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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  February 12, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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to me it's backward thinking. >> a frightening discovery for
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neighbors in cinnaminson, new jersey, the ku klux klan seems to be recruiting with drive we literature. thank you for joining us a new jersey woman out for morning walk said he was stunned to find the pamphlets scattered about the neighborhood and driveways. hate is not welcome there. >> it looks lake a valentine card. >> rita says which she stumbles across was far from a love note you. >> see on the back there's a picture of a clanssman i was like whoa, what is this? >> it's a ku klux klan promotional flier fold nod a ziploc weighed down with dry rice. it's not clear how many received these homemade baggys but we saw several on driveways on lenola road. >> we were here at a couple discovered one on their drive way.
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>> stop home owe sexuality and race mix sfwling what the heck is this? >> it makes me very uncomfortable. >> very uncomfortable. >> we all deserve to be true and equal. >> eyewitness news tried to get answers by calling contact number listed on kkk flier. they directed us to automated message that starts like this. >> greeting you you reached the white knights of the ku klux klan. >> neighborhood notified the police. >> it's a melting pot. it's disheartening. it's really disheartening because i don't think there's room for this in our society today. >> well, meantime authorities are investigating the death of a missouri man who identified himself as imperial wizard after ku klux klan and body of 51 yard frank ancona was found ledwood missouri he was out spoken member of the clan and was missing since wednesday. tonight a cemetery in the
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bridesburg neighborhood of philadelphia has been vandalized overnight. relatives arrived at the holy redeemer cemetery on rich mopped street to find head stones were tumbled and stones damaged have been marked with orange taken. family members of those buried in the cemetery say it was insulting discovery. >> this is the only memory people have of their families and you kicked it over and no respect for human life at all. >> eyewitness news reached out to police and no further information is available to us. >> a man is under arrest for driving under the influence and causeing a crash that injured himself and two others in philadelphia's hunting park. police say soon after a.m. this morning the 33-year-old driver was speed ising southbound on the 4100 block of north broad street when he crashed into two parked cars. two passengers suffered minor injuries and the driver is in critical condition. >> and now if you have not
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been outside tonight it's been a gusty and wet sunday and those winds are only supposed to get worse as the night progressing, lauren casey is keeping an eye on things with us and talking about the high wind warning. is it still in effect, lauren. >> it kicks in later and extends monday as winds will be so intense. but for the day today of course the main story that frozen precipitation and freezing rain to the north and west of the city bushkill township and northampton quountsy picking up close to two tenths of inch of ice. hideleberg picking up tenth of inch and mount pocono close to tenth and berks county picking up measurable ice as well making for slick conditions and we have a winter weather advisory in effect in these areas for burks county, upper bucks, lehigh valley until midnight and poconos until 5:00 in the the morning and most of them freezing rain has fallen at this point. you can see a few residual showers as we head to the overnight area and storm scan three showing us quieter conditions and rain first half of day and moisture upwind
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across parts of western pennsylvania and we could see a few showers move in as preezing rain into the areas we had winter weather advisory in effect. but now we are going to start to quiet things down at least as far as precipitation and sky cover is concerned and the winds are really going to ramp up especially after midnight tonight. and a whipped advisory is in effect until 6 p.m. monday for philadelphia and counties north and west and high wind warping is in effect for areas to the south and east of philadelphia where wind gusts are possible to 60 miles per hour. that could do damage. i'll let you know what the win windest portion of monday will number the full forecast coming up in a few. >> lauren, thanks, we'll see you soon. >> senator ted cruz attend aid gop town hall meeting in texas and the ninth district court to withhold the block opt order. >> you might ask, what is the ninth circuit court of appeals say about the on point black
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letter law in the united states. so in my view the decision of non circuit court of appeals was lost. it was active. and i believe if and when the case is appealed to the supreme court i believe it will be reversed. >> those who support the court's decision say the president's actions violated due process clause. >> actor shia la bust anti trump performance art project is shut down in new york the museum of moving image in queens closed art performance citing serious public safety hazards it had shiloh la buff and others chanting he will not differ id us in front of a camera since the first day as president three weeks ago. >> we had complaints from constituents of smoking marm math and people on stoop smoking cigarettes and eating, drinking, littering locally and urinating in alleyways. >> i remember it 24/7 at night
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too. >> two collaborators say they intended to host a proming aekt around the clock the entire four years president trump will number office. united will never be divided over the weekend, demonstrators gathered to defend planned parenthood marchs in san diego california and several demonstrators on both sides marcheden chanted about federal funding for planned parenthood and some held signs that read more birth control and less abortion and planned parenthood save lives. in january, president trump banned u.s. funding to international groups that provided information about procedures or perform them. and seven-time graham my award winning aljerau pass awa away. he was surround bid family and friends. he was recently hospitalized for exhaustion and was forced to retire ending recent concert tour, al jarreau won a cove
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covereted award and was dominated for a dozen or more graham my's and known forealbum break ago way and theme song of television series moonlighting al rreau was 70 years old. >> just a few short hours away from the grammy's and anticipation is growing on whether this is when beyonce will have album of the year. adele follows with five awards. the show will be hosted by the late late show james corbin. >> let's try to make it a warm and positive and fun environment in between these incredith art ilingts. >> the show will have two industry legends prince and george michael both pass away last year.
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city of philadelphia no strange to stars between movies and tv shoots and concerts and celebrities are here all the time. tonight after the grammy's vittoria woodill goes out in search of stars around you town and with "untouchable" filmed here it's good tomorrow for hughie dillon the columnist who prides himself on being a nice paparazzi is expert in finding out where the stars are hanging out. >> hiding in plain sight actually. it looks like a cargo bin. it's a full size gym. >> pumping iron on broad street. >> his expertise pays off what happens when torrey spend the day with heuy and they catch a celebrity on a philadelphia street.
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>> still to come at 6:30 world war ii discovery and grief leads toe massive evacuation and why thousands of people were september pack when an artifact was found burried in a greek construction site. >> this is amazing. i have no words. >> plus, spreading some good. how flyers charities are helping family of 9-month-old baby girl undergoing chemotherapy. >> we have a high wind warning in effect for a large portion of the delaware valley and the best chance of seeing scattered power outages on monday and best chance of seeing scattered power outages on monday and eyewitness weather coming up. and straight ahead in sports has jahlil okafor played his last game with the sixers. the latest on the okafor
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>> evacuated out of the city in greece to diffuse an unexploded bomb in the 1940s found last week doing work to expand fuel storage tanks. the operation was expects todd last about 6 hours. >> and also, tonight, wives of philadelphia flyers revealed a newly remodeled home for the family of a patient at st. st. christopher's hospital for children. the building hope for kids initiative build a home for family of 9-month-old siriana under going chemotherapy.
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the family was overwhelmed with excitement whether they saw the home. >> this is amazing. and i see them the way they was working in the house, we all the love -- when i -- when i go outside sometimes i'm there watching all the people working and everything i see the love they doing this with love. >> and building home for kids is a collaboration between flyers skharties and michael's way supporting a chronically ill child by renovating their home. >> such a beautiful, beautiful charity there. >> great. >> it's really not been a great day. my goodness. >> good day for hanging indoors and good thing it's sunday and sit around and read the paper and watch a movie. >> netflix. >> and pretty dreary in center city philadelphia and dreariness subsides and breezy conditions right now for northwesterly wind up around 14 miles an hour in center city
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and temperature 38 degrees. feel being more like 30 and you can see that fog is still lingering cutting off the tops of the build tionz and sky line right now. again that will lift as we head into the next couple of hours and something to look forward to. well after this dreary day we'll look forwarded to these numbers daylight savings begins in 28 days and spring begins 36 days. yes. 51 days average high temperature will be up to 60. and the phils home-opener, 54 degrees. get the calendars out and mark off the days. temperatures don't feel like spring, 34 in the lehigh valley and subfreezing in the poconos and still up to the 40s down the shore right now and temperatures big departure from where we were that time yesterday. and down about 5 to 10 degrees with that low cloud deck and rain that persisted through a good chunk of the day. at least we're not getting this new england snow coming down heavy in nature and as our storm system departs north and east and little bit of moisture upwind to see mainly far north
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and west of city as we head to overnight period.. for tomorrow what to expect the story will be intense winds likely are our windest day of the season so far and strong constant winds and intense gusts on top of that and mix of sun and clouds and i think we have a chance of seeing a passing snow squall. i don't think they're going to be numerous in nature and with the strong northwesterly flow could see a little squall working through as we head throughout the day. and current winds right now they are on the lighter side and are starting to slowly increase up into the teens along the i-95 corridor and as we head throughout the day tomorrow and even starting tonight after midnight winds pick up. winds constant, 25 to 5 miles an hour with gusts potentially to 60 miles an hour. now, if a thunderstorm has wind gust of 60 miles an hour it gets severe thunderstorm warning. think about that. intense wind. downed branches looking likely and downed wires potentially and scattered power outages especially where we have high whipped warning in effect for all of southern new jersey and delaware as we head through the
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day tomorrow. check out some of our future wind gusts upward of 50 miles an hour on the i-95 core done he and upwards of 60 miles an hour where we have the high wind warning in effect that cons tin unfortunately in our monday morning commute. so, prepare to have some extra time take it slow with those intense wind speeds as we head to early afternoon. wind still whipping and then as we head to monday evening once winds diminish still very breezy and we're not going to see that potential for damaging winds as we head into late day tomorrow and overnight tonight winds increase partly cloudy, 34. and whipping wind for monday a snow squall possible and otherwise sunshine high temperature still pretty chilly at 4. windy conditions as well in the poconos and maybe a passing snow showers or high temperature of 29 and more sunshine down the shore and again dealing with intense wind speeds and by tuesday, though, conditions much quieter and much less wind and sunshine 48 degrees for you and your special someone.
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wednesday, 46. maybe a sprinkle or flake. and we're getting chilly by weekend. check that out long range looking nice. 50 by next sunday maybe? >> 4 for you and boo. >> yes it's nice. >> is that what the it will b be. >> i think mother night tour is in love clearly. >> cupid arrow. >> little heart there. >> that's how she rolls. >> adorable. >> can we move on. >> #adorbs. >> sixers look like they're trading jahlil okafor and there's questions left to be answered. big ja did not play over miami and did not make the trip to charlotte to play the hornets tomorrow. they're keeping him out of harm's way while they search for a trade partner. deadline february 2. don't expect to see big ja in the lineup until that day passes. >> more information is always
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available you wake up and something happens and you learn sometimes thing don't happen and so i feel like it's still fluid but if you see me not play him that's probably going to be the reason. >> all right. sticking with the sixers big news the team is now saying joel embib has meniscus tear same night he suffered a bone bruce against portland on january 0 he for the ligament in left knee. beyonce allow todd play a week later on national tv and since then missed nine straight game games. and nice little hiatus for the flyers off until wednesday when he start a three became road trip through western canada in calgary and they beat san jose for the first time since 2000 in philly. college hoops now temple at memphis. final play of first half. austin from distance. owls had 18-0 anyone this frame
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and led by 14 at the break and owls making it happen. now in second daniel dingle two of 13th. slimmer in the lane goes nice move, bro. quintin rose we love quintin he had a team high 18 owls win. >> and ivy league action penn hosting cornell. late first half, ryan bently, ballin', he had a 28 point half time lead dpen more from bently in the second. career high 22 points. back-to-back wins for the penn quakers. horrible news for st. joe's leading scorer lamar kimble out for the season after breaking his foot in last night's loss toss umass he needs surgery recovery time is two months. sophomore leads hawks with 15 points and 4 assists per game. >> tonight in sports zone trading jahlil okafor are sixers doing the right thing.
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pitchers and catchers report tomorrow what should we look for in this season. wip will join me tonight after the late news right here on cbs3. as you know we have grammy's tonight so we'll be on a little bit late. >> just a little bit. >> we'll look for it don. >> everybody is looking forward to sports zone. >> they'll get the formation. >> there's a lot of strange sporting events out there but this is apparently new to us o orto new to me ahead on eyewitness news taking you to
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sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. >> welcome back, everyone, snow made for a perfect day for an event held outside calgary. >>. >> all right, well never heard
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of it you're not alone. even though lauren casey knows all about this. he is high paid snow sport combining man horse and skis competitors pulled behind a horse on skis in three different events obstacle racing, long jump and sprints. it raised money for people with physical and emotional disabilities. are you going to give us an example of how it works. >> i was all national skijoring champion. >> we need a tit
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>> welcome back everyone, check out adorable baby dpan. these cubs at a research base in china are are learning to climb and defend territory the hard way by falling down and trying again. cameras in the pandaen closure captured little guy attempts in tumble. giant pandas are skillful tree climbers therefore it's a lesson baby pandas have to learn from they are to rome through the forest. >> adorable. >> most important. >> #ador. >> look how cute they are. >> so snug sdmri #omg. >> those little papd atedy bears. that's eyewitness news. i'm natasha brown, we're back with you tonight after the
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on this special abbreviated edition of "60 minutes presents": grammy night. we look back at the time we spent with beyonce. >> ♪ all the single ladies >> you have a really sort of clean-cut, wholesome reputation, and then out there on the stage, you're a seductress. >> okay, thanks. ( laughs ) i'll take that. ( laughs ) >> ♪ you have my heart inside of your hands >> then we turn to her competitor for tonight's record of the year and best pop solo artist, adele. >> did you ever feel pressure to, well, "i got to look a certain way"? "i have to--" >> no, never. i don't want to be some skinny mini with my ( bleep ) out. i really don't want to do it. ( laughs ) and i don't want people confusing what it is that i'm about. ♪ ♪ >> also on grammy night, bruno mars. ♪ ♪ he'll pe


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