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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we will start with kate, outside on the sky deck where it is, pretty warm right now. >> it the is so warm out here. i don't have a coat on. sunnies beating down, temperatures are in the 60's, new record have been set all across the area today and what i heard there so many people outside on the street at kid school, there is no way it will snow tomorrow. it feels like summertime to take. it is almost bizarre to think about the cold air will be moving in rapidly it this, a storm is already visible on storm scan three and it is coming whether we leak it or not. here's storm an three showing that first batch of snow months toward cleveland area we are seeing it push over indiana and ohio, ape starting to get its act together a bit. temperatures will be crashing, tonight, just in time for that storm arrival. it is arriving later then we antis ated early in the week, same timing as yesterday between two and 5:00 a.m. but that will give time for cold air to move in. right now we're mainly clear, so take a look at these record that fell today.
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philadelphia we hit 66, break ing the record of 63, atlantic city, 71 degrees to take. wilmington at 70. broken record at mount pocono with a high today of 50 degrees but enjoy last couple of hours of it, it is not going to last. we will drop from 60's to 30's in the course of 12 hours, overnight into tomorrow morning, and by this time tomorrow morning by 6:00 a.m. it will be in the 20's in many sots. could start as rain in some areas overnight hey just move in as snow north and west between two and 5:00 a.m., heaviest snow during morning commute hours on your thursday and we're talking significant accumulation, winter storm warnings have already been posted, these go into effect overnight the tonight. start times vary depending on the location but after midnight for all of us and that is area we see shaded in pink that includes philadelphia, toss include wilmington, it does including camden, gloucester, salem counties and right up through pocono region. purple is winter weather advisory posted for sure,
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delaware beaches as well where amounts will be lower. coming up we will time out this system. i will tell you when it begins , end and when heaviest snow will fall and we're talking about snowfall rates at some point of two lust inches, per hour, and maybe even some thunder with this, a has i have, strong storm, all of the tea tails how much will fall coming up. you this back to you. >> kate, just amazing. thanks very much. as our communities prepare for snow penndot is reassuring commuters that they have got the morning drive handled. pen to the tells us all of the trucks are on the board and ready to rel role, they will be in lays at least an hour before the snow begins, tomorrow morning. city of philadelphia, also gearing up for the storm, "eyewitness news" was in juniata where crews were ready ing the hows and salt trucks. their work will getting, later tonight. >> we're going to start mobilizing our crews midnight and by 6:00 a.m. we will have 350 pieces of equipment on the street ready to treat, you know, whatever we have to to.
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we have 350,000 tons of salt veilable for our use. >> crew this is camden county are taking snow threat seriously as well. this was the scene in lindenwald camden county workers there busy loading up salt trucks, raring for whatever comes our way. and they really got some long hours in front of home. >> um-hmm. one shore time, weather like we have had to take, it is hard to believe a winter storm is about to strike. "eyewitness news", reporter greg argos joins us from juniata with more on this enjoyable weather, greg. >> reporter: that is right, there ukee. you can see streets department here at least ready with hundreds of tons of snow removal material right here behind me but if there was ever a time to say the calm before the storm, it is today. this literally is calm before the storm and many here in philadelphia are enjoying this beautiful weather. with temperatures well in the 60's it is hard to hemorrhage the ground covered with a few inches of snow but it is february and mother nature has at least one last chick up her
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sleeve. >> it teams like middle of syringe. >> reporter: there kelly drive to rittenhouse square we have spotted lengthy of people pre tending just that, enjoying spring-like temperatures hours before they are expect to tropical. >> i'm in between classes and i just could not stay inside. i love this weather. it makes me so happy. i tiehl great. >> i run about four to five whiles every other day, but it has been between like five layers on, each day and then today i looked out and in t-shirt and capri pants and here i am. >> reporter: shorts and t-shirts outfit of choice for many, on kelly drive wednesday afternoon. >> it is called the spirit of 76. >> reporter: spirit of 76. >> that is how oldy am. >> reporter: sporting more seasonal a tire. >> i was than the planning on this. i had an appointment, it didn't come through, and so i said i will make something of this day. >> reporter: that is the key making mess of wednesday's outdoors. >> living a dream right thousand, woke up, i said serious i had on get out here just for this right here.
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>> reporter: thursday though back to winter weather. >> i will definitely be here try, under covers. >> walking out to the gym. we were supposed to get a huge snowstorm. >> i will not be shock about it. >> that is fine. >> i generally don't know things, my room hates and friend tell me so it is cool. >> reporter: ukee and jessica not everyone this afternoon was out enjoying this weather on that jog or that run. coming up tonight at 6:00 i will tell what you some philadelphians were doing, to prepare for this storm, four plus inches tomorrow in just a few hours. we are live in the juniata section of philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> shaking my head, thanks. join the morning rush it could be rather difficult. "eyewitness news" is here to help. we will be on extra early tomorrow, join the "eyewitness news" team at 4:00 a.m. for very latest, weather traffic and anymore school delays or closings. multi million-dollar settlement has been reached in the deadly 2013 building collapse in center city. this is being called the largest pay out of its kind,
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in pennsylvania's court history. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in the sat center with the latest on this still developing story, david. >> reporter: this summer wills mark four years since collapse on market street just over a week after finding the defendants liable in the civil part of the case. jury announced this settlement now we are talking about that 227 million-dollar settlement, attorneys argue it is the largest personal injury settlement in pennsylvania state court history this all happened on market street in philadelphia on june 5th 2013. a building owned by a hand named richard basciano that collapsed on the salvation army thrift store. seven people died. twelve were injured. jury spent almost five months on this case, they decided the settlement at about four hours i'm told, attorneys representing the victims spoke just after that settlement was announced. >> the jury as jurors usually
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do get it right. they got this right. they really understood the evidence. the assessments that they made were consistent with the evidence. >> reporter: according to sources the salvation army aid the bulk on have that settlement, coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock, 227 million-dollar, no question is a lot of money but family members say no amount of money can ever bring back those who died. hear from one of the victim sons what he had to say about his mother who was simply shopping for clothes when that building came down. we will see you tonight at 6:00 reporting live from the sat center david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a family fight leads to a barricade situation in lower moreland montgomery county. this is all unfolding in the 1,000 block of sewell road, police first responded to the home just before 11:00 this morning. authorities say that a tatter got in the fight with his 18 year-old son, and then barricaded himself inside, with weapons. the teen was able to get out but it is unclear if he was injured. the standoff continues tonight
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a $1,000 reward is being offered for information, leading to this man, rasheed barnes, authorities say that barnes evaded capture this morning during the execution of the warrant in philadelphia 's east faust neighborhood. barnes is wanted in connection with an alleged shooting and aggravated assault, if you know where barnes could be police want to hear there you. authorities are still trying to determine what caused a dump truck replenishing sand on the beach in ocean city to go up in flames. it happened around 7:30 right in front of the wonderland pier near sixth street. officials tell us an ocean city employee was driving the truck, when it caught fire. the employee was not hurt. after a marathon debate senate republicans are on the verge of approving another of president trump's cabinet picks. however, the fight over this nomination has extended to what can and cannot be said on the senate floor. senate is working to complete confirmation of the senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. >> he will do an outstanding job, i believe, in restoring
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the reputation of the department of justice. >> reporter: sessions confirmation comes over the objections of his democratic collogues. >> now, i know senator sessions, i know his record on voting rights, he is no champion of voting rights. >> reporter: republicans silenced massachusetts senator elizabeth warren on the senate floor tuesday night which over shadowed the vote. >> i tried to read a letter from coretta scott king, and mitch mcconnell came to the floor and shut me down. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will said reading 1986 kipping letter opposing sessions nomination to be a federal judge was damaging the reputation of her fellow collogue aviation of the rarely enforced is that the rule. >> the only speech being stifled is speech that republicans don't agree with. >> reporter: some democratic collogues pick up where senator warren left off reading the letter on the is that the floor. >> sincerely coretta scott king. >> reporter: others defended senator warren arguing she
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should be allowed to speak. >> i think that leader mcconnell owes senator warren an apology. >> reporter: mcconnell says it is sessions who deserves one. >> it has been tough to watch all this good man has been put through in recent weeks. >> reporter: senator sessions staffers have already started cleaning out his senate office , in preparation for a move to the department of justice. democrats are also expected to have a marathon debate over health and human services, nominee tom rise. meantime president trump is offering his own oral arguments in defense of his controversial executive order on immigration. a federal appeals court could decide as early as today whether to, reinstate it. the last night, three judges, heard arguments for and against that order. it temporarily halts immigration of people from seven countries designated aster or hot spots. president trump read the law backing his executive order to a group of sheriffs and police chiefs. >> i want to tell you, i
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listened to a bunch of stuff last night, on television that was disgraceful. it was disgraceful. because what i just read to you is what we have. it just can't be written any plane error better. >> another major issue the court must decide is whether the executive order, unfairly discriminates against muslims. and still to come on "eyewitness news" nit-picking up pieces in louisiana after half dozen tornadoes tear through town, with what one woman did to protect herself for what she thought was certain death. body shamers take to social media making fun of lady gaga after her super bowl performance. well, now she's firing back. and, they looked like lines but this is not your average citrus fruit, what is up side and why they were confiscated in our next half an hour. and now a live look from our camera at parkway central library, people out and about on this day, which is unusually warm weather, tomorrow though that scene is
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going to be filled with snow. kate's updated forecast for you in about five
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one purpose captured this twister and surveillance video shows roof of the business blowing off, and smashing in the parked cars and background you can see that 18 wheeler flip on its side, some of the worst damage was in new orleans where thousands are still without power tonight. people say these tornadoes came very quickly and they. >> the roof came down. things go flying. don't let me get hurt. >> we have no warnings. you know, i flood, you know it is coming. you have time to prepare and evacuate. i had time to do nothing. >> 150 members of the louisiana national guard are being mobilized to keep damag ed neighborhood secured. in new england icy roads caused a massive pile up on a boston highway this morning, 55 vehicles were involved in the crash that shut down the highway for hours. eight people suffered minor injuries, now drivers say they tried to stop but the road were just too slick and they just slid into one another.
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>> the roads were not salted, that well, so, driving on ice never works out that well. >> a number of cars had significant damage and some people were trapped inside their vehicle. highway was closed for hours while crews cleared away all of the wrecked vehicles. all right. kate bill other joining us now , everybody is talking about this. >> everybody is talking about this. >> it is so nice right now. it will snow several inches tomorrow. kate, this is just wild. >> it is february. so the snow is much more expected then today today is the weird weather event. >> yes. >> today it is really hard to believe. how could it possibly snow, six plus inches, tomorrow, coming on the heels of 65 degrees. do you remember the snow mold? do you remember that game. do you remember how heavily that snow came down. it piled up at one to 2 inches an hour. you can get it even in the warm air, those snowfall rates
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one to two plus inches an hour will erase any benefit today's warmth may have brought us. we may see first inch or two melt on warm roads eventually the snowfall rates will win battle and it will pile up even on the roadways tomorrow morning as strange as it may seem, it has happened before and it will happen again. lets take a look what is happening right now, and the sun has just dipped below advancing clouds, maybe first clouds, heralding the arrival of the system moving across portions of the midwest this evening. the it will in the get here until overnight hours, so you're quiet tonight. anything out there through this evening, through tonight, at least after midnight we will stay dry, but, it is looking pretty sad to see this day go. it was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures. storm scan three though does show the changes, temperatures will be crashing once the sun goes down, we will see temperatures drop very quickly from the 60's to the 30's overnight and here comes our storm, just a few showers creeping into western pennsylvania, and the bulk of the storm right the now, in portions of ohio, back to
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indiana where it is starting to take shape, and two pieces of energy really fused together with this system. it could start as rain in the city but on the northern edge where that cold is pushing in this is going to be snow, for the duration of the storm in our northern suburbs and that is the jackpot zone. so 61 degrees right now at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. beautiful evening. still 61 in philadelphia. sixty-four in millville. sixty-two in wilmington. after a daytime high of 7o allentown broke a rorrer, mount pocono broke a record but starting to tropical, mount pocono got to 50. right now only 40. cold is coming in and coming in quickly. by 4:00 tomorrow morning it is already below freezing in the north and western suburbs, at 35 in philadelphia, so notice this could begin at 4:00 a.m. incidently right when our morning team goes on the air early 4:00 in the morning. little mix in philadelphia with some rain to the south but it starts as snow in the northern and western suburbs and then we are watching these band set up 7:00 a.m. it is what we called, snow, 2 inches
5:19 pm
per hour, possibly even some thunder and lightening with the snow. the convective snowfall band temperatures dropping to the 20's still just rain in extreme south jersey eventually we will sees that change over at eight or 9:00 a.m. and heavy snow around 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we have not really tweaked time line or amounts all that much which is good news. we are seeing consistency here 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. precipitation arrives. five to 10 is height of the storm. between 10 and 2:00, the snow will gradually taper. we have added that jackpot zone eight to 12 inches, portions of upper bucks, montgomery county and lehigh valley, four to eight around philadelphia i'm edging toward higher to six to eight range. this is heavy wet snow that will cling to branches and power lines. even if the first couple inches melt on contact, those intense rates of 2 inches per hour will cause that snow to pile up very, very quickly on the road. so again, snow and rain arriving overnight, down to 30 ,
5:20 pm
sub freezing, almost all day long, it will get colder through the of afternoon and the wind will pick up as well, wind chills, tomorrow midday in the teens, and then that will stay that way through friday so you can imagine outside right now it feels like 70, tomorrow at this time it will tiehl like 15, and with this much snow on the ground, it is going to be frigid. >> this is crazy. >> thanks, kate. still ahead, on "eyewitness news" phillies are taking spring-like weather with them on the road. >> they have loaded up trailer for spring training and we will tell you some items they have pack for ra, and for pleasure. flyers are heading to moscow to take on russians and you won't believe what political figure may be on skates. i'm
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because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. phillies are not letting threat of they slow town spring training plans. >> they are getting out of dodge to avoid storm and packing up for spring training in clearwater florida.
5:24 pm
we have talk to the phillies fanatic packing his bags as well, early this morning, fanatic joins dozens of employees to load 53-foot equipment truck at phillies clubhouse. ready to go. look at it. >> that is all they need. >> 1200 bats, 25 sets of golf clubs. you got to have those for your days off plus bubble gum, sunflower seeds and so much more. truck should arrive on valentines day just a few days before pitchers and catchers report, to camp. >> it does mean spring is on its way. >> it is on its way. >> i was going to say i want on that truck. >> i know, right around the corner. >> but, traveling, right. >> yes, athletes go very far. >> little further. >> exactly. >> flyers alumni are taking their game overseas like way overseas. they will face off against russian alumni and certain world leader who has been in the news lately hey take the ice. leslie van arsdal has more.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: joe watson was one of the first flyers to ever wear orange and black and he and former philadelphia flyers are heading to russia for series of exhibition games and may face vladamire putin. >> a world figure and he is a hockey player, it would be a boost for hockey, if they don't release a schedule. >> you will take it ease if i putin is out there on the ice. >> i have always been taught, somebody wins and loses and i like to win. >> oh, no. >> you would never hear there you again. >> that is right. >> but getting the group together wasn't easy. >> it took me a long time to get players because a lot of players were very skeptical about going there, all of the problems they are having. >> reporter: last time flyers played a team full of russian is it didn't go so well, flyers beat red army team at spectrum in 1976 making the team a international sensation only former flyer on this ice that played that game and he remembers the bad blood between the two teams. >> we're creating a the lot of
5:26 pm
goodwill, not like when we did in 76 when we beat them badly and they walk off the ice. >> such a serious trip coming up we need todd brush up on our russian. how is your russian, joe. >> i will give you some words. >> word. >> yeah. >> okay. >> just basic stuff to get you around. this is an easy one. >> russian speaking. >> thank you. >> oh, really, okay. >> okay. >> thank you, okay. >> paca. >> good bye. >> paca. >> good bye. >> am i helping you at all. >> not really. >> there is one word that is universal: hockey. leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> good stuff leslie, thank you. >> that ought to be interesting. i know, joeys a competitor. >> yes. >> i have have flashbacks. >> 1976, legendary game. >> thanks, buddy, a rebater it
5:27 pm
coming up next, cbs this morning charlie rose makes a big announcement why he is taking a big announcement, joe >> reporter: new traffic light in chester county has some drivers scratching their heads , i'm joe holden, the question is what do you do when the blinking yellow to a solid yellow. looking for a little motivation at the gym? some gyms are going high tech, to not only help you lose weight but help you get healthy, we will show you nex did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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well, from peach day to snow day, soaring temperatures , have people out on the boardwalk in atlantic city, but tomorrow, it the may be, snowing, down the shore. and storm scan three is already tracking, a significant winter storm.
5:31 pm
winter storm watches and warnings have been issued, and in advance of the storm, all archdiocese schools in philadelphia will be closed tomorrow, and there are more closures and delays at the bottom of the screen. news continue at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. we have learned thousands of flights bound for northeast have already been cancelled in anticipation of the storm. so, how much can we expect? when will the heavier snowfall lets get answer from his meteorologist kate bilo who continues to track this storm system, kate. >> reporter: jessica and ukee right now is calm before the storm as skies are sunny, temperatures still in the 60's this many locations, dropping down in the the 50's. you can see this storm starting to get underway here just off to the west. we have got snow moving through portions of northern ohio, back into northern indiana and, cold air pushes in and really just, a perfect meet up of the cold coming from the north and west, storm moving off the coast where it will rapidly intensify, it will throw moisture back on the coast and the snow will
5:32 pm
intensify rapidly as it begins to fall. tomorrow morning, across our region. right the now not a whole lot of cloud. they are moving in from west to east. couple sprinkles showing up that is not reaching the ground right now. i don't expect any precipitation to get in here before 2:00 a.m. at earliest but we have these winter storm warnings in effect overnight. you can see pink shading, vast majority of the area under a winter storm warning, into tomorrow afternoon, the purple you see there winter weather advisory for sure and southern delaware. timing of the impact worst of the snow is tomorrow morning into about the noon hour. this is heavier wet snow, road will refreeze late in the afternoon into friday as temperatures plumet and wind pick up leading threat for power outages. we will expect major travel slow downs starting early tomorrow morning and continuing through much of the day tomorrow as well. the road crews will be out doing a great job keeping ahead of the storm but expect major problems out there. we will have the latest snow totals in a few minutes, ukee. snow or no snow we know
5:33 pm
rules of the road, we will stop at red lights and know what to do on green. if you saw a blinking yellow or a solid yellow arrow at an intersection, would you know how to proceed? at route 52 and chester county a new light designed to make driving safer may confuse some drivers. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden, explains. >> reporter: it is not your average traffic light, that is because area at route 52 and p ocopson road in chester county isn't your normal stretch of road, curves, hills , bends, truck got stuck first five minutes we were here and it was a bit dicey. lots of cop fusion as drivers were left to figure out another way. what about the light? penndot rolled it out and powered it up today. >> it is a four signal head rather than three standard one where we have red, yellow green. >> reporter: most drivers hardly notice is what unique, flashing yellow. >> i would say that is non- typical. i have never seen a green
5:34 pm
arrow or a directional arrow function in that hander. >> we have a flashing yellow, turn signal which means you can go on caution because traffic coming at you, will have a green. >> reporter: simply enough, there is just one other traffic light, like this, in pennsylvania. >> idea for using this signal in this particular location was to give people an extra few seconds to get through the intersection, clear the coup and not let people get stuck on the tracks. >> it is intuitive. i can't see it would cause an accident but it is different. >> reporter: while this light was stalled to alleviate congestion connected to the bridge construction project, penndot says it will be permanent. in pocopson town hip chester county i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a rescue is caught on video. fire fighters pulled a family of four there a truck, dangling over the side of a cliff in china. they used a crane to wire up a fire fighter, as the truck was
5:35 pm
barely balancing, on the cliff one by one, two daughters, a wife, and husband, were all pulled safely from the truck. border patrol agents nabbed a huge ship. of marijuana disguised as fruit. 4,000-pound of the hard juan a , was made to look like lime, the pot was wrapped, and laced in the ship. of real limes. it was a nosey k-9 that helped agents headache the bust at u.s./mexico border. trying to lose weight but can't fine motivation to stick with the plan? on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight a new high tech scanner might give you jump start you need. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on 3-d scanner. >> reporter: this cool technology, technology that goes further then getting on a scale to measure your weight loss progress. these scanners provide three dimensional images that show you fat, muscle mass and a whole lot more. >> keep going.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: musical theater actress sarah low man has struggled with her weight and trying to headache big changes to her body. >> i'm in the career path where it is all about how you look. >> reporter: decided to try a new high tech approach. >> do your best impression of the manikin. >> reporter: 3-d body scanning now being offered by some fitness centers, special camera takes hundreds of body measurements there how much hull you have to where your storing more fat, and scanner creates a 3-d model of the person's body in less than a minute. >> justin to keep your arms straight. >> it is important to how to exercise, eat, possibly something to correct whatever is going on with the metabolism so we can make changes in the composition. >> reporter: track your progress with detailed before and after images. >> this is my first. >> reporter: noticeable changes helped keep sarah motivated. >> overhead view of her waist in october and this is overhead view of her waist today. >> do you see number of the scale? but number of the scale doesn't break down how much of
5:37 pm
that is muscle, how much of that is water weight or how much is body fat fat. >> reporter: in four months she lost 30-pound and gained 3-. now the 3-d scanner was first used in the world of fashion, so tailors could get exact measurements and they are not only in gyms but they are in some spoke. >> very cool. >> you could see actual measurement. >> yes, i'm super visual so for somebody like me to be able to see that and compare it. >> definitely motivate you. >> for sure. valentines day is less than a week away, make those lance, up next we will see how till i ranks among other cities for valentines day celebration. >> also lady gaga taking on body shamers what she has to say that makes fun during her a super bowl performance. >> music's biggest night right here on cbs-3 we will tell you about two big honors that are planned for the evening, be right
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a time capsule from the early 20th century has been found in illinois. crews following a historic building demolition in springfield made the discovery they noticed the hallow cornerstone on the building belonging to the abraham lincoln presidential library and museum. officials say capsule with various documents inside dates back to 1912, state and local experts, and how to safely open it. do you spell your spouse or partner about every single financial account? if not you're not the alone. >> new survey by web site credit says 12 million americans have hidden bangor credit card accounts. now baby boomers are nearly four times as likely as millennial toss hide one. 28 percent of those surveyed say they have spend $500 or
5:42 pm
more without consulting their partner. a third, says they don't mind, if their significant other spend $500 without telling them. >> a list is out of the most romantic cost effective cities for celebrating valentines day and looked at factors including florist per capita, attractions, cost of the three course meal and san francisco came out on top, scottsdale, orlando, honolulu, seattle will followed, philadelphia, comes in at 93. >> you know what, weather-wise >> three and four are looking good tomorrow, anyway. >> my gosh, i know. >> tomorrow we will be layered up. grammys are this weekend and there are a to vices. >> we will tell but two big tributes you only see here on
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one of the biggest collections of alice and wonder land memorabilia was acquired over the years by antique book dealer thomas
5:46 pm
shoes ter and his wife, get a they collect more than 3,000 items from fairs, auctions and dealers. the collection included plenty of books, of course, but it was also featured, toy calendars and figurines. a frozen wonder, a russian man has built an entire church out of snow, in his village. he work on the chapel every day for nearly two months, even when temperatures trooped below minus 30 degrees. he says that he built the church in siberian village so people have a place to pray. it will melt when season end. residents hope it will be replaced by the current one. amazing. >> yes, it is. >> absolutely a hazing. >> i don't know if we have enough snow tomorrow to build a building. meteorologist kate bilo is here. maybe she can answer that question. >> probably not entire building. >> for people just tuning in people are curious about how this will unfold, you know, how do we go from today to
5:47 pm
tomorrow. >> maybe outside today, people were running in tank tops and shorts enjoying 70-degree temperatures. there is no way. >> yes, i was disappointed when i got to tomorrow. >> enjoy every minute of to take because it will change quickly. change on the dime. it will change. snow is going to happen, and if it were colder this would be a much, much more significant storm. we're lucky it is this warm if you don't love a ton of snow because we will see melting when snow first starts to fall but then it will piled up, and tomorrow will look completel itive rent then today lets look at what is going on outside. bethlehem, much of the lehigh valley saw record temperatures today in the 60's, near 70 degrees in parts of the area, very quiet right now, you will be out treating those road bethlehem and lehigh valley in what we call or jackpot zone with this storm with the potential for over 8 inches of heavier snow through the day tomorrow. while it may not be enough to build a church, it is snow
5:48 pm
thaw can pack nicely. snow man making snow, good snowball fight snow for kid for grown ups not the good shoveling snow, very heavy, bad on the back, what we call heart attack snow. take trek breaks out clearing snow away tomorrow, very heavy , moisture rich here. storm scan three shows the system starting to get its act together. yesterday was a blip on the radar back over northern plains. now we are seeing heavy snow from northern ohio, into indiana. these are areas in the mid 60 's yesterday as well. it is falling there, it is heading our way where we will draw off moisture there the atlantic ocean, draw off that temperature gradient and lead to the risk for some big, big changes. palmyra cove nature park set this in motion, you can see cloud moving in, as sun goes down, still hield, temperatures dropping off those daytime highs this is mid 50's right now, 66 degrees in philadelphia, brand new record that breaks the reeve just record of 63. i hope you got the sometime to get outside, and enjoy it.
5:49 pm
it was a beautiful day, it is all about to change sadly enough. future weather by 11:00 nothing going on. quiet through hid night. by 3:00 a.m. we will see wall of snow approaching from the west. when we go on the air tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. snow will have started in the northern and western suburbs, may start as a brief mix in the city and heavier rain down around dover at 6:00ah and shore points where it will be warmer, cold air doesn't entrench itself as quickly and mainly rain there. look at that dark purple, indication of banding setting up over city, overly high valley, look at this band, one to 2 inches per hour snowfall rates, possibly with some thunder and that lasts this will 10:00 a.m. we will see snowfall town the shore even between 10 and 11:00 and then finally moving off the coast we are looking at four to 8 inches, in philadelphia, we will be closer to the higher end of that range, closer to the lower end down toward portions of interior south jersey, jackpot zone is lehigh valley,
5:50 pm
southern poconos, eight to 12 inches of snow including portions of upper montgomery and bucks counties as well. then wind picks up and temperatures plumet tomorrow by 9:00 a.m. dealing like teens, in the afternoon still dealing like teens and when you wake up try morning with the fresh snow it is going to feel like single digits, huge departure from today, temperatures at or below freezing, strong wind leading to power outages and major re freeze as temperatures limit your seven day forecast shows that tropical only in the lower 30's for next few days, snow will melt this weekend as we head back to the 50's on sunday, jessica. >> lady gaga won rave reviews about her they are get i can super bowl performance on sunday, you this pop star is making headlines for another reason. she used instagram to take on body shame hours criticized how she looked touring her show and she told her tollers i'm road of high body, you should be proud of yours too no hatter who you are or what you should do. lady gaga is gearing up for another must see
5:51 pm
performance this weekend. >> she will take music's bigs stage for the grammy award and show organizers say you won't want to miss the two tributes planned. prince and george michael died last year and will be honored with a special performance. the performers for tributes have in the been revealed but you know it will be so special is there only one place you can watch grammys right here on cbs-3. show hosted by james corden air this is sunday night at 8:00 p.m. cbs this morning charlie rosies slain why he will be off for the next few weeks. >> in a net to viewers rosies under going heart surgery tomorrow to replace his aorta valve. rose says surgery was his choice, unlike in 2005 when he had to undergo emergency surgery to replace the same valve, while on a overseas reporting trip. he lance to return to work in march. >> blessings. >> yes. still ahead on "eyewitness news" meet the sixth man. >> what do you got my man. >> these are tools of my trade >> that is right. >> this man drives around
5:52 pm
philadelphia with a trunk full of basketballs, what he saw that inspired him to change the game, that is coming up next in brotherly
5:53 pm
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tomorrow night a special addition of taste with tori we are bringing back, all of the italian gravy. >> or sauce, depending on how ask. not only do pat and tori battle over what to call it but their moms battle it out over whose recipe is best. >> this is serious. >> this is real. >> yes, it is here with a review. >> it is real, battle's on, it is a gravy battle. last time it was a pie off where my mom and i, came out on top with our apple pie. but sauce, gravy, one of the things because it is tricky. why? because everyone mom's makes the best. so, what is going on out there >> i don't know. >> it is may him though. >> the first had a little bit
5:56 pm
more salty flavor. >> we had italian judges in south philadelphia who were brutally honest. and they had, us sweating it out, in the kitchen. >> well, call it crazy or sauce, funny thing is both my family and pat's family are from the same region this italy, and our family recipes couldn't be anymore different, craziness, so whose sauce is supreme, or who has the greatest gravy, tune into tomorrow morning touring the 6:00 a.m. hour to see part one and then tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. for part two of the gravy battle when the gravy hits the judge's table. >> i will tell you this much, it makes me hungry. >> it looks good. >> let me say this we both brought it. >> did you bring it. >> who is bringing the home. >> till i is a basketball town , you like to lay. >> indeed. and this cold weather you will see kid shooting hoops. one man saw them all the time,
5:57 pm
and notice they could use a little help, upping their game >> i'm in the southwest philadelphia area, probably half of the time. >> reporter: ross zest server michael gibson drives philly streets all hours of the take but not the just delivering, legal documents. he is giving away hundreds of brand new basketballs, they can cost up to $60 each. giving them away, no questions asked. >> can you use new basketball to share. >> yes. >> thank you. >> i noticed people playing basketball with beat up balls, i decided to give out basketball and people started needing them. i gave them to children throughout the city. >> not a lot of people can afford good basketballs or new ones so give them a chance to keep to go what they like. >> what do you think about that. >> it is nice. >> reporter: what do you got, you have a full trunk. >> michael started giving away basketballs late last year and he calls it the sixth man project. >> that is a great name and
5:58 pm
serves a great purpose, right. >> very simple, but we always say sixth man is one that changes the game. >> reporter: he set up a taste book page, friend started donating basketballs for michael to give out. sometimes kid posed for a photo. >> sometimes i drive away and look at picture and see kid faces and really gets you. >> reporter: i was along for ride as he went to west philadelphia. >> old school game, old school >> reporter: after michael gave new balls to tamir and derek, we could not leave without a little two on two. >> michael hopes having new equipment will keep kid on the court, on top of their studies and out of trouble. >> keep on laying. >> yes. >> it is well worthwhile, glad we stopped here. >> reporter: me too. first three months michael has distributed more than 150 balls, supporters have donated a to hundred more and you can get in touch with the sixth man project through our web site at cbs brotherly. great guy on a great mission
5:59 pm
but both upset, we were up two to nothing and lost to those two gentlemen three-two in a tie. >> we will go back. >> i am bringing my gear next summer. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 it may be mild now but we are gearing up for a winter blast. salt trucks are stocked as snow inches closer to our area kate? that is right, guys, it is coming on the heels of record warmth to take we're tracking heavier snow moving in the area overnight i'll tell you when it gets here when it gets out of here and just how much snow this storm will leave behind. sure, it is february but feels like beach weather here in atlantic city, i'm cleve bryan, coming up how people enjoyed the warmth before the projected storm. four years later a record setting settlement, attorneys announced a big pay out in connection with the center city building collapse, the staggering amount and why victims and their families say , it won't heel the wound. live, from the cbs-3 broadcast plaza in
6:00 pm
philadelphia, this is cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is a warm start to wednesday, but changes are coming, we go out and about with temperatures in the 60's, but a wintry blast is right around the corner with sunny skies, above, and salt trucks, loaded up, raring for some serious snowfall. storm scan three is showing that just developing to the west and it could pack a serious punch too. but how much snow you get depend where you live? good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have some school closures to tell but, all philadelphia archdiocese high schools and elementary schools will be closed tomorrow. there are also other delays and closures scrolling at bomb the of the screen. we have team three coverage for you tonight with preparations, all ready in full swing. we will start with meteorologist kate bilo tracking this system from the cbs-3 skies deck, kate. >> let me just say to begin i know it is hard to believe coming on the heels of to daze with temperatures in


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