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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> tonight -- >> the women tell all. >> major "bachelor" drama you didn't see on tv. >> now many shots of fireball have you had? >> way too many. >> more crying. more confrontation. >> grow up. >> and what happened when the camera stopped rolling. >> dramatic. plus richard simmons out of the public eye over e three years and counting. new details how he's doing and what we spotted at his house today. >> then, new fears for nick cannon. >> people think i'm crazy. >> after quitting his "america's got talent" hosting gig why he's doing this. >> whew! >> and a beauty and the beast bromance. >> we look for any opportunity to sing. >> from the red carpet to our interview. ♪ and it's not very hard >> what you just saw was us auto tuning.
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>> now, for march 7, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> it is now the 1,147 days since we last saw richard simmons, and now there is yet again a new claim kept behind closed doors without his will. >> joinal current top podcast in the country, missing richard simmons. >> no, not kidnapped under no spell. sometimes we get lost in our sadness. >> that was richard's last interview by phone with "e.t." just under a year ago. amid a growing mystery about his whereabouts. >> when did richard simmons go? >> well, richard still hasn't been seen in public for years and now a popular new podcast, "missing richard simmons" is trying to uncover why. on the latest episode, mora ole veeria, longtime friend and former masseuse claims richard is held hostage by his housekeeper. >> no, no, no!
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get out. get out, get out! >> the look, you got to go. i said, really? is she controlling your life now? he said, yes. >> but richard's rep tells "e.t." today, morro is mistaken saying, "this is the same recycled information from six months ago. what do people want us to say? we don't want to lie and tell them there is something wrong when there isn't." "e.t." was outside richard simmons home today where a tour bus guide told us he hasn't seen simmons in the last few years and he is missed. his last public appearance in january of 2013. in 20715, the lapd responded to ar an anonymous tip and came to richard's mansion in the hollywood hills to check on him. found to be alert and responsive. as for his whereabouts today, richard's rep tells us that the 68-year-old fits in guru is at his home.
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he told us he was just ready for a break. >> i love everyone very much but it's time now for richard simmons to take care of richard simmons. >> hopefully he's safer and all that matters. turning to "bachelor." the ladies owned the season, but they kicked it off last night. >> things got totally crazy, but it wasn't behind the scenes, it got crazier with "e.t." online. >> i don't think that you fully realize the impact the things syd had because it's had a direct impact on my life. >> we saw taylor and corinne go at it on camera, you saw those stepping in to console her after the cameras stopped rolling. >> you laugh now and can't express any iempathy. >> what about you, taylor? >> i called you friend. >> claiming her feud with corinne is to blame for struggles with her career. last month told it, it got so bad she had to walk away from
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her practice as a mental health counselor. >> taking a toll emotionally. sometimes i feel really low and feel like i'm never going to be able to work again as a counselor. >> how do you feel about your relationship with taylor after tonight? how are you walking away? >> my early friendship with taylor, whatever, it's gutted. it's done. no turning back right now. >> no. i don't apologize. sorry. >> reporter: corinne dominated refusing to apologize and getting support on and off camera from the rest of the girls. >> taylor -- walked in the house like were you too good for us. >> and until napgate came up. >> tell america you're taking a nap. babies take naps. >> i told it, all the accusations around me tonight, grow up. grow up. >> she took the initiative. she took risks. maybe some of those risks opened herself up for criticism but still took them. >> nick was clearly team corinne even after taking lumps from some of the girls onstage. >> advice, don't talk to one of
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your own kind of girlfriends about other kind of girlfriends. >> and then a new moment with bachelorette rachel. >> i sensed chemistry. >> it brought back a lot of emotions. bittersweet. >> and something else you didn't see on camera. drinks flowing during the almost seven hours it took to tape the show. corinne asked producers to bring her glasses of champaign during breaks. something production did for her every day while filming "the bachelor." >> whenever i wanted it, woke up, there is was. thank you, have a great day. >> and enthusiasts, disaffection to backstage. >> how many shots of fireball have you had? way too many. >> way too many. >> alcohol, of course, important ingredient to get that kind of mad. >> a whole cocktail of emotions. >> meanwhile, what's going on with nick cannon? a lot of buzz today about his latest video rant where nick openly admits going from "america's got talent" to a guy doing a blog on youtube a real
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head scratcher. the question, is nick going crazy or is he crazy like a fox? >> people think i'm crazy and reports i have mental issues. tell them [ bleep ] we don't know. dressing in drag since 17. i've been crazy. they call me crazy because i turned down millions and millions. i am moving on to bigger and better things. >> nick shouted, and swore up a storm. post and at one point cuddles a nicki minaj puppet. >> you still a witch. >> and after he quit "agt" saying the throw threatened to fire him for jokes during his recent showtime special. >> sometimes i wish i could say the stuff i really want to say i be really thinking but can't say ta that. i can't talk like that, that would mess up the white money. >> and advice stepping down? >> just have fun with it. >> nbc hasn't commented on nick's departure or potential replacement, but here's a question --
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is cannon crazy or just crazy smart? i spoke to him this morning. he said he's doing just fine. keep in mind he has plenty of projects. the chairman of team nick for nickelodeon host of wildout on mtv. >> who else is crazy, albert einstein! >> check it out quick. pes shot with his twins ha hang out his newborn son. i've known him since a teenager. he'll be fine. >> no doubt. and david cassidy making headlines after a battle with dementia and now his nephew is taking a spot on "the voice." ♪ and with you i see ♪ >> the judges were stunned when they found out this 18-year-old was from a famous musical family.
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>> the cassidy family. my grandma's shirley jones from "the partridge family." uncles are david and shaun cassidy. teen icons and pop stars. ♪ i woke up in love this morning ♪ >> no mention of david's troubles during the show. jack's dad is patrick cassidy, and actor who played the patrico swayze role in the 1980s verse of "dirty dancing." >> always music going on and amazing teaching from my family. >> grandma shirley not just a mom on "the partridge family" won best supporting oscar in 1961 for "elmer gantry." >> in the beginning, wasn't happy them going into show business and then started to sing. i thought, this is a voice that's remarkable. ♪ what i >> and hoping for a career in inspirational music. on alicia keys team and next time we'll see him on the battle round. ♪
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♪ way home kid's got pipes, a lot of love on "the voice." we wish him good luck. an interesting picture there. taylor swift's beste, her guy, wit her ex-boyfriend. tom hiddleston dropped by. earlier in the day, ed hang wig our senior editor jennifer and setting the record straight on any new music with taylor. ♪ love >> and waiting for the news, of course. a new big question. taylor swift collaboration. getting one of those this year? >> no. not this year. it will definitely happen again but i don't know when that's going to be. ♪ in love with your body >> the 26-year-old spotted outside taylor's new york apartment today, dishing other swift news in a new issue of "rolling stone" admitting to hooking up with a famous friend when they first toured together. as for a rumored relationship
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with swift herself, he said, "there wasn't any truth to it whatsoever." ♪ remember >> ed with his album heading to number one now happily secretary of stated down with his girlfriend cherry. known each other since they were kids, but just started dating a year and a half ago. >> she knew you, when? >> from the age of 11. you don't get away with a lot. because you know she can call you out ♪ girl you know i want your love ♪ >> and ed credits cherry with his recent 50-pound weight loss, on a regime and cleaning up his diet. >> i changed my -- i drank a lot, a lot of alcohol and ate unhealthy. cut 72% of that out. still do all of those things just not in excess. >> ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ still to come, diet secrets. >> i never feel like working out but i have to. >> ava mendez after baby and why gwen is raising eyebrows with
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health tips. >> and this "beauty and the beast" star aren't excited to see their dad's new movie. >> broke my heart a little. >> and real-life romance. how far her man was willing to go to save their relationship. >> i don't want you to do that. >>
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more like a live musical. ♪ no man in town quite as mad as you ♪ >> mad as you! ♪ i'm everyonen favorite guy everyone's inspired by you ♪ ♪ and it's not very hard to see why ♪ there you go. >> oh, i loved that. thank you. >> you look for any opportunity. >> yeah. >> to sing. >> funerals -- >> it's addictive. >> christenings, "e.t." segments. ♪ be our guest, be our guest >> the "beauty and the beast" stars, partners in crime on and off screen. is this hollywood's newest bromance? >> this man is the only other person i know that can -- start, finish a sentence with a song, just like myself. yeah. we -- we're a double act and meant to be put together. >> and even his two daughters
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are big fans of gaston. >> i asked who their favorite character was looking for a quick pick me up. belle, and belle's daddy, and number four, the chickens, i loved gaston. i was at, like, 36 or 37 on the list. still ahead, ava mendez reveals the reason she skipped the oscars. why she didn't walk the red carpet with longtime love ryan gosling. before tonight, we were with the stars. will we ever see justin hartley bare his bottom like his tv dad? >> i'm upset about it. >> and the most insane fashion show ever. chanel rocket launch that has celebs awestruck. >> and a lot in front of me. >> closed kangsi incaptioning p by --
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a spaceship buried underground. pretty sure i'm a superhero. >> these teenagers are the power rangers. >> power rangers? i think they got it. >> morph in time! >> a little more like iron man or spider-man? >>. [ laughter ] >> go, go, go. >> let go! >> get them. >> power
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this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. what you're looking at right there is not the latest space launch from elon musk. actually the mastermind behind it, lagerfeld. all from paris fashion week, and hollywood was front row for the final countdown. >> amazing. i mean, as always, you know, they color outside the lines. >> celebs in awe toyed as shoe gnehm's show went off like a shuttle launch. literally. >> it's funny. a friend named rocket and there's a rocket in front of me. >> chanel ambassador pharrell and fellow pop stars watched a
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112 foot wood and pvshs rocket ship replica blast off for a big dpa naturally inside paris' chanel. that's elton john's "rocket man" playing. ♪ rocket man snow♪ johnny depp's ex was on hand. their 17-year-old model daughter front row and model siblings walked with kim comfort and kendall jenner and karl lagerfeld's 8-year-old and hudson joined them on the catwalk. not to be outdone -- >> i've nerver been in love mor than this one. >> rihanna warmed up the runway in paris and used the national library to its fullest. young models, others including stella maxwell turning the tables in the catwalk. >> ray ray covering up in a lime green coat, kind of looked like a bathrobe. flaked joe jonas
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selma and no shocker celebs support rihanna. it map ry mariah carey is obses >> i love her. i do. and a new episode on tv on "this is us." a little sexy time? apparently justin hartley campaigning for some. >> your show, producers got him to drop his pants, and a i think in the first episode of the show. the premiere. >> has anything like that come up for you? >> the thing about it is -- no. i'm a little upset about it. where's that go? offended. >> justin's used to being shirtless eye candy for the ladies. done it lots of time in his career. the single dad of 12-year-old isabella now is happy to lead the nude scene at tv's dad milo. >> a tremendous actor and sweet also a very, very good sport and awesome human being i. would like to think that jack and i
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are both good men, kind men and love our families. >> with just two episodes left in the season a lot of people are crying on the inside, even j. lo's a big fan. get ready. tonight another emotional moment as the character kate breaks down with toby. ♪ look up >> in real life, the 36-year-old is celebrating her romance with josh stansell, a camera grip on "this is us," so sweet. almost a story line on the show. chrissy recently taped an feud" josh offered to quit so they could date. >> he says if it makes him comfortable aisle can get another job. no, don't do that. >> the come seeing each other five months. when chrissy went to the golden globes josh left a note that said you're the most beautiful girl in the room. >> i just have to always take a step back and just be grateful. >> amen to that. next week is the season finale, and we know it will be all about jack and rebecca and so many
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questions that need to be answered. >> that is ryan goisling at a celebration for his love. turning 43. ava skipped the entire awards scene and this might finally explain why. listen to what ava la to say about being a mom who's stays fab loycely fit. >> i have two babies now. two girls, and i never feel like working out but i have to. >> working mom of 2-year-old esmerelda and 10-month-old amauleda has a glow posing for pshape" magazine. ava proudly calls his sweetheart reveal as possible reason she wasn't his oscar date saying, "what people don't know about me is that i love being home." instead of hitting the red carpet i'd rather be with our girls. ava managed to keep both pregnancies secret. just 15 days before ammada was born. not like she gained a ton of
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weight. she says getting back into shape after baby number two wasn't at hard as i thought because i'm always running around with the kids. ava banished junk food from the house amend worked out three time as week. >> very, very important for me to add weight into my workout. i do a lot of jump, squats, a lot of squats, lunges, intervals of, like, sprinting. within that. >> another fit mom, gwyneth paltrow, eyebrow raising detoxes as well. just before shooting a kovler story the 44-year-old did an eight-day cleanse drinking nothing but goat's milk. other things, swearing by cupping. drinking so-called moon death movies, watching alcohol. however, gwyneth allows the occasional binge saying, "you're going to have a baguette and cheese and red wine frenzy sometimes." posting this for brunch.
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#toooldforthislevelof h #toooldforthislevelofhangover. videos you have to see. when we come back, what is going on with adele? [ laughter ]
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see it all about "e.tetonline.c. remember adele at the grammys when she asked to start her performance over again?
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she was so calm and collected and pretty much looked like she could handle any situation. >> i think that's true unless she is rolling in with a -- adele performing in australia when a mosquito attacked and she tripped out. >> ahhhhh! [ inaudible ] oh, my -- >> i love it. >> she needs some repellant. [ laughter ] >> that was too good.
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"insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ my private life is private. >> it's number one. tom hiddleston can't shake off
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swidal stn. why it was his blessing and curse. >> then the clouds come out that "bachelor" women tell all. but does it pale in comparison to the final row. >> and number three. the return of "will and grace." >> this isn't funny, sean. >> what the cast told us about their homecoming. >> it just seems like they never left. >> plus your "insider" phone. >> stops you from dying. >> from the bell of the box office to taking center stage. where's the cast of "harry potter" now? >> and there are only two episodes of "this is us" left. so does this mean jack's end is near? now "the insiderer" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> taylor swift releases new concert


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