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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> an accountant to blame for one of the biggest mishaps in oscar history. >> surviving a plane emergency. eyewitness news gets unprecedented access to flight safety training. how to get out alive in the face of disaster. >> but first, patients' privacy violated. tonight disturbing violations against a local nurse and authorities fear more victims may be out there. the man is accused of taking pictures of patients in a bucks county dermatology office. i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. david spunt is live in yardley tonight with how the suspect was finally caught. david? >> reporter: jessica, authorities say it is a disturbing story and tonight they believe there may be more victims in this case.
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bucks county authorities say penn medicine nurse james close secretly photographed and taped a 17-year-old girl while she was undressed during a dermatology appointment here at this doctor's office in yardley. >> it's very disturbing. you have a trust with people in the medical profession. >> but bucks county district attorney tells eyewitness news it doesn't stop there. he says close did the same thing to seven other women. >> i'm afraid there may be more. that's my concern at this point. we want to make sure we take care of the victims that we have, make them feel safe. >> reporter: according to charging documents, the 17-year-old was undressed in a treatment booth when she noticed an iphone on the ground. she told authorities it was recording. documents reveal police found 18 videos on the iphone. close was originally charged on february 13th with four counts of recording the 17-year-old. 43 additional charges for the other seven women were added
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just a few hours ago. >> we would like to make a plea to the public that if anybody was seen by this dermatological practice and they feel they may have been a victim, they should come forward to the police department. >> reporter: i heard from penn medicine tonight and i was told they wanted to release a statement. i want to read that statement to you: quote, we are appalled by the action of this former employee and we are cooperating fully with this investigation. if you have any information about this case, call the police department. james close will appear before a judge here in bucks county early tomorrow morning. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. we are following a developing story out of southern california. one person is dead, five others injured after a small plane crashed into two homes outside los angeles. the plane crashed shortly after taking off from a nearby airport and according to police four people were on board the plane. two other people were pulled out of the burning homes.
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authorities have not said if the person who died was on board the plane or in a house. six people are in the hospital after a crash on i-95 involving a dart bus and two cars. you can see that bus ended up in the grass near route 141 and newcastle. none of the injuries is life-threatening. the search continues tonight for vandals who targeted mount carmedical jewish cemetery in wissinoming. there's now a $1300 reward for information leading to those responsibility. people are coming together. >> any targeting of any faith is an attack on all fact. we can't sit back and say they're jewish people we're muslims, we're okay. >> business manager of philadelphia's electrical workers' union has offered to clean up the cemetery and repair
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the grave stones. he also said the union will install new lighting and security cameras at no charge. also tonight jewish communities across the country are on edge after acts of vandalism and recent bomb threats. police say bomb threats were called into five jewish community centers earlier today in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware forcing evacuations. the fbi and justice department are investigating those threats. >> jurors will be brought in from outside montgomery county to decide the sexual assault case against bill cosby. this is video of cosby leaving court today. we've learned that the jury will be sequestered during the trial which is scheduled for june. the judge refused the defense's request to remove the trial to a different location. he's accused of sexually assaulting a former employee in 2004. the senate has confirmed investor wilbur ross as president trump's commerce secretary. meanwhile the president is preparing for a speech before a
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joint session of congress tomorrow night. he will discuss a number of topics, including the replacement of the affordable care act, tax cuts, and his budget which he will submit to congress next month. it's expected to contain a $54 billion boost in defense spending by cutting cash for domestic programs and foreign aid. >> this defense spending increase will be offset and paid for by finding greater savings and efficiencies across the federal government. we're going to do more with less. >> earlier today the president met with health care executives as well as the national governors association. and you can watch the president's first address to congress tomorrow night. cbs news will have live coverage at 9:00 on cbs3. also tomorrow the late show with stephen colbert will be live at 11:35 right after eyewitness news at 11:00. >> two trump signs taken from the shuttered taj mahal casino
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in atlantic city sparked a legal battle over ownership. a company has filed a lawsuit claiming it purchased the sign to 1e78 them on ebay. the company says ebay cancelled the auction when the taj mahal claimed the signs were stolen. the lawsuit asks a judge to determine rightful ownership. takata corporation the maker of defective air bags fleeds guilty to fraud and agrees to pay $1 billion in penalties. takata admitted to hiding evidence millions of its inflators could exploded with too much force. they are blamed for 11 deaths in the u.s. and more than 180 injuries worldwide. u.s. prosecutors are still seeking extradition of three former takata executives from japan to face criminal charges. >> flying is considered the safest form of transportation, but in the event of an emergency, do you know what to
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do? eyewitness news reporter greg a rrk gos got inside with intense training one goal in mind. to get out alive. >> reporter: it's the last thing you would ever want to hear while flying. >> bend over! head down! remain seated! leave everything! >> reporter: but in-flight emergency happens. since 2010 the federal aviation administration recorded more than 5 dozen unplanned evacuations. >> we yell and skreement to the best of our ability to leave everything and get out of the aircraft. >> what you do could make the difference between life and death. >> you'll do a sit and scoot on down and the second time will be the actual drill that you will have to perform. >> reporter: frontier airlines
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allowed cbs3 unprecedented access to their flight attendant training facility in denver. and though passenger comfort is important, training manager says most of the three-week program focuses on safety. >> we have to be able to name every part of the aircraft because if something happens to a wing in the cockpit they don't have that visual. >> reporter: and perhaps most importantly flight instructors have to know how get passengers off planes. in-flight instructor says the faa requires the airlines to evacuate all passengers in just a minute and a half. >> 90 seconds or less is a goal. >> reporter: and accomplishing that means using emergency evacuation slides. >> if a passenger went into negative panic we give them a little gentle push to start that jump process.
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>> reporter: frontier also uses training simulators, mock-ups of partial plane cabins, a. >> we want positive command to tell them what to do. >> reporter: in a commercial airliner crash, experts say there is often the threat of fire. >> activate it, over >> reporter: so flight attendants are also trained as firefighters. >> there's a limit the amount of time. >> reporter: that's why it's so important to listen to instructions and leave everything behind. last october this american airlines plane caught fire in chicago. video taken by passengers on board show the evacuation was slowed by some taking their personal items. or simply not knowing what to do. everyone escaped but one crew member and seven passengers were
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injured. >> what is so dangerous about taking video, having your bag with you when you're trying to deplane? >> leave everything. meaning your personal items. they can be replaced and i think some passengers don't realize that that can be a being effect on whether you get out of that aircraft safely or not. >> reporter: statistically flying is the safest form of trial but if you're ever forced to get off at an unexpected stop. >> you just never know. >> reporter: take 10 seconds to read the safety information card. >> they have shown that passengers who look at the safety information card have a better success rate in evacuation in getting out of the aircraft safely. >> reporter: and please don't take anything with you down the slide. >> the one tip is to go straight to the exit and evacuate. leave everything behind. >> wow. >> wow. >> incredible, incredible
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access. was there anything we weren't allowed to see? >> we walked into one of the training facilities and they had punching bags and they said hand-to-hand combat for all the flight attendants after 9/11 everyone goes through hand-to-hand and passenger restraint. it's the slide is scary, we were forced to take our shoes off. in a real emergency though a lot of folks, women especially if they're weerg heels and they puncture the slide, that could be a major issue. when you are flying, if you're going on an air plane, try to think about what you're going to wear and try not to wear high heels. >> arms crossed helps you get off safely. a lot of people are flailing. you want to keep your arms crossed because it allows people to help you off at the bottom of the slide. >> great insight. >> straight ahead tonight at
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11:00, the oscar flub heard around the world. what happened right before the best picture mishap. plus nicole brewer looks at the severitity of the mistake. >> we are tracking some warmer temperatures again we are heading back to the 70s but with the warm-up comes the chance of storms. showers moving out tonight a better chance over the next couple of days. i'll tell you when severe weather may rumble through the area. >> also tickets to the moon. the new mission set to take off by the end of next year. and wait until you hear who will be on board. >> and a blast from the past. why some are dubbing these the dumb phones.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> there's a mistake.
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>> we're learning about what led up to one of the worst gaffes in oscar history. one of the accountants handed warren beatty the wrong envelope when it was time to announce the best picture winner. how did that happen? not exactly clear at this point, but right before the mishap he tweeted a picture which suggests he may have been distracted. that accounting firm has handled oscar results for 82 years but now its reputation is on the line. >> and it begs the question should someone be fired over this or are people making a big deal over it. a lot of opinions about this. >> a lot of opinions about that particular situation and just the show overall. it wasn't the most watched oscars. in fact it was the lowest viewership total since 2008. but the not-so-hollywood ending left plenty of people talking. >> and the academy award for
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best picture. >> "la la land." whether you watched the oscars live you probably know how it ended. >> no, there's a mistake. >> reporter: for the first time in oscar history, the wrong winner was called for best picture. >> it's an unfortunate mistake and i think it was just like oh, my god it's so embarrassing. >> i don't know how you mess that up. >> reporter: so what caused the glitch? >> i don't know, maybe a mix-up. >> should be something easy enough to catch. >> i think it's fixed for ratings. >> reporter: not surprisingly the internet exploded with conspiracy theories. >> definitely. leonardo is involved. >> he's a saint. >> that's completely ridiculous. >> to matt damon exacting revenge on host jimmy kimmel.
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>> maybe that's it. >> matt damon loves playing pranks. >> i can see that. >> reporter: in this case it was human error when one of pricewaterhouse coopers partners. should he be fired. >> i would look for another accountant. >> there are much bigger issues going on right now. >> get rid of him. gone. >> reporter: now, despite the drama surrounding it, last night's best picture winner "moonlight" made history. the movie which chronicles a gay black man growing up in miami became the first film with an all-black cast to win the academy award for best picture and it would be a shame for that to get lost in the shuffle. >> no question about it. at the end of the day they are the best picture winner. >> range of emotions last night. any thrill seekers watching, space-x announces a new mission to the moon for private
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citizens. elon musk says his company will fly two people on a trip around the moon next year. the space craft will be fully automated without a pilot on board. this would be the first trip to the moon since the 1970s. space x is already planning to fly astronauts to the international space station next year. ladies, would you go? >> i wouldn't, but i think kate might. >> i wouldn't go on the first one. second generation phone. i think i would. >> not even close. let's bring it back down to earth and talk about our forecast. a wild ride. >> this is going to be quite the ride this week. as we said earlier, if you don't like the weather one day, just wait a minute. the 70s, the 60s, the 50s, the 40s and the 30s. it's a crazy pattern and we've got other things sprinkled in
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there as well the threat for severe weather especially wednesday afternoon and then you could see snow flakes flying around on friday as a few snow showers move through that's the dropping temperature that will follow the storm. with a look outside as we start you off here pretty quiet night in center city. we had a few light sprinkles earlier, a few light clouds moved in. it wasn't the most beautiful looking afternoon but temperature-wise we were still above average and it's only getting warmer. here's a look at storm scan 3 right now not much happening a couple of light showers over portions of delaware most of that staying to the south and as we head into tomorrow we will see showers mainly off to the south and east over portions of the shore and into delaware. those will clear out. clouds in the morning and more sunshine for everyone tomorrow afternoon. temperature-wise it's not as cold as last night or saturday night. temperatures in the 40s right now. 47 at the airport, it's 38 if you're in reading you can see with cloud cover it's staying a little milder. 50 in atlantic city.
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we got to 54 for the high today which is well above average again. 7 degrees above the norm to finish out the month on a mild note. tomorrow will be 17 degrees above average and this will go down at the warmest february on record ever here in philadelphia. only five days this month below average, one day was right on target. you can see it's been a very, very warm trend over the past couple of weeks especially. another warm trend on the way. tomorrow we start the day again with clouds down the shore, more sunshine to the west. sunshine for everyone midday and the clouds come rushing back with in wi few light showers around this time tomorrow night. we'll start wednesday morning with a few showers and storms but this is not the worst of it. we'll get that out of here and midday we get some sunshine, a southwest flow temperatures in the mid 70s. lots of moisture to work with, lots of sheer in the atmosphere and as a cold front starts to push in wednesday afternoon, that's when a line of strong to severe thunderstorms moves
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through. risk of lightning and hail as well and tornado risk while low is not zero. there will be the threat for some rotation with these cells certainly something to watch. our high on wednesday before the storm 74 and a pretty dramatic drop. we're back to the 50s on thursday and 30s by the weekend. so it's a brief surge of warmth. we will start our march at 74 degrees. the record is 76. strong thunderstorms late wednesday and then it's quieter. friday could see rain or snow showers and a chilly start to your weekend. we'll moderate into r sunday into monday. it looks like a wild ride. >> march madness is starting early. >> speaking of march madness, don bell is up next with sports. >> we've got some high cool hoops, nba stuff.
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they have exactly 50. tonight they hosted golden state. the warriors looking for their 50th win this season. kevin hart court side, nothing but love for golden state. a kevin. >> we've had heavy weights come into this building from san antonio to cleveland to the
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kings in the east and the celtics in toronto, that's a different beast. >> they're next level. meanwhile 14 straight games with a bone bruise. his knee swells and feels sore so jo jo scheduled to have an mri this afternoon of the we are still waiting for those results. top draft choice ben simmons had a procedure today. he had bone marrow injected into a fractured area of his food to promote healing. he should be able to resume training by the end of the week. moving on to the ice now. the flyers have the night off. they host the avalanche tomorrow just one day before the nhl trade deadline. the orange and black are 6 points out of the final wild spot they could be sellers. high school
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taking home their first catholic league title 65-58 your final score. >> it's fun to see just the joy on their faces. i mean. >> playing in that venue and watching a game in that venue. >> always special. >> don, thanks. >> up next,
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a throwback makes a come back. >> a nokia you probably remember this phone it comes now in multiple color, features a color screen, 2megapixel camera, can search the web and it costs just $50. but perhaps the best feature its longer battery life. you can now talk for 22 hours on one charge. kate? >> thank you. and it's never too early to look
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ahead to the weekend and once again a half and half weekend at least temperature wise. feeling like winter on saturday. temperatures in some spots may not make it past the 30s but we will see a good deal of sunshine. sunday we start to warm things up a little bit te
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don, everyone here i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on cbs >> thanks for watching. have a good night family and
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sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) ( laughter ) >> for best ( laughter ) >> la-la land. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, stephen welcomes connie britton, zoey deutch, musical guest lori mckenna, jon


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