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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 14, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight, we're with the first black bachelorette, making history. >> i can totally see myself falling in love. >> new questions about the sudden announcement. we'll tell you why host chris harrison is now apologizing. a new harrison ford plane scare. his near miss with a passenger plane. what he did that has the faa investigating. the new britney spears movie revealing her most intimate ment. our exclusive look. from the walk to the catwalk. as the mugshot went viral, now with the felon overtaking fashion week. >> and our valentine's day with ggen and blake. is theirrnew "voice" rivalry bringing them closer together or tearing them apart? >> she will be in the doghouse.
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>> now for february 14, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." this is bachelorette rachel lindsay, first woman of color to hand out roses. >> it really is a ground-breaking moment in the franchise's history and even the timing of the announcement caught everybody by surprise. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next bachelorette, rachel lindsay. rachel? >> the announcement made history but also raised questions. on "the bachelor," rachel is still in the running for nick's final rose. why would producers ruin the suspense at their own fin in all lay? host chris harrison apologized to "bachelor" fans, instagraming the photo with rachel and writing, "i'm sorry about the timing of the announcement, i hate that anything was ruined." lauren has spent time with rachel and nick covering "the bachelor" for "e.t." >> there seems to be a couple of reasons why this announcement might have been made so early. first leaks were popping up on-line that rachel might have been the new bachelorette and this gives producers time to promote rachel as the
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bachelorette. a source tells "e.t." they want a group of quality guys for her. now casting directors will have time to find those guys. that's something you could sense last night on "kimmel." >> we're ready to get started. i'm ready to find love. find a husband. if you know anyone out there who needs to apply, sign up -- >> oh, really, you're soliciting? >> yes. >> she's a perfect choice. she's smart and accomplished, she's a lawyer. second, she's really self-confident. that is something that nick loved about her the whole season on "the bachelor." and finally at age 31 she is ready to settle down and she is making history of the first african-american lead for the whole "bachelor" franchise. the lack of diversity has been parodied on "snl." >> tell me about yourself. >> well, i'm the black one. >> let me walk you out. >> even a storyline on the second season of lifetime's "unreal." >> he's black! >> yeah, the first black bachelor, that black. >> the fictional series follows
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the backstage drama at a dating reality show. but rachel said her historic season won't be focussing on race as much as finding true love. when i met rachel in new orleans she was laid back and staying away from drama in the bachelor mansion. but thh bachelorette needs drama so what is she going to bbing to the show? she did tell us she really identified with the struggles nick was going through as bachelor. >> i told nick all the time, every time i talked to him, i'm like, how are you doing? i cannot imagine what it is like to compartmentalize every relationship with the women in this house. >> she's going to find out what it's like when the men when she makes her debut as the bachelorette on may 22nd. hair sond ford suffers another close call while piloting the plane, details behind an investigation that is under way right now. this is the aircraft ford was flying yesterday when he flew over a boeing 737 commercial airliner with 110 people on board at john wayne airport in orange county, california. the actor had been cleared to land on the runway but he landed
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on a taxiway instead. the faa is investigating the incident. the actor has been involved in other plane incidents in the past, most recently in 2015 when he made a crash landing at a golf course in l.a. this was his distress radio call. following yesterday's incident could ford face rerp cutions? "any pilot who violates faa regulations can face penalties ranging from a warning letter to a license suspension or revocation." >> just be safe, harrison. broke the big news that george and amal clooney are expecting twins. but julia had been sitting on that story for weeks. now she's giving us the story behind the story. >> congratulations are in order for george and amal clooney. >> here is the truth of the matter. my husband and i saw george and amal about three weeks ago and
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they casually mentioned they were expecting twins. we were like, is it a secret? george went, no. but we didn't feel right telling anybody. >> when early last week a tabloid report suggested amal was expecting twins, julie decided to act. >> my producer said we might report on it. i'm like, no, it's true, it's totally true! it wasn't a secret, let's break the news. i've been dying to tell. >> julie first called her husband, cbs corporation president and ceo leslie nunez. >> they are old friends. i called my husband. >> did you call george and amal to find out if it was okay with them? >> no, i didn't call them, but leslie knows him for so long he goes, you know what i think it's okay. how could you want to keep it a secret? it's way past the 12 weeks. she's due in june. >> no sleep for george and amal, no sleep for beyonce and jay-z. twins are everywhere these days and the they play a big part on "this is us." tonight's episode is a doozy.
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some fans nearly lost their minds when they saw this from milo with all his facial hair gone. >> just wrapped first season. last shot, last roll. last day. here i am closing down. >> today milo ventmilia posted a farewell video from the set, freaking out a few fans wondering if his character would be back. >> i knew always that jack was no longer and i was okay with it, it was fine. >> while we know jack does pass away this show is all about flashback. so fans just chill, milo is coming back. >> a kiss because it's valentine's day. >> but only because it's valentine's day. >> we talked to the cast about the episode, rebecca creating friction as she leaves to go on tour. >> you're going to go on tour with your ex-boyfriend. >> it was nothing. >> you shouldn't have lied to me. >> milo told "e.t." we'll see more happen tonight with john's
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character miguel, best friend, knowing miguel goes on to marry jack's wife, hassfans hating on him. >> i think he's getting the short end. just because everybody loves jack and rrbecca, they can't see this version with miguel. he has a big, big moment that i think is really going to solidify people going, okay, okay, i'm okay with it. >> if people aren't fond of miguel then we haven't done our jobs. i walked away from reading that script, okay, done deal, i love him. i love him. i hope people give him a chance. i suspect they will in due time. >> while miguel will be on our set tomorrow, join us for that. switching to movies. last night was the premiere of "fistfight" and it was nothing but love on the red carpet. ice cube, charlie day, tracy morgan all brought their wives. it has been a long road back for ttacy, who was critically injured in a horrific crash nearly three years ago. he always stayed focused on one day making people laugh again. >> if i'd have thought about it,
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i might have got shook. so i didn't think about t. i just got back on the bike and started riding. >> run on this track tilli call you seabiscuit! thank god he never took the in. sense of humor away from me, thank god. >> in "fistfight" tracy is a high school gym teacher prepping charlie day to duke it out with ice cube, who got fired for his attitude. >> he's going to punch me at 100%? >> oh, no, he's going to punch you at 110%, you won't be playing dead, you'll be dead. >> a lot of the movie scenes were improvised. when nischelle turner sat down with the star, she found out what high school was like before they were paid to perform. >> did you ever participate in talent shows? >> i did. i won one talent show where i danced like michael jackson. >> i did eddie murphy.
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i did "delirious." i was poor man's eddie. i was doing eddie murphy but i was fat, they called me fat murphy. >> did you tell him that story? >> i've told him. he cracked up. >> there was a contest called the best rapper of the west. me and my crew joined the contest. made it to the finals and he messed up on the music. dumb dude. i told him, number 2 on the the cassette, he played number 1. played it are i had it cued. i don't know how it was rewound to the beginning. damn. i'm still thinking about that. >> baddest rappers lost in the rap contest. >> lost in the rap contest. and we would have won, everybody else sucked! man it was a groupon on prep, press and curl. >> shut up. >> hold on, i was in shampoo,
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prep and curl, why is he dissing me? >> i have a photo of that. >> oh, stop. behind the scenes of the new britney spears movie she doesn't want you to watch. our exclusive sneak peek from the j.t. makeouts to her infamous head-shaving meltdown. >> it was very sad. plus -- >> plans for valentine's day? >> that would be a private subject. >> oh the grand, fan frenzy asked. plus jonas on the hot new
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heather locklear is back on abc. the home of many of her past hits like "sin city," t.j. hooker, "dynasty." but this time she is guest
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starring on "fresh off the boat" and it all happens one week from today. >> i'm looking forward for that and i cannot wait for this. the lifetime movie about britney spears. phe actress is from australia but wait until you hear the boys playing 'n sync in this exclusive new scene. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear britney >> you're one year older, girl. ♪ happy birthday to you >> dang right i did. >> flirting. 'n sync sort of look-alikes. britney and justin dusting tour buses. this lifetime movie has guilty pleasure written all over it. >> oh, my gosh. >> actress natasha bassett cried before filming this scene which led to britney's iconic python dance at the 2001 vmas.
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for this scene the 24-year-old used prosthetics to give her the shaved-head look of brit's 2007 meltdown. >> everything is just blurry. >> what was that process like for you? >> it was really horrible, actually. it was very sad. i just feel like i have so much more of an understanding what was she went through now. >> it's not like that. it's not like that, justin. >> what? >> the two-hour bio-pic addressing the rumored cheating that may have caused brit's breakup with j.t., as well as her wedding with kevin federline. britney herself has not given her blessing to the production. >> it is really a love letter to her and her story. i hope she watches it. >> i want to be strong. for my fans. >still ahead tonight -- ♪ >> i just try to bring soul to it and have fun with the song that i hope a lot of people have sex to.
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>> oh, my. nick jonas ii here for your valentine's day plans. >> remember this guy. felon with the hot mug shot? he hits new york fashion week and you're not going to believe how good his life is now. we are behind the scenes with the "voice" coaches talkiig romance. >> i mean, have you seen her? >> and bromance. >> you love that guy, don't you? you love him. >> closed captioning provided by --
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valentine's day. >> that would be a private subject. >> oh, got to respect gwen stefani keeping quiet. but i'm guessing she has something extra special and romantic planned for blake. because she posted this shot planting a big kiss on her man. blake, on the other hand, well, just listen to what they told etonline. ♪ >> every day is valentine's day for you, that's the sweetest thing. >> i mean, have you seen her? have you seen me? tell me i'm not the luckiest guy. >> give us a little hint about what you guys have planned on valentine's day. >> alicia got me a box of those sweetheart candy. wrote to blake love alicia. i will scratch that out and give that to gwen. and outside of that, i don't know. >> we're betting blake will do a lot more than that for gwen. it seems their relationship may be making adam levine a little jealous. his 80 want my bromance back"
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fever even caused him to ccash our interview from across the room. >> hey. does anybody know where waldo is, anybody? anybody seen waldo? there he is, okay. i found him. found waldo. >> thank you. >> all messing with blake. except she doesn't really care. and i don't say this with any bitterness or resentment at all because i don't have any -- but i essentially have no allies. >> such a liar. >> he is very sensitive. >> all bets are off when "the voice" returns later this month. judges, adam, blake, gwen and alicia keys are all in it to win it. but blake and gwen might have an unfair advantage because behind the scenes they take their work home with them. >> do you team up on an alliance at all? you think they do? >> yes. >> yeah. >> i think a little bit. i have. we do talk about it like on off days. like we'll be driving home. i'm like, do you think i should put these two people against
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each other? he'll be like, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> all of a sudden she's like, wait, i'm not talking to you about this. what am i doing? >> i don't believe you. i feel like you're trying to trick me right now. >> is there consequences? what happens wwen you go home after something like that happens? >> well, she's sleeping on the couch, that's what happens. i'm telling you right now. >> i'm sure. >> she will be in the doghouse. >> oh, stop, blake. how about this, it has been a big winnerrfor cassidy pope is the first from the show to be nominated for a grammy. now she is engaged. pope and fiance ryan gosling announced the news on social media. remember this good-looking guy? a lot of women went wild when his mugshot went viral and jeremy meeks became known as the hot talent. well, look at where jeremy popped up at last night. new york's fashion week. this isn't all that will surprise you about his new life today. >> i'm a little nervous. more excited. >> the shirtless 33-year-old,
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tattooed yet finely chiseled abs and sweet baby blue eyes of his opened the philip kline show with stars like madonna, kylie jenner,,paris and nicky hilton sitting front row. >> do you feel like this is a second chance? >> yeah. second chance. might be my fourth. might be my eighth. >> not bad considering hot mugshot guy, aka jeremy meeks, just got out of federal prison 11 months ago after he was convicted for a weapons vital and "strret terrorism." >> this is really not me. i'm not some kingpin. >> here is proof you can turn a bad situation around. meeks, also named the blue-eyed bandit and prison bait, is a happily married man for eight years and father of two equally gorgeous sons. but his past hints at meek's troubled past. this on the neck appears to be a gang sign. the 6'1" california native now wants to pursue modeling. he's definitely living the life.
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posed with his black maserati and calls this mansion near sacramento home. good. also in new york is a platinum blonde kanye west. his fashion show is tomorrow night. we will be there to catch whatever happens. meanwhile, nick jonas is all for breaking into the fashion biz. he learned his style lessons the hard way as etonline's ashley carson found out. >> when you think back in your fashion history, what is your bigggst fashion regret? >> oh, there's quite a few. everything goes out of style. there's over-camoing. all my friends out there, be cautious of over-camoing. there was the ed hardy phase we all have. ♪ i really like it >> listen, part of being a fashionable person is taking risks. and sometimes those risks go terribly wrong. >> the risk-taking stylemaker rocks the grammy red carpet sunday night in a studded jacket. there was a lot of buzz about his latest collaboration, his
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single with nicki minaj featured on the "fifty shades darker" soundtrack. ♪ >> i know for a fact that it is sexy. >> i haven't seen the scene yet. but i heard from many people that it is an explosive scene. i'm excited to see it myself. i love the song. i love nicky. she is amazing. she's incredible. i might be bias. and just trying to bringgsome soul to it and have fun with it and hopefully a lot of people will have sex to it. >> nick's latest project? a just-unveiled shoe line with creative recreation. >> 1410, yes. 1410 came from basically my initials, n.j. so 14 for n, 14th letter in the alphabet and 10 being j. this is something i'm proud of. >> this is interesting. nick's shoes are unisex. though i'm not sure i will wear the last pair. >> we can share shoes. >> no, your feet are real big. meanwhile we were with gwyneth paltrow as she picks out a new line of lingerie. what makes her feel her sexiest? she will tell you when we come back.
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>> all can i say is wow. >> all on new york fashion week kicked off last week, gwyneth paltrow was front and center at the first ready to wear show.
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>> and carly steele talked a llttle romance with gwynneth. >> i think when you know yourself well and you've lived ups and downs and you get into your 40s, you feel pretty good about yourself all the time. >> and carly got valentine's day advice from the creative director. >> do not buy the lingerie for yourself, keep the woman in mind. >> i'll keep that in mind next time i buy lingerie for my
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"insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next bachelorette, rachel lindsay. >> number one, the bachelorette, why rachel got the final rose.
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>> i'm excited for her to be the bachelorette. >> why madonna's first appearance since adopting twins was fashion forward. >> and number three. buckle up for carpool karaoke, the series. ♪ i'm so happy old women think i'm pharell sometimes. >> really? >> plus new heights. >> and romances from those saying i do to the brand new love story. >> and does hugh jackman owe his not so humble beginnings to jim carey? >> i probably did make up a few things from him. all right. >> now "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> from gwen blake to the cast of "this is us" hollywood is in love, and celebrating it, too.


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