >> thanks, appreciate it. no laws against texting and driving and no enforcement of seat belt laws. >> bad rules, no rules or no enforcement of traffic laws creating a dangerous situation on some highways. what researchers say is a huge problem and how our area stacks up when it comes to traffic safety. tori? >> reporter: west minister college is known to people in the princeton area and alumni and students as a college that is like in other, that is why they don't want to see it leave. see how they are hoping that a 24 hour musical performance will say all that it needs to say to save their
5:27 pm
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8f8z z12fz y28f8y y12fy
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well, caught on surveillance video a disturbing attack, forced four
5:30 pm
suspects kicked and punched a man knocking him to the ground on south broad street. police are searching for those suspects who ran from the scene, and news continues at 5:30, good afternoon i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live, with more on this attack, cleve is this. ukee, this happened on january 10th, around 8:00 o'clock time when people in the neighborhood many coming home from dinner or going out to walk their dog and police released this video hoping someone watching this will recognize one or more of the four men, who beat up and tried to rob a 25 year-old man people say natalie neighborhood here at federal and broad has seen a lot of improvement as far as safety over years, and they hate to see it in the wrong direction now. >> i saw it come from the bottom to where it is right now, neighborhood has changed. >> reporter: for better. >> way better. way better. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 a riders, are concerned, about the attack. live from south philadelphia,
5:31 pm
cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, cleve. new study shows lack of driver safety laws could help explain the surging number of people killed in accidents. now the report from advocates for highway and ought the owe safety ranks driving safety laws nationwide. >> three on your side's jim donovan shows us how states in our region ranged when it comes to making road safe. >> reporter: yes. >> our lives have been drastic ally changed and shattered. >> reporter: report james schaefer's wife emma and two year old taughter were driving in denton texas last april. they were struck by a 24 year-old's mother who had her young daughter in the the car. police believe she was texting all four died in the crash. schaefer says he will never forget having to tell his son the news. >> sitting him down and having to explain that his mother and his sister were gone and they died was probably the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life. >> reporter: texas state law
5:32 pm
only bans drivers under 18 from texting and all driver texting ban ace monk 15 safety laws natalie new report says every state should have have. the measures ranged from primary enforcement of seat belts to graduated driver's licenses for teens and ignition locks for dui offenders. the report gave low marks to 17 states for being dangerously behind, in adopting opt hall laws. among those with poor marks, pennsylvania, new jersey received higher marks but still needs improvements, delaware was among the best ranked states considered significantly advanced. earlier this month the national highway traffic safety administration estimated nearly 28,000 people died in crashes, that number is up about 8 percent from 205 , which saw biggest rise in deaths, in 50 years. advocates for highway and auto safety say crashes also come with an economic cost, according to the report, motor vehicle accidents cost
5:33 pm
$242 billion a year, that so-called crash tax boils down to nearly $800 per person in the united states. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. we are learning more about the french canadian university student accused of killing and wounding worshipers inside a quebec mosque. mourners are gathering at memorial for six people shot and killed sunday night. investigators say suspect alexandria bay sonnet was right wing extremist, they say the 27 year-old vested his views on social media, investigators have not speculatedd on a motive. britain's prince charles believes the world is in danger of forgetting the lessons of the world war two those word came during a fund raising event for world jewish relief charity in london. volunteers are working with people fleeing syria and seeking new lives in greece, turkey and uk. charity was founded in 1933 to support people fleeing persecution from nazi europe. >> the work of world jewish
5:34 pm
relief enables us to rally together to to what we can to support people practically emotionally and spiritually. >> prince charles also said he admires the world jewish relief charity for helping people regardless of their faith. frightening scene in california's hollywood hills last night when mud and debris came tumbling down. officials say season's rain soaked the hills making them unstable. three homes were damage, mud also damaged power lines and buried at least one vehicle. neighbors say people living in the hollywood hills area know the risk. >> they built these houses on the edge and when we get rain we just had was so bad that it would just soak underneath and then under mines and just give out. >> mud slide left more than 400 residents without power. still to come on "eyewitness news" hope on the horizon for alzheimer's patients, researchers say that
5:35 pm
this cat might help patients keep their memories longer. the details this less than ten minutes. oprah is hitting to cbs. you will see her right here on cbs-3. we will tell you what she's doing and when she will be on the air, up next, kate? >> reporter: first weekend of ten is just around the corner and cold air will be in place, temperatures below average through the entire weekend. better day to get outside saturday but sunday cull start with some sunshine as late in the day sunday that a little snow could arrive. it looks like a light event but we will keep you posted and a lot of people may have plans for the big game on sunday. i'll keep you posted whether the the snow could throw a wrench in those plans
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our best friend gayle king is already part of the team
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and now oprah winfrey joins the the cbs family. media icon was named special contributor to 60 minutes. sixty minutes executive producer jeff fagger called winfrey perfect fit for the news broadcast. winfrey said she's proud to get to work on the show that she has admired for decade. she will remain chair and ceo of her own cable network own. her first report is scheduled to air this fall. fans of the pop superstar prince may soon get a chance to listen to his greatest hits on various digital platforms. >> ♪ the kiss >> yeah, nearly two years prince music catalogue was only available on tidal. billboard magazine reports that exclusive deal is set to come to an end soon and that means streaming services like spotify and apple music could sign a new deal with the musician's estate. listen to prince almost every day. if you need to sign up for health care under the affordable care act, act now.
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health coverage for the year. what comes after that is still up in the air. president trump is promised to go repeal and replace, the law doctors are looking for alzheimer's patient toss try out a device that they say is a major break through in fighting the disease. it looks like a swimming cap, doctors at banner health in phoenix are optimistic it could help millions of people with alzheimer's. they call it, the neuro en and it uses electro magnetic waves to slow down memory loss. >> this disease is a very slow death, everyone who gets alzheimer's, is going to die. we have to do something to stop this disease. we strongly believe now that we have a road map towards preventing alzheimer's. >> there is say that patients wearing the cap won't hear or feel a thing. a new study at the harvard shows connection between heart problems and snow. it found hospitalizations for
5:44 pm
cardiovascular problems jumped 23 percent, two taste after snowfall. researchers say issues brought on by excessive shoveling and delays getting to the hospital could explain that connection. forget the snow, dozens of the manatees were spotted enjoying warmer waters off the florida coast, that sound nice >> it does, near apollo beach just south of tampa, florida every year manatees gather in this area to stay warm during cold months. manatees can get cold stress syndrome if the water they are in, is cooler then 68 degrees. a panda in east china's fu jon province decided to live even things up for those who came to see him. while stralling around, the the panda's decided to to, check this out a summer salt, before continuing to walk around like nothing had happened. when he is not doing summer salts the panda enjoys playing with breeders and amusing crowds, and it looks like that and ace pretty darn good at
5:45 pm
that. summer salts. a little snack. >> that is right, through go, let's watch it again, good form by that panda. >> better slow motion. >> yes, reversed it too, wow. >> now that is talent. that is talent. >> he is adorable. >> that is great. having a great time indeed. kate joins us now back with the forecast. >> i'll tell you what it is not a bad evening out there if you don't mind january. >> hello. >> hello, i'm telling you. >> january off after to take. it has been a quiet winter thus far if you things could change as we head in the upcoming weekend. we have a chance for snow showers just in time for your foot the ball parties on sunday but i will tell you as of right new it does not look like a huge deal. keep wings coming i will let you know if you need to make changes in your plans. as far as tonight is concern everything looks quiet. lets look outside. you can see what is going on
5:46 pm
quiet up in bethlehem. this area had snow, this morning, we did have band have of steadier snow here and there across lehigh valley, berks county, places like. that even a little bit of light snow and grab he will around the fail area but everything has subsided for now. again, in the lehigh valley, up in bethlehem, in allentown, in the poconos, can't rule out a stray snow shower this evening. otherwise, it is pretty quiet as we move forward toward the weekend. right now 33 degrees. we will check with our weather watcher barbara lane in willow grove, 33 with clear skies, dew .24. relatively dry conditions there, 39 as we head into new jersey toward medford. we will check with andrew chip lono, with cloud, and cloud cover in place, the cloud really tried to hang on this evening. i was hopeful to get nice sunset but lynn sending us this shot, beautiful skies even when they are gray. phil a beautiful sunset.
5:47 pm
this is sunrise this morning looking great there. and sunset, little cloudy but still managed to catch color in the the sky. i want to show you grabble we were showing you earlier, soft snow pellets through mess of the the day. the these form when super cooled water droplets adhere to the falling snowflake. it istive rent from sleet. you can see pellet structure of these snowflakes. ed connor send us this picture and john in bucks county send us this shot. it doesn't look like regular snow flakes but tiny little balls of snow, those little pellets that came from the sky earlier today. so pretty nice looking scene out there. we didn't see too much. not too much to slow down traffic, really across the area but definitely did feel like a winter day outside to take. here's what it is to go right now, storm scan three is showing our system a little clipper rotating through great lakes and portions of new england and doesn't have a lot with it. not a lot of moisture. just very light snow and a couple of rain showers, and most of this is moving away there us, although, you can see in the latest frame of radar here we have some light rain and snow showers, showing
5:48 pm
up in our tar north and western suburbs, and portions of lancaster county, berks county and up in the lehigh valley. we cannot rule out a few light snow flakes and rain drops outside it this, otherwise, again really not a big deal and it is 35 degrees as we look across the river, toward palmyra, 35 degrees, were not a lot of wind right now but those wind will pick up tomorrow and even though it clears out it will be blustery through the end of the week. tomorrow's relatively mild for this time of the year. we are at 48 degrees in philadelphia 50 in wilmington. forty-three for the high in allentown. you can see more sun behind for the south, we will keep temperatures just a little bit warmer but this is above average for this time of the year. to temperatures should be in the the lower 40's, 41 is our average. but as we get cold start to february you can see big pocket of cold air centered over arctic region. just keep sending a few shots of colder air in our area, speaks legs friday into saturday. and then next week jet stream lifts backup and it looks like another warm up especially next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. quick update on the snow, so far this winter, 6 inches, we
5:49 pm
are below average generally on the season we will end up with two 2.4 inches. we will go to 27.5 last year. the as far as, this, cloudy, breezy, 33 degrees. eyewitness weather seven day forecast not too bad. it does get chilly. dry first few days of february and then just some lightening snow, by sunday. ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. we have breaking news to tell but right now a verdict has been reached, in the civil trial into the deadly market street building collapse. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in center witty with more, anita? >> reporter: ukee and jessica after this lengthy trial that began in september, tonight by jury, a jury did find those defendants liable for that deadly building collapse in june 2013. lets get to the video and show you this scene back in june 2013 at market and -- 22nd and market streets when a building collapsed killing six people and injuring 13 others after an unsupported bridge wall as part of the building demolition collapsed on to the neighboring salvation army thrift store.
5:50 pm
joining me now is kyw news radio steve towa inside the courtroom at the time natalie verdict was read. steve, what can you tell us. >> anita, it was stunning because after a four and a half month long trial the jury took four hours of deliberations, in this phase of the trial and it found all defendants liable, it came down especially hard on the charity itself salvation army as well as building owner richard bass yan owe dewho will issuing building next door to the thrift store to a lesser extent jury found liability on part of the architect, and even a lesser extent to the only two people charged the demolition contractor griffin campbell and the heavy equipment operator that he hired, sean been chop. the jury essentially a percentage of the liability to each of the defendants and the salvation army and richard bassi theano make up bulk of
5:51 pm
them. >> reporter: this isn't the end, still a long road ahead. >> reporter: that is the point , they assigned, for example, a 75 percent liability to the salvation army, 13 percent to richard bassi theano and they will be coming back, on friday for the damaging face taste, that alone could take three or four weeks of testimony. >> thanks very much, steve. stay with all have of the developments on cbs live from city hall, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> neat a thanks so much for that. and steve. as we continue tonight patriots quarterback tom brady gets emotional during nfl media day kicking off a theme in hollywood. >> insider's lou a geary is joining us live with this story. >> reporter: from brady to fellow bostonian mark wahlberg we will bring you hollywood's sensitive star dad. >> my hero... that is a great question. i think my daddies my hero. >> reporter: father of three getting emotional talking about his tight bond with his
5:52 pm
seven two-year old father and biggest phantom tomorrow brady senior. >> he is the one i look up to are every day, my dad. >> reporter: meanwhile diehard patriots lover mark wahlberg showed his sensitive and protective side, cuddling with daughters seven year-old race and 13 year-old ela ray, took my girls on the daddy daughter bonding weekend. mark explaining just how tight he runs his house hold. >> i mean having relationship with girls is amazing but i have now a teenager. that posts a whole new set of challenges. there is no dating. there won't be any dating. >> reporter: finally katherine hegel sharing this father/son moment of josh kill which his new born name sake writing happy birthday to the sexiest funniest smartest most talented charming man i have ever met. oh, he is not too shabby in
5:53 pm
the dad department either. >> we will have have so much more on the insider. ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> louie, thank you. still ahead, s life is ridiculously awesome!!! and with the billion point giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your share of a billion shop your way points during the big game, download the shop your way or kmart app today!!!
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members of the hughes i can community are raising their voices for a marathon performance in hopes of the saving the west minister fire college. >> our vittoria woodill has story from princeton. >> ♪ the >> reporter: west minister choir/college has been located in princeton, new jersey for the last 90 years. however now as a part of the rider university it is facing possibility of being sold, to alleviate rider's 13 million-dollar deficit.
5:57 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: a sale that has students, supporters, and alumni, singing their hearts out, in a 24 hour performance to save it. like first year student gwenn cartwright from nebraska. >> we want people to hear how good of a job the faculty is doing, to create us to be successful musicians. >> ♪ >> i actually got a little teary eyed when i was singing earlier, just thinking, about how wonderful west minister is and hoping that it is going go to stay here in princeton. >> reporter: as the historic presbyterian church in princeton to listen in all involved, only hoped natalie music, speaks the word that they cannot vest. >> we are having this this musical, pleasant, afternoon, evening, night, of music to
5:58 pm
make our statement that keeping our campus, keeping us in princeton making music together is very important to us. today people think placards and angry people, and carrying signs and all that kind of thing that is not what this is about, it is to go what people to, which is to play music. >> reporter: rider university plans to move west minister's princeton campus to rider's main campus in lawrenceville, new jersey, but west minister is a residential conservatory where musicians live and play together. so this potential move, will dissolve the school's unique approach to learning which is one of the main reasons why so many were performing today. beautiful music. >> beautiful. >> music is powerful on so many levels. >> they were there because they loved the school. so we will to have wait and see what happens. >> keep us posted. that is going to do it the for right now for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 preparing for a supreme court pick, david this
5:59 pm
>> reporter: president donald trump will announce his supreme court pick two hours from now, behind me in the white house. i'm david spunt. i will be there for the announcement. >> plus a feeling of helpless ness. >> reporter: sharing their stories we will hear from local families affected by president trump's travel ban some taking their battles to the the court. plus a broad street beating has police searching for suspects and residents, reacting, where this vicious attack was caught on camera. kate is this. temperatures on their way up, for one day and then turning colder for first days of the february, and that cold could be a set up for some snow, i'll tell you when a few flakes may fall this weekend, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is 6:00 o'clock. here's is what happening narrowing down nominee president trump's pick for vacant supreme court seat is just two hours away and a
6:00 pm
pennsylvania judge is on the short list. that judge, the judge that is chosen, will fill the spot left by the late antonin scalia. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at the white house tonight where that announcement will be made. he has a closer look at the potential nominees, david? jessica his name is judge thomas hardiman, coming from, pittsburgh on the third circuit sort of appeals and sources tell cbs news he is one of the two who will be here at the white house before the announcement the is made, president donald trump when he was a candidate during the campaign put out a list of 21 potential nominees, for the supreme court something you do not see during a presidential campaign. sources tell cbs news natalie president has narrowed the list to three potential can tait, first two judge william pryor a federal why frommal bam, judge neil gorsuch sits on the been inch colorado. many believe he is most likely pick


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