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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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twitter and speaks out after federal court rules against his travel ban. tracked then killed. disturbing details on death of south jersey woman and how police say a cellphone led to her murder. but first, tonight, breaking news chopper 3 over route 611 freedom way in warrington where a tappinger truck overturned. some kind of fuel is spilling out from the truck. authorities say 2 to 3,000 gallons spilled so far and apparently some of that has made its way into the sewer system. people in the immediate area have been evacuated and middle school has been set up as temporary shelter. it's unclear if slippery conditions led to that acciden accident. we know one person has been taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. we'll continue to stay on top of that story and bring you new details as we get them. in the meantime, good evening to you i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> back to a chilling crime in
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burlington county. a man is charged with murder and authorities say he used a cellphone app to track whereabouts of his victim. >> david spunt is live in lumberton on detales and important information you can use to protect yourself, david. >> reporter: jessica, good evening, extremely important information, lumberton police investigated this case and it's a sad story. it's hard to believe someone could track your whereabouts from your cellphone and a lot of people don't know there are apps already preinstalled tonight. that expert has a warning for people about their cell phones. 45-year-old shannon o'rock was strangled last july inside her lumberton home. it remained a mystery to family, friends and neighbors and big break came and burlington county authorities announced 53-year-old william ganet as her killer. he used a cellphone app to track her whereabouts and she had no idea. >> unfortunately i'm not surprised to see something like
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this happen or it exists because technology exists. >> reporter: lisa garber is cyber attorney based in philadelphia and says it's possible for this to happen on your cellphone. >> if someone is skilled enough with hacking ability and know what they want they can go after it and usually there's a way they can break in or tap into a signal on your phone. whether bluetooth connection or wifi connection. >> reporter: we asked and burlington county authorities would not say which specific app she used to stalk shan an o'rock. click your settings on on iphone and privacy and then click location services and a list will pop up with all apps on phone and you can choose whether or not to share your location with that specific ap app. if you don't have an iphone follow a similar process. >> message i want for people to take home tonight with the very, very serious case is to
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look at your phone, understand what applications are accessing your gps data. you don't need to be sharing that with different providers and don't need to share with friends and family and. >> reporter: lisa garber says it's possible in this case he may have installed a third party app physically on the victim's phone because they were friend. that is a possibility. authorities will not comment. the case is still under investigation. reporting live tonight, in lumberton, david spupt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. >> see you in court. that was president trump's immediate response after a federal appeals court refused to reinstate the travel ban and president spoke out again tonight. he said this case is far from over. president executive order halts immigration from seven countries designated as terror hot spots. they rule the government did not provide evidence that anyone from countries on the
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list commit aid terror attack on u.s. soil. president trump says he will eventually win this case. >> it's a political decision that will -- i look forward to it. >> we have a situation where security of our country is at stake and it's a serious situation. so we look forward as i just said to seeing them in court. >> reporter: tonight the justice department says it's reviewing decision and its options. one day after thermometer soared into the 60s people put snow shovels to work across the region. several inches of winter white. it was wet, heavy kind of snow and some used shovels ricking a sore back and others broke out the snow blower to make things easier and others decide today was more of time for snowball fight. similar scene in collingswood camden county today shovels getting a workout there. a lot of snow melted as it hit the pavement and traffic was light along had done avenue and
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many did not have to head to work today. concern tonight is melted snow could refreeze. chopper 3 flying over the boulevard and comly road where people say the slick conditions caused a three-car crash there. no one was seriously hurt. now ice as we mentioned is a concern throughout the night and into the morning with temperatures. meteorologist kate bilo sharing with us how cold it will get. this is like the fallout after the storm. >> what a drop from yesterday temperatures into the mid 60s and temperatures in the teens tonight and that means it's well cold enough for everything to freeze solid all across the area. the storm is out of here. little lingering snow in northern maine all that's left for massive storm that brought heavy snow especially to new york city and boston and we're on the tail end of it and in philadelphia because of rain and sleet we lost a lot of heaviest precipitation to melting snow totals lower from the city on south than expected
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and take a welcome at numbers. lot of snow in mounts pocono, 9", allentown 6 1/2 and perkasie bucks countsy 5" and media 4 1/2 inches and wind was a problem today as well gusting between 40 and 50 piles an hour across many spots and winds strong tonight. wind advisory cancelled and you can see winds from norm and west brisk tonight. temperatures low to mid 20s. when you factor in the wind have to look at wind chill feels like teens and single digits. even though the winds picked up and storm moved out quickly we did dry out the roads quite a bit. there will be a threat at least through tonight as all the slush refreezes for patchy, black ice concerns. we'll talk more about that and weekend warm-up coming up with the 7 day forecast. ukee. >> kate, as you mentioned the storm system hit hard in new england. blizzard conditions over took boston and much of massachusetts coastline. many slots got more than a foot of snow. tonight the boston area is dealing with bitter cold and strong winds which are blowing
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that snow in every direction. caught on camera in new hampshire speeding s ument v losses control in the snow and slams into a house this happened in bellham new hampshire near the border of massachusetts. no one was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. five people were forced to leave the house until repairs can be made. penn state university maceed indefinite ban on serving alcohol at all fraternities and sororities that move in response of the death of penn state student ken piazza members of beta, theat, psi waited twelve hours after he fell done a flight of stairs to call police. the fraternity is suspended and penn state says the alcohol ban will continue until greek leaders change practices. >> a new television ad may be a reason people struggling with opiate addiction may help. >> one number, one web site a
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clear path to help. >> chris christie has been reach reach nj hot line. before the ad the hot line was getting 20 ads a day and now 7 70. addicts and family are getting help with treatment, support groups and navigating insurance issues. >> the more we can raise awareness the more people seek help and we have to make sure resources are there to treat those in need of help. >> even our conversation, it's apparent it's having up pact. >> coverage that this disease is finally getting it groundbreaking and amazing and about time. >> the governor also wants the legislature to passe law that cuts down on the over prescribing of pain pills. >> and now amazing story on survival spanning two continents and while the video may be hard to see at first this story reveals just how big a dog's heart can be after two friends began a rescue mission they never expected they would ever experience and eyewitness news exclusive both are sharing
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their story with our reporter. >> she seems to be making strides already. >> she has a big team behind her. >> reporter: friends karen quigley and michelle retire rick head up a team saving this dog they named theresa. they heard about her in thailand shelter in desperate need of home in december. >> she was deformed or whatever and they ended upkeeping her and putting the word out they wanted her to find a home. >> volunteers at the thailand shelter which provided this video felt theresa had a slim chance of being adopted there because of deformed face. she was nearly be headed in thailand wherein remote areas dogs are sometimes killed for meat michelle was traveling there when he learned about the young dog's might. >> you cannot change the world by saving one dog but can change that dog's world. >> karen could have not agreed more. >> i said to michelle immediately that day tell them i'll take her let's do this. when you look in her eyes there was a soul fullness about her
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eyes and gendleness. >> a go fund me page was arranged for theresa to make the flight from thailand to the united states. >> hi sweet didn't pie. >> she arrived last month at jfk airport. >> when she was rolling down the hallway i was excited, excited about her new life and all her new possibilities ge getting care. >> medical care will come from dr. john lewis oral surgeon north star visit fairy hospital in robinsville new jersey. >> it's impressive she survive the trauma. >> theresa stood shyly at first appointment allowing dr. lewis to gently evaluate fractured teeth and damage to tongue and lower jaw. her injuries she is still able to eat in fact she's grown to love prov loan cheese. >> soon tier's awill find herself back at north star actually very operating room and a long journey for her and dr. lewis tells me after her procedure she'll be that much closer to a more normal life. >> cosmetic is not what we're
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basing future treatment on it's going to be making sure she is free of any pain and any infection and making sure she is functional so she can eat on her own and drink on her own and play with toys. >> its is a lot about dogs she could be trusting of humans. >> absolutely. >> they don't hold a grudge or met tate on thing that have happened in the past. they move forward. and i think you know that's a good less yn for all of us. >> a lesson of forgiveness and perhaps much like the expression beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. >> i see beauty where other people may see a horrific face. look at her she still trusts and she is still will to be give this second chance right why shouldn't she have a second chance. >> cbs3, eyewitness news. >> boy, how about that. i'm feeling it right there. >> i know. >> right there. >> so happy she found her forever home. >> i'm rochel will keep us
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updated. >> straight ahead at 11 why some want dep others to go back to the drawing board. plus this. >> what is going on out there? >> i don't know it's mayhem though. >> i saw -- >> vittoria woodill and pat gallen always lock a challenge. torrey and her mom and pat and his mom go head to see to see who could make the best sauce or fwraivy. >> and a big announcement from a hollywood power couple george clooney and wife amal are expecting and that's not the clooney and wife amal are expecting and that's not the biggest headline.
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snv a plan top build condo tower on philadelphia -- they pitched a 16 sore dwri building but there's two faces one on row and other overlooking washington square quest. the historical commission will decide if three properties needed for the project can be demolished. and george and amal clooney may want to give beyonce and
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jay-z a call they're expecting twins this summer. julie chen broke the news on the talk on cbs3. she says george clooney told her in late january. the children will be the first for the couple to married in 2014 and of course their news follows beyonce announcement last week she's also pregnant with twins. it is a battle of italian sauce or is it gravy. vittoria woodill and pat gallen along with moms are looking for taste of victory. >> two recipes are on the menu and judgment is served in tonight's "taste with torrey >> last time is was mom's apple pie and this time nobody saturday pasta like mama. this pat versus torrey competition is all about what's in the pots. call it sauce or call it gravy. >> gravy is brown and sauce is red. >> sauce is sauce and gravery
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has meat in it. >> our italian family recipes are on the line and one pot can be primo over pasta. to judge we aaccepted bld a panel of south philly italians at the iconic villa derome arestaurant in the italian market. first luiza simple sauce with garlic and tears of fresh basil. >> i think it's a little bland. >> i don't get that meatyness to it. >> what is going on out there. >> i don't know. >> we taste today and we liked it. now we want to see what the other one taste like. >> the meat ep fused gravy with surprising spices like nut meg and sin sglon darker than the first. >> it may have a little sugar in it. >> could be cinnamon too. >> first was pour salt dwli is
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shiingtly sweeter. >> whose recipe isel numbe numberouno. >> pat. >> moment of truth. >> were you nice to it. >> come on. >> pat you want to do the honors. >> all right. >> one. >> one. >> one. >> one. >> oh, my. >> everybody loves their ob sauce. your mom has the best sauce. >> gravy. >> gravy. >> your mom has the best sauce. >> that we can agree on. >> pat, to you. >> and to your mom. >> and do all of our moms out there whether gravy or sauce, salute. >> this was a tough battle. >> yes. >> because you want to know your mom's sauce is the best and your mom's sauce is the best and your mom's is the best and everybody does it different some like it sweet some salty mom you did good and a great day to do good it's my dad's
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birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> that's what's on the potty missed dip are i hope he saved some. a big thank you to villa derome aand all our judges and pat and his mom do who did a delicious sauce. >> pat looked so dispointd until you meet again. >> until we meet again. >> time to meet one kate bilo and talk about post storm. >> post storm yes a big pot of sauce sounds good. >> gravy is when it has meat and sauce when it doesn't. >> i think that's the verdict today. >> anyway, either one sounds good after today and it's brutally cold out there tonight into tomorrow and it's going to get bet they are weekend. let's start with a look outside as we say farewell to the storm that brought snow and rain and sleet and brought a bit of a mess to much of the north east. we certainly did not have it as bad adds many areas north and east. i know some folks were upset to not get quite as much snow as
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expected with thesome system and we got over 4" in northern suburbs and a lot of people were out shoveling and salting and that's a good thing. tonight everything is freezing up and it's getting a little chilly. i want to show you next system we can see a clipper moving through portions of northern plains and associated front back to the west. this touches off a stray shower in the poconos tomorrow evening that looks it from that. quick time lapse from this evening. 6 a.m. still raining in philadelphia. very quickly rain turns white and you get heavy snow and watch how quickly it piles up and watch how quicklyty goes away. melted when it hit that warm favorment and we lost several inchs to rain and sleet before the snow got going. if cold air would have gotten in quicker we would have seen more snow in philadelphia. temperatures in the wake ever the storm have dropped into the 20s and here's what it feels like 6 below wind chill in mount pocono now and 14 philly and 11 willping ton and 8 right now in atlantic city and overnight it will stay the same. feels like temperatures in the
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single digit and tomorrow evening at the hight of the afternoon it feels no matter better than the 20s and temperatures cold are in the north and west suburbs thanks to new snow pack. here's good news though by saturday afternoon starts feeling like 0s and 40s again and anyone that got snow will seat it belt pretty fast as well. tomorrow starts with sun. you can see 4 p.m. clouds over take the area. so it end up ability of overcast day. and little clipper could touch off a few snow showers in the poconos tomorrow evening that's out of here. saturday clouds and occasional breaks of sun and it's a milder day as well. and this system lifts north. warm front over new england means milder air day. more clouds than sun and dry day that system moves awe and next one on sunday doesn't have moisture with it and light rain or showers on sunday that could actually ramp up and become a major storm for new england monday and looks like it will miss us with? i snow and create gusty winds
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along the back edge of snow. windy and dry. we'll keep an eye on the syste system. it's close by and it does not look like our storm early next week. your eyewitness weather 7 day forecast tomorrow coldest day of the stretch. saturday doesn't look bad. not as cold and maybe a few breaks of sun and showers on sunday we're back to the 50s and as of right now early next week looks quiet and with temperatures in the 40s. seasonable. like i said there's one storm non tuesday for new england and another potential for new england wednesday and thursday and these are things we have to keep a close eye on even in philadelphia. >> i know you will. thank you being kate. >> don surprise next with sports. >> and flyers host the islandersers and formy philly pete rose may find a home at citizens bank park and sixers in orlando fight to the very end. you don't want to miss. it next. you don't want to miss. it next. in sports
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from santander bank. >> it's been a quiteet month for fee lines in delaware couldn't question chill on the couches and sixers 0-5 february not a lot of time for fans top raise the cat. tonight in orlando looking for a win without jojo. shoving nerlens noel to the ground and then both sides are like enough is enough. yeah, they get after it a little bit. double technicals issued right there. but how about the sixers. igniting daro pumped up career high 24 points from him and t. j. mc connell slitherring in the lane and fade away. good. that's your game winner from tv again second time this season he has done it and sixers pick
11:26 pm
up the 112-111 win and that means we get to raise the cat. oh, no you deposit. didn't, now didn't. >> temple hosting smu. owls trailing by 8. smu got a huge night out of sim my ogule, 30 point and ten boards smu wins 66-50. >> william and mary visiting drexel. huge night for freshman yonson good. and then he hits another. he had six 3s on the night and finished 23 points, drexel wins 79-61. don't miss his profile a kid from iceland on cbs3 tomorrow. >> the ghost disappeared. no it's not some sort of hor ror movie, flyers hockey.
11:27 pm
shape goose mere hoping to haunt the islanders and flyers getting on the board. wayne simmonds to finish it of off. flyers on top 1-0 in the second period. there's always a but these days. jason lying the lamp and now to the third period. we go beautiful goal casey his secon second. yeah flyers lose tonight 3-1. >> bumming. >> philly news now the team received permission from major league baseball to put pete rose on ballot for wall of fame. rose, ork, banned from baseball for betting on games. he's expected toing on the ballot along with scott roland and placido polanco. >> up next, pizza and a wedding. pizza
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only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at >> pizza is a crowd please he and cording to dominoes it's perfect for every occasion including a wedding. >> pizza train has a wedding registry you can purchase a gift card up to $100 newlyweds can enjoy pizza after the big day or get it delivered after the wedding or to the wedding however you want to work that out. kate. well the weekend is in sight
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now that the snow depared it's cold out there to finish the week and temperatures moderate this weekend back to 40s and 50s slightly above average. we're not going to see a ton of surprise. few breaks on saturday and rain surprised and it's plain old rain this time as temperatures rise to 50s. surprised the warm elingt day of 7 day
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snv coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert and our moreing crew is back tomorrow 4:30 to 7 for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on for you at cbs phill >> have a good night family >> have a good night family and sleep well.
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