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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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around 4:15 then pushed to 4:45 and bank of microphones is set up here. we are waiting to hear from members of the corrections department, as well as delaware state the police who we have confirmed are the on visit investigation right now. we want to kind of paint picture of what is happening outside of what is, a cafeteria here on the prison property. but lets go ahead and take you live to chopper three over the prison, right now, there is pretty considerable flight restriction as this investigation is unfolding, down on to the ground. what we could see, throughout the course of the day when this call first went out, at 10:55 this morning, officers and corrections officers, basically lined up, in formation, in the prison yard. now we also had video from earlier, that somewhat closer vantage point of what we have been observing. the as far as tore, on hostages, it is unclear, exactly how many corrections officers are taken hostage, and it is also unclear, on
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injuries, though we do know that there are, at least, some injuries, the extent of those injuries, still remains to be seen and determined at this point. no information from transports from the prison but from the air and given the information we have learned through sources it appears most were in a formation to attempt to enter the prison suggesting that perhaps the inmates had taken control of some parts of the prison or extent of hostages in the prison meaning corrections officers taken hostage of what is extensive. that is the scene for most of the the day, the corrections officers, out in the prison yard not entering the prison and in clear information, on how many could be hurt. if anybody was transported from the scene and if the situation has come to a resolution. this news conference has now
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been a moving target foreclose to an hour, we were told, at 4:15, we were going to hear from members of the state police, and corrections department, and we are continuing to wait, for that. and chopper right the now is live over the scene, once again over the prison. it is difficult to see exactly what is going on, from the vantage point, again, flight restriction is above the prison have continued, to basically exceed from it was first a mile and now understand it is several miles from above, the prison. understand that there are some officials who may be coming to this area, right now, but nobody has stepped up to the podium. there has been no signal given as to a stand by. so we are going to continue to monitor things here, on the ground here at james vaughn correctional facility. at this point, at least until now there is no indication, so we will send it back to you, jessica abe ukee. joe, thanks. when that news conference gets underway please let us know and we will let you send it
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right back to you. thanks, joe hold men smyrna, delaware. troubling allegations lead to the arrest of the delaware county teach's accused offing having a sexual relationship with a female student. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in radnor where police are outlining the charges tonight, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, police hearsay natalie sexual assault victim was going to a fat it is, that the teen needed that caring teachers but not like this. >> only way i can describe what this teacher did is out right dust kiss continuing. >> reporter: authorities say for better part of the the last year 18 year-old nina scott had sex with a female minor while teaching at a facility for troubled youth. miss scott, did you have sex with a student? miss scott, did you have sex with the student. >> reporter: according to the probable cause statement scott met teenage girl at village school a residential facility for youth with emotional and behavioral problems they had sex at the school in, scott's vehicle and her apartment. >> this relationship occurred from february 2016 through
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october of 2016. >> reporter: downingtown police found out about scott's allege sexual assaults last october after victim was transferred to a juvenile facility in luzerne county. staff found girl's journal and letters from scott which investigators say clearly described a romantic, sexual relationship. court documents show both confessed to detectives, although scott remained silent when questioned in court. your response is this she faces 34 counts of institutional sexual assault of a minor and corruption of a minor. >> right now we are in the process of reviewing charges, reviewing allegations, but it is also important to remember that allegations are proof of nothing. the they are just allegations. >> reporter: village denied our request for interview but released a statement saying they learn of the situation in october last year and quote staff members was immediately suspended at that time. in december we were net filed of the pending criminal charges at whiz time the staff members employment was terminated. >> as a parent, as a police
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officer for 36 years, it never seeses to amaze me when you put children in the care of position such as a teach their they violate that trust. >> reporter: radnor, downingtown police are asking for all of our help to spread the word about scott's arrest, in case she has any other victims. live there radnor i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> cleve, thank you. two upper darby high school student are facing charges for bringing a loaded gun into school this morning. police say one 12th grade student tried to hand off a container carrying that weapon and marijuana to an 11th grade student. both were immediately taken into custody and items never made it inside of the will school. authorities say that they made that discovery while investigating a report a student may be armed. >> in this box was a loaded 9- millimeter handgun. it was loaded with a clip, two rounds in it. >> police are seeking to have both teens charged as adults,
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11th grade student also charged with assaulting a police officer. authorities say that teenager got in the scuffle with officers, while being taken into custody. philadelphia police are looking for this female suspect, they say she was involved in a violent assault yesterday in the cities strawberry mansion section. we are told suspect and four or five other females jumped two other women, and during that fight police say suspect who is believed to be pregnant , pulled out a knife and then stabbed one of the victims. if you know who that woman is you are asked to contact police. camden county is getting a boost in economic development, bayada homes health carries moving support office toes a new location in pennsauken. lieutenant governor kim guadagno was on hand today. this move brings 400 employees to a inning will site and 100 additional jobs will be phased in over five years. passion is the focus of a new installation at rodan museum in philadelphia museum
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just reopened following a month of renovations. some of the sculpture rodin's greatest works of art are on display. installation centers around embracing couples and other figures. >> rodin is exploring a catalogue oftive rent types of passion, and it is very exciting to see the way he takes this notion of an embracing or kissing couple and lay is it out in such a variety of different senses. >> the new display marks 100 anniversary of his death, ro din museum opened to the public in 1929. on the mark, get set, let's do this. it is time to register for 38th annual broad street run. the lottery style registration opened today. closes february 13th. the 10-mile race is may seventh and this year the race will be capped at 40,000 people, to hain tane safety. that means about 85 percent of those who sign up will will get to run. if you are thinking have of running, head over to cbs or to the cbs local app to enter the lottery.
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well, february is also a mild start but it will not last, cold air is coming, meet the role goodies kate bilo is outside on the skies deck looking at a temperature drop? kate? >> ukee, we will start to feel wind of change tonight, into tomorrow, it is getting breezy to day was seasonal for this time of the year, slightly above average, but that is all about to change as we head toward end of the week and weekend. here's a quick look at storm scan three most of us were dry and started the day with sunshine and then cloud moved in and it turnout mostly cloudy as we had discussed yesterday. you can see a few sots picking up snow showers this evening. i check mount pocono about 4:00 o'clock this afternoon and they were reporting heavy snow, freezing fog and you can see this line of snow showers moving go through pocono region, northern and lehigh valley could sees a stray one. the rest are quiet tonight. temperatures still above average, 48 in philadelphia, 44 in reading and 46 this trenton but temperatures will be heading downward. we're talking about a drastic
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drop in the mercury, ill will 's tell you when coldest daze will be, and when we may pick up a little bit of snow this coming weekend to help you land around it coming up, back to you. as you know when the groundhog comes out of his home tomorrow, aloft people are hoping he predicts an early spring. >> how accurate are punxsutawney phil's forecast? meteorologist lauren casey digs into phil's past to find out. >> reporter: thursday is groundhog day punxsutawney phil will emerge from his wooden stump and issue his shadow dependent seasonal prediction toss a winter weary public. being natalie nation's most famous ground hog has no meteorological training i set out to check out accuracy of our fury friend's forecast. born from the german tradition ground hog day was adopted in the u.s. in 1887, every year, february 2nd is a take when punxsutawney phil determines whether or in the winter wear iness will be relieved. >> fill will fill, phil, phil.
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>> reporter: if phil emerges from his temporary home on gobbler's knob, and sees his shadow the united states will be subject to six more weeks of cold and snow but if phil does not see his shadow, the country should expect warmer temperatures and thus the arrival of the early spring. analyzing phil's historical record kept by punxsutawney groundhog club it appears he has a bit of the winter bias. the as of 2016, phil has fled from his own shadow 102 times yielding forecast of six more weeks of winter nearly 80 percent of the time, only on 18 occasions has phil for told an early spring. judge us how accurate are these prognostications issued by the weather watching woodchuck. climate data center describes his predictions as on average, in accurate and according to storm facts the pennsylvania based groundhog may want to consider a new take job as his predictions have been correct only 39 percent of the time. in addition to phil, there are a plethora of prognosticating
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rodents including chesapeake chuck in new port news, virginia, flat iron fred any boulder, colorado and snipl theles in ashville, north carolina in the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist lauren casey. >> right now lets go back to the hostage situation underway at james t. vaughn correctional center in new castle county. >> let's list men to a news conference underway. >> we are doing everything we can to assure safety of everyone involved, and using all of our available resources now the preliminary investigation has determined the incident occurred at approximately 10:32 a.m., today at james t. vaughn correctional center, here in smyrna, delaware. what we know is that a correctional officer made a radio call for assistance within c building which houses over 100 inmates. at this point, correctional officers responded to assist, and the facility was placed on
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lock down. it was at this time five department of corrections employees were taken hostage. the at this time one hostage has been released. at rately 2:40 p.m. this afternoon that one correctional employee was released and transported by ambulance, to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. at this point we do not know if there are any other injuries or persons injured. working with the department of corrections, the fbi and delaware tait the police we continue negotiations to obtain a peaceful and safe resolution. i know you have many questions , we will work with the department of corrections and our allied agencies to get you that information as it becomes available. the department of corrections will attempt to provide updates on a hourly pace is, thank you can you spell your name. >> richard brack.
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>> that is delaware state the police leading that investigation updating us. we now necessity five correctional officers were taken hostage this morning at that prison this delaware, one has been released but this is an ongoing situation and still happening. >> this all happened just after 10:30 in c building. our joe holden is on the scene and will bring us updates throughout our newscast and get latest on cbs coming up on "eyewitness news" tensions run high on capitol hill. >> i would think he should be here. >> a verbal brawl during confirmation hearings for attorney general nominee jeff sessions, and why president trump wants congress to go nuclear when it comes to approving his pick for the supreme court. want cheap are flights? more airlines are offering basic economy flights but find out what you have to give up to get that good price. and mapping your risk of dangerous blood pressure, new discovery means doctors may
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update our breaking news hostage situation at maximum security prison in delaware, we now know 510th of corrections employees were taken hostage. >> we're being told are still being held hostage right now, one was released earlier this afternoon and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. this is all happening, at the james t. vaughn correctional center in smyrna. in the meantime all delaware prisons statewide are on lock down and we will continue to monitor this and bring you developments. looking for a rock bottom airline fare but don't want to fly on budget airline you are in luck. american airlines will start offering a basic economy ticket this month. the move follows similar announcement bayou nighted airlines. three on your side's jim donovan has more details. >> reporter: basic economy fares will save you money but come the at a cost, you will be last on board the plane, you cannot choose your own seat and if your car i on does not fit under the seat you will be paying to check it.
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>> we always have extra... un audible. >> reporter: these restricted ticket coming as ultra low cost carrier are increasingly competing for customers. >> when it comes down to lower cost, you know i'll take it. >> reporter: united and hearn believe there are no overhead bins basic economy ticket will be more competitive by 202 united expects to earn a additional billion dollars by attracting fare focused flyers >> they have to ring every nickel out of consumer with these new fees. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer is calling for legislation to keep overhead free. >> they charge you when you store luggage, they shouldn't charge you for overhead bins plane and simple. >> reporter: shawn kennedy represents airlines and say these binless fares give flyers a new way to save. >> an airline is offering a cheaper product for customers that want to fly that are budget conscious and fly the lowest way to get from point a to point b. i'm in the sure why there
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would be controversy about that. >> reporter: reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. kate bilo joining us with a look at weather, and a fresh month to begin. >> brand new month. we started off on a nice note. fifty today. fifty today but first take will be warmest and then it goes downhill. but a week from now we might be near 60. we have a big swing, to talk about in the full forecast. the lets start off with what is happening outside, right now and pretty quiet evening right now. cloud came in. we had blue skies this morning cloud did roll in through the afternoon hours and now looking pretty overcast. still haven't seen that perfect subset that i have been working on here for our parkway central library camera we are looking at overcast skies right now but generally quiet, nothing going on, to problems on the roadways this evening. taking a quick look at current conditions in the city, we will go out to another view of it, from our roof cam here at cbs broadcast center, it is 48 ,
5:20 pm
wind west right now at 12 miles an hour, feels like 43 degrees, outside, but wind making it feel like 5 degrees cooler then term ter would have you believe. we are still seeing a few scattered snow showers across the area even portions of our area, although those are moving out in north jersey right now but in carbon, monroe, possibly northern, northampton county seeing a few snow showers around this evening as that colder air starts to move through, and will feel the cold take root heading in to the day tomorrow so, quick look at our palmyra cove nature park camera the on the neighborhood network cloud again in place at 45 degrees there. note that is wind. west southeasterly at 10 miles an hour. the can you feel chilly tonight, and wind justin crease tomorrow. so, while temperatures are seasonable it is not above average right now that is not the going to last. forty-eight right the now in philadelphia, 43 in will allentown, sitting at 31 in mount pocono. snow squalls moving through there a couple hours ago and after yesterday's high of 46 we're up to 50 degrees for your wednesday, back to 45 for
5:21 pm
tomorrow, and then bottom really falls out. two coldest days of the week friday and saturday with highs no better than middle 30's. the you can see as a big blob of arctic air starts to drop south, friday into saturday. saturday is coldest and then sunday maryland rate a bit with chance for snow showers, but by next week middle of next week especially, makes for a couple days we are back above average, big swings, really not a big storm taking advantage of the swings so that is good news as well. for your thursday mostly sunny , blustery 48 degrees. eyewitness weather three day forecast brings cold in for friday and saturday, and we do have a chance to pick up snow showers on sunday. we will talk about that in the next half an hour, back to you major pop star announced she's pregnant with twins, we will have a report from hollywood in our next half an hour. great video showing mother nature's beautiful pallet, where this lava is flowing and fit posts a threat to any communities. the leslie. and charlie brown, if you don't know the name, you will,
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welcome back, don bell with your sports. first name charles, fairly common name, last name, brown. the a very common name. when you put the two together, you get magic. here's leslie van arsdal. >> reporter: his name is charlie brown. but he is serious. no mismatch charlie brown, this charlie brown and if you. heard of him you will. st. joes freshman basketball star is showing off advanced skills and making a that i am for himself and getting used to charlie brown jokes, sent his way. >> it increases, every day, it is like so overwhelmed. this little will kid after the penn game, he came up, showed me a picture of charlie brown with my hair, yeah. >> reporter: he is charles brown, junior, he was charles, until high school when he decided to be called charlie. he really did know what he was in for. >> it started in high school.
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i think my junior year, everybody just started to call me charlie brown out of no where. i was like i really like it. i feel comfortable with me. my mom, she said she doesn't even like my name so she called me charlie too sometimes. >> reporter: he was a fan of the cartoon growing up and his favorite character. >> has to be charlie brown. >> reporter: we all know what happens when lucy has the football. well, i had my own idea, oh, charlie, ready. sorry, charlie, i had to do it leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> oh, no. >> that is good. >> charlie brown will not forget that name. >> no, i can't wait for next st. joes highlight. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up, keeping your blood pressure under control, researchers make a discovery that could predict your risk of developing high blood pressure and help taylor treatment, specifically for you.
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health reporter stephanie stahl explains in about ten minutes. also this... >> we're kind of preprogrammed >> philly's own quest love challenges students to succeed find out what advice he has for tackling problems with a clea
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we continue to track break ing news and developments in the story we have been covering all day a prison riot and hostage situation this delaware. chopper three over the james t. vaughn correctional center in smyrna, this this is a maximum security prison, and authorities just telling us, that five department of corrections employees were taken hostage, by, inmates, and four are still currently being held hostage. the other, was released and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. all delaware state prisons remain on lock down we will have another live report there that prison and joe holden coming up at 6:00 o'clock.
5:31 pm
also tonight, a grand jury report is released on a bucks county school that find faculty sexually abused students for decades and natalie school officials failed to report the abuse. the statute of limitations has expired on nearly all of the cases. news continues at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live in doylestown where she's gathering more on allegation ness this grand jury report, alex. >> reporter: according to this grand jury report at least seven students were sexually assaulted by trusted faculty members at the sole bring boarding and day school, that started in the 1950's and lasted all the way to 2005. report was spark by complaints of all of the victims who testified, saying that administrators knew of the sexual assaults, but that no reasonable action was ever taken. this grand jury investigation highlighted intimate environment allowed on the school's 90-acre new hope campus, which the report claims not only fostered but
5:32 pm
also worked to cover up these alleged crimes. only one of the cases has not reached the statute of limitations, victim in that case did not wish to prosecute citing emotional tram. >> it was culturally accepted at this school that if you were employed there, it was okay if you wanted to have sexual relations with your students. there were no lines of authority. >> reporter: district attorney says natalie school's current headmaster has implemented new policies but that grand jury report says that is not enough we will have have full story coming up at 6:00. live from bucks county alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see new a bit, alex , thank you. in washington, judge neil gorsuch has six weeks to prepare for his confirmation hearing to be the next supreme court justice. today he start that had process meeting the lawmakers who will decide his fate. judge neil gorsuch spent his first day as supreme court
5:33 pm
nominee meeting with senators on capitol hill. >> this is the first opportunity to meet with judge gorsuch. i think the president made an outstanding appointment. >> reporter: republicans are praising the judge's qualifications, but he will also face democrats, who are still angry with republicans, for blocking former president obama's nominee judge merrick garland. gorsuch's critics says he is too conservative. >> i do believe he is outside though the main stream of traditional american jurist prudence and i think the democrats should do everything that they can in in order to block his nomination. >> reporter: under senate rules it takes 60 votes to confirm a supreme court nominee but there is always the so-called nuclear option, which changes those rules to a a simple majority. president trump is urge mag junior leader mitch mcconn toll do that if democrats hold up, judge gorsuch's nomination >> we end up with that grid lock i would say, if you can, mitch, go nuclear. >> reporter: democrats say
5:34 pm
filibuster rule is in place for a reason. >> on a subject as important as a supreme court nomination, bipartisan support should be a prerequisite, and essential, that is what 60 votes does. >> reporter: if republicans do change the rules, the 60 vote threshold won't be available to them the next time they are the minority party. judge gorsuch says first call he hade after the announcement was to judge garland out of respect. now latest on the contentious battle over president trump's cabinet picks. today senate judiciary committee approved nomination of senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. tensions bowled over, during the party line vote. democratic senator al franken slammed ted cruz for accusing him of trying to disparage sessions during the hearing. >> the senator cruz did the very same thing that senator c orny, in my absence he misrepresented me, misrepresented mr. heber, he personally went after me, he
5:35 pm
personally integrity you didn't object then, did you. >> reporter: treasury nominee steve mnuchin and health and human services tom price advanced today. meanwhile full senate confirmed rex tillerson to be president trump's secretary of the state. he is former ceo of exxon mobile. senators on both side of the aisle expressed concern about tillerson's business ties to russia. now cbs-3 healthwatch, high blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease , a problem for millions of americans. tonight scientists have found a genetic link. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with new research. >> reporter: this is an an intriguing discovery, guys. today is beginning of the heart month and doctors say that this genetic discovery could help them identify patients who are at risk for high blood pressure. >> i will sit down. >> reporter: paul bauers isaac -sons didn't know he had high blood pressure until he suffered a heart attack. >> i will take your blood pressure now. >> reporter: scientists in
5:36 pm
london made a discovery that could help patients like paul, researchers studied 150,000 patients and found 107 new gene region is associated with high blood pressure. >> these 107 new gene regions may help us to taylor and select treatment in the future , but also to they are identify the possibility of us bringing new treatment to bear from existing therapist. >> reporter: researchers say their findings may predict who will eventually develop hypertension, he says that he hopes new research will identify others at risk so they don't go through what he did. >> i haven't had a blood test, a doctor said look, you've got , you know, this and this and this and this and we know what the effect of that is. it probably would do as i was told. >> reporter: in the years since his heart attack paul has made lifestyle changes, eating healthier, losing wait the wait, exercise to go prevent further heart damage. now high blood pressure or hypertension effects about one in three americans and it is
5:37 pm
leading cause not only of heart disease but stroke and death worldwide. the thing that doctors say there aren't any symptoms really of high blood pressure. so that is why it is important to know your numbers, you have go get check. >> and take your medication if you are on it. still to come on "eyewitness news" from a moon walk to a catwalk why buzz alt ron and another famous scientists walk the runway, modeling high fashion in ten minutes. old school to call atm's a mac machine but in this case it is a mac machine, big mac machine where you can get a big mac with the swipe of the card and wine,
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the hostage situation at maximum security prison in smyrna, delaware. we now know five department have of corrections employees, were taken hostage, and we're told four are still being held
5:45 pm
hostage right now. one was released and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> this is at the james t. vaughn correctional center in smyrna. all delaware prisons statewide are on lock down right now. joe holden has been there all afternoon. he will have a live report in just a few minutes on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. as we continue right the now did you hear or see the news on social media. >> this was hard to miss, beyonce is having twins and she revealed her baby bump as only she could in the photo on instagram. entertainer. michelle turner is joining us with more. >> beyonce dropped a, surprise announcement: she's expecting twins. it is the big story that has got everybody talking. the surprise a thens. came today via instagram, b in a veil, underwear and holding her baby bump. message we were like to share our love and happiness. we have been blessed two times over. yes, twins. no word on the gender but news
5:46 pm
has so many overjoyed, and, 17,000 tweets about it in a minute, and, it was the talk today. >> it is amazing. >> yes. >> and beyonce has been incredibly private about her family life. we remember how blue ivy would be on the the way after vma's, at 2011. >> we didn't announce: i said instead of just showing everyone. >> tmz saying, we are incredible, and it will be growing by two and we thank you for your well wishes.. >> she's up for nine award and tonight on et we have more reaction and what the grammy producers will be telling us about her big performance. >> ukee and jessica, back to you. >> check it out, indeed. and fashion week in new york. >> one designer has, models on the runway, for former astronaut buzzal trin and bill any the science guy. he moon walked, and, and and
5:47 pm
... >> and, hot lava is flying from hawaii's, killer volcano. we have explosive video shot by folks on the scene, take a look at this these image where is shot as volcano continues to erupt at its summit. it is right out of the volcano , and pouring directly into the ocean. now authorities say these lava flows pose no threat to nearby , communities.
5:48 pm
>> want to add a layer each take because we have a week even. so today if you wore the jacket, scarves, tomorrow might want to add some gloves as wind picks up and then want the hat, and the full compliment by the weekend as temperatures go back below freezing. this is not coolest air, we have had days in february with temperatures in the teens in the, single digits, and will take you out to flags flying out there on main street in northampton county as wind picks up, and these are wind of change, moving in, that colder air from the north and west, and start to feel that tomorrow. tomorrow is above average, by 5 degrees.
5:49 pm
eyewitness nice shows temperatures in the 40's. normal high is 41. we are seeing temperatures in the mid 40's, all the way across the map natalie sun has set. we will check with kenneth martin in willingboro, new jersey, cloudy today, tomorrow sunny, he will see his shadow. you know what that means. six more weeks have of winter. lets hope maybe for a cloudy start, in punxsutawney but doesn't look like we will get that. it looks like groundhog may give us bad news tomorrow. 46 degrees with barbara lane in willow grove. barbara says dew point is 28, and nice dry air in place, head down to the south jersey check with michael taylor in vineland at 45 degrees there, and michael says lots of sunshine throughout the day, good day, overall, sun really started off the day strong, as you you can see from this shot , sunrise shot, it the looks like from phil, and showing just a few cloud out there this morning, peter also showing some sunshine, and he says this is sunset. sun finally broke out at end of the day but midday, it was pretty overcast as you can see here gray looking in the afternoon, this shot there ed
5:50 pm
connor. lets look at what is going on, storm scan we have a few snow showers moving go through poconos. i don't know if you saw that. we have a few flakes flying tonight. those are starting to fizzle out and moving into north jersey and rest of the region not seeking anything at all in the way of precipitation here tonight. the clouds, really, proliferating here at the junior/senior school and it has gotten darker by minute on that camera. we have weekend snow showers to talk about. this is on sunday. this is a weak system drifting by to the north producing a mix of rain/snow, little to no accumulation expect with this. we are looking at another low that is just off south east coast and one on it it looks like those two may join forces , phase off the coast. it does not look like that will happen. this will stay weak. moving away. high pressure slide back in for monday. gusty north west wind, resumes , so monies another windy day. we will be dealing with wind issues here next several days. for your sunday lets jump to that because we have been
5:51 pm
talking about chance for snow all week. the sun early, afternoon rain and snow showers, scattered in nature, little or no, accumulation. taking you in the eye witt the necessary weather seven day forecast we have got temperatures plumetting friday and saturday, sunday a few late take snow showers and back to the 40's on hon and near 60 on wednesday but that will in the last. ukee and jessica. >> thanks very much. young mind were put to the test in philadelphia. >> they are creating solutions to the biggest challenges and they got inspiration from a surprise guest. our vittoria woodill has this story. >> we believe you are leaders, in the of tomorrow but of today. >> reporter: aspen institute is educational, policy study organization based in washington d.c., and today they have partnered with the school district of philadelphia to challenge more than 20 groups of high school students gathered the ballroom at the bend been. >> philadelphia academy and # is brotherly love. >> reporter: aspen challenge dares to dive in the mind of these students looking for
5:52 pm
them to design solution toss some of the most critical and complex, issues, humanity. >> it is a solvable problem. >> before they were challenge enter prize guest and philadelphia native quest love , the drum are of the root s to leave these students with advice to find their greatest potential. >> i encouraging out of of your comfort zone. i recommend really finding a sage, wise person, to talk you off the ledge. talk you from panic. talk you from sabotaging your goal. >> reporter: he offered final tool to help their behind think freely, meditation. >> you make your best life decisions, with a clear mind. it is sitting in silence, for five minutes, deep breathing,
5:53 pm
deep breathing, exhale. that is how you safe your life >> reporter: oh, yes. aspen challenge kick off with the forum of speakers but students have eight weeks to develop solution toss challenges they were given today. on march 29th teams will present challenges to a panel of judges. three winning teams will travel to the aspen idea festival in aspen colorado to present their work. meditation, quest love says that is key to opening up your mind in a calm manner. >> i love how they were locked into him. >> thanks, tori. >> we can all take a note from that. still a head a cutting edge idea. >> i enjoy it out there. >> a fresh shave on the street why this barber moved his salon to the sidewalk on this weeks story of
5:54 pm
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west philadelphia hair stylist is hitting streets to help the home lets. >> i got a chance to meet the man behind the razor for this weeks brotherly love reading jones barber shop is on the street. >> every chance i get, every day i'm out here. >> reporter: today william whiteys his customer on the sidewalk in chester. >> i'm getting a haircut and my eyebrows down. >> reporter: williams is home less and he is sprucing up his beard for free, he calls project haircuts for the homeless, offering barbering to people who can't afford it. >> i enjoy being out here, it the is my personal way to give back. >> reporter: brendon was a barber for ten years but had to quit due to the strain on his body which included standing long hours and using his hand a lot. he wondered what his next step would be. then he met a homeless man. >> that is when i came up with maybe i can go out and start cutting their hair. >> reporter: he spread word on facebook and raised more than a thousand dollars for
5:58 pm
supplies, and car battery that powers his razor. he started small, earlier this month cutting for a few hen this center city. right away his project went viral. people started sharing videos and the before and after photos. and only a few weeks his first facebook video reached 2 million views, his fiance, natasha royal took video. >> i thought it was awesome. >> it has been unbelievable. people from nigeria, i have seen the video on you tube. >> oh, man. >> reporter: in only a half an hour williams feels like a new hand. >> did a excellent job. >> reporter: brendan wants to cut hair in as many cities as he he can and inspire other stylist to to the same thing. how far can you go, let's put it that way. >> sky's the limit. >> reporter: brendan was offered a new job but it is on hold so he can will follow his heart and mission. >> making a difference. natasha and brendan created an
5:59 pm
app with other stylist to connect them with the home less to find out more about haircuts for the homeless go to cbs that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we will track breaking news out of delaware a prison riot leads to a hostage situation, and we are live from smyrna where prisoners continue to hold employees hostage. also, serious allegations at a bucks county school, the report that officials say outlines sexual abuse, span ning decade, and why it did not come to light until right now. plus, parents charged in connection with the death of their two-year old daughter, the reason berks county's officials say it was what they didn't to that prompted the charges, katie? it is turning blustery and wind of change moving in as colder air begins to descend upon the region i'll tell you which day will be coldest and when we may see cold snowflakes this weekend. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
here's is what happening we are following breaking news hostage is still being held inside a new castle county prison. it started with a riot this morning and tense situation continues to play out, at james t. vaughn correctional center in smyrna, delaware. the right now four people are still being held hostage. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live at the scene all day, joe, what can you tell us right the now. >> jessica and ukee violence behind prison walls as that hostage situation still unfolding as we speak. four correctional employees still being held by inmates at james t. vaughn, sources telling cbs-3 that negotiations are underway right now and it is a very trag aisle situation. lets go take you live from chopper three to give you a look over prison right now we have been hovering over the prison for hours. we have watched a lot of activity unfold in


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