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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 10, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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but yes, talking about the ice earlier, it will play a factor in today's morning commute. no doubt about it, i actually saw it on my way in this morning. >> just expect if it looks like it is a puddle or any time wet, damp roadway, it is absolutely slick at this point. everything has had a chance to freeze over, does not matter where you are. the temperature is cold everywhere. nice and quiet, back to where we like it, with just couple of clouds, nothing moriarty point. but we are going to actually end up with pretty tame forecast, all things considered here. little disturbance coming in this weekend, but not actually bringing us anything terrible. which we will get to, through the rest of the broadcast, but let's get you out the door at this point, nice clear sky, across much of the board here. we take a look at "skycam 3", taking it just a view of center city, all of the skyscrapers lit up nicely, no problems seeing them, yesterday our visibilities were heck of a lot lower with storm system moving in, all of the rain, the sleet, the snow, and everything else that came along with it, but really, unless it is a grassy surface
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in the city, things have really been cleared out nicely. we had the wind to help sort of dry things out yesterday. and any accumulation at this point is pretty much just confined to the grass, which is great when it comes to the commute here today. our wind is out of the west 10 l you need for it to feel about ten or so degrees colder. so very, very chilly start to the day here. it does feel more like single digits, going out into the northern suburb here, reading only eight, for feels like value, sub zero, when you factor in the win up in the poconos, meisha? >> better bring in those hats and those gloves and the scarf and whatever it is you have. you will need it today. thank you so much, katie. and right now, we will switch gears, talk about some video. now, this is more serious accident that happened last night in warrington, take a look at this, an overturned tanker truck, and an accident with a pick-up truck. both drivers have minor injuries, again, it happened last night, and there is a major fuel spill around this area. so, easton road, 611, closed right now, between bristol
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road and street road. you will have to use an alternate. there is three of them. york road, limekiln pike or route 309. now looking at the talcony palmyra bridge, it is back down, it opened around 4:45 or soy, back down now, for those every you waiting to hear about. that will also we do have tree branches blocking part of the road here montgomery, stump road at steeple chase drive, one southbound lane now is blocked. slowing you down right now but certainly can as we push deeper into the 5:00, and into the 6:00 hour. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. breaking news, three men stopped in their tracks as police interrupt violent home invasion in southwest philadelphia. >> let's get out to "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live near the scene at 66 and greenway avenue with more details. trang, good morning. what have you learned so far? >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. i've learned that two vietnamese women actually live in this home and at this point police are not sure why they were targeted. they are looking into whether the three suspect in custody new these women at all.
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now, the women were shaken, but declined medical treatment. this is just a very dangerous situation for them, as well as police who responded to this. this all started around 2:00 a.m. this morning, when neighbors called police after hearing screaming and yelling coming from the home, which is at the corner of 66 and greenway avenue. now, officers arrived to find the back door kicked in, and two women inside with their hands bound behind their backs with speaker wire. one of the women had been punched in the face and choked. she told police that the suspect head a knife to her throat and demanded money. officers then searched the home and found three men hiding, two of them under beds, in the second floor, now, they're described as two black males, one asian male, and two of them were also armed with handguns. lieutenant john walker praised response of neighbors, as well as police, in a situation that could have very well ended in tragedy. >> i think everybody's relieved, we're relieved, again, to make entry into a house, two armed men, officers did phenominal job in bringing this situation under control
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rather quickly it, could have been much worse, going newspaper a second floor, three people, two armed, two separate bedrooms, and rescuing these two women out of this house safely, and then taking these three individuals into custody safely, is a great thing for everybody at this point. >> and investigators are also looking into whether these suspect are involved. many of the string of armed robberies targeting asian-owned businesses in southwest and west philadelphia, but i'm told that these two victims are retired and did not own any kind of businesses. that's the story here, i send it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, trang, thank you. >> meanwhile, police are investigating gunfire in the city's west oaklane section that left a teenager dead overnight. shots rang out just before midnight here on the 6700 block of 15th street. police tell us the 18 year old victim was shot multiple times through the front door every his own home. >> multiple gunshots went through the front door window. we found bullet holes in the ceiling, on the walls, kitchen
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cabinets, some of the furniture, so it appears that these shot were intentionally fired into the victim's house. >> now police say the victim managed to make it to his neighbor's home, he was rushed to the hospital where he died a short time later. so far, no word on a motive. >> developing story now, a massive fuel spill on route 611 has been deemed safe. now nearby residents can now begin returning home this morning. homes were evacuated after crash caused the truck to over turn, spill 4,000 gallons of fuel onto easton road anwar inning ton. some of the fuel did manage to leak into the sewer system. >> scary, because they said gasoline seeping into the sewers, so they don't know what's going on, and to my understanding it can be very dangerous if something happens. >> that portion of 611 will remain closed throughout the morning as crews work to remove the truck from the highway. authority say residents may also notice odor of gasoline and until the clean is up
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complete. >> president trump promises to keep up the legal fight over his immigration and travel ban. a federal appeals court has unanimously ruled to uphold the decision of seattle judge halting the ban on people coming from seven mostly muslim countries. the government has 14 days to ask the court to reconsider its decision, or file an emergency appeal, with the supreme court. >> the senate has confirmed another member of president trump's cabinet. george congressman price will be the secretary every health and human services, the early morning vote was among party lines, 52 to 47. price is an orthopedic surgeon, republicans call him knowledgeable, democrats, how much, are critical of his plans to undo obamacare, and make changes to medicare. >> the top republican and democrat of the house oversight committee want the office of gothem particulars review kellyanne conway's sales pitch and ivanka trump products. her comment came after the nordstrom department store dropped trump's line of clothing and accessories.
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federal employees are banned from using their public office to endorse products. the white house says president trump absolutely support conway. >> well, it appears campaign 2018 is underway at least for the u.s. senate seat in pennsylvania. state representative rick sacone of allegany county is the first to l change incumbent democrat bob casey, elect in the 2010. he is considered one of the most, chamber's most conservative members. casey is running for a third, six-year term. >> happening today the four people charged with hate crime for attack on mentally disable man in chicago are expected to enter pleas in the case. the assault caught on camera, broadcast on facebook live. suspect who are black are seen beating the white victim and taunting him with profanity and references to then president-elect donald trump. charged with kidnapping and other charges. >> man from tabernacle new jersey charged with murder of burlington county woman after authorities say he stalked his victim through an app on her cell phone.
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fifty-three year old william ganet arrested wednesday, accused of strangling 45 year old shannon owe rock, found this her bumper ton home. police the say two were friends, cyber security experts told "eyewitness news" with today's technology, actually isn't surprised something like this would happen. >> if someone is skilled enough with the hacking capability, they know what they want, they try to go after it, usually a way they can either break-in or tap into whatever signals on your phone, whether it is a blue tooth connection, or a wifi connection. >> also facing stalking charges, police would not say which app he used, a motive still under investigation. >> well, penn state university is placing indefinite ban on searching alcohol at all fraternities and sororities, move in response to the death after penn state student tim piazza, police say members of beta fata pi waited 12 hours after pea as a fell down flight of stairs before calling police. now the fraternity has been suspended, and the investigation remains active.
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penn state says the alcohol ban will continue until greek leaders change their practices. well, one worker is missing, and several others have been hurt in a explosion and fire at a natural gas plant. >> hear how officials plan to fight these flames. also, this morning, a surprising site in virginia after a tractor-trailer crashes into the chesapeake bay. we'll tell you what authorities are saying caused the wreck, and it was not ice. plus this. >> we'll tell you where this snowfall fight broke out during yesterday's snowstorm. >> looks kind of fun. >> ♪ >> ♪ apparently got something to sing about. announce the, later, and i got to tell you. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> an explosion and fire at louisianna gas pipeline. now, investigators don't know what caused the fire, at philip 66 pipeline, just north of new orleans.
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authorities say it has been cut off, but flammable byproduct of natural gas continues to burn, and officials are going to let it burn. >> they tell us that the best thing that could happen right now is for the product to burn off. so it is allowed, scary fire, but burning off, and that's what we're hoping for, safely just burns off. >> injured workers were returned to a burn center, but no word on the extent of their injuries. >> three families evacuated after mud slide destroys a house in maple valley. >> severe weather out west caused the landslide yesterday afternoon, as heavy rains battered the neighborhood. the house damaged and knock off is foundation by a few feet. at this point no injuries have been reported. authority are investigating if a truck was blown off, blown off, virginia chesapeake bay bridge. it happened around 12:30, yesterday afternoon. navy helicopter spotted the driver standing on top of the truck. they rescued him, but he died on the way to the hospital. officials say wind gusts were as high as 60 miles per hour. earlier in the day. very sad.
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>> well, dozens of people in massachusetts spent their snow day participating in huge snowball fight. >> massive snowball fight, more than 100 people enjoyed their snow day on boston commons, helping one another with snowballs. one person even got creating using a slingshot to hurt snow across the park. large event was organized of course on facebook. >> the power of social media got us here, i mean, i only invited like 100 plus people. i mean, this was a fall event and then started blowing up overnight. >> i got a day off from school. i go to boston university. this is amazing. i'm so happy right now. >> well the snowball fight took place before nearly a foot of snow was dumped on part of boston. >> and take a look at this, apparently not so smart, could not make the grade in rhode island snow. you can see the car having a hard time navigating that snowy hill. when it couldn't get -- just let go, slid down the road.
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luckily though the but the being of the messy weather did miss our area yesterday. that's very luckily, unfortunately. >> my brother has one of those cars. i call them the clown car. they're really economical, and you can park anywhere. but i'm like i don't know. >> but can you get up a hill? >> can you get up a hill in the snow? >> that's the question. >> indeed the other question this morning, katie? >> we got our dose of weather, snow weather, and 60s yet? >> not yet, not yet. how much, we do at least have a warming trends that will take place after today. it is still very cold outside. we are eventually going to see the worse of this, still, ease up, even today, in fact, the worse that far will start to ease up because the wind starts to ease up. very helpful. winds is always like the xfactor. always going to make you feel so much harsher outside, doing its job right now, nice sky, allowing the temperatures to bottom out readily, even though we start to see clouds building with time here today, only talking about daytime highs into the mid 30, a then drop to about 30 later tonight
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watch that will do is actually continue the trend up on the thermometer, we continue to warm up into tomorrow, so, a lot less harsh come tomorrow. you'll see. for now we take a look at the eastern half of the united state. a little streak of snow, working its way across the great lakes region, not going to mess with us, but it is partly why we will see some of the clouds to rebuild. how much, i mention warming trend, here's what's going on. watch the color contours, purples, shift to the north, that means, it will be our warming up here with the jet stream lifting to the north. there is another little surge of cold that will come our way into monday, but it is not really knocking our temperatures back all that much. we are not talking about major frigid chill. that will settle in. but there are couple of little fronts that come along here into next mid-week. keeping in mind, that we've got valentine day coming up. see how that pans out for the forecast in the seven day, but first, backing it up to today, yes, cold outside, guys. wind at worse up to 15 miles per hour, but rising with time. starting with sun, followed by clouds, the clouds stick around here tonight, we drop down to chilly 30 degrees. then looking forward, not bad
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at all. come tomorrow. we flirt with 50, we actually hit it on sunday, sunday is the day couple every rain showers work their way in maybe mick withing sleet in the mountains, but then comes that little burst of cold that i talked about, noxious back about 40 degrees, not bad. blustery conditions working our way into the first day back to work, then valentine day, lots of sunshine for your snuggle plans shall meisha. >> yes, i am loving that, seeing those 40's, 50's, and ya, valentine's, snuggle. you know a lot of people like the cold weather, oh, then we can snuggle more. but you know what, we have to snuggle all over. >> looking at the vine, here we go, looking in the westbound and eastbound side. westbound side, you're looking good. eastbound side, maybe starting to heat up just little bit. you are not closed to overnight construction. to the vine, looking okay, westbound side jump from the schuylkill, no real brake light going on, and the burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open right around 5:25. here is a look at spring garden street, approaching
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going toward the schuylkill over there. but overall, just want to show you this. this is what you are dealing with this morning, looking at the very nice dry roadways. however, off the side of the road sea ice i patches. katie has been talking about this this morning. if anything looks wet on the roadways, it is frozen. so we will be dealing with some black ice out there, careful driving around, traveling around at posted speeds. now, serious accident here, it happened last night, overnight, overturned tanker truck, involving injuries. 611 right now it is closed. between bristol road, street road, you will have to use an alternate. your two best alternates, york road, or route 309 is going to be your best bet. then we've got tree branches, blocking part of the road montgomery, heads up, stump road at steeple chase drive. one southbound lane is blocked. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the trentonian, first err mercer county prosecutor joseph batini known to make
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offer the cuff remark, but one employee said he took it way too far. he's now seeing him claiming he was repeatedly sexual unwanted. now the county and prosecutors actions are in the suit. tells the newspaper, quote, there is no basis in fact or law for the sensational allegations. closed quote. >> from the times herald, 59 year old man from lafayette hill admitted to soliciting sex from 14 year old girlment the girl was actually just undercover detective conducting a on line sting operation. he pleaded guilty to felony charges in connection with the incident that occurred in april of last year. >> burlington county times, the owners of the puppy barn on route 206 in springfield have decided to permanently close their business. the announcement comes just a day after a county official confirms that parvovirus, highly contagious and potentially deadly disease, been found at that business. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> up next. patrick's here with sports.
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morning, sir. >> good morning, friends, yes, the sixers and flyers both fighting for wins last night, but only one every them was able to pull through. we will recap next in
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>> good morning, everyone. >> pat is here with sports. he's peer with sports and a bit -- >> some words were had between the sixers, and the magic, and
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despite having lost five, there is still plenty of fight in the sixers it, hasn't been easy without their best player, joe em embiid. but they would try torah win without him again last night in orlando. that fire, on display in the fourth, dubs noel, leads to some words, then some more words, then maybe some dinner plans, maybe drinks after the game. double check for both players. but that got the sixers going. tj mcconnell on a rope to dario, he had 224 points and eight rebounds off the ben: looking good there, boys, un ten seconds left, john with the runner, it goes, and it gives the sixers the lead. the magic, throw it away on their final possession. sixers pick up their first win of the month, 112-111. raise the catch, shall we? >> nicely done, yes, good job
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there, production crew. he hasn't been as good as last year, but there healthy scratch, as confused to some, he was back on the ice last night, but it was enough not. flyers trying it hang onto a wild-card position, it started well for the orange and black, jump out to one-nothing lead there. those contribute to go get the helper on the wings, his goal, 22nd, all islanders score three unanswered, flyers lose, three to one, but glad to be back. >> i think, you know, defensive team. bounces here, there, but that's the game of hockey. you know, that's how it is. >> the dallas stars having tough season they lost their fourth straight last night, when urie drops the pass, goes between his defenseman's legs and his his own net. delay penalty then throws back
5:26 am
into it own net t hams, just does not happen very often. another look at it right there. don't do that, kids, not good. >> another thing that doesn't happen very often, thank goodness, is this during time out in last night's ucla game, cheerleader falls during a performance. oh. >> see it on the left, the cheerleader taking a tumble. now the crews, they scoop her up, then they fall on her again. >> oh, my. >> as they rush off the court. ing. >> look likes another cheerleader slips and falls, lands on top of her. come on, really? fortunately, everybody was okay afterward. but that's a heck of a tumble right there. and then to make matters worse, the guy trying to help goes -- >> now that would be something that would happen here. >> do you think, just said in my ear, do you think as he was falling he said i'm think i'm falling for you? >> i wonder. >> no, i don't think that happened. >> oh, well, at least they're all right. >> gentlemen, everyone okay.
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>> i think i laughed a little prematurely, but glad they're okay. >> appreciate it, patrick. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," learning about apple's newest iphone features. >> but we'll tell you how much it is expected to cost in a live report from wall street. trang? >> reporter: philadelphia police stop a home invasion in progress. i'm trang do live from southwest philadelphia with how officers got here just in time. >> and they're rolling out the red carpet in los angeles, ahead of this weekend's grammy awards. i'll tell you what's inside this year's swag bag, also, hear from the show executive producers, katie? >> those swag bags are always amazing. so we think ours got lost in the mail. because we really want to go, right? this forecast, starting off to frigid ends to the work week, actually does ease up, looking ahead to nice warming trend. we'll let you know how long it
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>> we are in the mids of a birth blast, making for frigid friday. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha along in just pavement first here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute.


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