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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 14, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, love is in the air. >> it is in the air. can you feel it, rahel? >> my cup runneth over. so much love around. good morning, everybody, and the roads are looking really good, too, starting off this valentine day on good note. hoping the weather is the same. >> looks good. i think we can bank on full sunshine for the most part. little cloud cover initially. don't let that deceive you. through the course of the day generally just expect to go see sunny skies, right now there is that little thin vale of cloud cover lifting in from the southwest, but again, not expecting anything in the way of any wet weather, the winds has eased up, all of the weather elements are actually going to cooperate today. it is obviously mid-february, how much, so it is still going to be on the chilly side. still need to have heavier coat walking out the door. not expecting any kind of major warming trends, at least right now, and also, no extreme cold either. so it is a quiet middle part of the week for us here. temperatures as they stands right now are definitely off to chilly start, at 29 currently at the airport, low 20's in millville, about 32 wildwood. chilly ocean at 40 degrees
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right now. let me take new some of the northern suburbs just outside every philly, generally mid upper 20's, planning few spots where it is a little clearer down into the teens at this hour like quakertown, for example. how about this incredibly festive graphic for you? some sunshine for your we heart, in action here today, and we will get temps to the up fourth's, normal high about 42, 43, on this particular day. nothing excessive necessarily. but, it is technically above average up to 47, with the sun expected most of the day, smear. >> sunshine and love. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everybody, happy tuesday, of course, happy valentine day, looking at the vine right now, looking good, quiet that is should, not closed for overnight construction, so really just what you are dealing with. look being i'm hoping we can keep it like we did yesterday, almost to the 6:00 hour looking a lot like that. then 422 headlight moving in the eastbound direction past observation, you can see, few of your vehicles, neighbors out, there overall holding steady there. as we probably should
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hopefully through the entire 5:00 hour. then the burlington bristol bridge went up, came back down very quickly, looking good for those you holding off on the burlington bristol bridge. construction, pa turnpike westbound, between delaware valley, bensalem, that right lane is going to be blocked for little bit. i'll let you know as soon as it clears. probably will lit later. garden state parkway southbound, this is where we have more construction out there. it will linger out there blocking left lane until around 6:00 a.m. jim, rahel, back to you. >> few years after former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was convicted every child sex abuse charges, one of his sons is now charged with several sex crimes. >> his accuse remembers two teenage girls. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in the cbs-3 news center to tell us more about these shocking allegations. trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. jeffrey sandusky fixture in his father's trial. now, he is charged with 14 count of trying to solicit sex
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from the daughters of his former long time girlfriends. jeffrey sandusky the 41 year old adopted son of convicted child molester jerry san did you can i, facing similar charges of sex abuse. like abby newman of mission kids child advocacy center in montgomery county there is news is sad but not surprising. >> now the fact that his son is accused of molesting children goes along with the statistics that we see that sexual abuse when it is not reported is often inter-generational as well as inter family. >> state police began investigation into the younger sandusky in november of 2016. this after the father of a then 15 year old girl provided investigators with ex police it text messages his daughter allegedly received from sandusky. some asking for naked photos. the girl's sister also came forward telling investigators sandusky solicited her for
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oral sex three years ago when she was just 16 years old. court documents reveal both teens rejected sandusky advances, with one sending a text mess najim laachraoui 2016 that red in part: you did what you did and i'm not going to gave you a chance to try and justify it. police say sandusky was dating the girl's mother and had lived in their home for about five years. newman, who center helps more than 500 child abuse victims a year shows statistics, preditors have easy access to their victims. >> not only manipulate the child but manipulate the family and everybody in the community of that child. so it is not a surprise if he was a trusted member of the household. >> sandusky will been working as corrections officer oust cited state college, currently being held on $200,000. his preliminary hearing scheduled for next wednesday. live in the news center, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> thank you, trang, for that update. >> already making national headlines this morning, very
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disturbing. >> new this morning, no one was injured after an armed home invasion in philadelphia's cobbs creek section, police tell us the gunman fired one shot into a home on the 5900 block of washington avenue around 1:00 this morning. he then got away with unknown amount of money. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. in other news this morning, president trump is looking for new national security advisor, less than a month into the job late last night, michael flynn resigned. a mid controversy over his discussions of us sanctions against russia with russian envoy. flynn issued statement saying he inadvertently briefed the vice president and others with incomplete information regarding the call. possible illegal conversations took place shortly before president trump took offers. >> white house looking for flynn's replacement. sources tell cnn1 of the three people under consideration is retired general general petraeus, will be at the white house today. pedestrian tray us resigned as cia director in 2012 after admitting he shared classified
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information with his biographer, a woman with whom he was having an affair. other prospect are interim national security advisor keith kellogg and retired navy advice admiral bob harwood. democrats are react to go flynn's de tour in a statement, congressman adam ship called the resignation inevitable, flynn was poor choice for the role. congressman john connor, jr., calling for full briefings from the justice department and the fbi. new jersey governor chris christie will be in washington dc today for impromptu launch with the president and the first lady. this comes days after new jersey governor, christie, said he had no intentions of joining the trump administration. announced launch on his ask the governor radio show last night, but didn't reveal the meeting. >> it would not surprise me at all, you know, an hour with him socializing, talking about our families, and life in general, if he wants to talk about certain business or get my input on anything, he's never been shy to ask.
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if he asks, i'll offer. >> dels by the being one of the president's top surrogates during the campaign, last month christie confirmed he turned down several job offers in the administration, some now speculating so many staffing issues these days, christie may be back in play. >> well, investigators say malfunctioning heater may have sparked a deadly fire in frankford. yesterday afternoon, fire on the 5200 block of akron street claimed the life of a 65 year old woman, her body found by firefighters on the second floor of the home. fire officials tell "eyewitness news" that several other family members made it out of the home safely. >> new jersey authorities are widening their investigation after kkk flyers turn up in two more communities. pamphlets recruiting for the clan have turned up in maple shade and moorestown, in addition, to cinnaminson. neighbors found flyers packed in zip lock bags and wade down by rice in the front yard. investigators believe the cases are related. >> if the ku klux klan wanted
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to assemble, no one can stop them from doing that, however, to drive down a residential street, throw your message under the car window, i don't it believe that's covered under free speech. >> police want you to call them if these flyers turn up near your home. >> families every inmates in new castle county vaughn correctional sent remember concerned about the inmates safety. they say phonecalls and business remain restricted, at least correctional officer steven floyd killed during hostage stand-off. families are concerned that some prisoners have been beaten and denied medical care. total of 17 staff members have quit since the february 1st stand-off. >> happening today, jury selection gets underway in the murder trial of former new england patriots tight ends aaron hernandez, faces trial next month in the murders of two men shot after leaving a boston night club back in 2012. he's already serving live sentence for the 2013 murder of semi pro-football player who was dating hernandez's sister. >> blizzard dumps feet of snow? maine.
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up next, see how volunteers spent time during the storm. >> also out west, the town of orville, california, emergency evacuations, but when it looks deserted, many people are stay behind. find out why next. >> i've been here 17 years. as far as i can remember, that's never hand before. >> and see the man accused of going on a drunken vandalism spree inside the state house in harrisburg. >> ♪ >> ♪ tuesday, is today tuesday? >> it is. >> today is tuesday, valentine day. >> indeed. >> we are celebrating valentine day today. a little later pa pat gallen shows us a local florist filling last minute orders.
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>> ♪ >> this lovely look at the armor statue. thank you for sharing that with us, on this valentine day. in serious news this morning, learning more about the vandalism at the pennsylvania state capitol in harrisburg, which we first told but yesterday. police say, ryan stump was drunk when he broke in, grabbed a fire extinguisher, started sprague it early sunday morning. security say they heard trump breaking and called capitol police. they chased and caught to up him a few minutes later. he said it told them after an argument with his girlfriend. >> what he told us was that, you know, he was in town for the weekends, to have a good time with his girlfriend, and somehow they ended up in a fight, and he ended up here. >> oh, ya, okay. well, stump out on bail, charges include burglary,
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vandalism of public building and public drunkenness. >> parts of northern california remain on high alert this morning, crews race against the clock to repair a damaged still way at the nation's tallest dam. officials fear the dam at the oroville dam could collapse sending 30-foot wall of watt near half dozen communities. as a result, hundreds every thousands of resident in the region have been evacuated. a makeshift operation is now underway as helicopters, excuse me, the town seems like a ghosttown right now, as most residents heed the evacuation orders, you can see the roads are deserted, except with few passing cars. some stores are using sandbags to protect against potential flooding and unfortunately not everyone able to leave a nearby hospital was not evacuated. >> my only concern is really for the patients that i work with. we have food, emergency water supplies, and stuff. so we're staying put. >> reporter: a make shift operation is now underway as helicopters drop bags of large rocks and gravel to pack the
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dam. engineers releasing to lower the lake's water level before, get this, more rain hits on thursday. >> not good news there. part every maine digging out from more than 2 feet of snow. residents climbed to the top of their roof, yes, the roof, like on the top of their house, through the heavy snow. heaviest hit towns include noble borough, where they received 30 inches of snow. the town of water ville, maine received about 2 feet of snow, some volunteers with local human society said the storm, love there is keeping dogs, cats, other critters company. they wanted to make sure their four legged friends stayed well cared for during the winter weather. >> i love that. >> carol erickson would be happy to hear that. she always says. >> hunker down with the animals. >> yes, probably drove up there a few days in advance. >> guys, thankfully, there was glancing blow, get what i'm saying there? >> puns today. >> incredibly windy yesterday. glad none of us blew away. but yes, how about it?
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i was getting tweet after tweet after tweet from folks saying my gosh, this wind is nuts. thankfully it has now eased up quite a bit. let's take a look at how potent some of the winds were. right now, though, when you look outside at "skycam 3", yes, normally even if we had the lightest wind on the flags works actually be waving in the breeze. there is virtually no winds left. so that is good. very, very tranquil outside. the calm, see this guy, looks like bell hop waiting at the hotel bethlehem. big brother always watching. what we will fine is the worse of this wind easing up. take a look where we peak, swenksville registering 26 might per hour gust, and at the airport into the 50's with the gusts yesterday. meanwhile, we ended up below average. it was cold day yesterday, only by 1 degrees shy of what's normal. we factor in the win, it was pretty brutal. that's majority, though it, of the first couple of weeks hereof february have definitely been well above
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average specially the day we were pushing 70 in a lot of spots. but, today, i anticipate we will get plus three here. going for daytime high of about 47, 48 degrees, depending on location, so normal high, 44. maybe plus three on that calendar by tomorrow. looking at storm scan, the storm that helped usher in the tight pressure gradient, all that's left at this point is granted some pretty heavy snow, but it is out over atlantic canada at this point. you have another disturbance starting to get its act together, drawing in good moisture from the gulf over central texas, and that is one of two separate disturbances that will actually bypass us, one goes by to the north, this guy goes by to the south. that all happens tomorrow. now, i do think, could you see a stray rain shower at the shore, could you see stray snow shower in the mountains. but here in the city, splitting the difference, really just expect to go see couple every clouds out there. and then the wind does kickback in for us on thursday, also see drop on the thermometer. check out the warming trends, soon to be a bling, back to the low and even upper 50's, by the weekend.
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meisha? >> amazing. all right, katie, we are loving that. i thought 58-ton that forecast, that looks pretty good. happy valentine day everyone. what also looks good is the roadways this morning, the vine at thirds here, vine at broad here, both of which i'm happy about. we progress to the 5:00 hour. no worries on the vine, no worries on 95. looking at 95, taillights moving in the northbound direction, headlights moving in the southbound direction, southbound direction kind of keep my eye on that area right now, but look at this. we can see plenty of headlights out there. yes, this is what we would expect to see in the 5:00 hour. see progress, to the 6:00 hour. but yesterday, if today is anything like what we saw yesterday, 95, pushing in the southbound direction, is not going to pose an issue for us at all. i was actually quite surprise today see that on what's typically busy monday morning. let's see if we can bypass this. downed wires, still in effect yesterday, because of all of the wind. and still out there. wynnewood road between city avenue, latches lane, all lanes are blocked. you will have to use your
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alternate. that will be lancaster avenue, your best bet. then we also have some construction out there still lingering out there, probably not going to pose until deeper in the 6:00 hour. talk about that coming up in the next 15 minute or so. rahel, jim, back to you. >> meisha, see you then, thank you. now, for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> front page of the burlington county times, four more school district across burlington county have tested positive for high levels of lead in their water facilities, including water fountains and signings. bordentown regional, lumper ton, pemberton, liver side school district. >> front page of the courier times, newtown officials are asking the owner of the newtown athletic center for help in getting the township reimbursed, campaign visit to the campaign facility by donald trump. police provided crowd control, crowd management costing over $19,000. >> from the reading eagle, opened its meet wag tribute to the latal bert boscov, reading native died at his home friday
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at the age of 97. credit in the transforming his family dry goods store into the nation's largest family-owned department store. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> while we were dealing with wild winds, lesley van arsdall enjoying the white sandy beaches of clearwater florida her report from philly spring training coming up next in sports. >> plus, there was some trash tacking before last night's sixers game. find out who guaranteed a victory. >> and live look inside stein your florist company. pat gallen taking us behind the scenes as they get their orders ready today. wake up and smell the roses, everyone, we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," the six remembers on a roll. >> have now won three straight games, count them, three. charlotte forward guaranteed to beat the sixers, but the sixers made him regret that prediction, third quarter action, finds cover inning ton, three pointer. watch it go. fin wish 11-point, 11 rebounds, sixers are on the road in boston tomorrow night. celtics have also won their last three. let that be a warning, don't be too cocky. don't be so confident. >> well the sixers again pretty hot right now, and so are the phillies. >> indeed. because the phils are working out in sunny florida, our lesley van arsdall is there with a report on phillies spring training.
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>> pitchers and catchers arriving, so exciting because it is finally a taste of baseball after a long winter. aaron nola, his elbow 100%, and ready for all eyes to be on him this spring, rotation that has veterans using depth. for team president andy motorcycle vale, it is all about pitching. >> well, after we improve the pitching, the next thing we should do is improve the pitch, then after that improve the pitching. when you have to sign pitchers who create either fragile, expensive, and it is not a good, not good bang for your buck. there are time do you have do it. >> but the more you can avoid it, the more you should. so, you know, they get tired of me inherently, but to me it is about pitching. our expectation it will be better than we were a year ago, our expectation is that we will continue to introduce new talent on major league team. >> first work out for pitchers and catchers will be today. first full squad work out friday. reporting in clearwater,
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leslie advance arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> sounds good to us, and we have our spring training hats. >> almost time to play ball. we are certainly dressed for the occasion. >> you see it is like resting comfortably on the spray and the gel? >> don't mess up the hair, jim. you have an hour and a half news. >> little panic here. >> i would like to point out vince says i look like the brat. >> oh, that's our 5:00 a.m. producer. >> super cute. >> i look very uncomfortable, don't i? >> do you. >> i would like to continue the rest of the show. >> are you playing little league, jim. >> no, but i did play good wiffle ball and stuff like that. i was fast. like designated runner. >> many coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," why ac safe driver could cost you more. >> we will have the details in a live report from wall street. plus this: >> national security advisor michael flynn is out. following potentially illegal contact for russian officials and misleading the vice president. i'm hena daniels in new york, more zero on interim replacement coming up.
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>> and a royal phonecall. finds out where prince william was volunteering. we will find out whether we come back.
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roses are red, violets are
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blue. katie's got a great forecast for you. >> oh, you're so whitt i. >> oh, ya. >> so clever. >> good morning, and happy valentine day. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. happy valentine day indeed. kate and misch will be along in just a minute. first, what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. >> this the sandusky family making headlines again. >> it is very sad and horrifying. >> sandusky's son jeffrey arrested on child sex abuse charges. retired general general petraeus may be contender to replace national security advisor michael flynn. >> flynn resigned last night, following reports that he misled white house officials, about his contact with rush. >> ♪ >> ♪ i just called to say i love you ♪ >> it is valentine day;


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