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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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i jumped up and seen the smoke every where and got out. >> up in flames, fire races through a south jersey ramada inn in the middle of the night and several guests had to be rescued and others forced to flee with only the clothes on their back. two people including a police office are are being treated at the hospital. good afternoon i'm jim donovan
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i'm rahel solomon. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live this vineland the daylight shows the extent of the damage, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon jim and rahel. much of the damage is concentrated in the back of the building. help crew as arrived they found three people tangling from the second floor window tossing out their belongings trying to get to safety. thankfully they are okay. they know of 28 people who seven been displays by this has i have fire which took, more than one hours, to get under control. you you can see damage to the ramada inn is extensive. much of the roomies charred. you can still shellshock this is air. we want to get to this dramatic video there earlier this morning when you could see flames shooting out of the roof of the building here in the two to hundred block of west landis island in vineland it says at least 12 rooms are heavily damaged there this two alarm fire. guest didn't hear tire alarms but they woke up to police officers banging on their
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doors and some kicking them into make sure they got to safety. while it is not clear how this fire started, officials believe that it started on the second floor. we spoke to two women hoff been staying here at the ram ada inn. >> the inn there was smoke and other stuff going on and we went this and got kid out. worrying about packing up, it was so thick i was than the staying this there. >> it started about 20, came back and there was flames coming from the top and the roof of our room, our whole roomies ton, everything is burnt. everything i owned is this there. >> reporter: and another live look there at the scene, ruble being cleared up, and fire crews have just also cleared out but i just spoke to the tire captain who tells he that this does not appear to be suspicious. it also did not appear to be a electrical fire. what police officer says is one is suffering from smoke inhalation and another is suffering from burns at crozer-chester medical center. officials believe the fire
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start at her unit and will learn once they are able to speak with her. live are vineland i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just moments ago a group of new jersey officials cast their vote on a controversial pipeline, new jersey pine land mission, approved the construction of the hotly contested that are gas pipeline. the vote was slit nine to five , one person did not the vote. as you can see here this video is attracting quite a large crowd. row postal by south jersey industries calls for a 22 hyle that are gas pipeline. it would run from commercial township to the bl england power plant in beasley's point it is part of the plan to convert the plant from oil and coal to cleaner burning natural gases. groups who oppose site environmental concerns but it does however have support of governor christie and some business groups. this week is ending with another day of way above average temperatures, but a coal front is moving in it will bring changes over weekend. this is day to enjoy syringe like warmth. cbs-3 is in fairmount park. people have the right idea for a run under the budding cherry
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blossom trees. meteorologist katie fehlinger. >> what. >> i was going to say we have another heather person out there katie's live on the cbs-3 sky deck. i'm still just stun at this weather. >> well, what blows my behind, scrim you know how freezing i am in the studio. i'm out here on february 24th wearing not the just no coat but short sleeves and it is so comfortable out here. we are all ready this is 70's toll accounts here in fill already 72 at till i international the air or the. i ended up going higher with our expectations for take time high, glad i did. here we are. seventy-two this trenton. seventy-three this reading. seventy-three in allentown. the list clearly continues to go on here. storm scan is thighs and quiet there is nothing to see here. we have throwing with you sunshine and a couple patchy cloud and that is expectation for rest of the day. seventy-five is what we are pegging for take time high at philly international. seventy down the shore. even, in the poke these, upper 60's, on this day. so as long as we hit that 75-
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degree hashing hi we're expecting that would be a you this record for the books. current record holding tough there 1985, it is 74 degrees. we are coming chosen right thousand, but regardless of record, guys, this is i day on get out, enjoy because as you mentioned there is a cold front waiting in the wings and we will track that later this is show. >> katie, see you soon, thank you. definitely not what sixers fans wanted to hear, thumb one overall pick ben simmons done for the years. 76ers general manager brian colangelo broke the news during a press conference this morning. scan shows the foot simmons broke before the season started has not fully healed. colangelo says the news is disappointing but he is hopeful simmons will be ready to play in time for summer league. in other news president trump took the stage this morning at annual conceivetive political action conference in maryland. touring his see much president rallied against media. he also taughted his ago establishments so far in office. correspondent weijia jiang has latest there the conference.
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>> reporter: conservatives gave a enthusiastic welcome to their republican president. >> now you finally have a president, finally, it took you a long time. >> reporter: last year then presidential candidate donald trump was a no show at annual conservative political action conference. and when the billion air businessman took the stage, six years ago, many didn't take him seriously. >> our country will be great again. >> reporter: thousand president trump is ledge go to headache good on conservative campaign promises that help him get elect. >> we will reduce your taxes. we will cut your regulations. we will support our police. we will defend our ago this. >> reporter: many conference attendees we have spoken with are optimistic about president trump. they freely add hit he wasn't their first choice but they like what they have even so far. >> just yesterday, i sat in a room and they actually asked how many people, sorted trump, before the election?
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40 percent of the people raised their hand. how many support him thousand is this 100 percent of the people in the room raised their hand. >> reporter: conservatives are eager to see tax reform and end of obama care. >> bottom line, we're changing it, we will headache it much better. >> reporter: with republicans, also in control, in congress conservatives are energized about making big stride with their agenda. in hard land, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, police say they have found a car that hit and critically injured a hand in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood last night but driver of this carries still at large. four three-year old victim was hit 7:30 on the to thousand block of east clear field street. he was rush to hahnemann hospital where he is in critical condition. authorities located the car less than a half mile away. >> four three-year old victim lived right at this corner, and of emerald and clear field he was feet from his home when he got struck by the car. >> surveillance video
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apparently did capture hit and run. police hope it will lead them to the driver. and the search is on for a suspect in chester delaware county whom police say killed a hand and in front of his own girl trend. victim was picking up his girl friend at her house, on the 2600 block of boyle street after 10:30 and that is when woman stepped outside to see her boyfriend being robbed and then shot this is head. police say robbery was the motive, it is eighth homicide in chester so far this year. there are new developments this noon this bill cosby's sexual assault case, montgomery county judge has ruled that only one other accuser may testify at cosby's june trial. this december as you may remember, or recall, prosecutors asked for permission to call 13 accusers to show that the 79 year-old comedian has a history of drug ging and hoe less continuing women. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his home in 2004. the owners of the popular ocean city restaurant chain are facing sentencing later
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today. manco and manco pizza shop owner charles and mary bengals pled guilty to evading taxes and other crimes. their sentencing has been delayed several times, charles bengals faces 15 years in prison and $500,000 fine. his wife, tastees five years and a $250,000 fine. they will appear in u.s. district court in camden, this afternoon. well, close call for a local jogger, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> where it happened and what police say she was able to do to get away from the man who grabbed her. nation's biggest party is about to start in new orleans, we will tell but a new row postal that could mean a major change for this years mardi gras. stay w
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this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
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welcome back. wilmington police are investigating an attempted sexual assault at brandywine park. twenty-eight year-old woman was out for a run when she was attacked 7:30 wednesday night. police say she was pushed by a man but was able to fight off the attacker. suspect then ran from the scene. woman was not seriously hurt. police do not believe this attack is connect to the reese even kidnapping of two women in wilmington. former police officer in montgomery county is facing multiple charges following a road rage incident. this all happen saturday night on the 1900 block of second street, in upper gwynedd. police say owen farmer, fired three shots into a bmw after his stepdaughter had an altercation with another driver. one of those shots injured a 15 year-old victim inside the car. he was arrested, arraigned and
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released on bail. preliminary hearing is scheduled for march 13th. new orleans is lodging a 40 million-dollar security initiative to fight a spike in crime but some efforts could affect upcoming mardi gras parties on the bourbon street. >> david begnot has reaction from business owners in the french quarter. >> ♪ >> reporter: it its carnivale season in new orleans, atmosphere is festive but business owners are not mask ing their opposition to the hair's new security plan. >> by far the most controversial part of the proposal is telling bar owners to close their doors at 3:00 a.m. not shut down the business but help keep people off of the street. that will require city council approval and it is not hicks ing well with bar owners and daniel victory. >> you are worried about the bottom line. >> definitely. >> that is my biggest righter. i'm this business to make money. >> reporter: new large scale security plan columns three months after deadly shooting which killed within man and
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injury nine others. row postal includes that adding 200 high definition cameras, 20 hot spots around the city and signs that make it the clear you are being filmed. >> we will have more police officers, more boots on the ground, we will have guys intact particularral vehicles as they do in every major city because of the potential terror threat. >> reporter: michael harrison says new surveillance ram is modeled after other major u.s. cities. >> those cameras will feed into a real time crime center, that is going to be outfitted, in downtown new orleans. >> reporter: what do you say to those folks who say this will lead to pro tiling. >> it is not profiling it is a crime deterrence plan. >> reporter: it is unclear when city council will take up the issue whether or in the these bar owners will close their doors but i will tell you that the the mayor said it will not happen after all, believe it or not because it could backfire. idea if you try to clear streets and force people this is bars at 3:00ah you might have fire code issues where bars are over capacity.
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david begnot, cbs news on the bourbon street in the french quarter of new orleans. >> 3:00 a.m. we're just walking in to work at 3:00 a.m. still ahead, dash cam video with a lesson. >> take a look, this is an example of maybe what not to do if you are he have pulled over by police. see what happened after this girl did a few cart wheels in front of the officer. that is coming up next. well, the weekend quite literally right around the corner and we are looking ahead to the potent cold trent passage that does happen tomorrow afternoon, and we will time this out more specifically for you right after the break but behind it, it is sunny, breezy, on sunday but we will see a 20 plus degree temperature drop in a matter of 24 hours, so coming up more on the seven day forecast and then again we will time out these storms for you.
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call... to see how much you could save now. welcome back. ancestry dna testing is becoming more popular then ever with the availability and
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afford built have of tests. >> sure is. on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 natasha brown goes on a journal which students at west chester university as they discover more about their heritage then they ever knew. >> i would love to be able to open myself up to more experiences and more broad view of the world then my very singular that aretive that i have right now. >> well, we are there with students when they, begin their process and our very own natasha brown learns shore her own history as well and vices are revealed , tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. this weather is surprising i mean this is ridiculous. i keep looking at the calendar >> i'm still so advised that we can see this. >> if we have this, we have to have it anyway because mother nature dictates but let's enjoy it while we have it. it is a little weird to see tulips and daffodils and all of these flowers budding through mulch. >> they are confused. >> it is so bizarre. >> it the is true, they and
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bird are confused, everything is just like what is going on here? we are going to see a drop in the days ahead, specifically by sun take. up until that point though bask in the 70's, it is continuing for us, obviously here to take. we saw thermometer readings at height of the show 72 at philly international, pegging high at 75. lets go back in time and look at ten thus tar, and i heene yeah, it is overwhelmingly that bright orange color here with above average taste recorded. there hasn't been one take that netted zero, where it was just, average, we have not had that yet. it has been just shy or quite shy, of what is typical or well above it. we had a really warm day yesterday. 27 degrees above average, remember normal high is 46. we are at 72. we're on our way here, to another potential record out here. storm scan three at the moment is clear overhead but you can see off to the north well north a system starting to
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lift this. thousand that is responsible for a lot of snow across, and rain for that hat's cross great lakes. cold front that gets draped on the heels of the storm system is what will impact us not the hain energy with these center of circulation there this. let the me jump to tomorrow when this gets here. at least beginnings of it. throughout first half of our the saturday leading up this will afternoon just a shattering of very scattered showers. if you have out door lance i think you can keep them but don't be shock to see rain drops through first half of the take and more cloud cover. this is what we have to concern ourselves with. at the moment is there a slim chance these storms turn locally strong or severe with main issues being very heavy downpours and gusty wind. if you see red, orange, yellow on the radar that is radar 101 it is very rainfall intensity this will move in from four to 8:00 p.m., and then clearing out. it goes west to east through that timetable and i heene, to pun intended it is very much
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clearing out of here. well see those skies really empty out, even cloud cover and will end up with lots of sunshine the next day. in the meantime we have win, shaking, the camera outside palmyra cove nature park but other than patchy white included we have beautiful afternoon unfolding with the city scape off this is distance. one more look at a couple temperatures, 73 in at atlantic city at international the airport. certainly a breeze that is noticeable but 53 new record for mount pocono already and we are getting afternoon started here. with time we are going to heat up even more, 75 as we mentioned is expect high in the city with a mix of sun and cloud. it this dropping down to 54 under a couple clouds. i will convince my husband to dine outside we will head out and get some dinner later on this evening i think because why not. i have a feeling, so many foulke will take advantage of that this day. looking forward to a huge drop off saturday into sunday. take a look more than 20 degrees gets shaved right off of that high. forty-eight, that is a heck of a lot closer to where we
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should be but it does not last very long. it is rebounding again, so one and done foresees nal and then we will warm up, again. healthy rebound. >> i get paranoid there will be a big storm in a little bit >> i know. >> i'm not closing book on winter just yet but thinks a typically yet. >> woman picks wrong time to show off her gymnastics skills >> take that direction for me with your whole body, we're in the doing yoga. put your hand down. >> she was doing cart wheel. she was fun sleeping this is car last try night in mexico, and after having a hard time standing up straight officer tried to have her, walk in a straight line, something that she had a hard time doing. she did, however to pull off a cart wheel. officer gave her one more chance but instead of walking a straight line she did another cart wheel and then she was placed under arrest because that is how those things go. >> i can hear scrim saying i don't know you what are to go, just stand for he.
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>> yes. >> extra points for at least being inventive. >> creativity. >> coming up bride and groom are truly bir
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well, coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 peace and quiet to help you decompress. sound good, right? well, we will tell but an anxious practice, that is gaining in popularity, and you can even to it at home. >> why are you talking like
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that. >> that toys day at 5:00. are you okay is this. >> i felt like a more easy tone. >> this is high favorite story of the the day by the way. >> we are getting up close look at wedding of the season. >> wait until you see the dress. >> kind guarders this in manchester new ham hire performed a quacking version of the here comes the bride as plumpy and pierre were wedded this marriage. the teachers said kid loved lanning the big day, they stuck with tradition and they did the chicken dance, at the least exception. >> oh, high goodness. >> was that an arranged marriage. >> yes, really. >> well, that is "eyewitness news" at noon for today, tgif, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. for all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we are always on line at cbs >> young and restless is up next. have an a hazing weekend,
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>> jack: esther. >> esther: oh, hi, jack. oh. what's in the bag? >> jack: it's a surprise. >> esther: jill is supposed to avoid stress. >> jack: it will only help her heart, not hurt it. >> esther: hey, please don't mention the "c" word. >> jack: "cactus," "canoe"... >> esther: "colin." >> jill: esther, i can hear every word you're saying. send jack in. >> jack: well, look at you, relaxing in here like cleopatra. >> jill: oh, no, no, no, no. i am the queen of heart attacks. get it? >> jack: seriously... how you doing? >> jill: oh, my god. why does everybody treat me like i'm at death's doors and you want to get a jump on my funeral? >> jack: not me. i swear, you're gonna outlive all of us. only the good die young. >> jill: ah, thank you. >> jack: a little something to keep you on your toes. >> jill: ah, well, i'm glad it's not flowers, 'cause, as you can


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