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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 10, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> ♪ good morning. it is friday, march 10, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the white house launches an all-out effort to win offer conservative who do not like the gop health care bill. vice president pence focuses on anti-abortion groups to get their support. >> and massive crowds in south korea. and the nuclear standoff with nn north korea. >> and police hope a dramatic
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video will help lead them to suspects. >> but first, your world in 90 seconds. >> i wish i could come up with another word. it is pathetic. not on is it sad, it is a real threat to this country and the world. >> do you believe co 2 is the primary control knob for climate? >> i would not believe it a primary contributor to the global warming that we see. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing replacing bla replacing obamacare. >> big story after the storm is going to be the arctic blast of air that comes in. >> police have arrested a man with an ax in germany.
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>> the country's first woman leader was thrown out of office. >> it ends in a social media circus. >> this is crazy as hell. >> in san francisco, a freeway face-off. a group of biographers caught punching and kicking an ub are driver. >> and a little girl literally blown away by the wind in ohio. >> and all that matters -- >> great news for trump. he finally has someone in his administration who is actually supposed to meet with the russians. >> the president and first lady had differenter with senator ted cruz and her wife heidi. how awkward was that? >> i remember the campaign. tweeted "a picture is worth a thousand words."
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trump is right, which is why i like to look at these pictures as i can. >> "this morning is presented by toyota, let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." charl charlie rose is off. this guy came up to me and said i used to shoot tennis balls with charlie when he was 14 and he said he used to. which is the question, when will charlie be back? he will be back on monday. he underwent open heart surgery and everything went great. he's been resting up for the last few weeks.
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he sent us a note saying "i look forward to seeing you in march." and true to his word, he'll be back here on monday. >> and he looks better than ever. >> absolutely. ity -- he looks like a ralph lauren ad. >> i love both you guys. it's been a real privilege keeping charlie's seat safe but i also love my pillow and it will be nice to get reacquainted. >> it was a great transition. i feel we've all bonded. don't act like you don't know it. >> charlie returning is news. it is president trump's 50th day in the white house. he and aides are mounting a full
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court press for their health care plan. >> vice president mike pence will meet later today with groups that oppose abortion. cbs news says pence will tell them the white house is committed to stripping all federal fund from planned parenthood. major garrett is at the white house. >> reporter: good morning. president trump and his team are pushing the plan. they will also discuss federal funding of abortion either through medicaid or tax credits in the underlying health republican bill. >> we have some real experts with us.
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>> president trump said nothing about on the fate of the bill but just after he went to twitter where no questions are asked, no skepticism exists. despite what you hear in the press, health care is coming along great. we are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture. >> it's still a stinking pile of garbage. >> no, i will not. >> even a presidential tweet can't calm a combustible debate. >> i'm embarrassed for you, for your side and your party. >> after a 27-hour marathon, the ways and means advanced other parts of the bill. the two will be combined and voted on in the full house in the coming weeks. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. >> if house passage is a
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gigantic hurdle, senate approval could be rougher. >> conservatives hate their bill. they might as well just start over. >> vice president mike pence downplayed the division. >> we're all literally on the same page about where we need to go but how you get there is often times complicated in washington, d.c. >> now, the president invited here last night to the white house ten republican vote counters known as whips for pizza, beer and bowling. the president needs them to be aggressive backs are because eventu eventually they'll try to convince the dissenting votes from no to yes. >> and a fierce new argument
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over climate change. scott pruitt questioned the role in global warming, which contested his statement to congress. chip reid is outside epa headquarters in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in 2013, an intergovernmental panel said it's likely that humans are the cause of global warming. the new leader of the epa doesn't seem to agree. >> i think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and free me tremendous question on the
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impact. >> no, i would not agree it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see. >> this is not the first time the man tasked questions global warming. pruitt said scientists are still questioning its connections to the actions of mankind. >> i do not believe climate change is a hoax. he assured lawmakers he recognized the human impact on the environment. at that time the administrator gave the impression he disagreed with president trump, who has called global warming a hoax. >> so global warming. it's a hoax.
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>> scott pruitt and the epa are required by law to fight climate chang and regulate carbon dioxide as a way of doing so. >> president trump has not made the environment a major issue so far but he campaigned on a promise to roll back some obama regulations that limit the amount of c 02. >> comey planned to tell them that president trump's allegation that president ordering wear tapping is false. he never did.
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>> julian assange said the cia failed to maintain its >> wikileaks discovered it by being passed around. >> critics blasted the dump. >> it an act of treason. >> i no know it's concerning to people but cyber war is real. >> the fbi is working to determine how the information got out. >> south korea is in political turmoil after a court upheld its president's impaeacimpeachment.
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it triggered massive protests. park's removal could bring major changes to the strategically important reason. adriana shows us what's at stake. >> reporter: good morning. a presidential election will be held in 60 days. it took just over 90 days for the court to reach its decision but it could impact the region for years to come. >> demonstrators rallied outside. police battled with the crowd upset over the court's decision. the region's provocations intensifi intensified. monday they test fired more missiles toward japan.
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they follow a new harder-to-detect missile fired last month. the u.s. is bolstering defenses in the region, adding a missile defense system known as f.a.d., which began arriving monday night. but if -- the party has signaled it wants to engage the north in talks, a shift away from the u.s. and japan's hard line policy. >> at the moment south korea and the u.s. and japan are all on the same page in term of punishing north korea. >> the state department said it the u.s. will uphold it's responsibilities in the region but the trump administration is still vague on what its policy is. >> the president has tweeted it's not going to happen when it comes to intercontinental ballistic missile.
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but there's been details on how they would stop north korea. >> secretary of state rex tillerson will be in the region next week but any officials he meets in seoul could be out of office within a matter of weeks. so any decisions made could be obsolete. >> all right, thank you. it is noteworthy as the secretary of state heads to the region, he is not taking reporters with him on his plane at this very important time. >> the nude photo scandal rocking the marine corps is far bigger than none. men from all branches showed intimate pictures of women, including fellow services members. >> p. >> reporter: the defense department is investigating a web site where users can post messages anonymously.
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>> it an image-sharing board where male military members from all branches were sharing nude photos, sharing instagram accounts in order to cyber talk and generally harassing female military members across the military. >> some showed photos of clothed women and ask for something called "wins." >> wins means nude photos. >> a facebook page showing marines naked. >> as a rape survivor, i can tell you that this exact behavior leads to the normalization of sexual harassment and even sexual violence. >> reporter: after the in a reasons united page was taken down, marines united 2.0
7:16 am
received. sergeant major ronald green has told congress that marines union e -- united is just the tip of the spheres. >> it's nothing different than stalking with a computer. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said "we fully expect that the discovery of marines united will motivate marines to come forward to notify their maroimarine com are. >> an indiana grandfather is trying to find the murderer of his granddaughter and her best friend. we go outside the town of delphi
7:17 am
where the girls were last seen alive. >> reporter: good morning. the girls' bodies were found not far from this trial on valentine's day and the family is speaking out, asking the public to take a closer look of the suspect as investigators pore over thousands of tips. >> this horrible crime has torn a hole in our family that will never heal. >> libby's grandfather put their family's anguish into word. he described the girls as best friends who loved playing soft ball. they went for a hike to the on february 13th an dd disappeared. at some point they found themselves on this train
7:18 am
tressel. she took a picture of abby and also caught this man with this audio "down the hill, down the hill." investigators have received over 11,000 tips. what they don't have yet is a suspect in custody. sheriff, is this case cold ? >> absolutely not. >> seems like it's been going on a long time without a suspect. >> the biggest part are the thousands of tips that roll in. the search has expanded nationwide with tips coming in from as far away as los angeles. >> i don't know exactly what happened out there that day. neither within of them left each other's side. both those girls are heros in my book. >> donations to a reward fund for any information leading to an arrest has exceeded $224,000.
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>> john, thank you so much. >> i like any time they can show that picture because somebody knows that guy. they know that hat, that shirt. it's heart breaking no one is coming forward. >> here's a look at heavy snow falling here in manhattan. the boston area could see 4 inches. t the wind chill is below zero in the upper midwest. those gusts lifted this 4-year-old in cleveland. she held on and gripped the phone. her mother said she wasn't hurt but she got the ride of a lifetime. >> the girl knows how to hold on. >> a critic of vladimir putin is a victim of poisoning twice.
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bikers are accused of beating an uber driver during rush hour on a california freeway. >> why it so hard to track down the suspects. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. snow is moving in, and it is already coming down north of us, our trang do live in allentown to look at conditions there. good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel, we've seen the wintery mix outside of allentown for about an hour and a half. it is still coming down. take a look at the grassy surfaces definately loft accumulation that we're seeing, but more importantly, during the morning rush, we're seeing it is not really accumulating on the roadways, pretty much looking like rain, see the cars moving just fine, notice i would say out here we are leaving for work, may have to brush off your cars, because it is accumulating on surfaces, just want to be careful, turn on the headlights, use the windshield wipers. for the most part not really
7:27 am
causing whole lot of issues, pretty much nuisance-like rain. rahel, i send it back to you in the studio. >> trang, thank you, we send it over to meteorologist, lauren casey. >> good morning, rahel, yes, the snow is moving, in fast and furious, across the area, we light rain coming down in center city. it will soon transition over to snow, snow coming down heavily at times right now in our immediate western suburbs, delaware county, chester county seeing the snow coming down, and the swat moving its way east south jersey starting to see sprinkles will soon transition over to all snow. you can see, where some of the heavier pocket every snow are right now over kennett square. as we expand out much more moisture up wind. that will continue to move our way. snow across portions of central and western pennsylvania, through the 9:00 w coming down heavy at times, snow showers still into the noon hour. winds pick up for this afternoon, as the uniform snowfall comes to ends, we will see scattered snow squawls redevelop headed into the second half of the day
7:28 am
could pose a hampering on our commute later in the day as far as snowfall accumulations three to six in the poconos, parts of the lehigh valley, much of the area one to three, less south and east coating to inch it, will come down in a matter of hours, as we head throughout the morning. high temperatures meisha will be tumbling. already hit 38 degrees. we will be slowly cooling things down into the afternoon and a cold weekend ahead. >> so the winter rolls in, right as the spring is tapping on the door, i see how this makes sense, all right, lauren, thanks so much. looking outside, we do is it have accident winslow, route 33 closed near egg harbor road. alternate: egg harbor road or the a.c. expressway. also, minor house fire near clayton, route 47, delsea drive closed between colts mill road and macarthur avenue. use an alternate around here, frysmill road your best bet. delaware river bridge now, thank you, next update is at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, leslie saw preview her six minutes interview, the
7:29 am
russian activist about vladmeere putin. ra the capitol hill press
7:30 am
conference, speaker paul ryan, ever the show man dazzled the doubters with a power point presentation. he was either defending trumpcare or selling a time share. he explained just with obamacare went wrong. >> the whole idea of obamacare is the people on the blue side pay for the people on the red side. the people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick. >> you just described how insurance works, as literally as the definition can be. >> i tell you, colbert is on a role. >> leave it to stephen colbert
7:31 am
to sort it all out. nicely done. >> and paul ryan is getting a lot of attention for his sleeves-up approach. some people now call him professor ryan. >> i've known him since we were in our 20s to tgether on capito hill. he's always been a policy wonk. >> he's very good at it. >> the "washington post" says the nfl is accused of abusing prescription pain killers according to a federal lawsuit filed by 18 ho,800 former footb players. an average team prescribed 6 to 7 pain pills per week per player. in response to the article, the nfl told cbs news the
7:32 am
allegations are, quote, meritless. >> u.s. infrastructure gets a d-plus according to a report card issued every four years by the society of engineers. they say it will cost $10 trillion to bring roads up to a safe level, and thens to $2 trillion more than alorted. >> and michael flynn was fired last month as national security adviser. he received $530,000 last fall for his connection to a turkish businessman. vice president mike pence called this an affirmation of the decision to fire michael flynn. >> macy's just signalled the end of department stores as we know them. the company is testing
7:33 am
self-service systems in its shoe and beauty department. it would make macy's more like t.j. max and nordstrom rack. they say shoppers want to be left alone. >> and bottled water outsold soda in the u.s. last year for the first time. an average american downed 39 1/3 gallons of bottled water. the soda average is 38 1/2. it was a big chang from 2015 when soda had a two-gallon edge. i looked at my kid and said this is a good thing. >> it's a really good thing. right direction. >> russia has frequently been in the headline sits president trump's inauguration. this sunday a story that's even stranger than most.
7:34 am
she w he was a local news correspondent and a critic of vladimir putin. he suddenly fell ill. his wife believes it yet another attempt to poison him. she spoke with leslie stahl last year after the first poisoning nearly killed him. >> reporter: vladimir was an opposition activist on the front lines, protesting putin's policies, organizing demonstrations and town hall meetings. he knew he was on a dangerous mission. when we met him last year, he told us that one day in may 2015 he learned just how dangerous. >> i was in a work meeting with my colleagues in moscow when i started to suddenly feel really sick and i went in 20 minutes from feeling to completely formal to feeling like a very sick man. i don't remember anything for a month. >> you were in a coma for a
7:35 am
month? >> i was in a coma for a week. >> he was shuttled from hospital to hospital in moscow for two days as doctors frantically tried to figure out what was wrong with him. >> i was at one point connected to i think eight artificial life support machines and doctors told my wife it will be on a 5% chance i'll survive. >> but he beat the odds. when we spoke with him last year, he'd been recovering for a year but was still walking with a limp from nerve damage. >> what happened? >> it was some kind of a very strong toxin. we don't know what it was. as people who know more about this and i do explained to me, you have to know exactly what you're testing for in order to find it. >> so they never found the compound? >> they never did. >> i think it's interesting s see -- he was and then he went
7:36 am
back into the jaws of the beast. >> does he have any idea how he got poisoned? >> he doesn't. he was traveling all offer the place having lunches and coffees. >> you had the interview with him, though. i interviewed him a year ago about another russian who had died mysteriously. he talks about that and how he had been poisoned. we have to say allegedly poisoned because they never found what it was. then i hate to step on my own story but then when he was repoisoned a money ago, we said my gosh, we have this interview. >> so where is he now? >> he's recuperating from alleged poisoning number two in washington. >> what is the heart of why he is an o opponent of vladimir
7:37 am
putin, why he's become an enemy of the state? >> he's been a long time activist. he's pro-democracy. and he's part of that larger group of opponents, many of whom do end up mysteriously dead or in jail or exiled. so he's just part of that larger -- >> second time of the laalleged poisoning. why is it so hard to find out what it is? >> we came upon something in one of the wikileak dumps, that there was a laboratory to study undetectable compounds. >> there's a history of russian poisonings. >> exactly. >> and usually when they do find what the poisoning was, it w was -- >> as he points out, unless you
7:38 am
know specifically what to look for, you don't know who test for it. there's one case of a russian who died who was connected to this man, who they found it was caused by an exotic imlane -- >> of killers. you think our country is owe innocent? >>. >> he was actually a television reporter in washington and, yes, he knows many of the senators. when he was poisoned several of them spoke up, john mccain went to the floor of the senate on his behalf and there's been sort of a little bit of pressure on president trump to speak out and
7:39 am
he hasn't. and you know what's mysterious to everybody why president trump has not criticized vladimir putin. it part of what's going on right now in washington and in the midst of all these questions comes the second poisoning. >> it very timely. you can see leslie's full interview on "60 minutes" this sunday at 7:00, 6 central on cbs. >> a road rage attack stops rush hour traffic on a california freeway. ahead what police say triggered the scary confrontation that led to the beating of an uber driver. and later, whether the turmoil in seoul christopher hill will be here in studio 57. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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police in california are
7:44 am
searching for bikers who are suspects in a violent highway attack captured on video. a newly released recording show as pack of riders on dirt bikes and afvs surrounding a car on witness until it stops and then they appear to beat the driver. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good norah. they appear to aggressively target the driver. this video captured by another driver shows a group of bikers pulling stunts and driving recklessly down a four-lane stretch of highway. but the biker stunts quickly turned into aggression. the video shows a group of riders boxing in the white toyota camry, eventually bringing the car to a stop in
7:45 am
the middle of the freeway. >> they exchanged words and started striking the car with their fists. the driver got out to confront the cyclists, got into a fight and was beat up. >> reporter: the driver of the white sedan was in his 30s and works for a ride sharing company. he was taken to an area hospital. >> their usual m.o. is to be out there riding on their dirt bikes, never any plates on the motor cycles. >> the bare area incident is a reminder of how dangerous these altercations can become. in 2013 a similar case of road rage after a group of bikers stopped an suv and eventually dragged a man out of his car and beat him. >> we've had indens where street bikes on the freeway.
7:46 am
>> california troopers say they doesn't know what started the altercation and they're trying to determine the identities of the bikers. that's why they're urging anyone with any information about this investigation to contact their department. that's really the toughest part. >> i've been on a highway driving when a group of bikers did that sort of thing. it really scary when you're driving. you don't know where they're coming from. >> and you can see it escalates quickly. >> easy to be a tough guy when it's 15-1. >> a woman made it her life mission to find the man who kidnapped and assaulted her when she was just 8 years old. the technology what helped crack this case after that horrible crime. >> pd a dare
7:47 am
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a south african surfer has broken a world record by becoming the first person to make a solo crossing of the atlantic ocean on a stand-up paddle board. he started off the coast of morocco last december. he traveled more than 4,500 miles over 93 days. the 42-year-old arrived yesterday at the caribbean island. his family and friends were there to cheer him on. his journey raised more than half a million dollars for children's charities. his life philosophy is to inspire others to achieve the impossible. >> that was kind of a tricked out paddle board. >> it didn't have a motor, though. >> no. i'm not taking away anything from what he did but it was a very nice paddle board.
7:52 am
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save energy and money. peco. the future is on. live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, everyone, aim jim donovan. snow cosily slow your drive today depending where you liver and when you are leave for work. snow isn't in philadelphia yesterday but on its way. allentown first part of the area could see snow today. hey, trang? >> hey, jim, it is definitely here. we saw the first snowflakes in the allentown area around 6:00 . and now about two hours later it is still coming down, pretty heavy, we have some scratchy surfaces over here, really starting to accumulate. just on these grassy surfaces, so take a look at the roadways here, it has been pretty much above freezing, this entire morning, so we weren't seeing whole lot of issues with slipping on the roadways, but now, as it is getting cooler as the day goes on, could
7:57 am
potentially see. that will see the cars moving just fine. definitely going to want to have those headlights on, windshields wipers, and this is wintery mix, some rain, very wet, so it is really affecting visibility for these drivers out here. but that is here headed your way, i send it back to you in the studio. >> right over to lauren updating today's forecast. >> gentlemen, snow continues to fall across the poconos, lehigh valley and berks county, seeing snowfall rates in the poconos about an inch per hour, dealing with rainfall right now, light in intensity, spread willing out across south jersey and delaware, center city philadelphia started at rain, seeing the transition over to snow as we speak. now, we will continue to take place, and where we had the rain areas, that will also transition over to snow really within the next hour. snowfall totals already from this event parts of monroe county, saylorsburg over two inches, lehigh ton inch and a half, allentown closing in on an inch, these are from about 7:00 to about an hour ago. hamburg berks count bye half inch, just little over trace,
7:58 am
temperatures right now, on the decline, at midnight we were in the upper 40's, in philly in the upper 30's. and temperatures will continue to fall across the area west to east, gradually cooling, so already hit our high temperature of the day, 38 degrees, periods of heavy snow this morning, then this afternoon, scattered snowfall redeveloping as windy conditions will pick up and windy conditions take us into the overnight period, meisha, mostly clear, and frigid after the snow. windy streak, 23 degrees. >> look at the camera shots behind me, it is here. looking at 422 near collegeville, blue route at ridge pike, route 30, yikes. it is busy out there, as well. not only do you have slow factor for your commute, take it ice, because dealing with slick conditions, little visibility conditions. tractor-trailer accident pages quakertown, jim? >> ex update, real life story of survival. and the search for a
7:59 am
kidnapper. i'm ji jim donovan, make it a grea
8:00 am
good morning. it's friday, march 10, 2017 and welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including violent protests after south korea's president is removed from office. in our issues that matter series, the former u.s. ambassador to south korea looks at the uproar and how it could affect the nuclear standoff with north korea. first here's today's eye opener at 8. ♪ ♪ humans blame global warming. >> it took over 90 days for the court to reach its decision.
8:01 am
>> the nude photo scandal rocking the marine corps is far bigger than previously known. the defense department is investigating multiple online sites. >> multiple people are in the path of a late winterstorm. and gusts lifted this 4-year-old in the air near cleveland. >> paul ryan getting a lot of attention for ditching his podium for his sleeve rolled up power point. love a good power point. >> the president is a humble man. he doesn't like to put his name on anything. >> trumpcare, trumpcare, trumpcare. when it comes to whether you should call it trumpcare, that is one thing about which trump care. >> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason.
8:02 am
we have some more real news to report. it is a great day in america because charlie rose is going to return to this table on monday. >> queue the marching band. >> the celebrations, we're exciting to have him back. he's been resting after successful surgery to repair an aortic valve. >> it's been great to be here but it will be great to be home in bed. >> we envy all of that. >> he promised to return in march and what we know about charlie, he's a man of his word. >> in anyone could make a quick comeback, you knew it would be charlie. vice president mike pence meets with anti-abortion groups today to make it clear the white house wants to defund planned parenthood. they'll also discuss banning all abortion funding by medicaid and how to stop insurance tax
8:03 am
credits from paying for them. last night president trump invited for a bowling night with staff. john dickerson has an exclusive interview with speaker of the house paul ryan, plus rand paul and bernie sanders sunday here on cbs. >> another good show for john dickerson. >> south korea's president was forced from office overnight plunging a key u.s. ally into political chaos. the decision to remove president park geun-hye. it brings new uncertainty at a time of growing provocations from north korea. >> in the latest installment of our series "issues that matter" we take a closer look at the turmoil in south korea and the escalating standoff over north korea's nuclear program. the north launched myself ills.
8:04 am
joining us is former u.s. ambassador to south korea, christopher hill. ambassador hill, good to have you. lots to talk about. let's talk about the protests and turmoil in south korea with the removal of the president. how does that impact with what we're trying to deal with in terms of north korea and their ambitions? >> i think the result is not so much measured in what's gone on the last few hours. the question is who's going to replace her? and the betting is that the left of center government there, left of center party, will probably come in. so left of center in korea means more nationalism ironically because that's usually a right-win phenomenon, more accommodating to north korea, a
8:05 am
little less willing to follow our lead but we're going to know in the next 60 days or so. >> we mentioned the launch of the four missiles. north korea is known to have enough material for more than 20 nuclear weapons. how concerned should we be about their progress? >> i would put that right up there. they have enough plutonium for 20 weapons. what we're seeing in the last few days in terms of the last few missiles is solid fuel, manning they can stand them up and shoot them off before we can really target them so this is a real concern as they moved forward. >> that's a very important it manse with solid fuel, they can quickly launch them, which means it's more difficult for the united states to launch a preemptive strike. >> absolutely.
8:06 am
they can stand them up in the wood somewhere and from launchers. >> so most importantly, does the u.s. military have the capability, the intelligence for a preemptive strike? would we do it? >> we certainly have the capability. the problem is some 20 million south koreans are in the northern part of south korea within range of 14,000 artillery tubes. we have state are the art counterbattle fire. as soon as one of these artillery tubes appears, you can hit it kickly but you can't hit it until it's fired off a shell so you're looking at the distinct possibility in the event of a war of a lot of civilian casualties. so people shouldn't talk easily about war -- >> even a preemptive strike. >> even a preemptive strike. it's a very small place. it's an option to be sure. it should not be taken off the table. >> if he's putting a nuclear
8:07 am
warhead on either a medium range or certainly an icbm, there seems like no other choice than a preemptive strike. >> if even the possibility of a multi-stage missile, which could reach us. i think we have a very heavy decision to be made and i hope that our government is up to it. in confronting the threat, secretary of state rex tillerson is heading to all three this week. he's banned the traveling press, as you know. that's a very rare occurrence. how does that sit with you? >> a lot of these foreign policy issues are complex. you just mentioned japan, china, south korea. so one thing a secretary of state has to do is explain to the public what he's doing. so normally you like to have the press there because the press does a good job -- >> the fact that he's not including the press, what does it say to you? >> to me it's pretty much
8:08 am
unprecedented. >> i would rethink it if i some of the press corps is very experienced and they know the issues. it's typically not an adversarial relationship, they work very well with the secretary of state, from kissinger to whoever. is it because the secretary of state doesn't have enough running room from the white house? is it because he doesn't have his team sort of named and put into place? or is he just sort of someone who doesn't like to talk to the press? and if it's that, i think we have a problem. >> ambassador hill, we hope you'll come back to the table. >> yes, we do. >> a dramatic break through on the hunt for a man in a crime against an 8-year-old girl. in preview for tomorrow's "48 hours," how a
8:09 am
♪ i've weighted far too long
8:10 am
nintendo is hoping to revolutionize gaming as we know it. anthony is with the president of nintendo with the hottest -- and woo mean hot -- game today. >> this is our brand new game for the nintendo switch. this game has a 98 rating, 98 out of 100. >> you can take this anywhere? >> take this anywhere, play with anyone. you dock it on to your big screen tv and take it with you on the go. it's fantastic. >> we'll show you how it works coming up. ♪ it's a crazy world we're living in ♪ than with tylenol pm.
8:11 am
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett. ♪
8:14 am
♪ ♪ jennifer was just 8 years old when she was kidnapped from her own bed. she survived after being attacked and left to die in a field. she spent the next 20 years of her life trying to hunt down the man who nearly killed her. in a preview of tomorrow's "48 hours" michelle miller explores how technology helped reopen
8:15 am
this cold case. >> reporter: for most of her life, jennifer has lived with the searing memory of the night she was 8 years old and was snatched from her own bed. >> the next thing i remember was waking up in the arms of a man i didn't know. he was running with me, carrying me down the sidewalk. >> reporter: the man drove her to a dead end road, not far from her only in dickinson, texas. >> then he held a night to my throat and said "am i scaring you little girl, am i scaring you?" and he choked me as hard as he could. i blacked out for a while. i woke up to him dragging me by my ankles. and he dropped my legs. i realized i couldn't scream and i couldn't figure out why. i had just enough strength to throw my right hand on top of my neck and that's when i felt this gaping wound. >> reporter: her throat had been
8:16 am
cut and schoohe was sexually assaulted. >> i was just left to die in a field. >> reporter: the next day children playing in that field found jennifer. she was air lifted to a hospital and rushed into surgery. >> she was the bravest little girl i'd ever met. >> reporter: sharon mcbride was jennifer's nurse. unable to speak, she began scribbling notes to find her attacker. >> i remember writing down there was beer in the car and the brand of cigarettes he had. >> reporter: she wrote "he said his name was dennis." jennifer worked with a forensic artist and they created this sketch, but despite her painstaking efforts, the case grew cold, the years passed but jennifer's determination never wavered.
8:17 am
>> every year i was on a hunt looking for a suspect. >> reporter: 18 years after the attack, they teamed up to work on the case. they isn't clothing recovered near the crime scene for dna testing, hoping new technology would take a difference. it did. >> my phone rings. we got a hit. >> reporter: the dna matched a convicted kidnapper named dennis earl bradford, just as jennifer had written. and when they found dennis earl bradford's driver's license photo, it was another perfect match. >> it was the most surreal moment of my life. >> chilling, right? >> oh, my god. >> it's amazing she can talk so articulately about it. and then to think of the horror she went through. normally time works against you
8:18 am
in a case like this. >> usually time is the enemy. but not here. it actually worked for them because there were advances in dna technology. here's the other rub. he attacked someone else, he kidnapped someone else, he went to jail for someone else. that's why he was in the files and that's why they got the hit. >> how is she today? >> she is just fine. she has two beautiful children, she is very happily married -- >> imagine living with this for 27 years. >> but she has managed to work through it because every day of her life she imagined getting her day in the court, looking this man in the eye and telling him you did this to me and
8:19 am
>> the question is did she get justice? >> and that's called a tease. >> you can see michelle's full report tomorrow. >> and with days away, american college basketball gets some international buzz. >> dayton basketball is rooted here in the midwest but now it reaching fans in the far east. i'm dana jacobsen. coming up, we'll introduce you to two student sportscasters, who are calling basketball like you've never heard. >> it's a great story. >> and up next, an unexpected disruption during a live tv interview. two toddlers steal the moment. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:20 am
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try osteo bi-flex ease. our 80% smaller tablet. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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8:23 am
two young children made a hilarious trip while their dad was on bbc. >> shifting relations where the north may change? >> i would be surprised if they
8:24 am
do. pardon me. my apologies. my apologies. south korea policy choices by northbound have be-- north kore been -- >> dad looks irritated but he's going to be cracking up about this very soon. >> the little one comes back and grabs the door. that's hilarious. >> look, the baby got in there, too. >> listen to the baby scream. >> i want to be on tv. oh, my god. >> that's the best.
8:25 am
>> nintendo said i this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon. the snow has started falling in philadelphia. it has been falling in the northeast area. >> good morning, it sure has, been doing this wintery mix thing for about two and a half hours here in the allentown area, and take a look, you can really see lots of accumulation on these grass surfaces, and over here on the bushes, so pretty. but one thing that we are really seeing, on these roadways, take a look, not seeing this at all this morning, it was mainly just kind of wet roadways, but now starting to see that slush. this should make for real dangerous conditions, especially given that the temperatures are supposed to drop as the day goes on. so you will want to be super careful again if you have to
8:26 am
leave your house, later on this morning, you're probably going to need to clean it off, just have your headlights on, and those windshields wipers going, because roads are getting more trecherous. and also, couple of people going into the wawa parking lot, they've told me they've noticed some slick conditions. so, definately things to think about as people are headed out the door. but i send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, now we sends over to lauren casey in the weather center. good morning, lauren. >> what a difference a day makes, sunshine and 60s yesterday. today, we do not. so taking live look right now at product heads ville in monroe county right now the snow coming down. snowy scene there with snow on the ground. and snowflakes flying past the camera there. 28 degrees, so that's going to create very slick spots, and temperatures will continue to fall throughout the morning across the area. storm scan3, pack in right now with free -- precipitation in philadelphia, the rain transitioned over to snow, seeing snow in the western suburbs, bushes county, lehigh
8:27 am
valley, poconos, light rain over spreading south jersey right now, but we are going to see the transition over to snow really as we head into the next hour and still a lot of moisture upland, a lot of snowfall moving from west to east, and we should see snowfall rates over the next couple of hours of an inch per hour, temperatures are on the decline, at midnight upper 40's, at 37 degrees right now in philadelphia, and at the freezing mark in allentown, nearing that in reading, so that snow that's falling as we near and surpass that freezing mark, we drop below it, that's going to create very slick conditions on the roads. north and west of the city. for today, periods every heavy snow, throughout the morning. and snow squawls developing as we head into the afternoon. becoming windy tonight. mostly clear. windy and frigid, dropping back to 32 degrees, and as far as snowfall accumulations, looks like we're on track three to 6 inches in the poconos, lehigh valley one to three, lesser amounts to the south and east. >> funny get so used to cruising around in 63 degrees weather forget what it is like
8:28 am
to go in these conditions. problems, remember, we do have snow coming down, few inches like lauren is talking about possibly in the philadelphia area. we'll see what happens there. what we're seeing now more camera shots. a lot of snow on the side of the roadways. on the roadways, so much traction for so many vehicles going over these roadways, making the snow go away, but causing visibility issues, going to be slick out there causing some problems. so we have an accident here 309 northbound norristown road pulled off to the right shoulder. couple of vehicles tapping their brakes peaking at what's going on here. you can see slick conditions, that's what we will get. take it easy out there. dent? new jersey 42 northbound past route 681, lower landing road. left lane blocked there. very slow moving, 9 miles per hour, plus another one northeast extension northbound past quakertown pulled off to the shoulder, rahel? >> meisha, thank you. next update 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, nintendo's next
8:29 am
it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now! book your african adventure now!
8:30 am
i want to ask you a question. many years ago there was the sarz disease. >> stars? >> oh, i remember sarz, yes. i used to make a joke every time i coughed. >> he thinks that's funny. look it up on the news, this is where sarz came from. >> thanks for bringing it jack. it on my body. >> can i tell you something? >> yeah. >> it looks like it has sarz. >> and it's on his body. i like how he said that word. >> guess who's in the green room
8:31 am
today. he's the president of nintendo. he told me nintendo is fun in a i don't know about you guys but we could always use a little fun. that gadget in front of you, it a big, big deal. hello, mr. president. >> hello, hello. >> good to see you. >> and speaking of fun, charlie's coming back on monday. >> he's fun in a box, too. >> "the washington post" reports that for the the first time the american heart association is weighing in on the timing of meals and how it can affect your weight. the individuadvisory group say k breakfast is still essential. those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight, meal planning curbs snacking and intermittent fasting --
8:32 am
>> if you want to lose weight stop eating at 6 p.m. at night. >> osh, you're spoiling all the >> i get hungry at 7 p.m. >> that's when the appetite alarm bell rings. >> "the wall street journal" notes that people who want to scale the highest peak have it made in florida. briton hill is 345 feet above sea level. the continent's tallest mountain is nearly 60 times higher. and some of the fake presentations include a mysterious colored dress and how dogs wear pants. and paul ryan, pitching for the
8:33 am
new nintendo. >> how about that. the u.s. gaming industry generated more than $30 billion in revenue last year. nintendo is having a strong start in sales this your with the launch of that switch console. the portable gaming device lets you play in a variety of settings on your big screen tv, on the road or at a party. reggie is the president and chief operating officer of nintendo of america. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> my 16-year-old son was the most excited about your visit. >> that's great. we love to hear that. and the portability is the game changer here. >> the game changer is every gamer wants to be able to have that big screen experience. but now to be able to have that and take the system with you go, play in the taxi, the uber, the
8:34 am
subway, whatever it is. that's the game changer and it going very well. >> are you aware, mr. president of the air adventure and quality of the graph, are amazing. my experience with nintendo with my son who is 29, that's enough, stop it, stop it, put it away, you've got homework to do. >> it so beautiful. i know that's not a gaming term but i look at what you do on the screen and i marvel at that. >> we have the big screen and the graphic, but we marvel playing together. what's different is you're playing looking at the person you're playing with. you're not looking at the screen and that type of interaction really is a hall mark to what we've been doing as a company for over 25 years. >> i was reading that 65% of households have a gaming device
8:35 am
in their house. who is your target market with this? >> our target market for this really is consumers. but what we're blessed with is we have grandparents playing with parents with our kids. we've got zelda and it was a wonderful experience but then we've got mario carte. we. >> it's a big day for mario, isn't it? >> today is mario day. >> because? >> march 10, mar-10, it looks like mario. >> there are about two dozen gaums for the switch so far. if there's any criticism of the system rng it that some people wish there were more. >> that's a criticism? >> what we've learned about this business, honestly it not how
8:36 am
you start. it how you have that regular momentum of enough games coming out on a regular basis. yes, we started with a fairly tight slate but we've got more games coming. we've got a new mario game coming in april and another mario game later this year. we have great content. >> do you find more girls are playing? i ask this question because i've heard have from very reliable sources that link, the character link is hot. is link hot to you? >> i got to say. more girls are playing video games andy. >> i have a 9-year-old and an 8-year-old. >> exactly. we're getting more and more kid to play this. >> it's a great way for kid to get immersed on how to code and
8:37 am
thousand this and would you leave your number so norah's children can call you? >> absolutely. >> and she'd like the friend and family discount. >> and e-mail, can you get his e-mail? >> absolutely. >> and a college basketball team finds a new international
8:38 am
8:39 am
kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the genomic testing pretty early in christine's course. with our treatments we've had great success for her. they gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. there's an atmosphere of hope. i want to be around just to be a grandma. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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8:41 am
♪ ♪ america's college campuses are becoming increasingly diverse. more than a million international students are now studying here in the united states. more than a third of those students come from china. how one ohio school is ewing basketball to make the college experienceinclusive for chinese student and alumni. it's a familiar scene, a soldout stadium. the exuberant home crowd celebrates the spectacle that is college basketball. the band, the cheerleaders, the face painted fans. but courtside you'll also find the unexpected.
8:42 am
a pair of students sportscasters calling the action for fans halfway around the world. >> i think we want to introduce our basketball to more people, not on in the united states but back in china. i just feel really excited. >> they are among the university's first foreign language broadcasters. >> i feel very excited. >> but also nervous. >> yes, very nervous. >> up to a thousand funs to less en. >> it's unbelievable. i still can't watch the game back m china. >> joe and she are not broadcast or communications majors. >> also we have program in the computer. >> reporter: they're graduate students studying electrical engineering. >> working with some components
8:43 am
like lasers. >> they're also a couple. >> we start dating like five years ago. she knows me better than somebody else. >> yeah, i know like what kind of mistakes he will make like in the homework so i will tell him, don't do this or something. >> i like their chemistry. they just have an it factor. >> dayton's assistant athletic director recruited them. i'm assuming you doesn't speak mandarin. you needed to know if they knew what they were talking about? >> absolutely. how do they call game? are they excited and it's always clear. >> i was listening to the the
8:44 am
game. itting is nal is not stable. still, having that connection through the game of basketball, which is just such a shared language, you can't beat it. >> dayton's international students arrived. >> how did you get interested in basketball? >> i think since yao ming landed in the nba. >> yao ming played for eight seasons with the rockets and is credited to bringing basketball to a generation of chinese fans. >> yao ying my
8:45 am
>> joe and she discovered something else in dayton. a shared love for college basketball. >> college basketball game is much more passion than nba game. and sometimes just one game, that's everything. >> you like, although i'll be a flyers fan forever. >> and the dayton flyers will play later in the quarter finals of the atlantic 10 conference tournament. it going to be the first time they call a postseason game. the flyers are also expected to be among the 68 teams going to the ncaa tournament. that starts next week. and they, yes, will be calling of what game, which is really big for them because they weren't able to do it last year. >> i love that they're a couple. >> not a couple, anthony, an it couple. >> their parents have met back
8:46 am
in china so there is a future of these two. i asked if dayton would be a part of the wedding somehow and they said no doubt about it. >> what are their majors given? >> they're electrical eng heari hearing. >> it all begins with our collecti collection. >> you're watching
8:47 am
with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> he tweeted obama just found
8:50 am
out of had my wires tapped. >> he presented no evidence that during the campaign obama had him wiretapped. >> there was no wiretap activity mounted against the president elect at that time. >> once given the president doesn't know what he's talking about. >> they are going to need to get democratic support for this program. >> it called good health care. >> this is a dumpster fire of a bill is everyone iifyeveryonify. >> winds so strong they took down trees three stories high. >> it triggered the an start it a new missile defense system. >> a victory in mosul may deal a
8:51 am
final throw to isis. >> i skier working his way down the mountains got caught in an larch. >> importantly submissions are based on the popular vote. ♪ oh lord what could the matter be." ♪ happy international women's day. >> that's right. norah weren't supposed to be here but we're showed up for you. >> would you like to write a book with derek jeter? and i said yeah. >> tim is in some of his previous books have named some of the characters after his children. i don't have children -- >> you don't have children yet. >>, i knew you we yes, i knew yo bring that up. >> yes, the jacket is there. it may go into my own private museum.
8:52 am
>> i remember you said you were turning 70 and you felt great about it. >> i did not say i was feeling great about it. i said i was embracing it. >> want to trade seats? >> a tra dgs unlike any other. >> where are you? >> i'm in a glass case of motion! >> welcome to studio 57. >> now you're going back into standup comedy. >> that's right. >> what's your humor like? >> i was looking for a way to lower my self-esteem and salary at the same time. >> wikileaks has blushed thousa -- accomplished thousands of documents. it describes weeping angels. >> want that the name of a rose, too? i'm kidding. that's whispering angel.
8:53 am
so close.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> good morning, i'm jim donovan, the snow is falling in the city of philadelphia. that will could impact road conditions, as temperatures fall this morning and into the afternoon. some snow within the hour, west chester, as well, chester county, not snowing hard but making roads pretty slick. careful out there. snow started in the lehigh valley, about 6:00 this morning, it is accumulated on grassy surfaces, but roads remain mostly wet, drivers say, it is a necessary part of winter, but they don't have to like it. you know, we can expect it any time up through april. so it can come any time. sure it won't stay around. it will get cool this week, probably stay around little bit. >> so cold, ya, i don't really like driving in it, at all, either. >> there could be some more
8:56 am
snow squawls this afternoon, as well. now, let's turn to lauren for a look at the forecast >> really within the next few hours, storm scan3, quite busy, as is our live neighborhood network, broad heads ville. check it out, heavy snow coming down, monroe county. looks like tossing it over to meisha with breaking traffic news. >> how around traffic? mike problems over there. >> yes, let's talk about what's going on outside. i can tell you right now the snow coming down, visibility issues will play a factor have, to add little extra time to your commute. good news, seeing string of action, one of those accidents had actually moved out of the way. but i want to gave you a live shot here. a look at the 42 freeway, creek road, pushing in the northbound direction 295, see how busy it is going there. not only are you traveling slow at this point, because lot of places get being speed
8:57 am
restrictions? play. first, weaver this accident route one baltimore pike, hickory hill road, right lane blocked. take a look at this, how slow moving it is, traveling 10 miles per hour, i guarantee slow, when you actually pull up to the area. another accident here: new jersey turnpike between the pa turnpike and nyc, 20 miles per hour drop, will really slow you down in those areas. basically, just take it easy out there. lauren, back to you. >> thanks, meisha. yes, i guess my mike shut off therefore a minute. we get it. the snow is coming down, across large portion of the area. taking a a live look at broads head ville, heavy snow coming down, snow in the scene, temperatures, 27 degrees, storm scan3, showing us quite a bit of snow as well. all of this, you see that rain-snow line making its way southeast, now crossed the i95 corridor, it is moving in to south jersey, snow continues to fall across the lehigh
8:58 am
valley and berks county. we pick up nearly 3 inches of snow already, and we've seen the transition over to snow in center city philadelphia, still do have moisture up winds as snow is looking well develop. could see snowfall rates over the next couple of hours in orders of inch per hour. temperatures continue to drop. at midnight upper 40's, now down to 35 degrees in philadelphia. where the freezing mark in allentown, and with those temperatures, nearing the freezing mark, road conditions are going to continue to deteriorate. so for today, periods of snowfall through the morning, then head into the afternoon, snow squawls develop. they'll be scattered in nature. you know those are tricky, quickly reduce visibilities, and as we heads into the afternoon we have to watch out for that quite a bit. and tossing back to you, jim. >> thank you, lauren. tgif. that's "eyewitness news" for apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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i mean, whoo.
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