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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 9, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EST

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at 11:00, the salt trucks are full. the plows are ready to hit the roads. we're brightsing for a winter storm. earlier people were walking the beaches at the shore and running in t-shirts. a live look at stormscan 3 makes its way through
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pennsylvania, it will leave us with most snow we've seen so far. good evening, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. a snow emergency is in effect for philadelphia. government offices in the region are already closing, and a lot of kids will have the day off tomorrow. >> philadelphia public schools joined the city's archdiocese schools and announced they too will be closed tomorrow. there are also more than 200 other closings and delays showing at the bottom of your screen >> we have live team three coverage of the storm, alexandria hoff has more, but we start with kate bilo who has the latest track and also the latest timing of the snow. kate >> we made a few tweaks to the timeline just because it does look as though the system is coming in a bit faster than it looked a few hours ago. you can see it on stormscan 3, we've snow falling in state college of. about 2:00 ma'am. we originally said 2:00 to 5.
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we will be seeing precipitation across the area scattered showers starting to pop up over portions of delaware. this is coming in fast and furious, that means it will be out sooner probably by about noon, you can see where the heavy snow is it issing up. heavy bands over pittsburgh and this is pushing eastward heavy rains to the south and there is that changeover line that will be so crucial as we head into the day tomorrow. the winter storm warnings going into effect through overnight. will continue until 4:00 unless they drop it early depending on when the storm moves out. you can see all the pink the vast majority of our area covered by that winter storm warning it's a winter weather advisory for extreme south jersey and into southern delaware. so let's time this out as it moves in and you can see it has sped up a little bit by 2:00 a.m. we start to see rain in philadelphia. snow moving into the north and west suburbs, rain to the south, fact this is coming in just a bit sooner means temperatures will be warmer as the precipitation begins. that means the rain could last
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just a little bit longer here in philadelphia. and then we start to see that changeover by about 4:00 a.m. heavy snow starting at 5:00 before we see the change over at the coast and the storm eventually winding down. what we expect as far as snowfall and the numbers have not changed, four to eight inches in a broad band around the city and suburbs, two to four with mixing across portions of south jersey and the bulls eye looks to be new york city into portions of lehigh valley some spots could see eight to 12 inches. i have tweaked these a little bit. i'll explain why i did that. potential concerns with the system and even when the snow stops falling, the threat is not over. brutal windchills and an icing threat. i'll have more coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you in a bit. crews with the city of philadelphia are ready to roll as soon as the first flakes begin. officials talked about what you can do to ease the street
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clearing process. >> give yourselves plenty of space between yourself and truck in front of you so you don't get sprayed with the salt and residents and businesses when you shovel your walks or plow your driveway, do not throw it into the street. >> philadelphia has declare add snow emergency that goes into effect at midnight. trash and recycling collections will be suspended tomorrow. >> penndot says crews are ready to roll and will be out in force to deal with the morning rush. alexandria hoff is at the penndot yard in norristown for you tonight. alex? >> reporter: ukee penndot has not pretreated roadways, because this is likely to begin as rain and that would wash it away. >> this is expected to be a wet snow, which has some good things, easier for us to treat. it can linger on trees and cause them to come down >> along with rapid response salting and plowing penndot
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called on their network of tree trimmers to be ready >> we'll have 361 trucks. 170 is our department trucks and we'll be bringing in 182 contracted rentals >> the epicenter will likely be the lehigh valley down through quakertown. that's where we found the family who just moved back from florida. they're hoping to hear about school closures sooner rather than later >> so we can stay up and have fun. other parents should know ahead of time so they can make plans if they need child care >> they're gearing up to wake up to weather completely different >> it's crazy, i would rather have this weather stay than the snow come. but the kids are excited >> boy are they ever, this little snow angel showed us her appreciation for mother nature, her brothers offered to help mommy with heavy shovelling >> you stay right behind >> for more seasoned snow shovels the forecast is just a
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tad less exciting >> i'm not a snow person, it's going to be a hassle >> getting older and can't shovel >> the family now owns one of these. >> penndot will be dispatching crews in an hour before the storm hits, you'll likely them out in full force around 3:00 a.m. norristown, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." on the ready as well. thank you. people in camden county are take to go the snow threat seriously in audubon we found shoppers loading up with groceries. overin mt. ephraim, gas station attendants are busy. and in lindenwold workers loading up the salt trucks big time. camden county offices will be closed due to the winter storm. new jersey state offices will also be closed for nonessential employees. the impending snow causing travel trouble. philadelphia carrier american cancelled many flights tomorrow
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at philadelphia international airport. >> we will try to keep at least one of our two-lane runways open but there will be emmanuel cancelations unfortunately and those flights will probably be delayed >> if you're traveling, you're urged to call the airline, check online to check your flight status. be sure to join "eyewitness news" extra early tomorrow morning, team will have you covered with the latest snow forecast road conditions and school closings will be going on the air half hour early at 4:00 a.m. other news, details in a crash, learning more about the naked man accused of stealing a cab and turn, it into a weapon of destruction. "eyewitness news" david spunt is in rittenhouse square with the new information tonight. david? >> reporter: i was here on monday about an hour after this happened. it happened behind me in rittenhouse square in front of the barnes and nobles. it was a dangerous scene. it's amazing nobody were you hurt. we're finding out more
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information about exactly what happened. the scene terrifying to watch. a cab making its way literally through rittenhouse square on a busy sidewalk. the weather was beautiful. thousands were in and around the park. the cab then crashed into the sidewalk spinning out. witnesses held the man until police arrived. now, we know his name. detectives say 51-year-old jonathan gay attacked a woman at the 2000 block of locust street as she got out of a cab then attacked the cab driver before stealing the cab and erratically driving it through the square. michael emmanuel is the cab driver. >> he came from the passenger side and he opened the passenger side door and grabbed her from the collar and dragged her on the street. >> reporter: he says he tried to help the woman but when he turned around, it was too late. >> he just took off in the cab.
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>> reporter: the cell phone video shows the cab spinning out. witnesses tell "eyewitness news" gay could have easily gone through the park again or even reversed and gone into the store. authorities say there's no indication that jonathan gay knew either the cab driver or the woman. right now, he is behind bars. he's facing charges of aggravated assault, robbery and dui among other related charges, including carjacking. reporting live tonight in rittenhouse square, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, david. a jury hands down a 227 million dollars settlement in the deadly 2013 building collapse in center city. attorneys say the settlement is the largest personal injury settlement in pennsylvania history. it will be paid to 19 victims including loved ones of the seven people who died in the june 2013 collapse at 22'nd and
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mark. the building was being demolished and crushed the thrift store >> we're somewhat pleased that -- protocols have been set in place in order to prevent other lives from falling. >> the jury sent a message to the salvation army holding them 75% accountable >> two salvation army employees died in the collapse. the salvation army sent a statement to "eyewitness news" saying their thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims. the senate voted to confirm jeff sessions as the nation's next attorney general. that vote was along party lines. the following is confirmation. sessions delivered his address to the senate. his confirmation came over the objections of democrats who questioned his civil rights record. but republicans stood up for him saying he was honest and fair. sessions will be sworn in tomorrow. president trump is offering his own oral argument in defense of his executive order on
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immigration. a federal appeals court could decide as early as tomorrow whether to reinstate it. last night three judges heard arguments for and against that order. it temporarily halts the immigration of people from seven countries designated as terror hot spots. today, president trump read the law backing his executive order to a group of sheriffs and police chiefs. >> i want to tell you i listened to a bunch of stuff on television that was disgraceful. what i just read to you is what we have. and it just can't be written plainer or better >> also today, supreme court nominee neil gorsuch called his criticism of the judiciary dis heartening and demoralesing. an accident under the big top. >> a high wire act goes a wry.
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>> a new ap propertieses to find you love based on the things you hate. nicole brewer with how negativity can turn into a positive relationship. you may think you know the rules of the road, but a new traffic light in our region has some drivers doing a double take. the change, what it means and how it's meant to make driving safer >> our storm is on its way. you can see it's gathering strength. it will strengthen more as it moves off the coast. coming up the latest on what we expect snowfall totals and danger after the storm as well as temperatures crash. i'll have more on what to expect through the day tomorrow coming up when we come back.
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. we get ready for a significant snowstorm. stormscan 3 shows the system moving closer to the area, kate are bring down when it gets here, how much will fall then a concern aged the storm moves out. act bats perform when they fell from a high wire. they were practicing a human pyramid when they lost their balance and fell 20, 25 feet to the ground. the world famous high wire performer was not injured. the group had been scheduled to perform in the circus sarasota show friday. charlie roads will be off the air the next few weeks to under go heart surgery. a note to viewers, he says he'll have an operation tomorrow to replace a heart valve. he says the surgery was his choice. unlike in 2005 when he had to undergo surgery in an emergency situation to replace the same valve while he was on an overseas reporting trip.
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he plans to return to work in march. we know there is an ap for anything and everything and that includes dating. >> how about that >> a brand new ap is promising users they will find love based on the things they hate. nicole brewer joins us with whether or not it can work. >> what do you think >> kate what do you think >> ok. >> find out. i can't wait. >> when haters come at you on social media they call it trolling. on this ap, they call it love. don't get me wrong, this is not about bullying. it's about finding a special someone who just so happens to hate the same things, when you're looking for love, most consider common ground a good place to start. >> have the same morals and values >> i like sports, i want her to like sports >> music. maybe the same type of mufrts, some common interest >> but what about forming a bond based on what you don't like
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>> i think people love to complain >> enter hater, the ap that helps you find love built on what you hate. >> it's not no hater. >> so much negativity >> the ap matches users based on how they swipe on 3,000 topics. watching the bachelor and building the wall. we all have our thing. >> i hate it >> what would you like to find >> the building blocks for successful relationships are commonality. >> dr. monica mandell is a relationship expert and owner of love matters, she says mutual distaste is way to bring people together >> as long as you get along and your discussions are productive and fun it's good >> a hater is going to hate or in this case, >> hater on a date. >> yep, as i mentioned, the ap
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officially launched today but its creators have been testing it since december, the top three most commonly hated topics are the 23 presidential election bad sidewalk etiquette and drain hair? >> my man hates ketchup >> he just wants to find a woman who also hates ketchup. is that too much to ask >> she's out there. >> i know. >> calm down now, it's all right. >> i love ketchup >> a new traffic light is up and running at route 52 has a solid flashing arrow. means you can go left but use caution. there's only one other traffic light like that one in pennsylvania >> arrows are pointing to a significant storm >> here it comes >> here we go
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>> knocking on our door and after record highs today, we hit 66 in philadelphia. >> unbelievable. >> now we're talking about possibly six inches of snow depending on where you are. this is a major storm and major problems anticipated for tomorrow morning especially that's when the worst of it will hit. it has sped up a little bit. precip getting in about 2:00 a.m. done with by noon. but behind the storm will not be a picnic. take you out to a live camera in state college. my alma madder. the gates of penn state university and you can see the snow is falling there. notice the sidewalks not covered. roads not covered yet because the first batch of snow that falls you're going to see it melt on contact. precipitation has arrived and it is head our way. showing the system going tobin intensifying rapidly overnight.
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as this system moves off we're going to see a rapid pressure drop what we call bondo genesis. rapidly deep ends and throws a lot of moisture and energy back towards the coast. you'll see that once the energy starts to move offshore starts to draw on that thermal gradient between cold air to the north and warm air to the south and that's when you'll see the banding set up. it almost forms in the way a thunder they don't remember squall line form. we're talking about pouring snow. you can see the cold air started to permeate. the cold air continues to come in. by the time the precip begins around 3:00 a.m. still in the upper 30's in philadelphia. while the snow may be falling we'll be mixing with sleet likely not sticking. to the north and west it is sub freezing you'll get the heaviest snow totals to the north and west. by 5:00 or 6:00. >> we go sub freezing in philadelphia, that's when you see the bands start to pop up.
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when the heavy snow begins we're looking at at least two, three hours of snowfall rates of one to two plus inches per hour in philadelphia and in the surrounding areas. after the noon hour, this starts to move out. but temperatures really stay low through the afternoon, dropping into the 20's and eventually the teens and we head into friday. here's what we did. few tiny tweaks. i raised the four to eight line just little bit and raised eight to 12 line just a little bit. slightly lower snow totals for portions of south jersey more mixing will ker. i still think it's a general four to eight inches. in his has been our forecast. philadelphia wilmington, up into bucks and montgomery counties, the jack pot will be new york city, northern new jersey, back into portions of the lehigh valley, where some spots will pick up eight plus inches but for philadelphia, we will end up in the four to eight range. closer to four than eight. thursday temperatures in the
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teens. winds pick up everything will refreeze, temps stay out of the low freezing, winds could gust over 35 miles an hour, and temperatures in the teens thursday night means everything will freeze solid. slushy conditions on the roads will freeze up and lots of black ice problems late thursday into friday morning. and temperatures do rebound. the worst of it is overnight, about 2:00 a.m. to noon, friday is dry bruton frigid. the weekend gets a little better and back to the 50's by sunday. everything starts to melt. the bulls eye again 5:00 to 10:00 a.m. and it will be a mess. >> talking to my sister in pittsburgh and they got it in pittsburgh. >> here it goes >> don is up next in sports >> talking hoops, the sixers host the spurs and try to avoid the fifth straight loss and eagles trying to save money find out what starter got cut today.
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. joel embiid has a bone bruise, sixers taking on the spurs at the center. and brian cranston. how about brian? you know what i'm saying? big fan of his. 20 points. third quarter. watch the sixers go around the horn here. sharing is caring. keep passing, dario saruc. 20 points down by nine. kwhy leonard is pretty good. 32 points, sixers lose 111-103, coach brown singing the praise of leonard >> i think kwhy leonard is one of those unique players he's gone from something gifted physically and then you saw the
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emergence, he might be the best two-way player in the nba >> basketball lasalle visiting foredamn and wishing, they beat up the rams 67-52, final score. here's a hypothetical for you. you're arguably the best employee in your office but your boss wants to you take a pay cut. the eagles have reportedly asked left tackle jason peters to do exactly that he's 35 but made his 9th pro bowl. 11 million against the caps. meanwhile, they made no such request of quarterback leo at his mckelvin, cut him. heading into the off season, they have the reportedly the fourth lowest amount to spend on free agents. charles okly shoved a security guard at the garden and was arrested. oak was yelling at james dolan.
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the organization celebrating 70th anniversary, you don't like this at all. >> very, very disturbing. >> that is sad to see. >> up next, pizza and fried chicken together li
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do you love pizza? what about fried chicken >> this is kfc's newest creation, the cheesea fried chicken topped with pizza sauce, sliced ham opinion apple chunks and kfc cheese sauce. cone get too excited. it's only available in singapore
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so you're going to have to travel. kate? . all eyes on tomorrow. let's take you into the weekend. quieter weather is on the menu. it will turn warmer, snow will begin to melt with temperatures in the 40's, low 50's, mix of sun and clouds saturday. clouds increase late saturday and chance for rain r
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it's the late show next with stephen colbert followed by james cordon, for katie, don, everyone i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on for you at >> have a good night family and sleep well. >> announcer: the following paid presentation for the power pressure cooker xl is brought to you by fusion life brands. introducing the power pressure cooker xl, the revolutionary kitchen miracle with one-touch technology that infuses flavor into your food while cooking up to 70% faster. the power pressure cooker xl is sweeping the nation with over 1 million sold. it's getting five-star reviews and has been featured in bon appétit and cooking light magazines. and now the big news -- the power pressure cooker xl is larger than ever, with a full
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risk free in your own home. and listen to this. keep watching to find out how you can get $100 in free groceries. that's right -- $100 to spend on your favorite grocery items just for trying the power pressure cooker xl. now let's join renowned chef, restaurateur, culinary expert, and author eric theiss as he shows us the all-new 10-quart power pressure cooker xl. >> hello and welcome. i'm so excited to be with you as we learn all about the new power pressure cooker xl. it's bigger than ever, right, eric? >> it sure is. you know, now it's a full 10 quarts. >> wow. >> so you know what that means? >> what? >> you can do a whole entire turkey full of stuffing with the touch of a button in less than an hour. perfect every single time. have you ruined thanksgiving with dry turkey before? >> oh, forget about it. it's the worst. >> all right, well, with the touch of a button... >> look at that. >> ...and superheated pressure, i was able to pound this turkey with flavor. and you know what we're gonna do? we're gonna check out the results, and i want you to taste what a turkey tastes like under pressure. >> ooh, i cannot wait to dig


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