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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. brothers gunned down in broad daylight. one man is dead and the investigation that began this afternoon is spilling over into the night. police are now trying to determine who pulled the trigger. good evening i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. the deadly shooting happened this afternoon at 81 and lion. joe holden is live at university city at children's hospital of philadelphia with the latest on the victim's condition. joe? >> reporter: natasha, the 14-year-old gunshot victim continues to recover at last check police still described his condition as critical. though family very optimistic that he will make a full recovery. in the meantime >> it's sad, really sad. >> reporter: shots fire into a car in southwest philadelphia. two people including a teenager are hit. the car then races away from the scene at 81 it's and lions and makes i about a block and a half
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before crashing into a utility poll cutting it in half. a 14-year-old has been shot once in the face, he's rushed to children's hospital. another man and his 20's described to be the 14-year-old's brother is shot twice and won't survive his injuries. >> it's a sin and a shame and a disgrace. >> reporter: police crime scene unit arrives well after dusk. they've been tied up on another call. investigators focus ton shell casings and search for other evidence. family members say they're optimistic the 14-year-old victim will pull through. meanwhile, neighbors describe the neighborhood as quiet despite the rattle of gunshots, they tell us too long the areas young population struggled >> these children have nothing to do in the community. if you look around, there's no community center for them. these children need vocational training. they need an outlet.
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>> reporter: and a busy night for philadelphia homicide. their work continues to locate the shooter. it is unclear how close those shots were fired. and if the victims knew their attacker. again, no arrests at this point. and police have yet to identify the 20-year-old man killed tonight in southwest philadelphia. for now live at university city, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. also tonight, five homes are damaged in a wilmington fire. firefighters responded to the scene shortly before 5:00 p.m. on east 22'nd street. the red cross is now assisting 12 displaced residents. no injuries were reported and the cause is still under investigation. 's authorities are now investigating several shed fires in maple shade new jersey. police responded on cambridge circle about 1:30 this afternoon. there's no word yet on a cause. all lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike between
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willow grove and bensalem are open following a crash earlier today. authorities say the accident occurred about 9:00 a.m. when a tractor-trailer struck the median and went through the barrier on the westbound side in southampton bucks county. a large fuel spill forced authorities to shut down the highway for some time. no other vehicles were involved. commuters be where. a busy septa bus stop is moving temporarily. the septa bus stop at 15th and mark will be moved one block away to 16th and mark because of construction in that area. the roots on your screen will be impacted by this move through fall of 2017. plan your day accordingly. also, check your route. we're going to link you up to septa's website, go to nurses and techs are on strike upset over staffing level and wages. a delaware county memorial hospital say things a quickly
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spiralling downhill. anita oh spoke to both sides. >> reporter: all 370 nurses and technicians at delaware county memorial hospital walked off the job at 6:45 monday morning over what they call unfair practice >> >> it's unsafe. >> reporter: despite 21 meetings, hospital and union officials could not reach an agreement. renee cassidy has been a nurse 30 careers and claims staffing has been inadequate since the california based company took over in july, 2016 >> it is so scary. i wanted to be a nurse and i can't believe i work for a company that has no respect for their patients or their employees. >> reporter: hospital leaders say they staffed at the national average and ads their plan is keeping them open and fully staffed during the work storage. in statement to "eyewitness
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news," the spokesman for the crozer keystone health system said we regret they've been unwilling to agree to reasonable settlement and call upon its members to abandon. >> a hospital spokesman tells me that the nurses are paid fairly that the highest paid nurse is paid more than $160,000 a year but the nurses who are picketing say this is not about money, this is about safe staffing levels. reporting a the delaware county memorial hospital, anita oh cbs3 eyewitness. u.s. senator bob menendez visited cherry hill new jersey showing his support for the local jewish community. >> i'm calling upon the administration and the senate appropriation committee to double the amount of funding that exists under the department of homeland security for nonprofit and religious institutions to help protect them.
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because i think that in addition to standing up and speaking out against hatred and anti-semitism, we need to protect the community and its institutions. >> menendez delivered the address at the jewish community relations council of southern new jersey's annual. people lined the streets at the st. patrick's day parade in gloucester city today. this is the second year for the parade and it's become a st. patrick's day tradition in camden county. the parade travels down monmouth street, a residential area, and folks can watch from their sidewalks front lawns while enjoying several string bands. have you spent any time at all outside today? then you know it was certainly chilly but clear. at least it was sunny. a warmup may be coming. let's check in with justin staying up late. >> they're going to start moving back tomorrow. you're going to feel the difference. by the middle of the week, we're bringing back spring like
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numbers, temperatures still up and down that's the pattern. the low this morning, 15 if you were outside felt like 0 when you factor in the winds, that was the coldest night we had since january 10th. you had to go back early january where we hit 14. these were the highs today. we should be close to 50, 49 is or a our average, 11 below average. get to 40 in wilmington, that's 39 degrees tomorrow good shot at reaching 50 across lots of the delaware valley. freezing right now in philadelphia, 17 in millville. there are cool spots with the clear skies and calm winds, not quite as harsh as earlier this morning, we're not going to be dealing with the lower teens by the time you wake up. quiet on stormscan 3, we have showers ohio value actually a sign of warmer air that will be pushing in. warming trend begins, clouds will be on the increase throughout the morning and afternoon. that's the warmer air, testimonies close to average, get a high temperatures around
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50. we're off to the races tuesday and wednesday, 60's with rain, we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. nash, back to you. >> thanks. it could take another two careers before the water crisis in flint michigan comes to an end. the mayor wrote this week that the city will not be able to treat its drinking water until august of 2019. in a letter to the eput,a. the mayor said it would take until then to build a new water treatment plan. flint's drinking water contained dangerous levels of led after the city switched the water source. residents are still not able to use tap water for cooking or drinking. >> a day after president trump accused president obama of week, tapping had us phones, the white houseing congress for help looking into the allegations. brook has more now from new york. >> reporter: after a weekend in florida, president trump boarded air force one heading back to washington. earlier he called on congress to investigate whether the obama white house abused their
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investigative powers, in a series of tweets he accused obama of wire tapping him before the election but provided no evidence. in obama spokesman denied the charge of the trump called the surveillance a fact but sunday a white house spokes woman described it as a possible >> why is the president saying it did happen >> he's saying information that led him to believe that this is a real potential >> james the director of national intelligence said if the fbi conducted such a wire tap he would have known >> for part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni, there was no such wire tap activity. >> reporter: democrats suggested trump was trying to divert attention from questions about his campaign's contact with russian officials. >> the president, you know, is the deflector in chief, anything to change the subject from where the heat is
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>> jeff sessions is expected to file amended congressional testimony monday acknowledging conversations with the russian ambassador that he failed to disclose during his senate confirmation. cbs news new york. the "new york times" reports james comey asked the justice department to publicly reject president trump's claims about wire tapping. comey reportedly said the claims are false and could hurt the bureau's credibility. kellyanne conway is breaking her silence about her facts comment on meet the press several week >> it was alternative information and facts, respectfully i mistakes on tv every single day and everybody brushes them off. everybody things it was wrong, the wrong movie was heraldly as the winner of the oscars, that's all in good fun. things happen to everyone.
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>> o'donnell also asked conway about promoting ivanka trump fashion line in the white house, conway told o'donnell she felt badly about what happened, complaining she is there to serve the president. press secretary speiser said she was counciled for the comment. a gera of gataro, 135 north of mexico city. it was easy for him to climb the fence and could have crossed over into the u.s. building a border wall is one of trump top priorties. he believes building is unnecessary. >> we've been telling you about multiple protests outside of pat toomey's office. we invite you to join us as senator toomey conduct as live social media conversation here in our studios. our own jessica dean will be asking is the senator your
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questions that you submit via facebook live. again, that's monday afternoon, we look forward to hearing from you for that. imagine buying a home only to have it taken over by crime scene investigators. that's exactly what happened to one houston couple. what they found when the floor gave way may make you lose sleep. plus. it's nice. and it's nice to be nice to the homeless >> a self less giver, how this little girl spent her birthday is going to warm your heart. . temple looking for a win as they wrap up the regular season, can they get it done
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colloquy with a knife. he was able to escape before he gets for a his truck and tries to run him over twice. >> he didn't call the police,
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when it was said and done, bad guy fled, the victim drove himself to the hospital. back into his car after they treated him and went home, he's recovering in pain but fine. but he got lucky, because he could have got three times that day. >> the victim didn't want to press charges, the property owner contacted the police. he faces second degree attempted murder and possible life sentence. check out this deluge of brown liquid pouring from the ceiling at the american airline terminal. this video shows how murky the water was as it pooled through the water where passengers usually sit and wait for flights. the problems at laguardia are well-known. port authority approved a 4 billion dollars redesign plan with the first new construction scheduled to open in 2019. an immotion rattled parts of atlanta today. the old georgia archives building in downtown georgia
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came crumbling down this morning. building known as the white ice cube was built in 1965. it was hailed as the most. the building was determined to be sinking and had to be rebuilt. most young children want a fun birthday party with friends. one little 6-year-old from chicago decided she wanted to celebrate differently and here want she did. there were stillbirth day balloons, except the main event at armoni crews party was a meal for the homeless. she served food and told her mother she didn't want a transitional birthday. >> this year, she didn't want it. she wanted to feed those who she felt were less fortunate. >> that is awesome. armani handed out bottles of water to people who received a meal as well. her family hopes to make this a regular event. that's how she wants to spend
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her birthday. massive smoke from a brush fire smothered interstate 95 in palm beach florida. it forced authorities to shut down the highway both directions for a time. the brush fire is up to 80, 90 acres or so, burning about a block away from the downtown area. inferly no homes being threatened at this moment. it wasn't the only fire burning this sunday. wild firefighters also been an issue for most of the date in jackson county mississippi. officials were forced to close i 10 and highway 90 after heavy smoke created hazard conditions. both roadways are open. officials still monitoring the situation. multiple homes being threatened by flames as well. justin drabick is in with a check on our forecast. >> cold and dry. >> getting warmer >> that's march for you. still emotional. up and down. it's typical for this time of year. not out of the woods.
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not that we're going to get a big storm >> i thought we were beyond that. >> we were spoiled. month of february was the warmest on record for the delaware valley. pay back today. all is quiet here in center city. you're going to need the winter gear again. heading out overnight. sitting at 32 at the international airport northwest at six. it does feel like 26. windchills not quite as bad as it was. they were down around 0. we have changes. we're looking at the jet stream. took a dive southward the cold arctic was able to move back down to the midatlantic. still a lot of snow up in canada. if we can get the cold air to push in. very cold this time of year. the jet is back on the move next couple days, we're goes to return our highs ten, 15 degrees above average. we should be around 49 for this time of year. putting up in the mid 60's on tuesday, maybe to wednesday. seeing signs of milder air, even
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though it doesn't feel that warm. ten degrees warmer. the exception is millville trapped in the, where it's 22 this hour, 27 in trenton and wilmington. still cold. but not quite as bad as you wake up compared to this morning. there's the mild air. chicago, 40's and 50's this hour, that will spread eastward over the next 12, 24 hours. the sign of the warmer air is going to be clouds that you'll notice tomorrow. filtering on in from west to east from the morning to the afternoon. there's the warm front still to the south and morning hour, by monday afternoon, you start feeling the different and on tuesday we'll warm you mean. but there will be rain showers. tuesday afternoon, night. doesn't look like a big severe threat. maybe a half inch or less of rain. that's good news, we can use more moisture and temperatures into the 60's by tuesday. like i said, that cold air hanging around monday morning,
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waking up back to work and school. low 20's and a lot of the suburbs maybe upper teens in some of the coldest spots, 30 in philadelphia. we bring the milder air tomorrow, i think areas hit the low 50's for afternoon highs on monday, check this out. tuesday afternoon, south winds overtake the region well into the 60's, mid maybe upper 60's showing up if the sun can peak out. speaking of signs of spring, next week at this time, we're going back to daylight savings, make sure you turn your clocks ahead one hour, sunset a week from today next sunday coming in at 7:04. 25 for the city, colder in the suburbs, notice milder 52 we're back a couple of degrees above average. partly sunny skies, tuesday heads up shower around, keep the umbrella around especially second half of the day, 64. hanging ton 60 wednesday with sunshine by late morning into the afternoon into the 50's for
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thursday and friday, close to average. cool for the weekend and there will be that chance for rain showers. it is possible air could see a little bit of wet snow. winter kind of holding on there. all over the place. >> up and down. >> turn those clocks ahead. >> don't worry, i'll forget by then. thanks so much >> you know what sunday is? selection sunday. >> that's right. >> getting closer and closer, we have temple on the road. looking to close their regular season and the phillies face off against the t
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almost that time. me march madness upon us, tampa taking on south florida, final regular season game to the first half the score tied up at 20. alani more gives temple the lead. we jump to the second. temple with nine point lead,
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gino led with 21 points, the owls up five ten, that gives temple a 13 point lead and they go on to win it 72-60. next up for the owls, east carolina in the first round of the tournament. to spring training and the phillies in clearwater this afternoon, taking on the tigers. fast forward to the bottom of the seventh, phillies, hector gomez, this one out of reach with the outfielder, will lead this one eight to five. macnow will be joined to talk about the inaugural ivy league tournament we'll introduce you to arising star after the news. >> still ahead.
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dominic is 94 year. ruth is 88. they celebrate an anniversary
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. do you know the secret to a long lasting marriage?
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we think this couple figured it out they celebrate 70 years. dominic is 94, ruth is 88. and they met when dominic was home on leave from the army more than 70 years ago. they've been together ever since. they thought they were headed to a family lunch when they walked into their own surprise anniversary party in deptford. they're asked very often what's the secret. ? >> don't worry about anything. don't worry. don't develop on something that's not pleasant. forget it. if you can't beat it forget it >> it's not easy but you have to learn to take the good with the bad. we didn't always agree with everything. we worked it out and we stayed together. and i love him. i still love him. more than i did when i first got married. >> very sweet. they have three children, four grandchildrens and seven great
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grandchildrens. happy anniversary. justin is back
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children's hospital of philadelphia raised nearly $200,000 in it's its first ever cycling party. let's take you out there. teams of four road rally.
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from all around the city. phillies raised money for patients of chop's cardiac center. we'll be right back. . we won't be right back. we can't go area. four shelter dogs found their home. this weekend, six dogs looking to be adopted, showed off their skills during two days. >> you have to. >> no doubt. we got to get justin in we need to know about the weather >> still cold in the morning, the afternoon should get 52, 52 and 60's on tuesday and wednesday, watch out for showers, especially tuesday afternoon and night. we dry out and maybe more rain chances return as it cools down and we get saturday night turn clocks ahead one hour. >> remind me again. that's going to do it for us, thank you for joining us, we're always on cbspll


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