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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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prison standoff in its 12th hour, we're hearing phone calls from inside the building. >> they got my face covered. >> what the inmates are demanding and where negotiations stand. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. the prisoners took control at the james t vaughn correctional center in smyrna delaware this morning and that tense standoff continues tonight. >> here's what we know. two corrections employees have been released. two workers still being held hostage. we do know that one worker released earlier suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. this is all unfolding inside building cat the correctional center. all prisons in delaware have been put on lockdown tonight. which is standard procedure, when an incident like this occurs. david spunt is live at the prison with the very latest. david? >> reporter: jessica, this is a developing situation. change just about every minute. we have a live video of chopper
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right now showing you exactly what's going on from the sky. but i have to tell you, authorities were very careful tonight on camera, because they say the inmates are watching so they wanted to choose their words wising. according to officials just after 10:30 wednesday morning, they received a call about a hostage situation. involving prison staff. authorities say four prison staff members were being held hostage by inmates. >> we put all the resources we have to bear to get our employees out. >> reporter: john carney and members of his law enforcement team went ons at the first staff member was released at 2:25 wednesday afternoon. >> i talked to the families. as you can imagine, it's been difficult for them >> before 8:00 p.m., authorities say another staff member was released from vaughn correctional, both staff members were treated at the hospital
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with nonlife-threatening injuries. authorities also say 27 inmates were seen leaveing from the building where the hostage situation is taking place. but they remained on prison property. >> we don't know the dynamics of the take over and the dynamics if any inmates were held against will >> authorities say if inmates have demands, they may hear them, only after the dangerous situation ends. >> once this matter is revolved safely, then that will be the time that talk the inmates want to talk about conditions, privileges, those types of things. yes, the dialogue can take place. but none of that starts until we have the safe return of our staff. >> reporter: according to a source, the security in building cwhere this is happening is not as heavy as other parts of the prison complex. i'm also told officials are talking to the inmates through a prison radio and i'm told that communication is off and on at this point. authorities would not say if the
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inmates are armed inside the prison. reporting live tonight in smyrna delaware, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. as the hostage situation unfolds unfolded. inmates made contact with the world. here's an excerpt of one of the calls. >> explain why we're doing what we're doing. donald trump everything he did, all the things that he's doing now, we know that going to change for the worse. >> the calls mentioned the need for education and rehabilitation. now, the call you just heard and others were turned over to police. here's more information about the prison, where this is all unfolding. the vaughn correctional center opened in 1971. it is the largest facility for men in delaware. about 2500 inmates are being held there right now. it houses inmates from minimum to maximum security along with the state of death row.
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back in 2004, an inmate raped a council and hell her hostage all seven hour, that standoff ended when a sharp shooter killed the inmate. sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as the latest comes down in all of this, we're going to have crews on location in delaware throughout the night when we're not here on tv, you can find developments around the clock at in other news, a scathing grand jury report is out on a prestigious bucks county school, it uncovered decades of sexual abuse at solebury school. alexandria hoff reports justice may not be served for some alleged victims. >> reporter: at least one of these alleged incidents detailed inside of this grand jury report was so brutal that the young solebury student rider reparative surgery. but due to the fact that almost all of these alleged crime have exceeded the statute of limitations, no arrests are expected. from the 1950's through 2005, at
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least seven students were sexual assaulted at the hands of trusted solebury school faculty members according to an extensive grand jury investigation. the report not only criticized the day and boarding school for fostering intimate student teacher relationships, but concluded that it concealed rape allegations for over 50 years. >> it was culturally accepted at the school that if you're employed there, it was ok. if you wanted to have sexual relations with your students, there were no lines of authority. >> according to administrators, this grand jury investigation was prompted by the school itself in 2014. in a statement, they said, in part, we believed then and still believe that this openness and candor was the right way for the school to proceed. while it is difficult and painful to read the report, the information that has been compiled ads to our examination of the past and provides insights for the future. the alleged assaults involved
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students as young as 14. one victim is now 77. all six who testified told the grand jury that former administrators knew of the assaults and took no reasonable action. >> since they're serving a life sentence, we should be able to prosecute their perpetrators for the rest of their lives as well. >> reporter: one allegation has not exceeded the statute of limitations, that victim decline to prosecute citing that the memories are too painful to relive. the school administrators say they will review all of the 15 recommendations put forth by the grand jury. reporting in bucks county, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." police arrested delaware county teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a female students. authorities say 28-year-old nina scott met the teenager at the village school a reasonable 43 facility for youth with emotional and behavioral problems. the girl's journal and letters from scott evolved the two had a
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romantic and sexual relationship last year. the village school is cooperate wig police. in statement school officials say it was our initial understanding that the alleged incidents did not ker on our property as no criminal investigation was conducted on our campus. this afternoon, we learned from radnor township police that they have reason to believe some alleged incidents did occur on school property. two upper darby high school students behind bars tonight the 17-year-olds are facing charges for allegedly trying to bring a loaded gun and marijuana into the school. the weapon and drugs were hidden in a black box. school official say they were tipped off to one of the boys while investigating a report a student may be armed. >> the 12 and grade student who got off the bus with the box in his hand, when he was being restrained by the security officer did attempt to hand that off to the 11th grader. at that time, it was intercepted >> police want both teachers
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charged as adults. the 11th grade student is also charged with assaulting a police officer, he injured an officer while being taken into custody. a berks county mother and father are charged with involuntary islam in the death of their 2-year-old daughter. investigators say jonathan and grace foster of to upper township refused to seek medical care for their daughter, ella in november. she died days later of pneumonia that could have been treated with antibiotics. parents told police seeking medical treatment is against their religious beliefs. fosters are free on bail tonight. president trump made an unannounced visit to dover air force base today to honor a navy seal killed during the first anti-terror raid of his presidency. the president and his daughter, ivanka joined the family of ryan owens who witnessed the dig if i did transfer of his remains. there's no video of the ceremony because the family asked for privacy. the pentagon says owens was killed during a raid on al-qaeda leaders in yemen sunday. he was a member of the elite
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unit seal team 6. president trump has another member of his cabinet in place. vice president pence swore in rex tillerson as the nation's new secretary of state. tillerson is the former ceo of exxon mobile. tillerson says he's ready to get to work. >> i want to is express my profound thanks to president trump for giving police this extraordinary opportunity to serve my country. >> this is a man that's respected all over the world. before he even begins >> senate committees approved attorney general nominee jeff sessions treasure secretary nominee steve mnuchin and health and human services tom price, no date has been set by. by the full senate. judge neil gorsuch started meetings with senators, republicans say he's a good policeman.
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democrats say they will fight the nomination because he's too conservative. following a developing story out of california, protesters thrown smoke bombs and set fires on berkley. they are upset and from the conservative breitbart end news was supposed to speak on campus, as a result much of the campus was put on lockdown and officials decided to cancel the speech. departments icon albert boss could have has been diagnosed with cancer, in a letter to employees boscov's department store, he revealed he has pancreatic cancer. his nephew, jim who is currently ceo and company advice chairman said the chain will continue to operate as usual. as we continues tonight in new jersey, mother has an unusual run-in with a street lamp >> at 11:00 what caused the slight to crash into the back of a minivan. and why the driver said this could have been worse. open up your wallet. valentine's day is almost here
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and americans are expected to spend billions of dollars. nicole brewer with the gift that are most in demand. kate? >> get the heavy coats ready as colder air moves in i'll tell you which morning will feel like the teens outside and when we may see a few flakes this weekend. the search is over. the bobcat that escaped the national zoo is back where she blngs. wait until you hear where they found her. that's when dave this fios party is da bomb!
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. update at the maximum security prison in delaware. two corrections workers have been released. we know one of them suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. we also know two workers are still being held hostage right now. the uprising started around 10:30. it continues. we have crews there and we'll continue to bring updates. a close call for a new jersey mother. take a look at this, a giant street light ended up in the back of her minivan in new brunswick of the light came crashing through the become windows after accidently back i do not a pole. she was alone in the van and considers herself lucky nobody
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was in the back seat. valentine's day is coming up in a couple weeks. people will be spending a lot of money for gifts >> this year, total spending is expected to reach 18.2 billion dollars. what gifts are people giving to the sweeties >> nicole brewer is here and we're talking about more than chocolate and flowers if we're in the billions here. >> those two items do add up. >> that's true. >> they add up. to be fair. i will get to the numbers in a second. we should mention that valentine's day is no longer limited to romantic love. it hasn't been years. these days people shell out plenty of money for all the people, even the pets. they care about. ♪ >> from inflated balloons and beautiful blooms to cuddling bears and sweet treats that say you care. it's almost time to spoil your valentine. >> show or tell somebody you love them or that they are special. >> that scenario sentiment can cost a pretty penny
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>> 200. $250 >> hundred >> between 150 and 150. >> according to the national retail federation, americans are expected to spend an average $136.50 down about ten bucks >> they shouldn't be spending so much money >> 18.2 billion to be exact. >> that's a lot >> at the top of the list, jewelry which will cost consumer as combined 4.3 billion >> not with three kids >> an evening out, flowers, clothing and candy contribute to the and he knows >> are you writing this down >> with one billion dollars being spent on the perfect car. >> you can't really put a price on words. >> telling them something they might forget >> 85.twin, significant others command the biggest budget. classmates, coworkers, even pets. >> they know they're loved. all year long.
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>> no love for our furry friends? i mentioned the billion dollars price tag for the perfect card which happens to be the most popular gift and more and more people are opting to give the gift of experience to a concert or sporting event. >> just to spend time together >> would you say the fellows spend more than ladies >> i think so, that's just my uninformed opinion. take it as you will. my husband does. >> thank you, nicole. a big announcement from beyonce sing expecting twins, posted an a photo of her baby bump. we have been blessed two times over, incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two. beyonce and her husband jay-z are already parent to -- she's 5-year-old blue ivy. >> the search for a missing bobcat at the national zoo is over tonight and it turns out the animal didn't go very far. the national zoo tweeted this
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picture of olly after workers caught her today. they found her on the property of the zoo in washington, dc. olly escaped monday through a small hole in the mesh net around her habitat. >> it's ok. >> got to get further than that's >> i got a meal and a bed here i'm going to stick around >> kate joins us on the first day of a new month >> february was decent's had clouds and sun, and we hit 50 for the highs, can't complain too much about that in february. but it is still winter after all and more winter weather is on the way. not a whole lot in the way of snow, but definitely going to get colder and another cold snap possibly by next weekend. up and down temperatures start to our new month. it's going to blustery as well. let's start off with a look outside. you can see the flag not really flying in bethlehem. this is from the hotel bethlehem, of course, right there on main street, north hampton, it's quiet night.
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like to look at the flags to see what the wind is doing, quiet right now but tomorrow the within will pick up and that will make it feel chilly outside through the afternoon. stormscan 3 is clear as well. you can see where the cold is coming from, kind of a westerly flow, which is bringing snow squalls lake effectses across portions of new york state and pennsylvania as well. we're not seeing any of that here. looks like we'll be seeing mainly sunny through the remainder. clouds clearing and tomorrow looks like we'll see more sunshine outside than what we saw today. temperatures are still mild. in fact, normal high is 41. the temperature is 43, so still above the normal high. that's how far we were above average. 35 in reading and 35 in allentown. so yesterday's high, 43, pretty seasonal to finish out january. today, we hit 50. almost ten degrees above average but tomorrow we're right back to the mid 40's. and then the bottom falls out a bit friday and saturday. this is not the coldest air we
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felt. it's not that far below average but still going to feel different after a stretch of middle weather you have to factor in the winds, they could gust over 20, 25 miles an hour. even if the height of the afternoon, temperatures in the mid 40's it doesn't feel any better than 37 degrees tomorrow afternoon and watch what happens friday morning, we wake up and feels like the teens. feels like two in mount pocono. 18 at 7:00 a.m. on friday as you head out to work or school. we'll need to bundle up and friday still brisk, still windy, feeling like 25 in the afternoon. so you can see how chilly it's going to be even friday night into saturday morning once again feeling like the teens, saturday dry with lots of sun, it is chilly and then here comes the next system with rain and snow showers sunday afternoon, little to no accumulation with these the system stays weak moves out quickly. don't cancel any football watching plans if you're heading to a friend and house, monday, the sun returns, high pressure builds back in but the winds will pick up as the low departs
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and high builds in behind it causing a bit of a pressure gradeian's partly cloudy chilly down to 30 tomorrow 45, it's mostly sunny, blustery again remember, doesn't feel better than 37 in the afternoon, so that 45 a little bit misleading. we got punxatauney phil poking his head out. we'll see if he sees his shadow. i can tell you feels like we'll have winter returning friday and saturday. sunday the light snow or snow showers, not a big deal then by next wednesday back to near 60 and then the bottom falls out again, so here we go. >> tomorrow still big day. i'm watching. i know you're watching. i'm watching you. >> meantime don up next in sports. >> we're talking hoops, sixers trying to hold their own, plus villanova and another tight one on the road. how their game in providence came down to the wires, sports coming up next. japan
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. sixers are an nba team with an nfl like injury report. robert covington the latest back-to-back 20 point games, he's out with a hand injury and joel embiid still nursing the bone bruise. he had 13. in the fourth quarter we go. check this out. jal okafor get up and throw it down, punching it in his face. he goes the other way. ja had 16, by the way and that whole thing about pay backs, right there.
11:25 pm
and it was not good for the sixers, lose 113-95. on to college hoops. jay wright said life on the road is tough. villanova visiting providence, november with the ball, josh hart spinning in the lane, nice moving. he had 17, november up by eight. but the friars come fighting back. november gets the block. check out alpha dialo, in rhythm, providence within two, under a minute, jay lynn brunson give me, going the other way, the steal and a deal. he had 21, villanova survived a late scare from providence, win it 66-57. lasalle hosting u mass. jordan price corner pocket. 21, dj johnson 28. explorers for the ten-point win.
11:26 pm
think hot knife versus butter. uconn women's basketball team. they're best team in college hoops. norristown native gino back in town with his top ranked huskies visiting temple. moving all night long for uconn. two of her 24. and the passing, beautiful on the other end as well. natisa, col yeah, yukon wins by 30. 96 in a row, the longest streak in college hoops history. college football. national signing day, 24-seven each school recruiting class, penn state comes in 15th. temple has new headcoach and owls rank 112th in the nation. one of the biggest high school football programs, st. joe's's prep sending several players on to college. the prep's biggest name, deandre
11:27 pm
swift will be heading to georgia. other players heading off. guys going to lafayette, lehigh valley, delaware, princeton, over in jersey, camden high and woodrow wilson having a number of players heading to the next level. 12 players in today's event celebrate those guys, how aboutj alani, mccar go. to play for navy. congratulations. >> big day for the families. >> great day. >> thank you appreciate it. fascinating world of
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for the people who need it most. introducing fios instant internet. it's internet the way it should be. get it at forgots of color features 15 species from around the worldly visitors can see them in action beginning saturday. we got a sneak peak this morning. that's an african bull frog. and can last 25 years >> he will have the biggest what are the >> kate? >> heading into the weekend, it's definitely going to be feeling like winter outside as temperatures are stuck in the 30's above average both saturday and sunday.
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now there are two different looking days, saturday is bright with sunshine, sunday features a chance for light snow or snow showers. possibly rain showers mixing in as temperatures near 40's, watch out for slick spots
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. morning team back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. they will have the latest on the prison standoff in delaware.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> watch this video by the way, they're holding hands. >> and they have to know they're on camera. >> stephen: now, why on earth is the prime minister of great britain holding hands with donald trump? ( laughter ). >> absolutely no idea. we're as confused as you are. ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes ricky gervais. christina ricci. and musical guesin


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