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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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abandoned to revitalized. "eyewitness news" gets exclusive access. the push to transform. you heard the winds now see the damage. where townhomes under construction toppled. text messages and sex, elements allegations involving the son of jerry sandusky. tonight jeffrey sandusky is behind bars charged with child sexual abuse. good evening i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. sandusky's son solicited naked photos and sex from under aged girl. >> natasha brown is in our satellite center with the disturbing details that had the sandusky family making headlines again. natasha? >> good evening to you both. in 2012, jerry sandusky. case actually made national headlines as he was convicted of multiple counts of child sexual abuse with boys his adopted son has his own legal battles and
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similar charges he's now facing more than five years after his father's arrest. jerry sandusky's 41-year-old son stood by his father throughout the sexual abuse trial in 2012. on that monday, jeffrey faced his own charges arrest and accused of attempting to entice two teenager sisters into sexual acts. prosecutors say jerry sandusky solicited naked photos from a 16-year-old girl last year and asked the girl's oldest sister for oral sex back in 2013 when she was just 15 years old. the teenager victims are the daughters of his then girlfriend who he lived with at the time. court documents reveal that both girls rebuffed his advances one sending a text message in 2016 that read in part you did what you did and i'm not going to give you a chance to try and justify it. the investigation began in november of 2016. >> very sad and it's horrifying >> abby new man is the executive director of mission kids child advocacy center of montgomery
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county. the center seen 3200 child abuse victims since its opening in 2009. new man said more often than not the suspect is usually a trust order known figure in the family or within the family's circle. as alleged in the sandusky case. >> now the in fact that his son is accused of molesting children goes along with is statistics that we see that sexual abuse when it's not reported is often intergenerational as well as interfamilial. former football coach jerry sandusky was convicted of child sexual abuse with ten boys currently serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. jeffrey sandusky is now facing 14 counts including statutory sexual assault and sexual abuse of children. meantime he does work as a corrections officer at a state prison outside of state college. he's currently being held on $200,000 bail. live in the stat center. natasha brown. a pitbull goes on a rampage
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in camden biting one woman and attacking two students on a school bus. "eyewitness news" caught up with vanessa as she returned from the hospital. she was the dog's first victim saturday ran to a neighbor's door but not before being bitten repeatedly. she now is rattled by that unprovoked attack. >> when i get ready to go out the door i say dogs out there, i be looking out told them look outside before i even come out the door, i ain't coming out no doors >> after biting her the dog made way to woodrow wilson high school where police say it jumped on a school bus carrying the women's varsity basketball team and attack todd players. both were treated the dog is now in quarantine. gustings brought down treeses and power lines. "eyewitness news" in mountain airy the wind were strong enough to send this tree crashing down on to a parked car. it happened at. it toppled two townhomes under
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construction in warrington bucks county. the roof came crumbling down in the 1,000 block of admiral lane. crews have quite a clean-up operation. the wind are dying down and soon we will be experiencing a taste of spring. still ahead. kate tracking major changes in the forecast. a disturbing discovery. more kkk flyers show up in another south jersey neighborhood. the pamphlets are recruiting members, david spunt is live in moorestown where front yard were littered with the hateful material. david, what do we know. >> reporter: a lot of people talking about this story in south jersey tonight. this is a flyer moorestown police the latest department to jump on board in the investigation. two other local departments and state agencies are investigating to figure out exactly who is passing these out. >> little ziploc bags filled with a valentine's day themed notes from the kkk. brown rice is used to weigh the bags down.
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and keep the wind from taking them away. police in cinnaminson moorestown and maple shade are on the case. >> i think the same reaction as everybody else in this community, disgust. >> reporter: police lieutenant tim young says his department received several phone calls on sunday about kkk flyers in residential yards. >> the kkk wanted to get a permit and assemble. the country nobody in the country can stop them from doing that. however, the drive down to residential street and throw your message sought of a car window, i don't believe that's covered under free speech. "eyewitness news" spoke to a cinnaminson resident sunday who found a flyer outside. >> i don't think there's any room for this in our society today. >> reporter: several maple shade residents reported getting the flyer to. on the front a phone number. we called it, and heard this instead of a ring >> greetings you reached the kkk the largest and most active clan in america >> authorities believe the cases are related and they have contacted several state agencies.
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to make them aware of the flyers. >> cinnaminson is not like this. this is not what we're about. it's an inclusive community. we always have been. >> reporter: police do for the believe people are specifically being targeted here. they believe that residents are just getting these letters randomly in their front yard if you have information give your local police department a call. reporting live tonight in moorestown, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." a few months ago. jay january in a powell was struck and killed while crossing the street in overbrook. her mom is working to create thej alert that may help with future hit-and-run investigations. it took police nearly two weeks to track down the suspected driver. 24-year-old paul woodland and his damaged honda. iesha has teamed up to get the new law on the books. it will expand the current amber alert system to include hit-and-run advisories with a description of the car. >> if car would have don to a repair facility and this type of
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bill had been enacted. the shop owners would have done the right thing and be contacted the authorities. >> under the proposal penndot would have to notify auto repair shops with the details of any vehicle suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run. we have breaking news president trump was quote evaluating the situation regarding his national security advisory michael flynn earlier. we have just received word michael flynn has resigned from his position as national security advisor for president trump. cbs news originally learned flynn's job was in jeopardy for not telling the whole truth about conversations he had with russian officials prior to the inauguration. we've also just learned the justice department warned the trump administration about flynn's contacts with russia. we'll continue to keep an eye on that. meantime. president trump met today at the white house with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. they're opposites in many ways, prime minister trudeau is a
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liberal whose nation taken in 40,000 syrian refugees while president trump is, working to restore his trying to be >> we cannot let the wrong people in and i will not allow that to happen during this administration >> the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to governor themselves. >> the two leaders also discussed trade with president trump vowing to tweak nafta to benefit both country >> philadelphia is a city known for its rich history and in some cases that history is hidden, old buildings abandoned and in disrepair. while some might consider them blighted properties others see them as opportunities. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos gets exclusive access inside some of these hidden treasures. >> reporter: in the shadows of booming new construction projects sits philadelphia's hidden history >> this probably been around hundred years. >> reporter: forgotten
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factories, buildings, churches from another time in era. >> this closed ten. >> reporter: with the owner's permission, cbs3 toured some of our city's forgotten past >> this was a or lord catholic church built in 1914. so much history down this aisle weddings funerals, sunday mass. this was decommissioned ten years ago and it sat empty ever since >> the stations of the cross were pried out >> once a bustling parish. the church in harrowgate sits empty. windows spanish smashed >> we had to rebuild around it. >> reporter: but there's hope for its future >> never know the possibilities that can happen. >> reporter: brian who works for the current owner says there are some promising plans for the ones holly site >> they can be a women's shelter a men's shelter, vets, nurse, options.
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>> reporter: just a few blocks from the church, >> this is how they left it. they got out. >> walked out the door and that's it >> sits the old chocolate factory in kensington. the business had been open decades but closed suddenly in 2014. >> this was the home of the industry. it was the hub of the industry. 1948, recipes for making chocolate. >> there's no no industry staying you get these old factories, they close and what do you do? you got to convert them >> last thing i want to say is any building is any building torn down unless it has to be >> these buildings wering built to last forever >> councilman has the same goal >> the city of philadelphia is something people come to it for history. why destroy it? why can't what was reuse it >> he represents first district. stretching from the delaware river front to port richmond to places like the willow steam plant closed 27 years ago and
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now full of asbestos. >> we want to be able to save these things. what can we do. >> there's trees growing out >> joe palmer is one of the involved in reviving. >> conservative doesn't take opener. we take title to the property >> he petitioned city courts to give control to the properties to allow repairs or if need be demolition. >> if a building is falling in such disrepair that it's uneconomic cal to fix it we'll take it down. >> reporter: but the goal is not destruction. it's rebirth. breathing new life into old plac places like this factory for years sitting empty >> converted into this luxury right now. >> we would love to be able to reuse them, and sort of keep philadelphia philadelphia. . >> reporter: greg argos cbs3
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"eyewitness news." >> so much history in those buildings. it's incredible. >> born again indeed. a race against time as crews work to prevent a nightmare scenario >> spill way at the nation's tallest damn could spill. what's being done to fix the problem and the new threat. who is the smartest sibling? the oldest or youngest? the child who is likely to have the higher i q. today was a very blustery day, wind diminishing. we got a little cool-down on the way later. then a taste of spring in the forecast. i'll tell when you we could approach 60. love is leaving, why philadelphia's iconic love stat
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california senators are calling on president trump to approve a disaster declaration in response to damage from recent storms. in the meantime authorities warn people may not be able to return to homes until repairs are made to the orville damn. nearly 200,000 nearby were ordered to leave for fear that is spillway would collapse. engineers are releasing water through the main spillway to
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lower the wake's water level before more storms hit wednesday. crews are packing that spillway with rocks and bolders. it's no secret siblings can be competitive. now, first borns have something they can brag about to their younger brothers and sister. >> a new study said the oldest is the smartest. nicole brewer is here why the first born has the brains in family. >> and also ukee and jess, what you can do to boost the iq of subsequent siblings, as the baby i think ukee will agree we'll take all the help we can get. the solution according to one psychologist is pretty simple. if you have brothers and sisters, chances are it's already been discussed. which sibling is the smartest >> i believe my very youngest brother, he's a neurologist. >> i have a younger brother i definitely think the oldest is the smartest >> sisters live in the stow, i have to be diplomatic >> is new research suggests
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first born children are more intelligent. achieving higher iq scores from th the first year. there's the responsibility you're leading rest of the pack >> after study to go 5,000 children and parents researchers found the he would evident were given more mental stimulation while youngers were offered fewer activities. less exposure to musical instrument >> there's a little more effort >> second child attention is divided >> studies is say it could help explain the so-called birth order effect when children born earlier had more highly educated and earn better wage >> you have to take it way grain of salt >> dr. frank a psychology professor said the findings are legitimate but may not predict future success. >> we know that your emotional side, motivationnal side, relationship how you deal with life socially are profound factors in success.
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>> farley believes the study lies in what parents can learn from it >> cognitive gains, puzzles, word games, interact with them verbally as much as you can and try to do it for every child >> while parents engaged in less brain stimulating activities with subsequent children they did lend the same amount of emotional support according to the research. so if you're the youngest like me, you were completely neglected. there's hope for us ukee. >> i don't think your sister is doing so badly >> she's the younger one. >> that's right. >> other things make up our intelligences. >> indeed >> socially >> my sister is six years older and i followed her lead since day one, yes, indeed. >> thanks, nicole brewer. >> the love sculpture is on the move in center city. the iconic art piece is leaving dilworth park on wednesday and getting an upgrade, it will be stripped down and restored so it looked brand new once it moves back to love park.
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according to visit it's a part of love park construction expected to be completed by the spring. kate joins us for a look at our valentine's day forecast tomorrow if you want to say good-bye to the love park statue >> temporarily >> i like to state for the record that i'm the older sibling. >> kate is also competitive. >> way competitive. >> shout out my little brothers real quick >> if you only knew. >> anyway, moving on, if you're out with your loved ones tomorrow, whether it's family or your valentine it will be beautiful, we're going to start with clouds, you may wake up and think it's a little bit gloomy from the city on south but as the day goes on, the sun returns, temperatures warmup and best news, the wind has already started to calm down it's only going to get getter. let's take a look outside we'll take you to bethlehem and i want to show you the flags flying in the breeze, definitely still brisk and blustery outside right
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now. but it's not as bad as it was we're not talking about damaging winds, we don't wind warnings or anything like that. but we do still have a gusty breeze. wind will gradually die down. the culprit you can see it on stormscan 3, that kind of cinnamon button looking swirl out of the north atlantic is a very strong system that brought heavy snow to much of maine and all through the canadian maritime provinces, notice how its drifting away. the further that storm moves away. the weaker the pressure gradient gets. that's white wind have died down. we'll talk more about that gradient and what it means in just a moment. first let's take a look at your current. it's 34 in philadelphia. 31 in allentown. it's a chilly 22 in mount pocono. still that brisk wind. especially south of the area. strongest down the shore and over portion of delaware. still seeing sustained winds. in the ten to 15 miles per hour range with gusts topping 20 or 25, but much better than it was. let's talk about peak wind gusts
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at abington junior high school 62 miles an hour at the weather station there. little creek at the dover air force base, 48 miles an hour, pit point pleasant, at the airport, 52. thanks to this strong storm, high pressure builds in and creates that funnel effect how winds speed up in the city when they move through the buildings pretty much what happens here, that funnel created winds really really intensify and that's what we felt today. tomorrow is quiet with high pressure overhead but we got to watch another system. notice this piece of energy and this one there was concern that those could connect sooner looks like that's not going to happen but as the storm ramp ups near eastern canada wednesday into thursday we'll get into another round of gusting wind. it's been warm february. today was below average but looks like we're headed back above average. 41 by noon with the sun peaking out and our high temperature tomorrow will get to about 48 degrees. that's about five degrees above
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average and it looks like a nice winter afternoon. wednesday looking good as well there could be a stray snow or rain showers along the coast. we'll stay dry. thursday is windy but i want to drive draw your attention to the weekend. 52 saturday nearing 60 on sunday. i think there's a good chance we can hit it and it's sunny and dry. we have a beautiful weekend. feeling like spring. >> sunny weekend for once. >> come on bring it. >> don here in sports. speaking of things that make us think of spring >> pitchers and catcher official until camp. lesley van arsdale will join us the sixers had extra incentives against the hornets. we have trash talking charlotte
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we will win on monday, hornets nick batoom. the disrespect. how dare he. sixers in charlotte trying to make nick eat his words. picking up in the third quarter, dario saruc. gets the rejection right there. up the court. trailing looking for a man robert covington straightaway three drain know. sixers up by 14. we go to the fourth quarter. tj mcconnell teamwork. he had 18 points in 11 boards. bia, no jo jo tonight. no embiid. no jahlil okafor, for mcconnell making it happen. kid rock, sixers win by six, third straight w.
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puppy coats long scarfs and leather gloves. the weather was brutal today. meanwhile, 2000 miles south, noel t-shirts. pitchers and catchers reporting, lesley van arsdale has the latest from clearwater, florida. >> reporter: phillies pitchers and catchers reported today to clearwater and there's buzz around this team. people know these faces or are getting to know them. erin nola who says his elbow is 100%. this is a rotation that has veteran youth and depth. team president is all about pitching. >> after we improve the pitching the next thing we should do is improve the pitching and after that improve the pitching. when you have to sign pitchers, they're fragile, expensive and it's not a good bank for your buck. there's times you're going to have to do it the pour you can avoid it the more you should.
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they get tired of hearing me but to me it's about pitching. on you our expectation is that it will be better than we were a year ago. our expectation is that we'll continue to introduce new talent on to our major league team not unlike we did last year. the first official work-out will be tomorrow, first full squad work-out will be friday. reporting in clearwater, lesley van arsdale eyewitness sports. >> she looks so happy. college hoops. second rank villanova visiting depaul. nice ball movement. sharing is caring. corner pocket that's jalen you brunson, wildcats had a at one point half time lead. second halfmy hail bridges. double figures and beat the blew demons by
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the panda is leaving the national zoo in washington, dc and moving to china. >> parts of a deal between the zoo and the chinese government. in 2000, china loaned his parents to the u.s. it was agreed their cub would say return to china by the time they turned four. he will join others at a breeding facility in china. kate? thank you. we're taking a look at the weekend already i know it's only monday but the weekend looks so nice. we got a highlighted again we're
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expecting sunshine both saturday and sunday as of now. temperatures will be on their way up a little taste of spring perhaps in the forecast as we get to the 50's on saturday and then nearing 60 in many spots
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our morning crew back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don, everything i'm ukee washington >> thanks so much for washing have a good night family and
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sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> you people have no right to vote in this country registered to vote, canceling out the franchise of lawful citizens of this country. that is the story we should be talking about, and i'm prepared to go on any show, anywhere, any time and repeat it. >> don't try luring me in with sexy talk. >> we know for a fact you have magazinessive numbers of noncitizens registered to vote in this country. nobody disputes that. >> you want to lure me in with sexy talk, that's how you do it. maybe, maybe. >> we know for a fact you have massive numbers of noncitizens registered to vote in this country. nobody dispute


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