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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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tragic scene in bucks county. 5-year-old boy hit and killed by a pickup. history damage and caught on camera. the popular gathering spots now picking up the pieces after an unfortunate run-in. we begin with breaking news, a 911 outage affecting >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. . at&t wireless customers in chester, delaware and montgomery counties were unable to call 911. and that outage lasted about an hour and a half. >> at&t tells us this was part of a nationwide outage. no word on what caused it. tonight, we told you about the warnings. women in new castle county on alert after a series of frightening attacks which police say are linked to the same suspect. alexandria hoff talks with one expert about what may be driving the repeated assaults. >> reporter: 1 of three women was able to flee unharmed. two others were kidnappeded,
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robbed and sexual assaulted by a serial attacker in new castle county since february 13th. >> somebody that they feign size about >> this can point to a suspect with a dangerous fantasy. >> it could be a combination of power, right now sample, sexual rousal, and general investment or pleasure, obviously, in power, domination, control. as i mentioned in fear. in suffering and humiliation of another individual >> the women in the area are suffering as a whole, not knowing when and where a follow-up attack could ker. >> you can't walk your dog >> in what psychologists call thesatisfaction pay also be fou in power is experiencing th they're getting, a ty're difficr
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in theirfe can prove friens, fa person was eccentric is that thn severity. >> short amount of time can actually develop an interest or condition themselves to enjoy this power, domination, humiliation and threats associated with the arousal >> the suspect has been described to be about
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the scene and call the child was pronounc there's no word on the man is f cooperating with online chat room. this is the suspect, 46-year-old anthony luciani of summit. he made online contacts with the girl in 2010. he's accused of sexual assaulting her at her home in berks county pa. he's being held in the montgomery county prisonelieve other oment a pickup truck slam drer lost control of the vehicle and struck the porch of the continental tavern on main street tuesday night. security video shows staff and
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customers running outside to see what happened. the impact split a triple two by 12 beam but historically, it's just a scratch for this tough tavern. >> the porch was removed in the 1930's. and our goal was to restore it. what it looked like in 1877. and we did a wonderful job of doing that. now they have the damage is really a shame. >> the proprietor say the porch will be fixed by st. patrick's day. peco running into trouble after a fire at a north philadelphia substation, some customers had power restored lost it again. as of right now, 2000 homes and businesses remain in the dark. generators have been brought in. peco says they hope to have all the power back on by the morning. as of right now, there is no official word on the cause of the fire. a reading police officer who fatally shot a man responding to a domestic dispute
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charges. they noun the decision da shot by pol durg a barbecue in the stoudt pointed his gun at them. district attorney called it justified >> it's very unfortunate that a life was lost. we commend the actions of the officer involved. >> the district attorney said it's important for authorities to be extremely transparent when it comes to any officer involved shootings philadelphia police released videos of an unusual home invasion burglary. this video shows two men and a woman forcing their way into a home on the 900 block of washington avenue. february 25. they left with an oxygen tank. drove away in a nissan alma. peoplhan 200 people woman
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rally in logan square before marching through center city. women wore red to show solidarity. they also flexed their economic power by not spending money or going to work. the demonstrators are demanding work equality and gender equality >> we need to prove we're a big part of this economy and a big part of our nation. i'm glad we could stand together today and speak on behalf behalf of that. this rally and marched wrapped up at 13th and locate cut. president trump voiced had us support, he said i have tremendous for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and economy. on international women's day join me in honoring the critical of women her here in america and
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around the world. milania trump hosted a luncheon for 50 women at the white house. included stepdaughter ivanka trump and kellyanne conway. the first lady spoke about equality freedom and the help of women helping each other. the republican replacement for the affordable care act. this as the investigation heats up into the president's wire tapping claim. >> president trump has still not offered any evidence to back his weekend claim president obama had his phones wire tapped during the 2016 election. lindsey graham sent a letter to the justice department asking for documents related to wire-tapping of the president. graham said he's willing to use subpoena power if necessary. >> alleged something very serious. i'll willing to get to the bottom of it. and it should be pretty easy to
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solve other senators are urging a bipartisan commission to be con 59 r 15 to the investigate russian interference >> the american people have the right to know what the russians did and how they did it so we can make sure we defend >> the fbi is looking into contacts between the trump campaign and russian impressive. wednesday be the white house was asked whether it believes the fbi is investigating mr. president r mr. trump. >> there is no reason that we have to think that the president is the target of any investigation. >> he called the republican's replacement plan for obamacare wonderful. the battle over the plan continues on capitol hill. >> relief is on the way >> democrats offered dozens of amendments which were rejected >> i don't think we need to necessarily have an i did logical fistfight over this stuff. healthcare should be -- it should be accessible, affordable. and it should be simple. >> gop leaders want the house to
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vote on the bill within the next two weeks. tonight, we learn president trump offered utah governor john huntsman the position at u.s. ambassador to russia. it's a sensitive post amid contacts between russian officials and the trump campaign, he ran for presidential nomination in 2012. a criminal investigation is underway into wikileaks publication of documents exposing the cia hacking operations. the anti-secrecy group shows the cia routinely sympathies on people across the globe. so far, the cia has not verified the authenticity of documents. the fbi and cia are said to be working together on the investigation. a big honor tonight for young boy who became a hero when he made a call to save his mother's laugh. >> we first introduced you to the 7-year-old from evesham township last week. >> as "eyewitness news" david spunt shows us. he met the person on the other end of the line.
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>> super proud of you. >> reporter: a sign of rare emotion at an otherwise standard burlington county freeholder meeting wednesday, 7-year-old rocco met the 911 dispatcher who helped save his mother's life >> rocco is a shining example. >> he called 911 after his mom fell on the ground from a severe attack due to a respiratory condition. she could barely breathe. >> 911 what is your emergency, >> my mom can't breathe. >> rocco stayed on the line until emergency crews arrived at his evesham township home. the man on the other end of the phone? wade stein who came to the meeting to meet rocco face-to-face for the first time. the personality was just like he was on the phone. he knew exactly what was going on. very intelligent young man. >> reporter: rocco stayed on the line until an ambulance arrived. >> you saved your mom's life.
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how does that feel? >> excited. i was excited that i called 911 because that was the first time i ever did call 911. >> reporter: rocco's mother was rushed to the hospital. she wasn't at the freeholder's meeting but told us just how proud she is of her son. >> when i saw him i just started crying and i gave him big hug and said how proud i was. >> reporter: rocco said it's a simple lesson. >> i remember she said whenever there's an emergency, call 911. >> reporter: in burlington cbs3 five. t>> hy now having second repo calling off the divorce >> we're told diet 10 exercise are key to a healthy lifestyle. a new study shows more americans are giving up and no longer
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trying to lose weight. nicole brewer takes a closer look, how to stay on track. >> it's mile for now, it will stay that way then this little system arrives bringing snow to end the week and that will plunge us into a cold wintery pattern that may last through next week. how much snow will fall, which commutes it impacts and how cold the weekend will be. everyone loves a good book. even our four-legged friends. we'll tell you where reading is hoping kids and dogs (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza.
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♪ ♪ there is no shortage of diets and exercise trends. all with the same goal in mind, to help people lose weight >> new research find more americans are choosing not to diet even when they know they're overweight. nicole brewer is here with this story. >> interesting one. the study looks at health surveys from more than 27,000 adults ages 20 to 59 over the past two decade. it found that despite an increase in obesity rates, more overweight americans stopped trying to shed the pound. >> we all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. and the challenges that come with it.
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>> everybody has good intentions but it requires a lot of effort >> from maintaining our diets >> we think about chick fil-a >> to staying active >> i think getting to the gym, that's the biggest thing. >> reporter: research shows more americans are throwing in the towel when it comes to weight loss. >> i'm over it >> a study published in the journal of the american medical association found 49% of overweight people were trying to lose weight compared to 56% in 1990. dr. michael low a professor of psychology at drexel specializes in weight regulation said the negative health effects should motivate people. but an increasingly toxic food environment get in the way >> we lost two pound this week. i want to lose 50 >> researchers point to growing acceptance bigger bodies. the sharpist decline was
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african-american women >> we must have michael of the heart disease, diabetes >> it reduced the disease associated with diabetes, we might see more hypertension >> it's focusing less on the number you see on the scale and changing your lifestyle a little bit at a time >> happy with your body type but still try to be healthy. >> it's about the weighs loss. just be more conscious of what you're eating and the amount. >> dr. low said it's important to note that being healthy and lien are not the same. which is why it's important for everyone to accept their body type and also be realistic about their individual goals. >> that's what it comes down to knowing? you are body. >> trying to be the healthiest version. ben affleck and jennifer garden in her are trying to work
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things out, affleck and gardner have appeared at family gatherings and gone on family vacations lived on the same property during most of the separation. student with special needs put their reading skills to the test in an unusual way. the students from the brookfield school read to dogs at the camden county animal shelter in blackwood. helps improve the children's reading skills by reading out loud to a nonjudgmental audience. >> i never had like a program like this that would help me boost like my reading skills like, me personally i never really liked to read until i came to this school, and joined this program and helped the younger kids start to read. >> the dogs benefit. the attention they get helps to socialize them and make them more adoptable. >> kate bilo joining us now and it is a return to winter. kate. >> this is going to be a brutal return. we felt like we were done here.
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felt like spring. everything looked good. all of a sudden, we're in march with a vengeance. it is still winter after all. at least for the next couple weeks. it is going to feel like it's starting with snow that will be falling during friday morning and after that, we unleash winter's fury with arctic cold and possibly another storm in the early part of new england week. pretty quiet night. still a bit blustery making temperatures in the 50's feel a lot colder than that. but i'll tell you what. compared to what we're going to feel this weekend, this is not cold, it's actually still well above average. you just have that wicked wind we felt today and will feel tomorrow. stormscan 3 clear skies across the northeast. as we widen out, i want you to show you the next system, you can see it streaking across the northern plains, it will get here possibly as early as this time tomorrow night. temperatures still above average. we're at 48 in cape may. 57 in media.
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51 in medford and 54 degrees in west chester. wind tomorrow again picking up in the afternoon between 10:00 and 4:00. the wind then die down and will pick back up as we head to the weekend after this storm mousse through. timing it out tomorrow 5:00 p.m. start to see a few clouds move in. this could start as rain by about midnight but you can see a pretty quick transition to snow for the poconos and the lehigh valley. 3:00 a.m., likely still not doing much in philadelphia. but here comes that rain snow line and quickly that cold air moves in. raining, snowing by 5:00 a.m. rain down the shore at 7:00 a.m. snow in the city, still falling in the lehigh valley and the poconos. looks like the worse of it will start to wrap up by about 9:00 or 10:00 with lingering snow showers and rain showers. how much snow are we looking at? this is mainly grassy surfaces here. coating to an inch at most.
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philadelphia and nearby suburbs on the grass, one to three incheses in the lehigh valley in the poconos. possibly some locally higher amounts in the highest evaluations. this will have trouble sticking because the grass is warm. roads should just be wet. we unleash an arctic blast over the weekend and a larger sum may impact the area next tuesday. a coastal storm is possible but very far out. we'll keep you posted on that. overnight clear, chilly, blustery. it's the last mild day we're see for quite some time. friday snow, saturday barely getting above freezing, sunday cold as well. stays cold monument tuesday, another chance for snow, possibly mixing with rain. that's the system we'll have to keep close tabs on.
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>> don up next with sports. football guys. cowboy cut loose. the future of tony romo. so many rumors. so much to cover. find out what players are linked to the eagles on
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going, going, gone. nfl free agency kicked off tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. one guy the eagles have the hots for is no longer available. the eagles are desperate to add a top notch quarterback. houston aj is the best in the market. he's in position to haul in big-time dough, something the eagles don't necessarily have at
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this moment. former wide receiver for the 49ers tori smith is a free agent after being cut by san francisco. his production is declined over last four years, he still perceived as a dep threat. it may be a target for the birds. but they need more than just one wide receiver. reports say that the eagles will sign kenny brit. he would be an upgrade and was coached last season by mike row. the same report says that deshawn jackson is likely to sign with tampa bay. >> we'll see. >> as for the eagles rivals, they've been busy as well. the new york joints and brandon marshal have agreed to a two-year deal or 12 million. marshal eight seasons with 1,000 yards. pretty good. pretty good. team him up with odell beckham junior and shepherd and the eagles better find help in the secondary. from the g men to big d. the cowboys will reportedly cut
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tony romo. rumor has it that john elway and the broncos are interested. this is the same organization that won the peyton manning sweep steaks and later won the super bowl with peyton. the big east tournament as we switch gears is underway, villanova with the first round buy. georgetown and st. john's went at it for the right to play the wildcats. playing tonight and tomorrow at noon. williams all alone slamming it home, he had ten points, then owens inbound. nice play. st. john's wins 74-73. facing nova. st. joe's looking to find way to the big dance second half. charlie brown, chuck. charlie brown he's no blockhead. but it's been a difficult season for st. joe's, as you know, they didn't have enough and they fall tonight 70-63.
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your final score. another local team trying to get in. lehigh valley takes on bucknell for the patriot lead title. bucknell, taking over. out scoring lehigh valley by 15 in the second half and they win the patriot league title 81-65. >> march madness is underway and also nfl free agency is the place to be tomorrow. >> lots happening. >> next, a local
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elmwood park sue in norristown need your help. the zoo is asking the public to e-mail them suggested names for their two newborn jaguar cubs, they were born on january 24 at this. they won't make their public debut until the summer. learn more at our website kate? checking in on the weekend. expected to be another very cold weekend in our area, with temperatures only in the mid 30's for highs both saturday and sunday. it is the start of daylight savings time. usually means spring is close but it's not going to feel like it. in fact, a chance for scattered showers off to the south on sunday. but most of the westbound is dry with sun. definitely need to bundle
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with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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kate, don everyone i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at >> thanks for watching. have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: yeah, paul. >> i wonder what that president trump is up to now. >> stephen: probably something crazy. tell you what, instead of talking about it, let's watch a clip. >> not seeing anything, stephen. >> stephen: oh, that's right. the department is run by two women, anne and emery. >> what are we going to do? >> stephen: this is act out what trump said using sock puppets. >> good idea. oh, wait a minute. that's maggie. maggie runs props. >> stephen: right. >> why not just tell me the story. >> stephen: i don't know the story because gloria runs the


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