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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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fallout from the best picture blupder at the oscars and why private security guards were hired. >> and first an idea to revitalize the philadelphia water front is looking more like reality. millions of dollars have been placed in an effort to transform the the area along the delaware river. this proposal for penns landing has been years in the making. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm jessica dean. >> eyewitness news reporter david spunt is live with how the project could change the look of the city, david. >> hi, jessica. it's a massive undertaking xin xing. the plan began on paper. that all changed when more than $200 million came in, in a matter of days. a drive down 95 where columbus boulevard shows how cutoff the city is from the river. that will change. get ready for a new penn's landing. >> it will be rulely transfor transformtive. >> tom corcoran is the
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president of the delaware river water front. the agency planning the park. these renderings show a 12-acre seemless transition have old city to the highway to the water's sglej i think you can see the city extend to the water front and water front extend to the city. >> the mayor announced a 90 million commitment from the city and penn do the and william foundation announce $ $125 million combined and $10 million from the final goal. >> it will connect the city to the water. >> and the park would extend over 95 and columbus boulevard from chestnut to walnut. jena lives nearby and looks forward to the idea. >> i think it will gb for the city and community. i think it will be good for the kids and families. it will give them something to do. >> more moreerring plans to make it seasonable adding ice skating in the winter and.
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>> looks like a great park. >> havertown resident kirk smucker wants to bring his kids when the park opens. >> it's great to get people out and bring people into the city and revenue into the city and enjoying and building up the community. >> reporter: so in just a few years there will be a park behind me behind this fence right here. construction will take about five years to complete. i'm told by organizers that construction preparation could begin by the end of this year. reporting live tonight at penn's landing, david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. repair crews will be working to fix this big hole that opened up in the street in port richmond. this pothole is east clear field and coral streets. we're told it damaged one vehicle that got stuck in the hole. the winds of change are blowing through the region. we felt a temperature drop today. it will get colder in some areas and could see snow. meteorologist katie fehlinger
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kate bilo joins us. >> we've been spoiled in the last several weeks and feels like early spring around here. and today the winds of change picked up and got colder. wind gusts in the 50s to 60 mile an hour range and 57 in newtown square and 54 earlier in cape may. wind died down but they're up. there feeling gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour even tonight and temperatures dropping as well. you can see the west wind not as pronounce the as it was this morning but still in place. 39 philly. 37 wilmington and 3 reading and feels colder than that. it's already feeling freeze are or below in most of the area right now. and tomorrow will be another cold day and we have to keep our eye on this system. not a lot of moisture with it but producing snow showers from worn pennsylvania to the great lakes. coming up, i'll tell you when the snow showers could impact visibility on the roads tomorrow and how cold it will feel to start the weekend. for now, jessica back to you. >> thank you.
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>> president trump is speaking out tonight after attorney general jeff sessions recuseed himself from any investigations into the presidential campaign. that move comes after it was revealed sessions met with russia am bar door during the the campaign. >> attorney general jeff sessions removed hisself from investigation into russian interference in last year's presidential election. >> i recuseed myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> i should not be involved investigating a campaign i -- >> sessions met with russia am bar door to the u.s. twice while advisor to trump campaign and senator. meeting he failed to reveal during the confirmation hearings. >> i've been called a surrogate at a time or two in the campaign and i did not have communications with the russians. >> attorney general is top cop in our kupty lied under oath. >> but sessions maintains he never intended to mislead anyone.
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>> in retrospect i should have slowed down and said, but i did meet one russian official a couple times. >> capitol hill, most republicans say sessions did the right thing by recuseing himself, while many democrats are calling for his resignatio resignation. >> he recuseed himself from the part of the investigation that relates to the presidential campaign. guess what the american people sdvsh a fuel rehe kusal. >> earlier during a trip to virginia president trump said he has faith in his ag. >> total. >> thursday night the president issued a statement calling sessions an honest man that could have stated his response more accurately. >> more now on president trum trump's visit to new port news, virginia aboard the uss gerald r. four he called for a boost in defense building. >> this great rebuilding effort will create many jobs in virginia and all across america and spur new technology and new
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innovations. >> reporter: the president bound to repeal the request and it mandates budget cuts. proposed 54 spending increase could be a big win for military installations in our area. senate confirmed two more members of president trump's cabinet. vice press neurosurgeon ben carson secretary of housing and urban development and carson was confirmed vote 58-41 and former texas governor rick perry as secretary of energy. and the senate confirmation vote 63-37. perry and carson are both former presidential candidates. >> a teenager is in custody in connection with a disturbing chester county home invasion aunt victim was found tied newspaper a closet foredays after the attack. the 17-year-old suspect originally from thailand ran away from devereaux east brandywine campus a behavioral health facility accused of tying up, beating and trying to strangle a 72-year-old woman in east brandywine township on
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february 22 and before leaving the woman's home police say the teen wrapped the victim's head in a place kick bag and tossed her in a storage room where she was found alive four days late later. >> when he was strangling her and choking her out, he said to her, during the course of this attack, you're going to see jesus soon. >> police say the suspect randomly targeted the woman taking her credit cards and stealing her car in the proces process. detectives were later able to link him to surveillance video in a convenience store. >> and hundreds take a stand against hate in a show of support for the region's jewish community. a large crowd packed independence mall for a rally. people across the area denounced sunday's desiccation of head stones mt. carmel jewish cemetery in wissanoming and spoke out to recent threats jewish community centers and condemned any form of bigotry. >> pretty horrified.
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why would people do that. >> this is why i didn't have to -- together as one and weary about brothers and signaturesers out there. >> and the anti-hate message resonate with kate thompson of fwlen side. she's handing out hate has no home long side in her neighborhood. >> and the sugary drink tax was in the spotlight today as mayor jim kenney unveiled a 4.4 billion budget proposal. the money has already made a difference in the lives of many philadelphians. >> today the philly beverage tax funded,000 preequal seats and auto nine community schools serving 2500 students. >> sdozens protectioned the tax. pepsi is laying off workers at three distribution plants that serve philadelphia and says declining sales from the tax are to plame. >> parents and grandparents with speaking out after plans to shut down camden community charter school in june. new jersey department of
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education rejected the turn of schools renewal application. the reason, school officials say the test scores were lowest among all the charter schools in camden. the decision leaves nearly 700 students in limbo. >> for me to start another place and school it's you know i'm not happy about that. >> i don't know for nobody else but they give good report cards every month in perry. for them to close the school i don't know what's going over there. >> camden community charter schools plans to fight the decision calling it extremely disappointing and completely unwarranted. >> and well the plot thickens for the os ar flub heard roun the world. >> last night we told you the two accountant responsible for the mix-up will never work accord my again and ahead at 11 how the families are mixed up. >> and you go to the gym to stay in shape. are you practicing goodet cat. nicole brewer with the dos and don't and never, evers. >> and also, fire up the ovens
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in south jersey. why hundreds of women are making holla at the same time. taste with torrey and tradition that dates back century sfwlz and live look at the poconos, meteorologist kate bilo is tracking snow and colder weather. she'll look at arrival time when "action news" continues. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios.
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>> first lady visited at a hospital today she shook hand and talked to kids and did read across america day. she chose win of the children's authors famous tales "oh, the places you'll go." >> and politics can turn heat heated when they share different beliefs. ymca will no longer broadcast 24 hour news network at his gy gym. >> it did get us wondering about gymet cat. what is okay and what should you never do when working out. >> nicole brewer is here with the dos and don't and never evers. >> evers. >> ever, ever, ever, >> you know while you're tes testing physical limingts you're also testing people's patience. maybe we'll see. i spoke to a local trainer about the dos, don't and
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absolutely nevers. >> when you hit the gym you're there to break a sweat. are you also break the rules. >>ed in the bellview one or two admit to pet peeves. >> grupting out loud too loud. >> not wiping down after you work out. >> wearing too much call on. >> lisa rothstein a personal trainer knows the dos, don't and nevers, it comes down to three categories beginning with equipment from putting weights back to where you found them to tying up equipment. one of the biggest points folks that don't clean the machine. >> if you get a good workout in you'll sweat. proper etiquette wipe away your sweat. >> it's hygiene first. >> next up cell phones from talk toing too loud for too long. >> don't gab on with your friend about her vacation to bermuda. >> taking one too many gym shelfy sgrz lifting up your shirts talk a quick pick. >> i would limit that to zero.
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>> and never, ever recording anyone else ever. >> definitely not allowed at the gym. no-no. >> finally social interaction knowing when it's not wanted. >> when they have ear phones in i would say that means don't bother me. >> especially if you're correcting their form. >> more often than not it's not appreciated if you're joe shmo no thank you. >> let the experts handle that. >> along the same line give it rest with pickup lines. >> it's not eyre not tippederring the gym is not the right place for that. >> yeah so a couple of pet peeves mentioned but deposit make it into the peeves people who take their shirt off. slam weights and skip the shower. >> skip the shower. >> nobody wants to smell you. >> good advice. >> thanks nicole, appreciate it. >> the two account nts behind the best picture debackal now have security price warper house have protections for
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brian and martha. they miss handled winner envelopes resultsing in mistaken "la la land" as best picture when is mropinged to "moonlight". they failed to follow back stage protocol. >> it's a violation of siste sisterhood and tradition. taste with torrey. >> hundreds of women rolled up their sleeves for a mega holla bake. >> and gets ready to go big. celebrating sisterhood and the seven ingredient bread. 600 women are taking part in the mega holla bake 600. >> they are doing things big around here. >> it's a tradition jewish it's amitzvah to share the doe. all ingredients prehe measures, mix, mix, nooed, nooed and braid and they'll have a great
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time doing it. >> and eating. >> it's got a kick to it. i like that. >> what is the secret to great chulla. >> you buy it. >> good thing showed up. >> before these women got pag paging i bought a lesson in the breads. >> so we're making blessing bread right this recipe you double it. >> enough so to actually make a policing it has to be five pounds of flour. >> starting with yeast we added water, sugar, flour, eggs, oil and salt. >> the challah will not taste without salt. >> then we rest. >> there we go. >> six strand challah bread. >> we start with second and cross it over and take first strand in middle. >> okay. >> go to the area side, second all the way over, first in the
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middle. >> that happened quicker than i thought, bailey. >> leaving braiding to bailey and rest of mega warm women at the base. >> it was fine until the last minute. i'm sure it taste good. >> there was one thing to say. >> challah! challah! >> ukee and jessica, that is a lot of challah happening here at lucian manor take a look at the bread i made. i had amazing help by bailey and let me tell you all of the women in there were so excited to celebrate this tradition. words cannot even describe. and each woman actually made two d hallah breads one for themself to celebrate over dinner tomorrow and the other to give to loved one. so it was incredible. and i cannot wait to ooe eat this tomorrow. >> look at it.
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>> good looking. >> she's moved by it i see. >> challah big now. >> if you're lucky i'll share sdmru thanks, tori. >> make french toast with tha that. >> she's hungry now. i could have a late night snac snack. let's talk about the the weather. >> nice warming breakfast and cold blustery morning. cold started to friday. but it's going to be colder to start saturday and colder still to start sunday. old man winter is not done with us yet the. winter resurge tons start marc march. let's look outside now and start you off in the poconos this is one spot not complaining about the cold temperatures. lot of snow melt add cross the ski resorts and poconos over the past couple weeks and it's cold enough to get the snow makers going again and they jumped on it since could. they have been going all night jack frost big boulder getting it ready for folks that want to come up and do skiing or snowboarding this wintry weekend. that will be a great place to government plenty of fresh powder thanks to the snow
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machines and mother nature may contribute as well. take a look at storm can 3 showing the system approaching tomorrow. you can see snow showers arounds cleveland, south of pittsburgh now and over west virginia. and a lot of this is moving to the south. there will be scattered snow showers and equals you see across the great lakes that cross our area tomorrow afternoon and that could lead to problems on the roads. we'll show you that in a momen moment. and showing you a live -- this is time lapse video where i was today global leadership academy in west philly reading to the kids for read across america today. and you can see the city in the background. beautiful blue sky kind of day. it was blustery right at the school they had wind gusts of 45 mile an hour from west, northwest. today was misleading high 62 after midnight and then temperatures dropped. so we ended up close to the normal. but 62 we'll go down in the record books. technically first two days of march well above average. and next couple days not going
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to be quite so warm. we have winds coming in from the north and west. that's window change we felt outside todayen and 10 to 15 miles an hour sustained with higher gusts right now. this evening is quiet. through the overnight hours owe everything looking good. you can see noon tomorrow a couple snow showers and equals come through and again these are going to be scattered and you can see they are briefly intense. and if you find yourself traveling through one ever the snow squalls, three, four, five o'clock visibility could be cut down. waff for that for the first part of the commute. so scattered snow showers mainly in the afternoon. quick coating in spots mainly on grass. roads won't too warm for accumulation there. saturday afternoon feels like low 20s. if heading out saturday night it bill feel very, very cold out there. sunday morning we start off in the teens or low 20s all across the region. so definitely hopefully we have not retired those parkas to the
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bins in the garage yet because you'll need them again tomorrow and day. tomorrow, 40 with scattered afternoon snow showers and saturday's high of 38. and feels more like 20. sunday is better and windy and back to more seasonable and we jump up again. we go from 0s back to 40s, 50s, 60s. we went down the scale and now climbing back up. and weather whiplash around here. >> lesley is in next with sports. >> we'll take to you florida for this one aaron knoll and eagles lookinging for trades. trades have come and gone how did the newest member of the team do.
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>> flyers taking on panthers orange and black trying to mack a playoff push, 20 games remai remaining. and you newest game. second period. turnover by claude giroux and the power play. and it's 1-0 panthers. let's get to the new guy. third period. go to the net good things happen. he will score his first as a flier and that ties the game at 1. the game goes into a shootout. jake vorachek comes in and picks up a goal for the flyers here. right now it all rests on steve mason's shoulders and he comes up with the save to end. it mason with 39 saves on the night and flyers within a big one 2-1 in shootout. after the game. >> it was a real by good good pass trying to go to the net and hit my stick and happened to go in.
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it was nice. definitely. nice to get the win. it was fun to play for sure. jake vor acheck giving back to the hospitalen wayne simmonds had a hat trick. vorachek got credit for the goal and he donated more hats for the hospital. >> and eagles need help now. trade rumors are swriling. both have reason linked to a trade. also tomorrow a coin flip to determine if they pick four teams or five teams in the draft. >> all eyes are on aaron nola hurt his arm at the end of last year. today was first start of sprin spring. threw two innings and struck out one. solid first step. they tied today, 8-8.
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>> it felt good. felt g you know it was good to get back out in a game situation again and games that matter. it's not just practice in the bull he pen. overall felt good. >> and finally good news for the sixers. the eastern conference rookie of month he led all rookie over twelve games this is welcoming news following last night human to also heats and of course the news that both ben simmons and joel embib will be out for the san. not good news there. but dario. >> talented. >> once serve healthy, lookout. >> national constitution center brings (vo) love. i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine.
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>> celebrating return ever prohibition. >> and they threw a party to welcome back the wildly popular exhibit american spirits the rise and fall of prohibition it uses mix of artifacts and exhibits to take visitors back in time to temper answer mov movement of roaring 20s and constitutional repeal. it runs through jawl 16. it learn where to get tickets go to cbs >> kate. >> it's now time for the weekend watch. and boy it will be a chilly weekend especially on saturday. wake up to temperatures in the teens saturday morning and in
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the poconos 24 for the high and 0s in city down the shore and feeling like 20s with the wind. sunday, less wind and at least a little more seasonable. full day of sun. still chilly compared to what we've gotten used to. temperatures in the mid 40s in the city and
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>> coming up next the late show followed by the late, late show with james corbin. for kate, lesley, don, who is off, everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on for you at cbs >> have a good night family
11:35 pm >> have a good night family and sleep well captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight stephen


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