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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 14, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EST

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violinist. row he can a from ♪ good morning, it's tuesday, february 14th, 2017. valentine's day. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump's national security adviser resigned over conversations with russia's ambassador. general michael flynn admits he didn't tell the vice president the whole story. helicopters cropped boulders to repair a spillway at america's tallest dam. nearly 200,000 people still can't get home. new information shows the state was warned in 2005 about risks to the dam. and researchers use drone to give killer whales a breath breathalyzer test to track their
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health. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the national security adviser enjoy the full confidence of president trump? >> yes. >> president trump's national security adviser resigns amit controversy. >> we have asked for and demand an independent investigation of what flynn's discussions were with the russian ambassador. >> donald trump has vowed to take a tough line against north korea, but has not released a strategy. >> north korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly. >> snow blown in by fierce winds. >> a bruising storm for the state of maine. >> the adoptive son of penn state football coach jerry sandusky is under arrest. >> the race is on to repair the nation's tallest dam. >> evacuation orlandos remain in
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effect. >> it was major chaos. >> chaos. >> flames inside the parking gram. holy [ bleep ]. >> a crane comes down on cars, injuring people. >> all that -- >> 100 consecutive wins. >> how high can you go. >> mia the beagle got distracted during her routine. and "all that mattered" -- >> president trump was at dinner and publicly learned north korea had fired a ballistic missile that's where he and his team. >> they tided to impose more sanctions and also split a tie r tiramisu. >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> i'm prepared to go on any show, anytime, repeat it and say the president of the united states is correct 1200%. >> perfect. how about the late show tomorrow
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at the ed sullivan theater? [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off and recovering nicely. we're happy to tell you that from his heart surgery. good news. >> so anthony mason is with us. >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day to you, too. >> red alert. >> that's right. we begin with this. the trump administration faces a high-level shake-up after less than a month in office. the president's national security adviser general michael flynn suddenly resigns late last night. this follows conversations with russian officials. >> general flynn admit head didn't tell vice president mike pence and other officials everything about those discussions. he is the shortest national serving national security adviser in modern history. screaming kellogg will take over
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the job for now. margaret brennan is at the white house with the fallout from flynn's late-night departure. margaret good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, michael flynn has resigned ending that general's more than 33 years in public service. questions continue to swirl about the extent of his potentially illegal contacts with russia. whether the president knew about them. and if they impacted u.s. securit security. >> reporter: after just 22 days on the job, general michael flynn stepped down from his post. in his resignation letter, flynn blamed the fast pace of events for causing him to inadvertently leave out information. and yet evidence surfaced monday that the justice department had warned the white house last month that flynn had deceived
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him about his contacts with russia. however, flynn was allowed to continue advising president trump on sensitive national security matters. >> as of today, we are officially putting iran on notice. >> reporter: early monday, the white house was sending mixed signals about whether his job was in jeopardy. counsel counselor kellyanne conway. >> yes. >> reporter: and then a statement, quote, the president is evaluating the situation. but it was vice president pence's anger over flynn's deception that caused mr. trump to discuss his role. the president will now have to find a new national security adviser in the face of global risks. including provocative actions by north korea and iran. retired lieutenant general joseph keith kellogg, a national security adviser to the trump
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campaign, will temporarily take over flynn's position. he's also a candidate to permanently fill the job along with retired admiral robert harward. and david petraeus who will visit the white house later this week. less than two hours before the high-profile shake-up, mr. trump praised his staffing choices during the swearing in of his treasury secretary. >> the disappointment that i'm following through on the appointing on the very best and very brightest. >> reporter: this morning russian lawmakers said flynn's resignation was intended to undermine relations with the u.s. but, gayle, the kremlin itself has declined to comment. is there thank you very much, margaret. cbs news news fran townsend is a former adviser to george w. bush. he joins us.
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good morning. >> 4:00 in the afternoon, kellyanne conway said he has the full support of the president. by the end of the day, he's out. what does this is a to you? what do you think happened behind the scenes? >> sometimes, the white house just can't win. go get notified by the justice department, according to "the washington post," about this information. and if acted then they might have been accused of obstructing an ongoing investigation. if you you're in the white house and you get this sort of notification, it's a no-win situation. i don't think -- you know, you have the canadian prime minister yesterday. you have bibi netanyahu there tomorrow. with all of this in the press now, it becomes a huge distraction. and it's unfair to the president, frankly. and i don't think they have much of a choice. >> but, granted, you mentioned the white house was warned about this weeks ago by the fbi. >> yeah. >> and the specific concern that
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was relayed was that flynn could be open to blackmail on this very issue. what's the significant of that? >> oh, look, this is a huge -- this is of huge significance. but as i say, the fact is that the justice department and the fbi clearly notified the white house to let them know is this an ongoing investigation and he may have deceived them. i will tell you, it's hard to imagine that mike flynn would have intentionally deceived them. this is a man, as you said, 30 years in the military. most of it in the intelligence committee. he would have known there are transcripts of it. you have to assume he didn't remember the details of the conversation. even allowing for that, assuming the best, you know, if you're the vice president and the president, you cannot have somebody working for you, advising you that you don't -- you have to question their trust and credibility. there's no room for that. >> and, fran, democratic congressmen are now called for a classified briefing on what
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happened here. from your perspective, what do you want to know at this point? >> oh, i have to assume that members on the hill want to read that transcript for themselves. we're reading a lot into it because we're getting reports second and third hand. but if you're on capitol hill and you're in an oversight role, you want to see the transcript. you want the fbi actually conducting the investigation up there briefing you. >> fran, we also want to talk about the escalating situation in north korea. last night, the u.n. security council unanimously condemned north korea's latest ballistic michl test. it called sunday's test a grave violation of international law. china signed on to that statement. the country is one of north korea's only allies. adriana diaz is in beijing following china's reaction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, north korea said sunday's launch was for self-defense. it comes after months of quiet and at a particularly sensitive time for beijing. just as relations for the trump
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administration were starting to fall. so this launch adds a new layer of uncertainty for the region, that's still trying to get a read on the new and up predictable u.s. president. the missile tested sunday was a new type. using fuels not liquid to eject from the mobile launcher. it's more stable and allows for less advanced warning. analysts say the achievement say dangerous step forward in north korea's. pursuit in a deliverable weapon. and it's a first test for president trump. >> obviously, north korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly. >> reporter: and it also potentially pits the new administration against china, north korea's only major ally. less than a week that mr. trump smoothed things over in a phone call with chinese president
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jinping. at the center for possibly policy -- >> china wants to encourage north korea to liberalize its economy, to open up to the international community. >> reporter: 90% of north korea's trade is with china. leading western officials to accuse beijing of propping up the neighboring dictatorship. but china says it's doing its part by signing on to sanctions. china has implemented the resolution. china fears any future action could destabilize the all right shaky regime and turn north korea into its enemy. >> now, the western country wants china to take the consequences of protecting north korea. >> reporter: china doesn't want to be caught in the middle? >> yes. >> reporter: the u.s. and south korea will hold their annual large-scale military operations in march. just this morning, north korea
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said those operations could seriously undermine peace and security in the region. they could also close the door to any direct engagement between north korea and the u.s. and push north korea to test even larger and more powerful missiles. anthony. >> adriana diaz, thank you. i want to bring fran townsend back in. what are the options for the trump administration to respond to this? >> well, you know, the u.s. has been frustrated over the course of now a decade with north korea. the bush administration tried. the obama administration tried. there will be meaningless statements of condemnation out of the u.n. as we saw yesterday. that doesn't do much. that's more of the same that hasn't been effective. if this must be an engage meant that has the largest agenda than just north korea with china. we've got to get china to focus on using -- they're the oxygen that allows north korea to
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continue to operate. and we have to get them to use that leverage, to apply real pressure on the north koreans to dial back. it's not an easy problem. because the trump administration doesn't have direct leverage itself. >> all right, fran townsend, thank you so much. >> thank you. the senate confirmed two more of president trump's cabinet nominations. steven mnuchin was sworn in. only one democrat joe manchin votes for the financier. mnuchin is expected to play a key role in the coming weeks. the department of veterans affairs shulkin was the top official during the obama administration. nearly 200,000 people evacuated from their homes in northern california are still unable to go home. if an emergency spillway at the oroville dam continues to erode, their homes would be in the path of potentially catastrophic
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flooding. the evacuation order covers several counties and towns in the oroville area north of sacramento. john blackstone is at the dam on whether officials. >> reporter: good morning. >> reporter: good morning as water continues to rush down the feather river here. still no word on whether the 180,000 people will be able to return to their homes. meanwhile, the agency that issued the license to build the dam now wants some answers about how these problems started and how they can be fixed. as billions of gallons of water rush out of lake oroville, officials here in california are rushing to fix the dam's two spillways. both the main one and the emergency backup. >> so far, it's holding and that's why the evacuation is still in place because there's uncertainty. and the norm is better be safe than sorry. >> reporter: governor brown says he's unaware of any newly
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surfaced report from 2005. a motion filed with the federal emergency relate tore commission warning that if the emergency spillway was used it would cause significant erosion. on monday, the agency ordered the department of water resources to convene an independent panel to determine the caution of the spillway failures. >> it was chaos. everything was rushing out. >> reporter: those evacuated say they want answers, too. >> i'm no engineer, i don't ever want to be but i don't think it was handled right at all. >> reporter: meanwhile, officials are taking measures to shore up the emergency spillway. crews are lifting bags of stone while they're letting out water faster than coming in. it's a race for later this week. when will you let people back? >> i would anticipate that we'll be able to make a decision in the relatively near future. but the bottom line is i want to
7:16 am
make sure that the decision i make keeps people safe. >> reporter: the sheriff told me that, of course, he has the final say on deciding when people will be allowed to return to their homes. of course, he says, he's working with the many experts who are working to keep the dam safe. gayle. >> john, thank you. >> the university of connecticut women's basketball team is celebrating an at ton initialling sports milestone this morning. the huskies notched their 100th straight win last night. that sets the new bar for college athletics. why? because this winning streak began in november 2014. michelle miller is inside the pavilion in connecticut. michelle, i know this area well, i know people there are over the moon. >> reporter: this one is big for you, i know, gayle, gampel pavilion, they may have moved on to volleyball practice but last night was all about women's basketball. one former teammate with three national championships under her belt told me, hey, this is just
7:17 am
another game on our way to the ncaa tournament but for fans this was a game they will never forget. >> let's go huskies! >> reporter: as time ticked off the clock -- >> the uconn huskies have beaten south carolina -- >> reporter: uconn women sailed into sports history. the 11-point victory against south carolina capped a win streak over two years in the making. >> uconn makes its 100th -- >> reporter: julia swanson was one 10,000 fans to see the win. >> the legacy lives on. >> reporter: uconn rewrote the record books last month when he notched their 91st consecutive win. >> 91 wins in a row for connecticut and counting. >> reporter: smashing the numbers they set seven years ago. by saturday, they had won eight more. >> 99 in a row with the century
7:18 am
mark on the line. >> reporter: the centennial victory sets a benchmark not just in women's basketball but men's, too. after coach john wooden led the ucla men's team to a quaint 87 wins back in 1994. the huskies 100-game winning streak eclipses any team in both women's and men's professional sports. playing them among the greatest in history including the new york giants, the l.a. lakers, the pittsburgh penguins and yes, the new england patriots. after the game, the $100 bill with coach's name on them. >> 100 is 100. everybody gets enamored by that nuber. it's no different than 99 but everybody is excited about the
7:19 am
number. >> reporter:. uconn women have amassed 11, count them, 11 ncaa titles winning the last four in a row. but consider this, now, more than half of the women here don't even know the agony of defeat because they simply weren't around, norah, the last time the lady huskies lost a game. >>s that pass naturing. >> that geno auriemma is a rock star. >> a dinner and a show. why officials say president
7:20 am
researches are chasing wails in the antarctic to try to save them. >> we find out how their lives are being disrupted by climate change. >> this is palmer station the u.s. research station in
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holding the so-called nuclear football >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, everyone, i'm rahel solomon. adopted son of former penn state football coach and convicted child molester jerry sandusky in jail for sex charges. bail set $200,000 ahead of preliminary hear next week. now, a check on the forecast, should be relatively nice valentine day. >> compared to yesterday, big thing here today, rahel, not as winnie, no where near as windy as yesterday. ended up being. take a look, current wind speeds, actually got a calm win in lancaster, and trenton, very light by comparison, even here if philadelphia, where we've got peak of this flu of observations 9 miles per hour, yes, maybe barely in the recall, but, nothing like
7:27 am
yesterday. and i do expect that any of these current clouds overhead will break for some sunshine, generally sunny forecast, few ups and downs, thursday looks blued err i but rebound nicely this weekend. >> yes, looks that way, all right, katie, thank youment looking at couple of of accidents out there still, wilmington, delaware, one of them north off ramp to 202. another accident in west bradford, this is involving trenton and downingtown pike at north creek road. you will have to use an alternate. marshall thon thorndale road, your best bed, shady side road. >> good to know, next update 7:55, up next, mark phillips continues his climate diary their fry antartica. i'm rahel solomon. make it a good
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♪ have you seen the new white house valentine's day cards? this is something. these are cards like the ones kids would give out in school but each of the features and characters from the trump administration. dr. ben carson. loving you isn't brain surgery. >> and education secretary betsy devos, got some type pos there. eric and donald junior, lover is blind, unlike the trust we run for our father. president trump's chief of staff writes, priebus, don't think out twice, make out with rines. and president trump, i'm building a wall around your heart and making you pay for it. [ laughter ] >> i like it when it's sounded out happy-valentines-day.
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>> that's funny. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, there are serious questions about a scene at mar-a-lago the other day showing president trump and the japanese prime minister after north korea's missile test. the white house insists the bri president was briefed in a private location. plus, hunters chase after whales in the antarctic. not to capture them but to save them. what researchers are seeing in the killer whale population and the yu neunique way to track th. and the headlines. "the new york times" reports on the troops to bolster force. troops are arriving in romania. tensions have been high since russians seized crimea from ukraine in 2014.
7:32 am
"usa today" says the nation's dams are posing a risk highlighted by the spillway at oroville. 20% of dams are considered high hazard. and that means at least one person could die if the dam were to fail. nearly 1 in 5 lack emergency plans. most dams were completed between 1950 and 1980. and the average age of 84,000 dams is 52. and "the wall street journal" says a lawsuit is likely between the $100 million loll suit with lance armstrong. the judge contends armstrong committed fraud while doping. the "los angeles times" says seven disney workers suffered smoke inhalation when a fire erupted in a parking garage. it caused nearly $80,000 in
7:33 am
damage. no visitors were hurt. investigators are looking for the cause but foul play is not expected. "newsweek" reports on a former and current tsa workers indicted on smuggling cocaine over the last 18 years. the suitcases were filled and had gone through security at the airport at san wajuan, puerto rico. the picture shows an army officer carrying the so-called nuclear football. now, that's the briefcase that carries material needed to launch nuclear wells. he also posed for a picture. defense officials declined to discuss the photo on the record. but it has raised questions among other former national security advisers who say it's inappropriate. >> well, when you read the last line of the tweet, it says rick is the man. >> who said rick is the man?
7:34 am
>> the one who posted -- >> he's identifying rick is the man carrying the football. >> it's a little unsettling that anybody can walk up to the guy with the football and take a picture. it's a little disturbing. >> the man who posted that photo put other images from mar-a-lago on the internet. they show president trump with prime minister shinzo abe authoritily after north korea tested the missile. jeff pegues looks at why those photos are posing so many questions today. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, at issue is whether the president was discovering sensitive national security information in that setting. faced with a barrage of questions on this, the white house is denying that president trump and his national security team did anything that posed as a security risk. >> united states of america stands behind japan -- >> reporter: late saturday night, president donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe addressed the latest
7:35 am
north korean missile test. images were posted on social media, showing the world leaders just moments before that statement, having dinner in a public dining room. in one photograph, you can see president trump on a cell phone. another shows mr. trump and the japanese prime minister reading information by camera light. the president's chief strategist steve bannon and former national security adviser mike flynn can be seen hovering just above him. mar-a-lago club member richard deagazio posted some of his pictures on facebook writing holy-moley and wow, center of the action. making national security decisions in plain view. in a statement, the white house says that's not what happened insisting that the president was briefed on the north korea situation in a classified setting both before and after the dinner. but democrats on capitol hill, including senate minority leader chuck schumer called what they saw in the photographs a
7:36 am
security risk. >> he never should have had such a sensitive discussion in such a public place. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi posted this message on twitter. there's no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like different theater. >> even if the information being discussed was not technical classified information, these types of conversations are still sensitive. >> reporter: carrie cordero is a former national security lawyer for the department of justice. he believes the department of justice can learn a lot from these photograph. >> if foreign services are paying attention and i'm sure they are, they are paying attention to all of the individuals who potentially have access. all the types of devices that are there. and they are going to think about how they can exploit that in the future. >> reporter: in the past, even when they travel, presidents have used mobile secured communications facilities to discuss sensitive matters. just last year, then president
7:37 am
obama was photographed inside a trailer in havana with his national security adviser susan rice. former president george w. bush even had a specialized trailer set up at this ranch in crawford, texas. norah. >> i can remember traveling with the secretary of defense donald rumsfeld after 9/11 and there would be containers inside a plane so he could conduct secured meetings within those. even though there was nobody on there except for a couple of reporters. >> it's unsettles that we know what the guy who carried the nuclear code looks like. that's unsettling. and that his name is rick. >> yeah. >> it's troubling to me. >> yeah. all right. scientists can learn a lot about killer whales from their breath. ahead, we'll take you to antarctica, we'll show you how the clouds produced by the ocean predators can help us understand why they get sick.
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mark phillips continues this climate diaries sears from antarctica. this morning, he following a group of researchers chasing killer whales they're favoring new technology including drones. mark phillips shows us how ocean dwellers facing the effect of cliements change. >> reporter: good morning, welcome to palmer station. one of the biggest research stations in ants artic icctit - antarctica. not all of the answers they're getting are happy ones it's the national geographic explorer is a different kind of adventure cruise ship. she's on a whale hunts. cutting through the packed ice near the antarctic circle the
7:43 am
good ship explorer is not here for sightseeing, throw there's plenty to see. although nobody shouts "thar she blows" this time in open waters people do jump into small boats to chase them just like in the old days. this hunt, though, isn't about killing whales, it's about saving them. it's about giving them a health check. and the prognosis isn't particularly good. >> one of the reasons we study stop predators and killer whales are top predators. >> reporter: they're modern hunters who use the latest tools. they use a drone fitted with equipment to monitor the whale's condition. >> with a small drone, we can fly it just a little over 100 feet. the whales don't know it's there. and fly a camera much lower. the quality of the images are so much better. >> reporter: better pictures but it turns out not better whales. the images of this pod of killer whales are not encouraging.
7:44 am
particularly for the adult female, the mother of the family. >> she's very, very stunned. you can see this following her. her whole body profile. she's lost all of the fat along her entire body. >> reporter: she's dieing? >> yes. and she has a depentent off spring. >> reporter: it's not just the size of the whales that john and holly are looking at, you wouldn't think you can sake a sample of the whales out here in the ocean, but you can. the team has developed a technique, here they're using it in the pacific to actually breathlize whales. you can tell by going through the whale breath, the ex hhalatn of the whales you're picking up
7:45 am
the whales? >> uh-huh. the droplets here, from that, we take them back to the lab and use genetic techniques to identify the micro organisms here. >> reporter: it's early in the program and john and holly are just building up a database of what comes out of the whale's blow hole. but if the whale is unwell, the theory is you'd effectively be able to smell it on their breath. in the meantime, they can only take an educated guess on why their finding sick whales here in these pristine waters which like edge else are getting warmer. the packed ice around which the whales normally hunt is not as abundant as it used to be. neither is the food that they hunt for. >> hypothesis is there's hunting for food. >> reporter: fewer seals?
7:46 am
>> it's certainly a hypothesis. >> reporter: the next time john and holly are down here, they'll be looking for these whales hoping they're still around. now because it's so difficult to work in much of the year, wildlife research is left to develop in an arctic. everybody knows about the polar bears it's time to learn about the killer whales. >> mark phillips at palmer station in antarctica. >> without the photographer, kenton young, talking about you. >> it's fascinating that they can bring in a drone to collect the blood. that's incredible. tomorrow, mark will give us an inside look at palmer station work. what scientists have learned over decades in the population of one type of penguins. that's tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning."
7:47 am
and coming up -- why doctors now stay you should steer clear of pills for lower back pain. new recommendations for treatments. plus, the sky's the limit for driverless taxis. ahead >> announcer: this morning's "climate diaries" is sponsored by blue diamond almonds. get your good going.
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7:52 am
say it's planning to test the drone for footbapossible use he. >> they should be playing "the jetsons'" theme song. it's nice to know that the ingredient to make cookies and cupcakes now, vanilla forcing tough decisions. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. p♪ love is in the air. make a date with your eye doctor. your eyes will love you for it. show your eyes some eyelove. eyelove is all the things... ...we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor... about dry eyes... ...that interrupt the things you love... ...because it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love. i need a real vay-cation. one measly week to bury my
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan, police are searching foreman who barge into a home in cobbs creek around 1:00 this morning, investigators tell cbs-3 the man was armed and fired one shot while inside the home near 59th and washington. no one was injured, fortunately, but the gunman did get away with unknown amount of cash. let's turn to katie for a look at today's wetter. >> good morning, jim. right now, we do have little vale of cloud cover over the city of philadelphia. out to picture here outside middle township high school, in the liver neighborhood network. do have more sun than anything, granted, still pharisee its all clouds, but my expectation, actually see cloud cover break for more and more sunshine and the bigger story is just that that wind has eased up so substantially, so really just quiet day,
7:57 am
sunshine, tomorrow, little milder, cooling down thursday, friday, thursday looks blustery, by the way, then nice warming trends as we spike to the 50's by saturday. meisha? >> sounds good. all right, katie, thank you so much. still dealing with some accidents out there. the first of which is actually a disable tractor-trailer. new jersey turnpike off ramp to burlington-mt. holly off ramp is partially blocked right now. just heads up on. that will also, an accident west bradford, downingtown pike at north creek road. you will have to use this alternate. i'll be tweeting that out, as well. also on the boulevard disable vehicle head toward the schuylkill in the southbound direction, jim? >> thank you, meisha. coming up next on cbs this morning, new health for millions of americans with lower back pain, next update is at 8:25, good morning, i'm jim donovan.
7:58 am
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, february 14th, 2017. happy valentine's day. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is some more real news ahead, including north korea's nuclear and missile programs. "the new york times" saying they have a new article on the threat to the u.s. details of how north korea has advanced its missile testing. but first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> michael flynn has resigned. questions continue about the extent of his potentially el legal contact with russia. >> white house was warned about this and the concern that was relayed was that flynn could be open to blackmail. >> the if you're the v.p. and the president you cannot have somebody working for you -- you have to question their trust and
8:01 am
credibility. >> north korea says sun's launch was for self-defense. it comes at a particularly sensitive time for beijing. just as relations with the trump administration were starting to fall. >> that issue is whether the president was discussing sensitive national security information that in that public setting. >> agency that issued the license to build the dam want answers about how these problems started and how they can be fixed. >> one former teammate told me, hey, this is just another game on our way to the ncaa tournament. but for fans this was a game they will never forget. adele had a great night at the grammys. she won five grammys while beyonce only won two. yeah. >> ooh. >> and if weren't announced adele announced she's preg navnts with triplets. [ applause ] ♪ >> i'm norah o'donnell, gayle
8:02 am
king and anthony mason. charlie is off. michael flynn resigned overnight, his departure after about three weeks make him the shortest serving national security adviser in history. another retired general joseph keith kellogg will replace him temporarily. kellogg was an adviser to the trump campaign. >> evidence came out yesterday that the justice department had warned the white house last month that flynn had indeed mislead the nation about his contacts with russia. in a phone call with russia's ambassador to the u.s. before the inauguration. he and the ambassador by his claim did not discuss. >> he wrote, i tourname inadvertently briefed the vice
8:03 am
president elect with others. >> kellyanne conway was asked earlier in the day. >> general flynn enjoys the confidence of the president. it was a big week for flynn. >> a little over an hour after the white house defended flynn, sean spicer says in a statement, the president is evaluating the situation and several hours after that, the president accepted flynn's resignation. >> "the new york times" reports because flynn cannot told everything about his conversations with the russian ambassador, quote, it's justice department feared that mr. flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail by moscow and that this had been communicated to the white house last time. david singer is now a "the new york times" national security correspondent, and he joins us now. good morning, david. >> good morning. >> given that the justice department had warned the white house about this late last month, how long was the white house planning to keep a security threat with the head of the nsc.
8:04 am
>> that's a great point because these issues had been swirling around general flynn for at least a month. and remember, what started all of this is the impositions of sanctions by president trump from president obama in return for interference in the election. the question here is if president trump knew about this, and knew of the justice department concerns which appears to have come from sally yates, the deputy attorney general who he fired not long ago for her unwillingness to enforce the immigration restrictions, was he planning to just ignore this piece of evidence until it became public. and he couldn't any longer. >> is david, is your reporting that general flynn was acting on his own when he discussed the sanctions with the russians? or was 2 an authorized discussion which suggested either the chief of staff or the president knew about it as well? >> well, there's nothing unusual in talking to foreign diplomats
8:05 am
during a transition. almost every presidential transition does that. and general flynn made that point in his resignation letter. the problem would come if he actually made a promise, in this case, that the sanctions would be lifted. or taken care of once president trump came into office. and it's not clear that he did that. and in fact, we're had some people tell us that the actual contents of this transcript, because apparently, the conversation was being wiretapped by the nsa or the fbi. probably the fbi. were -- is ambiguous. you raise a very good question, what were general flynn's instructions? >> yeah. >> and he said himself in a tweet this morning, that while he was responsible, there are these those responsible, too. >> that tweet has not been verified. >> okay. i'm glad to hear that point. rime glad you corrected me on that. >> we don't know yet. >> i think you've raised the right question which is was he
8:06 am
acting obstruction. >> he was acting alone i think is the question. >> david, you've written this week about the ongoing turmoil on the president's national security council. where does this leave the national security council now? >> well, the council is in considerable disarray right now. and the disarray comes from the fact not only that general flynn was under this cloud. but also from the fact that they had not filled out many of the key positions, that it was unclear who was responsible for what. you had a lot of anxiety from the career staff who had stayed around and was not -- was not yet feeling as if they were involved in the conversations. and we've had some decisions made, unmentioned one earlier, concern north korea. but there were others, particularly, that raid in yemen, which we discussed a few weeks ago. where it wasn't clear that there was sort of clear pathways to
8:07 am
making decisions, in sort of a regular order, with the right kind of advice and legal counsel. >> this morning, david, a senior russian official is suggesting that the decision of mr. flynn to resign or be fired, whichever you choose to believe was meant to damage the relations between u.s. and russians. i even heard the phrase "russiaphobia." does that make sense to you? >> you know, compared to what we've learned in the past few months, gayle, about what the russians did during the course of the election. the disinformation campaign. the russian intelligence agncies stepping in to steal e-mails and make them public. it strikes me that this would be a pretty small contributor to overall relationships. >> just quickly, david, you write about north korea in "the new york times" today about why this missile test is significant in part because these tested
8:08 am
missiles provide little advance warning if we, the u.s., wanted to take a preemptive strike, correct? >> that's right. these missiles use solid fuel. and that means they can be rolled out and launched really in a matter of minutes. the old technology was liquid and you'd have a lot of warning because satellites would probably see a missile being launched on a launchpad. you'd have time to react. take a counterstrike. prepare your anti-missile defenses. so while it's not a missile that could reach the u.s., it's worrisome. >> david sanger, we leave it there. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, good to talk to you. medication might not be the best way to treat your aching back. our dr. tara narula, there she is, in the green time, by
8:09 am
. more men want women to make the first move. ahead, the new study that
8:10 am
reveals how the rules for dating are changing. what is the first move? we'll get into that. >> hello. there's a good song to play with this. you're watching "cbs this morning." daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy!
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in our "morning rounds" new recommendations for the treatment of low back pain. a quarter of americans have had back pain at least once in the past three months. a new review finds the best therapy may not, may not, include a pill. the american college of physicians is now telling doctors prescription medication should be considered a last resort in most cases. our dr. tara narula joins us at the table to discuss it, before we get into what should be the best thing to do. back pain i hear is the worst thing you could have because it affects everything you do. >> it does. and that's what i want to focus on. the back is the structural foundation. when your back has a problem, it affects every single activity you do. it can be crippling for people and cause distress not just physically but mentally. when you see someone with back pain, you talk to them, you hear it in their voice. it costs the country $100 billion a year to treat back pain. and two-thirds of that is from lost wages and productivity. from the past, a lot of
8:15 am
treatment has been focused on drugs. expensive drugs, harmful drugs and what this is doing is taking drugs out of the picture and aing what was alternative therapy must be mainstream. >> what do the back therapy do? >> for subacute and acute, recommendation is nondrug. that means things like heat, massage, acupuncture, final manipulation. if those fail, the second sign try is nsaids or back pain lasting more than 12 weeks, again things like exercise, physical therapy. mindfulness, tai chi, joyoga. and if that fails, medications like tramadol. >> and if that doesn't work at all, what are the suggestions? >> tylenol. that was recommendsed in the
8:16 am
guidelines in 2007 and we found it doesn't work as effect tifrl in back pain. also things less effective, steroids. electrical stillation and ultrasounds. >> and opioids a last resort? >> opioids, last resort. if everything else fails make sure the benefits outweigh the risks. make sure you have a realistic discussion with your doctor. >> dr. tara narula, thanks. a scoop of vanilla ice cream is getting more expensive. next recipe for your favorite treats is changing due to the surging prices of vanilla beans. and "orange is the new black" actress laverne cox is trading in her prison suit for business attire. >> announcer: cbs morning rounds sponsored by nicorette. it starts to relieve sudden
8:17 am
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crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. ♪ if you're looking for a last-minute valentine's day gift, a special treat with vanilla might be just what you need. i love vanilla. but vanilla bean prices have soared because of a shortage in madagascar. the island country has more than three quarters of the world's vanilla fields. ben tracy is at a candy store in hollywood to show us how the treats we love are becoming a lot more expensive. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when it comes to vanilla, nobody
8:21 am
wants arts official flavor, they want the real thing. at this candies store in hollywood, all the chocolate bars use veal vanilla, even nestle has switch to the real thing in their crunch bar. and now there's a shortage. and that has become a bitter pill to swallow. you sell a lot of vanilla ice cream? >> it's our number one seller. >> reporter: in california, vanilla ice scream is surrounded by brownies and in root beer. its appeal is pretty simple. >> because i like it. >> reporter: owner karen clemons says it's all about the ingredie ingredients. and how important is that madagascar vanilla? >> my vanilla ice cream would not be the same without it. >> reporter: yet these days she's losing money on every scoop. vanilla has outpassed dairy as her biggest cost. do you think that people know
8:22 am
when they're ordering this that this is the delicacy of the ice cream shop? >> no, they have absolutely no idea. >> reporter: the price she pays for a gallon of organic vanilla extract has quadrupled from four years ago. when something goes to $100 what does that mean to your bottom line? >> i just hope we're going to make it to the end of the season. >> reporter: 79% of the vanilla fields are in madagascar. the shortage there has driven up the cost from $11 a pound in 2011 to nearly 200 bucks by the end of 2016. at this price point, is the vanilla industry sustainable? >> no we manufacture over 200 types of vanilla. >> reporter: josephine rockhead and her husband don run the vanilla company. she shot this video in december during a trip to madagascar to survey the vanilla crops.
8:23 am
it's a labor-intensive process. beans grow on orchids each one is pollinated by hand. >> vanilla is not a product you can get out tomorrow. it takes three years for the bean to grow. >> reporter: vanilla prices spiked in 2003 before crashing the next year. shipments of vanilla once again cost a small fortune. >> probably $100,000 in vanilla. >> reporter: this is worth $100,000. >> yeah, $100,000. >> reporter: and a couple years ago it would have been worth -- >> probably $1,000. >> reporter: that's for high-quality beans which get harder to find as the price goes up. many farmers harvest the beans before they fully mature worried thieves will steal them because they're so valuable. the businesses whether they buy them at high prices or the inevitable crash. >> it's going to come down and
8:24 am
nobody knows, that's the big question mark. nobody knows when or how quickly. >> reporter: karen clemons is having to raise prices in her store, while she didn't put it in her ice cream, she did put artificial in her waffle cones. >> it kind of broke my hard. >> the good news is the vanilla crop in madagascar appears to be in good shape this year and that should eventually increase the supply. speaking of supply, the folks here at this candy store made custom chocolate bars for us. they gave us a couple. i think we can part with one and send it out to you guys. >> one candy bar for the three of of us to share. thanks, ben. >> happy valentine's day! >> vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron. it comes from orchids. >> no artificial vanilla.
8:25 am
got to be this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. maybe you have plans tonight for valentine's days, but this afternoon a party at dim worth park, free red roses will be handed out to the first 200 guests also septa wants to hear about any love stories that gannon public transportation. he'll also be able to snap a selfie with the love statue for the last time before it leaves for restoration, the party from noon until 2:00. and katie looks like from noon to 2:00 it should be sunny out there? >> i think so. expecting these clouds that are currently overhead to break for more and more sunshine with time. but regardless of any cloud cover, it is dry. that will be the theme throughout the day here. as we take a look at just the bullet point for the day on tap, expect again more sun thin anything, but tranquility, too. wind has eased up so nicely, not hugging the winter coat as
8:26 am
tightly as did you yesterday. certainly you don't have to literally hold on to your hat here today. but it is still cool day, although technically slightly above average. and we will hit about 47 degrees here today. bit more breezy tomorrow. blustery, thursday, as two separate disturbances bypass us, looking ahead to the weekends all good stuff here. not only rebounds nicely on the thermometer but i expect full sunshine both saturday and sunday, meisha. >> look nice out, there thank you so much, katie. still tracking some problems out on the roadways, one of which, disable vehicle in this area, schuylkill westbound at the boulevard, very, very bus any fact just looking at this, you weren't even moving. so obviously traveling less than posted speeds out, 25 to 30 minute there, also accident here west bradford still out there downingtown park at north creek road. heads up, you will have to use this alternate if you want to navigate around as quickly as possible, plus another accident byberry road huntingdon pike. that's also going to slow you down little bit, rahel, over to you. meisha, thank you. next update at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, new stud think valentine day, most men
8:27 am
favor women making the first move. i'm rahel solomon.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ of course, the star of last night, as every night, was beyonce. [ cheers and applause ] she was nominated for nine grammys including album of the year for "lemonade." everybody expected her to win especially the woman who actually won. >> i'm very humbled and i'm very grateful and gracious for my life. and this happened to me. >> i'm a lovely finish but beyonce had one of the best albums of all time. i said it myself, kanye. i said it! now leave me alone! [ laughter ] >> i shouldn't have won. [ laughter ] >> that is so funny, no shade on adele because that's a great album. a lot of people, a lot of people
8:31 am
thought beyonce was going to win for album of the year. "lemonade" was a tour de force and evolution in the industry. coming up in this half hour, the new dating rules and why most women are still reluctant to ask a guy for his number. plus, actress laverne cox is in the toyota green room. hi, laverne. she plays an attorney on the new cbs drama "doubt." why she describes her romance scenes as scary. wind turbines across the plane states have includes half the wind energy. 52% getting wind. the power grid operator southwest power said ten years ago it considered hitting 25% extremely challenging.
8:32 am
"usa today" reports first lady melania trump wants to keep the white house garden that michelle obama cultivated. while touring a japanese garden over the weekend, mrs. trump unofficial spokeswoman said she promised to preserve mrs. obama kitchen garden. mrs. obama used it to encourage kids to eat healthier. >> that's lovely. new reports on a fifth grade coed basketball team that decided to forfeit the season rather than kick out the girls. st. john's basketball youth organization played together for four years as a coed team. but the director said the team would not be allowed to say coed in the boys league. >> oh, my, new heroes. >> i love that it was a coed team. >> me, too.
8:33 am
the "los angeles times" said "playboy" is reversing ban on nudity. hugh hefner announced with the hash tag naked is normal. >> are we surprised by this? >> no, he's 25 years old. nope. and the new york post says a writer is quitting a job he's done for three decades because he's out of ideas. donald loul wrote about tfortun with, but he will stay on in another job as the company's chief financial officer. >> we did a story on him, remember? >> i remember it now, i totally forgot about that. >> mind like a steel trap. if you're still looking for a valentine, i say join the club, the struggle is real. dating rules may be changing.
8:34 am
dating site match conducted the most complicated in member. relationship trends, shifting gender roles and social taboos. the study finds that men lead the way in new dating rituals. 95%, anthony, are in favor of a woman initiating the first kiss or asking for a guy's phone number. >> not against it. >> but only 29% actually initiate the first kiss and 13% ask for a guy's number. she worked on the study. i love the title for you, helen, she's scientific adviser for welcome backing to studio 57. >> thank you. >> does this mean that men are okay with is it because when i was growing up it was a no-no? >> it does. women in the job market gaining economically and socially. men would love it if a woman
8:35 am
initiates the first kiss. initiates the first sex. or calls the following morning before does when it was a good date. men say that feminism has really made dating easier, safer and more enjoyable for them. >> and i understand why. there's a lot going on. >> to ask all of these questions and get condistantly rejected. >> yeah, we'll really burdened. >> yes. >> it's interesting, the number one turn-on men say now is female entrepreneurs. >> isn't that beautiful? >> yeah. >> and in fact, i began to think why is it, what is an entrepreneur? they're daring, they're co nfident, they're consciousous. and many years, living, commuted
8:36 am
to work, came home and fixed the dinner. the double-income family. and now moving back towards it, men are leading the way, not women. >> you called the major trend in romance, low love, what does that mean? >> this is a representative sample of americans based on the system. what we're finding over the years, we find it this time, too a real extension of the precommitment san diegtage. marriage used to be the beginning of the relationship and now it's the finale. i think what's going on, these people want to get to know everything single thing they can about a sweetheart before they tie the knot. >> you say what's really interesting, simply among millennials, sometimes, that begins with sex, before the first date? >> yeah. >> that's either good or really bad. >> yep. >> what is the psychology with that? >> i'm not in the good/bad business, i'm looking at trend.
8:37 am
the bottom line, you know, what i say, i want to get to know about a person. getting into the sex first. 34% before the first date. >> what are they looking for? >> they're looking to see if they want to spend their time and their energy and their money on this person. because it's actually very serious. millennials particularly, they want to marry. they're quite dedicated to finding love in 2017. but they're doing it differently. they're courting, getting to know somebody. you get to know a lot between the sheets. not just when they make love, but got a sense of humor. when they're patient. or they can listen. they're probably not scared of getting pregnant. they know how to handling avoid getting a disease. they don't have to walk the walk of shame. sex is part of the puzzle. i call it slow love. i thought, if in fact you have
8:38 am
this long commitment lipe, and to do a study of married people. and to see whether they're going to see happier marriages. so i asked a lot of questions to these 1100 married people, one of the questions was would you remarry the person you're currently married to, and 81% said yes. >> i love that. you meet people in the bars, the gym, the laundromat. at my age, and i meet someone at the laud grndromat. >> are you there a lot? >> i want a guy that has a washing machine. >> i think you have a good point. a washing machine, a house or apartment. i don't want to be going to the landrea laundromat. it's an age thing. >> a lot of people don't have the equipment in the house.
8:39 am
they're going to the laundromat.'re a captive >> yes. >> you've both got the same socioeconomic background because neither has a washing machine. >> there are studies that show that men that help with the laundry, you have better sex. >> that's a different study. okay. helen fisher, thank you very much. >> nor is sharing -- >> happy valentine's day. >> we're getting into dirty laundry now. >> okay. actress laverne cox made headlines at the grammy awards by raising awareness of a case going to the supreme court. she's in our toyota green room.
8:40 am
8:41 am
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♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ ♪ tv audiences came to know actress laverne cox for her portrayal as of an inmate in "orange is the new black." she now serves as cameron moore an educated ivy league defense attorney on the new cbs drama "doubt." on this preview, cameron expresses frustration about her boss and a mentally ill client. >> isiah thinks he's better than
8:44 am
me. >> since when have i needed help. >> why are you taking it personally? >> instead of psycho analyzing i try to figure out how to make them crazy. >> 40 years -- >> they don't buy it. they hear how he's a cynic and a guy always taking a nap. his naps make his sleepy. >> so take him offer. >> barking. >> barking? >> he barks when he gets skie s excited. >> laverne cox, welcome back to studio 57. let's talk about your head line making news at grammys. you asked everybody to look up the case of gavin grimm. in virginia. >> gavin grimm is going to the supreme court march 27th, he had to sue his town to use the
8:45 am
bathroom like over boys. gavin is transgender. you can imagine being 17 years old having to go to the supreme court to fight for the same rights as everybody else. >> did you tell anybody you were going to do that? >> i did not. i didn't want anyone to say i couldn't do it. no one knew, none of my people knew that i was going to shout out gavin. i did it because i was partly frustrated about it. this is the first time that the supreme court is hearing a case about trans-rights. all of a sudden, over 50 bills. what people should know about the bathroom bills that criminalize me going to the women's room, these bills are not about bathrooms. they're about whether trans people have the right to go to public space. we can't go to school, we can't work, we can't go to health care facilities. this is about public about
8:46 am
indications. public accommodations are key to civil life. gavin had to go do a special gender neutral bathroom, a nurse's bathroom way out of the way. and he said this was crazy can i go to the boys bathroom like everybody else. he went without incident. >> i googled after you did. >> thank you. >> i had never heard the story. he didn't know you were doing it either. imagine he's watching and he sees, you made someone very happy. can we talk about you in "doubt." >> absolutely. >> what's fascinating about this character, normally, when's there's a transgender character, there's a big reveal. this cameron is out front and dating. how does that feel, is that nervous for you doing love scenes? >> i was excited because i wanted to see a love scene because a straight white man and
8:47 am
a transwoman i wanted to see that story because that's what i'm living. i was nervous about the love scenes because it's a guy i'm not dating in real life. he's an actor. he plays my love. he's amazing. but i don't know -- i'm thinking has he kissed a transwoman before? >> did you ask him? >> i didn't ask him. i asked him what he's comfortable with. a spoiler, one of the scripts said it's the hottest. we have to make it hot. i think i can make it hot. you have will have to watch "doubt." >> you're playing a yale-educated attorney. >> i actually know a lot of
8:48 am
trans folks in their life who are attorneys. and with the case of gavin going to the supreme court, actually, what happens in the courtroom can make law, can influence public policy. the adversarial nature of the courtroom has inherent drama. i'd love to think i'm a smarty pants and lover to get to showcase that on national television. and people can see that trans folks are, you know, we have to tell our stories in different ways so people get to see us. >> what does it mean to you to be playing the first leading role for a trans character on nets work tv? >> it makes me really excited about the next person who gets to do it. >> yeah. >> because i wouldn't be here if it weren't for people who came before me and made me believe this is possible. if it wasn't for years ago, on another network, i wouldn't have thought this was possible. >> but you opened the door.
8:49 am
the other thing i like about you, number one, you looked hot, hot, hot at the grammys. you had such a fan girl moment about beyonce. did you get a chance to meet her? >> i met beyonce! i met the queen. i met the queen. >> what did you say? what did you say? >> i said, i love you so much. first of all, she stood up for me, she's pregnant. beyonce stood up for me. she said i love you. i said, i love you, too. she said i was beautiful. i just thank for her whole career. she knows who i am. >> and she sent you flowers? >> she sent me flowers. >> bravo, laverne. you can watch the
8:50 am
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan, the ad don't dollars son of former penn state football coach and convicted child molester jerry sandusky is in jail this morning on child sex abuse charges. forty-one year old jeffrey sandusky is accused of the abuse by two teenage girls. his bail is set at $200,000 ahead of preliminary hearing next week. jerry sandusky is currently appealing his child sex abuse conviction. now, the "eyewitness news" weather forecast, here's katie in the weather center good morning, jim. the winds is so much calmer at this point. take a look, we start things off just by looking at the observations cents currently across the region, and they're very, very tranquil, the worse we've good out at philadelphia international airport, even there, 8 miles per hour, barely notice it, that's
8:56 am
helpful and the festive holiday graphic, here it is, dripping with teddy bears and cupids, arrows, sunshine today. we do have little bit of cloud cover currently overhead. that's going to spin with time, average up to 47 degrees, normal high is 44, so not doing too bad. the cure here is that the wind has eased up, picks back up, however, specially thursday, as a system develops again to our northeast. but then looking ahead to nice warming trends this weekend, and certainly not expecting any major storms any time soon, meisha. >> i'm loving that graphic, katie, i like it, thank you. looking outside, schuylkill past gladwynn, it was pulled all the way off to the shoulderment look like that may have cleared. schuylkill looking busy from the overall normal tuesday morning congestion. also we have an accident here horsham, horsham road norristown road. heads up for that. byberry road, byberry, huntingdon pike, will probably slow you down just little bit. then we do have another accident still out there west bradford downingtown, pike, north creek road, heads up on that, you can use the
8:57 am
alternate to navigate around, jim, over to you. >> thank you, that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. make it a
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>> the following program contains mature subject matter. >> you won't believe what than expect tan mom did to an unsuspecting dad. have you tried a marijuana massage? we're putting it to the test. you've seen pimples pop. >> this may be the grobtest yet. >> and a cause close to jane lynch's heart. >> it affected my family. >> the music elvis costello wants you to hear. >> favorite song and reconnecting to an entire world. >> that's today. [applause] . >> we're all going to be on or or.we're all going to be on or -- behavior. why? legal analyst ariva martin is in the house. she keeps a close guy on us. >> we'll be careful today,


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