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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 27, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EST

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reporting in the wissinoming seconds of physical, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news" this evening, dozens of people in narberth to show their support to those dealing with the vandalism. they held a candlelight vigil. the important to stick together during the trying times. vandalism. swastikas were also spray painted on vehicles and an elementary school playground. it may cost $5,000 to repair that playground. last week, headstones were toppled at a jewish cemetery in st. louis. more than 100 headstone were vandalized. officials are not saying if they're investigating as a hate crime a
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hit a utility poll before overturned and ejected him who was not wearing a seatbelt. he had been with the special enforcement cadet unit six months. neighbors say this is not the first fatal accident >> before we lived here, everybody told us you live on death corner. you knowe you can hear them going way too fast. >> grieving their loss while celebrating their life >> always willing to help out. probably one of the best of us. it's really sad to see him go >> out of respect for the families the dover police department declined interviews but said both young man were outstanding employees committed to serving the community.
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the cause of this crash is still under investigation. reporting in dover, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news" family and friends gathered in reading pennsylvania today to remember the life of al boscov. credited with building one of the largest family owned department stores in the nation. boscov died february 10th at 87. just days before his death, it was announced that boscov had pancreatic cancer. actor bill paxton died. his son james was set to guest star on an upcoming episode. titanic, aliens, terminator, polo 13 and twisted. cbs and warner brothers saying we are shock and deeply saddened by the news of bill paxton's
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passing. he was a gifted and popular actor. all of us here offer our deepist sympathy to his wife and children. storm chasers from around the country are honoring him tonight, paxton famously standarded in the 1996 blockbuster twisted. this map shows spotter network markers in his initials. many storm chasers believe that movie is what raised their national profile. 28 people injured after a car ran into a crowd watching a mart di gras in new orleans. he was driving a pickup truck at the time and hit two cars before careening into the crowd. it appears he was highly intoxicated. the mayor of new orleans said this was the second incident along the parade route
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growing number of republican lawmakers refuse to hold town hall meetings, one pennsylvania congressman did appear in montgomery county. eyewitness the at first presbyterian church where democratic brendan boil held a town hall meeting. he represents the 13th district answered questions from a packed house. making philly women rallied that's a nonproperty behind the women's march in philadelphia held its first post march event at the manayunk brewery. 200 or so gathered for a post card party to write letters on issues that matter most to them. an organizer said the momentum from the women's march nationally isn't dying out. >> republican controlled
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government right now. they still have to listen to us and we're not going to go away quietly >> more than 1,000 post cards on topics from the affordable care act to redraw the state's districts. ahead on "eyewitness news" at look at who's taking home a golden oscar at hollywood's biggest night is wrapping up. these gymnast aren't just competing they're raising money for a worthy cause. how much they raised for all breast cancer research after a weekend of 70's, what is in store for the upcoming week.
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flying is one of the safety forms of travelers, the federal aviation reportered more than five dozen emergency evacuations that happened since 2010. on our sister station cbs3 or here on cbs3 greg argos gets unprecedented access. the latest class of flight attendants trained for any type of emergency. >> perception that it's coke or diet coke. we have to know cpr and be able to name every part of the aircraft. in some ways we're mechanics, the wings we have to know every
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component. >> you'll learn what you can do in an inflight emergency and you'll also see why you may never look at flight attendants the same again. it is a biggest night in hollywood. 89th annual score award. viola davis won best supporting actress. and here's a look at some unas you know heros. suicide squad for makeup and hair. arrival won for best sound editing. on the news now, today thousands of athletes closed out a three-day competition at the pennsylvania convention center raised hundreds of thousands for great cause, breast cancer research. cherri gregg from our sister station spent the morning in a sea of pink. >> reporter: from head bands to head pieces. more than 3,000, pink lee
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tarreds. >> we give them a platform where they can raise funds and unite for the women everybody has someone affected by broadcast. >> started the pink invitational nine years ago. a nonprofit that pays for wellness services for women under going breast cancer treatment >> the hot flashes, lack of sleep and different things that most of the medical community don't really treat. >> one of the hundreds he don't received acupuncture yoga massage and nutrition complications thanks to these young gymnist, >> you get a dollar and a ribbon. they got one of these, equivalent of a dollar. they raised tens of thousands for the cause >> makes me feel proud for what i'm doing. >> reporter: these gymnastic teams raised roughly $500000. with all the proceeds going to
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united for her. that will help women after chemo. kelly watched her daughter compete and lost her grandmother to cancer. >> this is usually around her birthday weekend so that children like to come and compete and honor their grandmother. >> reporter: a chance for these girls to wear pink in remembrance to their loss and as a symbol fighting to keep many more here. cherri gregg cbs3 "eyewitness news." we're getting a much better look at the damage done during last night's storms. the national weather service confirmed an ef 2 tornado with wind of 120 miles an hour hit lucerne county. cars and trees were toppled and flipped. it slammed that area. it's amazing to see that in the daylight now. >> it's incredible and so
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thankful there were no injuries reported. with an ef 2 tornado. the weather service is work on confirming a second in york county an ef 1 and the official survey is to to be released tomorrow. >> thankfully calmer and colder >> we need a calm day after all of the activity. we had severe storms race across the delaware valley. fortunately we did not see that type of damage but the tornado is concerned in lackawanna counties began in plains township at 2:35 saturday and ended in spring brook township an ef 2. wind of 120 miles per hour always 13 miles. that tornado on the ground 15 minutes. incredible there were no injuries. 30 homes damaged and more than 1,000 trees downed. stormscan 3 showing us quiet conditions now. thankfully. really not even a cloud to see
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as we look across the region and as we get live look at center city. 37 wind out of the west around seven miles per hour. a bit of a windchill impact. feeling more like 32. what a difference a day makes. that's a dramatic temperatures in association with the cold front evident? . really illustrated its potency. we're at 72 at 3:00 p.m. yesterday and 3:00 p.m. today, a 30 degree difference. 42 and we topped off in 46 in philadelphia. right around our normal at 47 and started off at 37. we have the blustery conditions making it feel chilly but winds have diminished. that will be the trend through the overnight. we have temperatures cold enough. we don't want add a windchill. 29 in the lehigh valley, 20 in the poconos and we're down to 34 in wilmington. dealing with cool air. as we head into the upcoming week, we're going to see more and more ridging.
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it will allow the warm southerly flow to willow in. temperatures will be running 20, 25, 30 degrees above average once again. but overnight it will be chilly, mostly clear less wind down to 34. our day tomorrow, the warming trend begins with high temperatures running about ten degrees above average up to 56. sunshine to start and becoming mostly cloudy as we head into the afternoon. chance at a very stray shower tomorrow otherwise best rain chances will come toward mid week. scattered showers tuesday, best rain wednesday, we could see thunderstorms and showers lingering into thursday before we clear out on the back side of yet another storm system. future weather showing us sunshine but cloudy into the condition circumstance's chance of a very stray shower, we could see isolated showers. this particular model confirming that, that's in association with the warm front in association with this and a cold front going
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to drop in as we head to wednesday, we're going to go see showers regenerate. wednesday evening could potentially see another line of thunderstorms as high temperatures in the 70's are expected wednesday's tomorrow 53. quiet conditions poconos will top at 44. we're up in the 60's on tuesday with a chance of scattered showers. showers and thunderstorms looking likely on wednesday with a near record high temperature of 73. showers lingering to thursday and turning over to sunshine, winds will pick up and temperatures will drop off, high of 44 on friday, 40 by saturday. >> taking a little dip. lesley got sports highlight. one flyer in hot water: sixers face the best team in the nba. what does former sixers th
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sixers getting ready >> tomorrow at the center, the golden state warriors will make their own visit. and here are the warriors practicing tonight. last night they became the first team to clinch a spot. best record in the league. andre says the sixers is a few steps away from being a great team >> not too far off. i've been looking forward to meeting them. i haven't met them yet >> you can see thing are finally turning for them, and exciting for obviously for the fans here in philadelphia. but for the league too. >> defense man brandon manning
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will have a hearing for. last night games against the pink withins, no penalty. and coming up next in the zone, the nba trade deadline past. sixers had a make over trading nerlens noel and has the team been up front with the fans about joel embiid. and insider will be joining me in a few minutes. >> lots to talk about. thank you, lesley. you probably moved a time or two in your life but never done it like this. why one woman decided to take her entire house with her and how she didn't she got it there. coming up next. jp
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♪ st. louis woman is taking off and moving across town and taking her house with her. st. louis officials charles taylor to leave her home in the
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northern part of the city to make way for a government building, the house has been in her family five generations and now being loaded on to a truck and relocated eight blocks away. the move cost the city about $245,000 but she gets to preserve her house and the history. lauren is back with the lack of check on your
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. final chance to enjoy winter weather activity outside of city hall, let's take you to dilworth park where skaters took their final. it was a good size crowd. the philadelphia orchestra provided the sound. looks like everybody had great time. i was crawling around the last time i was out there. i hand been ice-skating in so long. anything but grateful.
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i tried. lauren last check at forecast. scattered showers on tuesday, 60's, 70's again by wednesday, the march 1st, and the official end of meter logical winter. and showers and storms potentially wednesday, heads up for that. >> all i heard was spring, that's all i care about. that will have a good night, everyone. ♪
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this is theed hyundai sports zone on cbs3 >> speculation for months, jahlil okafor was going to be traded then nerlens noel was traded. and megan craten does amazing things on the court but what she does off that makes her amazing. welcome to the hyundai sports zone. last week busy one for the sixers, made trades, didn't make one everyone thought they would and announced overall first pick ben simmons would not be playing. hosting the golden state warriors. practicing tonight. the first team to clinch a spot in the playoffs, they have the
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best record in the league, 49 and nine, former sixers says andre >> especially with they have right now, looking forward to meeting him. i haven't met him yet. >> you can see that things are finally turning for them. and exciting for obviously for the fans here in philadelphia but for the league >> joining us, none owner derek bodner. many fans finding it hard to trust the process or brian coangelo. so much to talk about. let's start off with ben simmons. not fully healed all the fans waiting to see him play they're out of luck. and that's a surprise. because he said he's on track. he's just where he thought he'd
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be >> he went into that scan saying it could be his final scan. they had a scan done in late january and they said everything was fine. then we find out there's another scan scheduled. it's not fully healed. they said there's no chance to get him rehabbing and back on court this year. it's a surprise. it is a huge disappointment. it's almost become the philadelphia sixers program here, everybody misses the first year. but it is -- it is very -- >> even seemed to catch brett brown by surprise. he really had said to us that he was going to play -- he'd be shocked if he didn't play. >> it came quickly. there was point mid to late january saying right around march for a return, everything was on track and it just went downhill quickly >> the past couple weeks so much misinformation put out there by the sixers, the team failing to
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disclose embiid had the partially torn menace kiss. that's the story you broke. how did you find out >> you eventually get to the truth. it's another instance they show you day-to-day. evaluating. he came out last week and he said they told me right away, i don't know why you guy weren't told this and that timeline is all as bad as anything, fan don't know what to expect. >> and they're saying that that's not the problem, it's a bone bruise, and, you know, ticket prices are going up. so i mean, that's another thing that has fans are upset. rightly so. >> you just don't know what to expect. you don't know what you can trust coming from that. look, these are real injuries, they need time to heal. a little more up front with the fans >> you have a star player saying he's not


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