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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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at 11:00 an unintended target on the street and missed a school bus multiple times. i didn't know what to do at first. >> this little boy jumped into action and tonight he's being hailed a hero. how he helped save his mother's life. hundreds of years of history reduced to a pile of rubble. tonight outrage from historians who say this should have never happened. good evening, i am jessica dean. >> ukee washington has the night off. we've been following this story for months. the state of the gluber house, the center of a heated debate. alexandria hoff is live in bellmawr where many were caught off guard by the surprise demolition. >> reporter: drivers started taking notice to the historic home when trees were leveled for construction. then suddenly this morning, that home was leveled too.
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>> in the rubble of this hold home, old glory lies defeated >> it's a dark day for american history >> standing watch on a hill above the little timber creek in bellmawr. it found itself in the way of the massive 295 interactive realignment project. one day after the state department of transportation applied for a permit to demolish a garage on the property, bureau mayor said the home not garage was crushed. >> to add insult to injury. they plan to packet up and take the to the nearest landfill. >> the historical society worked tirelessly to preserve the home and during the american revolution, played a significant role. congressman donald norcross was hopeful about a plan to relocate the structure. i'm deep deeply disappointed.
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they destroyed the home without warning despite the ongoing work to save the home. it came a came day after the society filed a motion to halt any destruction to the property. when questioned officials told him they were given perks by the state attorney general's office to level the structure. the spokesperson with the office told us they have no such authority. the highway drivers did not know the home by name. they knew it by date >> it had like 1760 something in the fireplace. i can't believe it. >> reporter: it was 1764. historians say the home survived two victorious battles with the british only to fall 240 years later to a sound barrier. a sound barrier is scheduled to take the place of this home. we attempted to reach out to the department of transportation,
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they did not return our calls. camden county. alexandria hoff cbs3 eyewitness eyewitness. developing police in montgomery county are looking for one of two cars that hit a person tonight in pottstown. chopper 3 over the scene at route 100 and shoemaker road. the victim died. the driver stayed on the scene is cooperating. the other driver kept going. a man shot in the ear and the school bus with kids on board is hit by bullets in logan. "eyewitness news" is the scene on north 19th. a 57-year-old man was shot in his left ear and taken to the hospital. eight shots to the nearby school bus as the driver and two kids aboard. they were not injured. police are investigating. tonight some pennsylvania senate democrats are still locked out of their computers after a cyber attack on the computer network. jay said the hacker is demanding an unspecified amount of of
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money to unlock. >> a former journalist fired for allegedly making a detailed news stories is accused of threatening at least eight jewish community centers nationwide and january and february. under arrest and facing a cyber stacking charge. federal shorts say the 31-year-old made the threats to harass a girlfriend. thompson accused of threatening the anti-did he have impatient league new york's headquarters. >> because there's been an arrest today. around our bomb threat does not mean that the threats are disappeared or will stop. hate towards the jewish community and other minority groups is very real. >> officials continues their investigation into more than 100 other bomb threats target jewish institutions nationally including in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. president trump is spending the weekend in florida as the white house deals with controversy over his administration's ties to russia.
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tonight the president is calling for an investigation of two top democrats for what he calls their ties to the kremlin. president trump is spending the weekend at his florida to estate. >> they're not rest at the southern white house. it's all work. >> he stopped to visit a school in orlando. >> you're going to make a lot of money? don't run for politics. >> the president urged congress to support school choice legislation. >> education is the civil rights issue of our time >> president trump may be away from washington for the weekend but he can't leave behind mounting questions about his administration's contacts with russia before the 2016 election. he took to twitter late friday calling for an investigation of house democratic leader nancy pilosi tweeting a photo taken on
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capitol hill. her spokes woman said they never had one-on-one contact. pilosi fired back that the president apparently didn't know the difference between an official and secret meeting that attorney general jeff sessions lied about under oath earlier. mr. trump called senate minority leader chuck schumer a hip carot. schumer tweeted back in he'd happily talk under oath about his meeting with putin. attorney general sessions released a statement saying he will give a written update on monday. nine democratic senators sent a letter demanding more details. mike pence is defending while he was indiana's governor. records show pence used the aol account when he discussed issues like syrian refugees and other matters. the account was reportedly hacked last summer. during the campaign pence was
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critical of hillary clinton's use of a privately e-mail server. the vice president said the situations are not the same. we told you you about multi-protests outside pat toomey's office calling for him to host town hall meetings. this afternoon we invite you to join us as senator toomey conducts a live social media campaign. i'll be asking the senator your questions that you can submit via facebook live happening monday, we look forward to hearing from you on our facebook page. a neighbor rushes into a burning row home to save a young boy. in the 3200 block of e street in kensington neighborhood. a neighbor ran into the flames to rescue a four-year-old who had a phone and was about to call 911. the child is hospitalized along with his grandparents. we talked with the neighbor now being praised for running into danger. >> grabbed him out of kitchen.
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>> the child and grandparents are in serious condition the cause is under investigation. we learned a lot about what to do in case of an emergency. authorities are hailing hailing a 7-year-old a hero after he put what he learned in practice. natasha brown has the story from evesham township. >> moments for daniel friday morning as she lie on the floor gasping for air after battling bronchitis and an asthma attack. she was getting her 7-year-old son ready for school when the courageous little boy stepped in to a life saving moment >> i didn't know what to do at first. but i was like, what do i do, then she said call 911. >> we taught him how to call 911. i have a lot of medical issues. who do i call? what do i do >> rocco calmly told dispatchers what was happening >> they asked me the questions
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and what happened i answered them. then i pressed either these to buttons >> when medics arrived, he was comforting his mother. >> worry about what was happening. >> reporter: daniel was rushed to the hospital, rocco channelled his super hero as he headed off to school >> he walked out for school with a super man hat on. tells you right there. >> asked how he felt about what he done. >> i'm a little nervous and a little like a hero. >> a lot more like a hero in his grateful mother's eyes. >> when i saw him, i just started crying. gave him a bug hug and said how proud >> natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> rocco super man. they say the early bird gets the worm, how do early risers
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compare to night owls when it comes to health. a new study reveals how your sleep pattern can impact your well-being why you might want to think when you go to bed a award winning actor comes to south jersey. he says a controversial musical must go on. looks like a snow blow around parts of region. snow squalls come and gone but the cold is sticking around. that's right. going to feel like winter. because of very, very cold air and strong winds. i'll tell when you it will feel like the single digits and when temperatures head back to 60's. arnold schwarzenegger terminates his gig. why he says he won't be coming back.
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we've been telling you about the closure on the delaware river bridge several weeks. it's been shut down as workers tried to fix under bridge. they expect it to reopen in early april one of the original stars of the music rag time visited cherry hill high school east today. . r? >> brian stokes mitchell led his voice to the discussion about the use of n word in the school's upcoming production. as we've been reporting the district originally deleted the word from script, but reversed its decision after getting
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input. they spoke about the role of race and ethnicity in rag time >> it's for the audience to fall in love with the characters, all the characters, particularly cole house and sarah. so when that language is used against them, the audience also goes, >> students will get a lesson and have a discussion on the racial slur as well as watch the play. arnold schwarzenegger said he's done with the apprentice. schwarzenegger who took over for president trump is blaming the president for the show's performance. president trump remains an executive producer of the show. the president taunted schwarzenegger mocking him at an address. bin minute mill are celebrating the birth of their baby girl. she was born february
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some people love to wake up as the sun is rising. others prefer to stay up into the hour ohs of the night. a new study suggests night owls may want to rethink the bed time for the sake of health. >> this is friday. march 3rd. good morning. whether you're used to getting up with the sun or prefer to hear this later on >> i would say a night outline, i tend to stay up watching netflix >> research suggests one group has the edge when it comes to wellness >> early birds. >> early to bed, early to rise >> researchers confirm what ben franklin already new, morning people tend to eat better and get more exercise. according to this study consumed
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more sugar and saturated fat >> pizza, stuff like that >> you come home after a long hard day you're not going for the celery >> sleep pattern can impact the appetite, food choices but they also found night owls were more likely to smoke have difficulty sleeping. how about a tweet to your schedule >> i work nights i sure as heck wasn't getting up at 5:30. >> a flexible work schedule that better supports the clock. >> you can make an active decision to eat well no matter what. >> it's important to note that just because you're a night outline like us doesn't mean you're overweight or out of shape. you're at a higher risk for having poorer health >> being awake later at night can be tricky. >> you don't go for the celery
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stick. >> it's a good thing about having small children, we're night owls and also >> we get the benefits of both? i think probably not. >> double duty. >> very early tomorrow. it's going to feel really, really cold tomorrow morning, like teens outside. and we can have so spoiled because it's been what were the past couple weeks, temperatures averaged so far above average through february that tomorrow morning is really going to be a slap in the face. temperatures in the 20's and feels like temperatures in the teens. look outside right now, one spot enjoying the cold the poconos ski resorts able to make snow for the first time in a couple of weeks. the snow started to melt with all the warm weather, now, definitely cold enough to make that fresh powder and that is exactly what they're doing, taking advantage of the whole day and night at jack frost big boulder to get the slopes ready for skiers and snow borders. mother nature tried to help.
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we had a few snow squalls move through the city and area but they've moved out. doesn't look like we'll have anything in the way of precipitation. you can see we got temperature below where they were a couple i of days ago. temperatures in the mid 70's, now we're about 30 degrees winds out of the northwest 14 miles an hour. right now feels like 20. tomorrow, may not feel much better than 20 all day long thanks to strong gusty winds. when you wake up. if you're up the a 7:00 doing the saturday morning bagel run or taking the dog out. you want to get in, and get back in quickly and throw an extra blanket on the bed. 16 it will feel like at 7:00 a.m. 11 in allentown and mount pocono tomorrow morning, feeling like one below zero. even in the afternoon, here's 2:00 p.m. temperatures in the 30's. you can't just look at the
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thermometer. we have to factor in the wind. might be 37 outside it will feel like 21 and the 20's to our south and feeling like teens all day in the lehigh valley berks county. feeling like single digits in the poconos. what to expect for saturday? calling it deceptive sunshine it's kind of day when you're sitting in the house and look outlet, looks like a beautiful spring day because we got things in blue and flowers but it's not going to be that beautiful. windchills in the 20, wind gustses to 35. tomorrow night into sunday morning, even colder than tonight. that's going to be the coldest time frame over the next seven days. when you wake up sunday, here's what it will feel like 0 to ten below in the poconos feeling below zero when you wake up in lehigh valley, lancaster sunday it will feel like one, two in the city of philadelphia feeling like about five or six on sunday morning, and as you head down into south jersey and delaware feeling like ten to 15, frigid start to sunday and because it's
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such a low start sunday will take a little while to recover. this is march after all and we're in the midst of the ups and downs. you could see the cold air in place but then starts to swing to the north by tuesday or wednesday. that's the up side. a little buckle in the jet stream by the end of next week, we're in that battle ground now. more of a seasonal apparent. the battle between winter and spring. bitter windchills at 23. tomorrow wind gusts over 30, making 38 feel like 23. you got to shave off about 15 degrees. sunday still cold. less wind. about ten degrees warmer than saturday. monday back to the 50's, tuesday back to the 60's. we jump up early next week. late next week, chilly, as of now, doesn't look like quite the extent over the cold we're feeling. things will keep getting
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progressively better. >> lesley up with your sports. >>. eagles talk win the coin toss, we'll tell you where the eagles will pick in the first round of the next month's draft, the sixers and knicks played another tight game. could the sixers break that three-game
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brett brown looking to end a three game losing streak that lasts two games the knicks decide theed in the next second. talk a little smack both got a technical foul. fourth quarter sixers up by a
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point, dario sarge. to jahlil okafor. later the knicks with the leave, dario scores to tie the game. he had 21 points and ten boards. under a minute left, sixers trailing dario with another drive. dishes to anderson who make the basket. he had 19 points, final seconds, knicks need it overtime shot no good. sixers hold on for the three point win. >> just couldn't, he put the ball right where i needed to. it was a fantastic, i think he went underneath the arm. it was an awesome play. he was tough. big time. >> the nfl draft will be held in philly and the eagles didn't know where in the first round they would pick until today. coin flip held to see if the birds would pick 14 for 15 in the draft. lady luck how with roseman's
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side. eagles went to the eagles in the sam bradford trade. what are they going to do? maybe move up like they did last career. flyers had the night off in dc tomorrow night taking on the best team in hockey, the caps. they're practicing in voorhees. they've struggled against the caps losing two out of three and in those two losses they've been out scored nine to one. >> you know, when a team beats you up like that. you factor in. it goes back to last career the playoffs. like i said we're comfortable with the team the way we played. we're older now and got a couple. playing great for us, scoring goals. we were rest of it. >> spring training in clearwater. phillies, jeremy hellickson got the start giving up the run in
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three innings and four hits. scott king the second round pick in 2015 crushing in the two-run homer, the phils lot of 4-3. >> just starting. >> makes them feel better. thanks, lesley.
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training in institute astronomer was recognized for his outstanding effort in exposing kids to the sciences. 12 students of the boys and girls club workshop in delaware had a special gift for him presented with their newly punished biographer. kate >> it's time for weekend watch. weekend is finally here it definitely isn't feeling like the past few weekends. it is going to be a whole lot colderly lots of sunshine but that won't help us feel warmer. it will feel like 20's, sunday a
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few more clouds temperatures a little bit milder less winds it will feel better but we'll still below
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morning team back from 5:00 to 7:00, for kate, lesley, ukee and dawn, >> from our entire team thanks for watching have a great night and have a great weekend.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> hey, stephen? >> stephen: yes, paul. >> spotify can o did this sort of poll. in australia, the number one tune to have sex to is the "star wars cantina band" song. that's ridiculous! >> stephen: is it, paul? is it? >> you know what song i'm talking about, right, that bop-bop-bop- bop-ba-ba-ba... >> stephen: ba-da-ba. yeah, i know the song you're murdering over there. and that song is the most seductive sound ever to emanate from the outer rim. >> stephen, i didn't know you were australian. >> stephen: i'm not, paul, but lifeblood.


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