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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, march 14th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive blizzard is blasting more than 50 million people in the northeast. with life-threatening conditions. our correspondents are in the hardest hit cities. >> the storm is affecting travel from coast to coast. thousands of flights have been cancelled. we'll take you inside the united airlines command center in chicago and new york's emergency operations center. plus, a key government report says 24 million more americans will be uninsured understand the republican health care plan. and our issues that matter series, we'll take a look at the impact of the ceo of one of the
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largest health care providers. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's really coming down. do not go outside if you do not have to. >> it is cold. it is windy. and we've got this snow coming down at a steady pace. >> an emic blizzard blankets the northeast. >> triple travel across the east coast. >> the most amazing part is how widespread the chances are of seeing a foot of snow or more. >> don't matter which way you look, the wind is blowing in your face. >> you can't really argue with mother nature, right? >> the republicans hand-picked head of cbo has confirmed trumpcare would be a nightmare. >> we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out. >> pretty encouraged by it. actually exceeded my expectations. >> if you can't find a bill that helps america, not just the republican party, walk away, mr. president. let is collapse.
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>> obamacare is a disaster. the best thing you can do politically is wait a year. this is going to blow itself off the map, but that's the wrong thing to do for the country. >> u.s.-backed iraqi troops are making major gains against isis fighters in mosul. >> all that -- >> the wildfire superbloom erupting in southern california deserts. >> can tebow -- >> -- get his first hit? >> base hit, yeah. >> and "all that mattered" -- >> brackets for the ncaa are set. the president says he does not plan to fill out a bracket. >> he's going to have steve bannon fill out a bracket and he will sign it. >> just so you, russia wins everything. >> we're expecting a huge blizzard up to 18 inches of snow from what the "weather channel" has dubbed winter storm sell stella for the latest on the
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storm let's go to the "weather channel's" jim cantore. >> no! >> thanks jim, you stay safe out there. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." a dangerous nor'easter is taking aim right now at more than 50 million americans. the paralyzing system is dumping snow from washington, d.c. to maine. several inches have already fallen in new york city. schools are closed across the northeast. >> and look at this. this is what the storm looks like from above. it is swirling over much of the east coast, slamming more than a dozen states with heavy snow, wind and freezing rain. cities like new york, hartford and providence are expected to get between 12 to 18 inches of snow. boson and philadelphia could see up to a foot. and some other areas could get
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more than 2 feet. >> a lot of snow out there. we have reporters out there in the storm's path monitoring the storm. let's go to david. good morning. >> what we're seeing in times square is exactly what the meteorologist are predicting. to look out the back of the vehicle, you can't see blacktop. the snow has been blowing sideways here on times square. look, this is the heart of new york city. it's where all the tourists come, right? let's take a live look. it's darn near empty. crews have been cleared the streets, but for the most part there's not a big snow buildup here. as more of the storm starts to move in, we're hearing phrases like "life-threatening" and cancelled classes across new york. the intense winter storm moved across new york city in the early morning hours putting the
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city that never sleeps into a ghost town. 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts whipped through the deserted streets. at one point the storm was dropping more than 2 inch aasen hour. >> we expect an intense accumulation of snow. we expect obviously very cold temperatures. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio told people stay home. >> for your own safety, given the frigid temperatures, the huge amount of snow in a short period of time, stay off the streets. >> reporter: many people ignored that warning including tom lasallewho delivers medical supplies. >> we're going to get worse than others. >> reporter: several other east coast cities are getting hit. to the southwest in allentown, new jersey, driving snow is making drive difficult. plows and salt truck drivers are racing to clear the roads. in harrisburg, pennsylvania, conditions are near whiteout. the effect of the storm is still being felt across the midwest. 20 to 30 cars crashed in the
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snowy and icy expressway in chicago. one person died. six other people were hurt. >> i saw the car, piling up, bam, bam, bam. they hit each other, they hit me, too. >> reporter: back here in times square, piles like this are popping up over where crews are clearing the streets. wind gusts of 30 miles per hour but we've been told to expect gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. charlie, of the last storm of the winter season, we think it's going to be the last one. because believe it or not, spring is set to start in just six days. >> wow, i certainly hope it's the last one. >> david, we were all waiting for you to either build a charlie rose snowman or the cast out there singing with you. we weren't sure what was going to happen this morning. >> charlie, welcome back. >> thank you, david. >> all i know there are a lot of kids going sledding today. >> yes.
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>> right, we love the snow. >> we did not have school and they're looking for good times. as we move on. storm surge and flooding are the major concerns along the new jersey shore. with coastal floods and high wind warning this afternoon and early this evening. anna werner are in seebright, in which 23467 where winds are 60 miles per hour. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie, what we're getting here is quote/unquote just rain. don't kid yourself. you can look behind me and see those waves. they are ferocious. the wind is blowing so hard at times it seems like the gusts are going to blow me off my feet. the rain is coming sideways. and here's the concern. so, at 9:00 this morning, high tide. what they're worried about is storm surge of 2 to 3 feet. where i'm standing, this is all area that was blown out by hurricane sandy in 2012. so, the sand i'm walking on, all
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of these fences you see, all of these grasses that were put in to build sand dunes, that's all to protect the businesses and homes. keep in mind, seabright is a very narrow strip of land running between the ocean and the bay which is literally a couple blocks on the other side. so, the worry here is, with all the of this wind blowing off this water off ashore, when you get that storm surge at 9:00 in the morning, what is that going to look like. and are they going to see coastal flooding. that's a big concern here. some of the businesses and homes here have only recently been rebuilt from sandy. in fact, some of them are not even finished being rebuilt yet. so, there is some big concerns here in seabright. they're watching the water. they're watching the waves which are really incredible behind us this morning. i don't know how well you can see them, but the wind as you can see is blowing so hard, that we're literally being pelted with rain. rain, yes, 2 feet of snow is
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bad. but out here, rain and coastal storm surge is a big concern, norah. drivers faced treacherous conditions across the northeast. here's what it looks like along the roads. near spring valley, new york. jericka duncan is near city hall. jericka, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is just nasty out here. and we've got the best of both worlds, if you will. we've got a little rain, a little snow, a little sleet. on these roads right here, some of them are iced over which is can causing a number of accidents. here in philadelphia, it started snowing last night around 8:00. we saw snowplow crews out here. they said their equipped with over 50,000 tons of salt to handle the snow. and much of the city has really been shut down. philadelphia school district cancelled all classes. folks are being urged to stay inside. throughout pennsylvania, we're talking about 20 cities and
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counties where there are snow emergencies, basically forcing people to get their cars off of the road, so that plow drivers can come through there and keep these roads clear. governor tom wolf, again, warning people to stay off the roads. staying whether or not you have a compact car or an suv, you're ultimately putting yourself at risk and others when you're out here in these conditions. again, not a heavy snow right now. but this is only the beginning, gayle. >> thank you, jericka, i like the optimism. you said the best of both worlds. i'm looking for it in that picture. thanks a lot. meteorologist danielle niles of our boston station wbzz tv is tracking the storm. >> gayle, good morning. a huge warning from eastern pennsylvania, eastern new york and stretching into the interior of southern new england and southern maine. just a huge area impact as the strong strengthens off the delmarva. on the north side, 2 to 3 inch snow rates are going to ramp up.
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thunder snow as the rain/snow line workings its way into southern new england. continuing in the mountains, though, great news for the skiers in the east. big areas in the pink indicating over a foot and a half all the way from northeast pennsylvania stretching back to central new england. closer to the coast to boston to connecticut amounts taper off a bit including southern new jersey where we get some of that changeover. wind is obviously a big concern. 10 to 20-foot seas. marine communities with scattered outages as the storm likely pushes into maine. no snow melt. it's on hold as the cold air streams into the east in the next several days. the massive storm is paralyzing travel across the u.s. amtrak service has modified or cancelled along the northeast corridor. ahead of the storm, airlines cancelled more than 6,000 flights for today and tomorrow. major airports in new york,
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philadelphia, washington and boston are the hardest hit. united airlines alone cancelled more than 500 flights. dean reynolds is inside united operations center in chicago's willis tower. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're 27 flights up here in the willis tower in chicago. the nation's second tallest skyscraper, bitz. at the united network operations center, tracking the storm and tracking the effect on the flights. and i'm with jim deyoung, the national director of the weather center. what does it show? >> right now, the storm is pretty much developing its forecast. we're seeing a little less in terms of overall snowfall amounts. it's going to be a rough traveling day. >> reporter: and over here, this map has the effect on your flights and your operations, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: and what effect is that? >> yeah, roughly a third of our flights have been affected with
7:13 am
delay or cancellation. that's going to have an effect probably through tomorrow. we're hoping that the storm continues to develop as the forecast ahead of operations resume near normal by tomorrow afternoon. >> reporter: and how many people, how many passengers are we talking about being affected? >> yeah. it's normally we carry about 450,000. so just over 150,000 customers today are affected. >> reporter: 150,000 customers. just go through the airports briefly. laguardia. >> so, we're worried about laguardia. newark, we have a hub in newark. we're also seeing significant snow in washington. >> reporter: so you don't want to go in or out of those places right now? >> no, not right now. hopefully by this evening, we should be back to a somewhat normal overnight operation. hopefully by wednesday morning a normal startup. >> reporter: that's the story from the united network operations center. charlie. >> thanks, dean. we'll have more blizzard coverage throughout the morning. we'll continue to follow travel
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conditions. and we'll take you inside the emergency command center here in new york. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." the winter storm forced the house budget committee to postpone today's debate on the republicans' obamacare replacement. the nonpartisan congressional bdget office said yesterday the plan would lead to a spike in the number of uninsured americans. president of the united states trump has promised health care for everybody. the cbo says 14 some million more than people would be uninsured next year. 20 million would lose insurance by 2026. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the analysis that is now shaping the debate. nancy, good morning. >> good morning, the cbo actually determined within ten years understand this plan you'll have more people without insurance 2457b there were before obamacare was even enacted. republican leaders are focusing on some of the plan's upsides like deficits. and members are now trying to decide whether they are worth millions of people losing
7:15 am
coverage. >> it is indecent and wrong. >> reporter: democrats labeled the gop plan immoral, after nonpartisan numbers crunchers determined it would push 14 million people off of insurance in 2018. and up to 24 million by 2026. due to medicaid cuts, short-term spikes in premiums and the elimination of the individual mandates. >> with that, the cbo has the wrong -- >> reporter: administration officials rejected the findings but house speaker paul ryan embraced them. >> i'm excited about this analysis. >> reporter: and said he wasn't fazed by the decline in coverage. >> of course, they're going to stay if they want tos for somebody to buy something they don't want to buy, they're not going to buy it. >> reporter: cbo also determined by 2026, the plan will push premiums 20% to 25% lower for a 21-year-old, than they would have been understand obamacare. but 20% to 25% higher for a
7:16 am
64-year-old. >> if there was ever a war on seniors, this bill trumpcare is it. >> reporter: deals like that could make tell harder for republicans to sell this bill back home. maine republican susan collins called the cbo report cause for alarm. and south carolina's lindsey graham said it was time for a dop g gop cut check. >> for republicans, let's see if we can address the concerns and reduce the number of people that might lose their insurance. >> but speaker ryan says he's only putting finishing touches on this bill at this point. no sweeping changes. and he argues it is only phase one of a three-phase plan to tackle health reform. his ability to sell that argument to his own members, gayle, is going to determine whether the bill survives. >> got it. thank you very much, nancy. president trump apparently has no worries about the health care bill. in his first cabinet meeting
7:17 am
yesterday, president trump called the fight over replacing obamacare a big, fat beautiful negotiation. later, the justice department asked congress for more time to determine, what, if any, responsive documents may exist to support the president's claim that former president obama ordered wiretaps on his campaign. margaret brennan is at the white house with the latest on this. >> good morning. health care reform is president trump's first major legislative push and he needs to win over public support. but the president's own unsubstantiated claims about wiretapping are distracting from his agenda. >> you'll see rates go down, down, down. and you'll see plans go up, up, up. >> reporter: the president used several public events on monday to taut the house republicans' health care bill. >> many, many plans were great before the held care bill. and it that doesn't justify the system of obamacare. but people are miserable now. >> reporter: and how the
7:18 am
listening session with people at the white house called victims of obamacare. >> we can't afford our quilt if we're paying these rates year after year. >> reporter: the trump administration is in sales mode. scheduling a rally in nashville this week and one in kentucky next week, to push the plan ahead of a high-stakes vote. meanwhile, the justice department missed a monday deadline set by the house intelligence committee to turn over any evidence backing up president trump's unstashtsed claim that president obama wiretapped his phones during the campaign. >> if you look at the president's tweet, he said very clearly, wiretapping, end quote. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer again tried to soften the incendiary issue. >> meaning surveillance and other activity. >> reporter: white house aides insist that the president should not be taken literally. counselor kellyanne conway defends her assertion that
7:19 am
surveillance could have been carried out other than white house phones. >> i'm not inspector gadget. i don't believe people are using a microwave. that's what investigations are for. >> now, the justice department asked for an extension and they now have until march 20th to provide any proof. if they miss that deadline, then the house committee may use subpoena power to gather information. norah. >> margaret, thank you so much. a phony game show has a successful record of catching most wanted
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by rocket mortgage by quicken loans. push button, get mortgage. the city that never sleeps it meeting this powerful nor'easter head on. and we will take you inside
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is sending a >> it is either letting you with sleet or heavy snow, check in with alicia, live in reading berks county, one of the areas under blizzard warning, alicia, what are you seeing up there? we've seen gusty wind throughout the morning, we've soon constant snowfall, to give you an idea where we're at, how much snow we probably had here, at least good eight, 9 inches, close to the 1 foot that we had been predicting for the storm. >> that did breakdown in we g team hats to be called out. to get that up and running obviously that being a space
7:27 am
under this snowstorm. the snow not letting up being probably almost certainly hit that 1 foot of snow we're specking, hours left of snow n west reading, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> let's check the forecast with meteorologist, kate bilo, broader look at what everything else is seeing. >> rahel, really running the gahm you will this morning, little bit of everything, heavy rain, flood advisory down the shore and in delaware, sleet bomb over the city of philadelphia causing very dangerous slushy icy conditions on the road, as al lee ya just mention, report of 9 inches in church berks county nine in lehigh county already this storm still has hours to go. kind of see it starting to wrap in there low pressure forms, the storm will continue to intensify, continue to bring the heavy snow. expect to to briefly change back to snow if recalled if. precipitation will be lighting up a bit as it does so, here we go at noon, still snowing,
7:28 am
still sleeting, heavy rain shift up north toward new york city wrap around, and starting to break apart late this afternoon. snowfall impact high today, wind impact, but icing specially south and east watch for those major slow downs on the roads. >> finally warming back up a bit as we head toward the weekend. meisha? >> the roads are looking okay. so still very slick, can be very dangerous, don't go unless you have to. but a time out, little fun. ray sending me this picture, charlie checking out the snowfall in may pair. kind of remind me of rahel's teddy. nick the actual picture every me headed into work. i've never seen that car. i know cars, i know motors, might i say this is a car, i wonder what that is? tweet me and let me know what you think that is, overall looking okay, rahel, over to you. >> thank you, coming up on cbs this morning, taking humerous
7:29 am
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peco. the future is on. ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." the most densely populated area of the nation is waking up, covered in snow this morning. take a look at this. drivers up and down the coast are facing treacherous conditions. forecasters say there are places upstate that could get 24 to 30 inches of snow. wow. >> radar shows that this massive storm, heavier snow has been falling in new york city for hours. david begnaud is outside in times square. david, good morning. >> charlie, good morning. on a busy day, you've got 500,000 tourists usually in times square, but it feels a little lonely today. i've got to tell you, the snow has picked up since we last saw
7:31 am
you in the last 30 minutes. it feels more like flakes rather than pellets. the crews are doing a great job of clearing the streets. the mayor of new york city would be happy about this. you see a big pile here. as we look to the side streets that's where it becomes problematic. you talk about the millions of people that live in the bronx or brooklyn or other places of new york city, they may be complaining what the streets look like. for the most part, we have not seen much blacktop. here it looks like a ghost town. most have heeded the mayor's warning. the mayor has been warning people to stay off the streets. gayle, what we're hearing, this storm son-in-law going to get worse as the day goes on. so, if you think it's bad right now, buckle up, we've got this to early midafternoon today. >> okay, david. be careful. thank you very much. we'll check in with you later on. forecasters say this could be one of the biggest march snowstorms ever to hit southern new england. the blizzard warning covers much
7:32 am
of massachusetts and connecticut. boston to get 6 to 12 inches of snow areas farther like pittfield could see 24 to 30 inches. don dahler is new england. >> reporter: good morning. the storm hasn't quite gotten here yet. you see a line of dark clouds mind me. just as the city thought it got away with relatively mild winter, they're expected to get up to a foot of snow, perhaps 60-mile-per-hour winds with whiteout conditions. the mayor, governor, are not taking any chances. they've urged people to stay off the roads if you don't have to be there. about 750 snowplows have been dispatched as well as salters. and they have a lot of reserve salt. they have about 36,000 tons of salt that they're holding back for this particular storm. of course, if you have those kinds of winds, the problem with
7:33 am
the metropolitan area with people are power outages. so they've loaded up with power poles and transformers. if boston gets the snow predicted that will put it above the annual average of 45 inches. but that doesn't come close to the nightmare this area experienced two years ago when the city was buried under 108 inches of snow. there's another storm on the horizon due to hit about sunday, with maybe 5 inches, right in time for the st. patrick's day parade. charlie. >> thanks,don. we'll continue to track the storm all morning. right now, let's take a look at some of this morning's other headlines. "the wall street journal" reports that secretary of state rex tillerson used an e-mail aalias to describe climate change when he was exxonmobil's ceo. "the new york times" is saying tillerson used a pseudonym rain
7:34 am
tracker. exxon acknowledges the e-mail system was put in place for secure communications between senior company officials on a broad range of topics, not just climate-related. a state department spokeswoman declined to comment. the louis post dispatch reports on the federal government ferguson case. the documentary says that brown opposed the video and did not rob them. >> it's very clear there was no transaction between mr. brown and the store employees. and the suggestion that he's coming back to pick up what he bargained for is just stupid. >> well, the filmmaker stands by his documents teaary. it's called stranger fruit. "the new york times" reports somali pirates hijacked an oil
7:35 am
tanker, the first commercial ship they've successfully taken since 2012. the aris 13 was carrying fuel from djibouti to mogadishu. the fortune says the man taking over yahoo! will be paid twice as much as the woman he's succeeding. thomas mcinerney million a year. thomas mcinerney. >> that's jaw dropping. >> a change in diet could help millions of americans who face depression. ahead, there's new research or food-based for mental health. and a community that fights crime with a fake game show.
7:36 am
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♪ a sheriff's office in central florida is giving the search for criminals a creative spin. ♪ wheel of fugitive! >> the game show style features the most want the local fugitives on the sheriff's facebook page every week. it's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and led to dozens of rest. in titusville, florida, that's just east of orlando with result and some of the criticism.
7:41 am
mark, good morning. >> good morning, cops used to hunt for fugitives with the help of wanted posters like this one. but here in brevard county, a local sheriff pspins a wheel. puts it on facebook and waits for tipsters to call and e-mail. >> reporter: for the last 18 months -- >> here we go! >> reporter: -- the studio at the sheriff's office has become must see viewing in brevard county florida. >> you're watching "wheel of fugitive." >> reporter: sheriff wayne ivy had the idea. and the perchlsonality to host . >> when we put it up on facebook, they began contacting us right away. >> reporter: the sheriff spins a wheel of fugitives. dozens of fugitives have been
7:42 am
arrested or turned themselves in. >> we're going to look for teaon maurice gay. >> reporter: last month, the wheel picked t aecheaon gay. he was arrested within one day. >> we've got those who watch it every week to see if i'm on the wheel. >> reporter: fugitive alicia pack posted on facebook that she saw herself on the show but added she was going to the beach, where police tracked her down. >> we ended up having to tase her. we put up on the facebook page, tanned, taced and arrested all in the same day. >> reporter: what about this connects with people? >> one, there's a little bit of humor mixed in it. and people in the community want to be engaged in law enforcement so it reaches out to them and gives them an opportunity to do it. >> watches the man commits the
7:43 am
crime. >> reporter: social media is the new weapon for law enforcement. >> look at me, son. >> reporter: captain hagan nicknamed cajun john wayne. >> we're going to apprehend you, arrest you and put you in a small cell. that far, i'm going to have a cheeseburger here. >> reporter: the youtube sensation led to multiple reats. sheriff ivey's favorite show is ladies night. but critics suggest it's nothing more than public shaming. >> it reinforces the public's for shaming. >> reporter: is there a public shaming to this? >> as i said earlier, if you don't want to be on the wheel of fugitives, don't commit a crime in brev is vavardard county bec team is going to come after you
7:44 am
and our community. >> reporter: tonight's show people watching could very much include some of the ten fugitives you see on this wheel. >> we love sheriff ivey at the table. i love his sense of humor. tanned taced and arrested. >> and you're going in a cell while i have a cheese bruburger. >> people do like to see people engage and love to see the bad guys get caught. public shaming. >> i love how stanley warns you. >> stanley's watching. >> and i love ladies night. thanks, that was very effective. new york is out of state of emergency because what could be the biggest march storm in more than a century. we're going to take you inside the city's emergency management center. plus, what goes up is supposed to come back in the mail. and a sophisticated weather balloon was launched into the
7:45 am
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that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪ ♪ the national weather service launched this weather balloon into the storm in northern virginia a short time ago. it is counting on the public to send it back. the balloon carried a device that measures temperature, humidity, wind patterns and pressure in the upper atmosphere. to transmit that data in realtime to use weather forecast models. the balloons eventually expand and burst. so, the device also carries a parachute and a pre-paid return envelope for the finder to put it in the mail. >> i like that. they make it very easy for you. >> if you find our balloon, send it back. >> please give it back and here's how you do it.
7:50 am
here's good news for you, if you're in new york, guess what, the storm's going to last all day in the city. kris van cleave is at the city's management service center located in brooklyn. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this is the storm that everyone is watching new york city right there in the center. we're in the watch command of the emergency operations center. think of this as kind of the nerve center. the folks here are monitoring police and fire scanners looking for anything that's going on in the city. any kind of emergency. they're going to track it from here. now, in addition to the nerve center, this watch command. there are 34 agencies, city, state and federal, some 90 people, working in the emergency operations center to get the city through the storm. that means the nypd, fire, city building department is here, nta, the transit authority is here. so is sanitation, they have about 2,000 pieces of equipment out trying to clear the snow off the roads as the storm is coming
7:51 am
down. the national weather service is here as well. so everyone can be on the same page as to how to respond in an emergency. take a look around here, you can see a number of people. you've got a lot of agencies. con conedis here. and the sanitation department, one of the business departments. where are we with the storm? is it going how you thought it would? >> it's falling across the new york city area. we're seeing nor sleet than we expected early none the storm. we're ready for whatever mother nature throws at us. >> sleet meaning smaller snow totals? >> yes, snow totals and closer to what we're expecting in the northern parts of the city. >> i thank you very much. we are in the city's emergency operations center as this storm develops. back to you, guys. >> kris, thank you so much. new science shows how eating better can help get rid of the
7:52 am
blues. also updating you on the storm's track. and david begnaud is on the move in new york city. we want to check back in with him, because who gives a better live shot than david begnaud walks through times square in the snow? you're watching "cbs this morning."
7:53 am
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan, getting late winter snowstorm, about a week before the first day of spring, roads in many areas are slippery, so take it easy out there. "eyewitnes"eyewitness news" rept gallen live in southampton bucks count which situation there, good morning, patrick. >> reporter: jim, who ever thought we would long for january and february here in almost mid machine march? in southampton at street road and second street pike, and you can see the winds are certainly whipping out here. >> the sleet is coming down, sideways, coming down, heavy as it has all morning, so, here in southampton the conditions are sort of if-ee, as we are sleeping and the winds is whipping. it is nasty out here as you can imagine, continue to work our way up street road,
7:57 am
through southampton, and we will give you updates throughout the morning, jim. >> thank you so much, pat. we send it right over to cat bilo and the eyewitness weather forecast, morning, kate. >> morning, jim. very heavy snow falling in our north and west suburb. >> heavy snow at this hour, totals to start you off here, these are the most recent update we've gotten, berks county, inch inches, just near allentown mile from center city, allentown 7 inches of snow, reported four in wynnewood. sleet keeping those totals little lower in our north and west suburbs, in philadelphia, the official total at the airport 2 inches. that was at like 1:00 a.m. but seeing the sleet compact that. few reports in west fill fry some our fire departments, closer to 3 inches every snow. now we are continuing to see the storm intensifying off the coast, pulling in colder air. i wouldn't be surprised if areas seeing sleet will see change over back to snow within the next hour or two.
7:58 am
>> still no better on freezing thursday, then better back to the 40's by the weaken. meisha? >> yes, one of those thing, even if it is not going to be snowing later stay off the roadways if you can. it will be dangerous. kate, thank you so much. looking outside, looking at accident, the blue route. >> they've been out there all morning long, and they're working hard, they're getting a lot of these accidents, and spin outs out of the roadways moved very quickly, what they were just doing, we have knock-down pole from spin out crash. that they just pushed out of the roadways right there. but as they're out there, see how slick and slippery these ramps are out there. take it easy, still stay in your homes if at all possible. jim, rahel? >> thank you shall meisha. taking a quick break. when we return you can continue watching live local coverage of the winter storm on cbs-3. if you would like to continue watching cbs this morning that's moving over to our
7:59 am
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appointments available now. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> well, welcome back to "eyewitness news," continuing coverage of this morning's winter weather right here on cbs-3. this is a live look at storm scan3 showing the big storm moving through our area. winter and blizzard warnings are in effect throughout the
8:01 am
region. and berks county is among the places getting a lot of snow this morning, this is a live look, from reading, where "eyewitness news" reporter alicia says the snowfall has increased in the last hour, we'll take you there in a moment. and here's a live look at center city philadelphia from our parkway library camera. crews have been working clearing the roadways, the city will be open for business at 10:00 a.m. today. thanks for join us, for extended coverage of the winter storm that's hitting our region. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha taking a look here. guys, we've been on since 4:00 . >> how is that make up working out? has it melted off already? >> you guys look great. with all of the running around, sweating and everything, i got to say, you know, for how dangerous it is out, a lot of people heed the warning and stayed in. all roadways right now look nice and clear. not nice in terms of that you can go out there and drive, not a lot of vehicles out there, still very dangerous conditions, still seeing snow, if you have to go out, you'll
8:02 am
be driving about five to 10 miles per hour maximum. >> definately very slow, probably out run most of the vehicles. rahel could out run most of the vehicles. she is training for a marathon, as we all know. >> very slowly. >> so guys let me get you out there. take a look. here is the latest as we take a look at storm scan, very massive, very powerful storm. big difference at this point is the rain-snow line. so let's zoom it in. do you see the sliver every pink that shows up? basically travels right along i95. also don't be mistaken that heavy rain that very cold rain coming down across much of south jersey and delaware is freezing on contact. having icing issues, because of the line moved so far inland, it means that this ends up holding down our snowfall expectations, from i995, on southeast. so certainly in philadelphia. but look at the bright and the darker shades of purple that you see north of. that will this snow is many coming down heavily right now. just north of the city. and we do still have a number of winter alerts to tell you
8:03 am
about. blizzards warnings in the red, winter storm warnings in the pink. lasting until 6:00 right now. i think that we will see the bulk of the precipitation start to pull away though from south to north between about noon and 5:00. that doesn't mean that you're not still going to have blizzards conditions, because you need the blowing and drifting as part of the criteria for that to happen. now flood advisories across southern delaware, southern new jersey, will stay in effect for just shy of another hour. but you do again have very heavy precipitation of one type or another coming down everywhere. wind gusts are currently peaking into the 40's, guys. specially near the shore points. del bear beaches have some of the strongest winds, and at this point we still think you could see 60-mile per hour gust here and there, that would certainly be enough to bring down some power lines. >> seeing right now too downed trees, already seeing downed treason the roadway, do have downed pole. >> this downed pole in particular, just moved out of the way, actually from a spin out crash. so, evidence, still very slick conditions out there, and you are traveling so slow,
8:04 am
especially onramp, off ramps. a lock at the blue route, 95 southbound, did have the spin out crash. see the crews still out there. they've been out there all morning long doing great job a lot of this, out of the way right away. then not only dealing with that, dealing with visibility issues. just take a look at camera shots. a look at 95 south at cottman. you can see visibility certainly an issue, even though you still have headlights, taillights. if you need to brake suddenly from the car in front every you, behind you, what have you, it can really start to cause some problems on the roadways which is what we've been talking about all morning long. so let's gave you a peak around the area. 309 up the turnpike what you are looking at. schuylkill at king of prussia, lots of snow out there. hey by the way all of that slush on the roadways, you will have some traction problems out there. i don't care if you have all wheel driver it, won't matterment still couple of more accident we will be get to go in about ten minute or so, rahel, jim, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> this is local coverage of winter storm on cbs-3.
8:05 am
>> however, if would you like to watch cbs this morning it is airing right now on sister station the "cw philly." >> well all in the timing. you could say. >> oh, ya. winter comes back and stage before the start of spring. trang do live in allentown to check the conditions there. and trang, you've been out since 4:00 a.m. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: oh, rahel, jim, things have definitely worse ends over the times i've been here, you know how i was saying earlier, so pretty in winter wonderland? that's completely changed now seeing blizzard conditions here in the allentown area. lucky for us we have the mayor here, he just drove by and saw us and will give us his latest update on this area. >> listen, it is bad out here. we had snow emergency since last night at 6:00. it will continue all day long. it looks like it has pick up. having about two to 4 inches an hour hitting the grounds right now. and as quickly as the plows go by, coating the spree again with snow and ice, so for
8:06 am
those driving up in the lehigh valley, i would say, stay inside. don't go outside. conditions are pretty hazardous this morning. >> right. i mean, we've been seeing so many snow piles come through here. time after time, almost like a train. >> and you can see, just still packed with snow. as soon as they plow it, the snow comes right back. and because it is coming down so fast, so furious, it will be this way probably until about noon. so it will be probably the later in the day before the streets are really opened and cleared for traffic. >> so how are you guys tackling this? >> we have every available truck on the streets. we are fully loaded with salt. and we are doing our best to hit every street. we have 1500 lane miles of roads we have to plow. so, you know, it is attacks, like in any city. but we have a great crew. and they're out in full force, they're hitting every street they can possibly hit. they're focusing on the main streets first, hit the secondaries and the alice.
8:07 am
for those who life in the side streets, it will be a little bit, little while here, until the snow calms down little bit. >> wow. everybody just really be patient and just being out here, i'm telling you, you do not want to be out here. terrible conditions. we cow car almost spin out. first, because they've been doing a good job with plowing. but the conditions so bad at this point that it is really difficult for them to keep up. but we will stay out here continue to update you guys throughout the morning. but definately, stay home if you can, schools are closed. city offices are closed but the mayor here still working and we're still working but i send it back to you guys in the studio. >> moving now onto chester county, seeing a lot of sleet, which is making a difficult time for snow plows. >> joe holden live in westtown township, how are the roads looking out there? >> rahel, jim, good morning. the roads are okay. sleet is the story right now. we have couple of inches of
8:08 am
sleet. i would say maybe 3 inches of sleet on top of 4 inches of snow. but the sleet is what's really going to make this very difficult. and you can kind of get a sense, it bounces offer my coat here, i mean, just lil rounds of ice pellets, almost like hail. and taking a direct hit, i'm behind the camera there, that's like the northeast section. it comes right in the face. it stings, and it hurts. but trust me, let's take a walk around this parking lot. our live truck has been here for now going on four and a half hours, you can see the front of it, caked in ice here. give you a sense, i mean, just whole sheet of ice. taking everything i have to try and break that up. you can see the icicles across the grill, that's what's covering all of the surfaces out here shift 11 to 7:00.
8:09 am
we caught him cleaning off his car. go ahead, have a listen to how tony sizes things up. >> been out couple of times salting the walkway whatever now just hail and all of that, the sleet, i was expecting all of this snow to cover, and just the ice, that's just on it. >> like crystalize in the. >> yes. >> definitely crystalize, you can see our windshields here. it comes down, nicely enough, but then it tax down. you can see them, they're like tyne little maybe quarter thin circumference, these little ice crystals, ice pellets. then under here is our windshield wiper. and i think i would rip the thing off if i tried to pull it out. but that's what we're dealing with here in westtown. it is nasty. reporting live in chester county, joe holden, cbs-3,
8:10 am
eyewitness news. >> joe, don't rip those offer. you may need that to get back home. >> they'll particular out of your paycheck. >> you better believe it. >> well, this is what things look like right now along the parkway in center city philadelphia. a sleet i mess. the parking authority has been out ticketing and towing cars parked on emergency roadways. septa mass transit, services are running this morning, but expect delays and concellations. >> septa officials say the mark frankford el and the broad street line are probably the best way to get around right now. regional rail running on severe service plan, modified saturday schedule, part of the challenge there are different weather conditions throughout the area. >> because where you get on, the weather conditions may be different than where you get off. people are really have to be alert, in their travel today. we have a lot of areas that are icing, others that are snow, we have a lot of winds, very, varied conditions. >> and right now there are five bus routes that are
8:11 am
suspended, three in manayunk, one in pottstown, one in delaware county. >> our team coverage continues this morning in reading, berks county. >> that area remains under a blizzard warning, as the snow continues to fall. let's check in now with "eyewitness news" reporter alicia. the last time we saw you you were covering your face because it was coming down so hard. what's it feeling like now? >> reporter: well, i turned my back to the way the winds is blowing because it was blowing so hard in my face, and you mention we've been under blizzard watch, warning, all morning, and it certainly has felt like that. within the past hour or so it has definitely felt kind of like the gusty wind, blizzard like conditions. this is walk to go gave you a sense what it is like in the snow here. we've got over half foot of snow. probably getting close to the 1 foot mark. the sidewalks haven't been plowed yet. but the streets have. i mean, plow trucks have really been going up and down here all day. i talked yesterday briefly to kind of people within reading sit, officials there, about how they're preparing for. >> this and many people really
8:12 am
spoke about this storm, as the blizzard of 1993. really being extra cautious, and really trying to bunker in for the most part, beef ' got one gentleman walking down the road, i know in my last live hit we saw few people but for the most part it seems like people are heeding our advice, heeding the advice of city officials, and bunkering down, here, in reading and in west reading. it is th the safest thing. this storm, i don't know if our live shot shows as much as it is, but this storm is generally severe. >> i can't imagine if you're driving unnecessarily. we did make a few calls to berks county emergency manage: wanted to ask them if they've had any major incident. so far they haven't. that proves people are heeding advice, staying home, it is ththe safest thing during the storm, the storm has hours left in it. don't think it may not look that bad right now, stick inside, weaver hours to go, and more snow to come. for now in west reading, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness
8:13 am
news." >> so, progressively getting worse, we have it say we're glad you got your waffle earlier. were you well fed and prepared. >> i've got a full stomach. >> thank you, alicia. our coverage of the winter storm continues. >> pat gallen on the storm watch in bucks county. patrick? >> hey, rahel, yes, i heard joe holden say the sleet is the story. and it absolutely is, it has intensified here, street road, and second street pike. you can see the wind has been whipping. it is whipping. kate bilo, tell us, please, that it get better soon? >> not soon enough, pat. i'm out here on the skydeck, i don't know if you can hear the sleet hitting my umbrella in the city on the skydeck, we have three, 4 inches of snow compacted by sleet and slush, i'll take out the umbrella so you can see, icy roads, we will talk about the threat for power outages, and just how much longer this lasts, my umbrella is going back up,
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> right now on sister station the "cw philly." >> coverage continues now on cbs-3, weather coverage, we have a bun of of folks all over the place. >> we sure do. >> out on the cbs skydeck, first, we begin with meteorologist, katie. >> this is storm system that has a lot up its sleeve,
8:17 am
precipitation type, and widespread winds certainly. all get in on the win, but places will see the worse of the winds over others. out to storm scan first and for most, storm that's definitely intense, that's not a bus by any stretch. very intense storm system. what is the lynch pin here, the xfactor if you will is the rain-snow line. that's what's creating essentially half and half forecast, north of the city, you continue to see very heavy snow pounding down. but you do still have that sleet and freezing rain situation here in the city. and heavy rain just southeast of that. but up until at least noon, you've got in the just heavy snow but the mixing taking place, and past that point, any of the precipitation will begin to taper off not just snow all of it from south to north. and we do think we will see some cold air wrap in to allow a lot whatever we're currently finding in the way of sleet, freezing rain, rain, begin to turn over at least briefly for period of snow. after 5:00 p.m., it is just a lingering flurry, blustery conditions continue, so blowing and drifting then becomes a problem for visibility, especially if you have got any travel plans. you want to try to be careful
8:18 am
around that. meanwhile, gusts again, could still peak as high as 60 near the costes we mention, high wind warning does stay in effect at this point until 6:00 p.m. and speaking of the wind, that can have other major impact on the forecast for sure. >> that's right. katie, i tell you what, out here on the skydeck, i was just trying to put my foot into the snow here. we have about 3 inches of snow this morning, then it changed over to the heavy sleet. that just compacts the snow and makes it unbelievably heavy. when talking about heavy sleet and snow, you can hear it hitting the umbrella above me, heavy sleet, heavy snow, also strong gusty wind, do have recipe for the threat for power outage, so shift that focus into the city right now, seeing winds coming out of the north at the moment, should start to bring colder air in, could get another layer of snow on top of this sleet. 26-mile per hour winds sustained in philadelphia right now, and holding onto my umbrella. what to expect through today. heavy precipitation, no matter what kind of precipitation, heavy snow we heard from al leagues ya near foot in berks county, heavy sleet in the city which is cause that layer
8:19 am
of ice to bill up on everything, heavy rain, causing flood advisories down the shore, winds gust to 50 miles an hour, scatter power outages will be likely, the ice kind of wild-card with the system. weren't expecting quite this much sleet. i would rather have six to 8 inches of snow than two, 3 inches of sleet than any day of the week. this is make road very treacherous outside. tonight everything refreezes it, will stay below freezing tomorrow, then we start to warm up finally as we head into the weekend. but suffice it to say, this is going to be a mess through the rest of the morning, meisha? >> no doubt about it on a day like today. kate, everyone is dreaming about spring like common already. good morning, everyone. looking outside. this is what we have been dealing with, basically what we've been looking at all morning long, lot of slush, lots of ice, lot of snow, making our drive for those of you that have to venture out, it is miserable, making it very dangerous by the way, because the more vehicles we get out, there the more chances we have for problems. now, looking at 95 south, at the airport, by the way, for
8:20 am
those of you traveling by air today, lot of concellations and delays, so make sure to check those schedules on line. but what makes me happy about this, is not develop vehicles out there. the vehicles that are going on out there, kind of entering at your own risk, because we've been seeing strings of problems, spinning out vehicles, vehicles going off the road, vehicles that are hitting other vehicles, crash, that sort of thing, a lot of jackknife tractor-trailers, as well. in new jersey, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, dealing with there, one of the busier stretches, still not busy, but more vehicles than what i would like to see out there. we have accident here, downed pole, moved out of the way blue route southbound the ram top 95 northbound, all good, but still have the accident 55 north, right lane blocked there, so still very dangerous out there. jim, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, you said it, if you don't have to go out very good idea to stay in. >> one of the crews has been traveling very carefully all morning long on the roads, pat gallen live in southampton bucks county with what's going on, there hello patrick. >> reporter: good morning,
8:21 am
guys. yes, we have traversed our way through the city, up through northeast philadelphia, and then through trevose, where we are right now in southampton, it is as nasty as it has been all morning long with the winds, and i would call it sleet. feels more like hail. i mean it is really pelting you see the flag pole behind us, just whipping like crazy. if you look down, what we are are dealing with on the roadways and untreated surfaces. hard time seeing in southampton keeping up with it. but there is a cake on top of it. it is this icy, sleet, gross mess. whether it first came down it was snow. then on top of it this sleet, ice, freezing rain. it is causing a slick, really just pile of garbage, to put it succinctly, that's what we're looking at here in southampton. looking at it basically all morning long. it has not changed back over to snow just yet. guys, it is just an ugly cold
8:22 am
windy gross mess in this area. >> it really looks like it, pat. you can see on the road hine you, that those roads are still covered with snow. >> they are. >> can you imagine? >> few more hours to go. >> yes, that temperature, that sleet-snow, still in the line there. thank you, patrick. we're back in just a moment. stay with us. >> two and a half minutes, be right back. dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice.
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8:25 am
good morning, i'm rahel solomon, winner not letting up, snow throughout the region, maybe you have heard, we're in a winter storm that's in town. trang do live in allentown with a look at things out there. hey, trang? >> reporter: hey, rahel, can you see me? seeing total white-out conditions here in allentown. now this is the worse of the storm that we've seen out here yet. you know we've been out here all morning long, and this is really picking up. look at these wind. you can barely even see, up in front of you. take a look, big snow piles working and working, they've been all morning long, but they just can't keep up with the storm. as it is now. if you look down the street here, i mean, just completely covered with several inches of snow. from what we've been able to see, at least foot already here in the lehigh valley.
8:26 am
but for now, i'm going to send it back too in the studio, rahel? >> you can see the winds out there, trang, thank you. now checking the forecast with meteorologist, katie with what the people are dealing with. >> mixed bag of precipitation. granted very big storm system with heavy precipitation everywhere. but what kind of precipitation? that's the question. that's strictly a location based issue. >> sleet and freezing rain, basically tracking i95 point southeast that far into central new jersey and ocean county. heavy snow falling just north of that. notice right on the end of the loop, that really dark purple, that shows up. that's representing some intensification with the storm system as it wraps itself up, wrapping colder air in. still expecting to eventually see any of that frozen precipitation here in the city turn back over to snow. meantime visibility, not good. under a mile in trenton, allentown, reading, and at mount pocono, i've not seen
8:27 am
that value of near zero visibility change at all this morning every time i've checked it. so been very, very poor. as trang mentioned, too, that is continuing down into the lehigh valley. so blizzard warnings continue for not just that area as far south as chester, montgomery, bucks countess, i would say that you pretty much have a red light on your commute, the rest of the day, rest of this morning, even as the snow and the precipitation itself is starting to pull away from south to north by lunchtime, and then thereafter until maybe 5:00 p.m. then you got to worry about blowing snow for the p.m. drive. so if you're one of those essential personnel, thousand dollars get into work today, getting home is not going to be very easy either. looking forward, very cold, come tomorrow. frigid windchill values. probably nothing better than the teens. we look ahead to thursday, friday. not much warmer, but at least by that point, meisha, it will start to brighten back up again. >> yes, man would that be a welcome back after a day like today. so still talking about a lot of speed restrictions in play,
8:28 am
all over delaware, all over new jersey, you take a bridge, dealing with 25 miles per hour, and i would say that's at maximum. i would even take it slower, just because we have a lot of black ice, a lot of stuff that's been fallen down, had been driven over, liquified, now frozen over the bridges, under the bridges, over the bridges, the bridge deck side streets, sidewalks, all of that are very, very slippery. so as you move over the bridges walk on the side streets, take it easy out there. a shot we had 202 south before boot road. where we had disable plow truck. looks like that's now moved out of the way. accident 55 northbound before north vineland, right lane block painting the picture for you, we still have activity, if you have to go out. still dangerous, new jersey 295 south, another accident, blocking that right lane. i would say avoid the roadways if at all possible. jim, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. ♪ ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> continuing coverage of this morning's weather. live look from reading, pipes of snow lining sidewalks right now, alicia will take us there, in just a minute. >> hard to tell from this live look from the parkway life camera. >> and storm scan3, shows, winter storm still moving through the delaware valley. and across the entire atlantic seaboard. thank you for joining us, this is live local coverage of the winter storm on cbs-3. >> and reminder for now, if you are looking for cbs this morning, it is airing right now, on sister station the "cw philly." that's xfinity channel 13 or hd811 on verizon on channel 16 or 516 or on rcn17, or hd1017
8:31 am
and see nora charlie the whole crew. >> meanwhile our report verse been scattered throughout the region as snow and sleet came blanket the the entire region. joe holden live in westtown township, hearing that the slot is really making things pretty trick you out there today? >> they would have been hattie with the eight to ten to 12 inches of snow, it is this sleet that's really occur of ball in how they're having to deal with it. the contractors, who are working parking lots, like the one i'm standing in have made numerous passes, just can't keep up with the rate that this sleet is falling. let's take a look at west chester pike. except for that loan car, and few down to my left, i don't see another car for quite a bit. to give you perspective of
8:32 am
where we are where west chester pike hits 352 so across the street, saint simon and jude school and parish. with the exception of some loan businesses, most are actually closed. there is a plowing contractor in that parking lot. again we've seen him there all morning trying to make a go at this. >> to show you, an hour and a half ago that the last treatment of this road happens here. this is all slush you can make out the tiny little crystal balls, just full of slush and talking to some of the workers inside the wawa behind me. they were sharing their own concerns about when you go ahead and have to shovel this. it is more about pace. it is not a sprint to get the snow off of your sidewalks, and your driveways, this is going to take some time
8:33 am
>> it is just nasty out here, with the win, and the sleet, i see my photographer actually putting his hand up to his face, because he's just taking it on the side of his face because just stinks. so that's the latest out here in westtown township, of course continuing to stay on top of really what does definitely feel to be a significant storm here one that's going to really make travel very difficult for the remainder of the day. >> jim, rahel, the snow is constantly coming down, i mean, still surprising me all morning, how steady ♪ has been
8:34 am
there, plow trucks out here, trying to get off the ground as quickly as boost, few parked at the diner, hanging outside of, getting some breakfast, from the nearby we missing borough >> pretty slick. >> with chain on your tires, tell us little bit why you have these chains, how bad is it? >> meyer ties just started spinning, i couldn't get anywhere, so i put the chains on, give me more traction. >> how early have you been out here since? >> 12:30,. >> all up until now? still so much to go. warning people not to be out if you don't have to? >> if you don't have to don't be out. >> if you don't have to be out, stay home, just sit in
8:35 am
your living room, enjoy the snow. >> and the good thing dan had told me little while ago if you haven't seen any accident on the road, people have been heeding the warning. >> pretty much. >> thank you so much, dan. from dan to this gentleman over here digging out the front of his house, chris, another plow truck driver, hey, chris? >> just talk why you were digging out, what's it like here? >> snow is very heavy. if you don't watch yourself could you get injured real easy by your back, heart attack, anything like, that just be careful out there. >> yes. i think kate was mentioning earlier, if you're digging out in the snow, the advice is i know this will sound weird but go from the bottom? >> yes. >> use your lower body? >> bend down, don't use your back, that will be a sure thing you're going to have a back injury. >> yes. >> but the shore you shovel, the more comes down, comes
8:36 am
upright away, so you'll be out all day doing this. >> anything about this storm that surprises you so far? >> i didn't think we would get it. i had my snow blower put away. toyed dig it back out. here we are today. >> have a good day, be safer out there. >> you too, be safe. >> snowstorm something that i remember talking to people preparing for this. hoping for a miracle it, wouldn't happen. but unfortunately that miracle doesn't come to fruition, in the thick of this snowstorm. not out of the woods by the any means, and we will keep you updated as it goes along, reporting live in west reading, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> alicia, thank you, i don't have a snow blower, but i'm with chris, i thought we were behind this, too, i thought we were over it. >> exactly. here is cool video to show you thanks to engineer dave grim. this is time lapse of the storm outside of our cbs-3 studios? spring garden. if you look closely, you can see the parking lot filling up with snow, then being cleared away. we've seen pretty much a mixture of snow and sleet and rain here for the last few
8:37 am
hours. >> hard to believe it is the official start of the spring season, northeast getting hit hard this morning, workers were out in the cold, cleaning up time square in new york city, schools there have been closed, flights have been canceled, governors delayed states of emergency up and down the east coast, blizzard warning stretch from our area, up to new york city and up to maine. >> big kahuna for sure. >> that's for sure. >> now, drivers of course are being told to stay off the roads, in the region, and avoid following snow plows. >> hearing from the president hours before the storm, president trump got driving. later tweeted everyone along the east coast be safe and listen to local officials as major winter storm approaches. he also gave link on the storm from the national weather service. >> modern technology coming to the aid of families facing a day of snow shoveling.
8:38 am
>> how about an app to get your driveway cleared? technology these days. >> snow lou will be at your news about an hour, will clear your driveway for $30, little more if your driveway is bigger. the ceo says leave it to him. >> look, 2 feet of snow, will probably take us longer than if you get 4 inches. but we operate the largest fleet in the country of snow plows. so, if anyone can get the job done it is us. >> only in the pittsburgh area here in pennsylvania. >> well back in a moment with more snow coverage. here's kate bilo. >> she's here, i promise. >> we have kate bilo and katie fehlinger. >> thanks, guys. we have the storm still continuing to go through various areas. we'll take a look at it. >> kate's telling us she will be back in a minute. okay, kate. >> double teaming this storm.
8:39 am
this storm has nothing on our weather forecasters, but our meteorologist, kate bilo, katie fail fehlinger. >> hands motions, sounds like a movie? >> not only is she a meteorol fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds.
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>> jim, you remember 4:00 a.m.? >> i do. that line, do not sends katie or kate any nasty messages, they predicted this, that slim line. >> oh, too rape. the ship has sailed, jim. common. >> you said it all along, the i95 corridor yesterday. >> yes, you know? but that is the thing. because if you hear snow, i think you just automatically maybe expect that you'll see it, but you're right, this is one of those half and half type forecasts where this is solo case-based, guys, and here in philadelphia we've seen mixed bag already. with icing, and sleet, and freezing rain, and snow right now what you find here is major storm system, but bringing variety pack of conditions right now. when we zero in, on what's happening locally, you'll see right on the tail end of the loop, see how it really dark band of purple shows up? and actually it builds in right over philadelphia county and delco, as women.
8:43 am
may start to see any sleet or freezing rain turn back over to snow here soon. what it means is storm is intensifying, that just means cold air getting wrapped in, too, so we will see change back over, from sleet and freezing rain, in philly anyway, over to snow. at least for a time. off to the south, it is still very heavy rain, do actually still have some flooding conditions, or at least a advisory posted in that area. but the heavy snow continues to the north. and we do still have a blizzard warning posted, from chester county out to montgomery, bucks, all point north of. that will there is very specific set of criteria that need to be met here in order to qualify as a blizzard. you need falling and/or blowing snow, wind gusts of at least 35 miles per hour, and visibility, under a quarter mile for at least three hours. now, with that said, even if we don't meet the criteria, this is no picnic, guys, up until noontime, it is heavy snow and obviously a mix that's taking place to the southeast, very windy region-wide. so again, it can be a little bit of different scenario location-based of course,
8:44 am
kate, but with that said the storm continues, to bring very, very heavy precipitation, in one way shape or form region wide. >> that's right, katie. looks lick it will, possibly over perform in some areas, under performing, likely un performing in areas right along i95, and into south and east portions of new jersey and delaware, likely seeing the last of the accumulating snow. as katie said not ready to quite say that yet in portions of the city, and as you head just to the north and west. our weather watcher standards in burlington new jersey reporting some snow but says what a mess, leading here, wind picks up, currently gusting, 19 miles per hour, hi, k and k. katie says hi, she says hello as well. 30 degrees we check in, sandra again, i just love that temperature so much, because i like seeing that colder air starting to filter in, and that's what we're seeing, cold air moving back in, likely, changing back to snow, just got tweet from thomas, who said, it changed back from snow, in upper bucks county. that
8:45 am
continues to strengthen back to snow, likely happening, and the question is how far south does that get? mt. laurel, kerry higgins reporting a wintery mess. messy out there. snow, sleet, and now, assuming that's freezing rain, mixing in as well. so it is a mess all across the area. i'll tell you what, i would prefer to have 8 inches of snow than this sleet and ice. because it is really clinging to the railings out there on the skydeck, clinic to go power lines, tree branches, we could be in store for perhaps power outages today. high wind barges down the shore, see where the center of the storm; the wind all funnels into the center of the low. winds right now sustained, at 25 to 30 miles an hour with gusts still to 50. so again, what to expect? heavy precipitation, winds gust to 50, coastal flooding, no matter where you are, it is a mess, the question is what kind of a mess? either getting slushy icy mess, heavy snow with upwards of foot in our far north and west suburbs or heavy rain and the coast a.m. impacts from this monster nor'easter. meisha, we send it over to you. >> kate thank you so muchment looking at the roadways, have
8:46 am
been all morning long, just like kate said, kind of mixed bag of all of this stuff depending where you are. so different camera shots will tell you different story. the boulevard taillights moving in the southbound direction, wissahickon avenue. you can see lot of snow pushed offer to the side. but you can also see lots of slush on this morning, which by the way is going to give you traction issues by the way on top of that, it is going to refreeze, give you black ice out there, as well. so hence why we have been talking about a lot of spin off crashes, a lot of vehicles going off in the ditches. it is exactly this. this exact recipe is going to d. really has all morning long. so still very dangerous out there. then looking at route 29 in maine stream collegeville where we are seeing the snow, snow cov r see where the road is and to the pavement you actually drive on. collegeville heads up. very slippery. driving very, very slow around these part. >> not only seeing the spin off crashes, tractor-trailers, seeing downed trees.
8:47 am
so 295 northbound woodcrest thee blocked right lane block there. by the way big heads up. patco, look at this, due to low hanging branches and emergency track work, every 20 in effect right now, minutes check the schedules on line. >> well the shore is also nor'easter. >> for more on this we want to check in with cape may manageme. thank you first for being with us this morning. >> yes. >> so what are you seeing out t? >> seek a lot of rain, and ponding every roadways, and tidal flooding, the tide is starting to come up, and we've got few roadways closed now as a result of the tides. but a lot of winds down here. >> so mostly, have you seen any kind of sleet yet in that area or is it all just rain? >> it has changed over to rain very quickly last night. shortly after 9:00 we were just rain after that. >> was there any flooding
8:48 am
yesterday or last night before we headed into this storm? >> no. just this morning, because of all of the rain that we had last night. >> typical ponding when you get heavy rain. now with the tide coming up getting a lot of the coastal roadways starting to flood out. >> so dale what's the mess ankle for folks at home watching this this morning? they want to know if they can get out run their message? what's the message in. >> other than being windy and lot of rain in cape may county, be very careful of driving, because it is ponding water. not going to be able to see it. then tonight, depending on how far the temperatures goes down, we could be seeing black ice down here.
8:49 am
>> what are you seeing now, trang? >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. not much because of the white out conditions as you mentioned, things have progressively gotten worse throughout the morning. when you guys first saw me at 4:00 a.m., it was beautiful out here. it was so nice, lovely out here. it is not the case any morement take a look, you can barely see what's in front of you here. one thing extremely telling, look at the streets, main intersection in downtown allentown, and we've seen so many snow plows come through here, focusing on the downtown area. look at that, major artery, covered in inches every snow. it is not because of a lack of effort. these snow flaws have been coming through here, in succession, and these roads again. again we're in the middle of these blizzard like conditions here in the lehigh valley. we were able to catch up with ron young every penndot. he had some very greatt how his crews are working out here. take a listen to him. >> we've been operating in our district since midnight last night. we have all of our operatorshif0
8:50 am
operators, over 200 trucks, that they're operating, go 24/7. we've called in someesoues in te western part of the state to help with us this storm. so right now, the interstates and expressways arees per hour,d restrictions on certain types of vehicles. and there is one lanee on the expressway around the region. so we do expect things to get rse conditions, winds starting to pick up. so visibility, it will be real stayover the next several home and not go out. >> reporter: absolutely, listen to that. you can see, here is a guy right here. walking through and having here. but definitely not a great time to be out hanging out in downtown allentown, but for now, liver in allentown, trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. for now it is that time of the morning during winter storm coverage whether jim donovan
8:51 am
becomes chef donovan. >> yes. >> waffles, since kate is expecting she get the first waffle. we've been starving all morning long. >> oh, i can't tell you guys, the studio else? amazing, real amazing. >> heated syrup. we've got different types of tongs here. here go. >> oh, thank you. >> o beautiful. >> all right. >> but yes. last year we did the pancakes and it was a little too hazardous here in the studio. so rahel, calm down. >> i can't imagine. >> look at this beautiful waffle. my god. >> i heated up the syrup in fondue thing. you can't have -- >> you're amazing. >> kate bilo gets it first. and comb plealy understand that. also been on the skydeck. so yes. >> of course the first, but who gets the second? jim, i had to sit next to you all morning. >> yes, you will get the next.
8:52 am
>> good call. >> the second, just flip it over, there we go. we've got to eat here people. so there is the storm. here, we have some butter, too. >> oh, my goodness. >> we've civilized. >> here, i'll take a bite of this. >> how is it? >> good. >> like you can hear the crunch. >> the sleet hitting kate outside on the skydeck. >> we will be back in just a few minutes. more waffles lots more of the news and coverage coming, getting the countdown from our floor director.
8:53 am
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. just when we thought we were done with winter a late season blizzard dumps inches every snow and in some cases sleet across our region. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live in westtown township c morng, joe. >> reporter: jim, good morning, trying to cast some shelter out here from the in from a northeasterly direction. west chester pike behind us. the plowing contractors out in force, and you can make out on west chester pike just one lane headed westbound, he's headed in the direction of west chester. on the other side, faring little worse, practically no asphalt, as you can see, from here. so, the story of the day is there are few inches of snow, under what is now a thick
8:56 am
layer of sleet, that's going to cause a whole domino of problems, so we're keeping an eye on the latest developing out here in chester county. reporting live in westtown township, joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much, joe. we send it right over to kate bilo now in the eyewitness weather forecast. >> thank you, jim. well, as we know this storm has been progressing all morning, had a little bit of everything. depend where you are, heavy snow north and west of the city. sleet in philadelphia and surrounding nearby suburbs, heavy rhawn down the shore. >> this storm continues to intensify. see the precipitation starting to light up near washington dc means within the next couple of hours we'll see it lighten up as well in our region. expect brief change-over down to snow possibly with additional accumulation as that change-over occurs, as the storm continues to tighten up and really wrap up that cold air right around its center. you can see the sleet line trying to push south little bit. we've got one in ten bands setting up over upper bucks, upper montgomery, sleet mick
8:57 am
withing snow, will push up to the poconos and lehigh valley. we have seen cancel for lower montgomery, eastern chester counties, still in effect upper bucks, monaco, chester, on through north the poconos into northern new jersey. winter storm warnings still in effect for the city of philadelphia, camden, gloucester counties in new jersey into cumberland county as well. so, what to spec for the rest of today. depends on where you are. through the next three, four hours, snow, sleet, rain, and anyone of those will be heavy, depending where your location will be. strong winds as well. 35 degrees, the high today. tonight, cold, blustery, left over flurry, but with all of the sleet and slush and snow outside, everything will refreeze, 22 degrees tonight, that means extensive black ice concerns tonight, and into tomorrow morning, commute. it will be very slick, and very hazardous out there. tomorrow's high only 29. then things slowly improve as we head toward saint pitty a cast, still below average at least into the weekend, meisha? >> kate, thank you. heed the warning about tomorrow morning. as well as kate just pointed
8:58 am
out that block ice will absolutely pose a lot of problems. not really out of the -- not out in the open yet. tomorrow morning will not be just as bad but potentially very dangerous, it will be dangerous with the black ice. 202, near king of prussia, this is what you are looking at there. take a look at this. no vehicles on the roadways. i'm just showing this picture. what i like about this conditions but i love the fact there is not a lot of vehicles out there. ben franklin bridge, pushing wh you are dealing with, so you head out there. so plenty of roadway to maneuver around. the problem is once out there, if you have to go out there, you could run into some issues, still seeing some accident, a.c. expressway westbound, through the farley service plaza, left ld treend wires, more coming up, jim? >> thank you meisha. live and local coverage of the snowstorm continues after this on cbs-3.
8:59 am
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only at my giant. live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" this morning. welcome back could continuing coverage of this morning winter weather. a live look from reading where the snow has been steadily falling, alee sha will show us in a few minutes. now this is a live look at allentown, and lehigh county where the snow is falling a little more heavily, clearing the roads. as you can see it's not an easy task. trang do will take us there in a few moments >> thank you for all joining us for this extended coverage on cbs3 this morning, i'm jim donovan, i'm rahel solomon >> we continue to keep an eye on and bringing you the latest


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