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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> police are still looking for that driver who crashed into this house, a couple in their 70's lives in the home. >> they are lucky they didn't get killed. and, the search is on for missing elderly man last seen leaving his home in montgomery county. wild fires ravage heart land. >> we are not out of the wood just yet. >> high wind fan the flames. and blow across midwest, knocking semis on their side, and sending roofs flying. you don't want to call out what -- >> they call it a royal with cheese. >> hold on to your butts. >> james corden and samuel l jackson acting out scenes from jackson's film career, snakes on the plane.
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>> indeed. >> um-hmm. >> and more coming up in the next hour but first lets get out to lauren with the weather , hi there, lauren. >> we're feeling good out here , right now, little bit of the breeze and temperatures in the 50's. just need a light jacket not the whole winter parka but don't have it too far away as we head in the upcoming weekend. temperatures, on the neighborhood network at 50 degrees in cape may. media 50. fifty-two in medford and west chester calling in at 51 degrees. looking at our wind speed they are still elevated around 10 miles an hour, 14 miles an hour, wind will kick up for first half of the morning. midday windy conditions but temperatures feeling good, 58 degrees for your lunch hour nice sunshine in store. cloud increase for second half of the day but temperatures still warming up into the 60's , that will feel nice but enjoy it because overnight tonight we are going to see rain, snow showers, developing late, and it looks like all snow as far as precipitation types during our morning
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commute. i know ground is warm we have 60's today but because snow will come down quickly in the short amount of time we will get snow, on top of snow, we will see quick light accumulations on i-95 corridor more significant accumulation up toward lehigh valley and poconos and we will talk about that in a few minutes. if you want to know about snow >> really don't but i know you will tell me anyway, lauren, thanks very much. good morning. all right. we're on a thursday morning, it is 5:32 a.m. we are looking at ben franklin bridge looking good in the westbound direction toward center city. i will say it is heating up. we can expect that pushing more toward 6:00 o'clock hour. we will look at 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction just pennsylvania oaks so westbound side you can see it is looking pretty good as well. both directionse and westbound doesn't matter, still looking same and holding pretty steady there. we have construction aramingo avenue 95 south reopening, friday morning, crews will be out there cleaning out, and of course, it will get busy
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around there but reopening friday morning which is good news for a lot of you wait fog that. then we have down tree spring house it is still out there roberts road is blocked, at bethlehem pike. your alternate norristown road will be your best bet, there. also, we have construction that is still lingering out there until 6:00 o'clock hour mark. new jersey turnpike northbound at 322 that right lane is block, that should be lifting right around 6:00 a.m. i will confirm it as soon as it does but it is still out there we have sewer installation route 30 and art more avenue and rittenhouse place this is closed for almost 24 hours. 6:30 p.m. today and that will be there until 5:30 p.m. on friday. around this area will to have use an alternate montgomery avenue is your best bet. in fact, it is your best bet and will be busy as well. we have some more construction township line road between greenwood avenue and washington lane, this it is closed between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. this will be lingering out there until may 26th, but for
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those just hearing this for the first time your alternate is church road. it will be closed between 8:00 g pennsylvania our rush hour until 3:00 p.m. and lingering out there until may 26th. these construction project are long standing and we have been talking about delaware river bridge, long standing construction project until early april. we are making progress, toward april, and until then these are alternates, scudder falls, trenton morrisville and burlington bristol. it gets very busy in the three bridges right around 6:00 o'clock hour. jim and rahel, back over to you. updating breaking news out of salem county where manhunt is underway for driver whom police say slammed a car full of people into a home, and then took off running. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at penns grove where trang, you expect to a home owner's son. good morning. what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. police are still looking foreman who cracked into this house and ran off abandoning his car and four passenger
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inside. no one inside the house or car were seriously hurt but take a look at the damage to this property here. you can see that massive hole. that is where came came through first fence and then came through side fence and then plowed into this house. this happened, just after 1:00 e union street in penns grove. police say an officer was attempting to pull over a car when driver refused to stop. driver will controlled around a curve, jumped it, and crashed two fences and hit that house. he then took off on foot. a couple in their 70's lives in their home, their son tells us they are both okay. this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. >> my first thought was the front of the house. buy we have had people run the curb and you know, hit the pole, missed the cars but we have had other people miss this turn and come into the yard. >> reporter: again there were
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four passengers inside in addition to the driver, three women and one man all but one refused treatment. she was taken to salem hospital for minor injuries. now the car in this situation was pretty much totaled the son tells us that the house is structurally sound so their parents are allowed to stay there meanwhile we are still not sure why officers tried to pull over this car in the first place, but for now we are live in penns grove new jersey i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel, back to you. >> thanks very much. meantime surveillance video captures the moment pickup truck slams in the bucks county landmark that has stood for more than a century. police say drunk driver will control of the vehicle and struck porch of the continental tavern on main street tuesday night. it shows customers running outside to see what happened. impact did split a triple, two by 12 beam but damage is believed to be minor. owners say it will be fixed by st. patrick's day. 5:36. in business news what apple says we need to do to avoid
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security trouble with your i phone. >> plus why analyst say caterpillar's stock is dropping. money watch's jill wagner joins us from new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures are pointing to a higher opened. stocks were mixed despite a blockbuster jobs report for february. dow jones who 69 points, nasdaq gained three. shares of the caterpillar fell 3 percent on news of a possible tax and accounting fraud. new york times has said government commission report found that the equipment maker did not comply with tax or financial reporting rules. no charges have been filed, caterpillar has not committed. samsung is exploring expansion of the u.s. manufacturing, the company says preliminary talks are underway to build a new factory somewhere in the you had, and there are very few details though. and apple says it has fixed weak necessaryes in the i phone that accord took documents was cia break into devices. april em says latest system addressed those issues and they are working to fix others
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apple has advice, run all updates, available, and so you can take advantage of any of those security fixes, jim and rahel. >> i have nothing on my phone that i really care about. cia wants to look into it, i'll give it to them. >> no, no. >> i feel like every time you update your phone everything change, your setting change, it is hard for creatures like apple like us. >> i usually wait, and first of all, i thought you were going to go in the different direction. i thought you were going to say my flip phone doesn't even have updates but thinks a whole different angle, i have got nothing to hide, interesting. >> jill, i love the shade this morning. >> i wait a long time to update my phone. >> we will check in tomorrow. >> just so you understand, jill knows you this is the british ultra auto maker bentley unveiled a electric
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concept car at geneva car show officials say bentley's exp12 has an approximate range from milan to monaco where meisha summers, 190 miles, bentley electric carrasquillo is an estimated price tag, get this three to 400 you this dollars. in other news back here at home ransom wear sign's tack that shut down computer network for pennsylvania senate democrats is proving to be more complicated then first thought. that is according to senate officials who say its not clear when it will be resolved since the attack, lawmakers have been working with lap tops and cell phones. fbi is investigating. republicans on capitol hill has a initial victory in their effort to repeal obama care, they pushed the measure through house, weighs and means committee, and eliminate tax penalty on people buy insurance. democrats and several medical groups oppose the bill. and a federal criminal
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investigation is underway after wikileaks published documents exposing the cia hacking operation. anti secrecy group says material shows cia routinely spies on people across the globe. they claim cia goes through their smart phones and tv's. so far cia has not verified authenticity of the documents but both fbi and cia are working on the investigation. former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is rallying woman to push for gender equality as vital voices global leadership award. annual event honors woman in leadership rolls. they were mrs. clinton and queen of the jordan. mrs. clinton says women can take an active role in making the world a better place. >> i have never been more confident that we can take the next thing that comes along and move forward with optimist many in to a better future for women, for men, for human beings. >> the former secretary of
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state, helped start the vital voices organization during her time as first lady. well, former president george hw bush and former first lady barbara bush also being honored. couple was recognized for their support and service to the jewish community. they were given at ward at congregation beth israel in houston. bush's condemned recent bomb threats and vandalism against jewish institutions including those here in philadelphia. up next, breaking up their break up, find out hollywood couple reportedly trying to reconcile. >> i cannot wait for that one. young boy reunited with a 911 dispatch shore helped him save his mother's life, we will hear from that little boy and stars walk red carpet for premiere of the the movie, we have to tell you coming up
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ben affleck and jennifer garner's change of plans. they are reportly trying to work things out. >> yeah. >> people magazine reports garner called off divorce, affleck and garner separated in 2015, the two however have appeared at family gatherings and have gone on family vacations together. they live on the same property during most of their separation. hopefully they can work things out. we are taking you inside k
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ong skull island, samuel l jackson and other star in the brand new take on a classic character skull island is set against waning days of the vietnam war with the majority of the film taking place in that country. the all-star cast, says the dangerous territory in search of the secrets of kong skull island. movie is likened to the original. >> like the original we wanted to have the throw back be a monster movie and to be sort of an adventure movie, not just action movie but have that sense of adventure. when you step in the theater in 1933 and saw first king kon g movie your brain was going oh, my god. >> catch tonight theaters starting tomorrow. speaking of movies, have you seen a slasher movie, what is that, with the dresses here today. >> it is a classy slash. >> yes. >> the two of you, what is going on over there.
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>> our party in the jungle. >> i know, right. >> we're hip, what can i say. >> a little incident. >> these things happen. >> but up early with us this morning, wearing cut out clothes, our weather watchers. >> yes. >> it might be a last day for a while to expose any skin at all because temperatures will be plumetting, as we head into tonight, and some cold air is overtaking the delaware valley as we head in the upcoming weekend but looking nice right now as we get a live look at center city philadelphia, twilight in the scene there, clear skies, conditions, pretty scene though in the sky light but weather watchers are up with us early this morning on a friday morning and their current conditions are not too shabby. we will check in with their temperatures in the 40's and 50's right now 567891 degrees, head into jersey at david's house in clementon and he has clear sky conditions, with wind of 7 miles an hour. let's head into pennsylvania where it is 49 degrees at
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eileen's house, mostly clear sky conditions in gilbertsville and she says not too bad this morning, light breeze, temperatures, feel like early spring, yeah eileen take it all in because we are going to be dropping down dramatically as we head in the upcoming weekend. we will see one more temperature head out to chesterfield new jersey at ed 's house with clear sky conditions. 49 degrees right now. he says, warm first walk must do first work out now i need to be in moorestown by 7:00. ed is stick to go his schedule you may have to adjust tomorrow morning because we will have snow across the region but for today mostly sunny, breezy, mild. sixty-one. tonight rain and snow showers developing and then transition go to all snow as we head into early tomorrow morning down to 36 degrees. we have winter weather advisory in effect north and west of the city, kicks in this he can and runs until midday tomorrow, for much of that area. future weather showing us, as we head into the evening hours still quiet but midnight
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things pick up a bit with that precipitation ban breaking out north and west, rain mix nothing first, transitions over to snow, we could see rain on initial on set at 5:00 , snow starting to break out on i-95, center city philadelphia , snow band moving southward in the 7:00 o'clock hour, dealing with snow in the shore at 9:00 and then head into midday more uniform precipitation will start to lift down but we could still see scattered snow showers and squals as we head into tomorrow afternoon but we have snow tomorrow, only 42 degrees , dry for upcoming weekend but how about some 30 's, as we spring, forward and 30's persist into next week. >> you are taunting me over there with this stuff, lauren. we don't want the 30's but we will to have roll with it. good news is this morning, we're waking up. take a look at this sky line, we're waking up to, absolutely gorgeous. this is 202, taillights moving in the north bound direction approaching king of prussia you have to wake up to that
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and get to see that, that is your blessing right now. ninety-five south pushing in the southbound direction, this is what you are looking at right there heating up just ever so slightly but overall, things are looking good, basically every where that we look we have this down tree it has been there all morning long, spring house, roberts road is block at bethlehem pike so use this alternate, norristown road will be your best bet around that, and that tree, clearly still out there, plus we have seen construction new jersey turnpike northbound at route 322 that right lane blocked, it will be blocked until 6:00 a.m., another 10 minutes or so we will let you know when that clears at 6:00 a.m. when it will get busy. we have construction clearing, aramingo avenue ramp to i-95 south is reopening friday morning. we are sending crews out there , it will be busy. head up that will make people very happy, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. >> seven year-old boy from evesham township is hailed a hero. he mailed a call that saved his mother's life and met the man on the other end of the line.
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>> 911 what is your emergency. >> my mom can't breathe. >> rocco was honored at burlington county freeholder's meeting last night and he got to meet 911 dispatcher he spoke with when his mom was in trouble last week. rocco's mom had a respiratory condition. rocco says he remembered his mom used to say whenever there is an emergency just call 911. >> that was first time i ever did call 911. it was like talking to my daddy about an emergency. >> his personality was just like he was on the phone. knew exactly what was going on very intelligent young man. >> you can see wade stein dispatcher attend todd meet hero in person. he said rocco stayed on the phone until emergency crew as arrived at the house and simple message from mom, ended up saving her life. >> way to go, rocco. >> you never know what kid pick up on. >> they pick up on everything, like sponges. >> up next how one working
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woman is working to reward good behavior from strangers. >> and it is a whole new meaning to top hat and tails, we will show you more of this dog wedding, i'm all for it, and tell you why it is happening when we come
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real life story of a pig having his house blown down. >> pit pig got away after wind broke the fence and pig was found in the home improvement store of all places. >> this happened in portable michigan. hamlet the pig walked a mile from a home to the home depot store. employee saw him, fed him and brought him home and then posted a picture on the who pet facebook page. >> that was my first thought was it has got to be someone's pet: if it was my animal i would want them to dot same thing. >> super friendly, very sweet. doesn't make too much noise. >> reporter: it didn't take licensing to find the pig's family ham let's owner said she almost cried because she never thought that she would see him ever again. >> look at him. >> people don't realize how smart pigs are. >> they are very smart. >> they are smarter then dogs. we don't need all of the jokes >> by the way, i need a pet
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pig. i have been saying this since i was about nine. >> yes, okay. >> maybe this year, maybe your time. >> thanks, rahel. >> we are gathered here today, men and women to join in math money for these two dogs, a dog bride and groom and dog ready to perform the ceremony yesterday in the philippines. group of dog owners called it an evening a event among friend. they say they arranged the nuptials to promote importance of dogs in society. here, here no word where the happy couple is spending their honeymoon. >> wonder if they are registered. >> i just wand fur they like income these costumes. >> no. >> i know. >> it is almost like forced on them. >> i don't know. >> ladies, everybody, listen up, we are here to prove that shrivelry is in the dead. >> it is a new yorker, which she's on the subway some people offer her, their seat
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but those people are almost always women. she decided she would award first man to give up his seat with the trophy for the number one, decent dude. and after a few weeks, there was finally a winner. >> what? >> after a while, i realized, all right, i will make a big deal out of it. >> here he is, out of town, i would just say hi. >> what did you think when you got that? >> i was a little shocked. i was like i was very surprised. >> lynn says that she had what she called an adorable i don't know what to say reaction. >> you said after a couple weeks. >> that is ridiculous. >> guys, get up if there is an old person or pregnant woman you give them the seat. >> that is crazy. >> i think so. >> is there coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" , oh, boy daylight savings time. this sunday we spring, forward good for us. changing the clocks can mess
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up your sleep schedule, doctor jen will be here with some advice. thousand adjust to the time change. we will be glad to take that. finding sen with help from pat croce, pat gallen will be live with the former sixers owner to get a lesson in meditation, coming
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we are following breaking news a manhunt is underway in south jersey after a car crashed in the house where we're live with whom police are looking for and what may have led to the accident. the republican health care bill just cleared its first hurdle but fight is far from over, where things stand new with the new plans. and energy milder temperatures today because big changes are on the way, lauren 's tracking two, count them two as well in the forecast. today is thursday, march 9th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lauren and meisha are keeping an eye on things. what if we want no chances. >> move to florida. >> i'm just messenger. >> mother nature decide and i'm just really her puppet. >> yes. >> we have construction outside this morning, lot of it, which is clearing out of the way. no accidents,


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