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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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you tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the president speaks out against hate. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful. >> mason: he says more needs to be done. critics say he's not doing enough. also tonight, republican lawmakers get an ear full from constituents about the demise of obamacare. >> it is working for a lot of people. >> right! >> mason: after record rainfall, floodwaters swallow up california neighborhoods. four americans died in an australia yoon plane crash captured on video. and she's had the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders. >> space flight is good for age. i have a lot less wrinkles up
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here. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> mason: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm anthony mason. under growing pressure to use his bully pulpit to condemn anti-semitism, president trump did just that today after touring the national museum of african american history and culture in washington, the president said, "we have to fight bigotry, intolerance, and hatred in all of its very ugly forms." some of the ugliest in recent days were the desecration of a jewish cemetery, and threats against jewish community centers. margaret brennan is at the white house. >> anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful. >> reporter: for the first time, president trump addressed anti-semitic incidents that have happened on his watch. president trump's comments came
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after more than 170 graves were toppled at a jewish cemetery in missouri, and more than 50 jewish community centers nationwide received bomb threats. but today, the anne frank center, which fights discrimination, dismissed the president's statement as a "band-aid on the cancer of anti-semitism that has infected his own administration." white house spokesman sean spicer: >> i think that hopefully as time continues to go by, they recognize his commitment to civil rights, to voting rights, to equality for all americans. >> reporter: in january, jewish groups criticized the trump administration for not specifically mentioning juice over anti-semitism in a statement on holocaust remembrance day, and they have raised concerns about xenophobic statements on breitbart, a publication once run by white house adviser steve bannon. last week, an israeli reporter asked the president to respond. >> i wonder what do you say to nose those among the jewish communities in the state and in exprl around the world that feel
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your administration is playing with xenophobia and maybe racist tones. >> i just want to say we are very honored by the victory that we h306 electoral college votes. >> reporter: and an orthodox jewish reporter raise aid similar question the next day. >> there are people who are committing anti-semitic acts, or threatening to-- >> okay, sit down. i understand the ret of your question. i am the least anti-semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life. >> reporter: similarly, the number of anti-muslim groups in the u.s. has nearly tripled since 2015. i asked the white house if they similarly condemn that type of hatred. sean spicer indirectly replied that the president is focused on fighting radical extremism. anthony. >> mason: margaret brennan at the white house. thanks, margaret. today, the homeland security department rolled out the trump administration's plan for crack down on illegal immigration. homeland security security jeff pegues has the details.
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>> reporter: the new guidelines come as u.s. immigration and customs enforcement units have carried out hundreds of deportation operations across the country. authorities will now be able to expedite deportation of any undocumented immigrant in the country for less than two years, immediately return many immigrants captured at the mexican border, and hire 15,000 new border patrol and immigration officers. the guidelines do leave in place an obama-era program that granted work permits to those brought to the country illegally as children. the department of homeland security is also tasked with building president trump's southern border wall, estimated to cost $21 billion. but a report by d.h.s.' internal watchdog questions whether the department is up to the task. >> homeland security has made progress in the last three years, yet faces long-standing, persistent challenges. >> reporter: testifying before
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congress, inspector general john roth said his review found a 2011 project to strengthen 53 miles of the arizona border was canceled but not before d.h.s. spent about $1 billion. there were also numerous bottlenecks in the hiring process, taking over nine month to hire just one border patrol agent. tom schatz is president of citizens against government waste. >> d.h.s. was put together after 9/11 with good intentions, but it brought together a lot of disparate agencies that had never worked together. >> reporter: d.h.s. officials acknowledge that there is anxiety across the country about these new guidelines. anthony, seeking to allay some concerns, officials insisted today that the new guidelines do not include mass deportations. >> mason: jeff pegues, thanks, jeff. the property is working on a rewrite of the travel ban courts put on hold. it would temporarily ban
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citizens of seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. the president says it's meant to keep terrorists owment of the country tburkt could also block much-needed health care professionals. here's tony dokoupil. >> i'm very concerned, very concerned. >> reporter: each year, thousands of international medical graduates like syrian-born emad uddin hakemi, come to the united states for training. many never leave, making up 25% of the country's doctors. >> this country is full of good people, and that's why everyone wants to come here. >> reporter: now the american medical community is concerned any immigration ban will have a chilling effect on applicants, who will simply avoid the u.s. altogether. dr. jerry kruse is dean of the southern illinois school of medicine. so if we were to bar physicians from these seven countries, right away the american health care system would be weaker than it was before. >> yes, it would continue to get weaker fairly rapidly over the next decade. >> reporter: hospitals have until 9:00 p.m. wednesday to decide which of this year's med
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school graduates they will accept as residents. normally, they choose the best candidates, but this year, hospitals must also weigh whether a candidate's visa will be denied, leaving crucial jobs unfilled. >> well, in this county. >> reporter: before the ban, kruse expected international graduates to help shorthanded regions like morgan county in central illinois, but now... >> well, the travel ban has made it more difficult just because of the atmosphere that's developed. >> reporter: hakemi is still happy he came and despite anxiety he has a message for colleagues back in syria. you're recruiting them. >> i'm trying to do my best to encourage them. it's very disheartening to tell your friend, "no, it's not worth it anymore." >> reporter: president trump's first attempt at a travel ban did not include an exception for doctors. anthony, we reached out to the white house to see if the revised ban would include that exception, but an aide told us they could not yet say. >> mason: tonight, parts of nevada and northern california
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are under water following weeks of heavy rain. john blackstone is south of san jose. >> reporter: the water rose today suddenly relentlessly. dozens had to be rescued by teams working in water that was often chest deep. rosi rosie ruiz was shocked to d her neighborhood under water. >> i left for school, to take my daughter to school, and then i come back and see all of this and i'm like, "what is going on?" it happened fast. >> reporter: so fast, the flood trapped horses and parked cars, including sharm's. your car is down there. >> yes, it just happened. >> reporter: it's the result not just of one storm or a week of rain but a season of record-break, torrential downpours. this flooded neighborhood sits beside coyote creek, some 20 miles downstream from anderson reservoir, so full, that water has been cascading down its spillway, filling the creek to overflowing. the floodwaters also caused a mild myles-long traffic jam,
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closing lanes of u.s. highway 101. san jose fire captain matt lowe: >> we did anticipate this. however, there's no way to totally prepare for this. >> reporter: those being rescued in san jose now have another concern: >> they are being decontaminated because this is polluted water. it could be sewage coming up from the souter pipes that are now under water. it could be gasoline and motor oil from cars that are under water. >> reporter: the risk of other communities ending up like this remains high. anthony, more than a dozen california counties are under flood warnings. >> mason: thanks, john. john blackstone. four men from the austin, texas, area were killed in australia today when their small plane went down just after takeoff. the four were headed for a golf outing when tragedy struck. more now from david begnaud. >> reporter: dashcam video captured the moment of private twin-engine plane plummeted from the sky before crashin crashinga melbourne outlet mall tuesday morning. this happened just 45 minutes
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before shops would have been filled with patrons and employees. the explosion shook the melbourne suburb of essendon. witnesses like todd owen didn't know what to make of it. >> the plane came over, and i saw the big explosion and the smoke and flames coming up. >> reporter: australian pilot max quartermain and four american passengers were all killed in the crash. the americans have been identified as: the americans were going golfing. the exact cause of the crash is still unknown. superintendent mick fruen: >> we understand that there potentially was a catastrophic engine failure but we're unsure at this stage. >> reporter: police say the pilot called in a may day, shortly after taking off in essendon, en route to king island, about 160 miles south. >> today is a desperately sad dow day. >> reporter: daniel andrews is the local government leader. >> a number of people have died as a result of what is the worst civil aviation accident that our state has seen for 30 years.
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>> i'm still processing it, the thought that russ it not here. and that he died in such a horrific way. >> reporter: david mattka is a longtime friend and colleague of russell munch. >> at least he was doing what he really wanted to do and he was traveling-- he was on his way to a golf course. it's what he loved doing. >> reporter: we have more now on the plane's pilot. he was under investigation for a near-miss that apparently happened about two years pooping anthony, the men from austin went to australia with their wives. as we understand it, the wives were out sight seeing when that plane went down with their husbands on board. >> mason: david begnaud in texas. thanks, david. republicans in congress are going ahead with their campaign promise to get rid of obamacare, but some of their constituents are telling them not so fast. here's chip reid. >> we are going to repeal the affordable care act. >> reporter: in the small town of north harmony, new york, things were anything but harmonious this weekend during a town hall held by conservative
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republican congressman tom reed. >> the affordable care act doesn't work. >> it is working for a lot of people. >> right! >> 20 million! >> why do we throw want baby out with the bath water? let's fix it! >> reporter: it's similar to the reception other republicans have gotten at hoarnlg including jason chaffetz of utah. >> do your job! >> reporter: anger over the threatened repeal of obamacare is one of the biggest issues. but there are others. >> as long as donald trump, his administration, and this congress are pursuing an agenda that is at odds with the interests of most americans, i think you're going to see a lot of people standing up to resist it. >> reporter: ezra levin is with the indwibl project, one of numerous progressive groups trying to turn anti-trump anger into a national movement. >> you don't trust me? >> no! >> reporter: it's modeled on
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the tea party movement that rose up in opposition to president obama's health care reform plan in his first term. levin claims this movement is coming together more quickly. >> this isn't just a city center thing. there are groups in 99.5% of congressional districts. >> reporter: some republicans have claimed that their contribution professional protestors. stay-at-home mom, who is attending tonight's town hall with congressman dave brat in black stone, virginia, begs to differ. >> we are not paid protesters. we are not agitators. we are people who really want to have our concerns answered. >> reporter: bob charlton vote forward donald j. trump and is here to support congressman brat. >> i hope it doesn't just change into a referendum on the trump presidency. >> reporter: the town hall protests are getting president t trump's attention. late today he tweeted, "the so-called angry crowds in home districts of some republicans actually, in numerous cases, plans out by liberal activists.
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sad." exclamation point. anthony. >> mason: chip reid. thanks, chip. and coming up next on the cbs evening news, a rising star on the far right falls back to earth. and later a space pioneer's formula for living stronger opinion introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪ with new herbal essences bursting with argan oil of morocco and notes of jasmine sure to put more life in your hair and your head. new herbal essences
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always be you. wonly new alka-seltzer plus st want powerful relief. free of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels delivers the powerful cold symptom relief you need without the unnecessary additives you don't. loudspeaker: clean up, aisle 4. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. far-right breitbart, milo yiannopoulos declared war on political correctness. today he learned there are limits on free expression. he lost a book deal, speak engagement, and resigned from breitbart. >> reporter: it was the first and last time milo yiannopoulos promised that he would ever apologize for something he said. >> i regret the things that i said. i don't think i've been as sorry about anything in my whole life. >> reporter: the 32-year-old brit has amassed quite the resume as a provocateur. articles suggesting if you're
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obese, shuhate yourself. "feminism is cancer" sweat shirts sold on his web page. banned from twitter for his hateful attacks against comedian lesley jones. while that was enough into 2 spark protests at u.k. berkeley and elicit a rather plain-spoken response from comedian larry wilmore as yiannopoulos called him stupid on tv. >> you can go (bleep) yourself, all right. >> reporter: it wasn't until yesterday when this old podcast surfaced, with the openly gay yiannopoulos arguing sexual relationships between 13-year-old boys and men in their 20s could be consensual. >> reporter:... that milo yiannopoulos had ever seen a line he couldn't cross. swiftly, the conservative political action conference rescinded its invitation for him to speak about free speech, and cbs-owned simon & schuster canceled his autobiography and
6:48 pm
the reported $250,000 advance. >> this last 48 hours has been a horrible and humiliating and degrading experience for me. but i'm going to be around for 30 years. many of the people who are organizing everything they possibly can to take me down will not be. >> reporter: yiannopoulos was defiant today from start to finish, promising to find another publisher for his book, and to continue his controversial tour of college campuses. >> mason: still ahead. thanks jim axelrod. still ahead, a bull on the run.
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6:52 pm
planned to attack non-muslims inside his apartment near raleigh, where an ak-47 and more than 350 rounds of ammunition. a bull destined for the butcher's knife in new york city saw an opening at the slaughterhouse today and made a run for it. police and civilians gave chase as the bull zigged and zagged through the streets of queens for two hours, despite being shot repeatedly with tranquilizer darts. the bull was finally corald but died on the way to an animal care center. at the national zoo today, america's most celebrated panda had a final expheel took a final bow before being fedexed overnight to china. that's where bao bao, born at the zoo three and a half years ago will spend the rest of hir life. joining her on the flight are a keeper and a vet who will feed bao bao her favorite foods, including bamboo and sweet potatoes. bye-bye, bao bao.
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thank you. come on everybody. aleve. live whole. not part. >> mason: we end tonight with a trailblazer for women in space and for all of us back on earth, a guiding star for those who want to live stronger. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: nasa astronaut peggy whitson has blasted through glass ceilings and into outer space three times. >> rocketing towards the international space station. >> reporter: and is on the international space station right now. at 57, she's the oldest woman ever in space, was the first female commander of the international space station, has tied the number of spacewalks by
6:57 pm
a woman at seven, and has walked in space for over 46 hours-- all evidence of living stronger. >> break records has never been my goal. i think it's important that we're continually pushing, you know, our limits and showing that we can extend beyond what we have done before. >> reporter: her journey began in the midwest. when you were growing up in iowa, i understand you sold chickens to get your pilot's license, and that a couple people told you early on that you should not pursue a career in science. what drives you? >> the advice i give young people is that you have to pursue something, and you have to have fun along the way. >> reporter: advice she follows faithfully. >> one of the most fun things to do when you're living up sheer just be here. >> reporter: what do you do on the space station when you're not working, in your down time? >> well, we have a phenomenal window in the cupola. it's a 360-degree view of the earth, and it's just an
6:58 pm
incredible view. there's always something new, something even more beautiful than the last time. >> reporter: whitson also takes time to work out twice a day, a necessity to offset the feesktz zero gravity. when she returns to earth this sprirng peggy whitson will again set a record for the most time in orbit of any nasa astronaut, man or woman, over 534 days. and space, she says, offers at least one advantage over earth. >> space flight is good for age. i have a lot less wrinkles up here. it's a good place to be as you get older. >> reporter: another view of age open to a universe of possibilities. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> mason: a year and a half in orbit. what a career. that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm anthony mason. thanks for watching. good night.
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tonight, george clooney reveals his fatherhood fear. >> baby crying. ahhh, ahhh. that's going to change a lot of things. >> his first interview about amal's pregnancy. is the 55 ready for twins? >> does angelina jolie think brad is a good dadd after the custody battle her surprising interview today. >> "flip or flop" face-off. >> hgtv stars on all out head to head flip to get their side of the story heard. new confessions about their break-up. >> there's a lot of false stories. >> and melissa mccarthy takes a big fall for big laughs. revealing how they pull off the epic tumbles. >> i try to do as much as i can


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